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Do you do recs? I'm having an awful day and need to laugh and am looking for really funny drarry fics.

Hi Anon!

I actually don’t usually do fic recs – only occasionally when the mood strikes me – but I’ve really been where you are (and am having one of those nights, in fact), so here are some of my favorite make-me-smile fics:

A Portrait Of The Artist   by @firethesound

Summary: When Harry Potter, reclusive artist, finally agrees to an interview, Draco can hardly believe that he’ll be the one to do it. 

My Thoughts: I have a huge humor kink for people trying to repress their revulsion, tbh. And when Draco lucks into an interview with Harry about Harry’s art – which is decidedly not…good – their resultant interaction (and Draco’s internal dialogue) makes me want to cry with laughter. It also has a sweet little dose of UST, and Draco-trying-to-be-nice, which never fails to be funny as hell.

Draco Malfoy:Toilet Supremo  by who_la_hoop

Summary: It must be a vision brought on by eating cheese sarnies too close to bedtime, Harry thinks. There’s no way that Draco Malfoy can really be standing on his doorstep, calling himself a Toilet Supremo, and expecting Harry to buy not only this unlikeliest of scenarios, but also a new loo.But no: Harry’s eyes do not deceive him. Malfoy, Lord of Toilets, is really there. Which begs a very important question: what the hell is he up to, and what evil scheme is he about to unleash? Because there must be an evil scheme … mustn’t there?  

My Thoughts: Please do not let the title of this fic deter you, it’s honestly not crack-y at all! It’s just this really funny, realistic fic in which Harry needs a new toilet and this somehow brings Draco to his door. Over and over and over. It’s a great piece for reading about them getting to know each other, some (very weird) flirting and subtle pining, and oblivious Harry. 

Muggle Drug Store Items by @l0vegl0wsinthedark

Summary: Malfoy’s interest is caught by a certain Muggle drug store item. (Hint: Flavoured Condoms)

My Thoughts: Okay, so who doesn’t love Draco when he’s being an absolute shit? LOLOL. Only in this case, you get the added bonus of lightheartedness – they’re in a relationship – and Harry, embarrassed off his rocker in public. Love always manages to come up with the funniest, snarkiest version of Draco, somehow, and this does not disappoint. All of this results in some hot sex, too, so this is 100% one you should check out if you’re having a bad day. It’ll make you laugh and then wipe sweat from your brow.

 Pretty Fond Of Not Very Good Ideas by @lqtraintracks

Summary: Harry Peterson, Orderer Extraordinaire, and his trusty sidekick, Ray. Or: Harry’s been hit with a memory charm, but it’s okay because he realises he’s bent for Draco Malfoy.

My Thoughts: Like, okay: I’m not sure how I can make this sound any funnier than the summary does. But basically it’s the best memory-loss fic EVER. Harry is suffering some spell damage, but manages just fine when he goes out with Ron and Hermione (and the rest of his group) and spots – you guessed it, Draco. Hot and sitting at the bar, and making amnesia-Harry react in ways that non-amnesia Harry might’ve been avoiding.   And I could go into how I have actually cried real tears laughing at the dialogue in this (Oh, Ray.), or how lq_traintracks manages to flip it on its head abruptly to deliciously un-U the UST, but you should just trust me and go read this.

 Group Chat by @jadepresley

Summary: A screenshot of a group chat conversation between Draco, Harry, Ron, Pansy, Hermione and Theo.

My thoughts: This is… Just like it sounds, really. Lol. It’s in alternative format (texting), but the thing about Jade’s writing is that she never goes out of character, so each comment and subsequent reaction (and oh, the changing of the names!) will have you rolling. It’s a teeny fic (less than 2k), so if you’re pressed for time you can still read it and find a smile in your day.

Hope these help, nonnie, and that your night gets a little better. Thanks for the ask! <3

Decisions, Decisions

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Request:  I might be asking a lot but can you do an imagine with Barry and Oliver and they fight over A y/n girl and they both liked her and she catches them fighting over her or something close to that.

Notes: I feel really bad that this is so short and dialogue heavy, but I hope it’s good and you guys like it!

Y/C- your choice

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Okay, what I’m about to say may sound petty and as though I’m trying to pick fights, but I am getting so sick and tired of scrolling through my favourite tags and still seeing this PR crap about SH, and the nonsense about Cole and Kj apparently dating.

To the blogger who is obsessed with Kj and Cole being a couple, I have a few things to say to you:

1. If Cole was gay, the last person he would fall for is Kj, let alone date. Don’t get me wrong, Kj is a lovely and sweet person, but his level of intellect fails in comparison to Cole’s. Cole is extremely deep, pensive and well read. Kj’s main priority is worrying about his abs and biceps. He even said he wouldn’t be caught in a library. Why the hell would Cole get into a serious relationship with someone who cares more about brawns than brains?! No hate towards Kj. He’s cute and funny, but lacks the emotional depth and substance Cole so effortlessly emits in every single word he speaks.
2. Your whole argument about SH being a publicity/PR stunt is based around the fact that they’re using it to hide Cole’s true sexuality. In your words, it’s “bearding”. Well, answer me this - why is it that Cole was in a committed relationship for over three years with a girl, who he not only lived with, but had a very passionate sex life with? Wouldn’t it have been hard to get it up so often if he was too busy fantasizing about, for lack of a better word, dick? (I apologise for my audacious language just then.) And to add to that argument, Cole has the heart and soul of a hipster. If he was gay I can assure you he’d be proudly out of the closet by now. And if he is gay, then why the hell was he with his ex during the time he wasn’t even in the spotlight, and was most likely never planning on returning to it either? Did he sign a bearding contract with her as well? Was this a prerequisite New York University demanded from him before he was accepted there as a student? “You can’t attend our college if you’re openly homosexual, so please fake date a girl for three years and move in with her, too, just to keep the illusion alive”. 🙄

And don’t think I didn’t read your little analysis about how Kj gushes about Cole, and all the words he uses to shield what he truly feels. You accuse all of us SH fans about doing that based on the body language we read between Cole and Lili, and then you go and do the exact same thing in your post. You’re a hypocrite!

So I’ll end this with my analysis of you: You are clearly just a salty Jarchie shipper who didn’t get her way in the show and now you’re lashing out at the SH family because we got Bughead on the show and Sprousehart in real life. Your jealousy is clearly causing you to go on some turbulent rampage!

GET OVER IT! You’re just embarrassing yourself!

Veckett dating headcanons

• Beckett always getting in trouble in class for staring at Vanessa
• They have so many selfies from prima camp together, some posted on Instagram, some too embarrassing to show anyone
• Beckett always hugs Vanessa from behind when she’s doing something
• Vanessa prefers to come up and jump on his back, he always knows it’s her
•Vanessa is the only one that gets Beckett’s hilarious (embarrassing) snapchats
•When Vanessa accidentally slept in one time and was running late she put on Beckett’s jacket (that he left at her house) while rushing and forgot to take it off before class
•”Wow Vanessa, I love your jacket, where’d you get it?”
•”Shut up bradstreet”
•She ends up wearing it when she misses him, or is really happy, or just whenever because she likes the smell and says it’s comfortable
•having really embarrassing contact photos for each other
•they’re always fixing each other’s hair, like after dancing or making out or basically whenever

•Vanessa runs her fingers through his, whil Beckett just pull it behind her ear
•Vanessa being surprised to find out that Ms. Helsweel is funny and nice
•Helsweel completely supporting Beckett and Vanessa being together
•Except she’ll never let them forget about the time she caught them making out in Beckett’s bedroom
•Whenever Beckett and Vanessa are bickering, his mom always takes Vanessa’s side and Vanessa loves it
•Beckett always begging his mom for a duet with Vanessa when they’re home
•Beckett will just lay down with Vanessa and let her ramble about her day and other stuff, and he’ll just rub her back or play with her hair
•forehead kisses
•cheek kisses
•neck kisses
•shoulder kisses
•Beckett is super protective of Vanessa and she doesn’t mind most of the time
•Beckett tries to make their dates as perfect as possible and goes to Carly and Sasha for help
•When he sees Vanessa in her dress for homecoming/prom he’s speechless, but he still manages to get out “wow, you look beautiful”
•and Vanessa is a blushing mess as she says “you think so?”
•”I know so”
•Beckett taking random photos of Vanessa when she’s not looking and making them his lockscreen, because tHaTs mY giRLfRiEnD
•”why do you have a picture of me after dance class as your lockscreen?! I looked horrible”
•”you looked gorgeous, like you always do”
•When she meets his dad for the first time Beckett is super protective until his dad says “so this is the ‘Vee’ you always talk about” and then he turns into an awkward mess, while Vanessa is grinning
•Beckett falls more for Vanessa when he finds out that shes incredibly smart but doesn’t brag about that or how she gets the best grades
•she helps him with his homework, and ends up doing it sometimes to cover for him when he doesn’t understand or forgets
•”Vee you don’t have to do this, I can fail”
•”I’ll help you understand later, right now I need to make sure my boyfriend graduates with me”
•Vanessa is the one to say the three words first
•they’re hanging out and Beckett says something to make her start dying laughing
•”oh gosh I love you” and she’s smiling so big, until she realizes what she said and tries her very best to disappear from the world
•”nothing! I didn’t say anything anything! You know we should get back to homework, we have to study for geography an-“
•”I love you too”
•and she just stops and says “what” and he smiles and is just like “did you really think I didn’t?”
•and they just both smile and kiss and they’re just both so happy and aksndnd

The Gate.

I’m baaaack. Got a request to do a fiery, stubborn reader x john domestic with a soppy fluffy ending and i tried my best OK.

You loved your little home that you and John moved into about a year ago now. It had a bedroom and a toilet upstairs then downstairs it had a large room with a kitchen at one end and then a fireplace with armchairs at the other. Your front door comes through to a small hall beside your kitchen and the back door leads to a really small garden that you managed to squeeze a little bench and some flowers in beside the path that leads to a tall gate that keeps it nice and private. You loved every inch of the place and how it belonged to just you and John. That was until the constant fighting, every night another bicker over something stupid. And the pair of you were both far too stubborn for your own good so the fights would carry on. You still loved him though a lot, but my fucking god if John fucking Shelby left that gate open one more bloody time.

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Long time no ask, but what about the ''s/o saving and cathing them bridal style'' with Aizawa, Shinsou and Amajiki? And i'm so glad you are trying to write nsfw, you are amazing Btw, have some bagels :D

baaaagelsss, yum~ also im kinda laughing at the mental image of someone picking up aizawa bridal style 

Aizawa Shouta

  • He’s not surprised his s/o has come to help him out, since he got caught up in something on his way home from work. He is surprised, however, at the fact that his s/o can rip a metal door off its hinges with such ease!
  • He’s s/o picks him up and hugs him close when he least expects it so he’d probably let out some kind of startled noise when they do! His s/o gives him a big kiss because they’re so glad he’s okay!

