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His Throne [JJK] | 02

Genre: smut, angst, fluff ending

Word Count: 6,840

Tags: degradation, praise, fingering, face riding, dom!Jungkook, prince!Jungkook, infidelity, kinda exhibitionism

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Other member vers: Hoseok | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Jimin | Seokjin

I love you.

You wished you hadn’t said it.

But more importantly you wished he had.

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His Throne Pt.2 [JHS]

Genre: smut, angst

Word Count: 6,840

Tags: degradation, praise, fingering, face riding, dom!Hoseok, prince!Hoseok, infidelity, kinda exhibitionism

Written by: Admin Jifairy

A/N: Ahhh yes, it’s finally done. It’s not nearly as good as the first (imo) because I wasn’t as motivated to write this one. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy! A huge thank you to admin Smutty for reviewing and editing my work!! (PCs to Vikttoria16)

Part 1 Vers: Hoseok | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Jimin | Jungkook | Seokjin

I love you.

You wished you hadn’t said it.

But more importantly you wished he had.

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You’re Unbelievable, You Know That? (Smut)

A/N: Finding out that Shawn is working with Armani KILLS me, okay? I won’t survive this, even if he’s just modeling clothes. So yes, this is inspired by that. 

This is mostly unedited. Fair warning. I’ll do it later. Also, you could almost consider this a “Keep It On” 2.0 if you squint hard enough. 


The car ride home is almost unbearable. Hell, the whole day is close to the same and Shawn doesn’t help one bit.

It doesn’t really matter what he wears, he always looks. But today he just has to go and ruin it for you. He’s always had a fondness for button up shirts, but ever since the shoot with Armani he’s upped the ante and gotten progressively worse.

The shirt he wore today is a solid black button up that clung to his torso in all the right places. As usual, his sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and the top of his shirt is unbuttoned. You let your gaze wander down the exposed skin of his chest and you can feel yourself get hotter.

“Babe, are you listening?”

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For @missidixon…enjoy!

Reid’s pupils dilated slightly when he walked into the library. Across the room, you stood in front of some shelves looking at a book you had pulled. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but there was something about you that fascinated him.

Maybe it was because you were reading a book on some lesser known lore. Or maybe it was because you looked so calm and peaceful just searching for something. Or maybe, it was the smile that spread across your face when you decided to fully read the book you had picked.

Whatever it was, Reid knew he wanted to meet you. The trouble would be the ‘how’. He gulped.

“She’s been reading about the Norse gods and writing a paper on the differences between how they were portrayed before and after the influence of Christianity,” Reid sputtered, “She’s just so peaceful about it too. She rarely looks up she’s so into the content…What?”

Derek had been stirring his coffee with a smirk on his face. Reid had been talking non stop about this mystery girl for the last 40 minutes. Morgan let out a chuckle.

“You know all of this, and you still haven’t talked to her yet?” he mused aloud.
Spencer blushed. “I don’t want to say the wrong thing.”
“Saying the wrong thing is better than saying nothing.”

Before Reid could continue his questions, JJ passed them telling them they had a case. Spencer swallowed as Morgan chuckled again. He patted the younger guy on the back.

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Attention Seeker | Part Three

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 2.241

Part OnePart Two

Water kept running into your bathtub as you stood in front of it, just staring at the gently splashing water. You had closed the bathroom door, in order to deaden the sound of Jimin calling out for you and the echo of his fists hitting your front door over and over again. 

Tears were running down your cheeks as you turned the water off after it hit the edge of the tub and made the first step into the bathtub, soaking your pants completely. You didn’t care though. Right now, nothing but the pain your body was experiencing, was important to you. All you could feel was the pain in your heart, consuming all energy and all thoughts. So you continued to slowly slide into the tub until your whole body was under water, except for your head.

“Of course it’s a joke (Y/N). ARMY would never say those things and mean it.”

You shook your head in frustration.

“You’re only jealous because I spend so much time away with them and can’t give you enough attention.”

Another knife being slammed into your heart.

“You know you’re being really dramatic right now, right? Quit the games and face reality.”

A tear rolled down your face, leaving a salty taste on your lips.

“I risked everything for you!”

Sure he did.

“I always loved you more than you loved me and I’m basically giving you a second chance but you’re being like this.“

His words wouldn’t stop running through your mind so you ducked your head under water, taking a deep breath before doing so and closing your eyes, reminiscing in the dullness of being underwater. The quietness should have made it worse to ignore your thoughts but somehow it soothed you, making goosebumps rise all over your body as you just laid there on your back. The water was cold as ice but none of your senses registered the feeling of tiny needles ramming their way into your skin, leaving a numb yet painful feeling. In the distance you could make out the noise of a door crashing and yells becoming louder but nothing bothered you in that situation. 

Your lungs started burning, aching for air and your brain slowly seemed to throb inside of your skull but your lips formed into a soft smile. Weirdly enough, you were at peace in the middle of this chaos and your mind was relaxed while your body began to fight against the lack of vital resources.

All of a sudden, the dull sound of a door being slammed open, making your makeup fall of the sink and scatter all over the floor, your name being called hysterically, was audible. Two firm hands closed around your wrist, dragging you out of the water in one swift move and wiping your gentle smile off your face, replacing it by a shocked expression while gasping for air hysterically. Chokes erupted through your body while your lungs felt like someone was squishing them together, not letting go before you breathed properly.

“(Y/N)!”, Jimin’s cries were accompanied by his heartbreaking sobs, strong arms engulfing you in a painful hug, his tears molding together with the icy water on your skin.

You just stayed there in his arms, like in a trance, not realizing what had happened. Leaning into his touch, you breathed in his scent, closing your eyes in a loving yet heartbroken state. 

“Jimin…”, you whispered against his body. In response he let out sobs while gently placing his hands on each sides of your face, eyes staring at you widely. Tears streamed down his face as his thumbs softly rubbed over your cheeks wiping away your tears, shaking his head in shock and disbelief.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), so so sorry. I.-”, he choked on his words and you wrapped your arms around his shaking figure, forgetting your own pain as you saw him breaking in front of you.

