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Hii could you one post-first kiss where Betty and Jughead are confused as to where they stand relationship wise and Trev asks Betty out again in front of all her friends and while everyone but jughead is urging her to say yes, she's unsure?


He watched her, all the time, he was always watching her, his eyes now almost always drawn to those soft lips he had kissed less than a week ago.

For the amount of time he was staring at her, he managed to avoid her eyes at all costs, only being around her when their friends were close by. What was he supposed to say?
“Hey Betty, I know you probably don’t feel the same way but I’d like to kiss you again. All the time If that’s okay?”

Yeah. No.

His deep gaze on the back of her blonde ponytail was interrupted when Veronica squealed, pulling her phone up!

“Gossip alert. B, pay attention this ones about you.”

Betty instantly snapped her head up from her tray

“Me? What about me?” She looked nervous, fidgety. He wanted to tell her it was fine, not to worry.

He didn’t, he just dug back into his chips, keeping his eyes on the raven haired drama queen.

“Well rumor has it, that little date you went on with trev? It went much better than you told us annnndd he plans on asking you out again. Ginger Lopez heard it straight from the source.”

Betty blushed, her eyes meeting jugheads for the first time in days.

He didn’t look away this time, just stared at her. Trev? You had to be kidding me. As if one date wasn’t enough.

Who was he kidding, one date with Betty Cooper would never be enough. Not for anyone.

Kevin clapped excitedly and Valerie tossed a grape at Betty, raising a brow.

“Trev? That delicious piece of chocolate? Girl, you’re one lucky cat.”

Archie shoved her playfully

“Umm hello?”

Valerie giggled “just saying.”

He watched as Betty placed a comforting hand on Veronica’s shoulder, the ladder looking almost heartbroken. Leave it to Betty, to think of others while she was on the spot.

Shaking her shoulders and throwing Betty a grateful smile

“Anyway, you have to take him up on his offer, the winter formal is coming up and you two would look so cute together.”

Kevin nodded “for sure, I totally ship this. You two can be the new Beyoncé and jay z of this school.”

As Kevin and Veronica went back and forth, naming power couples , betty was laughing nervously

“I don’t know about that, I’m not really interested.” She threw Jughead a quick glance, trying to gauge his reaction. He tried to remain impassive, inside? He was fuming. Couldn’t they see she didn’t want to date that imbecile?

“Oh please Betty , you have to give it a try, all guys are awkward on their first dates, right Archie?” Veronica turned to Archie.

Archie shrugged lazily,

“She has a point, you can’t really go off of first dates, ya know what you should do?”

Betty shifted her shoulders “what?”

“Kiss him, it’s the only way to really know if there’s chemistry.”

Alright screw this.

Slamming his hands on the table, Jughead stood up, leveling everyone at the table with his glare.

“She doesn’t have to talk to him, she doesn’t have to go out with him and she most definitely doesn’t have to kiss him! She said she wasn’t interested, drop it.” He threatened.

Betty’s eyes were wide and she was staring at him, the hint of a smile gracing her face.

Veronica was not about to let that slide

“What does it matter to you jug? The cocky smirk was a permanent feature on Veronica’s face.

He shook his head, well here goes nothing

“It matters to me because I’m courting Betty.”


Did he just say courting?

Oh Jesus.

Suddenly he heard the soft giggle come from his favorite blonde. Turning his head to her he looked at her with a questioning smile

She grabbed his hand from across the table and smiled bigger than he had ever seen.

“You heard the man, I’m being courted.”

The whole table erupted with questions, but Jughead didn’t care, those lips he loved so much were currently gracing him with the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.

Returning her smile he knew this was far from over.

He couldn’t help but be excited


Summary: In the middle of painting a very important canvas, two very unexpected intruders come across your way, and before you even think to kick them out, you decide to let them stay thanks to one of them for being an incredibly handsome man.

Word Count: 1,064.

A/N: Recently watched the new Pirates movie and girl, all I gotta say is that Henry Turner just about stole my heart. Thank you to @galaxayy for helping a sister out! Hope you enjoy :D

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Pairing: Taehyung/Reader

Summary: What happens when the school’s player ends up taking an interest in you?

Length: 8.7k words

“I don’t know Ji-yeon I don’t think I’d make a great partner for that.” I said shutting my locker and throwing my books in my bag. “Can’t you find someone else?”

“Come on Y/N the grand prize is almost $3,000, imagine if we win,” Ji-yeon groaned shaking my arm in frustration. “Please I’ll even pay for your fee to enter.” I rolled my eyes about to give her another no in response until I heard the first period bell ring and I shot her a smirk,

“Got to get to class don’t want to be late!” I teased pushing my way through the hundreds of students filling the halls. I heard her shouting over the crowd and I proudly smiled to myself for getting out of another one of her schemes she wanted me to partake in. Although Ji-yeon was my best friend, she certainly always got both of us into trouble. Back in freshman year she somehow managed to convince me to sneak into a bar with a fake ID she bought off some guy she met outside the mall, needless to say it obviously didn’t work and we were both grounded for the rest of the school year. Ever since then her shenanigans have gotten crazier and this idea just sounded like trouble to me. I made it to the English building and found my classroom, I made a beeline to my desk and got all my materials I needed for the period as the final bell rang signaling the start of class.

