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solangelo first kiss? (where neither of them have ever kissed anyone before)

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It’s during the summer. Another one of those days when Will drags Nico outside to enjoy the sunshine and soak up the vitamin D.

Nico complains, because of course he does, but really he doesn’t feel any sort of reluctance. Even when the sun burns his legs, because they’re clothed in black jeans, and he has to squint when looking up at Will. Because he’s tall, and the sun is bright, and it kind of obscures his vision.

Not that he mentions that part.

“So what’s your actual plan here?” Nico asks, trying not to flush because Will’s hand is tight around his wrist, pulling him forward. The two of them are making their way through the Camp Half-Blood grounds, and when you get past the cabins and the hoards of people just arriving back for summer, there is so much green.

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Get In

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Request: I was wondering if I could request a Dean x reader where Bobby takes her in after he has to kill her parents and dean and sammy get really protective and we see a little of sammy as a big brother? It can be as fluffy or smutty as you want :) (also maybe a little cas if it works ) 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: language 

A/N: Such family vibes going on…

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Struck By Lightning

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By Maknatuna

Castiel gets struck by lightning. It has a weird effect on him and he’s forced to speak out his thoughts, feelings, and desires aloud.

Words: 7502, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

It was a stormy night. The wind was howling and the rain was pouring down like a raging ocean. Castiel was flying near the black, ominous clouds when thunder rumbled and rolled. Something flashed. It was a white, blinding light and the angel closed his eyes for a few seconds. Instantly he felt that something hit him and sent electric sparks through his body. Castiel lost his balance and plummeted down with a terrifying speed.

The Winchester brothers were staying in a small town called Hemingford, which is a little place nestled in Nebraska. There had recently been killings there, caused by a shape shifter, but the hunters already took care of that. They were still at the hotel and planned to leave in the morning.

It was 4 am and the brothers were in a deep sleep when something crashed down in their room, knocking the nightstand over and breaking a lamp.

“The hell?” Dean muttered, immediately sitting up in his bed and grabbing Ruby’s knife, which he hid under his pillow while he slept, just in case.

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Darkness Part 1

Title: Darkness Part 1

Summary: It’s Halloween and Crowley has a favor to ask the boys, but at what expense?

Word Count: 999 (It took so much editing to get this. That’s why there’s going to be a Part 2.)

Warnings: I don’t think there are any. Nightmare, darkness, there will be more in Part 2.

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Friend!Reader

A/N: This was written for @torn-and-frayed‘s Halloween With Dean Challenge and my prompt was Darkness. (It’s a reoccurring theme that will carry over to Part 2.) Please enjoy and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. This was roughly read over so any mistakes are mine. 

Tags are below the cut. Feedback is the crack that keeps me going.

      You bolted up from the nightmare you were having. The room was dark except for the moonlight coming in. You reached out and felt Dean beside you. Sam was still snoring across the room. It was just a nightmare and the boys were alright. You brushed the blanket off and sat on the end of the bed. You sat there and placed your head in your hands and cried.

     Sam rolled over and opened his eyes. He saw your shadow and stayed quiet until he heard you crying.

“Y/N?” He whispered.

     You wiped away the tears and looked over.

“Did I wake you?” You asked.

“No.” He said and sat up. “Are you okay?”

“Just another nightmare.” You answered. “Go back to sleep. I’m fine.”

“You sure?” He asked.

“Yeah.” You nodded. “I’m okay.”

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Over and Over - Part 7

Chapter Summary: Sam gets back out there right away, and something you were trying to keep from him is revealed. 
A/N: Yay part 7! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! <3
Beta: @afanofmanystuffs
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: language, mentions of miscarriage. 
Word Count: 2,797



After getting dressed, you and Sam made your way outside to where Dean and Bobby were. The two of you walked hand in hand, and you wouldn’t have had it any other way.

You and Sam had never been able to be together, and it was almost weird now. Whether it was because of the apocalypse, or because of the whole demon blood and Ruby thing that Sam went through, or the Lucifer’s true vessel and going to hell thing. Something was just always in the way, and now, it was almost weird. But it felt right. It felt so, totally right.

Dean was closing the trunk of the Impala when you and Sam walked up on Dean and Bobby talking. Dean was most definitely getting ready to leave for a hunt.

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Falling Around You: Part 1

Title: Falling Around You

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam pines away for the reader in secret, but when she loses all memory of hunting and monsters, he’s forced to rethink how to approach his feelings.

Theme song: “Over You” by Ingrid Michaelson

Word count: 4,159

A/N: What is it with me and one shots that turn into series??? Anyways, this is my first Sam series, and I have to give a huge shoutout to my beta @idjitmonkey​ for helping me to avoid Sam sounding like Dean (#DeanGirlProblems). This is the first part of what will probably be a 3 or 4 part series for @impala-dreamer​ and @idreamofhazel​ ‘s Sam fic challenge. My prompt is the quote “We are far from perfect, but we are good.” I haven’t used it yet, but trust me, it’ll be used later. Let me know if you want to be tagged for future parts!

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Sam smelled it first. The smoke. The charred flesh. The smoldering fabric. It was an all too familiar smell, a scent no one should have to be familiar with. But the scent came first, and with it, the memories tattooed in his brain, permanent and infecting his body with a poisonous ink.

Next came the realization. It’s happening again. Sam’s heart flew into his throat as tendrils of gray curled from underneath the door to the next room. He kicked the door open and the blaze towered over him in an arc like a tidal wave, but even through the flickering forest of scorching flames, he saw clearly who this time was pinned to the ceiling.


Your mouth hung open in a silent scream, eyes wide and panicked but long since dead. Sam called out your name, lungs bursting in his chest with the force of his shout, but he made no sound.

Sam woke up to sheets soaked with his sweat.

It had been the same nightmare for one-hundred and sixty-four days.


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The Family Curse || Chapter Two

Winchester Sister Reader-Insert

Words: 2.3K

Warnings: Illness (not life-threatening), John-Negative


Why are we here? And where do we go? And how come it’s so hard?
It’s not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving.
I’ll tell you one thing, it’s always better when we’re together.

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A/N: Wow ok so college is literally killing me inside and out so I haven’t really had time (or really much inspiration) to write. However, I am taking a break from all day studying and homework to do this. THIS WILL BE THE FIRST PART OF A FEW PARTS (not sure how many just yet) Also the gif isn’t relevant except for Dean’s age.

Pairing: eventual Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: The first time you meet Dean Winchester

Warnings: none? fluff? sad children?

Originally posted by letsrewatchsupernatural

The first time you met Dean Winchester, you were six years old and he was ten. You had been at Bobby’s for about a week, waiting for your mom to come pick you back up after her hunt later that day, when a stunning black car pulled in front of Bobby’s house. You knew he wasn’t expecting anyone, so you immediately yelled for him. He came rushing into the room and told you that everything was alright, it was just John Winchester and his boys.

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Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 27 (Fake boyfriend/Neighbour AU)

Title: Friends after all

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Lisa Braeden

Word count: 6,728

Warnings: Angst

Summary: AU. Dean Winchester. Mechanic. Neighbour. Best friend. Single father. And fake boyfriend? You babysit his daughter. You’ve known him for years and you’ve been really close. Everything will be put to test though when your sister’s wedding approaches and he has the brilliant idea of pretending to be your boyfriend. Nobody would have ever thought of the result. Certainly not you.

Not gonna give a long description. Dean hurts the Reade once more, but this time can she really forgive him? Also, Sam asks a question that leaves her speechless to say the least. See the end to understand what I mean.

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6 l Part 7 l Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 l Part 11 l Part 12 l Part 13 l Part 14 l Part 15 l Part 16 l Part 17 l Part 18 l Part 19 l Part 20 l Part 21 l Part 22 l Part 23 l Part 24 l Part 25 l Part 26

Days passed by without an incident. You wished you could say. What good would come from living in the same house as Dean and Lisa? Oh and let’s not forget with Sam as well and of course his parents to make it all the more better. Note the sarcasm.

