lets make forts

the nordics waking up

aph denmark: *at 5am* jumps on norway’s bed and starts hopping up and down excitably like a little kid saying “wAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP LETS GO DO STUFF NORGE NORGE NORGE LETS MAKE A LEGO FORT COME ON NORGY”

aph norway: if i don’t get my coffee right now i’m going to stab you

aph finland: “wHO THE FUCK DARETH DISTURB MY SLUMBER - oh, hi sve! (⊙‿⊙✿)”

aph iceland: *never went to sleep because he was on tumblr all night*

aph sweden: “uwaaaahhh! i’m gonna be late for anime school!”

Of ravens and flowers

“You draw very well,” Bilbo heard from behind. He smiled back at Thorin, who stood behind him, looking intently at the papers in Bilbo’s hands.

“Nowhere near as well as I would like,” he confessed. Charcoal smudged all over his fingers contradicted the incompleteness of the drawing, hinting that he was sitting there for a lot longer than it would seem.

“Your hand will catch up with your eye, given time and practice,” Thorin assured him. “May I?” he asked, gesturing to the empty space on the bench next to Bilbo.

He sat down when Bilbo nodded. Two ravens from the Hill flew down on the balcony and started playing with each other airily, so Bilbo flipped the papers and tried to sketch them. They moved too quickly though, and he let out a frustrated sigh.

Thorin extended his hand and spoke softly. The ravens stopped playing and one of them hopped closer, eventually spreading its wings and perching up on Thorin’s hand. It stayed there, crooking its head left and right as Thorin murmured to it. Bilbo completed his drawing and smiled at Thorin, when he put the raven down. It hopped up excitedly to its companion and cawed urgently. They both flew up and disappeared from the view.

“Thank you,” Bilbo said. Thorin nodded curtly.

For a moment, charcoal scratching on paper was the only sound interrupting the silence as Bilbo went back to his previous sketch. Suddenly, he knitted his brows and stopped.

“Has the court session been canceled? It usually takes place around this time, doesn’t it?”

“It does. And it has not been canceled,” Thorin replied, a bit sheepishly.

“Then why…”

“My sister decided I needed more free time and said she will manage it today, since the cases are not that important.”

“She threw you out, didn’t she?” Bilbo offered sympathetically. Thorin pursed his lip, clearly disgruntled, but didn’t oppose. Bilbo laughed. “The only person in the mountain who dares order the king around and she uses it to make you rest.”

Thorin opened his mouth to protest, when a hearty caw cut him off. Two ravens flapped their wings as they landed on the balustrade, one of them cawing and hopping in place while the other preened with a flower in its beak.

“Aren’t those the ones from before?”

“They are. I sent them to find something they liked and apparently it was this flower,” Thorin looked questioningly at the raven that flew up to him and now sat again on his hand.

“What for?”

“For you to draw them with, of course.”

Bilbo blinked and grinned. “I have no choice now, do I?”

“None,” Thorin smiled warmly back at him. The raven straightened when Bilbo turned his attention to it, posing eagerly.

Once the sketch was done, Thorin took the flower from its beak and both ravens flew away again. Without much thought, he offered it to Bilbo.

Bilbo looked uncertain as he gazed at the flower in his hand. “Aster,” he said quietly, the tips of his ears turning a bit pink.

“Is something the matter?”

“No no no, nothing at all,” he replied hastily. He put the flower down and flashed Thorin a quick smile. “Thank you.”

~blanket piles

a gift for one of the world’s most wonderful people @synergysam​ who everyone should send random love to because she is made of magic and beauty

“Gabriel! I bought pizza!” Sam yelled as he banged through the door to his flat.

There was no answer.

Sam rolled his eyes, dropping his bag and his pizza boxes on the floor, half a mind to sink down on top of them as well. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to handle it if Gabriel wasn’t home right now. He’d been up since way too early, his bag weighed about a thousand kilograms, his first lecture had overrun, he’d been late for his second, he’d been given a bad grade on a quiz, and then on the way home, his bike had almost been hit by another cyclist coming in the opposite direction, who’d then decided to yell at him for a good five minutes about how he was impossible to see because his ‘grey plaid shirt was too similar a colour to the building behind him’.

