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VIXX-OTPS has reached its third year and has achieved 20,110+ followers! I hope you all enjoyed the 15-day countdown this year and thank you very much for these 3 years! ♥ I hope we would be able to celebrate again next year~

But first, let me take a selfie!

Hello everyone!
I’m very glad that I reached almost 70 followers starting from zero in one month! I see that people like my comics! I’m very glad! >_<
But I can only make about a comic per month, because I study all day and don’t have so much time T_T
And I realize that I’m losing followers, probably because I don’t post too much… So I’ll start making some sketches like THIS once a week at least ^_^
I hope that you enjoy it, my art isn’t so good enough yet, but I’m studying for getting better each day more!

Thanks for those who support me! ♥ ^_^

(Oh, and I’m working on a comic based in a HC from @zens-ponytail! Hope you like it!)


Tokyo Ghoul x Persona 4 Crossover

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im really excited about this so please check it out!! also if there’s any art piece that you’d like to see in the store please let me know !

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I hit 200 followers a week ago, but I waited until I was at a stable number. I’m honestly surprised a lot of people really like Lily and want to see all the crazy stuff she gets herself into. I’m blessed really so without dragging this on lets get this started.

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Cake and Happiness? (Gwash x reader)

Request:  First off, i love your blog and stories. 😚 could you do a fic with Gwash with the prompt,“What’s all this blood?” whenever you have time?? 💜 ya!

TW: there is blood and a cut on the wrist, but no s*lf h*rm just letting you know

A/N: (love ya too anon) and OMG this was fun too write. It took me a while to put together but once I started it was hard to stop. I hope y’all like it! 


You were going insane, and you had no idea.

As a nurse during the war, you knew that offering your services meant that you’d see things you never wanted to in your lifetime. You also knew it was possibly a job that would prove fatal. However, you were determined to do whatever you could to help the revolution, despite the fact that you were thought of as “too weak” purely because of your gender.

You had helped hundreds of soldiers in your section of the tent and for that you were promoted to head nurse. You knew the responsibility that role required and you were absolutely positive you could handle the stress. And you could.

Well, kind of…

After one particular battle, which had resulted in a stalemate, there were more injured and killed soldiers than you had handled before. Also, one of the other infirmary tents had been caught in the crossfire, leaving only your tent and one other to all the work. You had pulled out more bullets than anyone else so far and you had bandaged more gashes than your parents probably would have preferred you looking at and disinfected so many wounds that you began to reek of alcohol. You could handle this. You had to handle this.

You had finished cleaning out the wound of one particular soldier when the general himself emerged from the opening in the tent. He walked over to you and with an apprehensive glance around and a startled look at your bloody apron asked so many questions at such a fast pace that you barely caught half of them, “How bad is it? How many have we lost? How are you for supplies? Is there anything wrong?”

Your relationship with George Washington was an interesting one. You were old family friends and he was not happy when you decided to go off and help the cause, never mind his own actions. You disagreed on many issues (most notably ones involving you doing something he did not find it fit for a lady to do) but that never changed the fact that you two were close and cared for each other deeply.

“Sir, everything is fine. You have lost many, but not enough to cost us this war. I have already given our tent’s headcount to the Marquis. Your highest ranking still seem to be alright, though I have not heard from the other head nurse. We are running low on alcohol but I have no doubt that will not last.” you answered the few questions you could understand and gave him a (not so) convincing smile, while wiping your grimy hands on your apron.

In all honesty you were tired. You were covered in other men’s blood and you wanted to lie down for a second but that was not a leisure you could take part in at this time. There were many more soldiers who needed your assistance and what about the other tent? Did they need help? And what about? And? And?

Your rambling thoughts were cut of by the general grabbing your apron and crying out, “Y/N! What is all this blood!?”

You gave a tight chuckle and said, “Well this is the infirmary tent, George. And we are at war here. What did you expect? Cake and happiness? Because then Sir, I regret to tell you that you are in the wrong place.”