“I’m such a fucking idiot. I- I should have listened to you -I”, he cried out, not letting go of your small frame in between his arms as if to make sure, you wouldn’t step back into that bathtub. 

“Shh, Jimin”, you said calmly, surprising yourself by the calmness your voice carried while your mind wouldn’t stop running wild. What the hell did I just do?

“I don’t deserve someone as wonderful as you (Y/N), you were always there for me b-but when y-you needed me I-I was a complete d-dickhead!”, his eyes were puffy and swollen as he hid his face in the crook of your neck, taking in your scent. The scent that he thought he might never smell again. From the person he thought he had lost forever.

“Please don’t leave me”, his body was shaking under your touch, goosebumps visible on his arms.

“I won’t, I promise”, you answered and kissed the top of his head gently. 

You were sitting on your couch, wrapped up in a fluffy blanket, a cup of tea in your hand and Jimin sitting right next to you. There was space between the two of you, no part of your bodies was touching the other one. You were quietly sipping on your tea while Jimin was just staring at his fingers on his lap, small tears still streaming down his face. Your face was blank but Jimin’s looked full of hurt and regret, self hatred clearly displaced on its features.

After a while of just sitting next to each other in silence, he turned his face over to you.


His voice was shaking and his eyes had millions of different emotions in them, making it impossible for you to tell what he was thinking. All you could make out was the pain being supported by his tears and fragile state.

“Why what?”, you asked in confusion and slightly furrowed your eyebrows at him before taking another sip of your tea he had made for you. It had the right amount of sugar in it, just the way you liked it. He knew how you hated bitter drinks.

“Why were you in that bathtub? Why-”, he sighed deeply and looked away for a split second before focusing on your face again. “Why did you promise me that you wouldn’t leave me when I hurt you so bad?”

Again, his eyes filled with tears as he bit down on his lips, kneading his fingers together in anxiousness. 

“You thought, I was trying to take my own life right?”, you whispered, letting your index finger glide under his chin, lifting it up so he would look at you. He nodded in response, erupting in new sobs and you quickly grabbed his hand, trying to sooth him a little bit.

“I didn’t. I was just trying to get the pain away from my heart onto somewhere else on my body”, you sighed as you looked down. “I thought I would die from the pain I was feeling in my chest. Getting your heart ripped out by hand while someone else stabbed you in the chest seemed to be less painful than the heartache I was experiencing. That’s why I went in there. I wanted to feel pain somewhere else to be able to ignore or forget the pain that was making me go crazy. As soon as I sunk into the water, the iciness took over my body and everything went numb. I could relax.”

Jimin sniffled next to you and you looked up to meet his gaze. “Even though I wasn’t planning to kill myself, it felt so soothing to be in there. I don’t know if I would have just forgotten myself after a while and let the numbness take over me”, you squeezed his hand as your thumb slid over the back of his hand. 

“Thank you for getting me out of there before I could have done something stupid without noticing”, you breathed out just loud enough for him to hear and he let his head fall back in pain, biting down on his lips in frustration, holding onto your hand in desperation. 

“I promised you to not leave you because that’s what I’m going to do Jimin”, your voice was stern, making his eyes turn to you again. “I’m not going to leave the way you thought I would. I’m not going to commit suicide, I will not hurt myself or do anything stupid. But we’re still over Jimin. I’m sorry.”

Desperation broke out of Jimin as he jumped up but fell down in the next second, landing in front of your knees, hands placing themselves around your legs, face looking up at you pleadingly. “No please (Y/N), please don’t let us be over! I beg you please, I can’t live without you. I-”, he took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down before his emotions could take over him completely. He was already losing control over them but he realized, he needed to prove to you why you shouldn’t leave instead of just pleading and begging. He had hurt you deeply, deeper than anyone ever had. 

“I saw it. I saw everything. I was about to leave your front door when a group of fans came up the stairs and I hid behind the plants your neighbor has in front of her apartment. I heard what they said about you. Cruel things, things only mad people would say, as they left notes in front of your apartment. When they left, I opened the letters and I’m so sorry for not believing you (Y/N). I’m such an idiot. After I read their threats, I went downstairs and saw the same girls being chased away by the caretaker of your apartment building. I was furious from the letters still but confused as to why he was so upset and angry at them but as he got closer, he recognized me and stopped. You know what your caretaker said to me? ‘This is the third time this week that they vandalize our walls. If your people don’t do something real fast, I’m suing all of you and kicking (Y/N) out. I can’t afford all this painting and repairing anymore. I don’t shit money like you!’”, his voice broke and he closed his eyes in order to keep new tears from streaming down his face. By now, you were the one crying.

“I believe you, I believe everything you said. I know that saying this now won’t make my behavior from earlier disappear. Honestly, I don’t know what to do to make you realize that I love you more than I love myself and that I regret it so much that I didn’t believe you from the beginning. I regret being so ignorant and thinking that the love of my life would invent something like this, something so serious that she has been dealing with since we started dating. I can’t believe you were able to hide all of this from me for this long. You went through this every single day and never told me because you wanted to keep me safe. And what did I do? Treat you like complete shit. I’m such an asshole (Y/N) and I understand that you want to erase me out of your life, because I would do the same if I were you. But please, please give me another chance and let me show you that I can treat you better than that. I can treat you the way you deserve to be treated. I will shower you with flowers every day, I will write you love letters that I usually keep to myself, I will make you breakfast every morning before I have to leave. I will make sure everyone who even slightly sends hate towards you, gets sued and charged for their behavior. I will do everything so that you know that you’re my princess, you’re my everything. I’m nothing without you (Y/N).”

You had your hands pressed over your mouth, stopping yourself from sobbing out loud as your face was covered by salty water. Jimin had made a mistake. A huge mistake that he regretted deeply. He had hurt you worse than anyone could have ever hurt you. Worse than anyone could ever imagine. The pain had been unbearable and sitting across from him, having him say all those words, made your chest hurt yet your tummy fill with thousands of butterflies. It was mixture of emotions, a feeling you couldn’t describe. A feeling you didn’t know existed until then.