So he’d decided to make a quick stop off at the pizza place across the road. He’d bought one meat lover’s with extra pineapple and a cheese stuffed crust (Gabriel’s favourite) along with one veggie supreme white pizza (his own favourite) and a couple of beers for each of them, and he’d been hoping to curl up next to Gabriel on the couch and eat and maybe watch a few episodes of whatever dumb anime Gabriel was obsessed with this week. If he was really lucky, Gabriel might even pet his hair.

But now there was no answer coming from the rest of the flat, even though Gabriel had said he would be home tonight.

Sighing, he picked up the pizza and beer again, making his way to his bedroom. He’d just have to eat alone. Maybe he’d eat a couple of slices of Gabriel’s, too, because that would serve him right.

He kicked open the door, but it had barely managed to open a few inches before it hit something solid. Squishy, yes, but solid.

“Oh, fuck,” came a muffled curse. “Didn’t think this through.”

Sam couldn’t entirely tell from the voice itself, since it was weirdly distorted somehow, but from the context (someone in his room, excessive swearing, and a plan gone wrong) it could pretty much only be Gabriel.

“What the hell have you done now, Gabe?” he asked, sighing a little more than was necessary, leaning against his own door, clutching pizza that was slowly getting cold.

There were a few rustles and bumps and grunts of effort, and then Gabriel’s face popped up next to the crack in the door. “Thought we could have a night in.”

“Yes, so did I. Sitting on the couch. Like normal people.”

“Well, where’s the fun in that?” Gabriel snorted, kicking a few more things out of the way and yanking open the door, revealing the room to Sam.

The place was absolutely covered in mattresses, pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals of every variety that Sam could possibly imagine. He thought he might have even seen an old pair of curtains draped somewhere. The lights were off and a few torches illuminated the room, as well as a laptop which already had Netflix cued up to one of Sam’s favourite shows.

“Gabriel - where did you even find this many blankets?” was all Sam could say, because he had so many questions right now.

“Don’t question a man and his blankets!” Gabriel shot back. “Good. You brought food. I had ice cream and chicken dinosaurs and stuff in the freezer, but that involves getting up and cooking and stuff which I really didn’t feel like doing. Come on, get in, we’ll rearrange these blankets into a proper fort, eat some food, cuddle, watch a couple episodes of this shitty nature show. And I’m not hearing any arguments about homework or whatever. We’re doing this.”

It was the perfect improvement to Sam’s bad day, and it was exactly what he had been hoping for. He let Gabriel re-make the fort around him and then snuggle up into his side, and the two of them tucked into the pizza, Gabriel feeding it to Sam so that Sam wouldn’t have to use up any more effort than open his mouth and swallow (and occasionally bite back words about how Gabriel was the absolute greatest friend to ever exist and that he meant so, so much to Sam.) They stayed there for hours, until it was dark outside and the nature show had inexplicably become Adventure Time, until Sam was floating in that halfway stage between awake and asleep.

“Wait,” Sam frowned, something occurring to him suddenly. His voice was thick with sleep and he was about three seconds away from passing out next to Gabriel and on top of all the blankets. “Why did you do this for me?”

Gabriel was pretty sleepy himself after eating that entire pizza and some of Sam’s leftovers too. “Because you’d had a bad day and I thought you could use cheering up.”

“No, but you didn’t know that. You set this up before I got home. Before I’d told you I had a bad day.”

“You should sleep, Sam. You’re tired,” Gabriel deflected.

Sam didn’t feel tired anymore. It seemed like Gabriel was trying to distract him, and he had lived with Gabriel for too long to let him get away with that. “I’m not sleeping until you tell me what’s going on here.”

Gabriel drew his legs up to his chest, making himself as small as possible. “Do you promise me you won’t hate me?” he squeaked in a tiny voice.

Sam wrapped his own arms round Gabriel, pulling him close. “Hey there. I could never hate you. You’re my Gibgab.”

Gabe nodded against whichever blanket was currently wrapped around Sam. “Alright. I’ll tell you.”