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • He finds it kinda funny watching his s/o barrel through a giant door like that! He’s probably already stopped whoever caught him with his quirk, but lets his s/o have their fun anyway.
  • He blushes a little when his s/o picks him up! He’s not used to being picked up like this, much less by his s/o!

Amajiki Tamaki 

  • This boy is SO relieved when he sees his s/o has come to save him! He knows his s/o is pretty strong but it still surprises him when they get through that huge door like it was nothing!
  • Oh gosh, this boy is a blushing mess when his s/o pick him up! He hides his face in his hands and squeaks out a thank you as they take him home!

Pennywise x Reader

Life savour: Part 1

You paced around your bedroom tugging at your bottom lip daring yourself to go out. You knew you had to at some point, obviously, but still you didn’t want to. You look outside at the rain, you hear it throwing itself violently against the window but it made you feel safe, like you wasn’t alone. Not that you wanted to be with people but it felt nice and for that you were grateful. But as much as you liked to hear the rain, you didn’t care all that much to be in it. But you knew if you were late for night school your teacher wouldn’t be so forgiving. Out of the corner of your eye you saw a red balloon floating in the sky along with the wind. You laughed to yourself thinking that somewhere a kid is crying after loosing their balloon.

Eventually you plucked up courage from somewhere and proceeded to chuck on your yellow rain coat, which you had to admit you didn’t really like as black is your usual choice, you ran outside but stopped at the end of your drive. Side to side your head moved, checking if anyone was there. Thankfully, no one was but a red balloon tied to a street light. You thought nothing of it so you continued walking and walking avoiding big puddles. A flash of lighting illuminated the night sky and you counted; 1…2…3…4…5… and there was the thunder. And in your head you knew the thunder was five miles away. At least that’s what you heard was true but it was a funny thought that you couldn’t be bothered to prove right or wrong so you let it be.

The walk to night school was as tedious as always and you hated it. Being at home in bed watching films sounded like a much better plan and one that you wish you could follow. But you couldn’t. Another bolt of lightning lit up the sky, you counted again 1…2…3…4… then came the thunder. Four miles always you said to yourself. It was getting closer and louder every time but you didn’t want to get caught up in it being directly overhead so you rushed on to night school.

Recently, Derry had found itself caught up in storms and rain for the past couple of weeks but you didn’t mind too much. As you approached the alley way you could have sworn you heard the feint sound of bells jingling and as you continued to walk it felt as though you were being watched but you shook it off as the thunder and the darkness was enough to make anyone alone feel on edge. But there was something not quite right and just as you were about to leave the alley a man in his late 20’s approached you and came at you with a knife. Before you could even turn to run he lunged at you and began stabbing you in your side repeatedly. You screamed out in agony as you fell to the floor. Out from no where the man was sent flying, you looked for your saviour and you could have sworn you saw a clown stood over you holding a red balloon, his eyes bright yellow, he looked panicked and all you could hear as you began to pass out was him telling you to stay awake.

You awoke a few hours later in a strange room attached to wires and breathing tubes. You concluded you were in hospital given the circumstances.

“Hiya Y/N.” You looked for who was saying it, turning your head to the side a very attractive man with brown hair falling over his forehead was staring at you. “Let me go get a nurse!” The man was tall as he stood and you had no idea who he was and his blue eyes locked onto yours as he walked with haste past you and headed to the door. “She’s awake!” You hear him shout from a distance. He walked back in again and was shortly followed by a nurse who looked to be in her late 40’s.

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My feet were cold. Given the circumstances, it was something likely to happen and an odd thing to be focusing on, but they were damn cold and it was kind of driving me crazy. I stretched and curled my toes in discomfort, wincing as I heard the squishy sounds coming from the drenched shoes. They were wet, to say the least, and the rain that continued to pat against the windows of the building and that was dripping down my hair and clothes was the cause of it.

Usually, I would use an opportunity like this to get a nice, hot shower and get under the crispy and warm safety of my covers, but this time that was not the case, not even close. Instead, I leaned myself into the wall behind me, looking around the empty, dark hallway as I knocked on the door one more time.

My tummy churned as I tried to figure out what to say when he opened the door. I was a mess, soaked wet as I stood, and with little drops of rain dripping down my hair and under my clothes. My shoes were two shades darker and my jeans clung to my skin as the rain had reached up to my thighs, making the fabric felt heavier than usual and causing my bones to shiver under the cold.

I wondered what was I supposed to say, being the first time I was in a situation like this. God, I was really in a situation like this. Everything sounded quite dramatic, and not like the kind of thing you say out loud, and I rolled my bottom lip into my mouth, regretting my decision to even go to him.

Hi, Harry, can I crash here? I just caught my boyfriend cheating on me. Yeah, you and I, he fooled us both.

Hi, Harry, lovely night, yeah? Oh, what happened? I was just running a couple miles under the rain, when I found myself in front of your apartment.

He almost hit me, I can’t go back. Can I sleep here?

I fucking regret not seeing you first.


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Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth

summary: Garroway Books is Alec Lightwood’s favorite hangout spot, but ever since Magnus Bane got a job there, he has trouble concentrating on his books. Magnus catches him checking him out one day and, in a panic, Alec picks up a book– an embarrassing one– and pretends to read it. (based on a prompt here)
words: 2k
warnings: sex reference (i guess??)

The owner of Garroway Books was a tall, dark skinned man named Luke. He was a NYPD detective until a suspect’s dog attacked him and tore up his leg. He decided to give up his career in favor of opening a bookstore with his fiancée, Jocelyn Fairchild. Luke still entertained his customers with stories about the force, some of which were almost too crazy to believe. Jocelyn’s daughter, Clary, was there every afternoon after school. She would sit in an isolated corner with her paint set and her best friend, Simon Lewis. Luke recently hired Maia Roberts, a foster girl with a scrappy attitude and fierce loyalty towards her friends.

To Alec Lightwood, who would often spend hours at the bookstore while his siblings were out being social, the staff was almost like family. They all knew him by name and let him read in silence for as long as he wanted. None of them really bothered him (with the exception of Simon, who didn’t seem to know the definition of the word silence and bugged him relentlessly about his sister Isabelle). The bookstore provided a quiet, stress free environment for when Alec needed a break from his life.

That is, until Luke hired Magnus Bane and the bookstore’s atmosphere completely changed.

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Happy News


“So, I see you’ve been taking some crime fighting tips from me.” Eric grinned at Deeks.

“I’m sorry.” Deeks tilted his head. “What was that?”

“The flashbang pin. You have one with you everyday. You must be going through a lot of them.”

“Oh, that…”

“No need to thank me. I’m glad I could help you out.”

“No, no, Eric. That’s not it. I haven’t been using flashbangs.”

“Oh, you haven’t?” His disappointment was obvious as his face fell. “I just assumed… I guess…”

“It’s okay, Eric. It’s actually been the same pin everyday. And it’s not one I used.”

“Who used it?”

Deeks smiled and looked down that the pin in his hand. “It’s from Kensi. We were in the field and she was inspired to… propose.”

Eric’s eyes brightened and a smile formed across his face. “Propose? Marriage?! Like, you mean… Kensi asked for you to marry her?!”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened.”

“Wow. That’s amazing”

“Yeah, it was. I mean, at first it really caught me off guard. We had talked about getting married and I even tried proposing to her a bunch of times, but it never worked out because of bad timing or one of us being unconscious.. I guess she just got to a point where she was ready right then and there and not having an actual ring wasn’t going to stop Kensi Blye.”

Eric laughed. “No, that definitely wouldn’t have stopped her.”

“It’s funny, because I know it’s just a flashbang pin… but I haven’t wanted to let go of it. The whole thing was just so perfectly her and it makes me happy everytime I see it.”

“You know, I was excited to see it because I thought it meant something else, but this…” Eric smiled. “This is so much better. I’m really happy for you two.”

“Thanks, Beale. We haven’t told too many people because things have been so crazy around here, but it feels good to finally tell someone.”

“This is really happy news. And we definitely could use some of that around here,” Eric said.

“That’s for sure.”

“By the way, if you guys are interested, I’ve been learning the bagpipes and I’d love…”

“Let me stop you right there, Beale.”

“Come on, hear me out. Imagine Kensi walking down the aisle accompanied by…”

“No, no, no. If there are bagpipes at our wedding, Kensi might come after you with a flashbang.”


“He finally asked you?” Talia squealed as Kensi showed off the ring on her left hand.

“Well, not exactly.”

“So what exactly happened? You guys have been talking and acting like you’re engaged for months but this is the first time I’ve seen the ring.”

Kensi laughed. “Well, what exactly happened is… I asked him.”

“Haha holy shit, that’s amazing! I wish I could have been there to see the look on his face!”

“He was pretty stunned and at first he was not into it. You know, him being the guy and wanting to be the one proposing.”

“It’s not like he didn’t try before,” Talia said. “Multiple times, in fact.”

“Yeah, but one of those times shouldn’t count because he didn’t have a ring and another time shouldn’t count because I was in a freaking coma.”

“Excuses. So this time you just did it and didn’t let him say no?”

“Yup.” Kensi smiled. “I got down on one knee and everything.”

“Well, I couldn’t be more happy for you guys. And I couldn’t be more excited for the bachlorette party.”

“What makes you think I’m having one?” Kensi asked.

“Because I’m the one who’s gonna plan it.”

“Wow, okay. I don’t know whether to be scared or excited.”

Talia winked at her friend. “Probably both.”


Deeks and Kensi walked into the armory, finding Nell and Callen already there. Nell gave them a huge smile.

“So, you guys are telling people now?” Nell whispered excitedly.

Kensi just held up her left hand and smiled.

“That’s wonderful! Congrats to the future Mr. and Mrs. Deeks!”

Deeks laughed. “Thanks, Nell. But just so you know, we might turn out to be Mr. and Mrs. Blye.”

Kensi smacked Deeks on the arm and he feigned being hurt.

Nell reached for Kensi’s left hand and stared at the ring. “Nice job, Deeks. It’s beautiful.”

Callen was still engrossed in clean his weapon when Nell turned to him. “Did you hear the happy news?”

“What was that?” Callen asked, without looking up.

“Kensi and Deeks are engaged! Isn’t that exciting?”

He looked up at all of them. “I thought you two were already engaged.”

“No, of course not. Not yet,” said Kensi.

“You can understand my confusion on the subject. You two have been talking about it for awhile. Hell, you’ve been acting like you’re married for years.” Callen smirked.

Deeks smiled. “We learned from you and Sam.”

Kensi smacked him again. “We’ve been talking about it, but it hasn’t been official until recently.”

“Well, congratulations, you two. And just to show how much you mean to me, I’ll tell you for sure that there is a greater than fifty percent chance that I might be at your wedding. As long as it doesn’t cut my being away from other people time.”

“Thanks, man,” Deeks said. “Coming from you, that strangely means a lot.”


“I owe you a congratulations.” Sam clapped Deeks on his back.

