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The Accidental Alpha

@septima-sum | AO3Septima, I hope this fulfills your fluffy college romance wishes! Thank you for the excuse to write this idea I’ve been thinking about for ages!

by @poetry-protest-pornography

When Stiles goes to college, he meets a new group of supernatural creatures (because of course he does) and it turns out he’s pretty good at taking care of werewolves–and a witch! Derek and John are… wary.

Two and a half years of running with wolves had given Stiles the ability to recognize a supernatural being with a relative ease, and going to a university with a very large student body gave him a fair amount of practice.

In his first semester English Lit class, there was a girl who spent all of the first class with a sour look on her face, leaning as far away from the professor as possible while still remaining in her seat in the middle of the auditorium. It wasn’t until Stiles went to get the syllabus from the prof that he got a whiff of the man’s oppressive cologne. The next time the class met, Stiles brought some herbal candy and a small tub of salve with him. He had sat next to her in her new place in the back row and placed the items on the table in front of her.

“The lozenges will help, and put a little of the salve under your nose, too. That should block the worst of it,” he’d said quietly, smiling with no teeth and as much sincerity as he could manage so he didn’t appear as a threat–or a crazy person. He preempted her denial by dropping his voice further, turning toward her as he stood to find a different seat and reassuring her with, “When my brother got turned, his senses went crazy, and these were a lifesaver.”

Her jaw had dropped slightly, and her brow had furrowed in a way that Stiles found startlingly endearing, but when her eyes snapped to meet his, there was only mild surprise and confusion there. She’d even smiled, though it seemed to be involuntary, and after he’d settled into his seat a few rows down, he heard the quiet crinkle of a wrapper open. When he’d looked up a moment later, as Dr. English Leather walked in carrying his cloud of chemicals and musk, she was wearing a small pleased smile and replacing the lid on the jar of salve.

It felt good.

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@kepnerssavery wanted season 10 from Jackson’s POV. This isn't’t that exactly, I’ll have something better up for that, but this is sort of that. I don’t know. She waited so long for this, I am a bad person and am lucky she hasn’t killed me yet. The OS is coming promise! But for now, hope you like this small drabble<3

Shout out to @japril12 whose conversations I love having inspired a lot of these moments :D

I knew when I asked, alright suggested, April to marry me, it was going to change my entire life. When I suggested that, it was more of the romanticism of the idea that appealed to me. Here was the woman, I was head over ass in love with, and she’s not only agreed to love me for the rest of my life, but she also ran out of a wedding to another man to prove just how ready she was. So there I was, in a relationship that was going nowhere, to married to this gorgeous redhead, in a matter of hours. It’s a big change for anyone.

The first thing I realised was that no longer would I be capable of sleeping, stretched out across the bed, like an octopus. Sure, I’d shared a bed with someone before, but this was for forever. For the rest of my life, I was going to have to sleep on one side of the bed. Two things is concerning about this situation. My wife is very small. I’d be lying if I said, that the thought of rolling over and suffocating her in my sleep hasn’t concerned me. It’s far off, I know, but I tend to worry about ridiculous things sometimes. To top it all off, my wife, was a cuddler. She loved cuddling, and like a magnetic pull, she always gravitated toward me at night. I mean, there’s a lot of space in this bed. It’s a personally designed king size bed. And at night, when she’s lying pretty much on top of me, I longingly gaze at the mass of empty bed space. But it’s alright, really. She’s warm, and soft, and no matter how much I complain, I sleep a lot of better with her pressed up against me. 

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How about Chuuya falling in love with a girl that works at the cafe he loves going to? She always write him cute stuff in his cup like "I have that book too. I would suggest you this one. Hope you enjoy your drink!" and at some point they just start chatting and it develops to something more?