George cast an amused look your way before looking down. He then noticed your wrist covered in blood and pulled it up towards his face. “Y/N! Your wrist is bleeding! Why didn’t you say something?” He exclaimed, reaching for some bandages and poorly attempting to cover the scar running from your pinkie finger to a little past your wrist.

“Oh. Huh. I didn’t notice. I probably cut it when I cut out the bullet from that one guy’s leg,” you mumbled halfheartedly as you undid George’s handiwork and inspected the wound.

“Y/N, Please do me a favor, I know you’re exhausted and stressed. Please just come lie down in my tent for a while and relax. I’ll bring over another qualified nurse for the time being. Just, please,” George placed his hand on your shoulder and you looked up from your newly bandaged hand. You wanted to decline, but you could never say no to him when he spoke to you and looked at you like that.

“Fine,” you said as he led you out while telling one of his men you bring in another head nurse from a different tent.

When you reached the general’s tent he brought you towards his cot and you sat down, already feeling calmer. He wrapped a coarse blanket over your shoulders and sat down next to you, placing his arm around your frame and holding you close to him. He placed a sweet and light kiss to the top of your head and you nestled your head into his chest. Within minutes you were asleep and just the sound of your breathing made George feel just the slightest bit better.

We can win this. We will win this for America. I will win this for her.

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How many tattoos Brendon have, can you show with pictures?

lets see if i remember them all,,,

1. Piano Keys

2. Hibiscus/Plumeria flowers

3. Frank Sinatra portrait

4. ‽ (tour tattoo)

5. Burning Gospel (tour tattoo)

6. Every Time I Die - New Junk Aesthetic album cover

7. Sarah Urie (wife)’s eye in a yellow rose

i don’t think i missed any but if i did whoops, i can’t keep track of all his shit anyways. also he’s said he hopes to get full sleeves in the future.

Beauty and the Beast



itishebihime-samaforyou  asked:

hey hey sorry for troubling u, but i just love ur art it always brightens up my day! i was wondering if u could draw Seido trying to cheer up Eijun, who feels down? i just have a small headcanon that they'd be pretty thrown off in the beginning coz it's Eijun, a big ball of sunshine and laughs and it's just completely weird he's not smiling and joking and they'd do the stupidest thing to make him laugh just to see that wide smile on his lips again. if it's too many u can go with closest ones. ty


omg no, no it’s not troubling at all!! in fact thank you for saying such nice words to me man i feel so validated haha

let’s see… im sorry that my answer is p much on the comical side (coz i was thinking that mura feels down bcs of something comical w chris lol) than the really-angsty one like the yips arc mura, but mmm… hope you like it anw? haha
[under the cut]

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Big Bang & SHINee’s reaction seeing you all dolled up for the first time.

Anon:Big Bang and SHINee’s reaction to seeing you (their crush/ good friend) all dolled up for the first time?<3 thanks!

Alright, i hope you like these reactions ! ^~^<3



* on the outside* omg (y/n) you look so beautiful hold up let me take a picture

* on the inside* did it suddenly become so hot.


*gif* (y/n) , you look.. *taeyang is left speech less*


*on the outside* amazing like always (y/n)

*on the inside*i hope you getting all dolled up for me , because there is no way im letting you leave looking like that for someone else.


wow , (y/n) your making it harder for me to resist you


*gif ( he would hella become a giggly mess and would blush so hard)*



*whispers* nope your all mine i won’t let you go out like that (y/n)

(y/n) : what was that taemin?



*gif* ugh my heart , your beautifulness literally took my heart away

(y/n) *blushes so much*


you know who looks stunning (y/n)? i’ll give you a hint it’s Y-O-U!


(y/n) why do you do this to me? * blushes*


*becomes a complete nervous wreak once he sees you*


 I am still taking request!! 

