lets hug this shit out

“So how do you feel knowing Voltron Season 4 starts in a week?”

A Near-death hug.

All I need in life is Lance getting fatally wounded and put in the healing pod, but it takes weeks for him to heal completely and all this time Keith is just super worried and anxious and guilty because he didn’t save him and when Lance finally does come out of the pod, Keith just runs up to him and hugs the absolute shit out of him and won’t let go.

I Needed You - Carl Grimes Smut

request: u should totally do a carl smut. in Alexandria after the eye incident. But like a cute smut. Do like a long one

a/n: wow i’ve never written smut before and i feel like i should bathe in holy water (just kidding i fucking loved it)

Your leg bounced up and down as you sat next to Carl in the infirmary. Denise had come in earlier to clean the wound and change out the gauze, so his bandage was fresh with only a little sweat from his forehead dampening the bottom strip. The room was silent, the only sound being the leaking faucet. “Someone’s gotta fix that,” you mumbled. You knew Carl wasn’t going to respond, but you needed to hear something else than the tedious dripping. Silence could be tiring.

“Love you,” you whispered. You stood up from your chair and kissed his forehead, leaving to shower for the first time in…two days? It felt like much longer. 

You felt much better after showering. After all, those two days had been pretty damn stressful. All you really wanted was for Carl to wake up. You needed to know he was okay. Once you got out, you finally glanced at yourself in the mirror. You looked like shit. The bags under your eyes were tinted with gray, and your hair was clean, but unbrushed. Scratches and bruises covered your body; some new, some old. 

“(Y/N)?” Tara asked through the bathroom door. You threw on your clean clothes as you spoke to her through the door. 


“Carl’s awake.” Happiness flowed through your veins. You were nervous to see him. Maybe he didn’t entirely remember what happened. That would be pretty shitty to have to explain him. 

Your feet naturally sped up as you got closer and closer to the infirmary. You began to jog, and then run as your excitement grew and grew. The door flung open, and you saw Denise sitting next to Carl, in the same seat you had been in previously. She was taking his pulse, but stopped when she heard the doors close. “Hey, hun,” she sighed, standing up and leaving you two alone. 

Carl smiled when he saw you, and you instantly leaned in to hug him. “Holy shit,” you let out. “I swear, I thought you were dead.”

“No,” Carl chuckled, “I’m not dead. I just feel like shit.” You smiled at him and pulled him closer. “When do you get to go home? It really sucks, not being able to just hang out in your room, you know.” 

“I know. I can leave. I was just waiting for you.” His smile widened as you picked up his hand and slowly helped him stand up. On the walk back to his house, he assured you over and over that he could walk on his own, but you kept a grip on his upper arm just in case he lost his footing. 

“Dad and Michonne came in earlier. They brought Judith. She was way less freaked out than I thought she was gonna be.”  He seemed so relieved. It always put him at ease whenever Judith was happy.

You two walked in through the front door and slowly up the stairs, into his bedroom. You both took off your shoes and left them at the door. He sat down on his bed, his head against the frame. You felt bad for him, but he seemed to be content with how everything played out. 

Before you could stop yourself, you crawled on the bed and placed your legs on each side of him, straddling his hips. You kissed him softly, but leaned into him as he slid his hands up and down your thighs. He hummed as you pressed your hips downward and glided your hands from his neck to his hair. His hands tugged at the bottom of your shirt, and you pulled away so he could easily lift the fabric off your body. 

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He threw your shirt to his side, and his hands flew to your waist. A smile spread on his face as you dropped your hands to the hem of his shirt. You tried to pull it off, yourself, but Carl stopped you and did it himself. “Don’t want it to get caught.” You were confused for a moment, but you quickly remembered the bandage tied around his head could get knotted in his shirt. You allowed him to take off his shirt, and helped him remove it without messing up the bandage. 