At this point you didn’t know how to feel anymore. Not only about the fact that Sam was being pretty much perfect to you (when was he not?) but the fact that all that was just making you love him more and more. And it scared you considering how those simple words he had said the first day wouldn’t stop swimming through your mind. But as if your own thoughts were not enough of a torment there was Dean and Lisa acting all sweet, and couply and just so home-y. Like a family already forming and it hurt you so deeply. You knew you should be happy about him, in a sort of way, but seeing him move on so fast was unbearable. Maybe at this point you could realize what he felt when he saw you and Sam together.

But for you it was so much worse. He and Lisa were perfect for each other it was obvious and when they talked of the past you just wanted to crawl under a hole. They didn’t do it on purpose you knew it, at least Lisa, but they had known each other way before Dean even knew you existed and it bothered you how she still had a part of Dean’s life you’d only heard of but played no real part in. You knew you were being selfish but you just hoped and wished that you were, along with Mary, one of the most important people in his life that changed it radically with their appearance. It seemed that you were not all that important after all.

And it hurt as hell watching her and Mary act like mother and daughter. Of course she wasn’t her mother, neither were you actually, but you had taken care of her since she was a baby and that because you wanted to and you loved her. You were the one staying up till late at night when she was toothing, along with Dean of course, you were the one to change her diapers because no matter how much Dean tried to he failed at it. You were the one there on her first birthday with Dean, on her first steps, her first words. It felt as if Lisa was stealing a part of your life, of your soul and heart, you always thought you could hang onto when things got to hard for you to take. But now you no longer had it. No matter what Dean, or even her, said of nothing changing and you still being in your rightful place that was certainly not the case.

Lisa was slowly but surely taking over your place not only in his heart but in his life as well. You soon knew he’d have forgotten all about you and you’d become a good friend and once babysitter of his daughter. Nothing more. And God forbid it but you knew there’d come one day Mary would call her mom instead of you. Because yes she would have become that and you? You would be all forgotten.

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Thank you so much :) I hope this is what you wanted… 

Also, awesome URL! Bobby’s the best!

I chose Fluff and not Smut, because I felt it fitted better with the storyline in this one, but that doesn’t mean I never do Smut. I love me some Smut, so Smut requests, are also accepted ;)

You were sitting next to the dying fire, a bit apart from the rest of the company. Your knees were pulled as close to your body as possible, your head resting on them as you stared deeply into the flames. Only a few hours ago you’d had an argument with Fili, and you hadn’t spoken to each other for the rest of the day. He had been trying to convince you to stay behind, stating that you were not strong enough to go onto the quest with him and the others. You huffed angrily. You were a warrior, trained by the same teachers that Kili and Fili had been trained by. He had no right to disregard you like that, especially because you had beaten him in combat just as often as he had beaten you. And you also had the same right to follow Thorin to reclaim the mountain as he had. Erebor was your home, too!

Again you let out an angry noise, when you heard someone sitting down next to you. Without having to look up you knew it was Fili. You turned your head away from him, avoiding to look even in his general direction.

“(y/n)…” he started, but stopped, discouraged by your obvious resentment.

You didn’t react, and he sighed.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said these things to you. You are a great warrior and I never meant to say you’re not worthy of coming with us. It’s just… I’m worried about you. We don’t know how this quest will end, but what we all do know is that it will be dangerous. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

You huffed and turned to face him.

“But I’m not the only person here that something could happen to, Fili. Did you also ask Kili to stay behind?”

Fili shook his head.

“I didn’t. But only because I know he wouldn’t listen to me anyway.”

“Well, I didn’t listen either.”

He chuckled quietly.

“I noticed. And I’m not surprised, to be honest. I just had to try. I hope you understand.”

“I understand that you thought it would be alright to ask me to stay behind because I am a woman.”

He looked stunned at your accusation, and finally understanding dawned on his features.

“You think I asked you because I think women have no place on a quest like ours?” He shook his head. “I had no idea you think so lowly of me (y/n). I asked you, because I couldn’t bear the thought of the two people I love most being in constant danger, and I knew one of them is too stubborn to even consider listening to me. I asked you, because I thought you were the more reasonable one of those to people.”

You gulped, seeing the hurt in his eyes. How could you have thought so low of Fili? You had known him for ages, longer than you could even remember, and never had he shown any signs of sexism. In contrary, he had been the one convincing your mother of letting you learn how to fight. He had always supported your decisions.

You looked down.

“I am sorry, Fili. I fear I jumped to conclusions without thinking, when I really shouldn’t have.”

When you looked up a warm smile greeted you.

“Don’t worry about it. Friends?”

You nodded.

“Friends…But I’m still going on the quest with you!”


You smiled at each other, glad that the conflict was over. There was nothing in the world that you hated more than having an argument with Fili. After all he was the one you went to in times of emotional distress, so you didn’t even know what to do with your anger and hurt when you couldn’t talk to him. Luckily neither did he, and so you always reconciled rather quickly.

“You know, I’m actually very glad that you came.” Fili confessed, his eyes fixed on the glow of the fire. “I hate the thought of you in danger, but I would hate it more if we were separated. That might be a bit selfish, but…”

“It’s not.” You interrupted him. “I feel the same. Of course I want to get our home back, but I also couldn’t bear the thought of being apart from you.”

You blushed, hoping that the darkness would prevent Fili from seeing the colour on your cheeks. And it seemed as if you were lucky, because Fili just nodded.

“Maybe it would’ve been wiser of us both if we had just stayed behind.”

You snorted.

“Probably, but we’re no cowards. And too proud for our own good.”

With a grin, Fili agreed.

“You are right. It wouldn’t have been like us.”

Again silence fell between you. For a long time both of you were too occupied with your own thoughts to talk to each other. Then, long after the first dwarf had gone to sleep, Fili spoke up again.

“But as I said, unknown dangers await us on our journey. And we’ll be constantly in danger.”

“Well, not right now.” You interrupted with a grin. “We’re still in the shire after all.”

Fili shook his head.

“Even right now. That’s the point. We just don’t know. “

The serious tone of his voice made you sit up alert.

“You’re not going to ask me to stay behind again, are you?”.

“No. But I’m asking you to be careful. And I need you to know something, before something happens to one of us.” He paused, as if to collect his courage , before he continued in a lower voice. “We’ve known each other since before we spoke our first words. For as long as I can remember we have been best friends, and you’ve been always there for me when I needed you. And I hope I did the same for you. So remember that when you listen to me, so that what I will say will not spoil our friendship.”

Now you were nervous, but you nodded.

“Good. Lately I feel as if the core of our friendship has shifted. As we got older, I have grown into a man, and you became a woman. And…” He paused and brushed a strand of his blonde hair out of his face. “What I’m trying to say is: I think I fell in love with you.”

He looked down at his hands, refusing to meet your eyes as he continued.

“I don’t want this to change anything between us. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable around me or anything. I just wanted you to know.”

You gulped down your nervousness, as you softly laid your right hand on his, leaning closer so that Fili was forced to look up at you.

“What if I want things to change between us?”

His brows furrowed as he tried to understand what you were implying. Of course he failed miserably.

“So you want to end our friendship?”

You couldn’t hold back the laugh that escaped your mouth as you pushed him over. Sometimes you really had to doubt Fili’s intellect.

“No, you doofus! I want us to be more than friends.”


Now he too started laughing, in a mixture of joy and relief. Instead of sitting up again, he pulled you down on top of him, kissing your nose softly.

“Well, then you’re officially mine now. And I am yours. Thorin will be overjoyed. He’s been bugging me about you for years.”

You laughed.

“You have no idea how glad I am to hear that!”

Fili smiled happily and started playing with your hair.

“I think I can relate.”

And with that his lips met yours in a soft kiss. 

Family Ties part 5

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


“What do you mean, Cas? What do you mean that she’s different?” Dean was eager for Castiel to answer, sitting on the edge of his seat.

“I…I’m not sure. I don’t understand,” he stuttered.

“Don’t understand what, Cas?”

“Her soul, her aura, her essence. It’s all….different. I’ve never seen-,” he stopped for a second. “We’ll continue this later,” he quickly sat back into his chair. Right as he finished speaking you peaked your head in from the kitchen.

