lets keep this our little secret

Diggsydog Interpretations: How I missed that Matt made this post and removed it within moments I’ll never know…! Significant…? Yes… I think so.

- The Truth is all that matters. Only one side matters…the truth. And /or

- There are always two sides to the story. The other side is not the truth. This side is the truth. Write it, tell it, tell the truth.

- The Light: The light represents the truth as light reveals. Light enables us to see the truth, to see what is real. Seeing is believing and light illuminates this. When we are in the dark our minds make up all sorts of things. Light exposes, it is exposing the truth. The curtains are only open a little, letting a little light in, the truth is starting to illuminate, to reveal.

- The Curtains: are drawn to stop the light illuminating the truth. The curtains keep things hidden, secrets protected. Opening the curtains may be that an intolerable situation is coming to an end or that the secrets are no longer needed. The light is allowed in to reveal.

- Windows/doors: a bridge between open and closed, the hidden and the visible, from darkness to light. A transition to the truth. A passageway from one place to another, abandoning the old and embracing the new.

- The table and chair: solitary, isolated, a writer’s table…write the truth, tell it.

Summary: The truth, a slow reveal is starting. Matt is telling the intended audience to write it, tell it, it’s all that matters. Those kept in the dark will see the truth. The light is starting to reveal…

oh Matt…I do so love you…

You implanted a feeling in me I cannot find anywhere. And trust me I’ve been searching. In all types of people. Wrong ones. Right ones. Even in places that aren’t people. Bottoms of wine bottles. Extra notches in my belt. The empty corner barstool. The empty subway train. Cracks in the sidewalk. I’m afraid I’ll never find this feeling again and I need to start trying my best to keep it around. Not just in photographs and crumpled up notes you’ll never read. Let this be our little secret. Let’s bury the key in the backyard. Keep me more secret than those stories of you being a little girl in that pink room at your mothers house. Keep me more secret than those whispers you shared about boys in grade school. However you want to keep it, just keep it.


Imagine being a Gryffindor…and secretly hooking up with Malfoy!- Requested by Anonymous

“You’ll keep quiet about this, right? Our little secret?” Draco pleaded, a small smirk spreading across his lips.

“Of course! I couldn’t let anyone find out I’m sleeping with Slytherin scum!” You teased. Draco pretended to be shocked. 

“Why, you blast-ended skrewt!”



“Hufflepuff!” you both laughed at your set of insults.

“See ya…” Draco kissed your cheek lightly, and went on his way. Taking one last look at you before closing the door behind him.

  • <p> <b>Lucas:</b> *talks about every single time he's done something for Riley*<p/><b>Lucas:</b> WHO DOES THAT?<p/><b>R*cas shippers:</b> OTP<p/><b>Lucas:</b> *has a banter thing going on with Maya since the very beggining, both put a lot effort into it. She makes a song out of all of his nicknames, he brings an harmonica, a rose and a cowboy hat to school just for her*<p/><b>Maya:</b> you actually put thought into our little game don't you?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> I actually do<p/><b>R*cas shippers:</b> toxic !!<p/><b>Lucas:</b> *smiles everytime, enjoys it*<p/><b>Maya:</b> Because he let's me<p/><b>Lucas:</b> I also laugh when Maya ha-hurrs me and calls me huckleberry fifty times a day<p/><b>R*cas shippers:</b> OMg no<p/><b>Riley:</b> *punches him*<p/><b>Lucas:</b> STOP<p/><b>Riley:</b> *keeps punching him*<p/><b>R*cas shippers:</b> They're SO cute<p/><b>Lucas:</b> *has a past*<p/><b>Basically Riley:</b> tell me the secret!!<p/><b>Lucas:</b> I don't want to<p/><b>Riley:</b> *gets angry*<p/><b>Riley:</b> tell me he can't change you from the Lucas we know. do I know you?? ARE YOU WORTH IT?!<p/><b>R*cas shippers:</b> they're in love 😍😍<p/><b>Maya:</b> That had to hurt. I finally like you!<p/><b>Lucas:</b> *feels better*<p/><b>Maya:</b> whatever you did at your old school you're still a huckleberry<p/><b>R*cas shippers:</b> disgusting<p/><b>Riley:</b> *"encourages" him into a dangerous situation with a BULL*<p/><b>Also riley:</b> You'd get killed on the football team<p/><b>R*cas shippers:</b> # supportive gf<p/><b>Maya:</b> *gets worried*<p/><b>Maya:</b> if you got hurt I don't know what I would've done<p/><b>R*cas shippers:</b> she's being a cry baby<p/><b>Lucas:</b> I'm a disgrace<p/><b>Riley:</b> You are<p/><b>R*cas shippers:</b> 💖💖💘<p/><b>Maya:</b> you're not proud of him if he doesn't do this?!!<p/><b>R*cas shippers:</b> 👎👎😷<p/><b>Riley:</b> *does the handshake*<p/><b>Lucas' face:</b> wtf<p/><b>Lucas:</b> I'm a looser! LIKE YOU<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Sometimes you are too much for me<p/><b>R*cas shippers:</b> #ENDGAME<p/><b>Me:</b> ❓❓❓❔<p/></p>
Everybody has something to hide. We can’t just expose our secrets to the world. That’s how we get hurt. That’s how we risk hurting other people. We have to decide how much we let out and keep the truth to ourselves.

It’s scary to reveal everything about ourselves. Fear makes us hold ourselves back. Is that so wrong? Maybe, probably. But still, it helps to be a little sneaky, a little protective. It’s not safe to just blurt out all our secrets. We can’t just lay all the truth out there, expose ourselves to God and everybody. Cause once the truth’s out, we have to face it ourselves.
—  Meredith Grey (Season11, Ep.12-The Great Pretender)

This might be the most important thing I ever tell you, so listen up: Odysseus and Penelope’s relationship rocks not because Penelope is loyal, like Agamemnon says, but rather because she and Odysseus have obviously established clear expectations and boundaries for their relationship. Odysseus and Penelope withstand the test of a prolonged separation, and Agamemnon and Clytemnestra don’t–there is a reason for that. Yes, Penelope is loyal, and yes, Odysseus’ sleeping around can be construed as disloyal, but the very first thing they do upon being reunited? They tell each other every little thing that has happened in their lives the last twenty years. Everything. Odysseus keeps no secrets, because he doesn’t have to.

I’m not saying cheating on your partner is acceptable, and we’ve talked before about why Odysseus’ exploits aren’t the extreme acts of betrayal our gut interprets them to be, but rather that the real depth of their relationship is revealed by their immediate honesty: they do not let dawn break or their eyes close for even one night without establishing their current truths. That’s trust.

Walk away knowing this: as long as you and your partner have honest, on-going conversations about what you are comfortable with, about what you want or need from each other, and both parties whole-heartedly consent, any relationship you have will be healthy. There is a learning curve of figuring out what honestly makes you happy, I’ll give you that, but do not let society dictate what that is. You do you, kiddos.

—  a more eloquent version of what I said in class today probably
Mini rant/PSA

It’s super cool that t swift made that shout out like all-hail my queen. But I’m almost annoyed because so many people are about to make their way into our little world. Make way for the fake fans kids. Don’t let them get to you. But also embrace the new people who really want to get to know Troye and his work. As Troye gets bigger we’re going to have to learn how to share, I know a lot of us want him as our little secret. It’s gonna be hard as he gets bigger and our fam gets bigger, but just be proud of him. Don’t cause drama, because I think to this point we’ve been pretty good about keeping it cool. That is all.