He pulled away, sitting crosslegged, looking down at his lap and playing with a strand of his own hair as he started to explain, his voice shaking. “See, it’s like this. You know how we met, right? Cause our brothers were friends? And then, Cas wanted to ask Dean out on a date, and he did all this traditional shit like rent a fancy pimp car and buy him a dozen white roses and take him to a French restaurant. And it was like a movie and they were the cutest thing ever. But I always said, if I ever liked anyone - if I ever loved anyone - I wouldn’t do it like that. It would be more simple. I’d just want to spend time with them, the two of us alone, and maybe we’d just watch some TV and be close to each other and then I’d tell them that I thought they were really special. I’d keep things simple. And there wouldn’t be any pressure. It would just be me, confessing to a beautiful boy, that he makes me so happy, and that if he was interested, I would love for there to be something more between us.”

There was a silence between them for a few seconds, and then Gabriel pushed himself up and out of the blanket pile. “Sorry. I’m a dumbass. Shouldn’t have said anything, shouldn’t have made your day any worse than it already was. I’ll go, I’ll do the dishes for a year to make up for it, won’t mention anything again.”

Sam grabbed Gabriel’s wrist. trying to stop him from leaving, but in actual fact it made Gabriel fall completely ungracefully into his lap.

Well, he supposed it was better access at least.

He leaned down, gazing into a pair of golden eyes that were one third surprised, one third scared, one third helpful and entirely mesmerizing. “Gabriel…” he whispered, with his lips centimetres away.

“Sam?” Gabriel whispered back.

“I love you too,” Sam confessed, just as their lips met, the two of them perfectly fitting together in this way just as they always had in every other way, too, the world around them dissolving so that nothing mattered except shifting so that they were more comfortable, lying down together in at least a hundred more blankets than anyone should rightfully own, kissing and kissing and kissing. They never increased the pace or tried to take things any further, just let themselves melt into one another, occasionally pulling back to whisper a few more desperate words that they’d always wanted to say but never had, always returning to each other’s lips.

And when they slept, it was with Gabriel’s head nuzzled into Sam’s chest, one of his legs wrapped around both of Sam’s own, every single blanket in the blanket pile unnecessary - because now, Sam had the best blanket of all.

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"I want to marry you." Zutara in the rain

The rain had certainly put a damper on the picnic that was planned, the rolling hills of the countryside were no longer an option for the couple to spend their day. Zuko groaned as he held the little ring box in his pocket, falling onto the couch and slouching over when he hit the pillows. Katara laughed gently as she leaned against the doorway from the kitchen, pressing her fingers to her lips to hide her smirk. Katara blew her lover a kiss before crossing her arms across her chest.

“We can do other things, lets make a fort.” Katara suggested, walking closer to Zuko while flipping her deep chocolate curls over her head and wrapping it up into a bun. Her sweatpants hung from her hips, slightly exposing the tan skin of her stomach. She was wearing one of Zuko’s old band t-shirt she had cropped much to Zuko’s dismay, but not really, because it was his favorite thing she wore.

“A fort?” He asked, furrowing his brows, a fort? Seemed childish, he remembered building forts with his sister and mother before everything went wrong. He was just a kid then. But, maybe it wouldn’t be too bad, not with Katara there at least. “That… sounds alright.”

Katara smiled, clapping her hands together as she giddily hopped out of the livingroom towards their bedroom. Zuko pulled his hand out of his sweatshirt pocket, along with the ring box, with a fond smile. He quickly pulled open a junk drawer and hid it inside, closing it as Katara waddled back in with blankets and pillows. She plopped down the things on their rug, in front of the television and hurried back to get more. Zuko laughed gently before getting up, he took his time pushing himself up off the couch, before walking towards the dining chairs and dragging one across the floor towards the mountains of pillows and blankets.

There was nothing cuter than the way Katara excitedly put together the fort, with minimal help from Zuko. He stood watching, taking pictures for his snapchat story, and beaming with love for his girlfriend. It took a lot quicker than expected to build the blanket fort, it was big enough for the both of them and engulfed the television screen, which illuminated the inside with a muted movie.

