lets not talk about the cropping

It’s so meaningful [to be a part of this video] because I just think that it’s such an iconic, game changing video, and for me to get to be a part of something that broke history, and during this time and the fact that she’s embracing me, and I’m her friend, and I’m an out, gay, black man and she knows that, and loves that, and celebrates that. She came to see me in Kinky Boots and loved that, and she let me prance around in heels, and a crop top in her video is so awesome and she lived for every moment of it and thought we were so fabulous and so I appreciate her bringing us onto the set and letting us be fabulous.
—  Todrick Hall talking about Taylor 
Homewrecker pt.2 (JJK)

Description: When you bring home your drunken friend from a party, and meet his father, Jeon Jungkook.

Pairings: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut/Angst

Warnings: Sexual Content, mature language, underage relationship, light cumplay.


A/N: This is my first fictional story so there will be minor errors. I’ll be fixing the errors once i finish writing the other chapters (on tumblr) I also write on my wattpad account @allyxk

creds to this gif ;)

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I've always wondered why you don't want anyone to repost your art? I understand the whole not giving credit issue too. I have just wondered if there is something else that keeps you from letting people repost?

I don’t think is fair. Some pages have reposted my art and haven’t made me aware of it (besides they cropped my signature, not gave me credit, etc). I have to deal with comments that are not directed at me and, personally, I really don’t like it. It feels like someone is talking behind my back. If you have something to say about my art, I want to know in my own page… that’s why I post here - and on instagram :)

People see art on other’s people account, most of them don’t bother to look the source of it. There were occasions where I was accused of reposting my own art. Someone saying “hey credit the artist” and I was like “well, I am the artist”. So you can imagine the reputation “art repost” has and it’s not cool unless the artist gives you permission to do so.

I’m not saying all page do that to gain popularity, but yeah, there are pages that repost art because they can’t create their own material. So they repost material that another person has took their time to create, because it’s easier. But drawing isn’t easy. It’s actually fucking hard and it takes TIME.

if someone’s page has the initiative of helping fanartist to get noticed, that’s awesome! but - in case you have a page of this sort of content and are reading this, please note: - it’s important to ask for permission before reposting. Send a message to the artist before saving the fanart and reposting in your own account. It’s about respecting the art and artist. This whole issue isn’t just the act of reposting. It’s much more than that. If you enjoyed the art so much, a reblog is all you need to do and you are respecting the original source of it: the artist :D

I have asked some instagram accounts to take my art down especially because they cropped my signature (blvnk-art.tumblr.com) and haven’t given me any credits. some excuses were “ I’ve found it on google, I didn’t know who the artist was”. If you respect art, you will try to find the source of it. If you respect the artist, you will ask for permission. You will try to find the information whether he/she allows repost.

I have worked really hard to develop a style, to discover who I am as an artist. I may draw fast, but that doesn’t mean I learned how to do it in a couple of years. It’s been more than 10 years drawing since I was kid and my tumblr has 3. I don’t make any profit off of the fanarts I am drawing. I only ask respect in return, knowing that I won’t be able to control it on the internet. But I know my followers respect me so I decide to keep bringing my sketches daily in this account - this is just a case of a few people, although I am seeing more and more reposting (on instagram).

I don’t like when artists and arts are not respected. Reposting without permission is the lack of it. I hope you understand.

Cardiovascular Palpitations Pt. 2 (ft. Jeongguk) [M]

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→ fluff, smut, angst, really fuckign fluffy smut 10k
→ friends with benefits au, doctors au ft Taehyung
part 1 | part 2 | story talk

Yay! This was super cute but I’m seriously so glad its over lol I didn’t edit so its not my best work but it’s officially the longest thing I’ve ever written so I hope you like it! Let me know what you think, and I’ll be uploading a story talk and drabbles about this au soon! 

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Good Boy, Stevie // Steve Rogers x Reader P2

Pairing: Steve Rogers x POC Reader, 
Word Count: 2.7k+
Warning: Language, fluff, smut, Sub!Steve, Dominant Reader, spanking, domination
Summary: Steve finally gets to experience giving up control.