“Garlic bread guys? Dean, is Dr. Sexy so intense that you have to sit that far up on your seat? You’re going to fall off the chair,” you laughed and got their requests for garlic bread. Dean settled back into his seat.


Everyone sat around the dining room table. “This is fantastic, Y/N,” Dean said with a mouth full of food.

“I second that,” Sam commented.

“I’m glad you like it. I hope you like pie,” Dean’s eyes widened from across the table. “I made one apple and one chocolate for dessert.”

“Y/N,” Dean said, “you are my favorite person on the planet right now.”

Cas had this confused look on his face. “So, Y/N, tell me about your parents.” His interest sure came as a shock to you. Sam muttered something to Cas about manners but you told him it was alright.

“Um, my mom and dad met in elementary school, actually. They picked on each other constantly and became best friends. They started dating in high school and got married as soon as they were both 18.” The angel nodded waiting for you to continue. “They had me when they were 36. My mother, ugh, passed away when I was born.” The brothers looked down at their plates as you said that, feeling your grief.

“Your parents waited 18 years to have you. Why?” Man this Cas guy seemed nosy.

“Ugh, they had trouble having kids. They had pretty much given up when I came along. They called me their ‘Little Angel,’” you laughed thinking about the nickname now. “Dad still called me that,” you stated quietly, a mass amount of emotions coming to the surface. You cleared your throat, “If you will all excuse me,” you stood up, “I have some things I need to do.” You walked out of the kitchen and down the hall next to the living room, passed the library and study, and to the door at the end of the hallway. You stood there, looking at the door, not able to bring yourself to open in. You had over heard what Dean and Cas had been talking about. How you were different. You opened the door and walked inside to your parents old room. It still smelled like your dad, like old pine. You were never allowed in here as a kid unless you were with your dad, and after he died you couldn’t bring yourself inside the room to go through his things, that mentality that he had to be with you was still ingrained in your mind. “You’re an adult now, Y/N. You can do this.” You walked into your parents closet, running your hands over the close that were hanging up. There were a few objects of clothing of your mothers that your father never got rid of. As a kid you would come in the closet at least once a month and look at your mother’s objects. It’s how you felt close to her. A tear fell on your cheek. You shook your head, walking to the back shelf in the closet that held all of his journals from over the years. You grabbed one of his sweatshirts, that was way too big for you, and grabbed the first journal. You started reading.


Dinner had ended in an awkward spot. Y/N ran off somewhere, Castiel said he had some things to do and flew off, but not before Dean asked him “what the hell” those questions were about. Sam, being Sam, got to work cleaning up the kitchen. Dean grabbed some pie and made his way back to the living room for some more sports, and Dr. Sexy, which came by on “accident.” Dean’s focus broke when he heard Sam’s phone go off.

“Yeah, Bobby, I’ll tell Dean and we’ll get on it. Maybe. We’ll leave tomorrow morning and get there by tomorrow night. Alright, Bobby, see you soon.” Sam came into the room, “Dean, that was Bobby. He said he might have a case for us near his place, ready to leave in the morning?”

“Sounds good Sammy,” he began walking away. “Hey, would you be alright if Y/N came with us?” Zepp growled on the floor next to Dean, “Sorry, Y/N and Zepp?”

“Sounds good to me. I’m going to bed, see you in the morning.”

Moments later Zepp popped his head up, looking around for something that Dean couldn’t see. A little whimper came from Zepp as he looked around some more then quickly got up, looking at Dean as he circled around between Dean and a hallway. “Alright I get it,” Dean said getting up. Zepp took off down the hallway and Dean followed him- right to a door at the end of the hallway. The door was cracked open and Zepp let himself in, moving the door with his nose. Zepp disappeared through another door inside the door, when Dean rounded that corner he saw you sitting down against the wall of this closet, a book in hand and 4 more stacked on the floor next to you, Zepp sitting right next to you, head on your lap. Dean cleared his throat to get your attention.

“Dean, sorry I didn’t see you there,” you said looking up to see Dean; he noticed your eyes were slightly red and puffy.

“You alright?” You sat up straight and put on a smile. “I’m fine, Dean, really. What’s up?”

“Bobby called. He said he’s got a case up by his place and I…we…me and Sam…were wondering if you and the fur ball wanted to come with.”

“What do you think, Zepp. You up for another hunt?” The dog barked happily. “Sounds like we’re in. When do we leave?”

“Bright and early.”

“Sounds great,” you began getting up. He asked where you were going. “I’m going to the kitchen to make some snacks for the road tomorrow.” You and Dean walked out of your parent’s room. “What were you reading,” he asked you?

“My Dad’s journals. Lots of information in them, just trying to find one thing in particular that doesn’t seem to be in there.”


Dean only agreed to let Zepp in his car when you put down the seat protector made just for dogs and leather seats. You all piled in the car right as the sun was rising, a long trip ahead of you. With Styx, Metallica, and more playing over the stereo you found yourself falling asleep in the backseat of the Impala.

The sound of a dying cat woke you up from your sleep, you opened your eyes to see it was just Dean singing, if that’s what you could call it. “Dean those vocal lessons were a waste,” you said. Sam’s laugh echoed through the car as Dean muttered a “Yeah, yeah.”

“Hey Y/N,” Sam began, “what kind of snacks you got?” Opening the bag you filled with snacks last night you began listing ‘the goods,’ as Dean called them. “Lets see. Some leftover pasta, a couple apples, some chips, some small salads and,” you pulled out a box, “some apple pie.” You lifted the box and a fork to Sam, he knew to pass it off to his brother. You grabbed a salad and passed it to Sam, “I can see the way you’re eyeing this so here Sam.”

The clock read noon. A solid 4 hour nap, sweet. That’s about the same as a full nights sleep you, or any hunter, could expect. The rest of the car ride past fairly quickly. You were relieved to arrive at Bobby’s.

“Honey, I’m home,” Dean yelled as he walked in the old home. You heard an ‘idjit’ muttered somewhere in the house followed by footsteps coming toward you. “Quiet you,” Bobby told Dean and he pulled you into a hug, “Hey there kiddo. It’s been awhile; you should have stopped by!”

“Is that why you through these two on my case, because it’s been awhile?” He laughed at your tone.

“That and I thought you might need it. I have a case for you all.”


You were upstairs about to go to sleep so you had no idea what the Dean and Bobby were talking about downstairs. “Your angel friend has always been a little out there, Dean.”

“But he said she was different, Bobby. Everyone’s different sure, but, the way he said it…You’d have thought he was seeing a- a demon or a shifter or something!”

“I’ve known this girl since she was a baby. I knew her parents since I started hunting. She’s clean, Dean, put it under the rug.”

“Whatever you say, Bobby.”

Destiel Fic Rec

Just a heads up: I’m a vanilla type of girl and I basically feed on fluff and happy endings, so don’t expect much angst in those fics. Also, I’m not going to link the fics because it would take forever, but you can just google “title + ao3” et voila! Anyway, enjoy :)


  • These Violent Delights - YOU HAVE TO READ THIS IT’S AMAZING. Cas is human and Dean, Sam, Kevin and Charlie teach him about humanity through Shakespeare. It’s cute, it’s lovely, it’s funny and it will leave you all sweet and warm inside.
  • The Pillow Verse - written before season 9 aired. Domestic fluff in the bunker ;u; (it’s somewhere on tumblr)
  • When Charlie Met Cas - we all know that Charlie not meeting Cas is a crime and a tragedy, but fortunately this wonderful fic exists
  • Face To Face With The Skies - written some time ago, but worth reading nonetheless! Instead of getting killed like in the season 4 finale, Castiel is transported back in time where he meets a seventeen year old Dean. Back in the season 4 timeline, Dean meets Castiel in the barn and is shocked to see that he looks just like the man he loved years ago.
  • Soft Touch Raw Nerve - set in season 2; Dean breaks a leg on a hunt and has to go through physiotherapy. Enter Castiel, his physiotherapist. (just fyi, I find the language in this fic a tad too flowery, but it’s still good!)
  • The Story of You and Me - Dean wakes up one morning in Bobby’s house not knowing how he got there. Or why is he in bed with naked Cas.