“Popcorn?” Zuko asked, creeping up behind Katara and wrapping his arms around her waist, she nodded before resting her head against his chest with a sigh.

“Let’s watch The Notebook.” She whispered, and Zuko humphed, even though he secretly loved The Notebook. He nodded to make her happy, and pressed a kiss to the top of her messy hair.

“The Notebook it is, don’t start it without me.” Zuko teased, pulling away and walking towards the archway of the kitchen.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Once the popcorn was done and the movie was in play, they hunkered down inside the fort, feeding each other popcorn and curling into each other. It was sickeningly romantic, just like everything they did. Zuko’s arms were loose against her, hands peeking up inside her shirt to grip against her ribs. She giggled slightly as he tickled her skin, and kissed his face, missing his lips as he threw popcorn towards her. The movie was loud, but droned out as their talking became the foreground.

Katara looked towards the screen suddenly and shushed Zuko, pressing a finger up against his mouth.

Why didn’t you write me? Why? It wasn’t over for me! I waited for you, for seven years, and now it’s too late.

I wrote you 356 letters. I wrote you everyday for a year!

You wrote me?

Yes, it wasn’t over. It still isn’t over.

Katara smiled gently towards the screen, before turning her focus back to Zuko. “You know, I’ve never been kissed in the rain.”

“That seems like a problem that can easily be solved.” Zuko smirked, grabbing Katara’s hand in his own as he crawled out of the makeshift tent. Katara grinned, and went ahead of him. Zuko raised an eyebrow and hummed to himself, taking the time Katara was using to unlock the door, to grab the little box he had hidden earlier.

“Are you coming?” Katara sang, and Zuko nodded, pushing the box inside his pocket once again.

They ran down the stairs of their apartment building, watching the rain pour down with each window they passed, laughing to themselves as they got to the lobby and pushed through the door to the outside.

It was hot, it felt like a wall of heat as they moved out the door, and the rain soaked them just seconds after exiting. There were few people on the street, some with umbrellas and dogs, some running from place to place. Some just standing outside their apartment buildings, holding onto each other. Katara let out a breathy chuckle, raising up onto her toes.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me?”

“I have one thing I have to do first,” Zuko replied, giving Katara a puzzled look on her face. She smiled gently as Zuko let go of her and bit down on the inside of her lip. It felt like ages to Zuko as he knelt down on the wet sidewalk, pulling out the ring box from his pocket. “Don’t say anything.” He spoke.

“I’ve thought a lot about this, I’ve thought a lot about you and me and us. I’ve definitely thought a lot about us. It’s taken me a lifetime to realize a lot of things; that my happiness can be restored, that my world can’t shatter, that one day my life will be as good as I hoped it could be. But you, but us, I never had to realize, I always just knew. Katara you are my lifeline, my soulmate, my person. I’ve loved you, I love you, and I will always love you.” Zuko’s voice was crisp, and it wasn’t obvious, with the rain rolling down her face that Katara was crying, but he knew she was. “So, darling, will you do the honor of accepting to be my wife?”

Katara nodded, mouthing ‘yes’ over and over again, and Zuko had never seen anything as bright on such a dim day as Katara’s smile when she accepted his proposal. Zuko quickly stood, taking the ring and sliding it onto Katara’s shaking finger. He looked down to her, and she looked up to him, and they kissed.

“How was that for your first kiss in the rain?” Zuko mumbled against Katara’s lips.

Eh, I’ve seen better.” She jested with a grin, making Zuko laugh. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and she did they same as their mouths collided again.

And they never let go.

