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Yay managers scenario.I work at Lig Bots I had surgery on Saturday and was forced to take three days off and they were understanding. But then my grandma died and they gave me what was left of my shift off to let me go to her funeral which was several hour drive then avoided scheduling me Sunday despite me telling them that's as soon as I'd be available to start working again and kept asking me if I was ok. Surgery plus major event combo for spring break suck!


I’ve always wanted to do something that the Warblers never ever let me do.
Wear another blazer?!

· un film de xavier dolan · a playlist with all my favourite tracks from every Xavier Dolan film (listen)

01. no sleep, walk ; surface of atlantic // 02. tell me what to swallow ; crystal castels // 03. bang bang ; dalida // 04. pass this on ; the knife // 05. viens changer ma vie (colour my world) ; renée martel // 06. college boy ; indochine // 07. 3e sexe ; indochine // 08. enjoy the silence ; depeche mode // 09. the funeral party ; the cure // 10. let’s go out tonight ; craig armstrong // 11. sunglasses at night ; corey hart // 12. going to a town ; rufus wainwright // 13. born to die ; lana del rey // 14. colorblind ; counting crows // 15. white flag ; dido // 16. on ne change pas ; céline dion // 17. blue (da ba dee) ; eiffel 65 // 18. wonderwall ; oasis // 19. anything could happen ; ellie goulding // 20. welcome to my life ; simple plan // 21. home is where it hurts ; camille // 22. genesis ; grimes // 23. i miss you ; blink 182 // 24. are you with me ; lost frequencies // 25. dragostea din tei ; o-zone // 26. natural blues ; moby


She breathed deeply. “Thank you Frederick. That really means a lot to me.  I honestly didn’t expect you to be here at all.”

“I promised you I wouldn’t let you go to his funeral alone, remember? I wasn’t about to break that after all these years.”

There was pain in his words, but happiness too, the kind of happiness he’d given her once before. She hugged him again, feeling the past the three of them had all shared surrounding her in the room, before silently closing the lid on the casket and leaving that past behind forever.

My Favorite Songs of 2016

Apple Music playlist.

Spotify playlist

1. 8 (circle) - Bon Iver

2. You Can Love Me - The Boxer Rebellion

3. If I Believe You - The 1975

4. True Love Waits - Radiohead

5. Hurricane - Thrice

6. New Ways - Daughter

7. Annie - Young in the City

8. Float - Switchfoot

9. You Are Free - Jimmy Eat World

10. I Won’t Let You Go - Switchfoot 

11. Chariots - Paper Route

12. Black Honey - Thrice

13. Somebody Else - The 1975

14. 33 “GOD” - Bon Iver

15. Untitled - Paper Route

16. The Day That I Found God - Switchfoot

17. Seems so Long - The Last Royals

18. Help Me Out - The Rocket Summer

19. The Long Defeat - Thrice

20. Where The Light Shines Through - Switchfoot

21. Miles Away - The Last Royals

22. Wayhome - Young in the City

23. St. Ides - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

24. All We Got - Chance the Rapper 

25. Crowded Out - Funeral Suits

26. Pull Yourself Together - The Boxer Rebellion

27. Starboy - The Weeknd  

28. Walls - Kings of Leon

29. Big Ideas - The Boxer Rebellion

30. Friends - Francis and the Lights

31. Easy Things Hard - Matt Wertz

32. Drug Dealer - Macklemore

33. Integrity Blues - Jimmy Eat World

34. A Change of Heart - The 1975  

35. Paris - The 1975

36. Beyond Your Love - The Last Royals

37. It Matters - Jimmy Eat World

38. Daydreaming - Radiohead

39. Until Something Sticks - Walter Napier

40. Stay With Me - Thrice

41. Pink + White  - Frank Ocean

42. Light Tunnels - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

43. Blessings - Chance the Rapper

44. Numbers - Daughter

45. The Letter She Left - Walter Napier

46. Anger - Sleeping At Last

47. Love on the Weekend - John Mayer

48. Cold War - The Rocket Summer

49. New Orleans - Parachute

50. Tragedy - The Last Royals


Cover Song You Need To Know: Fade Into You - The Last Royals


My Favorite Albums of 2016:

1. To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere - Thrice

2. Ocean by Ocean - The Boxer Rebellion

3. Where The Light Shines Through - Switchfoot

4. 22, A Million - Bon Iver

5. I like it when you sleep… - The 1975 

6. Never Be Alone - The Last Royals 

7. Integrity Blues - Jimmy Eat World


Have you heard Walter Napier? 