“Good morning class please turn to page 147 on your book, you will be working on this worksheet today,” Mrs. Kim announced, “Also I have the flyers for this years Senior Assassin competition, the prize is pretty big this year so take advantage.” My head shot up from my book and I waited patiently for a flyer to get around to my desk.

This is what Ji-yeon was talking about…

Grabbing it I scanned it reading the rules and details.

Senior Assassin Competition

Rules: You and your partner will be assigned two targets and you must eliminate them by shooting them with a nerf gun, you must do this outside of safe zones. Last team standing wins the cash prize.

Safe zones: School property, jobs, homes.

Please turn in the fee to participate by Friday. Targets for each team will be released on Monday. Good luck everyone!

“You gonna do it?” My classmate Yerin spoke up next to me getting my attention. I shrugged my shoulders, “I’m not so sure, Ji-yeon wants me to be her partner but I think I’ll pass.”

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Sidney Crosby #2 - Homecoming

@habs-girl-31 asked: If the requests are open, (I can’t see the description because my computer if having a fit), could I request one with Sidney Crosby, where the reader has just come back from 3 years in the arm, and the Pens have won the cup, but Sid was sad that the reader wasn’t there to see it, but low and behold, the reader turns up and surprises Sid. Also, the team knew about it, but kept it a secret for Sid. Thank you!!! You are awesome BTW!! I love your stories

Yes my requests are open! I don’t have much to say in preface to this piece which seems to be a first for me. I hope you enjoy this! 

You had done a total of three tours in Afghanistan, each one longer than the last. The most recent had been three years long and even harder knowing you had someone to return home to. Your long term boyfriend Sidney Crosby had been planning to propose the same night you were planning to break the news to him so by the end of it there were lots of tears.

“Are you sure about this?” you had asked, “three years is a long time to wait.”
“You’re it for me,” he had confessed.

The two of you did the best you could with the distance and he kept you up to date on what was going on in Pittsburgh. He had dinner with your family twice a month when his schedule permitted and made sure your parents were doing okay.

On one of your most recent video calls he informed you that they had made it to the playoffs for the second year in a row. You had missed the previous season playoffs as well so you had to miss your fiancé hoisting the cup over his head. He sent pictures of course but it wasn’t nearly the same as being there for him.

You hadn’t noticed you were crying until he asked, “what’s wrong?”

“I’m just sad I don’t get to be there for you,” you sniffed.

“Don’t be sad. Please,” his voice grew hoarse as he tried to will away his own tears.

The end of the tour was set to end in mid-August so there was essentially no chance of you making it back in time.

Flash forward to game seven of the playoffs against the Nashville Predators. You were situated up in the Luxury Box with several of the important members of corporate watching as your fiancé and his team dominated the ice. He had no knowledge of you being in attendance and you had only gotten in last night. Due to an unfortunate incident with a mishandled firearm you had been honorably discharged but not before undergoing intensive surgery. You hadn’t told Sid as you didn’t want to him to worry as none of your injuries had been life threatening.

The score was tied 2-2 at the bottom of the third period and appeared to be going into overtime when Evgeni Malkin with an assist by Sid managed to sneak it past the Predators’ goaltender and win the game. Everyone around you began exchanging hugs and high fives when you felt a tap on your shoulder. The Penguins PR manager gestured for you to follow and took you down to where you could enter onto the ice. The team was currently huddled around their captain and watched as he was the first to lift the Cup. Even from this distance you could see the joy on his face. Just as soon as he passed it off to another teammate, reporters swarmed with cameras and microphones. Your fiancé’s face was broadcasted onto the Jumbo Tron and the entire arena turned to watch. Sid talking was your queue to walk down through the Penguin’s bench to the edge of the ice.

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How Can That Be (1/?) [Ft. Reader x Hulk x The Avengers]

Summary: Bruce finds himself drawn to the new avenger by an unknown force. What happens when this force causes Bruce to become the Hulk?

Originally posted by gradiebby

Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12

This wasn’t planned but it happened. Bruce had “Hulked Out” and was destroying Tony’s lab, he had been working with Tony for months on a new project. However during a test run of a new Iron Man suit accessory it had malfunctioned. When Tony turned on the accessory it spun around firing little energy bean bullets around the lab. One of the E-Bullets (Tony’s name for the new accessory) wound up hitting Bruce’s face, which in turn caused Bruce to “Hulk Out”.

Acting quickly Tony ran to his ‘Iron Man’ suit and began flying around the lab trying to keep the Hulk contained in the lab. Hoping that maybe just maybe Hulk would calm down and not run around the tower destroying everything in his path. Tony felt bad about the current situation, he knew how much Bruce hated to become the Hulk and he hadn’t had an episode in two months and now because of a stupid mishap an episode occurred.  

