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Together at Last

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It was safe to say that Harry was crazy about her. Everything she did and every word she said enchanted him in a way he hadn’t known before. 
Harry found himself sighing with relief whenever she entered a room, just as if he’d been waiting and looking for her from the moment they parted until they were reunited again. Didn’t matter if that distance laster a month, a week or an hour or even a minute. And once his eyes found hers there was a wide smile decorating both of their faces and their bodies would almost glow with light.
Sometimes, especially after a drink or two, Y/N would walk towards him instantly, almost as if she were as drawn to him as he was to her, and if she was particularly brave, Y/N would cuddle herself in his lap and he’d lean down to kiss her cheek.
The way they interacted with each other didn’t really fit into what was deemed to be the norm of two best friends and it had earned them some confused looks or silly comments from others in the past, but all in all, Harry was happy and Y/N was too.
He spent a lot of time with the person he cared for the most, and even if he wasn’t allowed to kiss or hold her like he was itching to, it was just as he’d written in a song once: “A little bit was all he was asking for.”

Things were particularly hard in December, though.
The nights were long and cold, leaving a burning sensation in his chest as well as goosebumps all over his arms. The want for someone to hold on to, specifically for her, grew and grew, to the point where it almost hurt and there were many morning he left the bed without having slept for a moment. 
The days weren’t much better, either. It snowed constantly and the sun left London’s cloudy sky shortly after 4 in the afternoon. And with all the lights decorating everybody’s home and the Christmas songs playing on repeat no matter which radio station he happened to be listening to, Harry’s heart hurt with the disappointment over how lonely he always was. 

“Earth to Harry.”

Her voice pulled him out of his thoughts and upon looking at her, his heart fluttered. She was breathtaking. He recognized the jumper she was wearing as one he’d gotten for her, well, technically he’d gotten it for himself but when he’d shown it to her she’d loved it so much he’d gifted it to her without a second thought. It suited her better than it would’ve suited him anyway, and to see her all cozy and comfortable warmed his heart.
Her body lay comfortably on his couch, her socked feet propped up in his lap and when his eyes locked with her pretty ones, she gave him the sweetest smile a person could wear. 
It’s unfair, Harry thought, she didn’t for a minute give me a chance to not fall in love with her.

“Is everything alright, H?” Even her voice was soft. Harry sighed.

He nodded and when his fingers found her feet to slowly massage them, she stifled a giggle, all worry leaving her expression. 

“M’fine, love. A little caught up in my head, but… s’all okay. What about you? Comfy?”

“I’m good,” Y/N replied, before holding out one hand for him to take, a gesture he happily complied to, “I’m always good when you’re around.” 

The second phrase she uttered quietly, a little as if she hoped he couldn’t hear. His heart dropped and with flushed cheeks his eyes left her face and instead focused on her fingers.

“What’s got you all stuck in that head of yours?” Y/N pressed on. 

Her fingers felt warm in his grasp and he loved how the tiniest hint of a blush crept onto her cheeks when his thumb drew a small heart into her palm. The closest he’d ever got to tell her how he felt, Harry thought grimly.

“I’m wondering why you’re not going to be with me on Christmas.” 

Y/N winced.
It was an unpleasant topic for either of them, one that brought a lot of unspoken disappointment and let down to the pair. In fact, when she’d first said no to his invitation for Christmas eve, he’d been so baffled that he’d had to ask her to repeat herself and after hearing her rejection a second time, he’d found it difficult to talk to her for the rest of the evening.

“I’m sorry.” 

The quiet words tumbling from her lips made him feel like crap. His constant whining had painted a frown onto her pretty face and when her eyes went as far as getting glossy, he pushed himself up with a sense of guilt so strong it made him sick. Harry’s body got dangerously close as he let himself fall on top of her chest carefully and between her open arms.

“No, I’m sorry,” he hushed, “You’ve got that thing with your friends and I shouldn’t be an arse about it. S’just… I’d really like it if we’d be together whilst celebrating, you know? It’ll feel wrong with you not around and to be honest m’a bit bummed out by it.”

“I know,” Y/N sighed, “I am, too, Harry, and honestly I would so much rather be with you than with my friends. But we made those plans ages ago and I can’t just bail on them.”

“You’re a good friend.”

“I think your point was that I’m a shitty friend,” she giggled softly, then added, “We can meet up the day after.”

She sighed upon feeling his nod against her neck and hear chest tightened when he laughed against her collarbones.

“Of course, yeah. We’ll meet after.”

And just like that, they were once again in a position other best friends probably wouldn’t end up in, and when Y/N slung her arms around Harry’s shoulders, it was clear that they wouldn’t be moving out of each other’s reach anytime soon.


There were moments where it annoyed Y/N how ridiculously crazy she was about her best friend. But who could blame her? 
Whenever she walked into a room, she could be certain to have his eyes follow every move she made, every breath she took and once she let her own orbs find his, they would both find themselves smiling uncontrollably. 
The people around them knew as well. Hard not to nice since it wasn’t everyday you saw two people give each other the kind of looks and secret glances that held nothing but pure wonder. Their expressions were ones of surprise, not because they couldn’t understand why their hearts had decided to fall for the other, but because their chests ached with the amount of love they felt. They cared about the other so deeply, at first it had come almost as a shock to their systems. Harry blushed at the mere thought of her while Y/N’s heart jumped whenever somebody mentioned his name.
Why they didn’t just confess to each other nobody in their friendship group understood and there’d been plenty of plans to play secret match maker with the two, but after years of friendship they also felt like it wasn’t their choice to make for the pair.

And it was because of that affection she held for him, that Y/N wished she would’ve agreed to spend Christmas at Harry’s. That, and because her friends never showed up.
The party they were meant to attend was set in the north of London and in a club Y/N had never been to before. It was packed with people and the moment she’d set foot into the venue somebody thrusted a drink into her hand and about three others offered her something to smoke. 
The cigarettes she declined and the drink she set down on one of the tables.
She wasn’t naive enough to consume something she’d been given by a stranger. 
It wasn’t at all the christmasy party she’d expected and hoped for. People wore reindeer antlers as well as red Santa hats and there were remixes of Christmas songs blasted through the speakers, but other than that it was nothing like she’d been told it would be. It wasn’t cozy, it wasn’t small and above all, there was nobody around that she knew.
Y/N hated it. This wasn’t how she wanted to spend Christmas. 
Close to tears Y/N did the only thing she could think of doing, the only thing she hoped would help her flee the uncomfortable situation. Shakily she pulled out her phone and began dialing the familiar number, before pushing her way to the very back of the club and into a narrow hallway where it was somewhat quieter.

She knew he was having a small get together himself, that his sister, his mother and several friends of his were over. So him noticing her call was unlikely and a desperate attempt that promised little help. Y/N whimpered and brushed her free hand over her forehead. 
She would leave a message, she decided, one he would hopefully hear before tomorrow. Oh god, what was she supposed to do all alone at a club full of wasted strangers?


Y/N could have cried with relief upon hearing his voice.

“I didn’t think you’d pick up.”

Harry chuckled lowly. “I’m the shitty type of son who doesn’t switch of his phone during Christmas.“

There was the sound of laughter in the background, probably his mother, and Y/N’s heart sank. She was ruining everything for him.

“To my great luck,” she sighed and before she knew it the first tears spilled over and onto her flushed cheeks. 

“What’s up, baby?” Harry cooed playfully, unaware of just how upset his best friend was, “Already regretting saying no to me and instead going partying with you friends? Or are you calling me to rub it in my face that you’re having a great time without me?”

“As if,” Y/N hiccupped, “They never showed, Harry. And now I’m stuck in a club I don’t know and I’m alone and there are so many drunk people dressed up as santa and I- Harry, I know it’s Christmas and I’m so sorry but could you please come pick me up? I’m a shit friend to even ask and you’re busy, but please, I don’t want to be here, Harry.”

Y/N was full on sobbing by this point. Her voice was shaking and some of the words she said didn’t even sound right and were swallowed by a sob. Harry already reached for his keys. When he spoke next his voice was tense and heavy with worry for her.

“Of course, Y/N, absolutely. M’on my way, alright? Don’t you worry. Message me your location and I’ll be there.”

Harry glanced at his mother. She was standing by his side and up until now she’d been chatting with one of his bandmates, but now she was looking at him with worry in her eyes. 

“It’s Y/N,” Harry explained without hanging up the phone, “She needs me to go get her. I’ll be back in a bit. Sorry, mom.”

He kissed her cheek quickly before making his way to the door, already pulling on a jacket. One glance at his phone told him that Y/N was a good twenty minute car ride away. He even knew that club.

“I got your message,” Y/N heard Harry say, and when he added that he would be with her in twenty minutes, probably fifteen, more tears fell from her eyes. This time they were happy ones, at least.

“Thank you. You’re the best friend anyone could ask for, Harry. Truly, you are.”

Harry sighed and momentarily his eyes squeezed shut. “M’getting into my car now, baby. Okay? And m’on my way. Please just- please don’t cry, love, yeah? You’re not going to be in that situation for much longer. I’m coming for you, yeah?” 

“Yes, okay,” he heard her say quietly, “I’ll meet you by the entrance?”

“Perfect. S’it okay if I hang up? I got to focus properly whilst driving. Snow and all.” 

“Sure,” she nodded, a smile making the tears disappear from her face, “see you in a bit then.”

“See you in a moment, love.”

It took him half the amount of time he’d expected to reach the club where his girl was, partly because it was Christmas Eve and people were home with their families and not driving around London, but also because of how he was pushing the tempo limit. He knew he ought to be cautious, but knowing that Y/N was in distress, he could’t help himself from pushing his foot onto the gas.
His heart ached at the thought of his Y/N afraid and alone in a club full of drunks. 

Y/N’s stomach fluttered and her heart-speed increased when she recognized the black car pulling up and her feet hurried towards him the moment he stepped out of his vehicle. He already held out his arms for her to jump into. 

“Thank you,” she sighed into his neck and another sob fell from her trembling mouth.

Harry didn’t reply, but wrapped her up and pressed her to his chest, utterly relieved to see her safe. His lips found her temple, her forehead and finally her cheeks, warming her soul.

“I’m sorry I made you come and get me, Harry.”

He shushed her quietly. “So glad you rang me. M’always just a phone call away for you, Y/N. And I’d come get you no matter what time or day it is.” 

Her hold around him tightened and he whimpered when her lips found the spot right below his ear and when she even dared to poke the skin with her tongue, his knees weakened. 

“Can I come to yours?” Y/N whimpered against his ear, “Or has the offer expired?”

A chuckle shook his chest. “Of course you’re still welcome to celebrate Christmas with me.”

Upon stepping into Harry’s warm flat, Y/N was greeted with hugs and kisses on both of her cheeks. Harry’s mother handed her the cup of tea she’d prepared for her and held ready and his friends reached out to greet her and engage her in their conversations. 
Nobody commented on her late arrival, her flushed cheeks and puffy eyes or on the fact that Harry was holding on to her the whole time. When they entered the flat, he’d been holding her hand, fingers intertwined loosely and when he had to let her go so she could say hello to everyone, his hand remained on her back. The moment she sat down on his couch, he followed and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Y/N didn’t seem to mind, of course she didn’t, and when she leaned into his body or stole a kiss to his cheek, most of their friends turned to look away, the moment too private and innocent as that they felt comfortable enough to stare at them.
Harry’s chest could’ve burst with golden butterflies symbolizing how incredibly happy he was. 

They ate dinner with everybody settled on chairs around the small Christmas tree, shared jokes and at some point Anne told parts of the Christmas story, simply because it was a tradition.

“You’ve got a lovely tree, H. Love how colourful you decorated it!” 

“Thanks, Kate,” Harry smiled at his friend, “But the compliment should really go to Y/N. She did all the decorating and was the one who picked out the tree in the first place.” 

“Oh, so you two are finally a couple, then? Took you long enough to tell her, mate. Jeez.” Jim, Harry and Y/N’s mutual friend, spoke casually with his eyes fixed on the biscuits he had on his plate, completely oblivious to the numerous stares of shock and amusement that were set on him as he was busy deciding which he would eat next. “And Y/N? You’re awful at hiding your feelings, love.”

It was as if somebody had emptied a bucket of ice water over her head and Y/N hid her burning cheeks in Harry’s neck, who, for some reason, felt nothing but joy. 
Of course he was in love with her, and of course none of his friends had stayed oblivious to it. And frankly, Harry was sick of not having Y/N as his girlfriend.