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long but I’m not sorry you got a cool Sam Series out of me while you waited. The next chapters are going to be shorter to take some of the stress and pressure off of me. Thanks for sticking around!!

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Previously on Good boy, Stevie // Part 3 

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do u know any good supercorp fan fics

do i ever (these aren’t in any particular order, but they are all complete. i’ve got a whole separate rec list for wip fics if you want it)

  • Oblivious: kara danvers getting jealous of herself for getting to make out with lena is so relatable (lena dates supergirl to make kara jealous)
  • heroism is a full time job: who doesnt want to live with lena honestly??? (protective custody au)
  • the way we mend: domestic! incredible! im gonna cry! (fluff! fluff! fluff!)
  • exception: do u need some musings about love in your life? well ive got just the fic for u! (romance! romance! fluff!)
  • i’ll be there for you (in your darkest nights): fix-it fics have fixed my soul (fix-it fic)
  • I Always Want You: this made me ascend into another plane where everything is okay and life is Good and Nice and Gay (harry potter au)
  • inevitable: i cant believe kara just failed at inventing lying. i cant believe im kara (supergirl reveal fic)
  • when all is shaken: im the one shaken after this fic wow (hurt/comfort)
  • Something to Write About: this is most definitely something to write about (kinda social media au?)
  • Sunlit Honey and Lavender Sunsets: catch me screaming about this fic forever! oh my god! i love jess! i love this fic! aaah! (jess-centric fic!!!)
  • (Super)Man’s Best Friend: im the dog that kara just straight up randomly gives lena (dog fic!!)
  • such unruly heads and hearts: so um i lied this is the one wip on this list because honestly it Changed Me and literally invented the concept of love (harry potter au)
  • negotiations and commands: ever imagined what life would be like if we had gotten krypto in that pod? now u dont have to just imagine it (dog fic!!)
  • Her Brother’s Keeper: i literally cried more than five times while reading this. holy shit. im thinking about it and crying again (angst and fluff and Wow)
  • Did we do that?: theyre so cute! i cant handle it!! theyre s o c u t e!!!! (domestic)
  • no more ferris wheels: i hate ferris wheels too but i love this fic!! (strangers go to a carnival au)
  • Drunk Puppy: i also talk about lena’s eyes when im drunk so this fic really speaks to me (kara appears at lena’s office drunk)
  • For as Long as You’ll Let Me: i cant believe kara just invented support and comfort (hurt/comfort)
  • somewhere i have never travelled: this fic travelled straight into my heart and saved my life from canon supergirl (character study/au)
  • Don’t Let Her Go: protective cat grant? And supercorp? u better believe it!!! (love and cat grant that’s all i need to say)
  • Puppy Love: this fic? cured my depression, made me love dogs even more than i already do, watered my crops,, (dog fic!!!)
  • sun is gonna shine above: ive said this multiple times now but this fic also made me cry several times. and yes i cry a lot but seriously!! this fic!! is so good!! (supercorp with kids au!!)
  • Almost.: fun fact! lena luthor is a nerd who thinks about kissing kara 24/7 i cant believe this is canon (romance romance romance)
  • The Enchanted Florist: its so gay and so touching and i cried reading this one too (lena goes to a flower shop)
  • pain: look i know im ending a fic rec list with a fic named pain but i swear itll only pain u with how good it is (soulmate au)
speculations abt the hansol ig situation

these are all just speculations and my thoughts about what’s happening!

there are many reasons that a hansol ig cropped up at this time, so close to 127′s impending comeback, and this is my theory about why this does not equate to hansol leaving sm (it doesn’t seem all that plausible, considering he’s been spotted at the building numerous times recently, to my knowledge they talked abt him on ennana and u kow sm doesnt let their artists talk abt ex-members). 

