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The Many Faces of Victor Nikiforov - Episode 7

Aaaaand it’s time for the episode you’ve all been waiting for! Episode 7 is here and with it we get a massive amount of Victor character development! This meta will probably have a large focus on that journey but there’s definitely more to be found here than just comments on his coaching. Let’s just dive right in!

When I first saw the scene from this first gif, I was struck by how… not “Victor” it felt. Not because it was out of character – in fact, it’s more like Victor than the alternative – but because the fact that he stays in and sleeps to the last possible moment to avoid being social went so clearly against his cultivated extroverted public image. Victor plays himself off as being a lot more social than he actually is when in reality he enjoys his downtime and own space more than he openly lets on.

With this second gif, we get Victor and his forcefully cheerful smile, attempting to get Yuuri to listen to him and trying to cut off the crash and burn that it looks like he’s heading towards. Victor spends most of the episode doing this, but initially his methods are all smiles, comfort, and friendly suggestions for ways that Yuuri can help himself (even when he’s trying to be more forceful about it, like here).

But then the suggestions don’t seem to be working so he gets to thinking. What can he do to help Yuuri? We actually find him wondering this more than once in the space of this series, even as far as episode 11. Here, however, it’s a very immediate question. Yuuri is obviously spiralling, and fast. But Victor himself isn’t familiar with anxiety from a first person perspective. Everything he tries all have roots in things that have worked with Yuuri before – but now to no avail.

This fourth gif has always stood out to me, not because of the shot itself but because of the words that overlay it. Chris is mentioning how he never thought that Victor would leave the ice and find someone to protect. He, who has known Victor for roughly 10 years, has no idea why Victor made the choice he did. I don’t feel that this means that Victor’s actions are out of character for him, but more along the line that not even those closest to him know his true struggles and desires (thought this is in large part because Victor himself wasn’t entirely of what those were either). If Chris thinks it’s out of character for Victor to want to leave the ice then it’s clear that he didn’t realize how much Victor’s career was strangling him.

I chose this fifth gif for a couple of reasons. The first: I love his costume (and the Johnny Weir reference is on point). Secondly, I find it interesting that he takes gold at Euros during his Senior debut, which means he was really good for being only 17, but didn’t start his winning streak until he was 22. What this says to me is that there used to be a time when Victor had actual competition, people that could stand up to him. He’s not been the lone winner at the top during his entire career, just the latter portion of it.

I find this sixth scene particularly interesting because we never hear Victor yell. He’ll exclaim things out of excitement, sure, but never shout. At this point, he’s desperate enough to try anything at all, even if it means yelling to try and get through to Yuuri (since nothing else has seemed to work so far). I really do feel that Victor has tries everything he can think of to get Yuuri out of his own head and it’s not anyone’s fault that it just isn’t working (not even Yuuri’s own). But Victor isn’t about to give up on him.

Which leads us to the scene where everything comes to a head. Victor tries one last ditch attempt – raising the stakes for Yuuri’s performance in an attempt to imitate the risks that existed for the Onsen on Ice – and it all comes toppling down. I do actually believe that it was good that this scene happened, not just for character development and them learning about themselves/each other, but because it also finally let Yuuri release the stress he’s been carrying all day by yelling and crying it out. It’s also particularly interesting that Victor is so out of his depth the moment that tears are involved. Everything else so far he’s taken in stride, even when things weren’t working. Now though, he realizes just how out of his league he is in terms of knowing how to help Yuuri, and the apologetic walk featured in this gif exemplifies it perfectly.

For this seventh gif, I simply love how confused he is. He certainly understood the meaning behind the motion – that Yuuri forgives him – but he’s bewildered at the way Yuuri chose to send that message. Victor really does love surprises, and I feel that even the small gestures like this are part of why Yuuri attracts him so much. He can’t predict what form things will take with him because everything seems to differ from the norm. And little does he know that he’s about to get an even bigger surprise.

I’m particularly fond of this second last gif, and even more so with the updated version. You can see how amazed he is painted clearly on his face (and this is before the quad Flip too!). I wonder what Victor’s expectations were for this performance considering how Yuuri has been all day – did Victor think Yuuri would flop? Somehow scrape his way back into a decent standing? Rise to the challenge and blow them all away? As it turns out, we get the last, and we can at least say that, with the faces Victor makes, this wasn’t what he had expected would happen.

