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Why ToZ X Is Actually Just Bad

Beyond the obvious issues of tossing the main plot out the window in favour of this new amalgam of ToZ’s universe + ToB Spoilers + Fan service to placate Alisha Fans.*

I wrote a lot. Sorry fam @ mobile users.

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Let’s talk about sacred geometry. Universal Math is a geometric Math. It deals with forms and energies of the form. Sacred geometry is the basis of all the realities’ building. Sacred geometry is the language, the program of space reality. Geometry is a highly-developed mind, the collective experience which can transmit a large amount of knowledge. The notion of mind is goes out beyond of what can be said or described by human words, because the information is often being passed by the geometric forms on this frequency. Our reality is really the implementation of the geometric hologram of the coherent conscientious energy. That’s why it is extremely important to understand that sacred geometry is much bigger than a branch of Math. It is the living sacred science. It is the aspect of the science about frequency which is called «an unconditional love» by many people. It is the sacred science which in fact creates each nuance of our physical reality within a linear space and time.
The symbiotic interaction of the geometric Math in the sound, music, color and light is the fact which has a bigger influence than it can be understood today. The consciousness of each star and planet within our space is in the universal harmony of the geometric proportions. There is a project, the divine model of Creation which programmed in advance and brought into the action. What can look like an imbalance — is actually the preliminary temporary adjustment which helps the celestial ascension symphony sound.
If you ask this question, it will be clear that despite the all variety of geometric forms which life abounds, among all this variety you can be clearly seen some fundamental basic geometric elements which are everywhere. Pythagor was the first who started to understand this, but his geometry wasn’t understood. We are aware of such geometric definitions as ‘Golden Ratio’ (or ‘divine proportion’) or ‘Platonic solids’ (regular polyhedrons — the cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron). Ascended master Koothoomi incarnated by Pythagor, discovered that a string which held down on a half of its length, it creates an octave, while the correlation of 3/2 makes a Quint and 4/3 makes a Quart. Something like that occurs in the crystal-light wave’s codes of the cosmic initiation. If we goes deeper into scientific or esoteric sources of this question, one simple and interesting fact can be found. These elements are at every level of Creation, both macro and micro levels, and are its initial and integral forming part. It beautifies the cosmic initiation by the musical healing abilities which is harmonizing the imbalanced impacts of intensity.
Again we have to refer to those immutable laws of Creation which are common for everybody and understandable to those who achieved the certain stage of his consciousness’ development in the knowledge of physical nature and spiritual world view. The figures which are inscribed in circles and referred to as “Crop Circles”, tell us about this. No matter at which angle we look at them, we will discover the spiritual messages for ourselves. This is the duodecimal system in all its beauty and simplicity, dear readers. And those of you who fond of Math, numerology and uses geometry, those will understand the beauty of constantly repeated numbers and forms and also their combinations. Usually the central form of patterns in the fields is the circle, but then the triangles, squares, rectangles, lines and other geometric forms can be developed out of circles. We ask everybody to remember the 3rd dimensional six pointed star (or the hexagram) which is inscribed in the sphere. It presents all the dimensions. With all simplicity of its forms, it is truly full of beauty and all based on the duodecimal numeral system.
The duodecimal numeral system plays an important part in our life, especially in a deeper understanding of our material Universe. The duodecimal numeral system is more appropriate for physical Math. Pay attention to how many phenomena around us have the duodecimal nature. The using of the duodecimal numeral system while calculating and measuring of physical phenomena will open many secrets of Physics and even Math, which otherwise can be difficult to find out. Crop Circles give the opportunity to the mathematicians to discover and prove new theorems. For example, Gerald Stanley Hawkins, an astronomer from Boston University, was able to discover one of the theorems of Euclidian geometry, which wasn’t known for scientists up to now. The learning of Crop Circles by using the duodecimal numeral system enriches our science of all spheres — from Arithmetic till N.Tesla’s technologies, and allows to broaden our knowledge about ourselves and Universe. All that relates to the Earth is divisible by twelve – it is really fascinating clue.
And all these messages are the language of geometric forms, sound and light. We have already mentioned that the language of the Universe, the tissue of a higher dimension — is sacred geometry. Geometry is the universal language of Creation. The Mayan Calendar also represents the ancient mathematical system, which based on the vigesimal (based on the number twenty) numeral system, and which, as well as sacred geometry, underlies how the Creation building, with the only difference that it describes not the level of formation and building of the spatial geometry’s forms, but it describes the length and periodicity of time cycles by which this formation occurs. Put it simply, it means the laws of time and synchronicity.
Here is a very important message: learn the metaphorical and morphological symbolism while solving of geometrical tasks. Actually they tell us about our origins, about a man and a woman, and about our relations with the supreme intelligence. The modern perceptions about morphology should be broader. It suggests the learning of grammatical categories in general, i.e. the cognition of the semantic sense of morphological forms which are not dependent on their origin time and which corresponds to the cognitive abilities of the intelligent beings standing for this.