i believe that this is a clever (cruel, but clever nonetheless) noise marketing scheme by sm. this would not be the first (and it certainly wouldn’t be the last) time sm has used their artists and used media play and manipulation to achieve a specific goal (see: the trainwreck that was sm entertainment in 2014). sm may have opened up a fake ig account for hansol (or he might have done it himself under sm’s direction) to create panic and havoc in the fandom. 

why? this rests on my other hypothesis that hansol is set to debut soon (some time this year, if not this month). currently, the only “official” sm content that fans may have seen him in is nct life, predebut. newer fans may not know who he is, and if they do, they may not have an interest in him, and only due to the efforts of his dedicated fans is his content ever circulating around in the fandom. creating this kind of havoc within the fandom brings his name up, stirs up interest in the fandom and the industry, and puts him on the map, so to speak. 

my speculation is that hansol will debut soon, and sm will either 1) ignore this ig situation or 2) write it off as a troll. i personally find it hard to believe that hansol would leave sm, given that he already has an established fan base and an incredible career opportunity in the biggest, richest, most influential company in the industry. it doesn’t seem plausible, unless sm really fucked him over (which is also possible, but given how they’ve been handling nct and sr17b, i doubt it; they can’t afford more scandals/lawsuits on their hands at the moment, especially with their rookies). 

also, sm wouldn’t allow him to open an ig this close to 127′s comeback if he was really leaving. it would split the fandom and it would be very ill timing. even if his contract was over, sm can take measures to make sure there’s no scandal/bad public relations, and they would have counseled hansol about how to proceed after leaving to minimize damage to the group and to himself. i doubt hansol would want nct to have a comeback with this hanging over their heads. if he had left and wanted to have social media again, he would have most likely opened an ig account well after the comeback, during a time when it’s not critical, simply because i’m sure he’s a good person and wants nct to succeed; otherwise, it would be basically sabotage, and i doubt that’s what’s going on. 

therefore, the only reason i can think of that can explain the situation is that it’s noise marketing on sm’s part, or it’s a troll. again, these are just my thoughts, and i may be horribly wrong, but until there is any official word, this is what i will personally put my cards with. 

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clark probs wouldn't understand the whole "my crops are dying" or "you've watered my crops" thing that people do in fandom. he'd probably take it literally and be like, "wow! so many other farmers on tumblr! this is so nice! let's talk about irrigation!"

Clark is too good and pure for the internet, please spare this poor alien farm baby

Advice for people struggling with selves-doubt (Am I multiple?)

This is in response to a question/rant/plea someone put to me, but I decided not to respond directly, or even @ them because my response broaches on some really messy territory and I didn’t want to add to their crisis by bringing syscourse to their personal blog. I also wanted to make a response on my own blog because I think it’s a crisis that a lot of multiples go through and I hope that our experiences can be helpful.

First of all: to anyone suffering through doubts, confusion, conflicting symptoms, conflicting perspectives and opinions, skeptical professionals, and angry gatekeepers: I don’t even have words to express my sympathy. It’s bad enough trying to figure out whether you are “actually” multiple without having to deal with everyone else’s hangups. Dozens of virtual *hugs* to you all.

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Kang Daniel as your twin and your a Idol as well

A/N: Soooo i was shook when i saw this cuz I never thought that I would receive a request but i am grateful!!!! so thank u beautiful person!!!! and i am sorry for being SUPER late. And I uploaded a thing on my blog where i separated requests and asks incase of future requests. Btw i made this as a bullet if that okie~

