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Thank you guys so much for liking the post about what Maxwell’s phone would look like! I read through everyone of your reblogs and replies and I’m so glad you all like it!

So @juminhansome requested this one, the latest text Maxwell sent to the guys. It is really fun to make though I don’t think I can quite grasp how Bertrand would sound like in texts. Thank you for giving me ideas of what else to make!!

If you wanna see more of Maxwell’s phone, or anyone’s in general, you can inbox me here and I’d be happy to make some!

See my last Maxwell Phone Home (THANK YOU and credits to  @violetflipflops for this tag this is such a great title I hope you don’t mind me actually using it 😅)

  • Gavin: I don't feel good.
  • Ryan: Y'don't?
  • Gavin: Nah, Michael made me feel all funny earlier.
  • Geoff: *laughing hysterically*
  • Michael: Woah, woah, woah, woah! Woah! What the hell does that mean?!
  • Ryan: Does- Was it a sort of finger thing?
  • Gavin: You made me feel all sort of... Bleuckh!
  • Michael: What does that mean?!
  • Geoff: What did you do to him, man?!
  • Ryan: Was there "odd positioning?"
  • Gavin: Nah! He just put me in a. Yknow.
  • Ryan: What?!
  • Geoff: Gavin, did he touch you?!
  • Michael: Stop stop stop! Use more words! What's goin on?!
  • Geoff: Can you draw a picture of where he touched you?
  • Michael: What's going on here?!

Sofissa+Jeffmads part 4

benpoe -  good times, bad times, and first times…

Ben loved being back ‘home’ on Poe’s farm on the warm welcoming Yavin moon, spending most of his time holed up inside Poe’s bedroom. They were Ben Solo’s happiest memories. Remembering ben solo is too painful for kylo ren.


Marks and Rec: Misc #380

(Captain Brofist, he’s our hero! :D I picked out the planeteers from the characters in Legend of the Brofist. Seemed appropriate, haha.) (Dialogue from Captain Planet.)

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i've been dipping in and out of the carmilla fandom so some things don't make sense to me. what's the woman in black? how does that relate to ell? i'm so confused? help

I’m a novelist at heart so we’re going to plot the Carmilla movie out as if it were a novel based on what we know and some conjecture. 

Right. Hello. I’m on a 6:6:12hr cycle and basically living in the lab until these flies die so I’ve got a few moments to give you the high level version of the Carmilla movie plot as I understand it based on what’s been released. What I can’t provide you with here is proof. I just don’t have the time for a huge theory.

The movie takes place 5 years after the close of the series and Hollstein is living in an apartment in Toronto where Laura is a reporter for a Toronto newspaper and still doing her vlogs in some form. In story structure terms, this would be their ‘ordinary world’. We hit our ‘hook’ at the 5% mark with what I’m guessing is Laura having some seriously bad dreams (see trailer where she wakes up on Carm’s lap. shots like that, waking up, usually denote dreams). Her dreams are ghostly dreams that are a warning of something bad. Probably a result of ‘The Woman In Black’ (we’ll get to this more). Naturally, Laura can’t help digging.

Then I’m going to guess that we hit our Inciting Incident at the 15% mark. This probably Carmilla re-vamping.  Laura’s dreams were one thing but this is a big problem that needs fixing. In my opinion, if Carmilla was only un-vamped by a gods power then it would have to be something equivalent to effect that status or else Inanna’s power would have to wane. Honestly, I’d guess that at some point this is going to be a “I knew something bad was coming and Carmilla needed her vampire powers to confront it”. My only question is if that “I” is going to be one of the old gods or one of the new characters.That said, we know Sophia was on set for a little bit so I”m at least hoping they ask Ereskigal/Inanna what’s up. Like, I really don’t see how you could do revamping without talking about the gods that vamped and unvamped her to begin with. 

Between Laura’s ghost dreams and Carmilla’s revamping, Hollstein heads out to figure out what is going on. Usually this would be the 25%ish (probably more like 20% in this case) when you “leave the ordinary world for the new one”. Probably through Laura’s dreams, they know to go to a ghost house in what I’m guessing is Austria but who really knows. It just makes sense to me to bring us back to Carmilla’s roots if we’re going to bring Ell into it. I’d love to say it’s a house from Carmilla’s past but I have no proof of that. They bring together the gang to help them solve this condumdrum (obviously if Carmilla starts revamping the first person you call is Laf). 

This is when I’d wager they meet the Bronte sister who are apparently ghosts (i’ll admit i wanted them to vampires). This ghostly reveal will probably be the real 25% first plot point. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd plot points always have to be turning points and this is where we hit the real ghost story stuff. The Bronte sisters (ghosts of the original authors) appear to be haunting the place and Laf probably finds a way to make them semi-tangible for dancing and whatnot. That said, we only have 2 Bronte sister and I have real serious and large theories/questions about what happened to the third. Again, I think they have to be somehow tied to Carmilla’s past because she just has so so so much of it. All through this, Laura is still having creepy dreams.