  • A Beginners Guide to Communing With The Dead - Dean is a police officer in a reality where magic is a normal thing. To solve a crime he contacts a creature from another dimension - Castiel. IT’S SUPER CUTE YOU HAVE TO READ THIS
  • Bratishka: Little Brother - also a police!au, also super cute. I loved how everyone in the fic knew that Dean and Cas were a thing before those idjits did
  • When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - Jurassic Park au. Enough said.
  • Angel’s Wild - wip, but with weekly updates. IT’S AMAZING YOU HAVE TO READ IT OH MY GOD
  • Hunting For Faith - reverse!verse with priest!Cas and angel!Dean. Written by the same author as Angel’s Wild, so obviosuly it’s also AMAZING
  • Learning Curve - THE SWEETEST THING OH MY GOD I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVED IT. Featuring kindergarten teacher!Dean (MY FAVOURITE THING) and legal guardian!Cas. WHAT ARE YOU DOING GO READ THIS
  • Try-Something Tuesday - again, kindergarten teacher!Dean (I’m sobbing) and librarian!Cas. Also, gay penguins
  • Dark Side Of The Moon - gays in space
  • Cooking with Gas - SO SWEET AND FLUFFY AND HOT
  • Drive Darling - my fic, heh. It’s a wip, but I’ll update it soon and then hopefully keep updating it on a regular basis. Dean is a writer who seeks inspiration on the road, where he meets Castiel. Sweetness and shenanigans ensue.

Some older AUs you all probably already know:

  • Have Love Will Travel - if you haven’t read this yet, you’re missing out big time. It’s one of my all time favourite fics. It’s hot, it’s sweet, it’s well written - GO READ THIS
  • Play It All Night Long - I’ve read it twice and I’ll read it again, it’s amazing. The ending always gets me.
  • Kiss You When It’s Dangerous - ahhh I loved this one! Cas is a detective who gets sucked into the hunter’s life.
  • Crossroads State - IT’S SO SWEET AND ADORABLE OH MY GOD I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS (especially Dean, he’s so loveable in this one)
  • The Voice of a Turtle Dove - Castiel is a priest, Dean is a young boy. It’s the most angsty fic on this list, but it’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve read it twice months ago and it still haunts me. I don’t think it’s anywhere on the internet, but I have a pdf so you can contact me about it if you want to read it (and you should)

This is only the tip of the iceberg, my all-time favourites. I have a word document with the titles of all the fics I have read. It’s three pages long. So if I need more recommendations or if you’re looking for something specific, let me know and I will bombard you with amazing Destiel fics :)

Lie to Me

Imagine leaving Dean after a demon told you he cheated and getting a call years later begging you to visit him in the hospital.

Author’s Note: It’s done! A Dean x reader one-shot requested by kendrawinchester. Spent a lot of time on his one, I hope you guys like it! Warnings: blood, language, and alcoholism.

In case you didn’t read the teaser (skip to the next section if you have).

“Dean, relax. I got this.” I scrubbed at the red paint under my fingernails. “Besides, you’re going to love what I’ve done to the place…” I admired my work with pride. “There’s some candles too, very romantic.” I heard him laugh over the line and imagined what it looked like. All these years together and that little grin never grew old. 

“Did I ever tell you I’ve got a thing for a girl who can make a mean demon summoning ritual? Oh and your cherry pie isn’t bad either.” His voice was my favorite sound, although it had gotten a lot deeper than when we first met in high school. I carefully stepped over the wet paint lines of my devil’s trap. 

“Anyway, I’ve got some black eyes to exorcise. I’ll talk to you later baby… Yes I’ll be careful. Bye.” I hung up my cell and my hand instinctively reached for the ring that hung my neck. Dean had made it out of a ball joint nut form the impala that he ground down and made smooth. I always found myself touching it when I though of him. “Solii voco virtus daemonis ultimi eas.” I threw my match into the bowl of remains at my feet which immediately ignited. A loud gust blew the curtains and rumbling shook the floor. “Ante conspectum meum.” Suddenly a figure appeared before me. She couldn’t be any older than 25, long blond hair falling in ringlets around her shoulders. If her eyes didn’t flicker with hateful darkness she might have been beautiful. 

“You’ve got balls calling me to this place.” She hissed, snapping her teeth together like an animal. I casually strode to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of water. 

“You don’t like it? I think I could be an interior decorator in another life.” I flippantly gestured to the devils trap on the floor. The demon cackled loudly. 

“Oh you think that’s going to hold me for long? I have friends, lots of friends. They’re coming for you, and they’ll strip the skin from your bones while I watch.” I took a sip and shrugged. 

“And here I thought I was being hospitable. Care for a drink?” I splashed the holy water in her direction and she writhed in pain, smoke rising from her scalding skin. She lunged as far as the trap allowed her, stopping inches from my face. 

“I would kill you, but you know what’s worse than death? Suffering.” I shook my finger at her fury and poured some more water over my knife before rolling it in salt. “Oh you laugh now, but there’s something I can do to you from here that will hurt far more than any physical pain.” She cocked her head and waited till she knew I was listening. 

“I can tell you the truth.” My eyebrows raised in the slightest and she grinned like a Cheshire Cat. “Yes… Aren’t you curious?” I weighed the knife in my hand carefully before throwing it hard in her direction. My aim had been perfected over time and I heard a groan as its blade sank into her shoulder. Another beastly scream erupted from her red lips. “Oh easy there Y/N, don’t bang this body up too much. I picked it special for meeting with you.” The demon seemed satisfied that I didn’t follow her meaning. She reached into her shirt and produced a sickeningly familiar necklace. “Y/N, meet Dean’s lady friend, or should I say, other lady friend.” I couldn’t stop staring at the ring pendant until I was sure that it was exactly like mine. I tried to fight back the sick feeling growing in my stomach. “You’re a lying bitch.” My fists clenched in and out on their own. The demon laughed loudly, her onyx eyes wide with enjoyment. “Oh, don’t you wish I was. The real fun part was picking which one of his sluts to show you, but I always wanted to be a blonde.”

(Teaser Ends)

“You have 17 missed calls and 8 messages.” The monotone voice of my phone filled the silence in my motel room. “Message one: ‘Hey Y/N it’s Dean, where the hell have you been. I’ve looked everywhere. You’re scaring me… Please call me back when you get a chance.” I signed and cracked open another beer. It had been so long since I’d done anything but played these over and over. I could recited the recordings word for word. 

“Message two: ‘Baby, I’m so worried about you. I need to know you’re okay. If you’re pissed at me for something fine but don’t leave me without knowing if something happened…” I cringed at the anxiety in his words. I felt so guilty for leaving without an explanation, but there was no other option. 

“Hey, it’s Sam. Everyone’s been looking for you. I’m worried about Dean, he’s kinda losing it. If you’re getting these, please call us back.” I rolled my eyes, so typical of Sam to try and make everyone play nice. I shed my clothing and climbed into the shower. Even then, my shirt had a the faint smell of warm leather and gasoline. I could hear the phone continuing, despite the water hitting my ears. 

“I know you’re getting these… Some hunters said they saw you going through Arizona a few days ago. Just pick up the damn phone and call me.” There was an obvious change in his tone around message number 5. His anxiety went from sadness to anger. 

“Y/N, I can’t believe this. All these years together, and you just freaking leave? What did we even have if you can do this, without even a goodbye to me?” His words seemed to pierce my heart and I shut my eyes in physical pain. Even after I turned off the phone the voices played on in my head. 

“I’m done. I’m so done waiting for you. Crying about you.” Dean’s drunk voice was scratchy and slow. “I loved you… Hell maybe I still do…" I could hear a glass shatter before the recording ended abruptly. All night I laid in bed with his messages replaying in my mind. Maybe some messed up part of me wanted to torture myself with these voicemails, maybe it was a twisted form of penance. But as much as I hated myself for leaving him, there was no going back now.