In this last gif – the moment before Victor jumps Yuuri with the biggest surprise yet (both to us as well as them) – I love how simple his expression is. The expression here just looks like a mix of pride and adoration. That Victor looks at Yuuri with this much love is what really tips us off that something big and important is about to happen, even before the sound is cut and we get the Yuuri POV camera panning to the ceiling. Yuuri wondered if Victor was angry or crying but the answer was actually neither. He was certainly overwhelmed, but then he channeled all of that into returning the favour to Yuuri with something meant to match his own surprise – a kiss on international TV in return for a quad Flip.

There’s certainly a lot to unpack in this episode and I know for sure that even after all we went through, there’s still tons more. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed these small bite sized bits of meta! Victor’s journey through this episode is definitely one of my favourites – even if you ignore the amazing ending of it – simply because of how he tries everything he can think of to calm Yuuri down. That alone says a lot about him and his feelings for Yuuri.

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Bonus because I can’t get over how cute his moment of realization is:

Request (Anon): Teasing first kiss with Boyd? Something fluffy?

A/N: So I’m sorry…this is probably the cheesiest thing I’ve written but I have feels for Boyd. So don’t judge…

Words: 1747

You’re not sure how you ended up in this current predicament but you aren’t complaining. You like the bed that you are waking up in. It belongs to your best friend, Boyd. You were the one who picked it out after all. As you nuzzle your face against the pillow beneath you, you can’t help but smile at the memory of dragging Boyd through IKEA when he moved to his apartment.

Empty beer bottles are seated on the bedside table, next to the alarm clock and your empty wine glass.

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Birthday For Daisy Johnson Take Two

Our Daisy’s birthday is approaching once more and since we got such a great response for the event last year here at Stand With Quake we thought it would be a fun idea to repeat it. So please participate again (or for the first time, if you missed the first one!) and encourage others to share their Daisy Johnson love. And the Chloe Bennet love too, of course.

Our tag will be #birthdayfordaisy2

These are the prompts for each day of the event:

DAY 1 · 26 June
Daisy + canon

(post about your favorite Daisy moments in canon, make a gifset of your favorite episode, etc, or celebrate the many aspects of her character as a social justice warrior/hacker/shield agent/superhero/leader, always changing but staying the same)

DAY 2 · 27 June
Daisy + headcanon

(the day to write meta, make graphics, etc, explaining your headcanons about Daisy, or a fanfic of a missing scene)

DAY 3 · 28 June
Daisy + why Daisy Johnson is so important

(Daisy is the MCU’s first female lead, first lead of color, she’s resourceful, brave, kind, an abuse survivor fighting to protect the oppressed, and many more things - this is the day to celebrate why Daisy Johnson is so important, in general or to you)

DAY 4 · 29 June
Chloe Bennet Appreciation Day

(the day for all things Chloe Bennet, celebrate her amazing talent, or get a bit shallow about her beautiful face)

DAY 5 · 30 June
Daisy + music

(turn up the volume! do you have a song you associate with Daisy? tell us all about it in detail; also the day for fanmixes and fanvids)

DAY 6 · 1 July 
Daisy + crossover/AU

(what it says on the tin; draw a fanart of Daisy with your favorite character from another show, or write a crossover fic, let Daisy meet cool people from other universes)

DAY 7 · 2 July (Daisy’s birthday!)
Daisy + birthday wishes/anything goes

(the day for birthday related posts, and anything you think doesn’t belong in any of the other categories)

As for the rules, they are the same as last time:

  • All fanworks are welcome - gifsets, edits, fanfic, fanart, meta, fanvids, fanmixes, and everything in between.
  • Daisy Johnson must be the focus of the fanworks.
  • No shipping. Stand With Quake is a shipping-free blog and the point of this event is to create more content focusing on Daisy, not on her romances, canon or fanon. There is not enough Daisy gen fic or graphics focusing on her out there.
  • No Daisy Hate, seriously, we mean it, no passive-aggressive stuff or straight up hate for the character will be reblogged.
  • No Daisy Hate also means that if you are a Skyeward shipper or have loads of Skyeward content in your blog from after season 1 we won’t reblog any stuff you make, sorry, this blog was created as a Skyeward-free space for people to feel safe celebrating Skye/Daisy. Same if you are “neutral” or have posted about Skyeward being acceptable. Skyeward is Daisy Hate.
  • Only brand new fanworks allowed!