“Thanks, mate,” Harry replied lightly, “Know I should’ve told her ages ago.” 

And when his arms cuddled Y/N further into his chest and their friends quickly changed the subject, one of them even swatted the back of Jim’s head, Y/N felt herself relax as well. 
Harry hadn’t disagreed with Jim, hadn’t laughed or shrugged it off. He’d… admitted it hadn’t he?

“I really do fancy you,” Harry muttered into her ear, soothing the tiniest bit of doubt in her mind, “And maybe it’s the christmas spirit that got to me or it’s because m’so damn happy you’re here after all, that I don’t mind you knowing.”

“I reckon it’s the eggnog you drank,” Y/N joked quietly.

Their eyes met, the red painting their cheeks darkened and when she leaned up to press her mouth to his softly, they pulled apart with a shy giggle. 

“I fancy you, too, Harry.”

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Christmas Harry

Shakespeare (Part X)

(Banner made by the incredibly talented @tiostyles)

Harry X Reader (AU)

In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.

Read previous parts here.

Author’s note: This is it. This is the final part. Thank you all so much for sticking around and supporting me and giving me your honest thoughts. I wouldn’t have come this far without you. All the love. Xx

It’s four-thirty in the morning.

You notice the time passively. It’s the least of your worries. You’ve been tossing and turning, in and out of sleep for the past couple hours. Harry is sprawled out across the mattress on his stomach. His legs are spread, arms outstretched. One hangs limply over your waist. He’s facing you and his cheek is pressed against his pillow, lips parted, hair disheveled. You’ve been staring at him for twenty minutes, thankful that he hasn’t woken up to your probing eyes.

He smells just as he always has when you finally shift into his body, settling your forehead against his shoulder and letting your eyes rest closed. His arm curls around you and you bask in the essence of him—the soft snores and rolling heat. You’re not sure when you’ll get to be this close again.

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Whatever It Takes: Chapter 1

ACOTAR Figure Skating AU

Summary: Nesta firmly believes that if you want something, you have to work your ass off for it. And she wants a National title attached to her name. But when her coach decides that a change in discipline is what Nesta needs, she’s far from impressed. Now, instead of training as a ladies single skater, she has to switch gears and skate as a pairs skater. And her partner? Someone she can’t stand. Non other then cocky, flirtatious, former Men’s skater Cassian.
Edited by: @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie

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Nesta pulled her laces tight, tying a bow at the top. She stood up, bending slightly at the ankles to make sure her skates were nice and snug. When she was satisfied, she sat back on the bench, leaning against the wall.

She normally wasn’t one to be tired at early morning practice. She’d trained her body over the years to follow a strict schedule. She went to bed at ten every night and woke up at four in morning, giving her exactly six hours of sleep. When she was up, she went about the same routine Monday through Saturday. Early morning practice, off-ice practice, gym workout or ballet class, another on-ice practice, then home for bed. She had followed that schedule for most of her skating career.

Yet, she couldn’t help but feel the exhaustion set in on her shoulders that particular morning, making her eyes droop and her limbs feel heavy.

To say practice had been hell lately would be an understatement. Nesta pushed herself harder than she ever had before. After Nationals, she took about a week off before she put herself back on her intense schedule once more.

If you want something, they have to work your ass off for it. And Nesta wanted a National title attached to her name.

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sugar || bill skarsgård

description: in which you wake him him in the most wonderful way imaginable

requested by: anonymous

warnings: smut, very brief choking, swearing, oral (female on male)

It was early. 

How early, you weren’t entirely sure. But the sun still had yet to rise, leaving the sky an odd periwinkle color, casting the tiniest bit of dim light into the quiet bedroom. You hadn’t been awake for very long, but the moment your eyes fluttered open, you had instantly become aware of something. 

Your body was running warm. Feverish, almost. It was growing increasingly harder to ignore it, especially as impatience began to eat away at you. With each passing moment, desperation began to crawl beneath your skin, like an itch that you just couldn’t scratch. 

Your only dilemma? The only one who could take care of your little issue was, unfortunately, sound asleep beside you. 

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Stranger Sex || Taehyung

Request - 1. hey i would like to request a taehyung x reader smut, a detailed smut..hihi where both of them are kind of stranger, may be in a police station or hospital but not  a club plz ☺️ and a rough smut with fluffy ending? thanks.. 

                2. 5,8 and 10 with taehyung, a fluffy rough smut ?? thanks            

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Drabbles - 5. “Shut up and marry me.”
                  8. “More kisses please.”
                10. “Let me taste you.”

Genre - Smut

Summary - Just take the title literally.

You groaned as you felt the blanket getting pried off you and get thrown somewhere into the air, Jimin yelling at the top of his voice, ‘Y/N, get up!’ You tossed and turned, trying to get even a second of warmth but to no avail.

‘Jimin~’ You whined, your face dug deep into the pillow, muffling your voice, your one eye opened to glare at him. He smirked at you, as he stood at the foot of your bed, his hands propped up at each side of his waist.

'You’re really lonely, Y/N. And today, we end that.’ He announced and you felt your heart drop. He was probably going to set you up on a blind date, again. The last time he had tried that, the night ended in you emptying the contents of your wine glass onto your date as he was a kind of pervert you never knew could exist.

'But why? I’m happy being alone. Besides, I have you.’ You gave him a cheeky smile, which soon faltered as his gaze turned sharp, giving you a very disappointed look.

'I have a girlfriend whose needs I already tend to. I don’t want another one.’ He crossed his arms over his chest, and you huffed, knowing it was the end of the discussion.

You pushed yourself up, your hair haphazardly resting on your head, and your shoulders already slumping forward at the loss of balance.

Jimin held you up, him sighing in exasperation, 'C'mon now. I know you will enjoy today if you just come with me.’ He picked you up, and took you into the bathroom before placing your feet down and leaving to let you freshen up. Once you did, you came out, only to see your outfit already placed for you on the bed. You examined it, and then you noticed the combination of the pants and tank top; you were going to dance.

Jimin pulled you in to a room filled with people sweating, so much that you could feel the humidity in the air, you inwardly belching at the smell. You looked at the back of his head as he led you to a corner  'Why?’ You whispered, giving a betrayed look to him.

He stopped, only to have you bump lightly against his back, making you rub your nose. You looked down, as you played with your feet, before you heard Jimin saying out your name making you look back up. At the same time, he moved away, as he turned to look at you, to reveal the person he was talking to.

'Y/N, this is Kim Taehyung. He is the dance instructor here…’ and after that, you heard nothing as your surroundings completely melted away, only the man, or to mention, the dangerously charming man stood in front of you. That’s it, you decided, Kim Taehyung in a white sweatshirt with a slit near the collar and baggy pants was your new aesthetic.

'Y/N?’ You felt a hand shake your shoulder, making you come into your senses, your face flushing as you noticed you had been staring at the dance instructor the entire time Jimin was talking.

'Yeah, um- sorry..’ You looked away, flustered, the boys chuckling at you.

'It’s alright, it happens.’ Taehyung smiled adorably at you and you widened your eyes: Oh my god, you internally screamed, his voice!

You laughed your embarrassment away as you tucked a stray strand of hair behind you ear. You couldn’t lie, he got you good.
You watched him stretch his hand and motion for somebody to come over. In seconds, a boy, not many years younger than you, ran over. Taehyung wrapped an arm around the boy’s shoulder, his shoulder just millimeters below Taehyung’s. But instead of greeting him, you began chanting a mantra in your head: Please don’t be gay, please don’t be gay, please-

'Y/N, meet my younger brother, Jungkook.’ Jungkook smiled at you cutely, his nose wrinkling as he stretched a hand towards you, 'Hi, Y/N!’

You let out a long breath, 'Hello,’ You replied, shaking his hand. Internally rejoicing, you loved how both the brothers had killer looks.

As the ice breaking session slowly turned to secret messages sent by eye contact between you and Taehyung, Jimin decided to let you two talk, making sure to send a wink to your direction before leaving.

'So, have you danced before?’ Taehyung’s voice immediately sounded the moment Jimin had left. You giggled, 'No. Well, I learn what Jimin choreographs every now and then, but I wouldn’t call myself a dancer.’ You said genuinely. His lips stay curled into a sweet smile but you couldn’t help but take notice of the mischievous glint he held in his brown orbs.

'Would you care to join…personal sessions- if you are interested, that is.’ Your eyes widened slightly as he mentioned 'personal sessions’, your mind wandering to all kinds of personal things.

'And how specifically ‘personal’ are we talking here?’ You challenged him, your posture changing. He took notice and took a step forward, extending a hand in front of you which you gladly accepted and the other around your waist, as he looked around, 'We can decide that right now if you want. And begin today maybe?’ He looked down at you with a playful smile, as he glided along with you around the room, catching everybody’s eye.

The room soon erupted in cheers as you danced with him to the song that blared through the speakers. You barely had to move, as Taehyung was doing that for you, his hands either pushing your waist gently to the gradually changing bass of the music, or pulling you close, your bodies sensually inter wined in a lovely Kizomba dance.

'Should I take you grinding against me, as a yes then?’ He whispered seductively into your ear, and it took you all your will power to not pull him out of the room and into somewhere secluded.

'Well, how do I know that once everybody’s gone, you’re not going to just rape me and leave me to die?’ You asked, as he pushed you away from his body to let you twirl, him laughing at your question, before he held you again, his lips next to your ear, 'You have a very…active imagination, Kitten.’

You let your body drop into his hand, as he dipped you to the floor and brought you back up with enough force that your lips almost touched, 'You are a stranger after all,’ You breathed onto his lips and he smirked.

'That’s what makes it, all the more fun.’ He moved his hand which was on your back, so that it rested right above your ass.

'Consider it done then.’ You told him, and he let you dip one last time, before bringing you back close to his body, both of your breathing in sync and labored as the room erupted in loud cheers and claps.

'That was very interesting to watch, Y/N.’ Jimin remarked as you stood next to him, packing your bag. You laughed, 'It’s going to get even more interesting later.’ You winked at him, and he raised an amused eyebrow.

'What are you talking about?’ He asked you, and you couldn’t help but let out a cheery laugh at his expression.

'I won’t be coming with you tonight. I have other…plans.’ You flashed an embarrassed smile and it took a few seconds before it clicked to Jimin. He laughed, his hand covering his mouth in an attempt to shush himself.

As you walked Jimin to the door, he leaned in to your ear, 'Make sure you use protection, alright?’ He joked, and ran out the door before you had the chance to smack his arm. The last one to leave was Jungkook, who (surprisingly) had a date to not be late to.

'Don’t break anything!’ Jungkook yelled loudly, making you blush and Taehyung chuckle, before leaving. You turned around to see Taehyung already staring at you, biting his lip as he kept watching you.

'Are you going to do something about that, or should I help you?’ You pointed at the tent that had already begun to form under his pants, him doing absolutely nothing to hide it.

'Why don’t you come over here, love.’ Just then, a song began playing, which you identified as Gangtsa by Kehlani. Smart choice.

As you took steps closer to him, he mirrored you, until you both had come to the center of the room, your bodies still inches away. He stared at your lips with hunger, as you stared back at his.

His hand snaked around your waist, tugging you closer, your hips attached to his as he leaned in, but did not close the gap between your lips.

Let me taste you,’ You brought your hand up to his face, tracing his hairline from his ear to his jawline, before trailing to his lips which parted beautifully, as his bulge pressed against your thigh, begging for attention.

You closed the distance between the two of you, your lips molding in a hot, sensual kiss as he let his hand dig into the skin under your tank top at your waist. Your hand which had reached the back of his head, tugged at the brown locks, making him groan into your mouth as you took his bottom lip in between your teeth.

You noticed the table behind him, and an idea lit in your head. You brought your hands to his chest, before pushing him backwards, you keeping an arm’s distance between both your bodies while he let you guide him towards the table.

The moment the back of his thighs touched the furniture, he spun you around, and picked you up, placing you on the table, the swift movement surprising you, a gasp leaving your lips. He put his palms against your ass, pulling you forward, letting you feel his bulge right at the spot, making you let out a soft moan at the friction he had caused.

He leaned in, but did not kiss you, instead, delved into the nape of your neck, attacking the skin with suction and open mouthed kisses, as his eyes went to the mirror, portraying your back. He pulled away, and immediately reached for the hem of your tank top, you getting rid of your sports bra with slight difficulty.