“Do you mean this?”, you asked in confusion, not knowing what else to be saying in that situation. Jimin frantically nodded his head, holding your hands now in his own, softly kissing every centimeter of them.

“I wouldn’t say these things if I wasn’t being honest, you know me.”

Erupting into heartbreaking sobs you knelt down next to him, flinging your arms around his neck and pulling him close. Jimin instinctively wrapped his arms around your frame, holding the both of you up as you sobbed into his shoulder, while clinging onto him in exasperation. 

“I love you Jimin”, you sobbed and he sighed audibly. “I love you (Y/N). So much.”

You slowly leaned back to look into his eyes seriously. “If you ever do something like this, you’re dead.”

A small smile spread across his lips before he nodded. “Got it, babe. I will make sure that I will never be this stupid again, I promise.”


In Secret

“Killian, wake up.”

Killian groaned in protest. He took one look at the clock, and grumbled. It was too early… even for him. “Emma, we had a busy day yesterday, and I’m bloody exhausted. Can we at least wait until the sun comes up?”

They were getting married in a week, and the Charming’s were not only bogging him and Emma down with all sorts of wedding details… they were bickering amongst themselves every step of the way.

Not that he truly wanted to complain. He was marrying the love of his life, and agreed that everything needed to be perfect. Emma deserved no less.

“Do you want to get married or not?” she asked, clearly frustrated that he wasn’t moving fast enough.

“Of course I do,” he sighed, “but we aren’t meeting with the baker until noon. Please darling, let me rest.”

“I’ve been thinking…” she mused. Right in his ear. Bloody hell, the woman was not going to let him sleep. Ignoring his groan, she continued. “Why are we going crazy with my parents? We can get married now.”

“Your mother would kill us,” he reminded her. “She’s spent so much time on this-”

“Oh… we can have that wedding too,” she assured him. “I wouldn’t take that from my parents. But… it’s all kind of overwhelming, don’t you think?”

“What do you mean?” Curiosity now piqued, he sat up and looked at her.

“It’s great,” she said, “and I like the idea of a big, princess-y wedding… but I also like the idea of just you and me… exchanging our vows on the Jolly Roger…”

“Your parents-”

“-Had a secret wedding of their own,” she interrupted. “And they don’t have to know. It doesn’t even have to be official. Just… something you and I can share together… before we do the whole thing in front of the entire town.”

“So, why did you wake me now?” He asked. It was a great idea, but it was also two in the morning.

“Because we have an appointment with the baker at noon,” she said, “and the second the sun rises, my parents will be here, ready for breakfast and another day of wedding planning.”

He didn’t quite catch on until she hopped out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. She meant to do this now. “Emma, who’s going to marry us at this ungodly hour?”

“Lancelot is meeting us at the Jolly in an hour,” she giggled. “Unless you have any objections.”

“No objections at all, love,” he grinned. “But why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“You were sleeping, I was thinking…” she shrugged. “And fortunately, I wasn’t the only one needing a midnight hot chocolate at Granny’s.”

“We have hot chocolate here…”

“I needed a walk, and so did Lancelot apparently. We got to talking, and now, you need to get up if you want to do this.” She gave him an adorable little smirk, “we can save time by showering together, Captain.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. In a flash, he was following her into the bathroom for a shower.

They wound up being late to their own secret wedding.

His Throne [PJM] | 02

Genre: smut, angst, fluff

Word Count: 6,840

Tags: degradation, praise, fingering, face riding, dom!Jimin, prince!Jimin, infidelity, kinda exhibitionism

A/N: Ahhh yes, it’s finally done. It’s not nearly as good as the first (imo) because I wasn’t as motivated to write this one. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy! (PCs to Vikttoria16)

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Other member cers: Hoseok | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Jungkook | Seokjin

I love you.

You wished you hadn’t said it.

But more importantly you wished he had.

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Hi Touch Encounter

Anon: Hi! I wanted to request a smut with Daehyun, like you are a fan and you met him in a fanmeeting and well you fell in love and… the rest well I like your creativity so surprise me. And love all your work fighting!

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Daehyun (BAP)/Reader

Word Count: 1097

Summary: He couldn’t let the moment pass away.

My voice was so scratchy after the concert. I quickly tried to really my make up. I was shaking like crazy. I had no idea I would win a hi-touch at the BAP concert. All I wanted was an album and BAM! Now I got a chance to meet them. I know its just a small meeting but still. 

The ushers start to get us in line. I was near the back. I watch as the line begins to go and i start to shake more. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I never thought in a million years that I would have met them. As I got closer to the front, I began to fix my hair. The first one I se is precious Zelo who just wore the biggest smile on his face. 

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Wish Upon a Bracelet

Originally posted by kristian-do

Word Count: 658

Genre: Fluff

Admin Spring

You opened the drawer crammed with random trinkets and things you had no use for.

Which is why you were in there, there was a forgotten item that one of your friends had left and you were trying to fish it out of all the mess. Upon your searching you found a bracelet that you had left behind a couple years back. You were on a trip with your family and had stopped at the souvenir shop.

“What’s this?” you asked the cashier.

She walked around the desk towards you and grabbed one that had blue beads threaded through it.

“These are wish bracelets,” she explains, “It’s said that each color is a different wish and you wear it until it breaks or falls off. When it finally does your wish comes true.”

“What is blue?” you ask.

“Love.” she says smiling.

You now stand holding the blue beaded bracelet in your hand. You took the ends and tied them to your wrist.

It had been about a year since you had put it on. Your friends all said it was stupid and that it was such a scam so people would buy it.

“Y/N, it’s not gonna work…”

“You should just cut it off.”

“It’s so old and nasty looking.”

Still though you ignored them and kept the bracelet on. It will work one day, it has to, I believe in it.

You had been out for the day and had gotten lunch with some old friends. You were now in the grocery store and grabbing the things you needed for the next couple of weeks.

