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Does anyone else realize that the only reason Nyma convinced Lance to take off with her was that she threatened to go with Keith instead?

He knew better, but then she threatened to go with Keith instead.

She threatened to go with Keith instead.


Mark tasting the bittersweetness of 🍋 love

After Sarada’s birth, the young Uchiha couple often argued over who would read her a bedtime story. When simple taking turns didn’t work out, Sakura proposed an arm-wrestling competition to settle the matter. Sasuke was hesitant and thought the idea was silly but Sakura insisted and persuaded him.
The result? Sakura read Sarada’s bedtime story that night.
Sasuke felt cheated and never acceded to arm-wrestling with his wife again.
—  me headcanoning again

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destiel, sick dog, worried pet owner

Here ya go :)


“Just a second, Cas.”

“No, you have to come now! Come quick, please!”

“Cas?” Dean rounds the corner into their kitchen, socked feet skidding on the tiled floor, to see his husband standing, teary-eyed, in the middle of the room with an enormous ball of fluff in his arms. “What’s the matter?”

“It’s Kevin,” Cas sniffles, holding his dog closer to his chest and letting a single silvery tear slide down his cheek to disappear into the thick mass of fur. “I think he’s sick. He’s really hot, he doesn’t want to go for a walk, he won’t take any treats…”

“Shh, it’s OK, baby. Let me have a look at him.”

Dean is at Cas’ side in an instant, scratching Kevin between his ears and listening to him let out a rather pitiful whine. He isn’t a fan of the fluffy mongrel, but when Cas had brought him home from the shelter with bright eyes and a huge, loving grin plastered across his face, Dean didn’t have the heart to say no. ‘Two weeks, Cas, we will foster him for two weeks and that’s it. No more.’ That was three years ago, and Kevin has had the most pampered life Dean can imagine any dog having. Cas pampers him, feeding him the most expensive organic food he can find, and Dean frequently grumbles that the damn dog eats better than they do. The house is littered with squashy dog beds in every room, and Dean is constantly trips over tennis balls or squeaking sausages. Every time he moans to Cas, his husband just makes remarkably Kevin-like puppy dog eyes, and Dean’s heart melts. The damn dog makes his husband happy, and Dean lives for seeing Cas happy. He’s kinda cute, Dean supposes, with floppy dark fur and wide chocolatey eyes. He can see why Cas adores him. Kinda.

“Let me call Sammy, see what he says. He might come over and look at him.”

“OK.” Cas sniffles pathetically and hugs Kevin closer, letting the mutt rub his wet nose against his cheek. Dean kisses his forehead and dials the number for his brother’s veterinary clinic.

An hour later, Kevin is wagging his tail and rolling on his back for a belly rub, and Sam is putting away his stethoscope and smiling at Cas.

“He’s just fine, just a little under the weather. Give him lots of love tonight,” Sam clears his throat at Dean’s eye roll. “And keep an eye on him.” Sam scratches Kevin’s flank and the dog yaps happily, nosing at Cas’ hand and trying to climb onto his lap.

“Thanks, Sam. You’re the best.”

“I thought I was the best,” Dean wraps his arms around his husband’s waist as the door shuts behind Sam, nosing at Cas’ nape and smirking at the little mewl he gets in return.

“You are. You knew just what to do to calm me down. Thanks, Dean.” Cas twists around for a kiss then disentangles himself, and Dean pouts. “But right now, I’m going to cuddle with Kevin. You heard Sam - he needs some extra love.”

“He’s not sleeping in our room tonight, that’s for sure!” Dean hollers after Cas, and the amused ‘all right then’ that he receives in return makes him slap his forehead with his palm and look forward to a night of listening to the damn dog snore to his heart’s content.

You are expecting your first baby. Tom really wanted to be in your first ultrasound, but he have to work, he call you, you can tell that he was very sad, even tho he try to play it cool. So, you call to his crew, and ask if they can play to his earphones your call and the baby heart beats.

You: Hey baby, you are hearing our baby heart beats, you know that I never let you to miss this moment.

You: The baby is ok, have the most amazing heart beats in the world, just like you.

You: Came back safe to us, we love you.


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oh wOW would you LOOK AT THAT !! looks like calum’s thicc ass does know how to use a phone and even hold it angled close enough that he could help an entire world bless up™ with a selfy and yet… and yet he chooses to take another picture of a random leaf or ashton looking at a random leaf like why calum what did i do to deserve this is this because i brought up THAT snapchat video but like you said nothing to be ashamed of baby ok listen i should have let it die the way you let try hard die so i will be a humanitarian and promise to not discuss your holy nut™ for the rest of janutary if you’ll just post a god damn selfy. think of the children calum so young and having to learn fully the extent of the cruelties of the world. they need a selfy from you. do it for the children


“You sure you don’t want anything else? How about these quarter walkie-talkies? They have a built-in homing beacon.”


I’ll keep one too.