He called constantly for weeks, so I started leaving my phone in my motel room. To be honest, it wasn’t all that hard to move on with my life. I kept myself busy as possible, never turning down a hunt. When you spend all day getting blood on your hands and come home to a bottle, it’s not difficult to suppress all kinds of grief. It was those few quiet moments when I wasn’t working a case that the gravity of my decision was clear. It was the mornings that I awoke with a stranger’s arms around my waist. It was the conversations I overheard in the bar about “two Winchester brothers.” It was 3 am, when the phone rang and I had to drink myself into a stupor to keep myself from answering. Months later, Dean left me his last message. “Y/N, I hate this, I hate… Don’t bother coming back, and I won’t bother calling you anymore.” Even after years had passed, I still begrudged picking up my cell, even though I knew it wasn’t him on the line.


When I couldn’t sleep I camped out in a bar on the edge of town, talking smack with a few hunters. They weren’t Winchesters so they weren’t family, hell they weren’t even really my friends. But misery loves company, and every hunter’s got some ghost that haunts them when they climb into their sheets at night. I could always count on a few people being there no matter the hour. I was retelling an in depth story about ganking an entire vampire nest when the bartender shouted my name and beckoned me near. 

“Hey, you spotting me a free drink?” I leaned on the counter and gave him a coy smile. 

The bartender looked unimpressed, “You wish. Pay off your tab from last night and I’ll consider. There’s a call for you.” He pushed a corded phone in my direction. I questioned how anyone would know were to find me but the bartender persisted. 

”Fine, I’ll take it. Hello?” I motioned to the rest of my table that I’d be back in a minute, I wasn’t in the mood to chat with anyone sober. 

“You listen to me, you high and mighty little brat.” My eyes grew wide at the sound of Bobby’s voice. “Get your butt to Denver, right now.” I sat with my mouth agape for a moment. “I’ve got your attention? Good. Listen to me, you’re like the daughter I never had.” His words were a bit softer and I grimaced at how long it had been since I visited him last. “But right now, you’re just being an idjit. You know how hard it’s been to get ahold of you?” I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. 

“Bobby, I’ve been really busy. I’ve been hunting with a pack in San Antonio.” I heard him clear his throat and knew he was stressed. “Is something wrong?” The bartender was eavesdropping so I shot him a glare and lowered my voice. Bobby was quiet for a moment before continuing. 

“Y/N, it’s Dean. He got in a real bad accident today. He’s all beat up, his insides are bleeding all over…” The shot glass I had been playing with dropped to the bar with a ‘clink.’ I didn’t care that every eye was on me or that the room started to spin. 

”He’s at the hospital in Denver right now and Sam’s here with a demon in him. I’m exorcising Sam, but Dean… They aren’t sure he’d gonna make it.”


Everything was a blur as I sped along the highway. While my muscle memory took over driving, my mind was completely scattered. I couldn’t stop thinking about all those years ago and how they seemed so close. Denver was hours away but it didn’t matter, I was too upset to be tired. I never stopped once, my eyes growing red and puffy from exhaustion and held back tears. I white knuckled the steering wheel in one hand and let the other play with the metal ring in my pocket. I never could bring myself to get rid of it, joking to others that it was a good luck charm. Nothing else mattered in that moment, not even what the demon said to me years ago.

“I’m here to see a patient, a Dean Smith.” The secretary chewed on her pen and typed something into the computer. After an excessively long pause she shook her head. 

“Oh ya. The real cute one. He’s in ICU… We only allow direct family to visit criticals.” She looked me up and down incredulously, no doubt unimpressed by my sleep deprived state. “You family?” I imagined reaching over the desk and grabbing the snarky woman by her plastic pearl necklace but I stopped myself. My teeth ground impatiently. “I am.” The words came before I could think of my excuse. Grasping for an idea, I dug around in my pocket and slipped cold metal on my finger. I then lifted the hand to show her. 

“I’m his fiancé.” She stared for a long while and I began to wonder if my facade was good enough. Just stealing a nurse’s uniform from the supply closet was sounding more and more appealing. Finally she shrugged and pointed me down the hall. 

“Room 320, past radiology and to the left. He just got out of surgery, so save if for the honeymoon.” Before she could finish her infuriatingly slow sentence, I was running down the corridor. Time seemed to go by in slow motion, like a nightmare where you can’t run fast enough. The room numbers flashed by. “312…315…319” I came to a stop in front of the correct door, my heart beating out of my chest. I laid my hand on the nob and stopped. What was I doing? What if I was the last person Dean wanted to see, the woman that broke his heart? A thousand conflicting emotions gripped my lungs. Was this the right thing to do? I was tempted to stop there and walk away. Maybe I’d do what I was best at, and run. The sight of that ring on my finger made my stomach churn. Dean’s words on my phone rang in my ears, “I loved you… And hell maybe I still do.” He was drunk when he had said that, but god knows there is more truth in whiskey soaked rambling than in the holy seat of a confessional. I pushed back my fear and straightened my back to stand tall. Sometimes the things we know we have to do are the most painful. I swung open the door, not realizing I had instinctively closed my eyes. When I opened them a jagged gasp escaped my lips. 

“Dean?” A battered body lay in bed before me and I felt paralyzed with fear. Machines and cords made him seem more marionette than man. A slow, steady beat from the heart monitor reminded me that what I stared at was indeed alive. “Can you hear me?” There was no response and I crept forward a little bit at a time. Dean’s eyes were closed and his chest rose and fell peacefully thanks to an oxygen mask over his mouth. I couldn’t fight the tears that came. How many times had I examined this sleeping face in the mornings? I knew every detail of how he would stir by my side but never be the first to wake. I loved watching him, wondering what dreams he was having. But this, this was no happy dream. “Dean…” I stopped a foot from his side and struggled to find the words to say. Cuts covered his exposed skin, a few deep bruises eclipsing his muscular arms. He seemed to be held together by the wide bandages and stitches on his chest. 

“This isn’t what’s supposed to happen.” A sob rocked my body and placed my hands on the bed’s railing for support. “Not like this, not before we could…” My fingers brushed his as I tried to keep myself standing. His hands weren’t warm like I remembered, they were hauntingly cold. “I wanted to try and talk to you after that night, I did. But I didn’t know how, and after all the things we’d gone thought together… I just couldn’t handle it all.” I boldly laid my hand atop his and squeezed. He was so limp and weak. My grip grew tighter, a silent plea for some kind of response. “But I’m here now. I’m here. And, I’m so sorry.” My crying grew more intense and I leaned down to cover my face, some of my tears falling on Dean’s motionless arm. 

“I was so prideful, hell we both are. I couldn’t bear the thought of having to forgive you… But I do now.” I laid my forehead on the back of his hand and prayed something in him would be awakened by the love I poured out. After there were no more tears left I kissed his palm gently, tasting the salt I had left there. I pulled the ring from my finger and stared at it one last time. At least if he woke, he would know I came. I laid it in his calloused hand and curled his large fingers around it with my own. 

“You always told me you would be the first to go, well tell the devil I’ll be there soon.” A half hearted smile tugged at my tired features and I turned to leave. Suddenly the monitor went flat, a loud buzz filling the air before I could get out the door “No…” My hands flew to my mouth and I couldn’t breathe. It was over… maybe it was better he didn’t have me as his final memory. 

“Hey…” A weak voice sent chills up my spine. “Tell him yourself.”


I turned in shock, staring at the smug grin of a half conscious Dean. The nurses that ran in were furious that he had ripped out his cords and they sent me to stand outside. A two way observation mirror let me watch as they scolded and reattached everything he had removed. Although he couldn’t see me through the glass he still stared in my direction knowingly, his green eyes piercing the divide between us.
Once the nurses left I took a deep breath and walked back into the room, my feet seeming to move on their own accord. I could hear my heart louder than any monitor. Dean gave me the saddest look and a bittersweet smile. Never have a felt more pain that under that desirous and wounded gaze. We stayed silent for a long time, our speechlessness it’s own form of conversation. Finally, after staring at me intently, Dean motioned me close. I complied and stuttered through an explanation. 