'Eager, are we?’ He teased, but he had to let his eyes roam the perfect view your bare chest gave him. He let out a hiss, as he felt your hand boldly palming him through the pants, making him almost rip it away. He stood in his boxers, as he smiled sheepishly at you, you giving it a glance before looking back at him with an amused look.

'You love Eevee a lot, huh?’ You chuckled, referring to the pokémon printed on his boxers.

'Everybody has a fetish, okay?’ He placed his hand at your neck, wrapping it gently before leaning and kissing your swollen lips. His hand went to the back of your neck, his head angling to deepen the kiss, his tongue ravaging in your mouth, you letting him take the win.

His hand roamed your body, his slender fingers taking possession of your pink bud, before giving it a light squeeze and pulling it, a moan erupting from your throat in response. He pulled you closer and you leaned backwards, giving him more access to your chest, his mouth placing wet kisses all around your breasts, and in between them before kneeling down to reach in between your thighs. He pulled your pants down with so much force you thought they had torn.

You rested on your elbows, although it pained you, the amount of pleasure he let course through your body was nothing compared to the pain as his teeth nipped at the skin inside your thighs. He placed a chaste kiss on your clit before running his tongue the whole length of your sex, one of your hands going to his hair.

Your moans become louder as his tongue increased the pace, it beginning to flick your clit as you felt the familiar knot forming in your stomach, his finger making its way inside you.

As he scissored you, and stimulated your clit at the same time, you felt your body shaking as your orgasm came close, 'Tae-’

'Come for me, baby girl.’ He let you know, and you clenched around his fingers before waves of pleasure crashed inside you, making you let out a long moan, his name coming along with it.

But he didn’t stop. He got up, and brought his finger up to his mouth, his lips wrapping around them, sucking your remnants: a sight to behold. He hummed in acknowledgment, 'You taste exotic, Y/N..’

His finger found your clit, making you jolt backwards at the sudden sensation, 'Tae- too- too much- ah!’ You groaned as he rubbed agonizingly slow circles against your clit, your legs already beginning to shake at the over stimulation. You heard him click his tongue, 'Ah, you can do much better than this, Kitten. Trust me~’ He sang, before pulling his boxers down, his erection springing free.

You closed your eyes instantly as you felt his tip kiss your entrance, your heart fluttering yet your core dripping with anticipation. He teased you, his fingers still moving in a slow pace, as he remained arrogant and oblivious to your need.

'Taehyung please-’ He leaned forward and placed a peck on your lips.

'Hmm?’ He let out a deep chuckle, finding your current situation very enlightening.

'Please what, baby?’ He asked and you didn’t care if you were begging or not, because at this point, you just wanted him inside you.

You opened your eyes briefly, but just enough to let you see him clearly and him you, 'Fuck me, Taehyung.’ You said as you made a mental note to thank Jimin later.

His eyes widened, and the way you had just asked him to fuck you, he was too turned on by it, to the point where he questioned himself if he was having a horny dream or not.

'Shit.’ He cursed, before slamming into you, both of you groaning at the sensation. He didn’t let you adjust to his size, before he began pounding into you mercilessly, the room echoing with the sound of his skin slapping yours.

You wrapped your legs tight around his waist, as his fingers began moving faster against your clit, his other hand holding your wrists above your head.
He closed the gap between you, taking your lips in an open mouthed kiss. He pulled away and gave you a smile, which had you melting into the table, ’More-fuck -kisses please.’ You grunted and he laughed before complying to your request.

He came back up, letting go of your wrists as he felt himself come close with you, 'Come here,’ He took your hand and helped you stand on the floor, turning you around so you were facing the mirror.

'Can you see?’ He whispered, bringing his member back to your entrance.

'Perfectly.’ You stared at him, as he let himself enter you, his eyes staring with more intensity at you.

He pounded into you again, the knot forming in your stomach, as your second orgasm approached. You leaned against the table more, your elbows almost touching the surface, as you felt him graze your sweet spot inside you, making you push your hips back into his.

'Ah, fuck, baby, you feel so good around me.’ He grunted as his hand came up before colliding flush against your cheek, a pang of pain making it’s way up your spine, turning into pleasure mid way, you responding with a whimper.

You felt his thrusts get untimely and irregular, as you clenched yourself around his member, his hands groping at your cheeks, exchanging gazes between watching you on the mirror and his member getting in and out of you.

He groaned, as he released inside you, you coming not long after. You clenched yourself around him again before your voice turned to hitched breaths. He pulled out of you, him catching your waist as your legs gave up under your weight. He helped you sit on the table again, as he brought your body closer to his in a sweaty embrace.

'I may not be a good dancer but-’ You started, and he pulled away before placing a peck on your lips, his eyes lighting up with mirth, ’Shut up and marry me already.’

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Hugging in Overwatch

Soldier 76: We all saw his perfect hug form in the Hero short. He’s hard and cold on the outside, but Morrison’s a huge softy deep down who enjoys a little love. He could probably use a hug anyway, preferably from behind so you can get a nice feel of those glorious shoulders. Bet his jacket feels cool against skin. He’ll likely pull you in tightly and pat your head as a secret vow of protection. 

Reaper: Reaper desperately needs a hug, even if he’ll be put off by it at first. His form might not be solid enough to accept hugs but once you get past the leather and smoke, there’s some sort of soft concrete form to hang onto, no matter how off it might feel. He’ll be hesitant to hug back and will probably just give you a soft pat on the shoulder to let go. He’ll be thinking about it for the rest of the day.

Tracer: She’s just as eager to hug as you are, good luck getting a hold of her though. Tracer is the dog pile variant of huger, extremely dangerous and unpredictable as your feet are thrown out from you from her zipping into existence. Surprise hugs are the best hugs in her book, even if they sometimes involve the floor.

Genji: His body is cold but his heart sure isn’t. Genji really appreciates physical contact in his new form and his few organic parts get all fluttery from something as sweet as a hug. He’s a fan of the behind and around the waist types, chin resting on shoulder. He’ll even remove his face plate just so you know he’s smiling.

McCree: Strong-Arms-McCree isn’t use to hugs beyond a firm shoulder squeeze, but giving him a full on bear hug is the best way to go and he’ll quickly return it by gripping you just as a roughly. His hugs are aggressive but loving and playful. If he’s got liquor in his system, he’ll give you huge, smothering hugs without any preamble. Sometimes kisses if he really likes you.

Sombra: Hugs feel kind of weird to her what with all the implants not making contact with something mechanical, though she supposes it’s fine. Also doesn’t like to get her hair ruined though she won’t hesitate if you go for it first. Try with a nice, soft hug around the waist and she’ll return it. She probably won’t even hesitate to kiss you if she’s really interested, just a quick peck on the forehead or boop on the nose. If you hear a faint typing noise, get away.

Pharah: When it comes to providing any sort of physical constant, Fareeha isn’t familiar with anything beyond a firm handshake and salute. She’ll be put off guard by a hug and engaging in one with her are rather uniform and stiff, as if she’s trying to get it just right. Overtime, she’ll become more comfortable and give you strong and supportive hugs around the shoulders with a warm welcome.

Torbjörn: His height might involve some crouching though it only makes it easier to fully embrace Torb in a hug. He’s small but bulky and can give some surprisingly strong and affectionate hugs to anyone in need. He is a father after all and loves some good old affection every now and then if he isn’t smothering his turrents.

Widowmaker: She’s foreign to any sort of warmth so hugs might catch her off guard. But if she does accept, expect a hug that’s as long and elegant as she is, taking full control and capturing you in a cuddly web. Her hair is very soft and the coolness of her skin is actually kind of nice. You might need to worry if her hands settle around your neck.

Mei: Just the sweetest, softest choice for a hug. Mei is a fan of the cold, but the warmth of being embraced is something she adores. She gets really into it though and will be dominating by the end, rocking you back and forth as she coos sweet things in Mandarin. She’s just a huge cuddle bug, really.

Junkrat: Yes, he may be insane but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve hugs. It’s the only time he’ll stand still, really, and he’s bound to get all emotional and bury his face into your chest like a shy puppy. His hair nearly makes your clothes catch on fire. Very sweet and clingy and will softly hum in bliss. You’re gonna have to pry him off yourself though if Roadhog doesn’t do it.

Bastion: With one hand and one gun arm and a huge, bulky body, Bastion is pretty bad at the whole hugging thing. Otherwise, he really enjoys them. But don’t worry, simply talking to him or laying next to his turret form is enough for him to get all beepy. Also pats on the head are appreciated. 

Hanzo: He’ll insist he doesn’t like hugging and certainly won’t be the first to provoke it, especially since displays of affection aren’t really his thing. Once you’re alone and comfortable, he might give you a quick but meaningful hug with his eyes closed and you just close enough to feel his beard against your skin..and breakaway as if it never happened. Don’t bother bringing it up, he’ll deny it. He doesn’t know you.

D.Va: Miss Song is actually quite affectionate with fans and won’t mind blowing kisses and giving out quick hugs if she’s asked. She’s small and bouncy but getting her to stand still is pretty easy if you ask politely. She’s smaller than most people so she’ll appreciate resting her head against your chest or standing on her tip toes to get in closer. Anything for her fans.

Orisa: “Would you like a hug” is literally one of her voice lines. Of course she’d love a hug! Similar to Bastion, she is rather large though her heart is just as solid. You probably won’t even need to ask her directly, just generally move in her direction with a sad face and she’ll sweep you up immediately for a comforting but not too smothering embrace. Be careful though, she doesn’t quite know her own strength. 

Zarya: She will hug you like big Siberian Bear, no? Zarya is an intimidating option but that strong body can be awfully plushy in the right situation. Zarya is the one who loves to dominate the hugs, surprising you by lifting you off the ground and swinging you back in forth. You’re not sure if this is a display of affection or her strength. 

Roadhog: Roadhog definitely knows how to hug and hug well. This will likely be a full on tummy hug, but he thinks its sweet and will lean down to wrap his big arms around you. Really easy to get smothered but it isn’t the worse thing ever. Expect really heavy pats on the back that knock the wind out of you.

Winston: He’s a scientist very fond of the science of affection. He’ll be put off guard at first but will laugh and give you a big, loving hug that has you buried deep into his fur. He smells like peanut butter and apologizes about it but you think it’s just fine.

Reinhardt: Hugs make Reinhardt feel energized, he thrives off affection. There’s a ten out of ten chance you’re much smaller than him, so know you won’t be taking charge of this one. Similar to Zarya, he’s all about sweeping you off your feet and throwing you around as if you weigh nothing. Don’t expect him to let go for very long, you’re gonna be perched on his shoulder for at least the next ten minutes as his little buddy.

Ana: As a mother, Ana knows plenty about hugging. She has a touch only a woman her age seems to carry, very soft and gentle and having a certain way of squeezing the sadness out of you. Kisses on the forehead and the most sincere compliments are bound to ensue. You might find candy in your pocket later.

Symmetra: Sophisticated and stoic, getting a hug out of Satya is a challenge. If you manage to get her out of her comfort zone to accept you touching her in such a way, expect something surprisingly sentimental and warm, even with the artificial arm. Has she been practicing? She seems to have this whole process memorized from the way to rock you back and forth, softly hum, and the perfect moment to let you go. You won’t see her face for a minute, but she’ll be smiling softly the whole time.

Mercy: Hugs are verified medical procedures, right? In a very kind and motherly fashion, she’s very fond of soft rocking as she rests her cheek on your head and says the nicest things. Angela’s favorite way to greet people actually is hugging though can’t always take part in it due to her professional environment.

Lucio: Much like D.Va, Lucio adores his fans and will embrace them in big warm hugs as quickly as possible. With the roller blades on, his speed will certainly be a benefactor to how much of a push you’ll be receiving from a charging collision. But you don’t mind, you laugh and he laughs and you feel so happy and whole just from the contact.

Zenyatta: Don’t hug an Omnic? Silly! Zenny loves hugs and similar to Mercy, he finds them to be a spiritual and healthy way to relieve stress. He’ll hug you all day if you want. He’ll let you rest your head in his lap. He doesn’t care as long as your comfortable and in harmony with the moment. 

Sunday Morning Series

Plans for Christmas

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A/N: the gif has no real relation other than he looks fucking gorgeous! Also, please feel free to send any ideas or prompts for my future instalments!