-admin jinx


I can’t believe I got to see Sistar’s Hyolyn and Red Velvet perform at SXSW in Austin, Texas! I pushed my way to the front of the crowd and managed to take some really good photos/videos! It was worth standing in line for five hours hahahaha. My friends and I had so much fun! (Message me or ask for my Instagram if you wanna see some photos)

I hope you’re all doing well!

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NCT U (+ Johnny) REACTION where you joined their group as a male member but they find out ur actually a girl.

This one was way too fun to make! Hope you like it!



“No wait.. you’re a girl?? But how did you hide it? How we didn’t notice??” confused Taeil is confused.


“A girl? You’ve seen too much? How can we hang normally right now at the dorm? OMG…” he’d laugh his ass of tho..


“So that was why you didn’t let anyone wash you clothes or see your stuff…” he’d be shy and a bit flustered and the information wouldn’t process quickly for him.


This lil shit would know it all the way long. He’s the smartass of the boys and he’d notice you were lying since the beginning, but wouldn’t tell anyone just to see how far it would get.

(victory dance)


Chitts would have his suspicions. He seems to know very well how a girl acts but your acting would confuse him. Was he hallucinating or he was right? When they finally discover it he’d be like:

“Noo way! How did you do it??”


Lil shit #2 would have also noticed. He’s observative, and even if he didn’t notice as fast as Doyoung, in a few days he’d be sure. When everything was revealed, he’d be like “I knew it dudes”.


“Wait you’re a girl? No! You’re a dude! How can you.. oh man.. I’m confused now..”


One more to go!

Gif Credits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi

oracleanne  asked:

My family life is in shambles, but I get to go see Power Rangers this weekend with some friends, so I'm excited about that, plus, I got Ed Sheeran tickets for September!

Omg that’s amazing!!! I hope you have a blast at Power Rangers and YAY for Ed Sheeran!

All my love! <3

Tell me about something nice/awesome/lovely/unexpected that happened to you and that made you smile and/or brightened your day :) Let’s spread positivity :)

The Little Things

Request: Hey can I please have a barry allen imagine where your pregnant but he doesn’t know yet and find out you’re having twins but you run away bc you see him and iris together kiss and Caitlin finds out your pregnant and when she sees barry and iris together she gets mad and tell barry your pregnant and he looks for you but he can’t find you 4 months later you move back with a belly and can it end all fluffy and happy please? And they’re all one big happy family??? Thanks 💖💖💖💖

A/N- OMG yes all the feels let’s go! I hope you Enjoy :D also supper fluffy 


It had been a month since I learned that I was pregnant… I couldn’t tell Barry he had such a huge crush on Iris… I was so scared. How were you supposed to tell your work crush that you were pregnant with twins and he was the father…

I had to tell him, so I walked into the lab but stopped… I heard two voices, Iris and Barry’s.

I peeked around the door and listened on the conversation.

“I’m sorry I’ve been busy Barry, what did you need?”

“I just… I went on a really dangerous mission recently and I just needed to do this,” 

Looked to see Barry pulling Iris close and he kissed her…

I stepped back and stifled and choked on a sob… now I couldn’t tell him… I ran out of the labs and drove home.

/Later on in the week/ 

It had been a while since I’ve seen Barry and Iris kiss… I couldn’t see him not like this.

Caitlin was actually going to visit me, I didn’t want her to see me like this…

I heard my front door open and I stopped packing… 

“H-Hey Caitlin…” 

“Oh my gosh… Y/N what happened?” She pulled me into a hug and I broke down…

Between sobs, I managed to tell her about my pregnancy and that they were twins… and that I couldn’t tell Barry he was the father because he kissed Iris. 

“I-I have to leave…I’ll stay with my sister in Starling City… but I can’t see Barry again and you can’t tell him… it will be better this way…” Caitlin sighed and hugged me closer,

“I will support your decision… and I won’t tell Barry,” 

“Thank you… I’m leaving tomorrow, Wells knows already and Cisco just knows that I won’t be going to work anymore…” 

“And Barry is just going to be confused…” I nodded and sniffled,

“It’s better this way…” She nodded and helped me pack up my small shoebox apartment.