After checking out you were walking to the car when you saw on your wrist there was no bracelet. You stopped in your place grabbing your wrist as if it would magically appear again.

DID IT REALLY BREAK? Where is it? Did I leave it somewhere? I showered this morning did I take it off? No, I had it at lunch I thought?

Your mind flooded with thoughts about where the wish bracelet could be. Until you noticed someone running about behind you.

You turned to see a taller guy with a slight build in a black tank. His dark soft looking unstyled hair ending just below his eyebrows. He was breathing heavy and looking at you with big eyes.

Oh my-

“You-you dropped this,” he said between breaths as he held out the same blue beaded bracelet that had been tied to you just before.

You continued staring back and forth between him and the bracelet with your mouth agape. He cleared his throat to bring you back to earth and took the bracelet.

“Thank you,” you mumble out.

You stood there expectantly before he turned on his heel leaving you disappointed again. You let out a sigh, your friends were right. It was just a stupid bracelet made to scam.

You jumped though when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned to see the same guy standing there again.

“Hey, I’m sorry if this is random, I’ve never done this before, but can…can I have your number?”

Your face lit up with a smile and he did the same seeing yours.

“Of course,” you say getting out your phone, “um so what’s your name?”

“Kim Mingyu.” he says with a smile.

“It’s nice to meet you, I’m (Y/N),” you hesitate before saying the next sentence “This is gonna sound crazy…but I think you’re my soulmate.”

He let out a nervous laugh and both of your faces flushed at what you were saying.

“The first time I try to get a girl’s number and I meet my soulmate.”

You laugh with him and hold up the broken bracelet.

“This bracelet, I got it from a souvenir shop a long time ago and it said whenever it fell off my wish would come true and you’re the one who found it so…”

“Well then I guess we should go on a date and find out then, huh?”

“I would love that, Mingyu.”

More than an Idol


Peter ParkerxReader

Word Count: 2814

Summary: You’re dating Peter and he talks you up to Tony and he wants to meet you and then you find out something you never thought was possible.

A/N: HOLY COW. I’m tired of this writer’s block and this is shitty but here you go. I promise I’m not going to write another single thing until I get a request done. You know who you are and I am sorry I am taking so long. Anyways, here’s this for now. Enjoy!

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His Throne [KTH] | 02

Genre: smut, angst, fluff ending

Word Count: 6,840

Tags: degradation, praise, fingering, face riding, dom!Taehyung, prince!Taehyung, infidelity, kinda exhibitionism

A/N: Ahhh yes, it’s finally done. It’s not nearly as good as the first (imo) because I wasn’t as motivated to write this one. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy! (PCs to Vikttoria16)

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Other member vers: Hoseok | Yoongi | Namjoon | Jimin | Jungkook | Seokjin

I love you.

You wished you hadn’t said it.

But more importantly you wished he had.

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Sam’s Truth

Summary: After your dad says some nasty things, Sam comforts you.

Italics are the other end of a phone convo.

Betas: @talesoftheimpala @winchester-with-wings 

W.C. 1417

Tag Forevers(let me know if you want to be added!): @quilliamfears @animefanatic1728 @castihelloboys @autoblocked @wayward-wheels @cestladoulerexquise 

Rest of the tags at the bottom

Notes: lots of parental angst lately for me so I wanted to get some of it out with some fluffy Sam stuff. Feedback appreciated! Find it on AO3 here. Might write a second part, morning after smut, if I get enough feedback!

Having Sam Winchester by your side when the rest of your family was telling you to go to hell was the best thing that could have happened to you.

Sam Winchester was the world’s kindest, most burdened soul, and he took on the pain of everyone that he came into contact with, hoping to ease some of their suffering.

When you first met Sam, you’d been taking down a rugaru and he and his brother burst in just as you were firing off the flame shots. Dean and you had teamed up before. When you were both younger, and you’d heard stories of the infamous Sammy, but meeting the man was an entirely different story. Dean had said Sam was tall, but tall was an understatement. Standing 5’4”, you weren’t exactly tall yourself, but Sam towered over you by at least a foot, and you felt like a dwarf. Of course, he tried hiding it, tried making himself seem smaller than he was, and your heart squeezed a bit for this thoughtful man.

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anonymous asked:

YESS I LOVE GAMES!!!! so uhh me (my name's Flora, blue eyes, brown hair, im vv short, shorter than Jihoonie <33) + Jihoon on a date @ the beach :)))

