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messing around with the witch au lovesquare in some pretty color palettes from this

So I did a thing based on @pinkdiamondprince‘s farmer demi-god post. It quickly got out of hand.

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Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x The Payload. ;) Hope you like it as much as I do <3

No, I don’t like it.  I love it. 

“It’s because of the general thing that you can’t do what you want, right?”

“I’ll be your general. So when you’re with me, just be Zura.”

To Katsura, these words must have been really important. Zura lost his family as a kid and had to become the head of his clan at such a young age.

Striving to be a good general, he was strict with himself, always being diligent, serious, disciplined, independent.

He wanted to become strong not only for himself, but for the sake of the comrades he wanted to protect as well. I’m sure it was partly because he didn’t want to be alone again…

This is so unlike how a child should be at his age… That’s why I feel it’s so important that Gintoki had told him this:

What Gintoki was telling Zura was, you don’t have to carry everything on your own, you can rely on me. What he was saying was, when you’re with me, you don’t have to be the general of the Katsura clan or anything tiresome like that, you just be yourself, you’re free to do what you want. Because of Gintoki’s words, at least when Katsura was around Gintoki, he could let go of his responsibilities at the time to just have fun with his friends, go wild, fool around, and really, truly be a child, as just “Zura”.


(On a side note, I just thought it’s especially adorable that in present time, it’s mostly Gintoki who plays the role of tsukkomi when Zura is being silly XDD Well, he should take responsibility for his own words after all~)

Speaking of which, I’d like talk about these little details from some older episodes:

XDD it’s funny and may seem insignificant, but thinking about it, isn’t it really sweet? It’s so nice that even when they’re adults, even after having experienced so much together and having gone their separate ways, even when so much have changed over the years, at the end of the day when they’re together again, putting aside the serious stuff, they can still be like little school boys, sharing their favorite manga, discussing video games, regularly hanging out, generally being dorks together XD


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SORRY I WAS THINKING ABOUT THE SCENE WHERE YOU CAN TELL KAWAKAMI THAT YOURE A DAD... can i request akira helping his s/o babysit their baby sibling when someone goes up to them mistaking the sibling as their kid? and theyre like wow you look so much like mommy doesnt that make daddy happy?

this is so cute ?!?!? <3

Akira wraps his arm around the little girl, hoisting her up as he made noises similar to an airplane. He set her on his shoulders , booping her nose cheekily and the little girl burst into a fit of giggles in response.

“ lets go have some fun , shall we? ” His partner grins , pulling her cheeks as he cooed at the little girl. The three were at a carnival , it was hot and crowded , but the three of them were determined to have a good time.

Just then , a lady , around the age of sixty; waddles up to the trio. “ you look so much like mommy! ” she coos at the girl , a wide smile on her lips , “ doesn’t that make daddy happy? ”

a blush creeps up the raven’s cheeks as he chuckles awkwardly , lifting the little girl down so that the lady could talk to her. His partner , however , was completely beet red. He can’t help but smile as the little girl chatters excitedly to the old lady.

slipping his hands into theirs , he whispers ,

one day , we’ll see this for real.  ”

Please Remember (1/3)

Summary: 3 different stages of Readers life after she gets assaulted and is left with horrible scars and surpressed memories. This part is without Bucky.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol, one curse word I think??, angst, violence, sexual assault

Word count: 1452

A/N: This is a 3 part story I came up with. No Bucky in this part, he’ll be in the next one! Let me know if you like it! *muah*


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As you sat on the uncomroftable bed, you tried to figure out how you got here. You had lived the perfect life, with a few exceptions. You were born into a great marriage, parents who loved you and each other. Despite being an only child, you never felt boredom or loneliness. Your parents provided you with more than enough attention, but never too much to spoil you. You had many friends growing up in a small town, always playing outside and when growing older still continuing to hang out. You had good grades all around. Sounds like a story from a book or a movie perhaps. But it was all true, and despite what happened, you doesn’t regret anything.

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Strictly Professional [Part 10]

[Business!Dean x Reader AU Series]

You thought you had everything you wanted in life. You were the boss of a well-established company, you had great friends and family around you and you were engaged to your dream man. Everything in your life felt like it was going amazingly. Until, one night you answer an unexpected phone call which completely changes everything. After that, things just seem to go from bad to worse- will you get another shot at happiness?

Part 10 Summary: You help out with the final preparation at Meg’s wedding venue. Meanwhile, Dean is involved in an awkward encounter at the bar.

Pairings: Dean x Reader [mentions of]

Word Count: 2791

Warnings: none

A/N: This part also contains Dean’s POV, it is all clearly marked out though :)

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Part 1- Part 2- Part 3- Part 4- Part 5- Part 6 -Part 7-Part 8- Part 9

By the time Saturday came around, it was all hands on deck to help prepare the final touches for Meg’s wedding.

You spent half the day helping your Mum finish off the wedding cake. It was a beautiful three-tier, fruit cake which was neatly decorated with white icing and blue and pink ribbons. It was topped with icing figures of a bride and groom, you had to admit- it looked stunning.

Once the cake was finally put together and very carefully boxed up, you and your Dad set off to the venue to help with the final decorations and setting up the tables.

“Your Mum mentioned you were bringing a plus one tomorrow?” your Dad queried, the curiosity written over his face as he drove down the long country road towards the wedding venue.

“Yeah, he’s my business partner from work. His name’s Dean,” you replied, trying not to sound suspicious.

The memory of the kiss with him last night was still playing on your mind. It was soft and gentle, nothing like the heated one you shared after your argument. For some reason, you longed for Dean’s touch, you wanted him. The thought of spending the whole day with him tomorrow at the wedding sent butterflies through your stomach.

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to put my two cents in on the "tagging as kin" debate, most of the time i see nonkin saying not to tag things as kin on like... regular pictures of eridan ampora or sans or something with nothing special about it and when i'd ask them about it they'd say something like "i dont want kin to taint my artwork" and its like... if its just a picture of normal sans standing there then of Course someone will feel kin for it what's the big deal @ nonkin what is the Big Deal let people have fun

Debate couples at tournaments