The evidence of the given above is what people call “Crop Circles”, but true authors of these patterns call them “energy stamps”. These patterns are created by the whole Universe via its beloved intermediaries but indirectly, because in fact they are created by those with whom we all will have to meet. Our scientists will be very surprised when we’ll say that Crop Circles are like the letters from relatives. Some people understand when we say that first of all the letters come and then the relatives come after them. In the past, discovering the spaces of near cosmos, people also sent images and symbols about themselves which were inscribed on special spreadsheets on the boards spacecraft outside of our Solar system, order to representatives of other life forms could see them and understand the humankind. No matter how primitive these devices could seem, the main thing is the very intention. And you should know that this intention was perceived by all in Space, how would we are not convinced in the opposite. Humans are not alone. Crop Circles are something like that. They are the messages from our space relatives privately addressed to us and the mother-Earth which are consisting of mathematical symbols of geometry and sacred symbology.
Such messages are sent from all galactic families for everyone. Many of them are made and created by those whom we call “ascended masters”. These new beings whom one day we will meet, send messages to us from the sphere of sacred Math in order that we could understand the universal geometry’s code and were able to gather all the interdimensional puzzle and to be ready to communicate. In many ways, Crop Circles is the test on the intellectual development of humanity. Why is geometry? Geometry, as we already mentioned, is a Math which is common for all in the Universe. Math contained in geometric figures is universal for all calculations and is the absolute. Consequently, it is required a method for communication on themes of the principles of sacred science and metaphysics.
The phenomenon known as “Crop Circles”, which we can see on the wheat fields, is the result of the work with the magnetic-crystalline Grid of the Earth, which is executed by different extraterrestrial groups. They really have been created in cooperation between people of the inner Earth, extraterrestrials and Devanic beings, but it is the work of extraterrestrials predominantly. The concrete group, responsible for the majority of Crop Circles, is the Pleiadians of the 4th density who work under the supervision of the Arcturians of the 7th density. Balancing and strengthening the Grid system around the planet, they often leave sacred symbols of “the starting system” to help our awake. Actually these messages enter from most different dimensions and realities which are existing in our time and space, and represent the specific cipher which is containing multi-faceted information from a plurality of authors. The patterns are given to us in order that we could have data which we will need in future and which relate to the information transfer, communication and contact.
Crop Circles can be taken as a stunningly pleasant conversation between the Earth which is a conscious being called ‘Gaia’ in some circles, and numerous extraterrestrials from outer space among whom the representatives of intergalactic mind can be found. There are contacts with energies from the deep space which are being passing through the Solar system at this moment. Therefore ones Crop Circles are the messages of intergalactic extraterrestrials. The others are the answers of the Earth itself. Some of them are associated with the Earth history. The others of them are the attempts to awaken humanity, to show us in the patterns of difficult information what an amazing future is offered to people if only we will try to make an effort to build it. All these are the components of our growing-up process which will allow us to enter a new galactic sector. Nowadays Crop Circles are represented to us for our pleasure and give some insight of our future. They testify to the upcoming right of choice which everybody of us will have to implement. This choice is related to that reality or to that probable future in which we would prefer to stay.
The easiest way to describe them, if to say that some part of Crop Circles come from the center of the Earth. Geo-codes are passed in the language of coherent crystal light. From the energetic point of view, it is very interesting to observe the information movement from the Earth through the grains, or plants, or through some substances which are creating these circles. However, with years their forms become more and more complicated. This is due to the fact that the communication of the Earth and humanity with intergalactic progenitors and the cosmic waves of conscious energies becomes more and more deeper. In process of complication of this phenomena and conversations become more involved, more and more Devas’ Kingdom are involved. Thus, plants themselves, live biological organisms which create Circles while bending, are playing not passive role but they are a part of the dynamic interaction between the Earth’s mind, the mind of so called “cosmic extraterrestrials”, the collective human mind and the desire of the Devas’ Kingdom to participate into the recording of this conversation. If such physical records did not exist, only very few people would have known about this communication.
The coded signals which are passed in each crop pattern by our cosmic curators, are very important messages which signal about those changes in the planetary space and our galaxy through the sacred Math, applied not only on our planet. Thus, the Crop Circles can be considered as a form of the indirect energetic contact with other civilizations. This is the contact form which is maximally effective in our time, when the majority of the Earth’s population does not ready for the direct contact yet as a result of misconceptions of the mass consciousness. At the same time while informing the Earthian about the extraterrestrial intelligence existing, Crop circles form a gradual energetic shift in the human consciousness, preparing the possibility of future contact, when people will be able to realize and accept the galactic and universal truths and first of all the truth about themselves. These circles announce about many things. They are the symphony’s notes of the Earthling’s training and awakening.
Each pattern appears all at once in a short time period, usually at 1.00 a.m. Crop Circles, appearing in different parts of the planet, are formed by sound waves, frequency response data of whom exceed the upper limit of human hearing. Primarily, they are formed with the help of concentrated manifestation of light, sound and mind, which combined with the Earth electromagnetic fields to create the programmed geometric symbols. The images, left on the fields, are made through the creation of mini-vortices with the help of the extraterrestrial technique which is on the spacecraft’s board. The same technique is used for their spacecrafts’ shifting. However, the spacecrafts do not write them and the creatures do not come down to Earth who trample down the grass in a certain order. Any flying vehicles are unnecessary for their creation and all this is made at a big distance. These signs are energetic imprints of the magnetic field which are broadcasted from the spaces of other dimensions. They are highly electrical by their nature and any empath who sat within a Crop Circle created recently, can attest the perceptible hum of the energy within this circle.