Oh. my. god. I literally squealed! This scenario is soooo cute!! Wahhhh

I was craving for Starbucks while writing this lmao…

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Bad Day Remedies | Kim Minseok

Genre – Fluff


Originally posted by oh-prankster


It started from the scolding hot coffee spilling onto my satin white shirt, and ended with not having an umbrella in the pouring rain as I walked home. Not being in the mood for absolutely anything, I barely managed to get my keys out of my bag and stumble through the unlocked door. My eyes instantly went to the shoes and coat neatly organised at the front along with the distinctive smell of a hazelnut latte in the making, letting me know that Minseok was home early. Instantly taking my shoes off, I trudged to the kitchen to find him intently waiting by the coffee machine. I walked up to him and slipped my arms around his waist, tucking my head between his shoulder blades. 

“Yah! Say hello or something before you decide to almost kill me” He chuckled, calming down from the little jump I had given him. “Look at you, you’re completely soaked through! I’m guessing leaving the umbrella straight at the door was a bad idea” He quipped, making my eyes widen at how stupid I could possibly get.

Although there was humour in his tone, I still couldn’t push myself to laugh and he understood in an instant that something was up. Turning around in my arms, he placed his hands on either side of my face and placed a small kiss on my nose in hopes of calming me down. “Coffee?” He offered, making me instantly cringe at the memory from the morning. “Okay cringing at coffee means bad news. Go upstairs and have a shower… And cuddles?” He offered uncharacteristically. Don’t get me wrong he’d always want to cuddle, but he’d be the type to simply just koala bear me in any situation… Or vice versa. All I managed to do was give him a grateful nod before rushing up the stairs and jumping straight into the warmth of a steamy shower. 

 Finally turning off the water, I threw on one of Minseok’s t-shirts and began to dry my hair as I entered the bedroom. A small giggle managed to escape my lips as I saw him sprawled out in the covers with a bright smile on his face, reminding me of how lucky I actually was to have a boyfriend like him. I took my time with drying my hair as much as I could with the towel as blow-drying wasn’t going to be a priority this time, but the small pout that took over his face as he raised his arms towards me, made me put the towel away and shake my head as I crawled under the covers with him. As soon as I managed to adjust my head on the pillow, he wrapped his arms my waist and pulled me closer to his body to tuck his head snugly in the crook of my neck. Sighing at the comforting kisses he began to leave along my neck and shoulders, my eyes closed at the feeling of his lips. 

 "Do you want to talk about it?“ He mumbled into my ear, before placing a kiss on my temple. Sighing at the memories, I decided to tell him everything that went wrong throughout the day and obviously, he took it all in, humming occasionally at the small details. He would occasionally pull me a little closer whenever he felt like I was shimmying away; causing me to let out the first few laughs, I’d managed to for the first time in the day. Other people would tell me that I could have it worse -which I could to be honest- but he still managed to comfort me and make me feel that I was strong to be able to live through the day. 

"And then- the… And the-then” I began to stumble on my words as sleep slowly began to take over. 

“Okay Jagi you need some sleep now” He almost chucked at my persistent efforts at ranting about everything.

A/N: I hope the Anon who requested liked this, thank you guys so much for reading <3

~Shazz xx


[ Jared extended imagine ] Saturday’s perfect.

Original imagine: Imagine: Jared being a customer at the coffee shop you work in; he flirts with you and as time goes by, the two of you fall in love.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Note: Young Jared B.30STM. (Meaning: Before 30STM)

{ Anon request }


-Hello, love. What can I get for you today? –She asks standing behind the cash register.

-Hi, uhh… what would you recommend? -The blue eyed man answers.

-We have seasonal drinks. Those right there. –She answers pointing at the special menu.

-Alright, a peppermint mocha please. –He takes out his wallet while looking at her. -Cold day, huh?

He tries to make small talk but she barely looks at him. 