/4 Months Later/

Barry’s POV

It has been 4 months since Y/N disappeared for some reason that I wasn’t told of, I was excited since Iris was visiting me so.

“Hey Iris,” I smiled at her as she handed me a coffee,

“Hey Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin I like your shirt,” She smiled warmly and Caitlin just fakely smiled…


“I actually got to go so I’ll see you guys later,” She then left the Lab, I walked over to Caitlin,

“What’s wrong? You looked mad?” She shot a glare at me and threw everything on the table,

“Of course, I look mad! Because you and Iris are all cute when Y/N is in Starling 5 months pregnant with twins and you’re the damn father!”


“Ya she didn’t want to tell you because she saw you and Iris kiss and she knows you have the biggest crush on her!” Now Cisco and Wells were just staring at me while I just stared,

“I-I… I need to call her, no I need to see her where is she?” I sounded cold but Caitlin just frowned…

“I don’t know where she lives… we’ve only seen each other at restaurants, but she lives with her sister,” 

I ran off… towards Starling, I heard Wells voice in my mic,

“Barry where are you going?” 

“I need to find her…” I heard a sigh on the other end,

“I think she lives downtown… in apartment 5,” 

“How do you know?”

“She told me that if we were desperate then I could find her there, go find her Barry and make things right.”

I heard the mic cut out as I ran towards apartment 5 in downtown Starling City.

I had stopped my Oliver’s place and borrowed some normal clothes since I came here in my suit… I was about to knock but I stopped myself…

What if she found someone else… I snapped back to reality when the door opened and I saw Y/N with a baby bump… 

“Y-Y/N… you look,” 

“I look pregnant, and it’s… good to see you, but how did you find me?” 

“Caitlin told me in a fit of rage… can we talk?”

“Sure… my sister is on a date…” 

I walked in and we both sat down on the couch,

“S-So… they’re mine?” 

“Y-Yes… both of them since they are twins…” I smiled… 

“That’s… that is amazing…can I?…” She nodded and I put my hand over her stomach… I felt a little kick and I smiled,

Originally posted by telefilmaddictedforever

“One of them kicked!” 

“Yep, he’s a kicker…” 


“One is boy the other is a girl,” 

“Really? That’s great,” 

“They both are healthy…”

I smiled as I moved closer to her and I took her hands in my own,

“Why didn’t you tell me?” 

“I… I saw you and Iris kiss… I didn’t want to ruin anything so I ran… I…” Tears started to form on her face,

“Y/N…” She started to cry on my shoulder,

“I couldn’t tell you after that! Barry, I really love you but I didn’t know how you felt and-and” 

I broke and started to cry,

Originally posted by lolurnotgrantgustin

“Y/N I love you too, I just.. I just thought that you didn’t want me after that night and I just kissed her… we aren’t dating or anything… they are basically the same but more empty for me cause you aren’t there.” 

“Barry… I-I’m sorry!” We started to cry in each other’s arms… 

“Y/N…I want us to start over… I want to be the father of these two beautiful children and I want you to be mine…” 

“I always was your’s Barry… you just didn’t know, but let’s start over… together,”

“Like a family…” She smiled and stood up,

“I’ll start to pack,” She kissed my cheek and I smiled, 

“Uh hey, do you have a phone?” She pointed towards the one on the counter and I nodded,

I picked up the phone and typed Joe’s number… 

“Hey Barry,”

“He Joe, I have really big news…”

“Is it bad?”

“No… no, it is nowhere near bad it’s fantastic actually…”

“What is it?”

“Y/N… she’s pregnant with twins, and I’m the father…”


“Ya… Joe, you’re gonna be a granddad,” I heard him laugh,

“I can’t believe it…” 

“I know… are you excited?” 

“Of course, I am… how long is she?”

“5 months… one of them kicked,” 

“That’s amazing… hey I got to go we need to talk more about this later,”

“Of course, I’ll see ya later” 

I hung up on the phone and went to the other room to help her pack.