“Shh. Just stop.” He opened his hand in my direction. “It’s rude to give back a gift.” I scoffed at his untimely humor and felt my eyes getting moist again. “I hunted down that demon you exorcised the night before you… Left.” I shifted uncomfortably and averted my eyes. A shaky hand grabbed my arm and squeezed with surprising strength. “I know what she told you.” I sighed and swallowed back a whimper. Dean looked so compassionate, it nearly killed me with guilt. With all the exertion he could muster he pulled me closer. “I was so, so hurt that you believed her. How could you…” He stopped and closed his eyes, staying his emotion with a choppy breath. “I would never, ever cheat on you.” My brow furrowed and I looked to the ceiling, trying to hide the pain on my face. 

“But the necklace-” Dean’s grip was close to leaving a mark on my skin. He lifted the ring in his other hand and held it high in the air for me to see. 

“This, is the only one of these that exists. Whatever she showed you, it was just an illusion.” I bit my lip hard, the faint taste of blood tainting my mouth. “Don’t you trust me?” I couldn’t make eye contact so Dean pulled me down forcefully. “Look at me!” His voice cracked and I gazed down at a desperate man, his green eyes glistening. I couldn’t tell if the storm inside him was love or rage. “Trust me.” I knew in that moment that all those years of running were in vain. I knew that this man, this honest, strong, and seriously wounded man, was the love of my life. I fell to his chest in defeat. My sobs made it hard to breathe but somehow I forced out apologies with every shallow gasp. I heard him swallow back his own sorrow as he held me tight. We were both so broken, so horribly scarred by each other. Maybe this was the only was we could get past our pride, complete surrender.

Later that night I lay at Dean’s side in the small hospital bed. Despite the smell of medication and incessant beeping, I was more comfortable than I’d been in years. Dean’s arm never eased it’s grip around me, afraid that I might be lost to him again. “Y/N?” I nodded and peered up at his sleepy face. 

“I’m here.” He smiled and held the ring in front of me. 

“Do you remember when I made this?” I snuggled against him closer, careful to avoid his IVs and monitors. He continued, “It was after you got in that bad crash in the Impala and you were in the hospital like I am now.” He was still weak so he had to stop to take a few deep breaths, smiling reassuringly when I showed concern. “I’m fine, really. And you kept apologizing to me over and over because you were afraid I be upset that you wrecked baby?” I went back to that day in my mind and remembered how terrible I felt. I was sure then that Dean would never forgive me. Lips pressed against my forehead and I shuddered, emotion still tense between us. “Of course I was just happy that you were okay. I wanted to show you that I truly wasn’t angry, so I made you this.” The little ring’s dull surface might as well have been a priceless metal in my eyes. “You remember what I said when I gave it to you?” A nostalgic smile played on my lips. I spent a moment gathering the words so they would be perfect. 

“You told me, ‘You can wreck the impala a thousand times for all I care, as long as you’re my Baby.” I choked out the phrase and took Dean’s hand in my own. We kissed until there was no more sadness in the way we touched each other. It was almost like we never truly separated, somehow the love just picked up where we left it. 

Later Bobby and Sam found us curled up together, sleeping. They both smiled at the sight. 

“Thank God those two idjits worked it out finally.” Sam laughed and leaned against the door. 

“They were bound to work their way back to each other somehow.”

Hunters Life {34}

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Yelling

Words: 2,152

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24, Part 25 , Part 26, Part 27, Part 28, Part 29, Part 30, Part 31, Part 32, Part 33

Alright guys, this came up a lot faster than I expected, but there is just one more part after this. Can you believe it? I can’t. So yeah, Hunters Life is almost done. Enjoy it while you can. And I know that’s not Dean, but I like the gif, so sue me lol. Love you guys.

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The Conduit Part 15

Author: Jena @i4z-0892-imagines

Summary: A night of pretending to be and escort takes a sudden, and unexpected turn. A break through, a life threatening decision lingers, as repressed feelings come to light in the face of danger.

Pairing: Sam x Reader x Dean

Words: 2,297

Warnings: Language

A/N Based off of This Imagine.

I have missed writing this so much! Drop me some love, or not love, so I know you’re enjoying this as much as I am!!!!

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Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7- Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Pat 12 - Part 13 - Part 14

You walked into the study, bottle in hand, the only noise coming from the window air conditioning unit. You picked up a blanket from Bobby’s armchair, and draped it over his shoulders. As gingerly as you possibly could you untucked the book from under Dean’s cheek, as you knelt beside him. You smiled taking in how peaceful he seemed. He carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, he’d never admit it but everyone’s woes were his burden. He never thought of it like that, but you knew he was plagued by the troubles belonging to everyone else. He wore it on his face, his brow always creased, his smile showing less and less often. He tried though, he always put on a brave face, cracked a joke to mask his turmoil, he rolled with the punches and you admired him for it. You pressed your lips to his cheek rough with stubble.

You dragged your weary body down the hall to your room, only to stop at the door, finding it impossible to go any further, afraid of what new horror awaited you as you slept. You turned your head back down the hall, before going to the last door on the left. You opened, and closed it as quietly as you could, and slipped out of your clothes. You climbed into the bed, attempting to be as silent and weightless as possible. You leaned forward placing a feather light kiss along Sam’s sharp jawline. He sighed turning his head towards you, his eyes barely opening, he gave you a lazy smile, his arms circling around your waist, pulling you in. You laid your head against his shoulder, fingers tracing his cheekbone, eyes locked. His fingers ran through your hair, and down the curve of your face.

“Are you okay?” He asked, his voice hushed, and husky in his sleep riddled state. You nodded slowly.

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You stood in the doorway and watched on with Dean as Cas looked at Sam’s soul, your eyes looking between the sleeping, peaceful Sam, the slightly pissed Cas and then your eyes wandered back to the worried look of Dean, which only really came out when someone he cared about got hurt. He gave you that very look whenever you were hurt or crying over a past relationship that ended shitty. You looked again to see one of your best friends storming out, rolling his sleeve down as Dean asked the question we were all wondering, “Will he wake up?”  

“I’m not a human doctor Dean, I don’t know.” Cas snapped as you looked at him

“A simple yes or no would do, just tell me what you think?” 

“Probably not.” He snapped again

“Way too sugar coat it Cas.” I said as he looked from Dean to me

“Well I told him specifically to not put that soul back in him, if he wanted to kill him he should have just done it himself.” 

“Cas, no one wants Sam dead, Dean was just trying to save…”

“You know how his soul felt when I touched his soul, like he had been SKINNED ALIVE.” With that Cas disappeared leaving you and Dean alone in the basement just looking at each other. I pulled a chair over towards Sam’s sleeping body while Dean stormed upstairs, probably going to drink some of Bobby’s special medicine. As you sat there Cas reappeared and placed a hand on your shoulder

“Sorry for snapping earlier angel.” He said monotoned

“I get it Cas. I just wish he would wake up, so it could go back to the way it was before last year.”

“It will never be the same.” 

“At least Sam would have a soul, so it would seem normal, however I will defiantly miss the funny moments with Soulless Sam.”

“Are things still…”

“Cas, he told me he loved me, asked you to protect me while he and Sam went to do whatever they did, and then left for a year without a word. He went to have a normal life while I stayed here, with you and Bobby and tried to pick up the pieces. So yes Cas, things are still awkward.”

“Well I should go, I think he might be waking up.” As he vanished you looked down to see Sam slowly opening his eyes, you gasped loudly and wrapped your arms around him. He was surprised but quickly adjusted and wrapped you into a hug

“[Y/N] is it really you?” He whispered

“Yea Sammy boy. I’m real.” You could feel the tears building up in your eyes as he tightened his grip

“I thought you….”

“The boys are upstairs, I’m sure they would love to see you.” You pulled away, as he sat up on the cot. You followed him up the stairs and as he walked into the room`you leaned against the wall and listened to the reunion. 

You then walked out the door and to the garage, to grab a beer, before sitting on the hood of the baby until Dean and Bobby came out.

“Sam went back to sleep, what do you figure we should do.”

“Not scratch the wall, we don’t tell him a thing.” 

