lets go with muck

The deleted drugs scene from TPLOSH: Holmes takes drugs because he's bored, and Watson fakes a case for him to investigate...
  • Watson: Damn you, Holmes. I hoped this would keep you occupied till Christmas.
  • Holmes: Nice try, Watson. Rather primitive - but with some amusing detail.
  • Watson: (bitterly) Thank you.
  • Holmes: You had me fooled for almost ten minutes.
  • Watson: I guess I'm not very bright.
  • Holmes: No, but you're most endearing. No one could ask for a better friend.
  • Watson: Friend, indeed. The only reason you moved in with me is to have a steady supply of stimulants.
  • Holmes: Now, now Watson - you mustn't underestimate your many other charms.
  • Watson: Holmes, I warn you. If you lock yourself in your bedroom again-
  • Holmes: I intend to do nothing of the sort. Not until you replace this needle. It is getting rather blunt.
  • Watson: Mrs Hudson, I want you to pack my bags. I'm moving out.
  • Mrs. Hudson: Moving out?
  • Holmes: I'm just as surprised as you are.
  • Watson: You heard me, Mrs. Hudson. And let's not waste any time.
  • Holmes: May I be so bold as to ask where you're going?
  • Watson: I don't know yet. But I intend to resume my practice. I am, after all, a doctor. And a quite competent one, if I say so as shouldn't.
  • Holmes: You'll find it very dull - snipping out tonsils and flushing out kidneys-
  • Watson: I will, of course, continue to pay half of the rent until you find someone to share these rooms with you.
  • Holmes: Where am I going to find anyone who will put up with my rather eccentric habits?
  • Watson: (taking a needle and 3 bottles of narcotics out of his bag): Here's a fresh needle - and here's my farewell present to you. If you want to destroy yourself, go right ahead. But I won't sit by and watch you doing it.
  • (Watson goes into his bedroom, where Mrs. Hudson is packing.)
  • Mrs. Hudson: It's so sad. You and Mr. Holmes after all these years - I know how it feels - I once went through a divorce myself-
  • Watson: Actually, I'm rather looking forward to it. Leading a normal life again. Regular office hours - nine to three - and if occasionally there's an emergency call in the middle of the night, I know it's going to be appendicitis and not an ax murder. Let Holmes go mucking about in the fog and the sleet, looking for a bloodstained collar-button out on the moors, with some demented hound snapping at his behind-
  • (From the living room comes the sound of a pistol shot. Watson and Mrs Hudson burst into the room. Holmes has shot two of the three narcotics bottles on the mantlepiece.)
  • Mrs. Hudson: Mr. Holmes! How many times have I told you I will not tolerate pistol practice on the premises?
  • Holmes: Please, Mrs. Hudson. You're in my line of fire.
  • (Mrs. Hudson moves. Holmes shoots the third bottle.)
  • Mrs. Hudson: Look at that mess you've made-
  • Watson: (gently) It's all right, Mrs. Hudson. I'll clean it up - while you unpack my things.
  • Mrs. Hudson: Unpack?
  • Holmes: You heard him.
  • Watson: Thank you, Holmes. I know how difficult it must've been for you-
  • Holmes: Not really. It was a simple choice between a bad habit and a good companion.
  • Watson: You've made me very happy.
  • Holmes: I've often been accused of being cold and unemotional. I admit to it. And yet, in my own cold, unemotional way, I'm very fond of you, Watson.
  • Watson: I know that. But one likes to hear these things occasionally. For a while there, I was worried that you were going to let me walk out - that you weren't even going to stop me.
  • Holmes: Now, Watson - you know there's nothing I wouldn't do to keep you here.
  • (Holmes sneakily closes his violin case - where the three real bottles of narcotics are.)
Sugar on the Asphalt: Thirty
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Sorry this took so long to post! Hopefully the 10k+ words makes up for it! I’d love to hear what you guys think, so drop by my ask! <33

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cupid’s got a tiramisu cupcake; august 10, 2013

After weeks of putting it off, I finally had no more excuses. With Rebecca home for the evening and the girls in her care, I needed to go for a run. It was probably going to hurt and I was probably going to cry, but I needed that outlet the track used to give me. It was an opportunity for me to clear my head, only focusing on the cracks in the pavement and making sure I kept my breathing steady.

I grabbed a running jacket from Rebecca’s closet and said a quick goodbye to the girls before heading out the door, fastening earbuds into my ears as I flipped through the albums I had on my phone. Unable to decide, I set it to shuffle for my walk to the Golders Hill Park.

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reptrillian  asked:

Still learning how to use Tumblr... wanted to tell you I took my daughters for a walk around the lake today, youngest is nearly 10. She waded out nearly knee deep in lake water and stinky mud to catch a really big frog. Didn't catch him but was fun!

Absolutely wonderful! I want people to understand that for many girls, the aversion to dirt, muck, insects, amphibians, whatever… that aversion is a socialised reaction: not something we’re born with.

We’re born with curiosity, but we’re kept on a much shorter leash than our brothers. It takes a conscious effort from parents to unlearn all of these stereotypes and just let “girls be girls.” That means letting girls go out in the muck looking for frogs!

zjarcal  asked:

Any idea on why system requirements for games keep going up even with games that don't really seem that demanding? As an example, South Park The Stick Of Truth has minimum system requirements that are on par with the recommended requirements for the original Crysis. I'm no expert but that's just ridiculous to me. Is the reason for this, developers not wanting to take the extra time to optimize or is it more related to the newer engines being used?

I think South Park sticks out noticeably more because the art style is intentionally simple, but the main reason that South Park had such system requirements (along with other games with more simplistic visuals) was because they (re)use existing engines that are designed for more visually or technically robust games. Most games these days don’t start from a blank slate, but rather leverage a large amount of existing technology because it simply takes too long and is too inefficient to rewrite all of those core systems each time for a new game. 

You might not see it, but South Park is actually running on the same engine as Dungeon Siege 3. One of the things about building technology is that, even if you don’t utilize all of the features, they usually still exist. South Park is still capable of doing all of the camera work, lighting, particle effects, shading, etc. that Dungeon Siege 3 is. One could theoretically task engineers to remove everything else that the game doesn’t need, but then they run the risk of breaking something by removing a critical part that other systems require. The main cause of what you’re asking about specifically is that the engine natively supports all of the things that are in Dungeon Siege 3, just like every Unity or Unreal game can do all of the things that the Unity or Unreal engine can do out of the box, even if those features aren’t utilized in the game. Because it has the potential to do these things, it needs the hardware to do those things… even if the game itself doesn’t take advantage of those features. 

As an interesting corollary, these sorts of dependencies are the same reason why you see remnants or portions of cut or future DLC content in game data. We could task a programmer to remove them all, but without intimate knowledge of the file structure and asset dependencies, doing so risks breaking things or having unintended consequences. The disk space savings generally isn’t worth the programmer or QA time to make sure everything is still working, so we usually just let it go and ignore people mucking around with the file data. The discovery of this practice has certainly caused some debate among fans about the nature of “on disc” content.