lets make forts

Fort Building

Joe stopped in the doorway to his living room, blinking over at his girlfriend as he watched her drop the pile of blankets onto the floor, where they joined the already impressive pile of blankets and pillows.

“Love, what are you doing?”

“Making a fort.” Y/N replied simply, looking around the room and mentally planning on where everything would go.

“A fort?”

“Yes. Are you done editing?”

“Uhm, yeah. Why?”

“I need you to help me move some stuff.” She turned to smile at him, the one that he couldn’t help but smile back at, because it was pure and innocently happy. “Come on, Joe. Let’s make a fort!”

“Why the hell not.” Joe shrugged, stepping into the room. “Where am I moving what?”

Y/N happily pointed out what needed to be moved, direction him as they went along. And within an hour, they had a pretty impressive fort that took over most of his living room.

During the process of constructing the fort, Joe had forgotten he had invited the boys over.

Not that it was big deal, because they had Caspar with them, and Caspar had a key to Joe’s flat. So they simply let themselves in, chatting about nonsense. But they all stopped in their tracks at the sound of soft giggling coming from the living room.

“I swear, if I walk in on them…” Oli shuddered at the thought, and there was a silent agreement that passed between their group. No one wanted to walk in on Joe and Y/N getting it on.

But as they stood there, listening, they quickly realized that the sounds being made were not ones relating to sex, unless their friends had some really weird sex. So they decided to venture into the next room, shocked more by what they saw than what they had originally thought.

“Is this a bloody fort?!” Josh laughed.

“It’s pretty impressive.” Conor tilted his head, following the edges of the fort as the sound of shuffling came from inside the fort.

“Are you getting it on inside the fort?” Jack called out teasingly.

“Oh piss off.” Joe grumbled, his head emerging from the entrance. “You’re just jealous.”

“I know I am!” Caspar agreed. “But did you really make a fort, in your living room?”

“How old are you, Joe.” Josh asked, sill laughing lightly.

“Don’t insult the fort!” Y/N called from inside the mass of blankets draped across the room. “You’re just jealous that you aren’t part of the secret club.”

“Really?” Conor raised an eyebrow, looking down at Joe, who had now stuck half of his body out of the entrance.

He simply shrugged, a carefree smile on his face. “I mean, it’s a pretty awesome club.”

“I want to join!” Caspar whined, “Y/N, can I join?”

“Sure, Caspar. Come on in!” There was giggling from somewhere, although the boys couldn’t pinpoint exactly where.

Letting out a small noise of excitement, Caspar squeezed past Joe and into the fort.

“Holy shit. This thing is huge!”

“Well, now I want to see.” Oli grumbled, looking down at Joe.

“Sorry, you have to ask the president of the club.”

“Oli can come in!” Y/N said, suddenly appearing beside Joe. “And if you three,” She shot a look at the two Maynard brothers and Josh, “Aplogize, you can come in too.”

“Why do we have to apologize?!” Josh asked, eyes wide as Oli and Joe disappeared into the fort, their excited voices mingling with Caspar’s.

“You insulted my fort.” Y/N told him simply.

“I also complimented it.” Conor pointed out, and Y/N tilted her head, considering his words for a moment.

“Fair enough. You may enter.”

“This just isn’t fair.” Jack grumbled, crossing his arms and pouting.

“Then apologize.”


“Your loss.” Y/N shrugged, disappearing into the blankets, Conor following her.

Jack and Josh remained stood out there for about another thirty seconds before they called out their apologies, following their friends into the, admittedly impressive, fort.

the nordics waking up

aph denmark: *at 5am* jumps on norway’s bed and starts hopping up and down excitably like a little kid saying “wAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP LETS GO DO STUFF NORGE NORGE NORGE LETS MAKE A LEGO FORT COME ON NORGY”

aph norway: if i don’t get my coffee right now i’m going to stab you

aph finland: “wHO THE FUCK DARETH DISTURB MY SLUMBER - oh, hi sve! (⊙‿⊙✿)”

aph iceland: *never went to sleep because he was on tumblr all night*

aph sweden: “uwaaaahhh! i’m gonna be late for anime school!”


Do you remember our fort?
Which one?

The first one we ever played in. A hundred years ago. Or twenty, I suppose.
We came here for a visit, you, me, Henriette. We were out with our governess and ran off, you went north, I went south and she went west.
Before they realized it, we’d found our way to the millstream and then down to the promontory. The wolves might have taken us, but what did we know? We were young, cats with nine lives. We found an old building, a sorry shack made out of stone and moss. You wanted to make it your castle.
But I said: “Let’s make it our fort”. For once, you played along.
We defended our position all morning and in honor of your distinguished service, she was the one who found it, a yellow Spanish topaz, buried in the mud. We awarded it to you for bravery. In the days when it was only you who truly had my back, like only a brother can. I was so proud of you, and so was she. It felt like if the whole world came running for us we might fend off all who would take us ill.
"Hold on to this moment”, I told you. "Never forget.”
Not that you’d remember.


Blanket fort (Michael Clifford fluff)

Michael didn’t want to do anything today. And to be honest, neither did you. So far, neither of you had gotten dressed, you were still in pyjamas. Actually, your version of pyjamas was one of his shirts, but that was beside the point.

“Let’s make a blanket fort.” Michael said out of the blue. We were still in bed, his arms wrapped around you as you traced the pattern of his tattoos.

“What?” You mumbled into his chest. You lifted you head up so that you could look at him. “Let’s make a blanket fort.” He repeated.

You sat up, detaching yourself from him. “Yes. Let’s build a blanket fort.”

We spent the next ten minutes gathering the most blankets and pillows we could, getting the laptop for movies and a bunch of food to snack on. We managed to somehow put up the blankets so that they were hanging over and around us, and placed the pillows on the floor.

The heater was on, making the room very warm, and the heat from our bodies made it even warmer.

We spent rest of the morning watching random movies, eating chip, and cuddling.

We eventually got bored of watching movies, and ended just putting some music on shuffle and lying there together. You snuggled into his chest as he wrapped an arm around you waist, kissing the top of your head.

“I love this song,” You mumbled as Bright by Echosmith comes on. He hums in response, not saying anything.

“Let’s dance,” You muttered, sitting up.

He groaned, shaking his head. “C’mon babe, please?”

It took another few seconds, but he reluctantly agreed and stood up with you. He wrapped his arms low on your hips, pulling you in close as you placed your own hands on his neck. You rested you cheek on his shoulder as you both swayed softy.

“I love you,” He muttered, lips on the top of your head.


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summary : Michael and you spend your day cuddling in a blanket fort

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