“Oh… you heard about that?”

“I saw the ring.” Sam smiled. “You’re not the only one who can detect around here.”

Deeks laughed. “Yeah, I guess not. Thanks, man.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Look… I’m sorry we didn’t tell you in person. I was just…”

Sam held up his hand. “I know. It’s okay.”

“It was so soon after and we didn’t want to be insensitive…”

“Deeks, seriously, it’s okay. I appreciate the concern, but you shouldn’t let what happened stop you from being happy about good things in your life.”

He sighed. ”Yeah, I know. I know that’s not what you really need from us.”

“It’s also not what Michelle would have wanted either.”

“It just… it sucks so much. You and Michelle were always so supportive of mine and Kensi’s relationship and I wish she was here to share this news with.”

Sam ran his hand along his jaw. “I wish that everyday about a lot of things.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too. But, again, I want you two to be happy. Michelle and I started out the same way you guys did, and we always knew that life was short and unpredictable and because of that we made the most of the time we had. It would honor her if you two did the same.”

Tears formed in Deeks’s eyes. His heart broke for his friend who lost his wife and for their children who lost their mother. Nothing about it felt fair or right. A strong, beautiful, kind woman was gone forever and they were all powerless to stop it from happening. Deeks longed to be able to help his friend through this time, but there wasn’t much that could be done. The only thing he could do is exactly what Sam had said. Honor Michelle with a life well lived.

Deeks placed his hand on Sam’s shoulder. “Thanks, friend. That’s exactly what we’ll do.”


Kensi’s brow furrowed as she looked down at her buzzing phone. She kept getting phone calls from a blocked number. She was reluctant to answer, especially since no one should be calling her on her work phone from a blocked number. She had thought a few times before of maybe asking Nell or Eric to trace the calls.

But the easiest way to find out was just to answer it, right?


“It’s about time. You’re starting to make me feel a little unwanted, Agent Blye.”

Kensi recognized the gruff voice right away. Although it sounded weaker than she remembered. “Granger?”

“I’m glad you haven’t forgotten about me.”

“No, of course not,” Kensi said. “I mean, you just disappeared and we’ve been worried.”

“I’m taking care of myself. Don’t worry.”

“I don’t doubt you can take care of yourself, sir. But according to Hetty, you’re not well.”

“I’ve lived a full life,” Granger said. “None of us live forever. Especially not me, after all I’ve put myself through. I’m lucky I’ve made it this far.”

“Well, I would have liked to say good bye. All of us would have.”

“I’m sorry about the way I went about it, but there were some important things I wanted to make sure got done.”

“You had to see your daughter,” Kensi said.

“Yes. We only just found each other. It doesn’t seem fair that we won’t get to know each other like I wanted to. But I have some time left and I want to spend it with her.”

“I understand.”

Granger coughed. “So I’ve been trying to call because I understand that a congratulations are in order.”

Kensi smiled. “How did you know?”

“I have my ways.”

“Well, thank you. It’s been a long time coming and we couldn’t be happier. Except I’d love it if you could be there for the wedding. We both would have.”

“I would have liked that too.”

“I know you and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, but you were friends with my dad and you were someone he could turn to when he was in trouble.” Her voice began to crack and she cleared her throat. “I can’t tell you how much that means to me.”

“He did the same for me.”

“I wish… I wish you and I could have had more conversations about him. I never really thought about it when we had the time.”

“I would have liked that. I know Don would have too.”

“I hate that he won’t be at my wedding,” Kensi said. “Same goes for you too.”

“Don would have been the happiest father of the bride in the world. I know he would have given Deeks a hard time, but he would have been happy for you two. Deeks is a good man and Don would have seen that.”

“Yeah, I know.” Kensi laughed despite the tears in her eyes. “Sometimes I think about how funny it would be if they could have met.”

“That would have been a sight to see.” Granger laughed weakly and then coughed a few times.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes and no. I should let you go,” he said. “I think I’ve bothered you long enough.”

“Not at all. I’m glad I finally answered your call.”

“Me too.”

“Please… feel free to call again… if you feel up to it,” Kensi said.

“I’ll do my best. But for now I think we should say our goodbyes.”

More tears flowed down her cheeks. “It’s been a privilege knowing you, Granger. I miss you and so does everyone else.”

“It’s been an honor knowing you and your father.” His gruff voice sounded gentle and kind. “You would have made him proud. I know I’m proud of you.”

“Thank you, Owen.”

“Goodbye, Kensi.”

by - @aprylynn 

Josh watches Samurai Jack S5

So called that they were gonna stop kissing cause of being covered in leech guts

Need a gif of Jack eating. Shit was too funny



Need more Aku and Scaramouche dancing

Find it funny that Jack bailed on Ashi

Call back to a previous season. Wish I had caught back up before watching season 5

Ashi found him

He doesn’t want her to become a memory

Hey look it’s Aku and Scaramouche


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Chocolate Cake (MATURE) (Christmas Series #1)

“Are you sure we’re gonna be okay?” she asked Justin as he sat in the driver’s seat, hand resting on the steering wheel rather than clutching it.

“We’ll be fine,” he reassured me, or he tried to. “It’ll clear up by the time we get to your parents’ house.”

The snow was falling heavily, and Justin was having to activate the windscreen wipers every five seconds. Justin was going fast down the motorway, and by how icy the roads looked, it wasn’t a good idea. Although, [Y/N] had to admit, it was a beautiful sight.

It looked as though someone above had leaned over and place a gigantic white blanket over the Earth, she wouldn’t have minded it if she didn’t she the fear of getting trapped in it.

“What if it doesn’t? What if we crash and we’re trapped for ages until we both slowly get sick of each other and go insane?” she said rapidly, feeling her chest heaving.

“We’re more likely to starve before anything else, that being said, I’ll make sure to enjoy you if you die first,” he joked, but [Y/N] didn’t find it very funny.

“You’re gonna eat me?!” she exclaimed, pulling her feet onto the seat.

“I did it last night, why do you seem to have such a problem with it just because you’re dead?” he teased, a playful grin rested on his lips.

“This is turning so dark and so creepy, lets stop,” she muttered. She was still mentally panicking and calculating the risk of them actually get caught in what could only be described as an oncoming snow storm.

“Fine, fine,” he said quickly, he reached over and grabbed my hand in his own. His were ice cold while mine were warm and toasty, I grabbed his right one with both my hands and began to rub it. “Are you looking forward to seeing your parents?”

“Of course, I haven’t seen them in ages, and this’ll be the last time I’ll get to go up there until after Christmas,” she said, focusing her eyesight on his hands that were a subtle pink. “When are you going to see your parents?”

Justin sighed. “I don’t know, they said they’re so busy with everything leading up to the holidays that they might not have time to cater for us for a weekend, I said they were more than welcome to come over to ours, but I don’t know, we’ll see,” he sounded a little upset and it pained her.

“If not, we could see them at New Year, right?” she started rubbing his hand for a different reason then. He turned and nodded.

“I just can’t wait to eat your mom’s food,” he said, breaking the silence that was threatening to take over.

“I told you it was the best. You didn’t believe me,” she raised an eyebrow at him and he chuckled.

“I didn’t think anyone could make mashed potato the way she does, I gotta tell you, I thought you were just exaggerating, but holy shit, you were a lucky kid.”

“Your mom’s food is amazing though, remember the cake she made you for your birthday last year?” She almost moaned at the thought of it.

“I don’t, actually; you ate half of it before I could even get a look in,” he looked over at her. “It’s funny because you wondered why you’d gained weight that month,” he chuckled.

Her jaw dropped. “I’m weak for chocolate cake, if anything, it’s Pattie’s fault.”

“And it might have something to do with the fact that you convinced me to take it with us to the bedroom,” the smirk was back as his mind probably took him back to the hot night we had on his birthday. “I felt so sick after eating so much and then straining to cum so many times,” he breathed out.

“It was a hot night, though,” she said, taking her bottom lip between her teeth.

He hummed, and [Y/N] thought it was maybe involuntary. “I never thought you’d look so hot covered in chocolate cake, and taste even sweeter,” he mumbled and her cheeks flushed.

“The bedsheets were covered,” she giggled.

“I swear I can still feel crumbs on my ass when I get into that bed,” he chuckled along with me. “And you know, it was so hot to see you choke on my cock but seeing you choke on cake, it wasn’t as pleasurable,” this time his head fell back in laughter and his eyes strayed from the road ahead for a few moments.

“That wasn’t funny, I couldn’t breathe,” she exclaimed but found herself laughing, too.

They continued to reminisce, and [Y/N] wasn’t going to admit that some pointers from the conversation caused her to clamp her legs together in want for him then.

When they arrived at her parents’ house, the snow was only falling in larger quantities and raising the levels of it on the ground that was once deep green grass, but was now the white sheet covering it.

“Come on, baby, get inside,” Justin said as he locked the car. His fingers tangled around hers like vines and she felt how cold they were, it sent shivers up her arm.

She cowered as she hurried towards the front door. She could see the bright lights through the window and couldn’t wait to be inside. She knocked heavily on the door and huddled into Justin’s side for warmth.

Eventually, the door flung open and her mom stood looking worried. “Get inside, the both of you!” she hissed and pulled [Y/N] by the arm.

“Hello to you, too, mom,” she chuckled as she proceeded to bend over and slip her shoes off of her feet. She was very aware Justin was stood directly behind her in the cramped hallway.

“Not exactly how I’d planned to be stood in your parents’ house,” Justin chuckled and her mom simply tutted as she always did whenever he made an inappropriate comment. Meanwhile, Justin smirked with pride.

“I can’t believe you still made him drive all this way in this weather, [Y/N],” her mom frowned at her and [Y/N] felt her cheeks heating up at being scolded in front of her boyfriend.

“No, no, I insisted. Honestly, don’t blame [Y/N],” Justin quickly which she appreciated.

“You guys could have had a crash,” said her mom, the worried look still dominating her facial expression.

“Told you,” [Y/N] muttered to Justin and he rolled his eyes. Neither of them said anything else as they walked into the main room, Justin behind [Y/N] with his hand dancing her own.

Her dad sat on the couch in the middle of the room, the TV blaring Christmas songs. [Y/N] smiled instantly and hurried over to him.

“Hi, daddy!” she said and fell down next to him. A smile lit up his face as he embraced her.

“Sweetheart, hi. How have you been?” she felt warm in his embrace, and out of the corner of her eye, could see Justin walking into the kitchen with her mom.

“I’ve been good, thank you. How’ve you been?”

She enjoyed being home; it felt safe, even as she knew the snow was piling up outside.

“I’ve been well,” he said. “Is Justin here?” She couldn’t help but adore the way he asked hopefully.

“Yeah, he’s in the kitchen with mom.”

Just as she said that, Justin came walking into the main room, her mom not far behind him.

“.. You’ve gotta teach me how to make it because honestly, I have wet dreams about that mashed potato,” she could hear him say and she chuckled. He walked over to her and smiled. “If I told you it usually consists of you rolling around in it, would you judge me?” he muttered, she could feel his breath on her ear.