“And when he finds out?” Bobby asked

“We tell him we did it to protect him, that the things he doesn’t remember will kill him if he did.” Dean answered, looking at you as you sipped the beer in your hands.

“Ok, but…” Bobby started

“So are we going on this job or not?” you snapped

“Yea we are. Get your stuff we leave in an hour.” Dean hissed as he started to storm off, “And don’t leave your beer on her hood.”

“I refuse to play relationship counselor on this hunt.” 

“You don’t have to Bobby. It’s fine, I’m sure me and Dean can behave for one hunt.”

“You two haven’t been getting along since he got here.”

“And you know why Bobby, what am I suppose to do, act like I don’t feel hurt that the man I have had a crush on for three years didn’t tell me he loved me and then went running to Lisa, leaving me here alone. The hurt doesn’t just go away so yea I am going to act like a bitch to him.”

“He’s an idjit, what can I say?” you chuckled a little at his response as you downed to remainder of the beer and tossed the empty bottle in the trash can. 

“I would hate to get all chick flick on you so I guess I will go pack.” You slipped off the hood and started to storm towards the house, the very memory of that day playing over for the millionth time in your head.

“Dean I’m going with you two.”

“[Y/N] no.”

“Why not? I mean I think I proved myself as a pretty good hunter plenty of times.”

“You are right, you have. It’s just…gosh I can’t believe I am about to say this.”

“Say what Dean?”

“I love you [Y/N].”

“You what?!?” you replied, shock creeping onto my face as you looked into his emerald green eyes and knew he was telling you the truth. 

“I want you to be safe, I don’t know if I can protect you if something happens and losing you and Sammy are the losses that would destroy me. I can’t lose you both so Cas will protect you and I will be back in a jiff.”

“I love you too Dean.” you said, taking a step towards him before your lips collided. He pulled away and then next thing you knew, Cas had zapped the two of you to Rome. When he zapped you back to Bobby’s you raced towards the door, knocking quickly. Bobby opened it and wrapped you in a tight embrace, as you whispered your hellos. When he finally let you go you went excitedly to the den, expecting to see Sam and Dean standing there with a shot or beer like they always did. Instead the room was empty, you turned towards Bobby who could only whisper, “Sam’s gone.”

“And Dean?” You asked, you already knew the answer though.

“He went to live with Ben and Lisa, he’s happy.” Bobby whispered as the tear rolled down my face

“Well when do we start?”

“Start what?”

“Working. I’m sure there is still a world of supernatural creeps out there.” I pushed passed him and up to my guest room where the sobs all came out.

An hour later you were throwing your bag in the trunk with Dean’s, you turned to see Sam standing there, telling Dean and Bobby he was ready to go on the case, and Bobby walking away. You started to climb in the back when Sam went, “[Y/N] what are you doing?”

“Getting in the Impala so that we can go work the case.” I said, confused to why he was asking

“But you always sit shotty?”

“Well the seat is now all yours. Now are we leaving or what?” I then disappeared into the back and waited as the boys climbed in the front. 

“So what happened to you two after I went to hell? Did you two try to move on?” Sam asked about three hours later, I looked up from my book and met the emerald eyes looking at me through the rear view mirror.You waited a few seconds to see if Dean would answer but then answered my half of the story, “Well I started working cases after spending a month in Rome with Cas.” 

“So you both stayed in the life?” Sam now looked at Dean with his puppy dog eyes

“Uh no, I moved in with Lisa and Ben. We were normal for a while.”

“What happened?”

“Didn’t work out.” Dean almost whispered as his eyes went from the rear view to the road. Sam then feel silent again and the rest of the trip was exactly that, silent.

“So are we going to girl’s house?” you asked as I walked into the room, dressed in my FBI button down and pencil skirt, knee high boots and messy bun hair, the fake glasses resting on my nose. Dean’s eyes looked up from the table and he stared a bit, smiling before he looked away, Sam clearly noticed and answered the question when he saw the faint tint of red flood to Dean’s cheeks, “Yea, we were going to come get you in five, but since you are here just wait here.”

“Ok mind if I sit down?” You motioned towards the bed which was clearly Dean’s, since his bag rested on the bed by the pillow.

“Yea it’s fine.” Dean answered this time, I had already sat on the comforter and pulled out my phone, and read the text that lit up my screen.

Sammy Boy: You know he still loves you right?

[Y/N]: No he loves Lisa, hence why he went there instead of telling Cas to bring me back.

Sammy Boy: Ok whatever you think, I know my brother though and I know that look, he still likes you

[Y/N]: Well whatever I’m still pissed about it.

Sammy Boy: If you weren’t I would question your sanity

As I read the last text Dean and Sam walked to the door, “Are you coming?” Dean snapped as he opened the door.

You pushed yourself off the bed and marched out the door, making sure you swayed your hips extra as you pushed past Dean. You climbed in the back and sat there, looking anywhere but in the rear view mirror.

“I think it’s that they’re virgins.” Dean stated as he held a little black book, with a silver lock on it.

“What is that?” Sam pointed at the book

“Her diary.”

You stole her diary?”

“Do you even have to ask?”

“Gosh Dean this is a new low even for you.” I joked as I kept reading the computer, “Besides you have no evidence that she was even a…”

“I have decided to give Stan my most precious gift.” The creepy sentence left his mouth, your head shooting as he did, “Yup that has virgin written all over it.” 

“Well why would he want virgins?” Sam asked looking at you

“I don’t know. I like more experienced women myself.” Dean smiled as he looked at you, causing you to roll your eyes

“That explains a lot.” I said as I stood up and went outside, taking a seat on the impala hood. I pulled my phone out and saw that once again Sam had texted my phone, tears running out of my eyes as I read it.

Sammy Boy: Are you ok?

[Y/N]: Yea Sammy Boy I’m ok, just focus on the case. Text me if you get anything.

Sammy Boy: Where are you going?

[Y/N]: To pray.

I opened my motel room door and looked up towards the ceiling, “Cas, it’s me. I just need to ask you a quick question, that’s all. I know you can find me the answer, the answer kind of is important for me to find out.”

“What do you need?” His voice said, I opened my eyes to see him standing before me, I ran forward and embraced him, his arms wrapping around me and lightly squeezing me before he said again, “What do you need angel?”

“Does Dean still love me?”

“You want me to read his mind?”

“If you could.” I smiled at him as he shut his eyes, a few moments later he looked at me and went, “Yes.”

“Ok I need your help, and you can’t tell Sam or Dean I asked for this.” The smile disappearing even though the feeling of glee never left. All I could think was yes.

“Anything angel.” 

“So I need a bit of protection on this case, I don’t want to leave but I also don’t want to be a liability either.”

“Ok well why would you be a liability?”

“I’m a virgin.” I admitted


“The creature is targeting virgins, I don’t want to be targeted and throw the case, but I want to help. So if I stay I want to know that you can help protect me a bit more then usual.”

“Ok, anything for you angel.” He smiled before disappearing

I walked back in the boy’s room to hear the word, “Dragons.”

“No way! We are hunting a dragon!” I excited said as I shut the door

“Ummm yea we are. I just called Bobby to ask for information, he’s looking.” Dean whispered, avoiding my eyes. I walked a bit closer and whispered, “But wait, I thought the dragons went extent?” 

“Me too but I guess they are back.” Sam said

Just then the phone rang, Dean dug around in his pocket before producing the burner. He talked in a muttered whisper for several minutes, he shut the phone and looked at you, “Wanna babysit for me?”

“I guess I can help Sammy Boy. Just go, we need you, I’ll call Bobby.” I said as I turned my attention back to the article Sam was showing me.

“I know you will.” He smiled as he grabbed his coat, as he got to the door he whispered something under his breath, which he thought you didn’t hear. You did though so you piped up, “Actually can I go with you Dean?”

“Ahhh yea sure.” He said as I rushed to his side. We left the room and got in the car, he started the engine and I started the conversation.

“I heard what you said Dean.”

“I…you… what?” He stuttered

“Before you left. I heard what you whispered to yourself.” 

“Well I do, always have.”

“Why? Why did you leave after Sam went to Hell, why not just come to Rome with me?”