Hulk was smashing various objects in the lab, he was breathing heavily and growling. Tony had to bob and weave around in the air to prevent the flying objects the Hulk threw from hitting him. Tony was thankful that he put away all of the really expensive/heavy equipment before he and Bruce began working.

“This was such a bad idea, I shouldn’t have tested it today,” Tony thought to himself. A new Avenger was arriving today, not knowing much about her or her abilities he aided on the side of caution and he decided that he should alert the others to the current situation. Calling out to F.R.I.D.A.Y he asked her to patch him through to the others.

Upstairs you were being shown around the tower by the other Avengers. Your abilities were still somewhat of a mystery. You knew you could move objects with your mind but you hadn’t mastered it. You were also able to see what others saw through their own eyes, but that was it. You felt like you could do more but you weren’t sure how to go about improving your powers.

“This is the kitchen, over there is the living room and to the right-“Steve wasn’t able to finish his sentence due to a voice cutting him off.

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Tommy's Girl [4/?]

Tommy x OC Alfie’s sister.

Warnings: language, potentially upsetting topics

Part Four. Part 5. Part 3. Part 2. Part 1.

It was midnight on Wednesday when car pulled up to a house bigger than any Emily had seen in London.

“Is this yours?” Emily asked, awed by the size of the mansion.

“I suppose it’s yours now, too.” Tommy sighed, getting out of the car.

“It’s bigger than anythin’ I’ve ever seen in my life.” She gaped, craning her neck to look at the upper windows. Tommy cocked an eyebrow.

“Where did you live with your brother?” He questioned, not looking at her.

“We had a house next to the bakery. It was only small though.” Emily replied, grabbing a hold of her suitcases.

“Here y'are, let me have one of those cases, I can’t let you carry ‘em both yourself.” Tommy thought manners would make the whole situation a lot easier. “We’ll go through to my office, that’s where I’ve had the family gather.”

They walked through the house together, neither daring to speak a word. Tommy stopped outside the office and looked at Emily. “I’ll go in first. Can you try and look a little bit happy, please?”

Thomas quietly entered the room and signalled for Emily to wait behind him while he announced her arrival. He stepped aside to reveal her. “This is Alfie Solomons’ sister, Emily. She’s to be my wife.”

Emily kept her face expressionless, not caring about what Tommy thought, but not wanting to anger the Shelby clan. “Evenin’.” She greeted bluntly, staring Tommy’s brothers down as they looked over her.

“Emily, these are my brothers: Arthur, John and his wife, Esme, and Finn,” Tommy gestured to each of them respectively, “Ada, my sister, and my aunt Polly,” He pointed to each woman, “that there is my cousin Michael, and over here we have Lizzy, our secretary.”

“The poor girl looks terrified.” An older woman in a dark blue dress spoke up from where she was sitting.

“Pol-,” Tommy began.

“No, ma'am, I’m not terrified actually. I’m just disgusted by your nephew’s barbaric behaviour. Now, can someone please escort me to my room?” Emily’s Cockney accent flooded her words.

Arthur volunteered and took one of her suitcases off his brother. He led her to a staircase and turned to look at her.

“I’m sorry about our Tommy’s behaviour.”

“But you’re Shelby’s. I thought you defended each other to the grave?” Emily asked in disbelief.

“Yes, well, there are sometimes exceptions. Like when my brother thinks with his cock and not his brain.”

“Well, from the stories I’ve heard, you’ve fallen victim to that once or twice yourself, Arthur Shelby. Come on, everyone’s fallen prey to their sexual desires at least once in their life. Anyway, can you take me to my room now, please?”


Emily sat on the king-size bed in her new bedroom, her gaze darting the between four framed photographs that lay on the sheets, as her fingers trailed over them.

Tommy entered the room looking tired and sullen. “Did you have to do that?” He questioned exasperated, referring to when she basically told on him to Aunt Polly.

“It’s was the truth,” Emily squeaked, tears coming to her eyes as she looked at an old photograph of a woman in her early 30s. “Can I put these on the dresser over there?” She asked, her voice breaking.

“Yes,” Tommy sighed, “as long as you tell me what’s wrong, and why this is such a bad situation.” Emily hummed quietly in agreement.

“Look, it’s not that I don’t find you attractive, okay, it’s just - Alfie promised me that I’d never have to sell myself again. He promised me, he said ‘you’ll never ‘ave to do it again, Em, never’ and he lied.” She hadn’t noticed the tears that had begun to cascade down her cheeks until Tommy softly wiped them away.

“You’ve sold yourself before?” He asked quietly, concern in his eyes.

“It’s was during the war. Alfie had gone off to fight.” She scoffed at herself, “I sound pathetic, don’t I? Needin’ my brother to protect me? Anyway, money was tight and Ma told me I was woman enough to provide for us.”

“Jesus. How old were you?”

“14. Sorry, Shelby, Alfie sold you damaged goods.” She whispered. He noticed suddenly that the light in her eyes had disappeared as soon as they left London.