Carl reached for your belt, but you stopped him before he could unbuckle it. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing,” you said quietly. “You deserve this. You’ve gone through some rough shit recently. This is all about you.” 

You ran your hands down his bare chest, stopping at his belt buckle. Carl began to kiss your neck and jawline as your fingers speedily unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. You sat up on your knees and backed away from him to give him space. He lifted his hips off the bed, and you swiftly pulled his pants down his legs, tossing them on the floor. 

Carl’s breathing sped up, and you noticed the bulge forming in his boxers. “Babe, please,” he begged. You smirked and crawled back up to him. You kissed him, deeper this time, and slid one hand to the waist band of his boxers. “Please,” he repeated. His voice was desperate, willing you to give in. You pressed your balm against him, and he sucked in a sharp breath. 

“Relax,” you whispered, kissing him once again. He moaned into your mouth, and he wrapped his arms around you. This time, you let him undo your belt and remove your pants. 

“Mine,” he mumbled, kissing down your neck and around your bra. His hands fumbled with the clasp before he undid it and pulled the straps down your arms. His lips attached to your soft skin, and his tongue lead a pathway from your collarbone to the center of your breast. You breathed in quickly, and your heart beat quickened. His hand slid down your stomach and slipped into your underwear. 

He brushed his index finger against your clit, sending a cool wave of shivers up your spine. You moaned, but reattached your lips with his to silence yourself. Carl looped his fingers through the waistband of your underwear and pulled them down your thighs. You slid out of them and pulled down his boxers. 

“You okay?” you asked. He nodded, smiling at you. “Are you sure?”

“(Y/N), I lost an eye. I didn’t die.” You scoffed at his remark, smiling as you did so. He reached to the side of his bed and pulled out a condom package, skillfully rolling in onto himself. 

He aligned himself from underneath you and gently pushed in. Your breathing stopped for a moment, but you continued to move once Carl started squeezing your lower thigh. Your hips rocked back and forth as you tried to adjust to him, and soon the discomfort evolved into pleasure. 

“Just like that,” Carl moaned, throwing his head back and biting his bottom lip. His hands slid from above your knees to your waist, his fingertips squeezing your skin lightly. Your breathing quickened, and you could no longer keep your hips moving at the same pace. Carl flipped you over, still staying inside you, so he was on top now. 

“Sorry,” you mumbled. 

He nuzzled his face into your neck, sucking a mark onto your skin. “Don’t be.”

His hips moved quickly as he ground in and out of you. “Babe, I-I’m gonna, I’m-”

“Come on, finish,” you encouraged him. He stilled inside you before releasing inside the condom. His teeth grazed your collarbone, and he hummed against your warm skin. 

He kissed your lips sweetly. “You didn’t finish.”

“I know, babe. It’s okay,” you said sweetly. 

“No, no, come on.” He pulled out of you and crawled down your body, his face inches from where you needed him most. 

He kissed your cllit and dragged his finger up and down your folds. His tongue followed his finger, spreading wetness all around. Your legs shook as he continued to work his tongue and lips, sucking and pulling to give you exactly what you needed. You hummed and sucked in, releasing all the built up pleasure onto his tongue. Your hand flew down to the back of his head and pulled at a fistful of his hair. 

Once you had finished, he kissed up your stomach. “I needed that,” he murmured. 

“I needed you.”

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nico/will headcannons under cut

  • will tops
  • will smothers nico in love and kisses so much affection
  • nico pretends to hate it but he loves it so much that fucking liar
  • imagine nico having a dream about tartarus and it being all dark and lonely, but there’s this light guiding him and it’s will. And eventually nico wakes up in will’s arms and buries his face into him more
  • will is really warm, so they cuddle a lot during winter
  • will notices nico’s too cold and being a stubborn shit. So will tackles him with a blanket and wraps nico into a big warm hug
  • nico squirms, but quickly lets will hug the living shit out of him until he’s not cold
  • they go out for picnics a lot
  • during the picnic will just lays in the sun and nico’s like “um…..what’re you doing?” and will smiles at him and goes “try it! you’ll like it!!” 
  • so the two idiots just lay there in the sun holding hands

Rob Op 💙

Me: “Whatever you wanna do we’ll do that”

Rob: “I really wanna hug it out with you. Let’s hug. Can we?”