  • Okay sooo first off
  • bless u for sharing the same genetics as my kang baby
  • sooo u decided to go into the kpop industry when u first saw ur twin daniel dance 
  • while he was a trainee under mmo and u were under Big Hit (yasss big hit fam)
  • u debuted under a seven member girl group Moonlight (im terrible at group names,( im sorry)
  • ur group became a HUGE success 
  • during ur debut stage, Moonlight won for a whole week on every broadcast performance 
  • and won every rookie awards for that year 
  • Daniel cheered u on but u wished that he and the mmo boys would debut soon
  • Moonlight’s number one fan
  • even went to the fan sign with jisung 
  • but when he was on pd101 u were his biggest fan
  • u pressured the whole company to vote for daniel or at least the mmo boys 
  • even bang pd who was DONE with u
  • when he won as the center u cried more than when u won on ment countdown the mama rookie award
  • u hugged him and then smacked him (plss dont hurt my husband)
  • when he debuted, people would interview u both of how it is having the other as a twin
  • u both would expose each other 
  • show baby photos or reveal embarrassing stories 
  • but u guys would 100% support each other 
  • when u guys hang out, daniel would want to take selfies and talk about what u guys are doing in ur respective groups 
  • the wanna one guys loves to hang out with u
  • seongwoo made u his best friend (upgraded his kang)
  • daniel: everyone is a snake 
  • always know when the other one is stressed or depressed 
  • daniel would text or call so u cant let out all of ur stress and rant 
  • u would give him advice and give him words of encouragement
  • during Halloween u wore the outfit daniel wore for his audition during pd 101 with a short pink wig 
  • and he wore ur debut stage outfit which was a white long sleeve crop top with black shorts and white boots along with a matching wig
  • the picture u guys took became iconic 
  • your members were shook 
  • wanna one were shook
  • wannables were shook
  • netizens were shook
  • Bang PD was shook 
  •  i can see daniel as an annoying brother,but really he would be a sweet brother who would protect u and love u

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My favorite moment from Hetalian horror show was the "bad ending". What happened to Bulgaria in that ending exactly I didn't fully comprehend what happened (when he got tied up by Russia..) this has been on my mind me for a while now do you know what exactly took place....?

It is a very perplexing moment. Let us review what happened, shall we?


Okay, first of all, I suggest you read the full translation here because it’s REALLY AWESOME. We get to learn about Bhutan (but that’s for another post). Anyways, let us direct our attention to the bad ending when Bulgaria decides to stop Russia from making everyone “become one” with him through a magic potion. In the good ending it’s all a plot for a movie that America is sharing with Russia. But in the bad ending…oh boy is it different.

When Bulgaria says he wants to protect everyone, Russia says:

“Are you saying that you’ll take their place instead? Hmm…Alright. If you mean it then I’ll stop for today.”

By take their place this meant that Russia was going to do to Finland, America, England, Spain, Germany, and Japan what he did to Bulgaria in the upcoming scene. Then Russia stops and lets everyone else go, everyone goes home, blah blah blah…and then this happens.

B: hmm?

B: Eh… What was I…doing?

(Russia. You were doing Russia, Bulgaria)

And then we are treated with this and some interesting music

(I got it at just the right time so Russia’s text covered the Bulgarian buttox)

B: Eh, what is this!? what’s going on?!

R: Good morning Bulgaria, your heroic act was really cool.

He’s not referring to what you think he is you perverts! He’s talking about bulgaria “taking their place”. Note that Russia has not done anything to Bulgaria yet (at least while he was conscious).

(I cropped it. No Bulgarian buttcracks for you)

B: Mr. Russia…?! Um, thank you very much…But why did it end up like this!? Uh-I mean, why, sir…

R: You said you’d take their place instead.

He was going to do this to Finland, America, England, Spain, Germany, and Japan.

(this was made by HIMARUYA, by the way)

B:Not like this! I wanted it to be in a cool way…! Isn’t your relationship with me pretty well?!
R: It wouldn’t have changed anything, it’s a tradition that someone ends up in this role after all

Now that line really stands out to me. If it means what I think it means, Russia usually dominates people and puts them in this position. It really shows just how fucked up Russia is. He says someone is always in this position. So who was in this position before Bulgaria is now? Take a guess.

More likely than not, it was Lithuania. Lithuania does not act the way he does around Russia to anyone else. Reminder, this is the guy that kicked Prussia’s ASS and directly admits that he hates him. But what about after Russia left the Soviet Union? Who is Russia’s bondage buddy today? Prepared to want to murder Russia. I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that I know who it is…

(russia get your damn hands off of that cinnamon roll!)