The 35-40% mark is when I’d guess that we really hit TWIB in black for the first time. I’d also wager that this is dance scene leading into the First Pinch Point. There’s some fun but then we hit that short scene in the teaser where Laura’s in her ballgown and just takes off in panic, I’m guessing that Laura sees TWIB for the first time, recognises her from her dreams, and takes off after her. 

50% is where you hit the middle of the story with the midpoint/second plot point. I’m guessing this is where we get the “TWIB is Ell” reveal both because it makes sense plotwise and because s1 (which was plotted amazing well) places the Carmilla Karnstein vampire reveal right at this point as well. (don’t ask me how much time I’ve spent looking at season/series plot as practice). Now everything after this get EXTRA conjecturey simply because if you’re going to give an audience spoilers, you always pull most of them from the first 25 (maybe 50) percent to keep your climax a surprise.

So to answer your original question, cupcake, Ell is The Woman In Black and played by Dominique (who you may know from Wynonna Earp). The Woman In Black is a literally reference to this other old novella that’s a ghost story and seems like is giving the Carmilla movie a lot of influence. Basically, TWIB is this woman whose son was killed in a carriage/swamp accident and not appears as a ghost whenever a child is about to die.

Basically, she’s a warning for girls and boys dying.

You know who else was a warning for girls and boys dying? Ell. In s1, she appears to all the anglerfish’s victims and tries to warn them “not to go into the light”. This clearly isn’t a vampire/Dean thing because she wouldn’t want to warn them. Ell’s doing this under some other power. From the movie, we can discern that Ell is still doing this and that her soul hasn’t moved on yet. That’s why I’m guessing that it’s Ell/TWIB in Laura’s creepy ghost dreams. She’s trying to warn Laura, the same way she tried to warn Laura in s1. The reason she’s appearing to Laura is because they already have that mental connection from Laura nearly being anglerfish food. What I can’t decide is if it’s Ell who revamps Carmilla or if she’s trying to warn them against the person who actually revamped Carmilla. 

Regardless, I’d wager that this is the point where we get the teaser stuff of Laura in the other old timey dress, apparently having tea with Ell, and the whole mirror thing. The whole thing is a little trippy mostly just flashes. That said, I do NOT like the idea of Ell as the antagonist of this story. I think that role should belong to the Brontes because ‘the vengeful ex’ is a trope I hate. I want Ell to help Hollstein, Laura not to have to be jealous, and Carmilla to get her reconciliation. Personally, I think a good way to villainize the Brontes would be to have their missing third sister who wasn’t cast be dead due to some action of Carmilla’s/Dean’s (probably in a carraige related event) and they want to get revenge but act all nice at first. That’s very old timey novella.

I’m sorry that I don’t have time to go into the mirror shot and Carmilla in the old timey dress but it doesn’t relate directly to your question. Just know there’s some super interesting stuff there but it would take a while to go through. That said, I have this theory that probably only Laura (maybe Laf and Kirsch) can see Ell because she’s a ghost and that at some point Laura and Ell share a body. That’s really the traditional reason for shooting a mirror scene like that where you’re surprised to see your hand move. A different face in the mirror would denote that you still look like you to yourself but everyone else is seeing something different.

Also, mirrors fit wonderfully into vampire lore (cough the mirror between us) and it would be cool to have them pop up.

By the time we hit the second pinch point at the 65% mark, we should have a good idea of who Ell is and hopefully have Laura understand her. I’d like if some of Laura’s growth could be not immediately jumping to conclusions about people. I’d also put the Bronte’s Evil reveal here.

The 75% mark or third plot point should be your lowest point of the movie, the moment when everything goes wrong and forces our heros to pick themselves off their feet to throw themselves towards the climax. I haven’t actually decided what this is yet but I kind of like something bad happening with/to Carmilla. Specially, I like that scene where it’s Carmilla all in black and grabbing old timey Laura. But until we get more information, we don’t really have anything to go on with that one.

At some point we have to hit our climax but again, without knowing who our antagonist is, I have no idea how to call this. I’d say that Laura somehow gets Carmilla back, Ell joins their team, and evil is vanquished. Somewhere in there, Ell and Carmilla get their reconcillation and then let’s end with a Hollstein engagement because I WANT IT AND YOU CAN”T STOP ME.

(for more details on all of this, you can see the post I wrote with my theories based on only the character names which turned out more accurate than expected). 

But there you go cupcake. With no research and written in 10 minutes based only off things I happened to remember, here’s what I’ve got. I tried my best. 

Hope that helps <3