Warnings: none for this one! Enjoy :)


It’s the last week in November and the vast change in temperature is a clear sign that winter is well and truly here. Tugging your jacket tighter round your body, a puff of breath visible in the cold air, you walk briskly along the busy street. Taking note of the bright Christmas decorations that have seemingly popped up in the past week throughout the various shops, you stop at a pedestrian crossing, waiting until the light turns green to cross. Living right in the centre of the city has its advantages, meaning you were within easy access of any shop, restaurant or amenity you could possibly need.

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Breaking Point | Spencer Reid |

In which Spencer loses it over a breakup.

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She hadn’t meant for him to react this way. She was simply trying to be a good friend, to comfort him when she knew he was hurting. No one would have predicted such an explosive reaction. Not from Spencer.

“So what if I thought the world of them? Does it matter that their voice was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard? Did it matter that I’d never felt closer to anything on this earth than I did when my skin grazed theirs? Do you think it would have made a difference if I hadn’t seen them underneath the moonlight and thought they were painstakingly beautiful? Do you think it matters that they were all I ever wanted? All I ever needed?


“So what if they hurt me? Made me feel like I was crumbling to pieces? So what if I’ve spent the past two weeks crying and screaming until I have no voice? I’m no victim. I saw the same way they fell apart. Do you expect me to be that foolish? To believe that it was just them in the wrong? To believe the classic “it’s not you, it’s me” line? When I know I was the one who stopped trying?”

“No, I didn’t mean th-”

“Do you honestly, honestly, expect me to simply move on? When the best damn thing in my life is missing? When this job, this goddamn joke of a job tore them from me? What good does it do me to be out saving others when I can’t save my own relationship? When I can’t save the one good, kind-hearted thing that was ever mine?”

“Spence, I don’t know what to say. I-”

“No, you’re right, Jennifer. You don’t know. You’ll never know because at the end of the day you get to go home to a husband and kids who love you. Meanwhile I go home to an apartment, an apartment that was once so happy, so full of love, and it’s fucking empty.”

JJ stood in silence as she watched Spencer’s chest rise and fall heavily, his lungs burning as his own body felt like it was blazing with pain. The rest of the office was still, their eyes either glued onto him or staring at the floor, feeling ashamed for an unknown reason. Spencer’s fingers rubbed against his eyes in frustration. He couldn’t get their image out of his head. He didn’t want to.

“Where are you going?” JJ asked as Spencer abruptly grabbed his stuff and headed towards the exit. He didn’t turn, didn’t even slow down.

“To win them back.”

i can’t believe i’m doing this

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ps @taylor-tut i finally wrote the thing

sick boy lance and some fluff under the cut

Lance held his head in his hands as it pounded, eyes squeezed shut while the alarm blared in his ears. He knew he should be getting up, getting his armor on, but he was having a hard time even keeping his eyes open with the headache he was sporting, let alone get up and actually move. After a few more rings of the alarm he finally managed to get himself up from his sheets and onto unsteady legs, tugging his armor on as quickly as he could while his body protested. He’d only been on his feet for a few minutes, yet every muscle in him ached for rest and relaxation, begged him to just lay back down.

‘No, I have to go down to the deck.’ He reminds himself, tugging on his helmet before sliding open his door and getting himself down to where the others were waiting for his presence in a half jogging manner. He only slowed once the rest of the team came into view, the lights bright in his eyes and making him wince in pain. “Nice of you to finally join us, sleeping beauty.” Keith snickers, earning a reprimanding glare from Shiro before they turned back to Allura to get the necessary information as to why the alarm went off. “Indeed. Lance, that was much too slow. Had that been an actual alarm, there would be some serious issues.”

“Lo siento, princessa.” He murmurs, feeling the way his brain seemed to throb behind his eyes with each word he spoke and sound he heard. “I have a really bad, uh.. Quiznak, what’s the word…” He felt his mind blanking as he tried to search for the proper term, squeezing his eyes shut momentarily before it finally came to him. “Headache, right, that’s it. My head hurts.”

He noticed Hunk and Shiro giving him looks of concern at the short lapse in memory, to which he returned a weak smile. More than anything he wanted to just go lay down and sleep it off, but he was sure he wasn’t the only person who’d had a headache before on this ship, so he elected to just push through it and get whatever they were doing done.

Allura didn’t pay any mind to the moment of forgetfulness, however, and merely nodded in response to his apology. “Alright, well.. Don’t let it happen again, it’s much less than okay.” She warns before turning to address the entirety of the group. “Today I’m sending you on a small and short practice mission. I’ve set up numerous bots down on the uninhabited planet below. You’ll be treating it like prison break mission, and trying to get all of the bots in the cage free without too much damage. Every prisoner who gets injured or dies in your hands is one punishment or penalty activity.” She explains carefully, pulling up what seemed to be satellite images– or rather, a video feed of the floating hunk of dirt where they would be practicing. “I’ll be watching you all from above, however I will not interfere unless absolutely necessary. I’m sure you all can handle a few bots each, yes?”

Each word Allura spoke felt like a stab to Lance’s head, each syllable twisting the knife around and making the pain worsen. By the time she had finished her explanation his headache had turned into a full blown migraine, pounding against the inside of his skull. No amount of caffeine would help at this point, though he didn’t have time to down a few cups of coffee anyways, or the means to use any of his normal methods. ‘Luckily it’s only a headache,’ He thought to himself as the group headed down to the hangars. 'If it was anything more, I don’t think I would be able to handle it.’

Perhaps he spoke too soon.

As they flew out in some sort of formation Lance could feel each twist and turn in the pit of his stomach, nausea bubbling up as it seemed to do flips every time his lion did. A small, acidic burp escaped him, burning the back of his throat and making his already weak stomach feel even weaker. The little he had eaten before they headed out and the dinner from the night before seemed to be threatening to come up all at once, forcing him to slow a bit as they were coming in to land on the planet.

“Hey Lance, you okay buddy?” Hunk’s voice came through the comm, clearly laced with concern for his friend as he saw the way the Cuban’s normally sun kissed face seemed to pale, and yet flush all at once. “You don’t look so good. Maybe you should head back to the castle?” He suggested after a momentary pause, only growing more concerned with Lance’s slow response time.

“Huh? Oh, no, I’m fine.” Lance waved the suggestion to return to the Castle off almost immediately once Hunk’s words had registered in his aching head, giving him a smile through the screen as they landed. “It’s just my head, I can deal with it.” It wasn’t a total lie, per se– though it wasn’t just his head, he could handle it just fine. He didn’t want to bother anyone with whining about feeling bad or anything, and a headache wasn’t anything to act childishly over! 'WWKD, what would Keith do?… He’d probably just work through it, right? Hell, he’d probably feel better after a workout since all he ever does is fight and train.’ Lance gently snickers to himself at this thought as he grabs his bayard and heads out of Blue to meet the others on the ground, managing to not upheave the entirety of his stomach onto the compact dirt beneath his feet.

“Alright. The cage seems to be in the center of that crudely built base.” Shiro explains once the team had gathered around him, bayards in hand and scowls on their faces for having to go on such a dumb mission. No one expressed this annoyance, however, and opted instead to just listen to Shiro’s spiel of the plan.

Lance, however, could barely focus on the task at hand while his heartbeat seemed to thrum wildly in his skull, blood rushing against his ears while his temples throbbed. His eyes squeezed shut momentarily as he bit back a groan of pain, trying his hardest to just focus, focus, focus–

“–nce? Lance, buddy?” Pidge’s voice rang through his muddled thoughts as clear as a bell, drawing him out of his mind. His fists released from their clenched forms, nails having been dug into his palms to try and quell some of the other pains in his body. “Hi, yeah, sorry, I’m listening.” He managed to rasp out, the words feeling like they clawed their way out of his throat. Since when had his voice gotten that bad?

Shiro shared a concerned glance with Keith and made note that Lance hadn’t tried to give himself any excuses for the zoned out expression he had been sporting just moments before. He then also took note of Lance’s features, paler than his usual tanned complexion, seemingly dull instead of warm, and his eyes had a glassy look to them. This was all extremely worrying, but Lance had only complained of a headache, so he assumed he was just overreacting like a mom. Then Shiro heard Lance’s voice and felt his worry return tenfold.

Lance, on the other hand, seemed to brush off the scratchiness of his voice and just laugh about it, clearing his throat after a moment. “Well, alright. Then me, Keith and Pidge will head in. You two hang back and pick off bots from a distance.” Shiro nods, heading to the makeshift bot base stealthily with the green and red paladins in pursuit. Lance merely nodded and allowed his bayard to form in his hand, feeling the hefty weight of the weapon tug against his arm. Hunk eyed the tanned boy cautiously as he set himself in a good position to take shots at the now swarming bots.

“Good job, paladins.” Allura hisses sarcastically in their ears, watching from above. “You’ve already tripped the alarm and alerted them. This was supposed to be a stealth mission.” Lance simply rolled his eyes at this, which then caused a sudden dizzy spell to come over him, legs going weak and forcing him to cling gently to the rock he stood by. “Lance, are you feeling okay?” Hunk asks, concern clear on his face along with his nervousness.

Lance turned his head to speak but shut his mouth when dark spots began to swirl in his vision, head swimming as he tried to force out a response. He felt his weapon slip from his fingers and clatter to the ground as he stumbled slightly against the rock, only increasing Hunk’s alarm. “Lance? Lance, buddy, talk to me..! Are you alright? What do you need?”

The Cuban felt extremely woozy as he stood on trembling legs, grip on the rock loosening as he realized he wouldn’t be able to make it through this without passing out in some capacity. He took a few shaky steps from the rock to prevent himself from hitting it before turning back to Hunk, a weak smile on his face– or was it a grimace? He couldn’t really tell.

“I don’t feel so good.. I’m really… Mareado…” He managed to choke out to his best friend before his gorgeous blue eyes rolled back into white and his body fell limp to the dirt, black overtaking his sight. The last thing he heard was Hunk calling out for him to stay awake before he completely passed out.

“Lance? Lance?! Stay awake, buddy, you can’t sleep right now. Hey, come on, wake up.. Lance, th-this isn’t funny…” He kneeled down to try and rouse the boy, his shaking and moving of his limp shoulders seeming to do nothing. By this point he was scared, really scared, and he quickly got onto the comms. “Uh, guys? Something’s wrong with Lance– I-I can’t– He won’t wake up, I don’t–”

Shiro heard Hunk’s panicked rambling in his ear and felt his heart drop in his chest, fear taking over as he mentally punched himself for letting the mission continue as it had when Lance was so clearly ill. He shouldn’t have ignored the signs like that, and just told Allura that they couldn’t do the mission, but… Lance seemed okay, and he seemed to want to push himself through whatever he was suffering.

“Hunk, stay calm, what happened?” He replies after a moment, unable to prevent the shake in his words as he starts to run back out to them with the 'prisoner’ bots and the other paladins in tow. “Did he get hit or anything?”

There was a moment of radio silence before Hunk came crackling back on, voice still sounding panicked, though less so, finally responding to the black paladin’s question. “N-No, he seems to be fine..” He mumbles into his comm as he carefully cradles Lance closer to his body in the most protective way possible.

“Alright, just hold on, we’ll be there soon.” Shiro orders, appearing a few minutes later with a worried Pidge and Keith in tow. “How is he? Has he woken up at all?” He questions, kneeling down on the other side of the still unconscious boy and carefully pulling off his helmet. Shiro hisses as his fingers brush against the back of his neck, feeling heat coming off of him in waves. “No, not at all. He’s been out since he dropped.”

Lance’s face was flush with heat, sweat beading up on his forehead while his body trembled with shivers, causing his features to contort slightly in discomfort, which only heightened Shiro’s concern. Quietly he pressed his hand back against his neck, brows knitting together. “He’s on fire.. His fever is really bad. We gotta get him back to the Castle. Allura,” He calls out to the Altean who was stationed above them, just watching silently. “Lance is sick. We’re coming back up.”

“Alright, I’ll let Coran know. We’ll prepare him some medicine. What are his symptoms?” She questions as Shiro carefully scoops Lance into his arms and brings him into the Black lion while Red and Yellow carry Blue back to the Castle ship. Shiro waited until he had the Cuban settled in his lap and he was on the way before replying. “He’s feverish, he seems to have a sore throat, and–”

As if on cue Lance began to cough wetly, bringing himself back to consciousness as he tried to loosen whatever was trapped in his lungs. “Shiro..? Did we free them?” He croaks, earning a sympathetic look from Shiro and a small smile. “Of course. And we couldn’t have done it without you.” He murmurs in response to Lance’s question, gently patting his back and frowning at the heat. How had he gotten this bad without anyone noticing?