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I Can Feel You // Ben Solo

Pairing: Ben Solo x Reader

Fandom: Star Wars 

Word Count: 4.7K

A/N: This is part 1 of many parts, it will be somewhere around 16 parts maybe? This is mostly background information about Ben & the Reader. I was going to wait to post this until I had every part done, but I want feedback, so posting it early it is. Enjoy! 

Summary: Ben & Reader have a force bond, a very strong one at that. When Reader is sent on a mission for The Resistance, things don’t go as planned. 

(Ao3) (Part 2) (Masterlist)

Originally posted by bitchyskull

“You have to be polite (Y/N), do you understand?” Your mother asks you for the thousandth time since you’d left Coruscant. “I have to be polite.” You repeat and nod while smiling up at her. “Good girl, there is going to be a lot of people, okay? Mommy and Daddy need to talk to someone very important, okay? So you’re going to go with a Jedi master.” Your eyes nearly popped out of your head. Ever since you were a child, you’d been admiring the Jedi, and what they can do. “His name is Master Luke, okay? He is going to bring you with him to train with one of his Padawans, so you have to be good, and listen to Master Luke, do what he says.” You nodded your head frantically, growing more excited with every passing second, your parents had always said you’re force sensitive, but you had only been able to move something small once or twice in your life.

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Split Love

Requests: “Hi! I love your blog omg ❤️ I was wondering if you could do a request where you and Kai have been in the 1994 prism world and you’re close but Kai is in love with you secretly and always flirts and stuff, and Kol mikaelson is out in the prison world and flirts with you once you meet him and you like him beak and Kai is jealous and obsessive?”

Day fourteen for you, marking two weeks since you were sent to the Prison World with Kai. Things had gotten weird around there lately. Even though Kai had been there for a few months before you, he had grown used to your company. Probably happy somebody would talk to him and actually pay attention to him. He had started making you breakfast, and smiling from across the room, being by your side if he thought anything was wrong. 

It was weird, considering how he was rude the first day you were there, but then was suddenly polite. Maybe it was because he realized you were a lover and not a fighter. 

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Always There (Lafayette x Reader)

my friend @hamiltontrashx requested #65 from this post so here it is! P.S: it’s a lil cliche but this is the first thing that came to my mind soo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#65: “Look at me—just breathe, okay?”

Trigger Warnings: violence, attempted rape

Always There (Lafayette x Reader)

Mon amour I am almost there, okay? I will be with you soon I promise.” You relaxed a little as Laf’s French accent crooned to you softly over the phone.

“Okay. Just try to hurry.”

“I will. See you soon, cherie. Love you.”

“Love you too.” You sighed and hung up the phone before looking anxiously around you.

You had just gotten out of your last class at Columbia University and decided to take a shortcut as you walked to your apartment building, but soon found yourself in an area you didn’t recognize at all.

You leaned against the wall of the dirty building behind you and looked to both sides before closing your eyes and pushing back the tears that threatened to fall.

Just as you were relaxing at the thought of seeing Lafayette soon, you heard footsteps approaching and quickly tensed.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?” You heard a raspy voice whisper in your ear, and you took a shuddering breath in while your eyes fluttered open.

“I-I’m here waiting for my boyfriend.” You replied in what you hoped was a confident tone.

When you took a look at the man in question, you winced as someone much older and bigger than you stared down at your body.

“Well that’s a shame. Small little thing like you would fit just perfectly in my bed. What do you say, honey? How about you dump your boyfriend and join me for a night of fun?” He pulled you towards him and your heart sped up.

“Please let me go I-“

The man cut you off by grabbing your wrist forcefully and pushing you against the wall.

“I won’t take no for an answer honey.”

He moved quickly, attaching his lips to your neck and moving up towards your lips. He kissed you roughly and you kept your eyes closed as tears streamed down your face, only thinking of the gentle kisses Lafayette gives you.

Just as the man’s hands moved down towards your waist and closer to the button of your shorts, you heard fast footsteps and the man was ripped of off you suddenly.

You sank to the floor as Lafayette threw him to the ground and leaned over him, throwing kick and punches blindly.

You pulled your knees to your chest and tears continued to flow down your face freely. Upon hearing the grunts coming from your left, you looked up to see Lafayette continuously throwing his fists at the man’s face.

“No.” You whispered shakily, but Lafayette ignored your pleas and continued hitting the now almost unconscious man.

“Laf.” You winced at how small your voice sounded. “Please.”

Your pleading tone shook Lafayette out of his stupor. He pushed himself of off the floor before walking towards you and picking you up as if you weighed nothing, holding your body to his.

You wrapped your legs around his waist and whimpered, pressing your face to his chest.

“I’m so sorry, mon amour. I’m so, so sorry.”

You shook your head and grabbed handfuls of Lafayette’s shirt.

“I should have come here quicker, I’m sorry. This was all my fault.”