A Date with Svt: Jihoon at the beach

  • where: at the beach
  • when: the whole day!!!
  • so Jihoon had wanted to do something special with you for a while
  • so when he got a day off, he planned a really special surprise for you
  • a beach date!
  • ok so
  • imagine sleeveless Jihoon though (watch the crazy in love dance practice vid for reference lmao)
  • waking you up with a few texts early in the morning one day
  • “Hey Flora.”
  • “Got the day off.”
  • “Let’s go to the beach”
  • you’re so surprised and practically screaming as you get up and get ready
  • he meets you at your door
  • again can you see sleeveless Jihoon yet
  • a towel slung over one shoulder, wearing shorts, a sleeveless shirt (clearly sleeveless Jihoon is a concept all by himself) carrying a beach bag on his other shoulder
  • and the whole ride there on the bus
  • you’re craning your neck to look out the windows trying to get a glimpse of the ocean or even a whiff of the sea salt scent
  • and Jihoon is sitting next to you a huge smile on his face watching how excited you are
  • holding your hand in his
  • as you both point at the road signs along the road
  • until you both can finally see the ocean
  • getting off the bus, you practically run onto the sand towards the sea
  • Jihoon jogging and laughing while trying to keep up
  • he lays down the beach towel and the beach bag while you stand off a bit
  • prioritiessssss
  • you take out your phone and snap a few pics first of the beautiful scenery
  • and you look around for Jihoon when you see him with his feet in the water already
  • waving at you to hurry up
  • and the both of you walk into the waves
  • you squealing a bit at how cold it is
  • Jihoon laughing at your reaction
  • and then proceeding to splash water at you lightly
  • and you splash him back as revenge
  • until it’s a full out water war
  • with you running along the wet sand with Jihoon closely behind
  • and when he catches up to you
  • he wraps his arms around your waist from behind you
  • lifting you up a little bit
  • “Want to go for a swim?” he laughs raising an eyebrow
  • before dragging you into the water with him
  • you both end up soaked
  • bless his soul though he thought of everything through
  • and wraps you up in a towel before taking out snacks from the beach bag
  • and you both sit on the towel munching on chips for a little bit
  • before he stands up and brushes off the sand and asks you to wait a minute
  • and you watch him go back down towards the water and look around before picking up a shell
  • and bringing it back to you
  • “Here, a souvenir.”
  • “It’s beautiful thank you.” you smile at him
  • you both get up and he holds your hand again
  • as you both just walk in the sand
  • feeding the seagulls some of your precious chips
  • watching other kids running around in the waves
  • and sometimes a wave comes really close to you
  • and Jihoon pulls you back onto the dry sand
  • or uses himself to block the waves from splashing you
  • and you laugh as he gets a face full of salt water
  • the both of you try making a sand snowman
  • using dry kelp as hair
  • and seashells as eyes
  • until it falls apart
  • and you both have a moment of silence for your sand friend
  • before having a contest to see who can run the fastest across the sand
  • and you both end up just slipping a lot and falling onto the sand dunes
  • before you help each other back up
  • and you pull out your phone again
  • because you don’t want the day to end
  • and you want to remember every moment
  • so you take a selca with him with your backs to the sea
  • your brown hair fluttering around wildly from the ocean breeze
  • as you and him smile up before you snap the picture
  • “Look your eyes are as blue as the ocean!” Jihoon say looking at the picture
  • “That’s cheesy, Jihoon.”
  • “Well they are.”
  • and you take plenty more pictures
  • of the tide pools with starfish
  • and of Jihoon holding up a red starfish
  • and he takes a picture of you draping seaweed around your shoulders like a scarf
  • until your phone is almost out of battery
  • and as the two of you walk back, the date almost over
  • you both sit down on the beach towel and watch the waves crash onto the beach for a few more minutes before going
  • you lay your head on his shoulder, arms wrapped around your knees
  • “I had fun today.” you giggle
  • “ I’m glad.” he smiles
  • and he kisses your forehead and plays with your hair before you both pack up the stuff to leave for the bus
  • hand-in-hand
  • tired but happy
  • as the both of you fall asleep on the bus back

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Torn – Part 9

Previous Part // Next Part // All Parts

!! slightly nsfw

A/N: I was really unsure of how to start this but SF9’s recent release kinda’ helped me get started – the lyrics are so poetic and heart-breaking. ALSO this is not THAT smutty because it’s mostly to express love

Summary: After your breakup with Seokwoo, you get the help of Taeyang to forget about him. The feelings are still there though, making you torn between a sweet ex and a passionate boyfriend.

Word Count: 1,5k

(cr. kingrowoon)


A few weeks passed and it was time to go back to classes and school work. You had spent a lot of time with Y/F/N during the break, her and Inseong suffering some issues with their relationship. This made it crucial for your friend to have a place to go to if they fought. With your tendency to hang out with Taeyang a lot, you gave her your spare key to save a bit of time before being able to reach her. In addition to this, you had caught up with Sanghyuk even more, hearing about stories he got from doing crazy things with his friends and he would even tell you about the people he was interested in. He also let you know how Taeyang used to be different from now. From Sanghyuk’s perspective, Taeyang used to be wilder, always wanting to go out and get drunk and - from an outside perspective, not being serious about any possible relationship.

“He’s different with you.” He told you.

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Magical Office Episode 1 : Introductions

MY MY! I must say I’ve become very popular since my mystery post about my new series. Anyway here is my Office x Fantastic Beasts crossover. Things you need to understand before you read this. As The Office is done in a documentary style, I’d decided to write this fan fiction as a script. Meaning the actions will be in italics and the person who is speaking will have their name in bold. Hopefully this makes sense and reads okay for you guys. This first episode is just going to be an introductory episode to all my characters and for you to get a feel for the style. There are a couple of made of characters that are based on different characters in The Office, but only one person knows who is who ;). Also please note that I am fully aware that Newt is from the 1920′s/30′s and cameras were not invented…for the sake of the fanfiction, let’s bring Newt to the 20th century ;)! Thanks to you wonderful people. Once again thank you to my bestie @fantasticnewtimagines for all the loving support!! Enjoy! <3 

Originally posted by tempora-mutantur-rp

Camera zooms in on you. You stand at the entrance of a corridor of office rooms. There are people walking around and you try to flag someone done, but they are all too entranced with what they are doing and they don’t notice. You look into the camera.

Y/N: I’m new, I’m just trying to find Newt Scamander?

The camera motions to the first office. The door has claw marks running down it and is scorched in the corner. You walk over to it, awkwardly thanking the camera man as you scoot past him. You hesitantly knock on the door. Behind the door, rustling can be heard and a loud bang. As you open the door to find out what happened to the person within, a little black creature scurries out and runs past the camera. A man in a long blue coat follows and collides with you.

Newt: Bugger! He’s escaped again.

Y/N: Are you Newt? I’m Y/N, I’m here to work as your assistant? Minister Parkinson hired me last week?

(Newt scratches his head trying to remember. Suddenly he looks over into the camera and his eyes continue to look back as you speak. Uneasy about their presence.)

Newt: Oh those bloody cameras.

(Newt looks at the camera. A voice is heard from behind the camera man.)

Director: Come on Newt we talked about this.


Director: It’s just a documentary for the wizarding world. You know, to show people the inner lives of the average Ministry worker.

(Newt fidgets with his bow tie and accidently undoes it from nerves.)

Newt: I-I-I’m not sure how comfortable I am with all this.

(He continues to try and retie his bow, but keeps fumbling over his fingers and he keeps trying to make eye contact with the camera.)

Director: Don’t sweat it Mr. Scamander. Just pretend like the camera isn’t even here. We’ll take you in to ask questions every now and then but otherwise, just go about as your normal Scamander self.