#936: Cold winter night cuddles.
  • Louis: After making two cups of tea and taking maybe one sip of yours, you're somehow transferred to the area inbetween his legs with your fingers twisted in the hair at the nape of his neck. "You need a haircut," you whisper, without much reasoning, and press yourself a little closer so you can feel the heat radiating off him. He simply shakes his head and wrinkles his nose up at you, having to tilt his head back a little when you brush your mouth over his in a kiss that keeps you occupied for the time being. You don't find yourself talking much, but you do murmur "My tea is getting cold," and "How are you so warm?" inbetween kisses until the recliner is sliding back and both of you are nearly deposited onto the hard floor. "You kiss me too much," he says with a grin. He rubs his thumb over the indents of your bottom lip and kisses you again, "Almost got us killed." "Always dramatic, you." "You love me." "True."
  • Niall: It had been his idea, of course, he was more of the childish one that liked playing his favorite childhood games and messing around per usual -- but it was something you couldn't help but to love about him, naturally like everything else he had to offer. "Let's make a fort," he had said, rubbing his hands together to create heat, "Yeah. Let's make a fort!" And so it begins, both of you throwing every quilt and blanket off the bed and couches to only place them on a pile in the living den. Everything is going well, even up to the part where you both manage to fit your adult bodies into the small opening, and then he shimmies his way up your body and kisses the spot just below your ear that drives you absolutely insane and, you can't help it, your toes curl in and you let out a surprising moan and kick your foot out to the side and the fort collapses on top of your cuddle session. "Okay," he says slowly, "This is warm."
  • Liam: It was something you always did the nights after Christmas until December finally started to dissipate into nothing but thin air and the New Year; it was a tradition that consisted mostly of kissing and giggling underneath the blankets and less of actually watching the holiday movies, but it was something that left you at ease -- even when the the upcoming year had a tremendous amount of unknowns as to what would happen. The last half week or so of the twelfth month, you would spend most of your nights kissing down his chest and back up until he was smirking and distracted. "You're a minx," he said, rubbing his nose against yours and pressing his colder toes against your calf until a jolt rushes through your body from the contact, "And sometimes a tease. But you're so fucking pretty." He rubs his fingers against your thigh. It might be cold outside, but you are deliciously warm.
  • Zayn: He doesn't think that even a huge pile of blankets stacked upon each other would be as warm as your body when he idles up behind you and places his arms around your waist. You're like a furnace, a portable heater, or perhaps just a blanket he can wrap himself in and be content for the entire night. "I'm squished," you mumble into your pillow, finding just a small amount of room between his legs to slide yours inbetween, "You're all up on me." He grins sleepily and kisses your neck sloppily, letting his eyes fall all the way shut. "Sorry," he says, although he's not sorry at all, "You're just really warm." He sighs into your body and thinks about the states where California and Florida always seem to be scorching, especially with the beaches. But when he's curling around you like this, he can't seem to think of anything warmer, or anything better, or anything he loves more than you. You make him warmer.
  • Harry: The fireplace is crackling in the distance but you're far too comfortable with your head on his chest to actually get up and set down another log to keep the fire kindling all night long. He tucks the white fluffy blanket a little tighter around you and runs his fingers through your hair. You're incredibly warm and falling in and out of sleep as the wind roars outside. "I hope it snows," you mumble against his shoulder, burying your face farther into the scent of the cologne he's wearing -- something musky and like pine cones. He hums back and presses kisses onto the top of your head while surfing the channels on the television. You feel his lips form a smile in your hair as he finally replies, "The snow -- that would be almost as pretty as you." You want to roll your eyes at the silliness of his words but can't bring yourself to do so. You just kiss beneath his neck and let his heartbeat lull you to sleep.
Blanket Fort


"Amy, wake up!”

Sighing heavily from being pulled out of a delightful and warm dream, Amy Rose rolled on to her side to face the direction of the hushed, yet eager voice trying to rouse her from sleep. He could have been a little nicer about it, she thought as he poked her again and again with his gloved finger. Patience never being his strong point she grunted to make sure he knew she was half-awake and would back off with the physical torture. It wasn’t exactly making her not want to break out her Piko Piko hammer and give him a couple of love taps on his head with it.

Just one peaceful night’s sleep - that was all she was asking for.

Amy guessed that was too much to ask for with Sonic the Hedgehog as her live-in boyfriend.

“Whatya want?” Amy mumbled into her pillow, still reluctant to open her eyes to him. She knew what she would see. Sonic’s face close to hers, his eyes willing her to wake up quicker with just the power of his stare. Normally she would love to have his undivided attention on her, relished in it even. But not when it was likely close to three am and she was still dog tired from the day before. Not that she had any intention of opening her eyes to confirm she got the time right. It’s the normal sort of time for him to suddenly decide he was bored of not being able to sleep.