/One week later/

I smiled at Y/N as she set one of the many boxes filled with our things in our new shoebox apartment 

“Why are you making the pregnant women unpack?”

“Sorry,” I kiss her cheek and flash the rest of our boxes into our new living room.

“There, now I got to go, the day job calls me” 

“Fine, I’ll see you later,” I smiled and ran to the Labs. 

Gosh, life was good, me and Y/N moved together and we’re dating, the twins were healthy which was amazing and I was saving people as the Flash. 

“Life is good.” 

{I really liked this one :) so I hope you guys enjoyed}

Boyfriend Shownu :D

So I decided I’ll try something different. I’m going to make a list for each member on how they’d be as a boyfriend.. This is the first time I’m doing something like this! I hope you enjoy it.<3 .. also this is just all my opinions so they may not be accurate(:

Lets begin!

  • when you first start dating Shownu, he’d be so awkward. It also may be even the slightest bit of feeling uncomfortable
  • but don’t worry it won’t be like that for long.
  • omg but seriously, he’d be the cutest cinnamon bun ever
  • he’d be so quiet and protective
  • and when you try to act cute around him i can see him start blushing and smiling omg it’ll be so cute 
  • on your first date, he would want to take you somewhere where it wouldn’t require a lot of talking because hes shy and quiet
  • someplace like the movies.
  • he’d make you pick the movie and wouldn’t say anything.
  • during the movie both of you guys reach to get popcorn and your hands touch each others and omg he’d be blushing so hard it wouldn’t even be funny i’m so cliche
  • just for the record, most of the time he’d be shy and embarrassed and would blush a whole lot around you 
  • when hes away from you he’d be such a worry wort. since he’s so protective he’d make sure you’re alright and would text you every chance he gets just to check up
  • and if you don’t reply he’d get even more worried
  • god he’d be such a great boyfriend
  • even though he doesn’t show his feelings much you’d know if there’s something wrong. robot shownu 
  • when he’s mad you would go and make his favorite food and he’d be so grateful towards you and would forget why he was mad in the first place
  • there may be days where both of you would get into arguments and would be mad at each other
  • but when shownu would see you mad he’d take the initiative to tell you sorry and comfort you
  • he wouldn’t like seeing you mad. it may even anger him to see you mad
  • for your first kiss, it may take a while for it to happen.. but when it does happen it’d be a short peck but i can see him smiling for the rest of the night omgomgomg
  • he’d be jealous when other guys talk to you or even look at you but he wouldn’t say anything.
  • rather he’d just grab your hand and look at him like “Shes mine” 
  • did i mention that there would never be a moment when you feel unsafe
  • that boy will make sure you’re safe
  • you’d be his world
  • then he’d show you the new choreography he made and would be so proud to show you
  • and when you two are out he’d show you off and be so proud that you’re his girl
  • when you ask him for help, and are about to give up he would keep pushing you until you finish it
  • and he’ll kiss your forehead before he goes to sleep
  • this boy would be amazing 

so for now this is the end!! i hope you guys enjoyed it~ i had fun making it :D i’ll make more for each member. i’m sorry it took so long for me to finally upload something D: school got in the way.

P.S the ask box is open for requests!! 

anonymous asked:

About a year ago I told you that I were writing a fanfic with help of your Shefani Science. I wanted it to be so chronologically perfect. There would be things that couldn't be just exactly like happened because, well, I'm not an adivine. I still write it, but I stopped using social media and I couldn't know a lot of new inforation (for me). Now, I came back and fuck my life. I HAVE 35 CHAPTERS AND THEY ALL ARE LIES. I hope this is funny for you, now let me go back to cry..IT WAS JUST A YEAR ToT

Awwww omg 😩 well that’s okay! I love science fiction!

Those early shefani science posts are so funny. I vividly remember seeing the writing credits for Obsessed & Splash and being SO SHOOK because I did not expect Blake songs in July. So innocent. :’)


Summary:  So they parted. She went right. And he went left. But they forgot something. The world is round.