(Finally Newt proceeds to get a hold of himself and begins to redo his tie and completes the task.)

Director: Don’t sweat it Mr. Scamander. Why don’t you just give us a brief introduction.

(The camera goes in and out of focus while it tries to capture Newt’s face. He blinks rapidly to try and gain confidence as he looks shyly into the camera.)

Newt: Hi…ummm…I’m Newton Artemis Fido Scamander… not sure why I gave you my full name… people just call me Newt. I work in the department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. I recently just joined the ugh…umm…beasts division. I’ve been with the ministry for 5 years now. My family is very involved in the ministry, so naturally I joined on. Need to keep up with the family. Unfortunately, Magizoology isn’t a glamorous ministry job.

( Newt sits in his chair visibly uncomfortable. He tries various positions but ends up settling into his normal position of having his leg cross over his other knee.)

Newt: The minister feels I’m kind of a lose cannon.

( Newt runs a hand nervously through his hair, his wand in his hand.) Therefore he thinks I have a need for an assistant. So I do believe my day will be sent getting her acquainted with the office.


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His Throne [MYG] | 02

Genre: smut, angst, fluff ending

Word Count: 6,840

Tags: degradation, praise, fingering, face riding, dom!Yoongi, prince!Yoongi, infidelity, kinda exhibitionism

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Part 1 Vers: Hoseok | Taehyung | Namjoon | Jimin | Jungkook | Seokjin

I love you.

You wished you hadn’t said it.

But more importantly you wished he had.

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#15 (ChrisMD)

Soooo I know I said I’d post this like yesterday or the day before, but I wasn’t happy with the way it had turned out so I had to rewrite it, cause there’s no way I’d ever post something I don’t like. Anyway, I hope you like it!

WARNING: pretty detailed smut, I’d say. And possible grammar errors, as English isn’t my mother tongue.

You weren’t going to lie, you were stressed out. A couple of weeks earlier, Chris, or ChrisMD as he was known on YouTube, had invited you to the next Manchester United football game, knowing that you lived in Manchester. You had met through YouTube, and it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time, so of course you had accepted, harbouring a little crush on him from his videos, but now that the day had come and you had to meet up with him in less than an hour in front of the stadium, you were freaking out a little bit. A lot.

As it turned out, you had no reason to. As soon as you arrived to the stadium, Chris engulfed you in a hug, and started babbling about the game and cracking some jokes about the players. He was really easy to get along with, so you spent most of the game getting to know each other better, and realised you had a lot in common. You ended up missing the only goal of the match, but it really didn’t matter, you were way too caught up in each other to care. The afternoon turned into dinner, then into the evening and you found yourself not wanting to part ways with the cute and flirty blonde. He felt the exact same way about you, and was relieved when you accepted to go back to his hotel room to watch a movie with him. He didn’t want you to think he was trying to get into your pants, but at the same time he couldn’t help but want you as close to him as possible. He’d never felt such strong feelings towards anyone, and he’d barely met you. It was sort of scary, but he couldn’t (and didn’t want) to resist the strange force that seemed to pull him towards you.

Once you got to the hotel room he was staying in, you got comfy on the big bed, and while you tried to decide what you wanted to watch, Chris called the room service, ordered some light drinks, and then joined you on the bed. Now that it was just the two of you propped up on the pillows this close to each other, you felt a little nervous again; Chris, on the other hand, was a lot flirtier than he had been during the day. You couldn’t deny it, you were really attracted to him and every time he would smile at you or brush his arm either against your thigh or your own arm, you felt more and more aroused.

At some point during the second movie, Chris managed to drape himself over your body, claiming it was more comfortable for him this way. The weight of his body on yours felt amazing, and you couldn’t help but wonder what his bare skin would feel like moving against yours, making you shiver. At the same time, Chris buried his face in your neck to chuckle at something that had happened in the movie, and you couldn’t bite back the soft moan that escaped your lips at the feeling of his warm breath against the crook of your neck. His head shots up at the sound, and you tried to turn your face to the side in order to avoid looking him in the eyes, but he took hold of your chin and gently tilted it up towards his face, and if your lips hadn’t been so close to his, you probably wouldn’t have been able to hear what he barely whispered.

“I knew I couldn’t be the only one to feel it…”

And just like that his lips were on yours, moving with passion and a hint of desperation. He had been wanting to do that ever since he laid eyes on you back at the stadium, had been imagining what your lips would taste like, how your body would respond to his touch. And here you were, one hair pulling at his hair to get him closer, the other caressing along his back, enjoying the feeling of his lean muscles. You knew things were probably going too fast, but you tugged at the bottom of his shirt anyway, and he got the message, pulling away just long enough to remove it before his lips were back on top of yours. You let your hands roam freely against his back, scratching your nails lightly, making him growl and attack your jaw line and neck with feverish, open mouthed kisses, until he reached your collarbones and sucked, leaving a deep purple mark on your tender skin. He looked back at you, watching your reaction and silently asking if it was okay to keep going, and he smiled when you nodded, taking off your shirt instantly. Your bra was next; it hadn’t even touched the floor when Chris took a nipple in his mouth, circling it with his tongue and sucking lightly on it, while his hand slowly massaged your other boob, making you arch your back and moan, bucking your hips up against his. He grunted at the feeling, letting go of your boobs to start kissing his way down your body while unbuttoning your pants. You helped him remove them, desperate for him to touch you where you needed him most. He blew hot air on your still panties-clad core, making you squirm under him and clutch at the sheets, anticipating what was next to come. He looked up and smirked at you, and you could almost have come just by the sight of him between your legs. He slid your panties down your legs and let them fall to the floor at the end of the bed, his lustful eyes never leaving your now completely naked body.