When, she inwardly groaned, when will he learn to not nap during the day!

Why does she have to be the one who feels the pain from his insomnia?

“Amy, come on!” Sonic nudged her again, his tone taking on the edge of impatience she was waiting for. As much as she was trying not to, the more he lingered next to her and prodded her the more awake she became. But unlike Sonic who would likely be awake for a few more hours and then just drop like a narcoleptic, she would stay up and be expected to stay that way until bedtime the next day. “I want your help, come on!” Sonic urged again, going far enough as to lift one of her eyelids himself to make her open her eyes. She did, but he was on the receiving end of a glare for it that made him snap his hand back quickly. “Is the hammer coming?” he squeaked.

Narrowing her now open eyes, Amy thought about summoning it just to scare him. In-stead she sighed heavily again and shook her head against the pillow. “No. Not this time anyway,” she yawned feeling the need to stretch out the kinks and aches in her body. “There better be some hot chocolate in this - ” turning to look at the clock on her bedside table, she rolled her eyes seeing it read 3.10am, a new record for him. “ - time of the morning, Sonic.”

Amy Rose loves her blue speedy hedgehog dearly. She would face an army of Eggman’s robots to protect him; make him chilli-dogs every day to please him; but if he couldn’t get this sleeping habit under control soon, heads are gonna roll.

“It’s already made!” Sonic grinned; standing back so Amy could swing her legs out of bed and stretch languidly like she wanted. Satisfied she’d made enough little popping noises with her arms and back she stuffed her feet into her fluffy slippers and took the offered dressing gown from her boyfriend. Eyeing him a little suspiciously Amy sat where she was for a moment more, her eyes raking him over from head to toe. He was rolling back on his heels, his eyes too bright and luminous, even for him. “What?” he continued to grin, unaware of her inner-debate.

“The last time you were this hyper at this hour of the morning you’d made your way through all the Halloween candy I’d brought ready and convinced me Eggman’s lair needed to be checked out, because you were sure he was planning an epic Halloween trick on us,” Amy deadpanned, eyes narrowing. “I am not leaving the house this time Sonic, so don’t even think about it.”

Chuckling with a little embarrassment, his hand going to the back of his head in his signature move he smiled innocently at Amy. “No egging, Egghead’s lair this time Ames, I promise.”

Not needing to be told twice, because a promise from Sonic the Hedgehog is as binding as contract, Amy finally got up from the warm, inviting, cozy bed. Suppressing another sigh she took his offered hand, curious. “What do you want from me then? You know I can’t play board games with you, we’re too competitive.” Faithfully Sonic drew Amy down the hallway and towards the living room, the scent of hot chocolate sharpening her senses the closer she got. Once they stopped in the living room though she forgot about the hot drink. “What - why - huh?” Amy stuttered, looking around her.

Sonic, feeling very proud of himself for his on the spot, amazing idea just grinned back at Amy, waiting for the penny to drop. But seeing her perplexed look at why most of the furniture in the room had been shuffled around, Sonic practically shook her hand with excitement.

“Lets make a blanket fort!” he cheered, semi-aware of his hyper, slightly childish behaviour right then. He knew he had a tendency to be a little more hyper than normal on the nights when his insomnia was out of control because his naps were badly timed. But blanket forts are awesome! And no one has more blankets in their house than Amy Rose. Due to getting colder than most she has a tendency to stock up each time she finds a fluffy, cozy one. Bored he’d been looking through the closest in the spare room and found them all stacked in a neat pile, hence where his fantastic 3am idea had come from!

As a kid growing up blanket forts used to be a way of hiding from storms; for telling scary stories to his friends with a flashlight. But now as an adult - though that was questionable right then as he bounced on his feet - the idea of snuggling and watching a film in one with his beloved Amy Rose was a memory he wanted to make. Right. Now.

It couldn’t possibly wait!