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Could you by any chance let me know how to properly make a vanilla tea latte? I have tried so many times with so many different recipes and I can't seem to get it right

Vanilla Tea Latte Recipe

Ingredients needed:
One Vanilla bean stalk
Whole milk
Agave Honey
Loose Tea


  1. Start by pouring two cups of whole milk into a pot on medium heat. (This will be good for about 4 servings)
  2. Split your vanilla bean and scrape out the seeds with a knife.
  3. Add both the seeds and the stalk into your milk.
  4. Add a small pinch of anise to the milk for a richer flavour.
  5. While the milk is heating put the kettle on for your brew.
  6. Stir your milk till it boils and remove from heat.
    (It takes roughly 10 minutes for the milk to infuse with the natural vanilla flavour.)
  7. Pick a tea that complements the vanilla such as a ceylon.
    (I used half a teaspoon of Adagio Cream tea, and half a teaspoon of Twinings Prince of Whales loose tea.)
  8. Brew your tea for 3-5 minutes and pour ¾ of the way to the top of your cup.
  9. Strain the vanilla infused milk, and fill your cup.
  10. Add a drop of agave honey, stir, and enjoy.

extra: Take small amount of milk and sugar and froth with a milk frother to top off your latte.

I had an alternative ending in mind for the Little Titan Cafe, except not so much “alternate” but instead of giving you guys a scene in the far future, I had originally planned on a near-future where Levi proposes to Eren in the cafe.

so um, I guess if you guys are curious? Levi proposes to Eren in the cheesiest way imaginable. Like, since Levi can’t make latte art – let alone make his own cup of coffee (he’s truly useless when it comes to this) – he asks one of the baristas to write “Marry me” into a cup of Chai Tea Latte.

and Eren would be sitting at one of the tables by the window, working over his latest commission project for another book cover. Levi sets the cup down in front of Eren and says “One Tai Chi latte.”

And Eren just rolls his eyes so high heavenward bc “Levi that’s getting old now. I’m gonna start charging you 20 bucks every time you say Tai Chi

and Eren stops because he sees the drink and at first he thinks he’s seeing things but there it is. Marry me.

and Levi just..turns Eren’s chair around so he’s facing him, and Levi goes down on one knee and pulls out a ring from his pocket. and Eren’s just sitting there in bewildered shock and Levi looks composed and patient but he’s actually dying inside with nerves because what if Eren realized he doesn’t want to be stuck with this old man for the rest of his life.

but Eren says yes, ofc.

That's Not My Name

For @comehitherniall because I was supposed to do this yesterday but never had the chance to, my bad. Hopefully it’ll actually post tonight.


Niall has been coming to this coffee shop for nearly a year. He’s gotten to know the baristas, as far as their names and how well they make coffee, at least (never, ever let Rick make a latte). He knows that without a doubt he can count on coming in and they’ll have his order rung up and his change waiting as soon as he walks in. It’s a system, of sorts, and it works beautifully.

Until the new guy shows up.

At first, Niall didn’t really care. It’s not like it would hinder his morning routine too terribly, right? Wrong. Not only is this guy unbelievably good looking and, therefore, a distraction to every person around him and putting Niall’s blessed coffee at risk of being contaminated, he’s kind of an asshole.

Niall has told this guy–Harry, he learns from his name tag–what his name is. He’s told him probably five times. But it would seem either Harry is hard of hearing, or he just doesn’t care, because he never calls him Niall when his drink is ready. In fact, it’s anything but Niall. There’s been Neil, Nail, Nigel, Nathan–hell, he’s even gotten fucking Narnia. Not once has he been called by his actual name, and for whatever reason, that grates on his every last nerve. All the other baristas know his name. Why is it so hard for this guy to learn it?

Oh, and Harry knows. He knows how it makes Niall feel. It’s the fucking twinkle in his eyes, the mischievousness there, that gives it all away.

So when Harry calls him Neptune that he retaliates.

Niall marches up to the counter, taking his drink with a scowl in Harry’s smug direction. “Thanks, Harold.” It slips out without him even realizing, but when Harry’s smirk drops to a pout, a pleased thrill runs through Niall.

“It’s, uh, it’s Harry,” he replies, pointing to his name tag on his chest.