“You’re so fucking beautiful Y/N” he said in between the kisses he was pressing to your inner thighs, close to where you needed him, but never actually touching you there. He moved up a little to kiss your hipbones, then finally down again. He looked up at you while licking a long broad stripe from your entrance to your clit, making you close your eyes and let out a long moan that spurred him on. He kept his focus on your clit, either giving it small flicks or circling it slowly with his tongue. He kept you a moaning mess under him, the noises you made sounding like a melody to him, until you felt like your lower stomach was going to explode with arousal and you started chanting his name, desperate to reach your release. He stopped his movements entirely then, leaving you on the edge of pleasure, and your head snapped up to meet his gaze.

“What the fuck Chris?” He was grinning mischievously, and you weren’t sure whether you wanted to punch him in the face on sit on it. He stayed like this a couple of seconds, letting your orgasm fade away from you, then went back to work. His tongue was moving with more speed now, and you gripped his hair, trying to make sure he wouldn’t stop this time, but he did. He did it a couple more times, getting as close from coming as possible, without ever letting you. You felt like you might go crazy, until he gripped your hips with both hands to keep you in place and winked at you, letting you know he was feeling merciful now. The tip of his tongue was drawing eights on your clit, and when he felt your thighs clenching, he pressed the flat of his tongue against your clit and started moving his head from left to right, agonisingly slowly, until you were shaking with the force of your release. Your eyes were shut tightly and you swore you saw stars. You had never experienced anything so strong, and it took you a little while to come down from your high. When you did, you realised you were on your side, Chris’s arm around you, keeping you close to him. He was smiling at you sweetly, and you weren’t sure what to say after what had happened. You didn’t want him to think you were the type of girl who had one night stands all the time and didn’t care about who she slept with. He seemed to sense your tenseness though, and cut you short before you could even start to speak.

“I know what you’re thinking Y/N, and I want you to know that I really don’t consider this a one-time thing, I really like you and I want to be with you. I know we don’t really know each other that well, but I also know you felt the same thing as me. We have a connection, and as I said, I want to be with you. That is, if you’ll have me of course.” You grinned widely at him; this couldn’t have been a better day.

“There’s nothing I’d like more.”

Time Limit (Mature)


Pausing my American Horror Story rerun, I stood up and opened my bedroom door, “What?” I yelled back in response, annoyed.

“Will you come down here, please?”

My brother was having his ‘guys night’ whilst my parents were away for the weekend, so I took it upon myself to lock myself away in my room. He would’ve shooed me off anyway, so I saved myself the humiliation.

Raising my eyebrows at his request, I ran a hand through my hair before jogging down the stairs. I was in a pair of grey pyjama shorts and a cropped top, my fluffy socks making my pursuit into the living room a silent one. “Yes?”

“God, (Y/N), my friends are here – would you put some clothes on?” He whined, rolling his eyes.

My cheeks tinged pink in slight embarrassment at the fact that he’d just called me out in front of four of his friends, but I rolled my eyes in return to mask it, “I didn’t think my presence would be needed. Now, what do you want?”

His friends sniggered at my comment, but one person in particular caught my attention – Justin Bieber. His eyes raked over my body and I was somewhat self conscious, but flattered at the same time. I’d always thought he was sex on legs, but I assumed he didn’t pay me any mind, guess I was wrong.

“Well, sis. I was going to ask if you wanted anything from the store.” My brother said, putting sarcastic emphasis on the word 'sis’.

“How thoughtful of you, (Y/B/N).” I scoffed, “You can get me some sour patch kids, thanks.”

“Alright, come on boys.” He announced.

“Uhm, would you mind if I stayed here? I feel a bit shitty.” Justin spoke up before looking at me. However, his eyes looked away as soon as they set eyes on me.

“Only if you let me take your car.”

He chuckled and tossed him the keys, “Go careful, she’s special.”

The front door closed and I stood awkwardly in the living room, “You can sit down you know.” He smiled. Half returning it, I sat on the couch beside Justin, feeling myself get nervous under his stare.

“So how old are you now, (Y/N)?”

“Uhm… 18, why?”

He shuffled slightly closer to me and rested his hand on my bare thigh, my skin suddenly igniting, “Because I’ve alw–”

The front door reopened and he moved his palm away from me, “Forgot my wallet.” Tyler, another friend of (Y/B/N)’s, said, before exiting.

I turned back to look at Justin, who’s eyes had darkened significantly. “I’ve always been attracted to you, (Y/N). But I wanted to wait until you were older to tell you.”

My breath caught in my throat, this Greek God of a man is attracted to me?

“Y-you have?”

“Mhm… You know sometimes I leave the room when you come in?” I nodded, “It’s because I have to stop my mind from wandering.”

My cheeks heated up and his hand had returned to my thigh, slowly inching it’s way up, “You drive me crazy.”

I felt my arousal pool in my panties and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from whimpering. Justin noticed and he used his thumb to tug my lip from between my teeth, before leaning in. As his lips pressed to mine, I let out a quiet moan against his lips, causing him to lay me down on the couch. Settling between my legs, he pressed his crotch against mine, “See what you do to me, baby?”

Bucking my hips against his, I needed the friction to relieve the ache between my thighs.

“Where’s your room?” He asked, climbing off of me. Pouting at the lack of physical contact, I took his hand and led him up the stairs.

Pressing my against the wall, his lips roughly attached to mine, his hands snaking their way around me to grab my ass, pulling me closer to his bulge.

“Fuck…” I whispered, I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Walking me over to the bed, Justin kissed down my body, undressing me piece by piece until I was lying below him in my white lace underwear. “God you’re so sexy…” He groaned, grinding his hips against mine, reaching behind me and unclasping my bra.

“I’d always imagined you like this, but you exceed expectation.”

Rolling us over, I rocked my hips against his harder, “Justin,” I gasped, as he sat up and took one of my breasts into his mouth, “Fuck…”

Stopping my movements momentarily, tugging his shirt off, I reached down and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down.

I involuntarily moaned aloud as I saw the outline of his hard on in his boxers, making my centre ache. I needed him.

Justin smirked as he rolled me onto my back, “I hope you’re ready for this, baby.”

Sliding my panties off of my legs, Justin parted my legs and groaned. Lying down, he pulled me towards him, locking his arms around my thighs, holding me in place. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.” He admitted.