You managed to whisper out a weak “No.” and shook your head. Lafayette pressed you up against the wall gently, making it easy for him to hold you up.

You lifted your head from Lafayette’s chest and looked up at him with watery eyes.

He wiped your tears away with the pads of his thumbs and pressed gentle kisses all over your face.

“Y/N?” He asked cautiously, after moments of silence. You looked up at him with curious eyes as he hesitated before speaking.

“Can you please tell me what happened?” You shook your head frantically, and your breath sped up.

“Hey, hey, hey. Look at me-just breathe, okay?” Lafayette kissed your hand softly and you nodded your head.

“I’m sorry.”

“Y/N why are you apologizing?”

“I’m just-” You eyes flickered to the man still lying unconscious on the ground and you couldn’t continue your sentence.

Lafayette’s eyes flashed in recognition and he set you down on your feet gently before wrapping an arm around your shoulders and leading you towards the direction of your apartment.


As you reached your apartment, Lafayette took your keys from your hand and pushed open the door.

He led you towards your room carefully and peeled your clothes off layer by layer, then pulled on your pajamas gently.

Lafayette tucked you into your bed and kissed your forehead, looking at you sweetly before walking away.

“No.” You grabbed his arm and he turned to look at you, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t leave,” you croaked out. “Please.”

“Of course, ma cherie.” Your boyfriend took off his shirt and shoes and crawled into bed before pulling you into his chest.

Though images of the man from earlier plagued your mind, you managed to close your eyes quickly as Lafayette’s soft snores lulled you to sleep.


Before you knew it it was morning, and you rolled over in bed hoping to find yourself face to face with Lafayette.

When you didn’t feel his body next to yours, you sat up groggily and called out his name.

“Laf?” You heard footsteps make their way to your room before Lafayette opened the door and peeked his head in.

You couldn’t help but smile as you saw the flour in his hair and messy apron that hung loosely around his waist.


“What are you making?” You quirked an eyebrow as you asked this and Lafayette gave you a warm smile.

“Crepes. Your favorite.” Lafayette walked over to your side of the bed and you pushed up, sitting on your knees to hug him.

“You didn’t need to. Thank you, Laf.”

“Of course I needed to. I want to make my petit chaton happy.” Laf smirked and pressed his lips to your hairline.

You stared at him and, overcome with emotion, your eyes watered.

Cherie what’s wrong?” Lafayette asked with worried eyes.

“You’re just always there for me. Whenever I need you, whenever I’m-“ You hesitated before continuing, “Whenever I’m in danger. You are always there for me. I love you so much.”

Je t’aimeaussi.” Laf kissed your lips chastely and pulled away, leaning his forehead on yours.

“Alright now enough staying in bed. Come on, Y/N. Your crepes await you, Madame.” He said with a wink, and you giggled before jumping on his back and burying your face in his neck.

Lafayette walked towards the kitchen with  a spring in his step and you smiled, knowing that the events from last night were in the past and a relaxing day with Lafayette awaited you.

A Call to the Society

It took me 20 years, 20 years to understand the meaning of the word “feminism”. It sounded complicated, but that’s only because every place I went, every person I spoke to had a different definition of it.
It seemed like anyone who didn’t know the meaning would come up with their own interpretation.

I was in school when I first heard the word feminism and because it felt so demure I was confident, “I’m a feminist”.
But sooner that day I was made to reflect on it. A boy came up to me and said “omg, so you’re a feminist?” the way he put those words definitely didn’t come across nice, it felt like being a feminist is like being a criminal. Supporting something that’s totally unacceptable.
I didn’t know, or I still don’t know what he had heard about feminism for him to claim so, but I’m thankful, because of that one situation I went on to finding my answers and here I’m today, with a determined thought that yes, I’m a feminist and there’s nothing for me to hide away from it.

Feminism is not a synonym of “male bashing”. I repeat, feminism is not male bashing. In fact, feminism has got nothing to do with the male gender. It’s not about being superior to them or putting them down or at the least, it’s not even about competing against them.

Feminism is all, and is only about saying, “don’t define us by our gender”. Feminism is saying, don’t tell us we can’t do or be something we dream of just because we are female. Feminism is just saying, let us live, speak, and dream the way we wish to be and not according to the social norms that are built by the society specifically for us.

I think the problem is with the word itself. The word “feminism” in itself provokes notions cause it’s defined as soft, gentle, fragile, delicate, demure.. The word is dressed with its own virtue that it questions everything that doesn’t belong to the category. But where do we throw this question to? To the literature geniuses?
Or maybe let’s just accept the fact that being soft, delicate or any of those has never been or will never be our weakness.

But the problem doesn’t just end here. The minute you speak about being a feminist, you’ll hear many people shout to you about fighting for gender equality. Little do they know that feminism and gender equality are the two faces of the same coin and hold different meanings. Gender equality is essential and I concur but that doesn’t mean you need to abolish feminism. We need to fight for equality, but at first, let us get to being equal.

