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how are you not mad that Danielle was switched out for Eleanor?? I feel pissed, El is a snob and Dani is such a sweetheart.

look i am not here to judge eleanor. like, whatever. i don’t know much specifically about her and i’ve never met her so i can’t sit here and judge.

if you’re asking if, on a personal level and as someone who adores danielle, it bothers me a little that it’s…highly likely that her relationship with louis fell apart because of him and eleanor, then yeah. i mean, of course it makes me sad. it’s very unlikely that she wasn’t hurt in the whole mess of it, even if that wasn’t the reason their relationship didn’t work out, and i hate the idea that she got hurt, because i love her. 

but like. that’s life sometimes. and i’m 100% sure she’s gonna find someone who’ll love her and treat her as amazing as she deserves to be (cough, nate buzolic, cough) (or someone else) (i guess) (but also no, please date nate. please). 

so yeah. i don’t think saying she was ‘switched out’ with eleanor is accurate, because that’s. well, a bit gross really, as if women are simply interchangeable things that can be switched, rather than human beings with complex emotions. and also, i don’t know if eleanor’s a snob - i don’t know her. and either way it’s not very nice to say about someone, so maybe instead of making this some weird competition between these women, we should treat them both with respect? 

crazy idea, i know, but if my ten year olds can understand it then i’m thinking you guys might be able to manage it.

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack



Magnus recognizing Alec’s potential for leadership from the very start, even when Alec didn’t believe in himself.

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concept: trini getting really worked up when her little brothers talk about the yellow ranger and how they love HIM so much and zack is just laughing his ass off and saying that the pink ranger loves HIM a lot too

first of all: yes

second of all: Zack probably dies after that comment

third of all: consider this… Kim being over for dinner at Trini’s house (as a friend), the whole family and her just sitting in the dinning room, eating and making conversation. One of Trini’s little brothers then cuts in to ask which Ranger is Trini’s favorite and Kim suddenly is VERY ATTENTIVE until Trini mumbles something like “they’re all cool I guess, I don’t know, this is lame” before hiding being her glass of water because Kim is looking at her and narrowing her eyes like “rude”. Her brother goes “you’re lame. Kim, which one is your favorite?” and Kim deadpan answers “the yellow one” not blinking once while looking straight at Trini who spits out what she’s drinking all over the table


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Professor Longbottom is the head of Gryffindor house and the Ravenclaws don’t understand why, because if Professor Potter killed Voldemort, shouldn’t he be head of house? So as Ravenclaws do, they pushed the subject even though it wasn’t their business (mostly because Gryffindors just shrug it off and move on). Ravenclaws asked headmistress McGonagall why, and she just responds with “Because Professor Longbottom is a more exemplary Gryffindor.” And the Ravenclaws are like “what? No?” So they take the matter to Professor Potter and ask him. He just laughs and says, “I fought because I had to, because I was chosen by Voldemort, and was magically linked to him, I had no way out. And Neville was chosen by the death eaters. He faced more enemies personally, and he could’ve ran and hid, but he was the face of the revolution here. Neville stood his ground while I was in hiding.”
And all the Ravenclaws become awestruck and ask for more information, and both professors just brush off the subject. And because the Ravenclaws are who they are, when history of magic has it’s lesson on the war at hogwarts, they pay more attention than anyone and soon have a deeper understanding and respect for Professor Longbottom.



A few reminders about Hunk (for writers, or just in general)

idk, i was just reading some fanfiction and felt the need to post this. If I made a mistake about anything in Canon, or if you politely disagree with me on anything, please feel free to notify me! Also, add on if you see fit ^^


1. Hunk is in no way consistently passive/cheerful :

I feel this depiction of Hunk is mostly due to the fact that most fanfictions are not revolved around him (a shame, really), and thus the conflict does not call for as much involvement/reaction from him. But, as we can see in the first Balmera episode, Hunk can get extremely frustrated, impatient, and so forth whenever someone he loves and cares for is in danger. In fact, he can be downright scary. If anyone was actively hurting his friends, on or off the battlefield, this boy is not going to be cheery.

2. Hunk isn’t afraid to be frank :

On sort of the same note, while Hunk likes to be and is supportive, he does not sugarcoat, or try to make things seem like something they aren’t. This guy tells it as it is, and if he thinks something is a bad idea, and/or going to put anyone in danger, he is going to let you know.

3. Hunk panics :

I will start this off by saying that I am not an expert when it comes to anxiety or panic attacks, but I do have personal experience with both. And from that personal experience, I believe that from a nonobjective standpoint, hunk shows a lot of signs of very real anxiety.

He fidgets/gestures with his hands a lot, looks around and widens his eyes frequently, talks in a hurried or low voice, and worries insistently once something doesn’t seem right to him. In the Belly of the Weblum episode, Hunk seemed very much on the verge of a panic attack, and if Keith had not known what to say to him to keep him focused, I could see Hunk breaking down right then and there.

This is an aspect of his character that I do not see addressed all that often, and while it can be a heavy/difficult subject to write, there are ways to make it a part of his character without it being a defining point. (Such as in the show itself.)

4. Hunk likes his details :

From the space mall episode, we can see that when it comes to himself, hunk is *particular* about what he makes. He wouldn’t let any food leave the kitchen area unless he deemed it perfect.

When it comes to planning, Hunk has been shown to ask several questions, looking from different viewpoints to find holes in their plans. He is more comfortable the more details he has about the situation he is in. (See the Belly of the Weblum episode where he seems *terrified* when Keith and him cannot watch Coran’s entire video)


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