A Crop Circles are a multidimensional temporary imprints. Somebody from a different time and space send a mental pattern and leave a signal in your reality. Of course, there are many different codes. There are both mathematical codes and energetic imprints, which just kindle the human heart. But some Crop Circles are made by some people during their staying in the subtle plane. Yes, not only by discarnate people, but also by those who go up while sleeping. Just people themselves set connecting thread between the worlds, about what they forget after their returning into the dense body.
One more unexpected Crop Circle’s assignment is that some of them are designed to be used as communication portals with different dimensions of the planet. In particular, for communication with the Light Cities in the 5th dimension. There are also places on the Earth, which are temporary portals, such as Crop Circles. These portals are interdimensional. We can get the consonant conjunction with a certain Light City by the using one Crop Circle and constantly enter into it or get the information from there. For this purpose we do not even have to live in the locality where the circle was created. We can concentrate our consciousness on a certain information flow and an unknown Crop Circle will help us in this to do it. For example, if the man from another planet or galaxy is not related to the Earth with his collective consciousness, he can use temporary Crop Circles as multidimensional portals. The extraterrestrial beings who are aware of the possibility to use the Circles as portals, can teleport themselves to their starships or homeworld by force of expended thinking and meditations, sensitives and feelings, expectations and certain spiritual practices. They also can traverse into another starships.
In this way, a Crop Circle is a physical presentation of language of the light, sound and geometric forms, in which one picture contains a huge amount of information perceived per unit of time. The messages in the light language like Crop Circles are the images which activate the perception patterns of the higher level of consciousness and higher waves of mind of a recipient. But it requires time to translate these messages into the 3- or 4-dimensional language. Dear our earthed, those, who receive these messages, gradually or immediately have learned how to connect their higher level of consciousness with voice or hands to translate these messages into the 3- or 4-dimensional consistent language orally, in writing or visually. Those, who have big galactic families and strong cosmic family ties with the older brothers in mind, understand this very well. For those, who shrug off the Crop Circles, will meet a real revelation when our space relatives will arrive on the ascended planet to the ascended humanity. But we ask not to be afraid nobody, because that like attracts like that and understanding of this will help us in direct contact.
In such a manner, the language of light forms are entered on the planet unobstructedly. At the present time the whole light language wasn’t brought on the planet. Some energetic hieroglyphs and pictograms come to the Earth as the rise of the planetary consciousness. These forms appear in the centers of funnels of the planetary consciousness which retract these forms into the planet. The Earth was keeping these centers in the half-open state during billion years of its existing on the solar orbit. As if many of them steeped in slumber. But now most of the planetary energetic centers are awaking in that the light penetrates into the electromagnetic barrier around the planet. So the Universal language of Creation, cosmic Math in a form of Crop Circles and other different forms are placed on the Earth in order that they could help us to keep the frequency of light vibration in the Earth’s space and manfully bring it into the life. They allow the information to penetrate softly, not so aggressively. The forms are located at certain distances from each other and often on different continents, which allows the electromagnetic wave of the certain frequency to move around the planet and to activate the Earth’s evolutionary schemes to awake the human and the most important is to revive the Divine Source of Life on our planet. Herewith the sacred geometric forms of Crop Circles allow people to feel comfortable while the getting huge volume of knowledge and the changes of the planetary frequencies.
One more purpose of these signs is laying a road for mass consciousness to span the invisible and unexplainable at a given time. The complexity of these signs will be disclosed as accelerating of the human consciousness’ development and recognition of the presence of another forms of existence. Our physical body can recognize the information which is hiding in such Circles bypassing the logical thought. Circles accelerate the evolution process and DNA-transformation which is calling for the awakening of our spirit. Now we are not ready yet to fully estimate the significance of everything that Crop Circles give us. Their role will be gradually appearing as the humanity will be increasingly going beyond the remained duality limitations. They are created in our 3d/4th dimension for a while to excite our curiosity, broaden our mind and disclose new ways of thinking. These phenomena are intended to help us get out of that small box in which we have placed ourselves. It is high time to accept the wider picture of the Universe and all the Creation.
These Crop Circles are encoded by form, light and sound’s emanations which will help us to awake our souls in divine consciousness and awareness of ours and the planetary sacred destination for the whole Creation. Open your heart and mind for miracles which is waiting for us after the Earth’s cleansing. Think of the beautiful gardens which you will be creating in accordance with the beauty of our new dwellings. Compare them with Crop Circles. Crop Circles are the gardens of the 4th and 5th dimensions in general. In not so far future that strange phenomenon that we call “The Crop Circle” will become so well acquainted that it won’t be considered as strange. These beautiful gardens of our future, full of light, color and sound. We will be creating via intent the amazing gardens which are like Crop Circles by frequency and coding.
This is just a small part of wherefore are intended Crop Circles. They are extremely interesting and important for further evolution of both the planet and the whole of humanity. Also a fair share of jokes hides often behind them. We need to understand that some beings, in process of its development and maturation, becoming more enlightened, develop a colossal sense of humor in themselves. They see the funny in everything.