It might seems like the world’s changing these days and women are growing and flourishing in every field they touch. But the dark side to this is, there are still so many houses, so many minds that judge us for what we do and dictate us on what we should be doing.
Being married within a certain age, not being more qualified than her spouse, not voicing your opinions loud, and many more instances. We. Still. Are. Stuck.
And one of the main cause is that most women don’t believe in feminism themselves. And I always wondered, how? Just how? You’ve been a woman for so long and how can you not take your own side?
Maybe, just maybe because they’ve not seen the need for feminism yet. Cause once you see the need for it, you won’t stop denying it.

The questions have no end and they’ll keep flooding. I’m not trying to manipulate minds. As I say this here today, loud and clear., I know that there are more opinions that’s opposing my thoughts than supporting. But I respect your opinion as long as you opinion doesn’t disrespect mine.
Cause this isn’t just another article about feminism.
This is an answer.
Answer to that small girl who questions if being feminist is wrong.
Answer to that boy, who asks what has he got to do with feminism.
Answer to those minds, that’s in doubt about what feminism means.
And answer to those individuals, who are ignorant enough to know what it means.

I didn’t know what feminism meant, but when I did, I grew up to realise that I don’t have to be sorry for so many things that I’ve been taught to feel sorry about.

And that way feminism will always be needed. We need it now and we’ll need it tomorrow. As long as we woman walk the earth, feminism will be in picture. They’ll keep on saying “we can’t” and we’ll keep on proving them wrong, cause that’s what we love doing.

But even after saying all this, I look around and find flaws not just in the bigger world out there but the one I’m living in. I see my little cousin brother crying and nothing, literally nothing could calm him down. But the minute he’s told “stop crying like a girl”, his tears freeze and he stops in no minute. Comparing him to anything didn’t do the trick but just comparing to a girl did. I’ve many questions unanswered here., let me leave you with one. What have we been teaching our boys about girls?

Seems like the problem is the roots of every individuals upbringing and I just hope one day, this little boy grows up to decode his wisdom in life. Because a woman being a feminist is no big deal. We are all woman and we stand by each other, but real strength is when someone sees beyond what’s shown. For one who feels, he feels for all.
So now it’s your turn to make a call. Be a man and say you’re a feminist.

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hi there! i'm almost 22 and i've never had a boyfriend and this is making me feel kind of miserable, i know you aren't supposed to measure your worth with a romantic relationship but i want it so bad, to love and to feel loved, i also crave physical intimacy and it's awful because i don't think it's ever going to happen. all of this makes me question if i'm that ugly, that boring, that undesirable that no one is going to look at me ever :/ (sorry for the rant, i just wanted to let it all out)

hello! I think that it’s normal to feel like this. So here’s a reminder that you’re still young and there’s still plenty of time. Try to make a bigger effort into discovering new people so you meet more potential boyfriends. And go up to people to talk to them instead of waiting for others to come to you. But you probably know this already so I just want to remind you that it’s normal to feel like this, and anyone would feel like they’re boring and ugly if they see all their friends getting boyfriends and not them. But everyone has a different path in life so comparing yourself to others is meaningless! I know someone who got a boyfriend at 23, and they’ve been together for 2 years, I’ve known people who are 15 and none of their relationships lasted over a month. The truth is you will find someone, just be patient, and just because you got a boyfriend later than most people doesn’t mean you won’t find an amazing fulfilling relationship. Just do your best to meet people and don’t give up if it takes several tries to find the right guy. But I’m sure you will find someone in the end. You’re a beautiful person and I hope you start standing up for yourself whenever you think those feelings of unworthiness, as they’re not true. You just feel ugly/boring so you start to believe them, but the truth is you’re good enough and lots of people out there would love you as you are. I hope you feel better soon angel🌷

Northwest Mansion Nouveau

fandom: gravity falls
words: 4837
characters: stanford pines, stanley pines, pacifica northwest, preston northwest

so a long, long while back i got asked by an anon to do another relativity falls episode rewrite like my one of sock opera – their specific request being for me to do the episode “northwest mansion noir”

it’s one of my fave gf eps so i couldn’t pass up the chance, but it did require a bit more plot-reworking than some would have due to character swaps. so first things first i’ll mention a couple assumptions i made going in:

  1. the events of the actual episode were already somewhat prevented by pacifica behaving similarly to how she did in canon, just 20-30 some years earlier than in the show
  2. even with her relativity falls parents being nameless and no one we know of in canon, i’m assuming that previous generations of northwests behaved like. previous generations of northwests. and so pacifica’s story is mostly unchanged – largely in order to preserve some of the original themes of the episode (if in a different context)

and so that being said! the fic!