Apple Music playlist

Spotify playlist

Falling [Phillip x Reader]

Length: 1973+ words

Genre: ANGST

TW: Character Death

A/N: So I heard that George Eacker was 27 when he had his duel with Phillip- a 19 year old?? Anyways, this one took a lot out of me because Phillip’s death was already so painful, and now I have to describe his emotions as well /cries. I really tried to capture Phillip’s depression in this short fic. If you need me I’m going to be locked up in my room for a few days. 

“Why?” Phillip demanded. He was at the doorstep of Aaron Burr’s estate, his fists clenched by his side, and tears lining his eyes. “You’ve already denied me the right to see Y/N in her last moments, and now you won’t let me come to her funeral?!“ 

“Go home, son,” Aaron replied coldly. 


“There’s no reason I should see you again.” He closed the door, and Phillip fell to his knees, tears freely falling from his face. Picking himself up, he walked sluggishly slow back home.   

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The Signs as Texts I have Received
  • aries: idk if any of y’all are interested but i’m am oVeRWELmEd
  • taurus: forget the camera quality i want your food girl
  • gemini: But apperntly teachers know I'm having a party???? How
  • cancer: [talking about hair] i wanna cut mine but then I’m also scared i will look like a potato
  • leo: we’re on first name basis ;))
  • virgo: DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE MEDULLA OBLONGATA IS? pray for me science gradesss
  • libra: well if it was a joke i would’ve gotten it
  • scorpio: that guy is so socially strange
  • sagittarius: tbh i’ve watched enough supernatural to know how to summon spirits
  • capricorn: food is usually expensive there so i recommend going for desserts only
  • aquarius: don’t let anyone cry at my funeral also pls bury me don’t burn me
  • pisces: i’m sorry i don’t know what’s wrong with me this evening

what she says: i’m fine
what she means: and funerals are pretty compared to deaths. funerals are quiet, but deaths—not always. sometimes their breathing is hoarse, and sometimes it rattles, and sometimes they even cry out to you, “don’t let me go!"  as if you were able to stop them! but funerals are quiet, with pretty flowers… and, oh, what gorgeous boxes they pack them away in! unless you were there at the bed when they cried out, "hold me!” you’d never suspect there was a struggle for breath and bleeding. you didn’t dream, but i saw! 

Obviously, on any beloved TV series, the death of a fan-favorite character calls for many tissues. But when that character is the mother of “The Vampire Diaries” scene-stealer Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola), who inspires oceans of tears with every heartfelt monologue, desperate times call for desperate measures.

“I would bring a whole box of tissues,” Accola told MTV News about Thursday’s (February 19) funeral episode, “Let Her Go.” “It’s very sad, and it’s very real. I think Damon giving the eulogy for Sheriff Forbes is a really special moment. I think the viewers will really like that. Everyone will get to see Caroline’s reaction after he reads it, and it’s a very special moment.

Of course, it’s a different Salvatore’s “moment” with Caroline that had viewers losing their minds last week — after four-ish seasons of friendship building and the occasional laced-with-meaning stare, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline finally kissed mere moments before Sheriff Forbes’ final goodbye. It was a beautiful, well-earned, and ultimately very poorly timed kiss, which Accola says will factor in to Caroline’s big decision regarding the relationship.

“She was so emotionally available to him, and he’s been so emotionally available to her, but now… not only has her mother passed, but [it happened] during the one moment where Caroline drops her guard down and allows herself to just be with Stefan and feel something for him,” she said. “That’s when her mother passes away, and she’s not there. We’re going to see her deal with that emotionally… they need to have a conversation. Caroline and Stefan had this huge moment happen, and now they really need to talk about it. We will see that; they have a conversation, and the result of that conversation will determine a lot of what happens with them.”

… Which is a shame for Steroline shippers, because Accola also noted that things would have moved to the bedroom very fast if it wasn’t for Sheriff Forbes’ demise.

“I think, had Caroline’s mom not passed away, they probably would have gotten together very quick,” she continued. “It would have gone from a slow burn to a giant fire.

“A giant fire” could also be used to describe Caroline’s last unexpected vampire hookup, with Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Accola did note that she’s well aware that not every “TVD” fan wants her to end up with Stefan, but luckily, whether it’s with Stefan or with Klaus, Accola just enjoys the wild experience that is being shippped.