The article was made through the compilation of different teaching and information sources

On Magpie

Okay, since everyone’s flipping out about Magpie, let’s try and piece some things together.

Here’s Magpie:

Okay? Here’s what is likely Odin’s depiction of Crow, Raven and Magpie together. It’s the side bow that lets us know which one is Magpie.

Sad. But what made her so sad? I think the answer is likely here:

At first, I thought these might be Odin’s parents. Pictures were released on the Patreon of what (are probably) Odin’s parents*. I won’t post them here, but I’ve cropped the most relevant one to show you what I’m talking about:

Odin’s (probable) mom has long hair and those little side bows. But the blue sketch has only one bow, not two.

But if you look at Magpie’s silhouette, her hair is very scraggly–as if it were pulled into a ponytail and hacked off. Could this be a clue as to why she’s crying? Some sort of life-changing event that culminated in a quick chop?

And then there’s that unidentifiable large shadow holding her hand. Who is this? If it’s a picture of Odin’s parents, it’s probably just a representation of how distant or even cold his father is.

But I’m operating off the assumption that it’s Magpie smiling in the pic, not Mama Arrow. 

I think the shadow is Pedri, and here’s why:

A lot of people have been raising the question of why Odin is older than Ava when the two both have demons that (likely) died around the same time. We know it’s possible that Odin could have died or been revived, like Gil was, but I’m starting not to think so. Odin never said his sisters were all triplets, he only said he had three sisters. It’s possible that Magpie is the same age as Ava, since Crow and Arrow are twelve. 

I’m getting there, I’m getting there: Magpie inherited Pedri as a host first. Maybe she thought he was an imaginary friend. Then Pedri did something to Magpie, and it destroyed her. Maybe she came close to dying, or her mind broke. Then–somehow, like perhaps while he was trying to save his sister–Odin inherited Pedri. 

That’s why Odin hates Pedri so much, even though we haven’t seen him do anything inherently evil to Odin. Maybe that’s why the rest of the Arrow family treats him so poorly–they know what he has inside of him, and how it almost killed Magpie.

That’s all.

*I say “probably” because the lady is pictured with a little boy who looks very much like Odin, and said little boy also is featured in another picture with a pet wolf. It’s very cute, please subscribe to the Patreon /shill

so yesterday i saw m and he told me my bangs looked nice and that i looked tan and asked how the first day of school was so i was telling him about getting dress-coded and he couldn’t believe i’d get dresscoded bc i dont wear revealing clothes. So i told him i was gonna look like a bum from now on because the school dress-code rules were too strict for me to eve try and abide by them and look cute. so today i wore tan wedges, white pants and a blue long sleeve front zipper slightly cropped top and stopped by to talk to him. As hes talking about how tomorrow he’s going to put no effort into his look he asks why i dont look like a bum like i ahd said i would. so i tell him this is only 4 out of 10 in my style scale and he tells me if this is 4 he doesnt even want to see 10 because he would have to bow down to me because i would look so good. and lets just say im still dying ab that.

anonymous asked:

Wearing crop tops cause you think it looks nice and works well with your outfit. Harry liking you wearing crop tops cause it gives him better access to your nipples that he oh so loves. Easier to flip your top up a bit and suck on them, maybe pinch them a bit...