As soon as they all landed in their hangars Shiro helped Lance out, one arm around his waist to support his weight while the other’s arm lay around his shoulders. He managed to help him stagger to the makeshift living room and lay him down on the couch while the team gathered pillows and blankets. “Shiro….” He murmurs, looking up at the older paladin with a weak smile. “I feel like shit.”

Shiro smiles gently at this and shakes his head a bit, patting his head as the others finally return and they start gathering on the couch with Lance, snuggling up to him beneath blankets and turning on a movie. “We’ll make sure to get you feeling like your old self soon, don’t you worry.”

“Feel better soon, okay?” Pidge chimes from next to him, looking up at him and tilting her head a little. “And next time don’t try to train while sick, you idiot! You worried us all!”

“Gracias, guys… You’re the best.”

Help Me Get The Girl Part 4 (Grayson Mini-Series)

Description: Grayson seeks out your help to get your friend to fall for him.  In exchange for your help, Grayson promises to take care of your freshman brother when it comes to being bullied.  What you two didn’t know is that even though helping each other would ideally be beneficial, there would be a series of events that would make you two question whether this was a good deal or a disaster in the making.

Word Count: 2,458

Warnings: Language. Talk about sex.

A/N: So this took me like 500 years to write and post.  I truly apologize about the delays in writing this.  I have been super busy this past week.  This part is a big turning point in the series ;) Hope you enjoy it!

Your POV:

As badly as I wanted to avoid Grayson like the plague, I couldn’t be that person.  I couldn’t be the person that ran away and hid in the shadows, waiting for the sun to find me.  After we finished swimming, we hiked back to his place where we relaxed for a bit before I finally made my way home.

               The whole drive home my mind was foggy, my thoughts slamming into each other making it nearly impossible for me to sort out what I was feeling.  Now, here I was walking next to Grace in the hall, not paying attention to a single thing she was saying because I was still confused by what had happened.

               “Have you even been listening to me?” Grace’s voice brought be back to reality just in time to avoid an incoming jock who also wasn’t paying attention to where he was going.  Our shoulders still managed to collide, causing me to instinctively rub the aching area.

               “Yeah,” I absent mindedly responded.  My eyes caught sight of Ethan who was walking our way, his eyes locked on mine and his small smile building into a beam.  “Are we still on for tonight?” I asked Grace, my eyes still on Ethan.

               She let out a deep sigh, “Yeah, but please be mentally present when you come over.  You’re being hella weird right now.”

               “Mhm…” I hummed, walking away without another word.

               “Okay, I’ll see you in the lunch room in a little bit. I can tell that I’m not needed for whatever is about to happen.” She said sarcastically.

               She continued to walk past me as I came to a pause, waiting for Ethan to reach me.  I expected him to say something, but he didn’t.  His hand came up, pushing a hair out of my face and behind my ear. His eyes were pleading, begging for my help but I wasn’t sure why.  He cleared his throat, his head nodding back in a way to signal for me to look. Slightly leaning to the side, I scanned through the hall.  My eyes finally landed on the issue.

               Corrin Pearson.

               Corrin had always had a crush on Ethan.  In her eyes, he was unattainable to everyone but her. Most guys would pounce all over her if given the chance, but neither Ethan nor Grayson gave her a second glance. I had to give her credit though—she had dedication and she hadn’t given up.  I remember her crushing on him before he and I had even become friends.

               “I’m going to kiss you,” Ethan explained.  “You’re going to kiss me back.  She is going to get mad, but I know it’s nothing you can’t handle.” And with that he cupped my face with his hands and gently placed his lips on mine.  My eyes shot open, he hadn’t given me enough time to process what he had said, but I was smart enough to respond, my hands moving to rest on his sides.

               Ethan pulled away after a few seconds, pecking me one more time, his hands taking their time to slide off my cheeks and to his side.  Behind him, Corrin was frozen solid, her jaw dropped to the floor.  Her eyes narrowed in on mine, her fists clenching.  Neither of us would break eye contact, it was the stare down of the year.  I wasn’t about to lose.

               “DOLAN!  Y/L/N! Please just give us all a break for one day.  One day is all I ask.” Mr. Stephens complained, his head falling back against his classroom door.  Both Ethan and I laughed in unison.  The amount of times we got in trouble with Mr. Stephens a week was indescribable.  Mr. Stephens rolled his eyes, returning to his classroom.  This caused Ethan and I to laugh even harder, him bending over, arms wrapped around his stomach.  

               “Yeah, because making out in the hall is so funny.” A voice growled next to us.  Our laughter came to an abrupt halt as soon as Grayson spoke.  “Why would you guys even think that’s funny.  Some of us would rather not watch softcore porn in the hall.” His tone was deep and angry.  This was not the Grayson I was used to seeing each day.

               “Woah man, we didn’t make out!” Ethan put his hands up in defense.  “Crazy Corrin was trying to get me to go on a date with her, like usual, and I just wanted to put an end to it!  Why are you so mad?” He retorted.

               Grayson rolled his eyes, “I’m not mad.  I just think that it’s a bit unnecessary to do that in the hall.  We’re in school, c’mon.”

               “Okay, but Y/n and I do shit like that all the time. I don’t see why you’re mad now.” Ethan continued the argument.  Sometimes I wish he would just give it up and move on.  But, he was always one to have the last word whether you liked it or not. Everything was a challenge to Ethan.

               “So, you’re going to tell me that you kiss in public regularly?  Bullshit.” Grayson raised his voice.

               “Holy crap you two!  Cool it!  Especially you, Grayson!  What’s your deal?” I finally snapped.  It wasn’t like us as a group to argue.  Gray and E may argue behind the scenes, but they never really did it in front of me. And, usually when they argue, it’s Ethan doing most of the talking and Grayson brushing off everything he says.

               “Whatever.” Grayson murmured.  “Let’s just go to lunch.” Ethan and I exchanged glances before following behind him.  We kept our distance the whole way.  Honestly, we kept our distance the rest of the day because his attitude never let up.

               Let me just say this… boys when they’re mad is worse than I have ever been while on my period.


               Right when Grace and I entered her bedroom, I dropped my bag on the floor and launched my body onto her bed.  I crawled under her covers, folded the pillow under my head, and allowed myself to relax even though I didn’t need to.  Ethan gave Theo a ride home and I had no homework. My worries were no more and I just wanted to lounge around.

               “Get out of my bed!” Grace demanded.  I faked a snore, ignoring her.  “Honestly, you do this each time you come over.” I could hear her shuffling closer to me.  She shoved my shoulder repeatedly, but was not successful.  My snoring only grew louder.  “Get up!” she shouted.

               My body rolled off the bed, landing on the ground with a loud thud.  A groan escaped my lips but was over powered by the sound of Grace’s laughter.  I soon joined her, pushing myself up from the ground and into a crisscross position next to her bed.  

               “So, how have you been?” Grace asked, sitting on the floor with me.

               I smiled, unsure of why she was asking this question.  “What do you mean?  We see each other almost every day.” I let out a small chuckle.

               She shrugged, “We see each other at school, Y/n. We haven’t hung out outside of school in a couple weeks.  You always seem to be with Grayson!”

               She was right.  I had focused all my time on helping Grayson earn her attention that I had put our friendship on the back burner.  Grace and I had been inseparable for years and it wasn’t normal for us to spend this much time apart.  Guilt washed over my face when I noticed the unavoidable pain in her eyes.  We were really all each other had.  

               Grace and I were each other’s only friend growing up. People made fun of Grace because her family couldn’t afford new clothes, she wore oversized glasses, and her older sister was notorious for causing trouble around town.  I was the only one who wouldn’t desert her.  I was the only one to stay by her side.  Little did people know, Grace’s father would work his way up in a small business that would eventually boom and he would become a top CEO after taking the business over.

               Once all of that happened, Grace’s appearance totally changed, her sister’s anger had subsided, and their family had become stabilized.  Grace had always been beautiful, that beauty was just hidden beneath all her pain. But now she exuded confidence and each day she was radiant.  The boys ogled over her and the girls wanted to be her.  But the best thing about Grace was that she didn’t care about all of that.  She was focused on family, academics, and friends.  And lately, I hadn’t been a good friend.

               “I’m sorry, Grace.  Gray and I have just been working on something together.  I sort of let it consume my time and that wasn’t fair to you.  I promise it wasn’t intentional.” I explained.

               “It’s okay!  It’s okay!  I was just afraid that we were drifting apart and I don’t want that, Y/n.” she smiled, taking my hands in hers.  “Just don’t leave me behind like that ever again!  I mean I love Ethan and everything, but man can that boy talk. Also, he always wants to do the WEIRDEST things.  You and Gray left us in the dust!”

               My smile stretched from ear to ear, “I promise I won’t leave you in the dust ever again.” We locked pinkies, “And yeah E is an oddball, but that’s what makes him so lovable!”

               “Do you like him?” Grace wiggled her eyebrows as she unclasped our pinkies.  “I heard about your make-out session in the hall!  Why didn’t you tell me?” she gave me a look of disappointment mixed with mischief.

               I stuck my tongue out, “No.  No, no, no.  Ethan is my best friend!” Grace raised her eyebrows, “He’s my second-best friend,” I corrected, “He kissed me to get Corrin off his ass.  She’s like a leech; she just won’t let go.”

               “Sure…” she drug out her words, indicating that there was more to the situation.

               “I’m not lying!  Me and Ethan dating is a no go.” I clarified, waving me hands in the air. “A no go!” I reiterated.  

               “Okay, okay!  But, pull a stunt like that again and I really won’t believe you.” She warned, standing up.  I mimicked her actions, following her to her closet.  “Help me choose something to wear to my daddy’s business dinner tomorrow night.”

               I started to sift through her clothes hanging in her oversized walk-in closet.  I swear she has enough clothes to wear a different outfit each day for a year without repeating one.  I never complained though because she let me borrow whatever I wanted from her whether it was new or one of her favorite pieces.

               The talk of our friendship and how weird Ethan is had distracted me from something I had promised to do.  I had promised Grayson that I would talk to Grace about him. I was reluctant to because I had just talked to Grace about focusing more on our friendship, and here I was getting ready to bring up Grayson.  Whether I wanted to do it or not, I had to keep up my end of the deal.  This all better work out in the end.

               “What do you think about Grayson.” I blurted out, trying my best to act casual about it.

“Grayson?  What do you mean what do I think about him?” she said as she continued to pull dresses from the rack.  She held out a pink fitted dress with a lace pattern on it.  I shook my head no and she immediately returned it to its place.

“Well, you two always seem to be hitting it off.  Are you interested in him at all?” I pulled that out of my ass. Grayson was trying to make it so that they would ‘hit it off’ but he had yet to achieve that goal.

She snickered, “I’ve never really thought of Gray that way.  Are you sure you aren’t just asking me because I asked if you like Ethan?” she challenged me.

“No!  I really think you two would be good together!” I defended.  I wasn’t sure that I really believed what I had said. Did I really want them to be together?

She stopped what she was doing and gave me her full attention, “Grayson and I, huh?” she tapped her chin, “I don’t know.  Guess it never really came across my mind.  He is super sweet and really cute, but I feel like we are too good of friends to ever really be anything else.”

“Don’t knock it till you try it.” I sang.

“Just like you knocked Ethan?”

My eyes widened to the size of tennis balls, heat rising to the surface of my cheeks.  “I never should have told you about that.” I shook my head.

She roared with laughter, “Okay, but all jokes aside.  Do you really think Gray and I would be good together?” she genuinely seemed interested.  I wanted to scream ‘NO’ but I couldn’t.  I wouldn’t. To me, my friend’s feelings come before mine and if I were to say anything like that, I would potentially hurt Grace’s feelings and would truly hurt Grayson’s.

“Yeah.” I said using a light tone.

She smiled a childish grin, “Maybe…”


“So, what did she say?” Grayson’s eager voice asked through the phone.  He had been texting me all evening waiting for me to respond about my conversation with Grace.  

“I’m not answering you until you apologize for your ridiculous outburst earlier today.” I told him, packing up my backpack for the next day as my phone rested between my jaw and shoulder.

He sighed through the line, “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry that you and Ethan chose to make-out in the hall like idiots.”

“WE DIDN’T MAKE-OUT!” I shouted nearly dropping my phone.

“You did!  It was disturbing!”

“Whatever.” I grunted.  “Either way you had no right to be mad about it.”