“Hey, you dream of mashed potato, I dream of chocolate cake,” she patted his chest and he chuckled before planting a kiss on her head.

Her dad looked as though he’d been itching to speak so when it fell quiet he jumped at the chance.

“Justin! It’s lovely to see you again, how are you?” he asked and Justin dropped down onto the couch beside him.

“I’m good, yeah, I’ve been a little busy lately but it feels great to be home,” he said, throwing his arm over the back of the couch. “What about you? How are you?”

She smiled at them before strolling over to her mom who was currently pouring four glasses of wine. The red liquid consumed the glass and made its home, [Y/N] watched it fill the last glass before grabbing two and walking back towards the two men chatting away.

She moved around the couch, she smiled at the two of them. Justin took his gratefully and sent her a heartwarming smile.

“Thank you, babygirl,” he said as she leaned over him to hand the other to her dad.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” he responded and took a sip. [Y/N] went to walk away, only to be dragged back by Justin’s determined hand.

“Stay,” he muttered while pulling her onto his lap. She felt his warmth against her back and his lips dangerously close to her neck.

She watched her dad sigh and get to his feet. She wasn’t sure if it was out of awkwardness or something else.

“I’m not a dog, Justin,” she chuckled.

“I know that, but I’d still like to chain you up and give you a bone,” he purred, and [Y/N] didn’t know whether to laugh, or jump on him.

“That was creative, I’ll give you that,” she grinned at him, catching his eyesight. They fell silent as they watched each other.

“Don’t look at me like that, I’ll tie you to this coffee table and give it to you right now,” he muttered before lifting the glass to his lips.

“That was my grandmother’s coffee table,” she said blankly.

“Oh,” he mumbled quietly. “Well, we have one at home that’s in perfect condition to give you a good fucking on,” he exclaimed.

“Thank you for that, Justin,” [Y/N] heard her mom’s voice. “Dinner’s ready.”

Justin said nothing else beside pull faces to [Y/N] that scream ‘oops’ as they walked into the dining room. The table was set neatly and she almost didn’t want to sit down.

“This looks wonderful,” Justin said, his cheeks still slightly pink. His eyes inspected his plate full of food and he looked almost excited. She didn’t blame him; she could feel her stomach begging her.

They ate in silence for a while, and it gave [Y/N] a few minutes to reflect on the time Justin reached over and pressed his hands between her thighs while they were sat in the exact same spot. She was sure, from the way she shrieked and alarmed her parents last time, he wouldn’t be doing it again.

She craned her neck so she could see out of the window, snow was still falling heavy and it had layered the edges of the windowpane.

“D'you think the storm’s here to say?” Justin asked, taking a forkful of food into his mouth, obviously having turned his attention to the snow, too.

“They said it was supposed to ease off by seven,” her mom said. She looked at the clock to see it was almost six. There was still time. “You’re not driving home in this, you can stay over if it doesn’t stop.”

“Honestly, we’ll be okay, but thank-”

“Justin, I’m not dying for nobody tonight,” [Y/N] interrupted. “We can sleep in the spare room if it comes to it,” she said.

She heard her mom laugh and it caused her head to turn towards her, Justin’s did, too. “I don’t want any funny business going on. Justin, you can take [Y/N]’s old bedroom, [Y/N], you can sleep down here,” she said, meanwhile, her dad hadn’t spoken since they’d sat down.

“Mom, come on, we’re adults-”

“Maybe so, but I know what Justin’s like,” she said, sending him a knowing look. All he did was try and hide a grin. Her mom was right, [Y/N] had no doubt Justin would try something if they shared the spare bed, but she couldn’t help but want his warmth beside her like she was used to.

Once dinner was over and the dishes had been washed by her and Justin - after her mom objected and refused their help - they sat in the living room, the TV playing softly and each of them with a cup of tea in their hands. Justin’s hand was rested happily, but dangerously, on [Y/N]’s thigh.

The snow hadn’t calmed down, if anything, it’d gotten worse. [Y/N] was sure she was going to be sleeping on the couch with Justin upstairs that night.

“You’ll stay the night,” her mom insisted. “As far as pyjamas go, you can borrow something if you’d like?”

“I’m honestly fine in my boxers,” Justin said carelessly before taking a sip of the milky liquid slowly disappearing from his cup.

“I think I’ll be okay, too, thank you,” [Y/N] said.

“As long as you’re sure. I’m going to head to bed, I’ve got a lot to get sorted tomorrow with Christmas coming up,” her mom said, sitting at the edge of the couch. “[Y/N], Justin, I’ll be listening,” she sent a warning look between the pair of them.

“I’ll take the couch, [Y/N] can have the bed,” Justin said, holding the empty cup on his thigh.

“You two can decide on that-”

“Why not just let them sleep in the same room together? They’re not teenagers, they don’t have raging hormones anymore, [Y/M/N],” her dad finally spoke and [Y/N] couldn’t help but chuckle.

She was very aware that they were no longer teenagers, that didn’t stop Justin from wanting to touch her every second of every day, sometimes where it wasn’t appropriate.

“I’m just watching out for them,” her mom defended. “Come on, [Y/N], upstairs. Justin, I’ll bring the spare cover and pillows down.”

They came alive as they all got to their feet apart from Justin, who stayed seated. [Y/N] smiled at him, as he did at her, when she took his cup and walked into the kitchen and cleaned them. She placed them on the side and heard her parents’ feet against the stairs. What she didn’t hear was Justin entering the kitchen and moving towards her.

She instantly felt a pair of arms snake around her waist and hot lips on her neck. She stayed quiet as the hands slithered up and gripped her boobs roughly in their grasp. She sighed involuntarily.

“I’ll see you in the morning, yeah?” he whispered, his lips still hovering above her skin.

She smiled and nodded. “You sure will.”

“I love you so much,” he mumbled and she felt his hands abandon her chest and dip into her jeans. His warm fingers put pressure on her clit through her underwear.

“I love you, too,” she whispered with absolutely no control of the strength of her voice.

He hummed and rubbed in slow circles. “Off to bed,” he said as he pulled away from her completely, she sighed with want, knowing she couldn’t have. “Sleep well, okay?” His lips met her own and stayed for just a little longer than normal.

“Night, Justin,” she hugged him and he kissed the top of her head. She felt him following her out of the kitchen, but parting from her as he stayed in the living room. She turned her head and saw him watching her as she took the first step of the stairs, she also saw the covers and pillows laid out neatly on the arm of the couch. “See you tomorrow.”

It was dark at the top of the stairs, and she could hear her parents talking within themselves, she didn’t bother to listen to their conversation. She walked into her childhood bedroom and sighed.

The walls were still pink and it consisted of the same furniture. The only thing that was different was the bed; it was bigger and she was thankful.

It was warm in the bedroom and she felt herself becoming sleepy at the feeling of being surrounded by the heat. She grabbed the end of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head, walking closer to the bed before unbuttoning her trousers and sliding them down her legs.

She thought about Justin as she climbed into bed, and she thought about the snow storm and the fact that it was Christmas in a week and she was getting to spend it with the love of her life. She felt relaxed and content as she pulled the covers up to her chin.

It seemed to be only ten minutes before sleep was taking over her body, she became drowsy and soon enough, she couldn’t keep her eyes open for too long. Although, her mind became distracted when she heard creaking outside of her bedroom before the door knob turned. She blinked through the darkness.

Justin was walking towards her in nothing but his boxers. She threw the covers back and let him climb inside, even if she was mentally questioned his presence.

“Justin, my parents are only across the hall,” she whispered, shivering as she felt his cold chest against her own.

“It was cold downstairs,” he replied, whispering also. She didn’t say anything as she followed his hand, it trailed around her back and started to create invisible paintings on her skin. “Let me please you.”

“What part of ‘my parents are only across the hall’ don’t you understand?”

“All of it but I’m a sucker for challenges,” he said, a smirk was only just visible through the darkness that acted as a fog in front of her eyes. “Face the other way.”

Reluctantly and nervously, she rolled over onto her back and turned over so her back was against Justin’s chest. She felt his cold hands move around so that they were inside of her underwear. It was like ice had been slid over her clit and she instantly remembered the time they had experimented with ice during sex, she felt her stomach tightened when she remembered how pleasing it was.

“Baby,” he whispered into her ear and it caused the hairs on her neck to stand. “You’re so warm,” he grunted quietly. She hummed in response.

She took her hand and brought it around her back and moved down. She rubbed Justin’s length through his boxers and his fingers put more pressure onto her clit.

“Fuck,” he whispered. “Don’t stop.”

She didn’t plan on stopping, especially when she felt his breath on her neck. She simply rubbed harder and faster, and she could feel Justin’s hips moving forward to meet her hand.

He moaned loudly through the darkness. “Fuck, I’m sorry,” he whispered, digging his face into the dip in her neck.

They had to be as silent as they could, and she knew it was a great struggle for the two of them; they liked being vocal with each other and hearing how they were feeling, and having that suddenly taken away didn’t fit either of them.

“Justin,” she mumbled, biting down on her bottom lip to stop herself from crying out when she felt his fingers dip into her entrance, pushing their way through. “Fuck me.”

“Are you sure you can handle it without being too loud? I don’t know if I can,” he said, kissing her shoulder as he thrusted two fingers into her before pulling them out again.

“I need you.”

That seemed to be all he needed to hear to be won over. “Take off your panties,” he rasped as quietly as he could, and she obeyed and shuffled to slide them down her legs. It caused her ass to push against Justin’s crotch. “Good girl.”

She waited as she felt him shuffle, assuming he was taking his boxers off. Shortly after, she felt the palm of his hand glide over her ass and soft moan slipped into her ear.

“So tight, just for me.” He let his hand slide between her thighs and levitate the one that was free to move. She could feel his cock pushing into her and she whimpered. “Baby, baby, baby,” he whispered slowly, evidently relishing in the feeling.

“Oh my god,” she whispered. It was uncomfortable to have Justin holding her leg up, but she didn’t complain as he created a slow rhythm in and out of her.

“You like that?” he taunted her. “You like having my cock buried deep inside of your tight cunt, right?”

She could already feel herself becoming breathless and she could hear Justin panting from behind her. She pushed her hips back against him as his own were moving forward, their skin collided perfectly.

“Fuck,” she whispered, he reached deeper parts of her and it caused fireworks to explode in the bit of her stomach.

She could hear the bed squeaking as Justin rocked his hips, she assumed he was ignoring it rather than not hearing it, and she was sure her parents would hear it, too. However, she was in that state where, it wasn’t that she didn’t care, she was just taken over by her desire for release. She ignored it from then on.

“I’m sorry, I’m so close already,” he whispered, his head pressed against the side of hers. “Are you?”

“Mhm.” She took a hold of his hand and he must have thought she wanted to lock hands because his fingers latched around her hand. However, she took his hand between her legs and hoped he’d understand what she wanted. He chuckled deeply into her ear and she enjoyed the sound very much.