“Uh - Ok,” Amy stammered, rubbing her head a little, probably from tiredness. Not that this is the worst idea he’s ever had - please refer to the story above - it was still something she felt quite tired for. Until her eyes fell on the mound of blankets waiting for them that is. Then her imagination took over; the hopeless romantic part of her body coming alive with the same idea Sonic had filling her with warmth and giddiness. “A blanket fort sounds like a great idea, Sonikku!” she smiled, squeezing his hand in hers.

Without needing anymore prompting, they both fell on the many different thicknesses, colours and sizes of the blankets, laughing and tugging as they debated where to put them, how best to prop them up and whether or not they would have enough. In the end it was the TV and couch they used, everything else kept aside as they padded out the floor with their king-size duvet - because Amy is a bed and comforter hog - and their pillows creating a wall of comfort up against the couch. Pegs kept the blankets above them together, some of the many umbrellas’ Amy hoards shoved between the couch cushions to prop it up so the fort roof didn’t rest on their heads.

All in all it was a thing of beauty, a real blanket fort architectural dream.

Sonic and Amy both knew he could have built the fort by himself and in a lot quicker time than they did. But it wasn’t about the speed but the act of doing it. Creating something fun, memorable and comforting for the both of them. Something to do together that maybe isn’t the norm - but then again, what in their lives is?

High-fiving each other once they’re hard work was done they took their warmed up hot chocolate, a bag of chips and the two spare blankets into the fort with them, flicking the TV on and snuggling down into the pillows. The TV the only source of light in their little haven. Grinning up at the blankets above them, Sonic reached an arm around Amy and pulled her close to him, revelling in the warmth of her body pressed against him. He sighed with contentment, his blanket fort skills having gotten better with age.

Putting aside his empty mug, Sonic pulled his blanket up higher on his body. Combining Amy’s body heat with the warm drink in his belly, he finally felt his eyelids getting heavy as the quiet of the TV soon made him rest his head atop Amy’s and fall into a peaceful sleep instantly. His arms stayed around her, flexing every now and again as he slipped deeper and deeper into REM state.

Amy knew the moment Sonic fell asleep due to his legs twitching every now and again under the blanket. So used to moving when awake, asleep it’s like his body doesn’t know how to switch off. His legs usually the first to start quickly get followed by his arms, locked tight around her. Figuring she was in for the rest of the night and day being awake herself, Amy felt a half-conscious state of shock when she felt her eyes falling shut, her mind going fuzzy as strange images and fragmented dreams started coming to her.

But just before she gave in completely - and a little relieved it wouldn’t be one of those super long days - she turned the TV off, their blanket fort plunging into a warm, padded darkness with the love of her life. If this is what helps him sleep I’ll make a blanket fort every night, Amy thought just before slipping into a sleep so peaceful it rivalled Sonic’s.

In all fairness Amy would have had every right to start prodding Sonic awake, to give him a taste of what he makes her endure whenever he can’t sleep and whines in her face like a child. But this is Amy Rose we’re talking about here and she just couldn’t and wouldn’t ever bring herself to do that to him. She knew this was just one of many nights he would wake her up with the requests of her company when he wasn’t running around to try and make himself sleepy. Truthfully she knew she wouldn’t want it any other way either, even if she did hate being woken at 3am.

After-all, for the person you love you’ll do anything for. Even make blanket forts in the dead of night with them.

A Peek into the Future | L. H. | Part Four

Summary: You and Luke babysit your 6 month old and 9 year old nieces, and your 2 and 7 year old nephews.

A/N: Hope you guys are liking this. Please leave constructive criticism so I can make my writing better :) Thank you guys for reading and I love y’all!


You awake by someone running their fingers down your cheek. For a second you forget where you are, but immediately you sit up quickly remembering you fell asleep with the baby in your arms. You sat up so fast that you smashed head with the person in front of you both yelling, “Owww!”

Luke falls back onto the floor while you both hold your heads, “Oh my god Luke I’m so sorry! Are you ok? Where is Scarlett?”