He let out a sarcastic chuckle, “Ethan just needs keep his distance from… never mind. How about we just talk about it tomorrow, yeah?” he cut our conversation short.  Well this went from 0 to 100 real quick.  I didn’t know asking for an apology would upset him this much.

“Sure…” I responded quietly.

“Okay.” He was almost in a whisper now.  “See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.” I matched his tone.  He hung up, leaving me confused yet again.

I sat on my bed, my phone still in my hand, eyebrows furrowed in thought.  I wanted to call him back and ask him what’s wrong.  But I didn’t. Instead, I called Ethan, and cried… not knowing what I was crying about.

And he listened to me.  He always listens.


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Favourite Body Parts - Dunkirk Cast Preferences

AN: I thought I’d have a go at a preference. Maybe I’ll do these more often
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Preference includes: Aneurin Barnard, Barry Keoghan, Fionn Whitehead, Harry Styles, Jack Lowden and Tom Glynn-Carney


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Don’t Touch Her (Wade Wilson Award)


 Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Violence
Notes: Here is the last Bucky award request. I only have two more award requests left after this one, a Steve one and a Thor one. Anyway look out for those, enjoy! Thankyou to my beta readers: @nerdgirl78 and @supernatural-pants.

HYDRA was very good at stamping out any light in the world. That was all they did. Took something beautiful and pure and broke it down until it was twisted and dark. They seemed to take joy in destruction, and that was exactly how they created their most prized possession. Darkness was all the broken soldier knew. It seemed to encompass his entire being, blackening his soul and shadowing his every move. Wherever he went, darkness would soon follow. However, there was a small beam of light in his otherwise dark world. You. You’d been brought to HYDRA a few months ago, after they discovered your powers of telepathy and mind control. Apparently, they believed you to be of some use to them, so they took you in the dead of night and threw you into a cell in what looked like an old abandoned bank vault.

The first time you met the soldier, two guards came in with his arms slung over their shoulders, dragging him along as his chestnut hair fell over his face in waves. Pushing yourself back into the corner, you stared out at the new people in the room, frowning as you heard only static from the brunette’s mind. “The director is on his way.” One of the guards barked in Russian, barely glancing in your direction as they dropped the soldier on the cot and marched out of the room. In the silence that followed, you could hear the laboured breathing of the soldier, watching as his broad chest rose and fell as he struggled to catch his breath. Shifting your weight, you noticed the piercing grey eyes of the brunette snap over in your direction, fear clear in his gaze. “I’m not gonna hurt you.” You whispered, knowing exactly what he was thinking despite your powers not working on his frazzled brain. Brow furrowing in confusion, the soldier pushed himself back against the wall, looking a lot like a startled animal. Suddenly, the steel door crashed open, causing you both to jump back. A tall, greying man strode in, flanked either side by an armed guard. “Soldier.” The man spoke, raising his chin as the soldier jumped to attention. Eyes flickering down to you, you noticed the quirk of the imposing man’s lips as you glared back. “And hello to you too sweetheart.” He cooed, squatting slightly to be closer to your eye level. Snarling, you went to move towards him, before being struck with an electrical baton, leaving you curled up on the ground, whimpering in pain. “Enough.” The greying man barked, standing back up to his full height and gesturing for the guards to back off, “We need Miss L/N’s cooperation, in some… sensitive matters.” The man spoke, the order clear in his tone.

After your first meeting with the Winter Soldier, you quickly learned that Pierce’s intentions were for you to further improve their mind wiping system, ultimately taking control of the soldier’s mind and cementing his place as HYDRA’s puppet. However, you weren’t planning on just complying to their wishes. You’d been kept in the dark cell with the soldier for what seemed like weeks, but was more likely only days, and despite the fact that he hadn’t spoken a word to you, you refused to be the person to take away his last shreds of humanity. Of course, refusing to adhere to HYDRA’s demands did not come without its consequences. Every few hours either Pierce or one of his cronies would march in and drag you out, subjecting you to beatings and various other methods of torture, trying to make you break. But you refused. Retreating into your mind and trying to close yourself off to the agonizing pain they were administering.

What seemed like hours of torture later, two guards dragged you back into the cell, dropping you unceremoniously onto the hard floor and quickly retreating. Whimpering softly in pain, you tried to stay as still as possible, as not to strain any of your new injuries. Too focused on the pain tearing through your body, you didn’t notice the dark haired soldier move from his place on the cot, and make his way towards your slumped form. “They hurt you…” The soldier murmured, his voice hoarse from disuse. Startling slightly at the sound of his voice, you groaned as another flash of pain ripped through you. “Yes, they did.” You choked out, eyes locking with the soldiers confused grey ones. “Why didn’t you… just do what they asked…” He spoke softly, dropping down to his knees by your side, finger ghosting over your injuries, as if testing for any more serious damage. “You don’t know what they want me to do.” You whispered, cringing as his fingers touch a particularly deep cut. “They want you to take control of my mind.” He said matter-of-factly, a crease forming in his brow. Nodding, you frowned at his acceptance of the fact. “Yes, they do, don’t you understand why that’s wrong?” You asked, pushing yourself up slightly so you were closer to eye level. Shaking his head, the soldier just opened and closed his mouth as if trying to form words. “I’m not gonna do it, no matter what they do.” You whispered, your eye sight going a bit blurry as the pain finally caught up to you. With a shake of his head, the soldier hooked his one flesh, and one metal, arms beneath you, moving you over to the cot and placing you down gently. With a watery smile, you traced the outline of the soldier’s jaw, watching his eyes flicker down to where your hand touched his skin. “Sleep.” He murmured, turning away from your touch and taking a seat on the floor, facing the door in a guard like fashion.

You and the soldier quickly formed an unlikely friendship, if you could call it that. Every time you were brought back from whatever torture they decided to inflict that day, he would scoop you up from wherever the guards had dumped you and place you gently on the cot. He would then check your injuries and make sure they weren’t too intensive. Over time, he started putting up more of a fuss when they would try to take you away, standing in between you and the guards, and even occasionally lashing out. Of course, this didn’t go down particularly well with the heads of HYDRA. The torture only got worse when they did manage to get you out of the cell, actively trying to make you suffer now, instead of just trying to get you to do their bidding. After a particularly nasty set of beatings, a guard you now knew as Rumlow, dragged you back into the room and dropped you just inside the door. “Here’s your bitch back, Soldier.” He spat, retreating as soon as the soldier started stalking towards him. “It’s getting worse.” The soldier growled, picking you up carefully and cradling you against his hard chest. Only able to let out a small whimper in reply, you gripped onto his black vest, the bite of the material against your fingers distracting you only slightly from the pain in the rest of your body. Laying you on the cot, the soldier took a seat by your head, letting your fingers curl in his brown hair. “When are you gonna give in Doll.” The soldier murmured, knees pulled up to his chest. “Never.” You said forcefully, linking your fingers with his. Sighing he just shook his head disapprovingly. “You’re the only one I can remember who’s never tried to get in my head, even though you had the biggest chance to.” He whispered, thumb running over your knuckles.

The next time Rumlow swaggered into the room everything felt different, you were still weak from your previous beating and you could barely move. Sensing your dread, the soldier practically jumped up from his position on the floor, snarling at Rumlow like a wild animal. “Stand down.” Rumlow scoffed, arms folded across his chest. “No.” The soldier retorted, for the first time speaking up against one of the guards. “No?” Rumlow parroted, confusion clear on his face. “Do. Not. Touch. Her.” The soldier growled, metal arm shielding you from Rumlow. Retrieving his radio from his side, Rumlow quickly ordered for back up, just as the soldier launched himself in his direction. The two grappled for a minute, before what seemed like hundreds of other guards stormed in, some pinning the soldier down by his arms and legs, while a few others forced you to your feet and hauled you out. As you were being dragged from the room, to the sounds of guard’s yelps and the soldier’s grunts, you heard Rumlow sneer, “Wipe him.”

165. “Why did you choose me?”  for anon (human au)

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The city is dark and quiet, night weighing it down like a thick blanket. Sparse lanterns illuminate empty streets and half-finished buildings, blinking red lights of cranes looming over wooden skeletons and stacks of bricks. This is the kind of district you don’t want to find yourself in after dusk, populated only by stray dogs and garbage trucks, where every shadow feels like a nightmare with eyes at your back, ready to jump and take your wallet before taking your life as well.

Apart from the distant hum of busy highways, cars rushing like blood through urban veins and sirens singing a song of crime, there’s a rumble of cheers and chatter coming from one of the lit up warehouses near the river’s edge. Off-white cigarette smoke rises in wispy plumes towards the high ceiling criss-crossed with beams and holding cheap halogen lights that make every face look hollow.

The metal sliding door opens just as a limo stops in front of the building, a wave of cacophonous noise pouring out onto the concrete. A tall figure steps out of the car, all sharp lines, black coat and a black hat with a wide brim shrouding most of his face in mystery. Even though the space is crowded shoulder-to-shoulder, the sea of bodies parts before Magnus as he makes his way up the staircase and into the VIP area, the electronic music bouncing against his ribs in an erratic beat. Between the tables and chairs half-naked girls with smiles stuck to their faces carry trays laden with bottles and glasses of expensive alcohol, as well as with packets of white powder for the more exotic tastes.

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Autumn Morning with Gray

It was a regular Saturday morning. I had awoken around ten o’clock in the morning, to the steady rhythm of the rain. I turned over onto my other side, snuggling closer to my warm white covers, when I bumped into another warm figure. I inhaled deeply, exhaling as I placed a hand on the chest of the man to my left. I smiled lightly to myself, before fluttering my eyelashes open, the tiniest bit.

My heart fluttered at the sight of him. Grayson peacefully slept on his back, his arm draped around my shoulder, the side of his head rested on his pillow, faced towards me. I held in my jaw drop, while watching him. He never stopped giving me butterflies.

A tiny, light snore erupted from his plump, open lips, before he shuffled around, under the covers. Though, the covers rested on his hips, revealing his toned upper body. Being the chilly autumn morning that it was, I knew he would be cold. I softly gripped the hem of the covers on his hips, and lifted them all the way up to his chin, tucking him in quietly. I swore I saw the tiniest grin on his face as he snuggled into the blankets, and onto his right side, towards me. He lifted his arm in the air, and began feeling around the covers, for me. I reached out and grabbed his hand ever so slightly, guiding it to me. When he realized he was touching me, he wrapped himself around me, snuggling me in closer. I held in my giggle, as his body heat warmed my body. He groaned, sleepily, in contentment.

“Morning,” I said, softly, with a smile. He held onto me tighter.

Why are you awake?” he grumbled, his head rested on my upper chest. I automatically threaded my fingernails through his hair, and against his scalp, which he had a weakness for.

“You don’t need to wake up, you just have to let me get out of bed,” I chuckled. He shook his head in protest, wrapping his arms around me, even tighter. The more I struggled in his grip, the tighter he held onto me.

“No way,” he grumbled against my skin.

“Gray!” I exclaimed, attempted to slide out of his grip. He shook his head.

“No can do,” he replied. I sighed, turning to look him in the eyes.

“Gray,” I said, raising my brows. He narrowed his eyes at me, playfully. He sighed, unleashing me from his grip.

Fine,” he moaned, playfully. I grinned in success, as I tiptoed over to bathroom, and briefly showered.

Afterwards, I opened the door to the room, dripping from the water, to see the bed completely empty. I shrugged. Maybe Gray had to go into work, unexpectedly. I changed into loungewear— my favorite hoodie of Gray’s, which went down to my mid thigh, with black panties underneath. I slipped on some grey knit socks, that went up above my ankle. I let my wavy brunette hair down, and proceeded out of the bedroom. I turned into the kitchen to see a beautiful view.

Gray leaned against the counter, his hand gripping a pan, full of pancakes being cooked. He wore his baggy, grey, nike sweatpants, which rested low on his hips. His upper body was revealed, showing his obvious muscles everywhere. He smirked at me, as if saying, “surprise!”. I laughed in delight.

“Gray!” I exclaimed. He grinned in success.

“Do you like it? I’m making your favorite— vegan pancakes, with chocolate chips, and loads of syrup.” Butterflies. More. Butterflies.

“Like it? I love it!” I grinned, as I walked over to him. He opened his arms, as I embraced him tightly. His skin was still warm, just the way I like it. He breathed in my shampoo scent, with pleasure. “Thank you, babe,” I told him.