“Sure,” Niall says, maybe a little too condescending, but whatever.

He leaves before Harry can say anything else.

And he does it the next time he goes in, smiles brightly with a chirped, “Morning, Harriet!”

Harry squints his eyes at him, calls him Nancy in return. Niall can only grin.

“What lovely weather today, huh, Harvey?”

“This is an exceptional coffee, Harpy?”

“Hey, Harpoon! Didn’t know you’d be working today.”


It keeps going and going, until one day Niall walks in, wracking his brain for a witty name for Harry, but Harry speaks before he can come up with anything.

“Okay, wait,” Harry starts, hands up in surrender. “Look, I get it now,” he says, “It’s very annoying to be called something other than your birth name unless it’s a cute, endearing nickname given by friends and/or family.” Niall raises his eyebrows at him, silently urging him on. Harry sighs. “I’m sorry, okay?”

“‘Kay,” Niall shrugs.

Harry blinks rapidly, obviously not expecting it to be that easy. “'Kay? That’s it?” Niall nods, shrugs again. “You’ve spent weeks calling me horrendous names for weeks now, I apologize, and all I get in return is 'kay?’”

“I mean…” Niall trails off, glancing around the coffee shop, lips pursed. He looks back to Harry, who’s going a bit red in the face. “Yeah.”

Harry is quiet, staring at Niall so hard that he wonders if he’ll combust soon, before he finally bursts out with, “Why?”

“Bit of fun,” Niall says, smirking. “Can see why you did it so much.”

“I did it because I was flirting!” Harry nearly shouts, then claps a hand over his mouth, eyes wide. “Fuck,” comes muffled through his hand.

“You… That was your attempt at flirting with me?” Niall asks, incredulous.

Harry pinches the bridge of his nose. “Yeah, well, I’m understanding how that might have been misunderstood.”

“Ya think?” Niall laughs. “Why not just, oh, I don’t know… Ask for my number? Like a normal person?”

“You mean, I didn’t completely fuck up my chances?” Harry asks, perking up.

“If one of us doesn’t walk away with a phone number, you will,” Niall says pointedly.

Harry scrambles to dig his phone out of his skinny jeans and hand it over to Niall, who punches in his number, sets his name as NIALL (in all caps) and gives it back. Harry giggles when he sees it.

“Right, so, Niall,” Harry says, a charming smile stretching across his lips. Niall tries not to react to Harry saying his name, but he’s pretty sure he fails. “I’ll call you later?”

“I’d be very disappointed if you didn’t, especially after all the trouble you put us through.” Niall grins at Harry’s spluttering.

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What is breve actually?

At one point in the evolution of coffee drinks, an American was like “you know what this latte needs? More fat. Lets make this bitch with half and half” and ended up creating the best drink known to man, the caffe breve. 

It’s the best thing America has invented since freedom. 

the signs working in starbucks
  • aries: I love my job I get to see so many new people and it's just terrific man you know *accidentally drops drink* gODDAMN F#€@%+€&!!!
  • taurus: hey guys you ok? looks like you need some extra help? lmao sorry I'm done for the day SMELL YA LATER
  • gemini: hey sweet cheeks wanna buy me a drink after work I get off at 4 ;) ;) ;)
  • cancer: hi!! how are you?? that's good!! haha oh right what do you want to order?
  • leo: adding a shot of caffeine in there you really look like you need it know what I mean lmao
  • libra: hey hey hey you want a what? a latte? well imma put an extra shot of syrup because you're SWEET HAHA GET IT
  • scorpio: can we please serve these people asap so I can go home I'm watching avengers tonight
  • sagittarius: *the one guy who makes really intense eye contact with all the customers*
  • capricorn: whoa I really like your shirt!! is that *band*?? omg I LOVE them we should hang out some time hmu man hmu
  • aquarius: yo the stars say you should get a venti cappuccino today
  • instead of a small u feel
  • pisces: uhhhhh wait sorry can you repeat the order please?