Me: “Let’s do it”

Hugged the living shit out of me and I melted into his leather jacket and died happy.

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Prompto reacting to being treated nicely and sweetly by his S/O because he deserves so much love and kindness. It's his turn to be showered with tender affection, all the gentle loving care. It's time he relaxes and lets himself be put first instead!

-He would probably cry if there was a gift presented in front of him
-Wouldn’t know what to say and his face would be RED
-Unable to let the words “thank you” exit his lips
-Ends up hugging the shit out of his s/o
-Last but not least, kiss them 💋

-Mod Rikku 💕

Honorary Schuyler Sister, by @hamiltonandfluff

“Shhhh,” Peggy says, “Just let us hug the shit out of you, new sister.”

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So can a girl get some fic recs of tweek/craig or........

since ive been only reading creek fics for the last couple of days and ignoring all my other ships i think i’ve compiled a good list of faves

  • damage control by styleforcreek - 3049 words (it’s super cute and short and just i fucking LOVE clyde (and token too, who doesnt))
  • tinder surprise by captaindude - 11,546 words (it’s not completed and the last time it was updated in MAY so yeah…. better read this when youre out of all the other fics)
  • without certainty by extremiss - 1243 words (THIS IS JUST SO SWEET AND FLUFFY AND REALLY SHOT BUT CUTE okay i love it)
  • South Park on Facebook by Timeless Mistery - 7616 words (90% are about all the other characters which is hilarious and theres like 10% of creek and honestly thats enough cause its cute, also written in fb posts)
  • the strange attraction syndrome by tiffanybane - 169,847 words (REMEMBER THIS FUCKING POST?!??!?! YES IT WAS ABOUT THIS FIC!!! I’M SO MAD!!! ITS MY FAV CREEK FIC UP TO DATE AND ITS NOT FINISHED YET AND ITS SO GOOD BUT THE LAST TIME IT WAS UPDATED WAS IN 2013!!! FUCK THIS!!! but read it. its so good)
  • cosmic order, natrual law by captaindude - 96,399 words (also one of my favorite creek fics! not finished (yet) but it’ll soon be and i just love it (slight kenny/creek btw))
  • macabre by errorunknownuser - 21,368 words (not completed yet but i love it and WARNING: THERE ARE MANY TRIGGERS like drugs, self harm (a lot of it), more drugs, a lot of weed, etc., etc.,)
  • off by demonicfishyfurball - 13,815 words (not completed either but i just generally like it :) )
  • non-refundable by olderecho - 17,024 (kinda fucked up and i just wanna hug the shit out of tweek and i’m CONFLICTED lets just say that if you dont like clyde/tweek then dont read but still theres gr8 creek in it)
  • you might forget someday by artemisclydefrogge - 1934 words (FLUFF. SO MUCH FLUFF. ITS SO CUTE. ARGH)

i cant believe that in only like 2/3 days i managed to compile a list of fav fics

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She hugs him again tightly, just letting out sobs. //sHIT WHY AM I CRYING NOW WTF--//

He helps them both sit down as he feels like he wouldn’t be able to stand much longer.

“It will be fine…. maybe…. we have each other now…. that’s all we need.”

He too was starting to cry but he tried to hold them in as best as he could.