Some guidelines for posting:

  • Tag your works with #birthdayfordaisy2 (in the first tag) when you post them, that way we’ll see it and we’ll be able to reblog it. If tumblr messes up and we miss it, send us an ask. We will also be tracking #birthdayfordaisy in case you forget to put the 2, but it’ll be easier for us if you tag #birthdayfordaisy2
  • It goes without saying, but please don’t reuse other people’s works! Regardless of what it is, it must be made by you or by someone who has given you permission to use their creations.
  • Post as much stuff for any prompt as you want.
  • Please specify which day and prompt you’re using somewhere in the post, it’s useful to us and others.
  • Any timezone you use is fine! It’s also fine if you’re running one day (or several) late. It’s okay, we’re just happy to get more Daisy Johnson stuff. Plus, you don’t have to participate every day, just the ones you want or whatever.
  • Have fun! And again, if you have any question just ask us.

We’ve tried to make the prompts as flexible as possible so that hopefully people can make both graphics and write fic/meta without too much difficulty.

Signal boost, participate and enjoy!


I finally wrote something ! :-)

I can’t believe it, 2020 followers, wow. Thank you sooo much !


When Pietro had seen the pregnancy test, you were scared of his reaction because it was totally unplanned. But he was so happy, you were sure he would be the greatest dad in the world.

You were eight months pregnant now and Pietro was always protective and careful towards you. He used to cuddle you a lot and everynight, he talked to your little speedy while caressing and kissing your tummy. It was the cutest thing ever and the baby always moved when he or she heard Pietro’s voice.

