lets play sburb

heres my homestuck opinions

  • all the kids are cute and likeable to varying degrees
  • the striders r overplayed in fandom but also dave and dirk have the most complete and well fleshed out character arcs of everybody
  • the only good guy troll is karkat
  • the only good girl trolls are terezi and kanaya
  • vriskas her own lil corner of discourse but its complicated
  • rosemary is good w an interesting and dynamic relationship and we werent ready for it as a fandom bc if it came out today everyone would be *screaming* and the only ppl who think its boring r d*verose shippers bc theyre mad that rose doesnt wanna fuck her brother
  • (also ectoslime incest is still incest and yall r nasty)
  • davejohn and davekat are both equally godtier
  • dirkjake is complicated but its still better than dirkj*hn which is WEIRD
  • the new game has potential but they shouldve just let us play fucking sburb

This list is too fucking long and im sorry but i love all these blogs so much even though half of them dont even follow me/know i exist .-.

# - C


D - F


G - I


J - L (too many kawo[thing] urls jfc)


M - P


Q - R

qworu-kunqworuuraccoonamatatarammielraptilesrei-ayanami-timerivaichan ✦ 

all these damn shinji urls (S - T)



v-for-valkyrviolentlybeatsdicksvishinjivodkanburgersvvolviewatashinjiwhatever-i-want-i-guessyama-gucciymmirryouremygetawayzoldicszombie-rabbits and last but not least: zoruargh

because i didnt have time to do this for christmas HAPPY NEW YEARS!i have a really terrible memory and i basically just went through the people i follow and picked out the names i remember to be cool, so if you’ve changed your url or you have a long url i might’ve not recognized it .__. mutuals are in italic and the ones i consider good friends are bolded.


07yui / 21474 / ackermemes / anightofjune / aph-harley / apharmadillo / aphsomeone / applecatisback / armins-bubble-butt / art-from-within / ashu-jetty / ask–nyobelarus / ask-british-eren / ask-the-switzerland / ask-the-trans-swede / askdamnmark / awesome-laalaa / awesomeempress / belaroos / bigsisukraine / pyropematic / bowserworld / bramblerrose / classicrockboy / damnsonsnk / danisnotonifre / darling-from-the-motherland / doriimer / dracarys-rhaegal / drop-it-like-a-doitsu / elveataur-writes / erwinsbootypatrol / etsyifyourenasty / feferi-commander-of-booty-peixes / felinefan / fiishdiicks / flowers-onmy-chandelier / forcenturies / gaybrielthearchangle / glorfindely / greencatswag / grelly-sutcliff 


ifoundacookie / iquit-timetodanceiteriejabajaba666johannathemadjon-snow-here-we-go / kai-fawn / kazemasa / kittilean / ladyofmariorpgs / lakurapu / leadershippinglegbert / lillylulla / link-is-god / little-observer / lustrousjade / midlangley / mielipuolistapaskaamy-unstable-world / na-na-batman / nenepapa-lets-play-sburb / noisestuck / not-obsessed-with-pools / nuancat /  palpablefantasy / pawsofmeow / pentagrammi / porrim-maryam / portitor / pretzelsnake / qazaqwert


 rainbowkaneki / romanos-arse / rrrinners / secretlyasleeperagent / shsl-stupid / sieluritari / snk-my-aot / sollux–craptor / somutokeri / stuffandsassafras / sugar-spice-and-everything-nerdy / suguchan / that-one-fan-person / then-what-did-yu-sei / thenumberonealpacaqueen / theycallmecanada / togami-of-breath / trash-gourmet / vegehippihomo / what-if-your-mom-just / xxchesh / xxlefrogxx-blog / yaseminke

Whoa! It’s almost 2015! Here’s my very first follow forever to celebrate my almost year on Tumblr and the coming up of a new year. Before I begin, I want to give a big, big thank you to you all. Everyone of my followers, you’re all precious to me. I’ve had a horrible year, but you guys kept me alive. Tumblr is one of the only places I can come to and be who I truly am and people support me. It means so, so much. If I could hug you all, I would. 

This isn’t really a follow forever, more so a list of my mutuals who i’ll never unfollow and frequent rebloggers! (is that what a follow forever is?? who knows) Italics are people I know in real life! 

Not without any more delay…

Mutuals (i love literally all of you):


actionables actualampora  aph-butter aph-latvia aphfelicianos aphnyoitaly armins-pretty-boy-swag ask-dat-cosplay-hungary ask-seychelles-aph ask-shorthaired-seychelles ask-that-freedom-guy ask-the-psychotic-italian ask-the-southern-italian askdamnmark asknyotaliagermany becomeonewithhetalia big-bro-romano bonersniper boolarus chigiiii chiibitalia childish-olive crazedfujoshi demonicbutterfly doitsu-veil-brides drunk-in-hetalia 


emery-art-dump-thing emnithy eriluvs faithlovesyou98 feliciaono-vargas finnyclaus franceypants61 gay-4-ur-convienence  gayalienbabe gaytumblebee ghost-of-prussia grannysmithcoveredinchocolate hamada-brickowski hella-vanilla-swirl hetaliaisliife hetalianbae hetaliaz heyhellohowdy heyytalia hippiebabeequality  history-fanatic101 


icelands-fridge italian-flavored-sutcliff itsamatterofgayordeath iveseenstuffyouhavent justahetalialover kayleighthefairybabe kickass-hetalia koalabat labcoatsarefrosty lalapasta little-miss-china lovinovxrgas ludwigxfeliciano maliciouspineapple miss-canako mouthhead my-otp-will-kill-me natsa-is-a-free-elf neeneepapa-lets-play-sburb norsass nyotaliaprussia


pachelbelshorn pagance paintthecosmos paladecki-padaleki panicaththedoitsu peirce-the-penis petitstrawberry plantxiety princess-harley-quinn princesscummies purpleyxt qloomiest queenofhetalia roma-antiqua-vincit-mundum rosy-chibitalia 


samfuckingalexander  sarahs0nic sassyhungary seductivelithuania  smells-like-yaoi smiley-face-emoticon sumpsvei tchaikovskyspiano venevargas vodka-kind yanderenoodle-23 yaoigirl 

You all are amazing people. I know I’ve talked to some of you, but for the ones I haven’t, we should totally talk more next year!!

My most frequent rebloggers (because you guys are amazing. all my followers are amazing but YOU GUYS MAKE ME SO HAPPY WITH MYSELF. this doesnt include mutuals btw):

cynthia-chan1449 ilovewafflesandpancakes marshmallow-otaku lunasgem un-zoon its-ilovegiraffes-world totalcanadianweeb musicllamasinthetardis swiggityswontplsdont

Even if you aren’t on this small lil’ list, I still love you. You all are amazing. 

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL New Year!