lets hope its ready for tomorrow

I got my first speeding ticket today and I’m just super pissed at myself. Like I know I’m better than that.
I’m so ready for today to be over, and part of me is actually looking forward to tomorrow a bit.
Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.

Cute Skate imagine.

I’m neck deep in my Skate feels so, I’m gonna write this and hope you guys like it! You were laying on the couch watching Scream Queens like you do every Tuesday night, eating some fruit. You were so into the show that you didn’t hear the front door open and close. Nate notices that you didn’t realize he was home so he decides to scare you. He creeps behind the couch and jumps out from behind it. “AHHH BABYGIRL” he screams grabbing your hips and pulling you towards the back of the couch. You scream and turn around to see its him and you push him away, sitting up and catching your breath. “Nathan Montgomery Maloley, I could kill you right now!” You scream at him. “Ma, it wasn’t that bad, calm down baby” he says “I swear Nate, I’m not talking to you for a week” you say walking away to the bedroom. “But baby, I was only messing around. You can’t be that mad” he says following you. “Ohhhh, you’re not sleeping in here tonight. Go sleep in the other bedroom or take the couch. You’re in the doghouse tonight. “Okay babe…if that’s what you want..” He says grabbing his pillow. “Sleeping all alone in our room..” He says walking towards the door. “In the dark…” He says You let him walk out and He goes to the couch. After about a hour laying in your bed alone, you start to hear your boyfriend snoring downstairs. You start to get scared and you didn’t wanna sleep with the lights on so, you grab your blanket and walk down the stairs to see a sleeping Nate curled up on the recliner of the couch. You take your blanket and lay down with your head on his lap and close your eyes. As you start to drift off you feel a hand start to play with your hair and that’s when you realize Nate knew you were there and gave in. Since people playing with your hair put you to sleep, you fell asleep pretty fast. The next thing you know Nate was scooping you up and carrying you upstairs to the bedroom and putting you on the bed. He soon crawled in next to you and wrapped his arms around you. You pulled him in and kissed him. “I take it you’re not mad anymore babygirl?” He asked with a smile on his face. “I can’t stay mad at you babe. No matter how hard I try.” You pecked his lips again. “Listen baby, I didn’t mean to scare you that bad, I’m sorry. Dinner is on me tomorrow so, be ready at 7. I’m taking you out” he says rubbing your back. “You don’t have to, it was only a silly little prank babe, its okay.” You say. “Na Lil ma, I gotta make it up to you. Just trust me. Go to sleep baby. I love you” he says kissing you not letting you respond back. You soon fall asleep in Nate’s arm feeling more safe than ever. ❤ I hope you like it! Sorry its kinda short. 😩 Want a story? Request one and I’ll write it ❤


This is written in Calum’s point of view. I got the inspiration while listening to Vapor. I hope you like it as much as I did writing it :). Also a huge credit goes to the maker of this gif!! It went perfectly and my heart really hurts now. 

“Hey baby” I said as I walked through the door of my apartment.

There she was heaving her purse over her shoulder. Leaving again.

“Hey love!” She said and smiled at me.

I gave a small laugh knowing exactly where she was heading.

“Leaving?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yeah me and Mikey are gonna go to the ball game.” She said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh, well have fun.” I said trying to force a small smile.

“Will do.” She said smiling and shut the door.

I went to the refrigerator and pulled out a beer. I sat down at the kitchen table and put the bottle to my lips. My mind was racing and I couldn’t slow it down.

How could she do this to me? I knew about her and Michaels relationship, that it was more than just a friendship. I could see it when she looked into my eyes, which she hardly ever did anymore. I could see it in the way she smiled around him.

I took another swig of my beer and my mind continued to race.

How could she do that to me? And with my best friend since third grade? How could he do that to me? He was supposed to be my best friend, someone I could count on. He knew how much she meant to me.

I couldn’t blame either one though, I understood why she loved him and why he loved her because I loved them both.

I took another swig at the thought of the two of them.

Was it love or was it just sex? Why the hell couldn’t I leave her? I knew the truth although she’d never admit it. She was like a drug to me, more addicting then my favorite cigarette and I was hooked. Had been for two years.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine where your a YouTube vlogger and you introduce your boyfriend (Calvin) to your fans!! Please! I absolutely love your writing!! 💖💖

Good morning / Good afternoon! I don’t know when I will finish this and have it posted, so my timing may change a little. Be sure to let me know what you guys think. I know I haven’t been posting as many Leafy fanfics, sorry! I will try to post one, or have one ready to post, when I post one for another person. This is a really old fic request, sorry it took me so long to get to it!!

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Introducing Leafy

It was just like any other day, you were setting up to film another video and Calvin was hanging out on his computer. It was a few months into your relationship and just a couple weeks ago, one of your friends “accidentally” said you were dating Leafy in her video. Neither of you were going to deny it, but you certainly didn’t confirm anything. This lead your fans to have a bit of mixed feelings. They wanted you to be with someone that would show you off to the world and treat you like royalty. What could the cyberbully of the internet do for someone special like you?