You were chilling in the living room while Pietro was cleaning the table after dinner. This was actually one of the good sides of being pregnant.
You took a moment to contemplate him and his perfect body with a slight smile. He looked up with a serious gaze but a smirk crossed his lips when he noticed you were staring at him.
“What ?” He asked, amused.
“My husband is sexy …” You purred but you made a face and finally groaned. “And I’m pregnant …“
He let out a laughter and threw the sponge in the sink before coming next to you on the sofa. These last months, he had tried to avoid running everywhere across the flat as he used to do. Even after you told him you were used to his speed, he still thought it could make you more anxious.
You snuggled in his arms and he buried the tip of his nose in your messy hair.
“My wife is sexy too …” He muttered.
“You’re too busy staring at my breasts to notice my belly …” You chuckled teasingly as your fingers ran across his chest.
He laughed and screwed up his eyes as he was cuddling you.
“I don’t … I mean … No ! Yes they’re hard to miss, but …” He paused and let out a groan. “Okay I kind of … stare at them sometimes …”
“Sometimes ?” You raised an eyebrow as you laughed.
“Not too often ?” He declared with a laughter before pressing his lips against yours.
You deepened the kiss but the baby kicked in your tummy and you let out a groan. Your little speedy used to kick when Pietro was around but the pain that accompanied it was unusual.
“Aw …”
“What ? You okay ?” He asked as he gazed at you.
“Yes it’s just … The baby is kicking …” You frowned slightly.
He put his hand on your belly, staring at it for a moment and looked up at you.
“Does it hurt ?” He was now clearly worried.
“I don’t know it’s …” But you couldn’t finish and the baby kicked again, harder this time. “Aw !”
“What is it ? Contractions ?”
His voice sounded anxious. You raised your head to look at him and blinked with surprise.
“I-I don’t know …” You breathed.
The stress started to grow in your chest and you swallowed as the pain was increasing.
“It’s getting worst …” You gasped.
He helped you to straighten on the sofa and you bent forward when another bad cramp spread through your stomach, making you moan. Pietro sat behind you and he took a second before talking again.
“Okay, just lean back.” He said in a quiet voice.
“I can’t …” You mewed, short of breath.
He stroked the bottom of your back gently before wrapping his arms around your shoulders to pull you against him carefully. Your back pressed against his chest and you let out a deep sigh as he put his hands on your belly where he could feel your muscles contracting.
“Shh … Breathe baby.” He whispered softly.
His fingers slid on your tensed tummy, rubbing it slowly. You closed your eyes and breathed heavily, hoping the pain would stop increasing. Pietro laid his head on your shoulder and took a look at his watch. Another contraction seized you and you grabbed his hand on your belly, trying to calm down. After a minute, the pain slowly subsided and you relaxed, intertwining your fingers with Pietro’s.
“You okay ?” He asked calmly as he caressed the sides of your belly with his thumbs.
You nodded and let out a sigh.
“I don’t wanna have our baby now it’s too early …” You managed, still shocked by the sudden pain.
Pietro frowned but he didn’t freak out.
“I know … But I can feel them.” He said.
“What ?”
“The contractions. We should check if they’re getting closer together.”
You remained silent and your heart skipped a beat. He was right, you should. But you were so afraid of giving birth right now, you weren’t ready.
“Alright.” You finally mumbled.
After a moment, another cramp spread through your tummy and you groaned. Under his hand, Pietro could feel the skin of your womb tightening. Your eyes widened and your breathing stopped as you let out a cry.
“Okay breathe baby it’s gonna be okay … They’re around 10 minutes apart …” He stated while rubbing your belly slowly.
“Gosh no … How is it possible ? I’m not ready …” You mewed as tears were filling your eyes.
“Everything’s gonna be alright honey, I promise. I’m taking you to the hospital.” He declared.
“No, no it hurts …” You sniffled, panicked.
He pressed his lips against your temple and cuddled you tenderly.
“Baby, you must relax. I’m here and I’m gonna stay with you all the time okay ?” He told you calmly and you just nodded. “We’re gonna have this baby today, together. Just breathe calmly and slowly, alright ?” You nodded again and he stood up.
The only thing you could see now was the slight blue blur behind him while he was putting some clothes and stuffs in a bag. He finally came back and squatted down next to you.
“I-I can’t stand up …” You sobbed.
“It’s fine baby, I’m gonna carry you.” He replied softly.
Pietro was so calm, you started to relax despite the pain. He bent to wrap his arms around you and lifted you carefully. You let out a moan, causing him to stop.
“You okay ? Did I hurt you ?” He asked in a worried voice.
You shook your head and tightened your grip around his neck. Another contraction seized your stomach and you grabbed his shoulder. He made a face when you dug your nails in it but he didn’t say anything.
“Ho … Hospital … quick …” You managed.
“I can’t use my speed I don’t wanna …”
“Pietro !” You shouted with pain, “If you don’t run I’ll kill you I promise !”
His eyes widened and he blinked.
“Okay, okay but try to calm down, please (Y/N) just … calm down.”
He talked to you quietly and pressed his lips against your forehead as you tried to catch your breath. You burried your face in his neck and closed your eyes. In a gush of wind, you were in the hospital. You blinked slightly as the pain got worst. A tear rolled down your cheek and Pietro laid you on a stretcher carefully. Your baby speedy was tossing in your stomach and you swallowed, gasping for breath.
A nurse asked Pietro to fill a form. Meanwhile, the doctor explained to you what was going to happen. You closed your eyes as you tried to calm down, breathing heavily. The doctor left you alone for a while. Suddenly, you felt something on your leg and realized your waters had just broken. It was absolutely terrifying.
You sat up on your bed and opened your eyes as you started to panic. Pietro walked in at that moment and you let out a sigh in relief. He sat beside you and you instinctively snuggled in his arms as your whole body was trembling.
“Pretty please can I die ?…” You panted through the pain.
He wrapped his arms around you and cuddled you tenderly.
“Nope you can’t, we’re kind of busy right now …” He mumbled with a slight smile, trying to cheer you up.
His hand slid on your back to hold you while his other hand rubbed your belly softly. “Don’t fight the contractions … I know it’s hard but it can help you …”
You grabbed his shirt and tried to relax as he helped you breathing regularly.
Someone finally came in and Pietro’s fingers intertwined with yours on your belly. The doctor’s voice echoed from between your legs.
“Mrs Maximoff. Oh, I think it’s gonna be quick. Alright, next contraction, go ahead and push.” She said.
It was way harder than you thought and you almost wondered why you had kept the baby. Your heart started beating faster as you straightened, leaning against Pietro. You pushed as much as you could and your fingers tensed around his. You were already tired and you shook your head.
“I can’t … I can’t … It hurts …” you sobbed loudly.
Pietro wrapped his arms around you and you snuggled against him, crying. He put his chin on your shoulder and rubbed your stomach softly as he reminded you to breathe.
“Calm down dragosta, in and out remember ? Breathe with me, in and out … That’s it …”
You slowed your breaths to match his slow, lazy rythm when you felt another contraction.
“You’re doing fine baby … I want you to push now, I know you can do it …” He whispered in your ear.
You swallowed and tightened your grip on his hands.
“Take a deep breath and push okay ?” He continued.
You nodded as you gasped for breath and pushed again, letting out a moan. It was getting worst and worst but Pietro pressed his lips on your temple.
“You’re doing well baby, just keep pushing …” He whispered.
You noticed his heartbeat was as fast as yours and put your hand on his fingers which were laying on your belly. You took a deep breath and pushed again. A tear rolled down your cheek as you let out a cry, completely exhausted.
“Head’s out,” The doctor announced. “When the next contraction comes I want you to give me a big push okay ?” You nodded as you breathed heavily.
The contraction spread through your body and you pushed once more, tightening your grip on Pietro’s hands.
“One more big push and you’ll meet your baby !” The doctor said.
You let out a deep moan and tried to focus on Pietro’s voice which was more helpful than the doctor’s.
“One last push baby, I know you can do it, I’m proud of you, just keep pushing …” He whispered in your ear.
You gave one last hard, strong, push and felt your baby slipping out from your body.
Suddenly, you felt relieved and you heard the newborn cry. Your little speedy. You let out a deep sigh and snuggled in Pietro’s arms, closing your eyes for a while.
“It’s a girl !” Declared the doctor.
Pietro kissed your lips tenderly and you felt his huge smile against your mouth.
“It’s over baby, you did it … I’m so proud of you …” He sighed to reassure you.
You tried to open your wet eyes slowly as you grabbed his shirt, feeling incredibly dizzy. He couldn’t release his grip on your trembling body or you would fall down.
Pietro helped you to lay on the bed carefully, making sure you were comfortable. He brushed your hair away from your forehead and gave you a tender kiss as his eyes were filling with tears. You smiled against his lips while the doctor was checking if the baby was healthy.
“I love you dragosta, we’ve got a little girl …” Pietro purred against your mouth.
The doctor put the babygirl on your chest carefully and you stared at her. She was so small and beautiful. Pietro’s gaze suddenly changed and this was totally beyond words. There wasn’t a sensation or an emotion that could describe his expression at that moment. He ran his finger on the baby’s cheek softly, staring at her. A half laugh, half sob finally escaped his lips.
“Welcome to the world printcesa …” He murmured softly, already mesmerized by his little girl.