Luke shakes his head slightly, “Don’t panic sweetheart Scarlett is in her crib still sleeping,” he says as he rubs his forehead, “You have a hard head love,” he chuckles as he sits up inspecting your head, “Are you ok?”

You smile slightly, “Yeah I’m ok,” you bite your lip looking at the bump forming on his head, “How about you? Are you ok?”

He leans down and kisses your lips, “I’m fine,” you pull away looking around, “Where are the kids?” 

He reaches his hand out and you place yours in it as he drags you to the kitchen. You look around seeing all the kids helping make brownies, “Wow I’m impressed,” he smirks down at you, “I was thinking after making the brownies we could make a fort in the living room and watch movies,” he started talking really fast, “ The kids were ok with it, and I wanted to do something away from the living room because I was letting your nap and,” you quickly cut him off by kissing him on the lips cutting him off. You lean your forehead against his, “Thank you Luke. I love you so much,” you peck his lips again, “You are going to be an amazing dad.” 

Ruby calls out, “Luke! We are ready to bake them now,” she look up at both of us, “Oh hey (Y/N)!” 

“Hey sweetheart. Have you guys been good for Luke?” he walks over to them and takes the pan putting them in the oven and Jacob smirks, “Of course we’ve been good! When are we not?”

You come up to the three kids trapping them in a group hug, “Cause you all are just little angels aren’t you?”

They all giggle, “Now lets go make a comfy fort, but first I think its time for PJ’s,” they all run to get dressed and Luke was finishing up the dishes. You walk behind him wrapping your arms around his torso laying your head on his back. You feel him relax, “Well this is a change,” he laughs, “Usually i’m the one walking up behind you,” you smile and you play with the end of his shirt, “I see why you like it,” you slide your hands under his shirt running your fingers across is stomach. You feel him suck in a breath and you smirk, “Now if only this shirt wasn’t in the way.”

He turns around finished with the dishes, “I can’t wait to get you home,” he leans forward holding your face in his hands and when his lips were about to touch yours the kids came piling into the kitchen and you both backed away from each other.

Luke kisses the top of your head, “Alright guys whose ready to set up the fort?”

Everyone agrees and we head to the living room start the construction of this elaborate fort. Grabbing as many blankets and pillows you could find though out the house you made the huge structure about as big as the living room. It has three walls and a blanket ceiling and the open wall was facing towards the TV. 

You get the kids settled, and Luke calls you into the kitchen. 

“Hey baby I have the brownies, and I laid out your PJs in the bathroom,” he walks past your kissing your cheek and gets into the fort.

When you walk into the bathroom you see a nice pair of underwear along with a night dress that goes to just above your knees with no bra, “Dammit Luke,” you say to yourself as you get dressed. You put your hair down and look at yourself in mirror, “This will have to do,” you sigh and head out and walk into the fort. 

Luke looks up at you and smirks, “You look beautiful,” he takes your hand, “You’re sitting in between me and Ethan,” you sit and you snuggle up next to Luke and he leans down pressing his lips to your ear, “I love you in that dress,” you elbow him gently in the stomach and he chuckles and plays the movie. 

The kids have moved to the front of you guys laying on their stomachs, enhanced in the movie. You and Luke are under a blanket with your backs to the couch with his arm wrapped around you. The children are mesmerized by the movie, so Luke ran his fingers up your arm, “You want a brownie?”

You nod as you lace your fingers with Luke’s that have now drifted to your waist, “Here you go love,” he holds the brownie up to you and your try to take it with your hands, “Oh no you don’t,” he shakes his head and you smile, “Open,” he says quietly and you open and he feeds you a tiny piece.

You bite your lip, “Thank you. They taste great,” he smiles and connects his lips with yours, “Not as good as you,” he mumbles on your lips. You gently bite his lip rolling your eyes, “Cheesy,” you say as you look back to the TV screen. He pulls you even closer to him as he buries his head in your neck, “You love it,” you cant help but giggle, “I do.”

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Confession #1459

Mark posted a Vine about joining him in bed to make pillow forts. I confess to thinking that it’s not a good idea. I mean if everybody joins him then the bed wouldn’t be strong enough to sustain everybody’s weight let alone make pillow forts.