“Thought you wanted to hold hands while we cum,” he mumbled, kissing her cheek. “Silly me.” With that, his warm fingers started to play with her clit, rubbing it side to side, then up and down, then in circles - he didn’t seem to be sticking to any kind of routine. She felt his chest vibrate as he growled. “I’m gonna cum,” he said, letting out a shaky breath.

She wasn’t far behind, and she knew feeling him let go would tip her over the edge. She somehow felt his stomach tighten which told her immediately that he’d reached his peak. His fingers became distracted but they still managed to rub her clit with a feather-like touch, meanwhile, his strong strokes against her walls continued.

“Holy f-fuck,” he hissed, rather quietly which she admired. “Cum for me, princess.”

He didn’t even have to ask; she was on the verge just as he was coming down from his high and she could feel the intoxicating bliss setting into her lower body, along with Justin’s gaze on the side of her face.

“C'mon, baby. There it is,” he whispered as she shook. The leg he was holding - still - trembled against his grasp but he didn’t let go.

“J-Justin,” she gasped as he thrusted into her exceptionally hard while still trying to keep the volume of his movements down.

“I know, I know,” he rasped, letting his lips kiss her neck. They were hot. “You look so beautiful when you cum.”

She panted heavily, feeling slight sweat on her forehead due to being enclosed underneath the sheets in the sweltering room. He hummed and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I love you,” he said, louder than he’d spoken since he’d arrived. It frightened her just a little.

“I love you, too,” she replied, finally rolling over so she was laid on her back. She watched him move so his head rested on his hand. His eyes searched her face, for what, she wasn’t sure.

“You should probably go,” she said and he pouted almost instantly. “You’ve gotta drive all the way home tomorrow.”

“That’s true. But having silent sex with you sounds so much more appealing than sleeping right now,” he smirked and leaned down to kiss her shoulder.

“Go,” she whispered. “I wanna sleep.” She leaned over and kissed his lips, they were warm and wet against her own. He kissed back instantly.

“Fine,” he grumbled. “I suppose we have the whole of Christmas to give each other some lovin’ as loud as we want.” His teeth latched onto her bottom lip and tugged at it before he let go and slid out of her bed, leaving a sense of warmth beside her.

(Briefly) Meeting Margarita

So, I was lucky enough to get to go over to the city today and see Margo at AOL Build. I thought I’d write a little something up so you can all share in the ~experience~.

I had never actually been to Build Studios before, so I had thought it was a lot closer to midtown than it is. So, I got there at maybe like 1:55, and there was a pretty big swarm of people outside. I was kinda surprised because Margo’s not that big yet, but as it turned out, literally right after I got there, Gwendoline Christie from GOT left the building. So that explained that.

Margo arrived as Gwendoline was leaving, and the few of us out there for Margo were let in. We went into a small studio, and most of the people seated in there actually seemed to work for AOL. The guy next to me was doing their tweets throughout the whole interview. Margo told some interesting stories about her history with acting, and went a little more in-depth in how she started out in the business than she did in her livestream yesterday. She also kept getting her hair caught in her ring, which was kinda funny. (Side note: That Hair, you guys. I gained like 5 years of life just being in the presence of that majestic hair).

After the interview ended and the camera went off, Margo said we were her first ever live audience. After she left, I went out to the little barricade outside to wait for her to leave. When she did, she stopped and took pictures/signed for everyone who was there who wanted her to, even though her people were trying to get her in her car–I overheard one of them saying she had to get to a fitting, presumably for the premiere tonight. This one kid outside who had no idea who she was was looking at her and was like “Wow, you are unbelievably pretty.” So let that tell you how good she looks up close. I got a pic with her right before she left. She didn’t really get to spend a lot of time talking to everyone there, but like I said, she stopped for pictures and things even though she had to get going. 

So that was the Margo Experience. @margarita–levieva

Baby Boy


Hello!! Im gonna just say thank you again for likes and reblogs and follows! I’m still in shock that Greedy got more than 100 notes. I’m still working on Part 2 so it’ll be awhile till I post it but I thought why not write a quick Monsta X story???? Im not exactly sure what to call it but i wrote it and its here and its ready to be read! I hope you enjoy it!

Genre: Wonho x Reader. Fluff. Super Fluffy.

Rated: Mature?

Warnings: Mentioning of cyber-bullying. Bad words.

 Word Count: 1766

You never were really one to use cute nicknames, even when you started dating your best friend, Wonho. He would constantly call you cute names like princess, doll face, baby girl, you name it, he said it. Before you guys had gotten together he would call you ‘baby’ and 'beautiful’, it was just who he was. You on the other hand wouldn’t, scratch that, couldn’t call him anything other than Wonho, Hoseok, and the occasional 'babe’ but even that was hard for you. You didn’t know why but anytime you tried, it just wouldn’t feel right and you felt you were too far into your relationship to randomly start calling him cute names.

 So when you pressed post on your picture captioned “My baby boy.” you couldn’t help but grimace at yourself. You couldn’t change it though, the minute you posted something, you were spammed with likes. The picture of Wonho snuggled into your side, reaching 200 likes in the 13 seconds. Being the girlfriend of a Kpop star had its perks but it also had its down sides. You let out a small sigh as you caught a glimpse of a few hateful comments but ignored them, already used to the familiar tightening in your chest. You shook off the feeling and laughed at some of the stupider comments like “You fugly botch.” and “Your eyebrows are uneven.” knowing full well that your eyebrows were pretty fucking perfect.

You were laughing at some other comments and before you knew it, you had spent an hour and a half stalking commenters on your post. As you looked through some girl’s feed a notification popped up. You wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for the fact that it was a dm and that is was from Wonho. 

He had sent you a screenshot of the picture you posted and written out:

baby boy huh?????? I like it ;)

You felt your face get hot at his words and quickly closed out of the message, leaving him on read. You immediately regretted posting the photo as you convinced yourself that he was going to tease you about it till the end of time.

 Wonho always found it adorable that your were too shy to use anything other than his name. He never actually had an issue with it but he enjoyed bugging you about it just to get you to call him something simple like 'babe’. He loved how red your face would get and he never grew tired of it; just like how you never seemed to get used to his cute name-calling.

 As you lay back on the bed, trying to think of ways to avoid his imminent teasing, you couldn’t help but smile at the thought of your new nickname for him. It wasn’t like you were actually going to start calling him baby boy but it was still nice to say in your head. Although Wonho was older than you, you knew the nickname was perfect for him. He was always under you, touching and calling out for you like if he were a child and you were his mother.

 You swiftly got up from the bed, wearing nothing but a large t-shirt, and made your way to the kitchen deciding to make dinner for yourself since Wonho wasn’t going to be him for about another hour.

 As you finished pouring your ramen into a bowl when you heard the front door close.

 "Wonho! Are you home?“ Your voice rang through the apartment.

 When you didn’t hear a response, you got nervous. Of course it had to be him, you thought. No one would break into the 6th apartment on the 4th floor randomly.

 You made your way towards the living room, stepping between the couches.

 "What the hell?” You whispered to yourself. You thought you were going crazy as you turned your back to face the large window to the left of you.

 Suddenly you felt two hands wrap around your waist from behind. You let out a yelp and jumped slightly.

 "Hey baby girl.“ He laughed into your hair as you calmed yourself down.

 "Pabo!! That’s not funny. I nearly had a heart attack.” You turned to face him and reached up to smack his chest but he quickly caught your hand.

“Ah I’m sorry babe… It’s just so funny to see you get all worked up.” He said and pressed a light kiss to your hand.

 You pouted and pulled away from him to walk back to the kitchen trying not to cuss him out for being such a jerk. He quickly followed after you and frowned when he saw the single bowl of noodles.

 "Did you make me any?“ He questioned as you snatched a soda from the fridge. You ignored him and continued to grab things for your meal.

 "Hey! I’m talking to you.” He said blocking you from grabbing your chopsticks.

 You glared up at him and pushed him out of the way harshly. He stumbled to the side and you heard an angry huff come from the back of his throat. This brought a smile to your face but you didn’t let him see it. You quickly grabbed the chopsticks, your drink, and the soup before waddling out of the kitchen.

 "Oh come on don’t ignore me! You can’t stay mad at your baby boy for too long can you?“ You could hear the smirk in his voice as you stopped midway to the kitchen table.

 The sound of him walking out of the kitchen made you quickly set your stuff down on the table before running to the bedroom and shutting the door closed. You heard his laugh and the sound of him shuffling down the hall before you climbed into the bed and covered yourself in blankets, trying to hide yourself from him and his taunting.

 The sound of the bedroom door opening made you squeeze your eyes tightly. You held your breath as you felt the dip of the bed and heard his light breathing. His hands pulling back the large blankets to reveal you wrapped up in even more blankets. A small laugh escaped him as his hands wrapped around you and pulled you into him.

 You kept your eyes closed until he pulled the material away from your face. Your eyes and the tops of your red cheeks being the only thing he could see. You looked up at him and he let out a small 'aw’ before you pulled back.

 "I’m ignoring you. Go away.” You said, your voice muffled.

 "Y/n.“ He sounded more serious than before and this made you look up at him but when you saw the smile his face held, you rolled onto your stomach and let out a muffled groan.

 "Go ahead! Tease me! Tell me how much of an embarrassment I am. I hate myself already. My self-esteem is lower than the average persons already so lets see if we can get it to go down even further! Come on I can take it!” You unwrap yourself from the bundle of blankets aggressively and sit up criss cross applesauce. You lift your chin and shut your eyes expecting to be hit with a bunch of harmless jokes and ridicules.

 Obviously you were joking but you still wanted to get the teasing over with so you could get over the regretful statement and get back to eating your ramen.

 Instead of laughter, there was just silence. You slowly opened your eyes to see him staring at you with an amused twinkle in his eyes.

 "Are you done now?“ He asks crossing his arms.

 You let out a huff. You were annoyed with yourself and Wonho. Frustrated, you allowed your body to slump toward into his, your cheek landing on his chest as you breathed in the familiar scent of him.

 "I just don’t get how it’s so easy for you to call me all these cute names?!” You sigh into his chest. “It’s not fair! When I try, it feels forced and awkward.”

 He lets out a chuckle and runs his hand over your exposed leg, pulling you into his lap.

“Maybe it feels awkward because you are making it awkward.” He shrugs. “I actually find it super cute when you get embarrassed about it.”

 You let out a strangled groan against his t-shirt and pull away from him. He doesn’t let go of you as your eyes lock.

 "Stop worrying about it princess. I don’t care whether on not you call me anything other than my name. I’ve always used nicknames for everyone, it’s just a quirk. Like how you’re crazy good at being adorable, it’s just a natural thing.“ Wonho chuckles and brushes his thumb against your cheek making your cheeks get red once again.

