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I just really enjoy that your tag for Sebastian is Sweet Romanian Sunshine

well come on

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i mean

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look at him

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he’s sunshine personified

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25/10 would allow myself to get sunburned 

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by this breathtakingly sweet smile

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Not great...but not terrible.

So for context me and some friends were doing a session set in a foreign land. We were a half-elf bard (me), a tiefling fighter, a human monk, and a elven bard. Me and my fellow bard had just finished out set in the tavern earning out party’s rooms for the night and I (having been inadvertently racist at the tavern keeper) decided to retire to my room. The tiefling is talking to the homunculus who ostensibly owns the bar and eating. The monk is sticking close by the other bard. Said bard decided to ply her trade (courtesan) at the bar and struck up a conversation with a half-elf man there.

Bard: Hey you looking for some fun tonight?
Half-elf: Depends on what kind you’re offering.
Me (OOC): *whispers* Roll for seduction.
*The table promptly cracks up. Once the DM gets control again…*
DM: Ok roll for seduction if you would?
Bard: *rolls a 14*
DM: Ok well you seduce him. You take him upstairs to your room and you both get undressed. He finds you exotic and beautiful. Then he asks for something you’re not used to giving.
Me again(OOC): Ohhhhhh he wants to get freeky!
DM: *laughing* It involves rope but not the way you would expect. Lets just say he’s the one who’ll have rope burn tomorrow.
*queue table cracking up again*
DM: While this is happening the rest of you start hearing noises from her room that are unlike any you have ever heard before.
*table is dying at this point*
DM: UNFORTUNATELY you aren’t used to being the one in charge in these situations. So he’s enjoying it but not nearly as much as he could be.
Bard: I’m sorry about this I’m usually the one in your position.
Half-elf: No worries I guess. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible.
Bard: Well…isn’t that flattering. *she then proceeds to grab the coin pouch on the table and walk off to hang out in the Monk’s (her bodyguard’s) room.*


I’d be out of line telling you, “Leave her”
So I lie lonely surrounded by you


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#otp: shadowhunter meets warlock

❝8 billion people in the world and you are the only one I want.❞

101 Fluffy Prompts

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Let me just say that I’ve never waltzed in my life and I got the basics off WikiHow so don’t crucify me if I got something wrong. I wrote this today in about two hours but honestly this is one of my favorites so far. Mentions of Lucas x Maya. 

Word Count: 1,180

Rated K+: It’s not that bad but it’s also not innocent innocent fluffy

#005 “I don’t want to get up—you’re fluffy.”

“Riley this is impossible,” Farkle wined. Dropping her hand, he let out an exasperated groan. “I’m never going to learn how to waltz in time for the wedding.”

The two of them were in Farkle’s spacious apartment working on some last minute choreography for Lucas and Maya’s wedding. Maya insisted that she wanted her wedding party to have at least one dance together, much to Farkle’s dismay. Since Farkle was the best man and Riley the maid of honor they would be dancing together.

“Farkle Minkus I will not allow you to give up. Now, put your hand on my back and we’ll take it from the top.” No longer a klutzy eight grader, Riley had made it her personal mission to teach Farkle how to dance.

Farkle looked like he might protest but after a glance at Riley’s face he thought better of it.

Dutifully he took Riley’s right hand in his left. “Good.” Riley placed her hand on his shoulder blade, “Remember, keep your back straight.” Starting the music, they were off. Farkle managed a couple of steps before stumbling.

“You’re not counting,” Riley scolded as they resumed their positions. “You have to count.”

“I can’t count and not trip at the same time,” Farkle snapped. Riley let his tone slide, chalking it off to frustration. They’d been at it all afternoon and he’d yet to make any progress.

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“I’m sick of a lot of Jathena fans being so hostile towards other Athena ships. No one is trying to replace the canon, no one is that upset with it being canon, we just like a different ship than you. People ship outside the canon all the time, get over it. This is coming from someone that enjoys the ship after seeing how it was handled in TFTBL.”