  • magnussen: *has information on mary that, in retrospect, would do little to actually damage her life considering the A.G.R.A files exist*
  • sherlock: u fuckin little shit bitch im gonna shoot ur bitchass for flicking my john bye bye magnussen
  • and yet
  • eurus: *killed sherlock's best friend from youth, flirted with john watson, lied to sherlock, tricked him into thinking she was related to culverton smith, posed as john's therapist, tried to kill john and mycroft, sexually mutilated a nurse, tried to drown his best friend twice*
  • sherlock: lol its aight we cool lets hug that shit out and now we good for ya family-friendly, sibling-bonding Aggressive Violin Duets™

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Ur last anon hate was stupid+I don’t want that being ur last anon hate So here’s my anon hate I hate anon’s who are jerk muffins. Go ahead+send anon hate to someone who actually fucking deserves it (like u u p.o.s. anon) who do horrible things to good people. Tranny’s (+non tranny’s) are only freaks if they’re horrible people (like you) who hurt people So you stfu anon If some nice person isn’t like u+u don’t like that, UNFOLLOW AND FUCK OFF Sms ilu u don’t deserve anon’s shit *hug*

Alright, let’s just take the word ‘Tranny’ out of the equation, please. But thank you! *hugs*. This was much nicer to wake up to than the previous anon. But I haven’t got anything else from them, so hopefully they’ve fucked the hell off.

[ WOW I have had this blog for exactly 2 months and 2 days. I would have never thought that I’d reach this milestone so fast…or at all. Really when I first made this account it was for a friend rather than being completely serious. I just…wow. I’m so fucking greatful. All of you are so lovey to me as well- I constantly get compliments and called people’s ‘favorite Yoongi’ and I’ve talked to so many of you but I hope to get to know so many more! I’m really just–surprised I got here so fast. So with a shitty edit and a few sappy and cheesy words here I go. I’ll do a short list of those I’m not close with or don’t talk to much but still love with all my heart (the bolded ones are the extra cool turds and italicized are the ones I’m scared to approach.)– then I’ll go the fuckers I’m gonna write a paragraph or two for because they mean a bunch to me~! ]


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Everyone Finds Out Nico's Gay
  • Jason: Its okay Nico, look everything's fine, c'mere lets hug it out
  • Annabeth: oh fuck this shit makes so much sense
  • Leo: I need to ask him if I'm hot-NICO AM I HOT?
  • Annabeth: all the butt checks
  • Frank: well now I know why he noticed my appearance changed so quickly
  • Annabeth: all the blushing
  • Annabeth: staring at the outline of his dick in his jeans
  • Hazel: Nico I still love you, you can talk to me about whatever whenever you want, okay baby?
  • Annabeth: avoiding him all the time-
  • Percy: so that's why you like Chiron so much!
  • Jason:
  • Leo:
  • Frank:
  • Piper:
  • Hazel:
  • Annabeth:
  • Nico:
  • Jason: .....are....are you fucking serious?
  • Leo: *falls to the floor laughing*
  • Hazel: *facepalm*
  • Frank: *walks away*
  • Annabeth: I'm actually done with you
  • Nico: *whispers* yes
You and Michael tell Harry you're pregnant

request: Are you taking requests? If you are could you write a Michael imagine where Harry Styles is your older brother and is really protective and you and Michael come up with a cheesy way to tell him you are pregnant and he gets really mad about it? Thanks if you can. You are an amazing writer. x

a/n: this was a bit fun to write :-)

word count: 1030


You and your brother Harry have been close ever since you were kids, and because he was a few years older than you, there was no doubt he held the role of protective older brother. However, he was a bit too protective when it came to your boyfriend Michael. Every time you mentioned him, Harry’s senses spiked and his eyes seemed to narrow slightly. You were his baby sister, and if he hurt you, he would hurt him.

Sharing an apartment with Harry wasn’t the worst of ideas, but it wasn’t the best either. You’d have to deal with his fair share of girls and he’d have to deal with Michael, which you both rolled your eyes at at either situation.

“Michael’s coming over later,” you said one day over breakfast, making him stiff.

He threw his fork down on his plate and glared at you. “Why?” he asked with a whine.

“Because I want him to,” you smiled at him, making him roll his eyes—the usual, of course.

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