Attaching his mouth to my throbbing centre, I threw my head back and gasped, a wave of pleasure coursing through me. Tugging his hair, I shamelessly grinded against him, desperate to rid the aching feeling he caused.

Sucking on my clit, I let out a scream and my back arched off of the bed, “I-I’m gonna cu-” Justin detached his lips from me.

“Justin, what the fuck?” I spat, sending him a dirty look. He moved to rest his back against my headboard and pulled his boxers down, causing me to get wetter at the sight of his boner hitting against his abs, “Ride me.”


“Your brother isn’t going to be gone forever, now ride my cock.” He demanded. Getting turned on at his sudden assertiveness, I positioned myself above his arousal before sinking down on him, my eyes practically rolling to the back of my head.

Going straight to it, I wasted no time. I’d secretly dreamed of this moment for so long, I was taking full advantage of it.

“Oh, fuck!” I cried, bouncing and rocking my hips.

“Fuck yeah, keep going, baby girl.” Justin moaned, his hips thrusting upwards to meet mine occasionally.

Placing my hands on either side of Justin’s face, I kissed him harshly before pulling away, tugging his bottom lip between my teeth. Leaving to pepper kisses down his neck, his large hands came to my hips, guiding my movements.

Rolling my hips in a circle, he let out a groan, “Fuck, do that again.”

Hearing the front door unlock, I looked at Justin in horror. As I was about to climb off of him, Justin held me and flipped us over so that I was on my back, before he started pounding me to the point where I wanted to scream.

“Shh, baby. You don’t want them to hear you, do you?” He asked, “I don’t mind you letting them know how good I fuck you, but I don’t think your brother would approve.”

Biting ridiculously hard on my lip, I tried to meet Justin’s thrusts, my orgasm nearing.

“Fuck I’m close.” He grunted, gripping onto my hips.

“Justin! (Y/N)!”

“Keep going, keep going, keep going,” I moaned, encouraging him.

My back arched off of the bed and Justin held his hand over my mouth to muffle my scream I so desperately wanted to let out.

“Shit,” He groaned, pulling out and spilling onto my stomach.

Panting like crazy, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, my heart rate accelerating even more.

“Shit, get in the bathroom.” I rushed, Justin nodded and grabbed his boxers and jeans, making a beeline for the ensuite.

Grabbing my robe, I quickly followed, my legs like jello.

“Hellooooo? Where are you guys?”

“Lean over the toilet,” I instructed. Ignoring the cum on my stomach, I grimaced as I put my robe on – that’ll need washing.

Opening the bathroom door, I looked at my brother, “Justins been sick, I was just helping him.” I mumbled.

“Why are you in a robe?”

“You told me to put some more clothes on, didn’t you?”

He nodded, peering behind me, “Justin, are you alright, buddy?”

Justin lifted his head, turning to him, “I will be. (Y/N)s been a great help, though.”

“Alright, well, come downstairs when you’re sorted.” Closing the door behind him, I turned to Justin, “That was close.”

“So, what do you say about doing this again sometime?” He asked, standing up and coming closer to me, “I prefer to fuck… without a time limit.”

“How could I say no after that?” I laughed.

“Good, I’ll call you.” Justin said, kissing me once more, “Come downstairs when you’re done showering or whatever, I’m not interested in the game and you’re good to look at.” He smirked.

Nodding, I bit my lip, “Got it.”


*Requested* Imagine the reader is pregnant with Klaus’s child, and she’s known for awhile but has been pretty good at hiding it because she knows that Klaus already has his hands full with Hope and she doesn’t really know how to tell Klaus, because she’s afraid of his reaction. And when she’s in the kitchen one night, Elijah hears the heartbeat and urges her to tell Klaus. And before she gets the chance to, Klaus hears the heartbeat too.

(I hope you like this one and feedback is as always appreciated. Enjoy my lovelies!)

Word count: 740

Your name: submit What is this?

It is another sleepless night in New Orleans, where you´re trying to fall asleep next to the man you love but your brain decided to torture you with unsilenceable thoughts, making it impossible to fall asleep.

You haven´t properly slept, in what feels like a millennium because you are still treading to reveal a big secret to your love Klaus: You are pregnant with his child. Worrying about his reaction, you didn´t tell him, or in fact didn´t tell anybody. You have known it for a couple of months and somehow you managed to hide it well. No one has the slightest clue. You know you eventually have to tell him, but you´re scared he would react the same way when he found out that Hayley was pregnant.

You turn your head looking at him in his peaceful sleep, his arm is draped across you holding you tight. You get out of his grip as carefully as possible, trying not to wake him. As you successfully managed to do that, you made your way downstairs to get some water. As you reached the kitchen you see Elijah sitting on one of the chairs holding a glass of bourbon in his hand, looking terribly exhausted.

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Just a Question....

Why do celebrities get so much hate from their fans when it comes to dating? Honestly, who cares? I love to say I’m an optimistic person, but it’s an extremely small chance that your favorite celebrity will date/marry you, let alone meet you. So, why do people get so up in arms about who they date? Even if it’s a rumour, some fans will go crazy; handing out death threats left and right, and then they have the audacity to get an attitude the moment the said celebrity wants to keep their relationships private. I’ll never understand that. You demand these celebrities stay single to entertain your fantasies, yet you can go out with, and date whom ever you want? Mhm🐸☕️… ~But. Let’s entertain your fantasy here.~ Say you do end up dating your celebrity crush, do you think the same hate you were giving to their ex will suddenly go away because you’re dating them now? NOPE! It’s still gonna be there. It’s an endless cycle of unnecessary hate. So why not end it now? If you’re a true fan, why would you want to take away someone that makes them feel joy, that makes them feel safe and warm. Why would you want to take away that special person that makes them feel butterflies in their stomachs every time they see them. Why would you do that? I, personally wouldn’t want my favorite celebrity mad at me because of the way I harassed them for falling in love. Because that’s exactly what you’re doing. You. Are. Harassing. Them. So, can we all just agree to be decent human beings, or is that just too much for you to handle?

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