And when you figure out his little secret, you use it to your advantage and wear them as much as you can, especially when the two of you are out and about and there isn’t much he can do until he gets you somewhere private. And you know mighty well what a little teasing can do to him. 

And he’ll suck and bite and nibble, leaving little love bites all along every crevice. And when he moves to suck and bite and nibble on your neck, his hands take over. And the good things about hands is they come in pairs, so when one is preoccupied circling your nipple, the other is finding a home in between your legs. x


I’ve shared photos about this in the past and talked about it on social media to different extents, but I think it’s time we actually have a conversation about it.

Let’s talk about the male crop top, because it isn’t REALLY about showing your stomach—it’s about self confidence and how we approach gender roles when it comes to things like clothing.

You deserve to wear what makes you feel sexy and confident, no matter what your gender is.

Check out the video and reblog if you agree!

Hello! Skip here to talk about cosplay photos. As one of the photographers for @cfour-group, I take and edit a LOT of photos after our conventions and photoshoots. I’m not a professional photographer, but I have taken some photography and digital art classes where I learned my techniques.

I have Photoshop Elements 10, but a lot of the tools are the same in the newer versions of Photoshop. There are many ways to process photos, but this is just how I go about it. Let’s get started!

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If you follow me on Twitter, you will know how often my stuff gets stolen. I don’t talk about it as much on here, but I have stated multiple times that I do not condone the use of my art, gifs, or screenshots for ANY purpose (i.e: roleplay, icons/headers/sidebars, edits/memes, etc). 

It may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but I file multiple copyright reports on a daily basis and it gets really tiresome. Not once have I come across a stolen/reposted piece of mine where I was credited, more often than not, my watermark and signature are cropped or edited out. And let’s be real, that’s just plain shitty.

tldr: Just because it’s online, doesn’t mean it’s free. Don’t steal from artists/creators.

scanning the skiesfor the punk pre-med & her spooky psych major: investigating crop circles after lab, sneaking into the observatory at midnight with dog-eared ufo guides, spring break road trips to roswell, religiously listening to college FM airwaves for alien interference, and slowly falling love  {art by punkscully}

1. must have done something right - relient k // 2. let’s talk about spaceships - say hi to your mom // 3. unbelievers - vampire weekend // 4. outlaws - delta rae // 5. dear fellow traveler - sea wolf // 6. the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy // 7. subterranean homesick alien - radiohead // 8. science/visions - chvrches // 9. borne on the fm waves of the heart - against me! // 10. outerspace - catey shaw // 11. anna sun - walk the moon // 12. i’ll believe in anything - wolf parade // 13. i’d lie - taylor swift // 14. 1996 - the wombats // 15. take me to the riot - stars // 16. ends of the earth - lord huron

signs as accurate memes
  • Aries : girls hit your WALUGI! (WAH!)
  • Taurus : For $8,000 a month, I will stop
  • Gemini : i came out to have a good time and im honesty feeling so attacked right now
  • Cancer : not all men? you're right, i would never do that
  • Virgo : MMM Whatcha Say
  • Libra : Dan Nicky your Bobbie s
  • Scorpio : graphic design is my passion
  • Sagittarius : SJWs ruined my crops
  • Capricorn : 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
  • Aquarius : meet me in the pit
  • Pisces : snake people, or sneeple

ok guys, let’s talk about lars.

i’ve been seeing a ton of posts defending him cropping up on my dash, and i refrained from responding to each one individually, so i am just going to make this one big lars masterpost addressing all those points.

it is probably going to sound incredibly dramatic for a discussion of a children’s cartoon character. it is also guaranteed to piss off lars fans, so i’m just going to stash it under a cut.

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Jon Stewart: Climate Change Is Ravaging California and Florida

On a more serious note, Stewart took a look at two (phallic shaped) states that will be greatly affected by climate change, Florida and California. Each have their unique climate issues. In Florida, rising sea levels threaten the state, yet is has been reported the Governor Rick Scott wont let officials talk about climate change. In California, a drought is plaguing the already water-challenged state, and not enough has been done to curtail water use. With the help of Jason Jones,and Jordan Klepper, Stewart also takes a look at  water intensive crops such as almonds and alfalfa.