 He smiles wide at your reaction towards him and shakes his head before leaning in and leaving a small kiss on your lips. You sigh and lean further into the kiss. His hands now squeezing at your thighs making you wrap your hand around the base of his neck. He deepens the kiss but as he does so, you are reminded of your ramen when your stomach growls quietly. You disconnect your lips from his and look at his now red lips and cheeks letting out a small giggle.

 You quickly climb off of him and jump off of the bed. "Where are you going baby?” He asks with a frown.

 "To go eat my noodles.“ You say simply and walk out of the room towards the kitchen table.

 "Don’t you want to share with your baby boy?” He laughs as he follows you out of the bedroom.

 "Wonho.“ You warn.

 "Don’t you mean baby boy?” He teases from behind you.

 You quickly turn around and watch the smirk wipe off of his face as he sees the glare you serve him. He spins on his heels and runs back towards the bedroom but you jump onto his back. You litter the back of his head and shoulders with light punches and slaps as he tries to apologise.

 "I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry i couldn’t help it!“ He laughs as both of you land on the bed.

 "I hate you.” You mumble and try to get off of him.

 "No you don’t.“ Wonho chuckles and pulls you into a small kiss.

 The two of you forgetting about the ramen and spend the rest of the night in bed, Wonho trying to convince you that you don’t really hate him.

Imagine taking care of Dean when he’s drunk, only for him to say things he really shouldn’t. (Part 3)

(At least in this gif he looks pretty drunk lol. Also these keep getting longer but-  READ IT I PROMISE IT’S WORTH IT!!!)

Part 1 l Part 2

His words kept running and running through your mind non-stop. You tried to desperately to not let them get to you but oh they did. You wanted to curse at yourself and sometimes you did, for real, only to be cut off by a-

“Hey!” a very drunk Dan exclaiming from the backseat “That’s my beautiful (Y/n) you’re talking about! Stop calling yourself stupid!”

And then back again on cursing at yourself for feeling your heart skip a beat, although this time on your mind. Who knew what else he was going to say?

Not to mention how you were not willing to blush even more than you already were. Because that would mean Dean noticing it and who knew what more he could say than-

“Oh gosh she’s blushiiiiing” he giggled to himself in the backseat “Blushin beauty, yes yes bluchin beauty” he’d end up mumbling to himself and then went on with whatever was going through his mind at the moment.

You really didn’t want to try to pay attetnion to it because who knew what worse could come out of his mouth at that moment!

You let an almost sigh of relief as you parked the car outside the bunker. Soon you’d be able to put him to sleep and above all not have to hear any more which also meant blush anymore.

“Come on, Dean” you popped “Time to get you to bed” you got out of the car and straight in the backseat to open the door.

“Whaaaah? No” he pouted visibly, his eyes hald open half closed “I don’t wanna go to beeeed!”

“I’m sorry but you’ll have to” you tried to rag him even a little out.

“But it’s really comfortable here. Why don’t ya check it out?” he smirked grabbing your wrist, making you lose your balance and fall on top of him.

You huffed but rolled your eyes “No means no mister” you said stubbornly, managing to take your hand off his grip - pretty difficult with his kind of grip, for someone drunk off his ass anyway.

“Come on now” you struggled to take hold of him - anywhere - to at least get him out of the car. Which also meant you just held on the waistband of his bants and belt. But it actually worked so that mattered.

“Whoa whooooa there (Y/n/n)!” he exclaimed with a grin “If you wanted to get in my pants all this time ya should have told me!”

You rolled your eyes scoffing, but continuing to drag him out anyway.

“Shut up Dean”

“Psss bossy! I like it!” he winked at you.

“I’ll show you bossy” you groaned, taking hold of his shirt and literally dragging him out of bed.

Dean in the meantime managed to stand a little on his feet, swaying a little. As he was about to fall though you swang his arm over your shoulders and at least managed to keep him standing.

“Come on now Dean, think you can walk a few steps?”

“Ps of course I can! I am a man!”

“Whatever you say” you rolled your eyes.

Luckily silence had fallen between the two of you as Dean dragged his feet on the ground, supposedly walking, and you supported him until-

“Hey (Y/n)” his voice poped up and you rolled your eyes. You didn’t like this. You knew very well that the chances of you ended up blushing like a mad and your heart wanting to jump out of your chest because of the man you loved for so long and was currently drunk off his ass were very very high.

“Nice jeans” he smirked and you sighed for a second.

“Thank you De-”

“Mind if I test the zipper?” he grinned widely and you groaned.

Of course.

“But you know-” of course he kept going “I see a few wrinkles”

“Of course they have wrinkles Dean, it’s normal.”

“No, no I don’t mean that. I mean your lips. They are wrinkled. Mind if I press them on?” he looked up at you with a quiet innocent and adorable look that you would definitely have a hard time saying no to.

“Hey (Y/n)” he was looking down at your shoes and you sighed again.

“What?” there was no chance he could say something-

“Can I tie your shoes better? I can’t have you falling for anyone else”

A dark pink rose on your cheeks “I think it’s a little late”

“Huh!?” he exclaimed, his voice a little high pitched “Who? Who do I need to fight with for your feelings? Who dares take you from me!!”

You would have laughed at how funny and at the same time adorable he was. You actually were about to but then his words- his words got the best of you and you felt your heart beat wildly inside your chest. All air got caught in your lungs and you tried our best to not let yourself believe him. Even if it was what you’d been longing for for so long.

“Bloody jackass” he grumbled, a small pout on his lips “See? That’s what you get for being so- so perfect!”

You laughed slightly, shaking yoru head “You know I’m not”

“Pfff” he scoffed “Are you kidding me? Sometimes I am seriously thinking of calling you Google”

You snickered a little “Google? Why?” quiet honestly it was a little fun talkign with Dean like this.

“Because you had everything I am looking for” he grinned a lopsided smile at you and you felt your heart skip a beat.

You shook your head “Dork” you mumbled and he chuckled along with you.

“But it still got you to laugh so that’s what matters. You know I would be willing to throw all my cassetes as long as I got to hear you laugh”

You bit your lower lip, sighing “Dean”

“You know-” he licked his lower lip “If kisses were snowflakes I’d send you a blizzard” he grinned widely at you and you shook your head.


“Do you have a map?” he looked at you with big bright green eyes “Because I am getting lost in your eyes” he smiled softly and you immediately avoided eye contact.

“Ok I think that’s eno-”

“You know-” he looked down as you both walked, a little serious “I tried my best to not feel anything for you” he sighed “Guess what?… I failed” he looked up at you in the eyes and you stopped for a second on your tracks along with him. He was smiling sadly at you. As if he truly meant it and truth was you could picture him actually doing that.

You looked him fully in the eyes, your breathing was slow and deep. It felt as if you were struggling to breathe, your heart beating so fast in fact made it hard. It felt as if your entire body was heating up. Never in all those years you knew Dean had you imagined he’d be here, saying these things to you.

you wanted to attribute it to drinking but then again- Didn’t people just spill out things when they were drunk? Didn’t they only say the truth?

You shook your head at your own wishful thinking. It was just your heart wanting to believe he felt the same way.

You sighed looking away from him “No Dean, no. You-” you swallowed the lump on your throat “You don’t know what you’re saying. you’re drunk”

He scoffed “I’m not drunk…. I am just intoxicated by you” he smirked and you laughed - although a little forced - shaking your head.

“Hey!” he exclaimed “All I am looking for here is some directions”

“To where?”

“Your heart” he shrugged innocently and you shook your own head.

“You are not going to stop, are you?”

“Nope!” he popped, smirking at you “Not at least until I’ve made sure you believe me”

“I do believe you Dean” you sighed. It was best if you stopped him from taking somehow because you wanted to sleep tonight.

Yes truth was that after that first night he had spoken to you this way you had not slept at all. Thoughts would keep running through your mind all night.

“No” he said stubbornly “No you don’t” he stopped suddenly.

You frowned deeply but soon a gasp left your lips. Dean tried to steady himself and when he was sure he grabbed your shoulders and pressed you flush against the wall. His body was pressed to your as well, maybe as if he was trying to stable himself. Making sure he would not fall entirely.

“You’re such a stubborn ass you don’t get it. Hell you wouldn’t get it even if a truck hit you with bright red words written all over it saying ‘Dean has feelings for you!’” his face was so close that you could feel his warm breath mixing with yours - and your face burning hot didn’t help - and he continued “But I’m not going to give up, ok?” he tried to say firmly “I. Am. Not. You- you will see it. You will be there to see it. We-” he grinned to himself - a drunk grin anyway - “We will be like all thoe couples you see at those stupid movies you deny liking. I will- I will hold you close at nights, with a blanket in front of the fireplace a-and it doesn’t matter we don’t have one. I will built one for you. Hell I could built a skyscraper for you! And you- you will snuggle closer to me and we will cuddle. And Sam will come to ruin the moment but you will- you will be able to shoo him away the way you only know and we’ll got back to hugging, and whispering those cheesy stuff you say you hate- But I know you will like coming from me, just like I love it when you say them to me- when they slip I mean-” he chuckled “And you- you try to deny it. You try to deny ever saying anything just like I pretend I didn’t hear you but I always do. I aaaalways do and gosh you have no idea how it makes me feel. Damn…” he breathed out, resting his forehead against yours.

“You-” he swallowed hard, looking at you in the eyes “You have no idea how you make me feel (Y/n)”

Your heart beat like crazy, matching that of his you noticed, your face was burning hot.

He laughed very softly that it soon faded out “You have no idea how this blush makes me feel” he breathed out, his one hand coming up to cup your cheek, brushing over the few strands.

“Gosh why are you so clueless hm?”

And his eyes began to close as he leaned in closer and closer.

Part 4

I Really Missed Home.. Part 1

Requested by @jokerxharlez : Can you do a reader x joker where Batman’s sister is a good girl and stuff until she meets Joker and they sleep together (smut) and she becomes Jokers lover but Batman catches both of them ??

Authors Note: So there was no specification on how this would end.. you know happily or not so… happily…SOO I hope you like my ending??

AUTHORS NOTE PART 2: Okay so I had a lot of fun with this one SOOO THIS WILL BE A MULTI PART IMAGINE

Warnings: Smut, some mild daddy kink (bc Joker, duh), some swearing, mentions of death and mild drug/alcohol usage.

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Birthday Surprise (Smut)

Originally posted by maloleyslilmama

A/N: HELLO! It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted a smut (I got tired of using the same sex positions and ended up researching different ones). This is in honor of natexsk8′s birthday! mafiosoluh I know you missed my smuts! Also Nicki, I hope everything is alright. Sending my love. 

If you haven’t already check out my Wedding Series

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     “It’s gonna be a partay, it’s my girl’s birthday!” Nate started to rap, beginning to dance in his spot and snapping it all. Your laughter could be heard from somewhere in the room. Nate had been waiting for this day all month and had started planning your surprise party two months in advance. All he told you was that it was going to be the time of your life. “Ah you know we’re getting turnt! Yo everybody go on Twitter tweet @Y/T/N and wish Y/N a happy birthday,” he said this time, turning the camera to face you. You were sprawled out on the couch, glancing in his direction and waving at the camera. It seemed like he was more excited about your birthday than you were.