“Because you didn’t deserve to have to deal with me after I lost Sammy, I was a wreck, I didn’t even want Lisa to have to deal with me, but I promised Sammy I would try with Lisa.”

“Well do you at least see why it annoyed me?”

“Yea, and not a day went by where I didn’t almost press the call button just so I could hear you talk to me, or tell you I still love you but you need to move on.”

“Well what if I don’t want to move on? What if I still want you, and only you?”

“Then I’m all yours.” He placed his hand on my thigh, placing my own on his.

“Is this what you want?”


“I love you Dean Winchester.” I leaned over and kissed his cheek

“I love you too [Y/F/N] [Y/L/N]” He smiled as he pulled into the parking lot of one Dr. Visyak, who somehow knew Bobby. 

As you approached the front door Dean entwined his hand in yours, causing you to blush a bit. He knocked as you stood there, hands still together and the bushing color on your face.


“Hello Dr. Visyak, my name is Dean Winchester and this is my girlfriend [Y/f/n/] [y/l/n].”

“Office hours are Monday and Friday.” the voice of the Doctor echoed out of the speaker.

“Bobby Singer sent us here, we need your help with something.” I said into the camera

A few short moments later we stood in her office where she was telling us, “Actually, just kick him in the jewels, more poetic.”

“That bad?” I asked

“That’s his story to tell. Now what do you need?” She sipped her drink

“Dragons.” Dean answered as her eyes grew wide.

“Really?” She was now fully interested

“What no 12 sided dice joke?” Dean asked as he pulled me onto his lap, so much for seeming professional.

“No we can joke about them, just not when they are active.” She said sitting opposite of us.

“Well how do we kill them?

“A blade forged in Dragon’s blood.”

“Wait so to kill one you need to blade but to make the blade you need a dead dragon?” 

“Well they are pretty rare, only 5 or 6 left in the world, and luck for you two, I have one in my basement.”

“You do?” We asked in unison

“I do, do you want to see?”

“Ummm duh.” you hopped off of Dean’s lap and followed Dr. Visyak down to the basement, knowing that the sword was in a stone. 

As she opened the door I learned that my prediction was correct, Dean looked confused as he asked, “What’s with the rock?”

“Sweetie you have to pull it out, like in the stories.” you answered letting his hand go.

“What stories?”

“Simple. the childhood fairy tales were the brave knight in shining armor pulls the sword out of the rock and then goes to kill the beast. Too bad in our case, you are the knight in tin foil.” I smiled as I pushed him towards the rock.

“Ok I got it, prepared to be amazed.” He cockily said as he grabbed the handle

He pulled for a few minutes before he fell to the ground, a giggle escaping my lips as he laid on the floor baffled.

“Hey babe, we have some you know what in the Baby if you want to use that instead.” 

“Now you tell me.” He jumped up and raced out the door

“Where is he…” 

“I’d tell you but you won’t like it.” You answered looked at the doctor.

“So let me get this straight,” Sam started as he held the broken blade in his hand, “You decided to blow the rock up, and didn’t think that somehow the explosion would also damage the blade?”

“At least he got the blade.” You answered

“Yea, I mean this just means we have to get closer to these sons of bitches.”  Dean smiled as he took the blade from Sam and threw an arm over your shoulder.

“So I see you two are…” Sam started again

“Sam we have no time for this, we have a dragon to kill, now where is it?”

“Sewers.” He answered, “I found the location and everything.”

“Then lets go. I call Shotgun.” I raced out the door and into the seat as Sam and Dean chuckled and shook their heads

“Sam, we have been wandering around for hours.” Dean complained as he lead us through the sewer.

“Well what’s that?”you.pointed at the glittering pile of gold

“Well that is gold, and now it is mine.” Dean placed it all into his bag.

“Really Dean.” Sam groaned

“Just let him do it, make his day.” You whispered to Sam as Dean finished loading the gold.

“Ok let’s go.” Dean said, grabbing your hand and once again leading you through the sewer. 

You could hear the girls softly crying for help as you peered into the grates, Sam was stuffing a book into his bag, Dean was in front of you. Then you heard a voice say behind you, “Well my job just got easier.” 

I turned around just in time to see a man appear, “DEAN!” I reached behind me, to find the handle of the sword behind me and swung, hitting the man in the arm, causing a scream to leave his lips.

“Stupid Virgin!” He screamed as he lunged forward, I passed the blade off to Dean, just in time for him to make his own cut into the beast.

“What does he mean?” Dean asked quickly

“I’m a virgin ok? Watch Out!” The dragon hit the sword into an empty grate, which Dean ran to while me and Sam tried to distract him, until a much younger dragon appear, who quickly started a combat fight with Sam. Then Dean screamed to Sam to get the sword and he took his place in combat with the younger dragon while you continued to fight the older one. 

Sam quickly grabbed the sword and sliced the arm of the older dragon, along with stabbing the younger one, I turned quickly to make sure they were ok, which was the wrong decision, a scream left my mouth as the dragon wrapped his arms around me, Sam and Dean running at me but it was too late, the beast had already flown away, hissing as he did, “Looks like I got my virgin.”

~Dean’s POV~

“AHHHHHHHH!” was all I heard before the sound of wings, I turned and saw as the dragon flew away with [Y/N], I couldn’t save her, couldn’t stop it, I failed her. After we got the other girls and ourselves out of the sewer we drove to Bobby’s, tears filling my eyes as I pressed the pedal to the floor. It was finally going back to normal, we were back together, I was getting used to the fact that she was mine again. And now she was gone, just like that. As I sped into the drive way I hit the steering wheel, “Dean calm down!” Sam screamed

“I can’t, I finally got her back and just like that, she is gone again, and it’s all my fault.” 

“Well let’s see if there is a hint of her location in the book I found.” Sam pulled the book out, which much to our disadvantage was in all Latin. Only two people could translate Latin super fast, or at least kind of fast, Bobby and [Y/N].

About an hour later after discussing Soulless Sam with Normal Sam, I was nervously peeling the label of my beer, waiting for Bobby to figure out the book, every second that ticked by was one second longer she was with that creep.

“Boys! Come here.” Bobby yelled, causing me to sprint to the den, “So I can’t translate as fast as [Y/N] can but I have managed to notice one phase used over and over, Mother.”

“What does that mean?” I asked as Sam joined my side.

“I don’t know, a page of the Journal of Human flesh is missing. Chances are we can find the reason for kidnapping the virgins on that page.” Bobby sighed, sipping the Jack Daniels.

“Well did you get anything else?”

“Whoever this Mother is, she has something to do with Purgatory.”

Just then Cas appeared, a sad look on his face, “Dean I’m sorry.”

“What are you talking about Cas?”

“I’ve lost sight of where [Y/N] is, which can only mean one thing.”

The tears started to fall down my face again, I just pushed past them and went out the lot, taking the bat from the back porch and started smashing the abandoned cars.

~[Y/N] POV~ (Happening at the same time)

Your eyes fluttered open as you bumped along a dirt road.

“Good morning sunshine.” the dragon said as he grasped the steering wheel. 

“Where are you taking me you scaly douche?” 



“Shhhh you are first.” He cut the engine and moved to your side, grabbing your bond hands and dragged you toward the black van.

“Is this it?”

“We ran into some trouble, but don’t worry, this was one of the hunter’s that went after us, she fits the requirements.”

“Good, we’ll use her first.” With that they dragged you towards a cliff, “When my boyfriend and his brother find you…”

“Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll be long gone by then, now just relax.” One hissed into your ear before the older one started to cut his wrist open and saying,” Ego coniuro vos, insolubiliter ad mei potenciam aligati! Ad me…Sine prestolacione venire… Debeatis aperiat! “ then you saw the pit below you growing closer and closer, clearly they pushed you off the cliff and you heard the older dragon scream, “Huc sine mora debeas mater!”

You saw darkness but then felt something enter your body and then you were hovering, it felt like when Cas asked to use your body quickly as a vessel. When you reached the top of the cliff the older dragon said stunned, “Welcome.”

“You kept me waiting.” My voice answered, however it wasn’t my words, “We have thinks to do.”

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