“Your welcome, Ellie… but I’m not done.” He gestured to the living room. Where a fire was lit in the fireplace, and the television was paused on an opening scene of a film. Blankets and pillows were everywhere. The windows were open to reveal the rain, and to let in the chill, and sound of the drops. Gray smiled even wider. “I lit a fire, your favorite, and I turned on one of those cheesy hallmark halloween movies, you love.” I had no words. Small gestures like these meant everything to me. “And, finally,” he began, turning towards our coffee maker. He held out a mug for me, full of brown liquid. I frowned.

“Remember, Gray, I don’t like coffee,” I told him. He laughed.

“Babe, it’s cocoa.” I smiled in delight.

“But I know that gets you hot, so I have a glass of cold apple cider.” At the same exact time, we spoke: “Because that’s the only way it’s good.” I grinned widely.

“You know I love you, right? A lot?” I asked Gray. A smirk grew on his lips, before he shrugged.

“Kinda,” he grinned, as he sipped his cocoa. I nudged his shoulder.

“Well I do, weirdo,” I giggled. He wrapped his hand around my cheek, and placed a sweet kiss on my lips. I fluttered my eyes back open.

“Go start the movie, the pancakes should be done soon.” I nodded, before skipping over to the couch. I jumped on the cushions, before wrapping myself in blankets, and cuddling in the corner. I grabbed the remote, and started the movie. It was something like, “Halloween with Jimmy”. Cheesy— just the way I like it.

A minute or so later, Grayson joined me on the couch, with a tray of pancakes, cocoa, and apple cider. I easily tore my eyes away from these screen, focusing them on the glorious masterpiece in front of me. Gray smirked, handing me my plate. I quickly dug in, finishing in just a few minutes, with Gray not far behind me.

The rain continued to downpour, at a harder, steadier pace. Battering against the rain, we listened contently. I shivered, as a chill crept up my spine. Gray draped another blanket over me, and pulled me into his side. I rested my head on his shoulder, and breathed it, closing my eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he asked me, turning his head towards me. I shook my head softly. I paused.

“I’m… happy.” He smiled after a moment, pulling me in, for a sweet, autumn morning kiss.

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how about some little spoon todoroki cuddles?

This request is my dream come true. Bless you anon.

“I’m sore” your boyfriend complained as you two got into your room after a long day of training.

“Really, where?” you asked, putting your backpacks aside and watching him stretch his joints painfully.


You pouted, knowing he did not only trained at school that day, but also at home under his father’s watch. And still, he always made his best. It was logical for him to be hurting.

As you were about to scold him about over-working himself again though, he interrupted you with a long yawn. Poor thing, he looked exhausted. Maybe he didn’t deserve to be scolded just yet. He really needed to rest.

“Are you feeling alright?” you asked, as you saw him trying to rub the sleep away from his eyes.

“I didn’t sleep very well last night. Plus, the training really didn’t help”

“You should rest, Shoto” the concern in your voice made him feel kind of guilty, but he couldn’t deny a nap sounded fantastic right then “Why don’t you use my bed?”

“Can I?” he pointed at it, quite surprised, never suspecting your would actually offer him to sleep where you did “don’t you really mind?”

“Of course not, you fool” you giggled, finding his expression to be quite adorable “I need to finish some homework meanwhile though”

“But I really can’t fall asleep at other people’s houses…”

“Go to sleep already, Shoto!”

Quite intimidated, but way too sleepy to show it, he laid down on your bed and tried to ignore his aching muscles. Hell, your bed smelt more like you than you did! How was that even possible?? There was no way he would be able to doze off with you there, it was really difficult to make him let his guard down around people. But even though he assumed he wouldn’t get proper rest, he let his body relax and ease some of the pain.

Meanwhile, you were stuck at quite a hard math problem of your textbook. You were tired too, Todoroki hadn’t been the only one who trained hard that day. Damn maths, you could solve that later. Now you had your boyfriend all sleepy and vulnerable lying on a bed, the words HUG ME were basically written on him. This was a chance you couldn’t let slide.

Carefully, making sure not to be too noisy, you climbed onto the bed and peeked at his face to cheek if he was asleep. As he suddenly opened and eye and caught you staring, you couldn’t help but to feel embarrassed.

“Sorry” you whispered, noticing how tired and baggy his eyes looked “did I wake you up?”

No, the truth was you hadn’t. Just as he had told you, he found it really hard to sleep anywhere that wasn’t his own house. But he was surely exhausted right then, way too exhausted to even answer you. So he just took your hand and pulled you to lay down besides him, although he was giving you his back. He just wanted to feel you close.

You smiled, pecking his scarred face and enjoying the peaceful smile you saw him outline. However, you didn’t stop there. Slowly, you wrapped your arms around his waist and tightly hugged him against your chest, just as if he were your giant hot and cold teddy bear.

At first he was kind of surprised, since he wasn’t used to being given affection all of a sudden. But as soon as you took his hands in yours and began to gently kiss his hair, he decided he liked it. Quite a lot.

He returned a bit of the pampering by rubbing your hand with his thumb, occasionally taking it to his lips just to kiss it. This had to be the most intimate thing he had ever done with anyone, he never thought he would be so comfortable around other human being. But there he was, between your tight arms, leaning into your caresses like a desperate stray cat.

“How are you feeling?” you asked, and he didn’t understood the question until you specified, since he had basically forgotten what pain felt like “are you still sore?”

He turned around to face you, never escaping your embrace, and you were glad to see the sweet smile adorning his lips. A long, sweet, yet chaste kiss was shared, fingers running up and down your spines, and your hearts beating in unison. As you pulled apart, you couldn’t help the little giggle tickling your lips.

“I’m much better now” he finally answered you, burying his face onto your neck and breathing hot air on your shoulder.

“I can see that” you chuckled, bringing him closer “I never thought you could be so needy”

The frown on his face as he looked at you next was hilarious.

“I’m not needy”

“If you say so…” you pecked his forehead to make fun of him. But as he was about to complain, you shut him up with yet another one on the lips “don’t be ashamed, I can be quite needy too”

With a Taste on Your Lips I’m on a Ride

Summary: *over the grocery store PA* will the owner of the jet black maserati please fuck me

Genre: smut au, car sex

Word Count: 3.1k

Dan sighed, a yawn escaping his lips as he rested his elbows on the counter in front of him. The computer next to him told him that it was currently 2:54 AM, meaning that he only had just over one more hour of the graveyard shift at the local grocery store. Most nights he didn’t mind working when no one was around (it made the job easier on him, after all), but he had been standing around doing nothing for the past three hours and all he really wanted to do was go home and get off.

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for blurb night: you roll out of the bunk on the bus and badly mess up your shoulder or something and shawn freaks the f out

In an instant, you’re jerked awake. Before you can really understand what’s going on, you’re falling, and catching yourself, or trying to at least. Gripping onto the sides of the bunk, a sharp pain cuts into your shoulder as all of your body weight, being pulled by gravity, gets bared by your shoulder. You let go and fall the rest of the way to the ground with a thud. 

You’re still disoriented, considering you were sleeping just a minute ago. “Owww,” You whine, trying to contain the pain in your shoulder. You still don’t know how you even fell out of your bunk, you normally don’t move at all in your sleep. The bus is moving, and its dark, since everyone is asleep, considering it is the middle of the night. You try to take deep breaths, but it hurts so much. You think it might be dislocated or something.

You don’t want to move because it hurts so bad, but you know you can’t just sit here forever. You try to sit up a bit, and you say, “Shawn?” Into the darkness, hoping to wake him up, but only him. You know his bunk is right above where you’re sitting, but Geoff’s is directly across, and you don’t want to wake him up. 

You try again, “Shawn?” You question, a little louder this time. A moment later, the curtain opens a bit, revealing Shawn squinting into the darkness at you.

“What are you doing?” He questions, his voice raspy, but you don’t manage to reply. You cradle your shoulder and close your eyes tightly to try and distract yourself from the pain. “What’s wrong?” He questions, suddenly sounding much more awake. You take a deep breath, desperately trying to get air into your lungs, but you still don’t reply. “Y/n, baby, talk to me. What the hell happened?” He’s now rolled out of his bunk and he’s crouched on the ground next to you.

“My shoulder, it hurts.” 

“Fuck, what happened?” He asks again, knowing its bad because you usually have a high pain tolerance. 

“I fell out of my bunk.”

On any other occasion, he would have laughed at the thought of you falling out of your bunk, but he doesn’t this time. “Can you move it?” You shake your head, it hurts too much. 

“I think its dislocated.” You tell him. You remember how to pop it back in, but you’re scared because you know it’ll hurt. 

“Shit, do you need to go to a doctor?” He questions. 

“No, I just have to pop it back in.” You respond and his eyes widen. Before he has a chance to say anything, you move it so it pops back in, and you bite down on your lip in pain. 

“I’m going to get you ice, okay?” He says, waiting for your approval before he practically runs to the front of the bus. When he returns, he gently presses it to your shoulder, then asks, “Do you think you can walk to the back?” You nod and he gently helps you up before you both walk carefully to the back. He sits down next to you on the opposite side of your injured shoulder, and he helps you hold the ice to your shoulder. You realize you feel exhausted, and you rest your head against Shawn’s shoulder. “Sleep baby,” He says gently, and then adds just thinking aloud. “You’re gonna have to move to a bottom bunk.” 

“Just Breathe Okay?”