Genre: Fluff with a lil’ bit of angst.

Word Count: 1.9 k

A/N: Holaaa♥ so here’s the 5th fic for the serie, look at jin in that gif omg, i really hope u like it guys♪ oh oh my yoongi fic hit 200 just a couple of days ago and i wanted to thank u so much ily’all.

I really really really want to thank my bae Hydrangea for being a great beta reader♥ ilsm never change!

if u liked it let me know :)

Every time you saw Seokjin only one thought clouded your mind, damn how I love him. Jin was pure husband material and already boyfriend goals, and you were always proud to be with him, to call him yours, to see his pretty little smile just because of you. You were not going to lie, you had your fair share of fights, but in almost 3 years of dating him, it was only fair, you were not a perfect couple, but definitely one of the cutest, or so he liked to say.

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a-poet-like-her  asked:

Hello! It's the anon from forever ago who asked about the French word for genderqueer and told you about the speech I'm doing about gender-neutral pronouns in French? I just wanted to let you know that the speech went well in class, and I'm presenting it in front of a board of teachers tomorrow to see if I can qualify for the provincial competition (after which I hope to qualify for nationals!). Thank you so much for all your help, it's so appreciated. Have a great day!✨

Omg that’s so great, congrats on this awesome achievement and thanks for the update! Will you be posting your speech on your blog or something? If so, I can take a look and possibly boost if you’re interested? 

Good luck with the board of teachers, I’m sure you’ll wow them! *thumbs up*

Starlight Kisses & Confessions

I wrote this for G, my super nice nonnie who leaves me extra nice messages, I hope you enjoy it friend!

Warnings: Swearing (like usual lol).

“Tyler, where do you see yourself in five years?” Craig asked, letting a quiet sigh slip out. He should  probably be enjoying this moment- Tyler probably was - but it felt wrong and he knew why. Here he was, laying on his back with his best friend by his side as they watched the stars together, and all Mini could think about was leaning over and kissing him.

He felt guilty just thinking about it, because Tyler was straight.

“Rolling naked in money.” he muttered, the shadow of a smile recognizable on his tired features. They had been out here for a while, not doing much and they defiantly weren’t keeping track of the time.

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EXO,BTS,GOT7 Reaction to you Dressing Like You’re From the 90′s

(~˘▾˘)~ jongkim-kai said to reactions-exo:reaction to you dressing like your from the 90s (like clueless the movie type of fashion)

Could you do the same for got7 and bts7 (my last request) if not I understand 💗✨ ~(˘▾˘~)

Hello love so this is going to be a MEGA REACTION since i’m putting all these three groups reactions into one big reaction!!! Are you excited i’m excited!!! Ok i’m sorry i’m a little to excited but i hope you like the reaction!

- Jasmine 



Baekhyun: Ya of course those shoulder pads look good on you…

Chanyeol: Did i just go back in time?

Chen: Wait wait let me take a picture!!!

D.O: *she still look good though*

Kai: OMG!!!!!

Kris: Do you realize we’re in public?

Lay: I see you

Luhan: And you say i have bad taste

Sehun: You look so cute!!!

Suho: Maybe we should buy you some new clothes

Tao: Maybe you should try gucci

Xiumin: I’m not sure how i feel about this


J-hope: Oh no


You: Jimin look 

Jimin: What? *looks up* Oh my

Jin: *he’s used to it* Hey Y/N

Jungkook: Oh hey sexy

Rapmon: *tries to put on some glasses you had* I don’t like the 90′s anymore

Suga: Are you wearing converse? *we all know he likes converse*

V: I like it


BamBam: You look very different

Jackson: I liked your regular clothes better

JB: uhhhh

Jr.: You look absolutely beautiful 

Mark: You sure you don’t wanna return those clothes?

Youngjae: Oh Y/N!!!

Yugyeom: You look great!

*gifs not mine*


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