“As far as the quote-unquote shipping community goes, I love the passion behind anyone who ships Caroline and Klaus,” Accola said. “They are very hardcore shippers… But ever since season two, when Stefan helped Caroline through her transition, it’s been interesting how viewers were saying that they thought there was something there with those characters. It has been a really slow burn for many reasons, and that’s why it’s a really interesting time to be part of a television series in the age of social media — you see exactly what the fans and the viewers are thinking right when they’re watching the episode.”

Basically, even if you don’t ship Steroline, you have to acknowledge the strong “TVD” fanbase for predicting this hookup even when Stefan was still seriously sweating Elena (Nina Dobrev).

“People have been seeing this since season two — they spotted it when it wasn’t meant to be an emotional connection,” Accola concluded. “It’s really fun to see. That’s the same thing that happened with Klaus, it just kind of grew, and some of it stemmed from the fact that people really liked seeing those characters together. I love that it’s a slow burn, and I love that these characters are finally crossing that line. It was a really great buildup to a really special moment.

—  ( X )

Like it or not, Eren’s actions in this chapter were perfectly in character.  He’s undoubtedly grateful for everything Erwin has done for him, but in the heat of the moment, when the life of his best friend was on the line, how could you have expected him to do anything other than fight his hardest to save him?

Like, Eren and Armin’s dream is what fuels him, for different reasons than Armin, but it literally gives him the courage to keep going even when he was doubting/hating himself in the past.  

Eren and Mikasa love and trust in Armin so much, it’s hardly unbelievable to think they’d choose him over someone they have a soldier-leader type relationship with.

Yall are reminding me of that one Lindsay Lohan movie when that one band broke up and she wore all black to school and had a funeral and let go of balloons and shit like calm down honestly lmao

The Durin funeral is gonna go down like:

Gandalf: “We’re here to mourn the loss of Thorin Oakenshield and Kili, who both fought very bravely and-”

Bilbo: “What about Fili? He died too.”

Other dwarves: *mumble in confusion*

Gandalf: “But I already mentioned - oh - F…Fili? Right, right, and Fili. Unfortunately we only have two tombs built, so, uh…”

Other dwarves: “Well, we forgot to haul him back over here. Guess that solves the problem!”


The children pulled the woman up from her spot at the feast, tugging at her skirts to join them in the dancing. The music fueled by the steady beat of the drums infected everyone at the table, and for that night she thought maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to let go. The funeral had been somber, but after it was over, when there was food and music, the whole desert was a celebration of life.

Portia cast a glance at the silver-haired man next to her, her bodyguard for the night, and gave him a sympathetic smile. He wouldn’t have to join her, she wasn’t asking him, but she couldn’t help getting pulled away herself.

It took only moments for the rest of the people to melt away. In any other situation she might have politely refused, embarrassed at the amount of people, but the drums began beating in her blood, pulling her arms, moving her feet. Years earlier she had learned to dance, a must for a proper lady if she was ever to attend a ball. But now she closed her eyes, and let the music move her, out in the wilderness, dancing as if no one was looking. The kind gentle woman moved with unspoken passion, a fiery presence which flickered and spark with each turn of her dress and each sway of her hips.

She danced until she felt weak, until the blood rushed to her face and she panted with the effort. In a final beat of the drums, in a final turn, she stopped, her eyes falling upon Tiergan, whose gaze was fixated on hers. For a moment, everyone else was gone, and it was just their two forms silhouetted by the bonfire. Panting, she stared back, frozen by the stillness of that moment until it was broken by the inevitable applause for the musicians and the dancing children, completely unaware of the healer and the mercenary. As the stillness shattered, Portia pulled her gaze away, turning to find something else to fixate on, as her cheeks grew crimson.


I would lie if I wrote about how I feel in love
with you. I didn’t, not in the traditional sense.
I never want to fall in love alone, and I didn’t
realize how long I had been standing at the edge
of the cliff alone and I think it was because I could
still feel your presence in my veins, I imagined
the existance of you when in reality, you were but
a ghost, and if I had listened, I would have heard
the whispers of caution from the wind and I had
been dreaming when reality could not compare,
made up the memories of how sweet you tasted,
my tongue unable to detect the bitter undertones
of your words. You’re fading, slowly, but eventually
I’ll barely remember your scent. I fought until I no
longer had any fight left, and as much as I want
to feel the sharpness of a blade slice your skin
open, the way my heart was ripped by your fingers
and scream how worthless you allowed me to feel,
I’m letting you go, giving you a funeral and taking
my medicine, easing myself off your addiction.