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Veronica Mars (2014 Film) : Sentence Starters
  • "Just because you were an unpopular bitch, you had to ruin it for everybody else."
  • "Don't you think that's gotten a bit old?"
  • "Of course you do, it's a party!"
  • "I want to ask you about the night _______ died."
  • "When _______ said 'jump', did you actually say 'how high' or was there just an understanding that you would achieve max verticality?"
  • "I don't really do that anymore."
  • "Well, when you say it like that, I start to see some holes in it."
  • "It was more answering phones and handling his/her travel than anything else."
  • "What do you think that says about a person?"
  • "Or was it Cutest Smile?"
  • "Well, look no further, pilgrim."
  • "Original enough for ya?"
  • "Compulsive, clearly."
  • "You are just who I was looking for, Most Likely to Know Where I Can Find the Bar."
  • "Trust me. I know how dumb that sounds."
  • "Or I'll tell 50 Cent's security team where they can find the guy/girl who posted video of Fifty baking lemon cakes while singing "Afternoon delight"."
  • "Give it to me, _______."
  • "Do I get a chip for this?"
  • "A teenaged private eye."
  • "I'm the reason people know that Anne Hathaway has a vagina."
  • "Is this what getting clean feels like?"
  • "In case it slipped your mind, _______ is the one without the baggage and the drama."
  • "That girl/guy who follows you around is here!"
  • "Your boobs look bigger."
  • "It's been 10 years of peace and quiet."
  • "Ooh! $10,000 Pyramid! Things a whore says!"
  • "Dumb question, but I have to ask : Did you know you were being filmed?"
  • "I've rolled around in the mud for so long, wash me clean and I don't recognize myself."
  • "I've let her draw finger hearts on my upper thigh for the last 10 minutes, so, yeah, I get the stakes."
  • "This is where I belong, in the fight. It's who I am."
  • "I convinced myself winning meant getting out."
  • "But in what world do you get to leave the ring and declare victory."
  • "_______ always said this town could wreck a person, it's what happens when you're playing a rigged game."
  • "So how about I just accept the mud and the tendency I have to find myself rolling in it."

“Milkovich, you have a visitor.”

Mickey looked up at the guard, already confused. He never got visitors unless it was Svetlana giving him another name to kill. And she had already come this month.

He stood up and dutifully followed the guard, lost in his own mind. For a second he thought - hoped - that it was him. That he had finally come to his senses and abandoned the idea that they weren’t good together anymore. It could be him, couldn’t it?

However the face that Mickey saw sitting behind the glass wasn’t pale, freckled and there wasn’t red hair above it. Instead it was someone he never really thought he’d see again.

It was Mandy.

Knowing the confusion he felt was reflected in his expression, he slowly sat down and just looked at her. She looked good. Shorter hair, still blonde, wearing a coat that seemed better made than anything he’d seen her wear before. Yeah, she looked good.

Mickey finally unhooked the phone and held it up to his ear. “Hey.”

“Hey.” She started to smile, but it faded before it became anything bright.

A silence lingered between them, making him uncomfortable. When was the last time they sat down and had a conversation like this? If this was even considered a conversation.

“I see that piece of shit didn’t kill you yet. Good for you.”

She rolled her eyes. “Kenyatta’s gone. You don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

Mickey shrugged. “Wasn’t worried to begin with.” He didn’t mean it, and somehow he knew that she knew it too.

He watched her eyes rake over his body, his orange jumpsuit, and knew the question was coming before she even asked it. “So…prison, huh?”

“What do you expect from a Milkovich?” He asked back, his voice gruff. “Although you look like you’re doing good for yourself. What, you got a sugar daddy now or something?”

That managed to make her at least chuckle. “Something like that. I’m in New York now.”

“What’s it like?”

“Here. But bigger.”

“Sounds nice.”

“It is.”

Another silence passed between them. He knew their time was running out, and he was happy to see her, but he also knew who her best friend was. And goddamn it he couldn’t let the redhead fuck go, no matter how much he tried.

“You seen him?”

Mickey saw Mandy’s smile drop at the question. That certainly peaked his interest. “Yeah, yeah I saw him.”

Mickey dropped his gaze, becoming shifty eyed. “How is he?”

“I’m not here to talk about Ian, Mick.” Hearing his name hurt, but Mickey looked up nonetheless. Up into his sister’s eyes who were hard and looking directly at him.

“Well then what the fuck are you here for?”

“How long you got?”

Mickey sighed in annoyance. “Fifteen, eight on good behavior. So far I haven’t killed anyone who didn’t deserve it, so eight.”

He watched her study him for a second, like she was mentally figuring something out, before she said, “Alright, fine.”

He gave her a look. “What?”

“I said fine.”

“What the fuck does fine mean?”

“It means I can wait that long, jackass.”

He was stumped. “Wait for what?”

“Jesus you are dumb.” Mandy scoffed, but her tone held little bite to it. In fact, it almost sounded affectionate. “You. I can wait eight years for your ass to get the hell out of here.”

He just stared at her. “Why?”

“Because you’re my brother. And us Milkoviches gotta stick together.”

“Don’t be an idiot, Mandy. Go the fuck back to New York, there’s nothing left for you here. Lip’s banging his teacher or whatever.”

He saw the impact his words had on her, and he regretted saying them, but her expression passed and she rolled her eyes. “I am going back to New York. Then, in eight years, I’ll drive back here and pick you up. Maybe I’ll even be nice enough to get you a big mac on the way, who knows what mood I’ll be in?”