Latvia is the one baltic that still hangs out with Russia today and can’t seem to get away from his influence. The last baltic to leave the USSR. The only baltic too afraid to get rid of any of his Soviet things. The only baltic to go through a blizzard to get to Russia’s house. The Baltic that can drink the most and has the highest alcohol tolerence. It all makes sense.
But maybe there’s a slight possibility that Latvia doesn’t want to get away. Maybe the reason he keeps crawling back–even in a blizzard that BELARUS won’t even go through–is because of Stockholm syndrome. That or he’s REALLY into BDSM.
Anyway, Russia’s a total dick to Latvia and Lithuania (but not to Estonia if you remember from my old age theory).

Anyways back to the analysis

(still no porn for you)

B:Tradition?! What tradition?! What does that mean?!
R:No clue meow~

The meow is a reference to something that happened earlier, it will be explained in the next clip.

But when Russia says Tradition, he may be implying that something like this may have happened to him when he was younger. When he says no clue, Hima may be implying that the memory was so horrible he has tried to repress it. But I learned from my science class that real traumatic events don’t get repressed. Instead, it’s the opposite. They’re impossible to forget about, thus causing PTSD. If something like this happened to Russia in his past (most likely his childhood) then it would be totally understandable why he acts the way he does rather than just being an absolute monster for no reason. Perhaps the way he tortures his victims is also a reference to the Forest Brothers, the gulags, or how Russian POW camps were historically the most brutal. (It keeps getting darker, kids!)

B: Wh– how do you know tha– You weren’t there when I…  

R: Hm? The meow? It’s something you can say to be forgiven! Ah, that’s right! You finally got the chance to stand out~

More references to the first part. This means Russia was stalking them the whole time.

That meow means he’s going to do some unforgivable shit.

B: You were there…from the start…! from the very start…!
R: Listening to your stories one by one was really comforting, I enjoyed it.

Judging from the building in the next scene, this all seems to take place at school. Now that is top quality faculty.

B: Ah, but now that I think about it this is a pretty nice role to be in! Thank you!!

R: You’re a bold one, aren’t you…

That’s where it ends. And at this point kids, our hero Bulgaria realizes he is into BSDM. The ending is very much open to fan interpretation, and that’s how I interpret it.

In conclusion, Russia x Bulgaria is canon and Bulgaria is still Vice President of the forgotten characters club. The End.

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Yooo long time no talk its exam season but since it's getting hotter here in NZ, I can't stop thinking about nursey and Dex walking around in crop tops and flower crowns down by the beach, being super soft and having a picnic :)))) I cried thinking about this in class

soft ask soft boys


This is what happens when you talk to Angie about Dylan, Hoech and Avengers at the same time. If Hobrien joined the Avengers…

Hoech as Super McReynolds suited in supes mesh crop top with cape and spandex pants, Dylan as Mr. Met with a T-shirt Cannon. Everyone seems to take this Halloween party to serious extremes, even the Chitauri CGI looks realistic…wait.

Dylan: What the fu-

Steve: Language!

Stark: He’s dressed like a muppet, let the boy curse.

Hoech: Hey, he’s not a muppet! He’s my-

Stark: Oh no, I’ve startled the 70s pornstar. Don’t get your stache in twist, Burt.

Hulk, softly: Would smash…

Steve: BRUCE!

*Dylan & Hulk fist bump*

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Hey, Dark. I know that you probably gonna say no....but, let's grab a coffee and​ talk about our feelings? Ahaha, just kidding, Bim, darling, let's grab a coffee and talk about plants, I need a few tips with those. I'm buying.

*I’m screaming*

Bim looks back at Dark and actually sticks his tongue out at him. “Sure, cutie! I’d love to talk plants with you!” He loops his arm through yours and the two of you head out.

Dark watches with wide eyes, completely and utterly stunned into silence.

*My skin is clear, my crops are flourishing, my heart is warm and fuzzy. You are truly a blessing my friend.*