Title: The New Candidate (Part 5.) 

Character(s): Patrick Sullivan and Ashley Wright (original female character)
Summary: Ashley plays soccer with Patrick and the rest of the crew.
Word Count: 1,996
Author’s Note: Okay, JDM playing sports does things to me for some damn reason. I don’t know much about soccer, but I loved writing this chapter regardless. Man, I can’t wait for you all to see how this story plays out hehe. Enjoy! :-)

(GIF Source: @hughxjackman)

After last night, Ashley couldn’t wait to spend more time with the guys of the firehouse. Most importantly, she was excited to see Patrick again that didn’t involve being at work. She felt the tension last night throughout the pool game, while he was dancing, and their brief talk. He had told her that the next time they played, Patrick wanted her to dance for him.

It was enough proof for Ashley to realize that the feeling was mutual. Though, she didn’t know if she could act on it and she wasn’t sure if she wanted Patrick to either. Her career was more important to her than some man that wasn’t a guarantee in her future. It sounded very naive, but Ashley wanted to establish herself as a firefighter first before jumping into a relationship with the Lieutenant.

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      This year is nearing its end, but just remember, as one (crappy) door shuts, another one (hopefully better) opens, paving the way to new opportunities whilst saying goodbye to the old. Take the time to reflect on yourself and how far you have progressed this year, know that you will go even further in those upcoming. Spend time with family, and friends, be thankful for those who are still around. Spread joy, and cheer. Forgive (do not forget.), forward yourself. As cliche as it sounds, it’s going to be your year. 

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Jaime/Brienne + goodbye scenes


– I was almost in a bar fight. Me. Was I “stepping to her”? What is that?
– You know, just getting aggro.
– Aggro!
– Yeah.
– I am, like… I’m shaking. I’m so pumped. I feel like I could wrestle a bear or a shark or I don’t even know.


One year with Killian Jones;
            ⤷ 11 | 365