Turning twenty-one was a big deal when it came to Nate’s crew. It was a chance for you to actually drink alcohol legally. Being under twenty-one never stopped you all from drinking, but now you didn’t have to worry about getting caught for underage drinking. Maybe tonight would be different. With how much Nate was bouncing around he must have really had something special planned. “You would have thought it was his birthday with how excited he is,” you mumbled under your breath. Skeez let out a hoot of laughter, catching Nate’s attention. 

“What’s so funny?” he questioned, plopping down on the couch and pulling you into his side. You began to laugh also, shaking your head and sending Skeez a look. Nate looked between the two of you in confusion, rolling his eyes and pouting when you didn’t reply. 

“Aww, it’s nothing major you need to know,” you cooed patting his cheek. The pout didn’t leave his lips and you giggled, leaning up to give his cheek a kiss. A smile embraced his face, pinching your side in satisfaction. It was still early in the day, so not much celebration was happening. You had spent the morning with your family. They took you out to breakfast like every year. You never became tired of it, being able to chose where you wanted to go. Now that you thought about it, you had no idea where you were going tonight. “Babe,” you mumbled, receiving a hum from him in return. You moved around around in his lap so that the two of you were facing him. “Where are we going tonight? I need to know so I can plan my outfit,” you told him, letting out an exasperated sigh. 

“I actually chose your outfit for tonight,” he replied, eyes still glued to his phone. Your eyebrows rose in shock and you moved back to give him a confused look. Nate chose your outfit and you knew it was probably too revealing.

“You chose my outfit?” you questioned, letting out a snorted chuckle. Finally Nate looked up from his phone, giving you a nod.

“Yeah, it’s one of your birthday gifts,” he said, “You’ll like it a I promise…we leave at six, so I suggest you start getting ready now.” 

     The metal was cold against your back, moans muffled as Nate’s lips worked against yours. This whole night had been amazing. Nate went all out with your birthday party. Renting out a warehouse and setting up a small carnival. It had been something you wanted to do ever since you saw The Vamps music video for Last Night. You didn’t know how he did it, but Nate somehow managed to recreate the video. He made it even better though, half the warehouse holding a bar, table for food, a dance floor, and the DJ booth. It was like a dream come true and Nate really treated you like a queen.

You weren’t planning to have sex in a place where a lot of people were, but that all changed sometime during the night when somebody suggested body shots. Since you were the birthday girl, you were the first to go. Nate had drowned the tequila shot that was rested between your thighs, licked the salt off the valley of your breasts, and placed his mouth against yours to bite into the lime. Everything about the moment had set your body ablaze, creating a pool of wetness in your panties. It’s what led you to the position you were in now; making out between a wall and behind one of the rides. Your knees weakened beneath you as Nate sucked on your sweet spot. His hand slid under your shirt, grabbing one of your breasts and squeezing. You knew what this move entitled, making you shake your head and immediately move away. Nate began to whine, pulling you closer by the waist. “No come on I need you!” he mumbled, mouth going back to marking your skin. 

“I want you too, but not with about 100 people watching,” you hummed, a smile embracing your face as he continued to fondle your breasts. 

“Then let’s go to the car,” he grumbled. He was conflicted between wanting to stay at the party and wanting to give you pleasure. The only option to not leave your guests was to have sex in the car. 

“Oh no! I know you remember the last time we tried that,” you said, shooting the idea down right away. Nate rolled his eyes, face scrunching up in a grimace at the memory; it wasn’t a pleasant one. “What about the bounce house,” you suggested, pointing to the inflatable castle a few feet away. That part of the “carnival” had closed early due to how long it was rented out. It wasn’t going to be deflated for a while now. That section of the warehouse was darker than the rest, slightly illuminated by the attractions, so it was perfect for what you planned to do. Before Nate could even reply, you pulled him in that direction. Your laughter filled the bounce house as you slipped inside, immediately discarding your clothes.

“Whoa hey, that’s my job!” Nate scolded, trying his best to walk closer to you on the bouncy floor. You sat up on your knees, now only wearing your bra and panties. “I thought you didn’t want to do this with people around?” he said, reaching behind your back to unclasp your bra. He gave your shoulder a light push, indicating that he wanted you to lay down. His mouth trailed down your body, taking one of your nipples into his mouth and nipping at it. He blew cool air on it until it was a hardened bud, then moved to show the same affection to the other. 

“Well it’s dark and I guess we just have to be quiet,” you replied, biting your bottom lip to suppress a moan. Nate chuckled at your answer.

“Yeah like you could ever keep quiet during sex,” he commented, words muffled since his face was in your breasts. You playfully it him upside the head receiving a harsh bite in return. His tongue lapped over the love bite, sliding down your body and warming your skin up even more. He stopped at your pubic bone. A soft hum came from you as he sucked at the skin, nibbling to form a small bruise. Your hips rose as he slowly pulled your panties off with his teeth. Luckily for you there was a ton of people at this party, so finding out where you two were would take a while. Goosebumps rose against your skin when you felt the scruff of his beard tickle your thighs. It was something that turned you on more than anything. Your wetness growing by the second. The tip of Nate’s nose brushed over your bundle of nerves making a moan slip past your lips. “Shh,” Nate hiss in return, kitty licking up your folds. A shiver ran down your spine at the feeling and your hips rose impatiently. “Shit, who made you this wet?” he asked, blowing cool air onto your clit, he took you by surprise sucking at your clit full on. “Mhm, who makes you feel this good?” he asked this time, slipping a finger into you. 

“Y-oh god, you do,” you choked out, felling him add in another finger. Nate smiled into your core, beginning to thrust his fingers in and out of you. The bounce house provided a new level to the sex. Each movement you two made the castle moved. Nate nipped at the bundle of nerves, curling his fingers up to reach a different angle. Your back arched off the rubber floor, a gasp leaving your lips. “Don’t stop,” you whined, circling your legs around his head and pushing his face more into your heat. Nate’s tongue replaced his fingers, plunging it inside of you. His arms wrapped around your legs, pulling you even closer. Your chest rose at a rapid pace as you felt your release approaching. To your dismay Nate pulled away from you, beginning to remove his clothes. His length throbbed at the thought of being inside of you. The adrenaline of possibly being caught ignited a fire within him. His eyes clouded with lust, flipping you over and giving your ass a slap. An audible gasp left your lips, a moan following after. You loved when Nate spanked you; one day you had come to the realization that you had a pain kink. More series of spanks was sent to your backside and you had to bury your face into the rubber floor to muffle your moans. Your juices began to leak out of you, sliding down your thighs. A louder moan left your lips when Nate gave your ass a playful bite, licking between your folds. The head of his length was leaking with precum, pulsating with desire. 

“How much do you want me?” Nate questioned, rubbing at your clit slowly. You whimpered, incoherent mumbles leaving your lips. Moving between your legs, Nate ran the tip of his length between your folds. The sensation making your body jerk. It happened for a split second. Nate only pushing the tip in the pulling back out in a teasing manner. He continued to do this, making you whine in frustration.

“Nate please,” you whined, “Don’t tease me just fu-hum.” The words were cut off by him entering you hard. He waited a few seconds for you to adjust, then began to curl his hips into you. Your cheek rested against the bouncy floor of the bounce house, teeth sinking into your bottom lip. Nate held himself up with his forearms, head leaning down to kiss at your neck. You pushed back into him, feeling every inch of his length leaving and entering you. A deep moan erupted from deep within Nate’s throat and he picked up the pace. His gaze shifted down to where you two were connected and he pulled out till just the tip was in. A tiny shrill left your lips as he gave a sharp thrust back in, repeating the action. He stopped thrusting letting you do the work for a few minutes. You rose your hips back into him, sweat lining your skin as you worked into him. 

“Just like that baby girl,” Nate whimpered. A series of moans left your lips when he pounded into you. Face burying into the bounce house floor. Your makeup had to be smeared all over the place by now. Lips swollen from the harsh kisses you received. Nate leaned back onto his feet and you sat up, back pressing flush against his chest. The new angle had him penetrating you at a deeper angle. His tip hitting your g-spot expertly. You couldn’t help the loud moan that left your lips, Nate immediately pulling you into a passionate kiss. Your tongues battled for dominance, him letting you win in the end. It was almost the same position as the reverse cowgirl. That would have been a better position than standing in a squat, trying to balance on a bouncy floor. This of course didn’t last long the two of you loosing your balance and falling back in a fit of giggles.

“Spoon position,” you mumbled, turning around so that you were facing him. Your leg hooked around his waist, head rested on his arm. His fingers gripped at your waist, starting to push into you once more. You began to suck love bites into his neck, hands fisting into his long hair. It didn’t take long for you to straddle him, beginning to really ride him. The bouncy castle began to shake as you bounced on and off his length. There was no hiding what you two were possibly doing in this thing now. Nate sat up, showing your breasts affection and bucking up into you. You were already close to your release, Nate depriving you of it when you two first started things. You rotated your hips down in figure eights. The sounds of skin slapping against skin mixed with the motor blowing air into the bouncy castle. Nate was close to his release and you could feel his length twitch inside of you. Your hand reached down to rub your clit at a fast pace, trying to get yourself to your release. Nate slapped your hand away, replacing it with his own. One arm circled around your body, pulling you closer and thrusting in deep. You began to wither undone atop of him, face nuzzling into the crook of his neck to muffle your moans. With how much you were clenching, it made his thrust become sloppy. Your nails digging into his shoulders. Nate released, still riding out your high and finally stopping. 

Sweat lined your skin, heat spreading between you two. You smiled down at him, cupping his cheeks and pecking his lips. A hum of satisfaction left your lips when he pulled out. You rolled off of him, reaching out for your clothes that had moved to the corner of the bounce house. “The night’s not over yet,” Nate told you, tossing your shirt over. You gave him a confused look, slipping the shirt over your head. “You still have a cake to cut and presents to open” he said. The words seemed like clockwork and seconds later the DJ was announcing the exact same thing Nate just said. 

“Then we better get out of this thing before people realize we’re missing,” you smiled, making your way to the exit. Once you were out into the light again, you pulled your phone out to fix your appearance in the camera. Nate’s arm snaked around your body, sending a kiss to the side of your head. “Thanks for the best birthday ever,” you mumbled, pulling him towards the cake.

I’ll Take Care Of You

Request: Hey doll. I’m having a heart surgery in a few hours and I’m scared as hell.. Would you (when you have time) do a Buck imagine where his fiance also suffers from a heart disease and needs surgery and he supports her through all appointments and then at the day of the surgery he tries to calm her and stuff. Like telling her cute stuff and promises all will be fine. Later then he is there when you wake up and insists on taking care of you and makes sure you relax? This would be really great <3

Originally posted by leafierleaf

Having a heart disease made your life all the more harder. You had your good and bad days. It took a toll on you sometimes and you were tired of going through treatments. So the last time you went to an appointment, you asked what else could be done. Your doctor suggested heart surgery. The thought about undergoing heart surgery terrified you.