Sitting down on the couch behind you, Calvin sighs before saying, “Okay, I think I’m ready.” Laughing a bit, you stop setting your camera and face him. “What are you talking about?” You ask him. Fiddling with his hands, he says, “I’m open to you introducing me to your fans.” Raising your eyebrows, you reply with, “Really? You want to address this on my channel?” “I mean, we can do a facecam on my channel, too. But your fans will be a smaller obstacle..I hope..” He says, a little hesitant at the thought of your fans not approving of him.

Sitting next to him, you look to him and say, “I don’t know why you’re so nervous, I’m sure they’ll love you. What did you have in mind for the video?” He pauses for a moment before suggesting, “How about something short and simple like a Q&A? Or you could ask them what they would like to see?” “I’ll send out a tweet and see what they think, but I think a Q&A would be a good idea,” you say, taking out your phone and send out the tweet.

Within a good ten minutes you have a variety of answers. The majority was settled on a Q&A. Some people wanted a boyfriend tag while others wanted a “boyfriend does my makeup” tag. In the end, you settled on a mix of a Q&A and a tag. People would send in questions about you and Calvin would try his best to answer them.

Turning the camera on, you reassure the person sitting on the couch, “I can always edit something out later, don’t worry. Just answer them as honestly as possible.” Rolling his eyes, he says, “Y/N, if I answered honestly, then they for sure would hate me.” You laugh and simply say, “They like my humor, I’m sure they’ll enjoy yours.” Sitting next to him, you look to him once more and interlock your hand with his. Turning back to the camera, you begin your video saying, “Welcome back! Y/N here. As you can tell, we have a special guest.” Smirking, you continue by saying, “Leafyisbeefy has decided to join us today and answer some questions about me that you guys have sent in.”

Pulling up the tag on both of your phones, each of you select some questions. You thought it would be a good idea for him to pick some out that he would for sure know the answer to. Just as you start naming some of them off and he tries to answer them, it turns out to be a complete tragedy. Any question you expected him to get right, he either didn’t know the answer or gave a rather satirical answer. Sure, you were in a fit of laughter and it made you smile at his ridiculous answers. But, you knew that your fans wouldn’t take it as lightly as you. Even some of the questions he picked out, he got wrong.

Even with the laughter filling the room and lightening the mood, you could tell he was getting a bit frustrated at how poorly he was doing. Setting the phone down, you began coming up with questions off the top of your head. Starting off easy, you say, “How do I like my coffee in the morning?” Subconsciously, while looking at his phone for another question, the answer rolls off the tip of his tongue. Giving a flawless answer, you smile knowing your coffee was in the right hands. Naming off other simple questions, he easily answers them.

Looking up from his phone, he asks, “Where are you getting these from? I don’t see them anywhere. All of the ones in the tag are difficult,” whining a bit at the last part. You laugh before saying, “Okay, fine. Last question.” Signing in relief, he says, “Oh thank God. This is turning out terrible.” Looking at you anxiously for the last question, you ask, “Kiss me?” Stifling a chuckle, he smirks and says, “Did you even need to ask?” Leaning over, he kisses you sweetly on the lips. Closing your eyes and smiling into the kiss, you didn’t care how many questions he got wrong about you.

At the end of the day, he remembered the small things about you and could make you fall for him every time. With the sweet words only meant for you to hear, and the kind gestures you noticed, it didn’t matter if your fans could see that side of him. Once the video was posted, your fans had mixed opinions. They loved how he could make you smile and laugh, but were a little worried when he answered basically everything wrong. Granted, the short bickering about how his answer was “technically right” was entertaining. You two may have dodged a bullet with your fans, but the reptilian army was going to be an entirely different battle.

I’m sorry this one took so long to post T_T I’ve been quite busy with getting ready to move in tomorrow. I have short fic to be posted after this and a meme style blurb after that one to be posted tonight as well. Let me know what you guys think. I hope you are having a lovely night <3 100 Notes and I’ll do a Q&A ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ace day tomorrow!!!

Everyone excited?!?!
Because I am, and I have a lil surprise that I purchased and it arrived today ready for tomorrow!!!

(I would say its a surprise for you guys, but all you’ll physically get is a picture, but still!!! New is exciting, and this is new!)

Hope you’re all pumped! Please let me know if you’re going to celebrate it, or if you have something planned - I would love love LOVE to know!!!!


Okay guys I’m begging for your help. I only have a little bit of time left. I will be driving down to Louisville tomorrow to see Taylor so I can’t post a ton on here to try to get attention to meet her. You guys have already done so much to help me out so I understand if you don’t want to still help, but I’m going to ask.

Please Reblog and Tag taylorswift tree-paine I have been a fan for years, I remember the first time I heard Taylor sing, I feel in love right away. She has been the biggest influence and role model in my life. When I was at my lowest point in life you guys saved me, and the only reason I have all of you is because of her. It is my dream to meet her. It already means the world to me to know what I will see her perform tomorrow, but getting to meet Taylor would make my wildest dreams come true. 

I love you all. I hope to see many of you tomorrow in Louisville! Here is my dress if you recognize me PLEASE come say hi!!! I would love to meet my Swifite friends! Now lets get ready to party like its 1989!!