The buzzer overhead went off, signaling the end of visiting hours. Everyone around the siblings began to get up, but they stayed where they were. It was now or never.

“You’ll really wait?” He asked in a rare moment of vulnerability. She noticed and smiled.

“Of course. But you gotta stay on good behavior. Eight years is one thing, but nine is too much. Got it?”

He smiled, and it felt good. “Whatever. Get out of here before you get thrown in too.”

She nodded and walked away, and suddenly he felt lighter.

I didn’t watch the ep so if she’s not in New York, sorry about that. I mainly wrote this for me, for some much needed closure. MY HEART IS BROKEN.

The Best Things in Life are the Ones That Come Unexpectedly

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Danny x Carmilla, with hints of ot3

Based on this post by queerlaferry

Summary: Kirsch was probably dead because of her. Carmilla betrayed Laura’s trust. Carmilla was a monster. She knew that. She needed to be punished. She hurt Laura and that deserved a consequence. She deserved pain.

And she knew just where to get it.

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  • Him: So yeah. That happened.
  • Me: Sounds like you had an eventful day.
  • Him: Oh, most definitely. *looks around* Don't you ever get bored from being in here alone, especially on a day like today?
  • Me: I'm not alone right now *smile*
  • Him: *even bigger smile* Hey! Let's play a game. I'll ask you a question and then you can ask me a question. Kind of like 20 questions, but..not.
  • Me: Okay.
  • *we proceed to ask each other questions. He asked me my favorite color, and I asked him his favorite food. So on and so forth. This went on for about 10 minutes while I was shelving. Then people actually came in*
  • Him: I guess I should let you do your job. I don't have to like it, though. *smile*
  • Me: We can always pick up where we left off next time.
  • Him: Yeah. Yeah, I'd like that *smile* Well, Bailey. It has been a pleasure, as always. I hope you feel better, even if I kind of like the stuffiness. Until next time.
  • *He once again reached for my hand to shake it, so I gave him mine, and guys.....................................HE. KISSED. MY. HAND.*
Megan & Liz.I'd appreciate if people read this:)

I really didn’t want to be one to make a post about this, but reading the asks that Megan was sent earlier really struck a chord and as a fan, I’m finding it hard to sit here and look at that and not saying anything.

A lot of you don’t seem to be grasping the fact that there is always so much more to everything than we see. The twins have a lot going on right now. And i’m not speaking from a term where I know anything about it, but I am speaking from a term of understanding. A lot of you claim to say that you understand and support the twins but then you treat them like objects rather than the artists they are trying to be. I realize, that for a few of you, you have been here since the start. I know you want what is best for them, I know you have waited years for a legit album, I know they are your entire world. But what you guys don’t understand, is they still aren’t mainstream artists. I’m tried of seeing everyone so upset about this album. Things change. They are constantly evolving and you don’t think its hard for them? You can’t seriously sit there and tell me its easy to just release an album. Remember that this is their first album. It would be a miracle if everything ran perfectly smooth the first time around. Do you know how long it took any of your favorite mainstream artists to produce their debut album? No. Because it’s not something that is shared until it’s finished and an artist is confident. It takes time to decide what you want your first real impression on the world to be. This is about more than just the album right now. This is about finding out who they are as artists. And throughout that, they are going to make mistakes, they are going to make changes, and many, many things are not going to go as planned. I know you are all tired of waiting but so are they. Please stop pressuring them into telling us things, and giving us dates. This isn’t a game. This is their lives, and their careers. I think a lot of you are used to knowing what is going on with them right away, because back in the day, we were always in the known of things. But as they grow and their decisions get bigger we can’t always know things right away. And sometimes “soon” is as good as its going to get and you all need to be okay with that. When you’re a fan you are in it through the good and the bad. What they need right now is motivation and support. They don’t need nasty comments about how things are taking forever and about how they are “losing fans and interest”. That is so disrespectful and quite honestly inhumane. Let them live. Let them breathe. They are not your toys or your possessions. They are human beings and they have lives to live. They are not here to impress you or entertain you every second of your life. If you want the best for them then start acting like it. Stop being immature about the album and start looking and realizing that there is a bigger picture right now. Love them through it, and stop asking questions. When they are allowed to, the time will come when you will be back in the know. For now you are going to have live without knowing whats going on. They have given you PLENTY to entertain yourselves with. 

I’m sorry that this was so long. But all i ask from anyone who see’s this is that you just think before you speak or question their motives. They are doing the damn best that they can under the circumstances they are given. Please, don’t add on to the enormous amount of pressure they are already putting on themselves. What goes around comes around, right? Be patient, be kind, and love and support them. And in return, and in time, things will start to come back around. They always do. Just prepare for change and prepare to support them through it all. That’s all you can do. No sense throwing fire into fire anymore. They are beautiful human beings who have been nothing but great to us as fans. Please respect their privacy and their time.