Bucky has been there by your side for every appointment, every day you struggled, and the times you were able to enjoy yourself without something like this holding you back. When Bucky heard those words come out of the doctors mouth, his stomach dropped and his face paled. He worried about you all the time, and even though you both were nervous, he knew you’d be okay.

You were currently sitting in the waiting room with Bucky, nervously tapping your foot against the white tiled floor of the hospital. You felt scared and Bucky knew, though you tried to be brave all morning. Your hand was sweaty in his, your sighs were frequent, your eyes kept darting to the clock on the wall, and your breathing was labored. Bucky sighed and looked at you, a frown etched on his face.

Bucky tucked your hair behind your ear, only to see it fall after you lifted your head to check the clock yet again. “We still have 5 minutes, Doll. You’re driving yourself crazy. You’re going to be okay.” Bucky quietly spoke to you and it didn’t help too much. You shakily sighed, avoiding Bucky’s longing stare. “You don’t know that.” You muttered, the nervousness clouding your brain.

It was all you could focus on; what happens if something goes wrong? What if they can’t fix it? What if you’re stuck like this forever and it eventually takes over? Bucky quickly but carefully turned your face up to look at him. “Y/N, I can feel your heartbeat going crazy in my hand. You’ve got to calm down or they can’t perform on you.” Bucky said worriedly, his brows creasing together.

You scoffed as you shook your head. “My heart? That’s why I’m even in this situation.” You said, seeing Bucky’s blue eyes sadden. He quickly composed himself and sighed again. “You’re going to be okay, I promise. I’ll be there right after.” Bucky said, rubbing your bouncing thigh. You nodded and took a nervous breath.

You glanced at the clock before seeing a nurse greet you and Bucky. “Y/N Y/L/N?” She asked, flipping through papers on a clipboard. You and Bucky stood and you clung to Bucky’s arm nervously. “Th-that’s me.” You said, your voice barely above a whisper. Bucky rubbed your hand that was currently gripping onto his forearm. The nurse smiled. “We’re ready for you.” She said, her tone much too chipper for what’s to come.

Of course, it wasn’t her having surgery, it was you. You sighed and she waited for you to join her. Bucky pulled his arm from your grasp and you started breathing heavily. Bucky looked down at you and held your cheeks. “Hey, hey. It’ll be okay, I promise. You’ll be okay. I’ll be right there when you wake up. I love you.” Bucky said, leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead.

You nodded, unable to speak. You breathed out, trying not to cry from being so scared. You were terrified and there was no turning back now. You’ve paid the bill, you arrived here and filled out the paperwork, and now you were closely following behind the nurse to get ready for surgery. You turned back to look at Bucky and he waved at you, a bright smile on his face.

That was the last thing you remembered before you woke up.

A groan fell from your lips as you started to gain consciousness again. Your eyesight was a little blurry and you felt really cold. You blinked your eyes a few times, squinting them to adjust to the bright lights in your hospital room. You felt heaviness resting on your hand and you looked down, seeing Bucky’s metal hand holding yours.

Bucky was reading a magazine and you slowly sat up. The movement made Bucky’s head jerk up and he smiled at you. “Hey, Doll. How do you feel?” Bucky asked, putting down the magazine on the table near your bed. 

Bucky helped you sit up, adjusting your pillows behind you to support your back. You sat for a moment, concentrating on your surroundings. You felt a little woozy from being put under.

Bucky was holding a cup of ice water and you were about to grab it from him, but he insisted on doing it for you. “I’ll take care of you, Y/N.” Bucky said, moving the cup to your lips as he sat down on your bed. 

You rolled your eyes playfully and took a few sips. Bucky sat the cup down when you were finished and reached his hand out to your cheek. “I feel okay, I guess.” You said, your voice hoarse as you answered his question.

You looked at Bucky and he smiled. “That’s good. The doctors said everything should be okay now. Just take it easy, keep water in your system, and you’re on bed rest for a week or two.” Bucky said, his blue eyes looking into yours. 

You nodded and sighed. You noticed the bandaid on your arm from where they stuck you with an IV and sighed again. “When can I leave?” You asked, looking back up at Bucky. You hoped you didn’t have to be here any longer. You were ready to be back home.

Bucky stood up from your bed and smiled. “Now if you feel okay.” Bucky said, moving to get your bag of clothes. “Let’s go.” You said, throwing the covers off of you. Bucky rushed back over to you and you pulled away from him. “Bucky, I can get down.” You said with a small giggle. Bucky shook his head. “No way, I’m helping you.” He said before picking you up and gently putting you down on your feet.

Bucky helped you change back into your clothes and he held his metal hand on your lower back while his flesh hand held yours. Your walk was a little off and you still felt exhausted. “Bucky, I can walk myself out of here.” You said with a small smile. Bucky shook his head once more. “I’m taking care of you, Y/N. You can’t fight me on this.” Bucky said, winking at you.

You were back at the tower now, having fell asleep in the car, you were lying in your bed. You opened your eyes and gasped. You saw  the whole team looking down at you, smiles on their faces. 

You sat up, feeling rather exposed. “What on earth?” You asked, watching the teams smiles widen. “She’s awake!” Sam yelled, throwing his hands in the air, accidentally slapping Clint on the way up. “Ow, watch it!” Clint yelled. “Hey, be quiet! She just woke up!” Tony yelled back.

Bucky then walked in with a bottle of water and your favorite treat. “Guys, I told you, no crowding! Give her some space!” Bucky said, shaking his head in disapproval. You smiled as you watched Bucky make his way through the group of Avengers. He shoved in between them and set your water and treat down. “Leave.” Bucky ordered, turning to the team.

They all groaned and looked at Bucky. “But she’s our friend! She just had surgery, we want to help out.” Wanda groaned, the others nodding in agreement. Bucky shook his head at them. You blushed and smiled again, seeing Steve trying to circle around your bed. “Hey HEEYY, no.” Bucky said, pointing his finger at Steve.

Steve quickly rushed back to the group at the end of your bed and you laughed. “Guys, when she’s better, you can reunite and have your time with her. But she needs to rest-” Bucky stopped his rant and caught Steve trying to circle your bed again, “Stop that!” Bucky said, moving to usher everyone out of your room.

After a few minutes of trying to get everyone out and stopping Steve from trying to shove through the door, Bucky was now lying on the bed beside you. You let Bucky feed you and give you water, listening to his funny encounter he had with a small child in the waiting room. You laughed for a good few minutes and Bucky pulled you closer.

You sighed and let your head rest on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. “Thank you for being here for me Bucky.” You said softly, getting sleepy again. Bucky ran his fingers through your hair and kissed your head. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” Bucky said, his voice louder since your ear was on his chest. You smiled, closing your eyes.

“I love you, Bucky.” You whispered as your breathing slowed and sleep called your name again. Bucky looked down at you, smiling. His hand continued running through your hair and you felt so lucky to have someone like Bucky by your side through your long journey.

“I love you too, Y/N.”

Note: I HOPE IT WENT WELL, MY SWEET!! I’m sorry this is late and I hope you still enjoy it! I added the team part at the end because I felt like you needed a lot of fluff. thanks for the request! ♥ feedback is welcome! ♥ .c

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Please 2/3 (requested)

D A L L A S  W I N S T O N imagine

///I’m still a little rusty from not writing at all so please bear with me as I get back into the process of writing! Any tips or constructive critism would be greatly appreciated! This’ll be in 3 parts btw! Stay gold! :)\\

I furrowed my brows looking out the window. Out there was Buck’s car and sitting in it was Dallas Winston, my ex-boyfriend. I think.

“How can he do this?” I cursed under my breath. Every day since I walk out of his room, and his life, he’d be waiting outside the gate trying to come back into mine. “How am I suppose to get to school without being caught by him?”

“You don’t. You have to face him,” my older sister shrugged, giggling. I mugged her and her big, floppy bow on the right side of her head. She was in love. And right now, the thing was if you were in love, you’d have a bow on the right side of your head. Funny how I thought it was the cutest thing ever just a week ago. “I would give ya a ride sis but-”

“Yeah- college. Go away,” I sighed. I let out a long breath and kept glaring through the window. I felt my eyes widened as I saw him waving at me. I regained my self control and turned away from the window.

“Sweetheart,” my dad hollered. “Grab something to eat, will ya?” I trudged back to the kitchen, grabbing a banana. “Good girl,” he muttered.

I smoothed out my skirt and took a deep breath before turning the knob. Operation: Get Passed Dally is now in progress. I looked down avoiding eye contact while breathing in the fresh air. I could hear the car door unlock while he probably stepped out. “He-hey,” I heard him fumble on his words. “How y-ya doing?” I bit my lip as I walked faster, getting past his car. “Y/N, don’t walk away from me. Please.”

I lowered my head and tried to walk even faster but soon enough I tripped. “Fuck,” I muttered under my breath. I heard a chuckle then footsteps then a hand on my shoulder. “Stop. Please, I don’t need your help,” I hissed, picking up my books.

“I’m sorry,” Dally whispered into my ear. I pushed him away disgusted to hear his voice. I wasn’t really disgusted but I wanted to be. Thinking about how he could whisper into someone else’s ear just made me madder.

“Okay,” I smiled, shrugging. “Bye.”

I stopped because he was in front of me, with his hand on my stomach. “Baby-”

“I’m not your baby,” I laughed.

“Since when?” he scoffed.

“Since you decided it’s okay to be with other people,” I muttered while pushing him out of the way.

“Are you really gonna be like this?” he said following behind me. He was constantly putting his hand on my arm but I kept pushing it away. “Y/N!” I stopped hearing his footsteps behind mine. “You can’t leave me. You love me too, I know it.”

I whipped around, “Love you too? So what? You love me?”


I turned around. Forget it. He can’t even say 3 words to me and he expects to have me back. I felt the tears forming in my eyes out of frustration. How could I have thought he was my Romeo? How could I think I’m anyone’s Juliet?

“I DO!” he shouted. “I’M SORRY ALRIGHT? FUCK!” I heard a bang. I turned around to find Dally on the floor, holding his leg. “Fuck,” I heard him whimper. He put his head against his knee and he looked as if he was crying. Dally never cried.

“Dal?” my voice croaked, curious. He looked away, “Dally..” I wiped away my tears and ran to his side.

I grabbed his head and looked into his icy, blue eyes. They had hints of red around them. I looked at his face and the dark circles under his eyes. His face softened but then he broke out into a grin. “I knew you still love me,” he smiled pulling my face to his.

My eyes widened as our lips touched but they soon closed after they found their place. NO- I pulled away in astonishment. “I-” my nostrils flared.

“I’m sorry,” he bit his lip.