        Everything was running smoothly, just a normal match at a regular NXT taping. I was facing a new recruit in her very first match. I went to hit a simple super kick but she went to counter way too early. My head and the rest of my body smashed straight onto the mat. That was the last thing I could remember before my world was surrounding in darkness.                                                               I opened my eyes, only to find a bright white light shining right in my eyes and a siring pain in my right shoulder. I snapped my eyes closed again and let out a painful groan.                                                                                           “Oh thank god! You’re awake!” a voice I knew too well exclaimed too loudly. I reopened my eyes to see my boyfriend of the past 2 years, Baron Corbin, staring down at me with worry swimming in his eyes. The light in the room burned my eyes and made my head pound even more. I reached for his hand and pressed it over my eyelids. “Are you okay? What hurts?” he questioned, this time speaking much softer.                                                                 “My head is throbbing and my right shoulder feels like it’s on fire.”  I told him, shifting, then wincing at the pain that shot through my body. Baron instantly hushed me and tried to calm me down in order to ease my pain.                  “It’s okay, we are in the trainer’s office and they’re going to help you.” He explained, using his other hand to brush all of my hair out of my face. He gently kissed my forehead then began a conversation with the trainers about my health. Throughout the conversation, he kept one hand over my eyes while the other stroked my hair. The pain I felt only got worse as time progressed. My breathing got more shallow and much faster as the pain increased. Baron must have noticed and quickly paused his talk with the doctor. “Shhh. It’s alright. We are going to get you fixed up in a few minutes but I just need you to relax.” He soothed. I shook my head and squirmed in discomfort, which only made things worse. I felt him sit down next to me, removing his hand from my hair. Gently, he sat me up straight, then pulled my body onto his lap. I rested my head on his shoulder, not moving my arm in fear of even more pain. Baron then proceeded to pull his maroon  beanie off his head, letting his long black hair fall down his shoulders. Baron placed the soft hat onto my head and over my eyes and ears, which blocked the bright light and loud noise from making my head pound even more. I mumbled a word of thanks and nuzzled my head into his shoulder once more. His hands ran up and down my back, avoiding my right shoulder, while he continued to chat with the doctor.  Slowly, I stopped crying and Baron continued his conversation with the doctor. Ten minute later, he gently pulled the hat above my eyes and eyes.                                                         “Okay so you dislocated your right shoulder so the doctor is gonna have to pop it back into place. It’s gonna hurt but I’ll be by your side the whole time.” he explained. I shook my head and instantly panicked.                                                 “No, I don’t want it to hurt more! Please! What about my head? It hurts too.” I begged, getting worked up.                                                                                 “Hey, hey, hey. Calm down, hun. It’s gonna hurt then it’s gonna go away. If you don’t do this, it’s not going to stop hurting. As for your head, you have a mild concussion. Nothing crazy bad but still serious. So, are you ready to fix your shoulder?” he asked as he calmed me down. I took a deep breath and nodded. He gestured the doctor over and moved me so I was facing him and giving the doctor full access to my shoulder. Baron held me hands as I layed my head on his shoulder, bracing myself for even more pain than I was already in.The doctor placed his hands on my shoulder and counted down from three. Once he reached one, he pushed extremely hard onto my shoulder and popped it back into place. I screamed in agony, shoving my face into Baron’s shoulder to muffle my yelling. He tried to consoul me but I couldn’t hear him over my yelling. The doctor quickly wrapped my shoulder to keep it in place and taped a bag of ice to ease the inflammed muscle. I nuzzled my face into Baron’s neck as he ran his hands through my hair then down to my sides. He whispered sweet nothings into my ear as I started to calm myself down.                      “Relax princess, see, it’s over. We can go home now. How does that sound?” he soothed, kissing the top of my head. I didn’t answer for a moment, taking a couple more deep breathes to get myself together.                                      “Good. Can we go?” I mumbled, feeling exhausted from crying and pain.           “Of course baby.” He scooped me up, warpping my legs around his waist and placing his palms under my thighs. I draped my good arm around his neck to support myself while he spoke to the doctor for a final time, taking something from him and walking out. The second we left the room, we were hounded by questions from friends who were waiting outside. All the noise made my head pound even more. I cringed at the noise and used my good arm to cover my ear. Baron hushed them immeditely which dulled the loud noise into a low humming. He muttered a brief explaination of my injuries before saying goodbye, heading further down the hall and leaving the show early. “All of our stuff is already in the car.” he whispered. I hummed in response, not really caring.                                                                                            “Don’t worry baby, we are heading right to the hotel so you can go to bed.” he reassured. I nodded and pressed a kiss into his neck as my way of thanking him for caring. We reached the car and Baron slide me into the passenger seat. Quickly, he hurried over to the drivers seat. He turned on the car, muted the radio, and started to drive away.  I curled into a ball in the seat, leaning on my good shoulder. Baron placed a hand on top mine, rubbing circles on the back of my hand.                                                                                     “Hey babe?” I mumbled.                                                                                       “Yeah hun?”                                                                                                         “Thank you for being with me during that. I couldn’t do that without you. I love you and really, truely appreciate you.” I blushed, not making eye contact.             “No need to thank me, I’d do anything for you. I love you even more baby.”he picked up my hand and placed a kiss on my palm. I interlocked our fingers and pulled our hands into my chest. I cuddled into the seat and still holding his hand close to me.                                                                                         “Try to get some sleep sweetheart, the hotel is kinda far.” Baron suggested. I just nodded in reply, nuzzling my cheek into his hand. I closed my eyes as the noise faded out.                                                                                           When I woke up, I was no longer in the car but cuddled up into a pair of strong arms. Begrudingly, I pried my eyes open and was met with a flurencent aray of colors inked onto sking. I nuzzled my nose into Baron’s bicep to signal to him that I was awake.                                                                                                “Oh look who’s awake from their nap.” he teased. “How ya feeling sunshine?” he asked, smiling down at me.                                                                     “Hmm fine. I’m kinda sore. Where are we?” I mumbeld, sleepily.                         “ Walking to our hotel room. So, do you want to eat? Shower? Or just head straight to bed?” he asked.                                                                                    “Eat and shower. Do you have anything to help my pain?” I asked, the pain in my head rapidly returning.                                                                                    “Yeah, the doctor gave me some medicinefor you to take.” I nodded in response. He arrived at the door and walked inside. He placed me on the couch so he could dig through his pockets to find the medicine the doctor gave me. He pulled out the perscription and went to grab a glass of water. He walked back into the living room, handing me a pill and the water. I took the medicine and leaned back into the couch. “Do you wanna show or eat dinner first?” he asked, sitting down on the couch next to me.                                                 “Can we shower first? I feel kinda gross from my match.” I explained, gesturing to my body still dressed in sweaty ring gear from tonight.                               “We?” he smirked, wiggling his eyebrows at me. I laughed lightly at him.           “Yes, you dork. I can’t exactly move my shoulder and someone is goona have to help me wash my hair.” I playfully rolled my eyes at him, nudging him.             “It would be an honor to wash your hair babe.” he spoke in a posh accent, scooping me up off the couch. I laughed as he carried me toward the bathroom. He dimmed the bright lights so the strong light wouldn’t hurt my head anymore. He placed my feet on the floor then leaned in and turned the shower on. I started to pull my gross ring gear off. Once I reached my top, I struggled. “You need some help there?” Baron asked in amusement as he yanked his shirt over his head. I mumbled in agreement, annoyed at my helplessness. Gently, he pulled the strap of my injuried shoulder and slid it up over my head. He stripped of his remaining clothes and we entered the shower. He wet my hair and slowly lathered shampoo into my hair. I leaned against him and sighed in relaxation. We finished our shower about ten minutes later and went in the bedroom to change in pajamas. Once again, Baron had to help me change, slowly pulling a shirt over my sore shoulder. Baron threw on a pair of lose fitting sweatpants and went to order dinner. I contiuned to change and brush my hair then shuffled into the living room to meet him. I layed next to him on the couch, placing my head in his lap. “Wait hold up, babe. I’ll be right back.” he said, leaning down and kissing my forehead. Baron returned carrying a bag of ice anad replaced my head on his lap. He softly pressed the ice to my shoulder.                                                              “You’re an angel.” I murmmed in bliss as he ran a hand through my hair. The ice cooled the flaming pain in my shoulder and his hand through my hair ceased the pain in my head. I was in awe of how fantastic my boyfriend was. He let out a deep chuckle and responsed to my comment.                                          “Thanks but it’s only for you princess, only you.” I smiled up at him, he wasn’t wrong. Baron had a reputation of big bad guy with a bad attitude. In reality, Baron was a giant teddy bear to me. He just had very high walls that were hard to climb. Our relationship took a long time to get it to the point it was today but it was worth every second. He was such a loving, gentle, and caring man to me and those he loved. Baron just had a hard exterior and was often misjudged. I sat up and pressed a soft kiss to his lips.                                                  “I love you Baron.”I whispered to him after I pulled away.                                    “I love you even more baby.” he replied, placing his hands on my hips. Our intimate moment was broken up by a knocking on the hotel door. We both jumped then quietly laughed at each others reaction. “Dinner’s here” he laughed with a grin. I slide away so he could answer the door. I got up to help with dinner but he insisted her didn’t need any help. I sank back into the couch as he made his way back over. He handed me a plate and sat next to me once more. I snuggled into his side as he wrapped his strong arm around my waist.            “Thanks honey.” I said as I took a bite of my dinner.                                            “Anytime. How’s your pain holding up?” he asked, taking another bite.                “Not too bad right now since the medicine is kicking in.”                                       “Good. I hate seeing you in pain. You gave me quiet the scare back there.” he told me, tightening his grip on my waist.                                                          “I’m sorry baby.”I replied, turning my head and pressing a kiss on his bare shoulder.                                                                                                                  “I didn’t believe it at first, I thought you were just super selling a move. Then, you didn’t move and I freaked out. It took half  the locker room to hold me back from running into that ring. I was yelling and screaming, just trying to make sure you were alive. The second that gurney came back through the curtain, I was there. I couldn’t stop freaking out until you woke up, I was just losing my mind.” Baron confessed, leaning his head against the crook of my neck.                                                                                                                                “I’m sorry that you had to experience all of that because of me. I never meant to scare you like that. I-I-I’m just so sorry.” I told him, shocked at his words. Baron never really got deep with his true emotions unless he was really overwhelmed or worried.The fact that my one little injury got him so worried was rather shocking and a bit heartwarming that he cared so much.                             “It’s alright, well, it is now that you are okay babygirl. You just had me really worried there. I know I don’t tell you often but you mean the world to me. I’m not quite sure what I’d do without you darling.” he trailed off, kissing the top of my head.                                                                                                                    “I can’t even tell you how much you mean to me, Bar. I love you more than words can describe.” I confessed to my boyfriend.                                                “I love you to the moon and back baby. Now, let’s head to bed. You’ve had a long day.” he suggested. I nodded in agreement as we stood up off the comfy couch. We threw our trash in the garbage can, then made our way to the bedroom. Baron opened the door and gestured me in ahead of him. I trotted into the room and got myself ready for bed. Baron slide under the covers and laid on the mattress. I went to slide next to him but he quickly pulled me into him. He brought me right against his side , holding me close to his chest. I snuggled up into his embrace, ready to fall asleep.                                   “Goodnight Baron, I love you.”                                                                              “Goodnight babygirl, I love you even more.”

Peaches and Cream -- Bughead

Word Count: 1951

Rated: R

A/N: Just a little fluffy morning fic to remind you of the love these two share. (Read on AO3)

Soft cotton sheets warm from a long nights sleep. Betty awoke to a warm beam of light pouring through her bedroom curtain and onto her quilt. The morning air was cold on the tip of her nose, a telltale sign that winter was on the way. She pulled the quilt over her nose, burrowing deeper into her memory foam mattress and feather down pillow.

Everything about the morning was her perfect Saturday. When she finally found the energy to crawl out of bed she would cook up breakfast in bed for Jughead. They would cuddle in bed for most of the morning. After lunch, Jughead would work on writing his newest novel. The weekend meant only a half-day of work for him, but his editor insisted on the first draft being finished by the end of the month.

They’d order in pizza for supper, and Jughead would eat over half of it, plus Betty’s discarded crusts. Eventually they find themselves on the couch, Jughead holding her from behind. Their arms would become entwined as Jughead turned on the evening news. Betty would take over the remote as the night drew to a close. Late night reruns would lull her to sleep, and Jughead would carry her back to bed.

Betty rolled over, her hand instinctually reaching under the covers to brush Jughead’s back. Instead, she grabbed a fistful of cold, empty sheets. Jughead wasn’t there.

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The first five weeks of his life were real tough. When we tried nursing the day he was born, he didn’t seem interested. My midwives would help me latch him and he would clumsily suck for a few minutes before falling off. The complete opposite of what I expected to experience with breastfeeding a newborn with all I read and videos I watched. This can’t be normal, right? A week in, I was cracked and bleeding and ended up with mastitis (something I knew nothing about until I got it). After the second time I got mastitis, instinctively, no matter how many times I heard “it’s normal”, I knew something wasn’t right. I was getting new wounds every day and Elías never seemed content and would cry and push away at my breast in what seemed like frustration every time I tried to nurse him, along with other symptoms. I began to wonder what was wrong with me and the lies piled on. How could he hate the very thing that is supposed to nourish and bring him comfort? The one place he was supposed to feel safe and warm, on my chest, was his worst nightmare. I felt like a failure. I was an absolute wreck in all sorts of ways on top of the normal and wild postpartum hormones. So when he slept, I had to pump. Talk about no sleep.

My midwifery had given me the contact information of an IBCLC once I told them what we’d been experiencing. After another nursing session that ended with both Elías and I in tears, I reached out to her. She immediately came to see me and introduced me to the world of lip and tongue ties and all of their short and long term effects. Everything she talked about was everything we’d been experiencing and I was shocked at how common they are, yet still an enigma to many. After taking Elías to the preferred dental provider she worked with, his severe upper lip & tongue tie was released. I was nervous and cried as I held Elías even though it took all of twenty seconds and he didn’t feel a thing.

With encouragement from the dentist as Elias’s numbness wore off, I placed him on my chest, and the difference was astounding. His latch was different—deeper, and I was pain free. He was taking deep, long swallows without overworking and exhausting his jaw. His eyes rolled back in perfect contentment and not too long after, he was fast asleep. No cries of protest or frustration, no pushing away. Suddenly, it was as if we both let out a deep breath we’d been holding onto for so long. It was sacred as I watched my body respond to his mouth as his lips, tongue and jaw worked beautifully in sync.

My pumping days were over, and I began to heal—physically, emotionally, and mentally. And Elías nursed, nursed, nursed ‘round the clock. I didn’t even care, because I was so thankful. And co-sleeping allowed us both to get adequate rest in between and during (still does). He was content and joyful and restful (still is).

Lately, he’s been quite the nursing contortionist with his newfound mobility and easily distractible, and some days it drives me crazy. It’s been challenging through teething, pinching, and growth spurts. But when I lose sight of the beauty that at almost eleven months old, I am still able to sustain him in this way, I pray for my thoughts to be redirected. Our bond is strong, and when he reaches out with his little hand to tenderly touch my face and smile at me as he nurses, I melt every time. Moments incomparable and unforgettable.

Constantly in awe of our Maker as He shows me time and time again that this, all of it, is a holy gift from Him. He has allowed my body to house, birth, and nurture this sweet soul. And for that, I will eternally be humbled with gratitude.