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Powerful: Pringles Has Unveiled A Line Of Damp Chips That Won’t Crunch Loud Enough To Ruin A Moment Of Silence For Our Fallen Soldiers

If you’re looking for a company that really cares about the troops, look no further than Pringles.

Few people deserve more respect and adoration than the heroes who willingly sacrifice their lives to protect America’s freedom, and no one knows that better than Pringles, which is stepping up for the troops in a big way: The snack-manufacturing powerhouse just introduced a new line of damp chips that won’t crunch loud enough to ruin a moment of silence for our fallen soldiers.

Wow. What a powerful way to help customers show respect for the troops!

According to Pringles executives, the new line of chips will come in the same essential flavors customers have come to love, but will be presoaked inside the Pringles tube, making the chips just damp enough to replace any crunching sounds that would disrupt a somber rendition of “Taps” with a gentle, muffled sloshing. Through extensive testing, these mushier chips have been shown to be so quiet that, when eaten, it is virtually impossible to make enough noise to ruin a moment of silence for a fallen soldier.

With the new product, which they’re calling Patriot’s Discretion Pringles, customers will now be able to pull out a few wet chips, place the damp snack onto their tongues or pack it into their cheeks, and let their favorite flavors melt into their mouths, all without the fear of bringing a hero’s memorial to a screeching halt with a single, booming bite.

Patriotism FTW!

“Everyone wishes they could be eating chips when they’re at a service commemorating a fallen solider, but up until now, it’s just been way too loud,” said Pringles CEO Michael A. Powell at an event unrolling their newest product. “Before, the best you could do was settle for something quiet like mints or gum, but those bland, flavorless days of quiet respect are now a thing of the past.”

“We at Pringles know how important it is to remember those who have sacrificed their lives to protect the American way,” he added. “And now, with our line of damp Patriot’s Discretion Pringles, there is finally a way to do it without sacrificing your hunger.”

Amazing. It looks like Pringles is a company that isn’t about to let customers ruin a moment of silence, but isn’t about to let them go hungry either. Whether you’re at a veteran’s funeral, halftime at a local high school football game, or even the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the days of having to choose between tossing back a couple Pringles or paying tribute to a fallen service member seem to be over. Here’s to hoping more companies begin showing the same commitment to our troops that Pringles does!

*NEW* Pretty Little Liars Endgame (Alternative)

Whilst I still stand by my first endgame theory, today I want to explore an alternative way the endgame could potentially unfold. 

One day at Radley, Charlotte accidentally pushed Marion Cavanaugh off the roof. Jessica, who was on the board at Radley, agrees to help her niece Charlotte by ruling Marion’s death a suicide, but internally within Radley, Charlotte blamed Bethany for it. Charlotte reversed the roles when telling her story to the liars in 610 so that they would feel sorry for her. 

Jessica feels bad that an innocent patient, Bethany, was blamed for something her niece did so she signs Bethany out of Radley to adopt and ride a horse. Considering she helped Charlotte get away with it, it is the absolute least Jessica can do. But Bethany isn’t appreciative of these sympathetic gifts because she knows that Jessica is having an affair with her father. Jessica asks Bethany to call her “aunt Jessie” as a way of saying “I’m not having an affair with your father, I’m just a long lost aunt hence I’ve been around your father lately!” Bethany throws a tantrum and buckets after Jessica’s lies. “Is it like mother like daughter?” and “can I trust anyone in that family?” says Bethany in her recordings. Bethany’s hatred is building towards two dead characters, ‘mother and daughter’ Charlotte and Jessica. (Even young Charles thought they were a part of the DiLaurentis family for quite some time.)

After Charles’ funeral, Charlotte’s doctors let her go, out of belief that trapping a transgender patient in a mental asylum isn’t doing any good. And, she’s apparently been making progress… again, Bethany was blamed for Charlotte’s fatal mistake. She never returned to Radley as Charlotte: she was free to walk the streets of Rosewood. She created the new alias CeCe Drake, after having found out about her birth mother Mary Drake (although having still never met her). CeCe attended college and shared a roommate, explaining how she knew everyone at Eric Kahn’s party and perhaps how she slipped into the Rosewood High yearbook. This also explains why Charlotte needed a visitors pass to see Mona in Radley, as she was no longer a patient that can sneak down the hall. 

During college, CeCe and Noel happened to be at the same frat party. Noel accidentally pushed a girl down the stairs, but of course the bystander ex-Radley patient gets the blame for it. As a result, Charlotte is kicked out of college for something Noel did. Hence Noel helped Charlotte in the dollhouse; he felt he owed something to Charlotte. He took something from her that she worked extra hard for. 

While CeCe was off beginning her new life in Rosewood (still before ‘that night’), Bethany was still in Radley, taking medication that should have Charlotte’s name on it, drowning in her own drool. That’s sure to drive her crazy. 

“That night”, Bethany escaped with the intent of killing Charlotte as revenge for ruining her life. Jessica, who was Bethany’s caretaker at Radley, got a call that night from Radley workers informing her that Bethany has escaped. “I’m very worried, please send someone”, said Jessica, knowing how much Bethany hates her and her niece. A war was brewing. Charlotte wanted to hurt Bethany before Bethany harms anyone. Charlotte accidentally hit Ali instead of Bethany, but thankfully Mrs. Grunwald came to Ali’s rescue. “I swear I thought it was Bethany, mum” cried Charlotte.

Mona hit Bethany with a shovel thinking she was hitting Ali; she hated Ali that much. The purpose of a psychic saving Ali was because only a psychic could know to come back to Rosewood and save another person: Bethany Young. Mrs Grunwald sensed more danger and went and saved Bethany. I don’t like supernatural elements as much as the next person, but it exists, and we have to acknowledge it and use it.

Notice how the person saving Ali/Bethany is different in the two instances. TWO people were pulled out of the dirt. (Red sleeve vs no sleeve.)

Bethany Young is alive. Bethany Young is Uber A and AD, which stands for After Death. Whilst there have been many deaths over the seasons, Bethany’s “death” was THE death that started it all and so it’s very iconic for her to go by AD. We know AD has to be someone who has access to medical records, as they leaked Yvonne’s abortion and Veronica’s sickness. Who better than someone who successfully faked her death? 

Bethany couldn’t stand the idea of that bitch Charlotte getting 5 years treatment and then getting to go home with her family, happily ever after. As revenge, Bethany killed Charlotte the exact same way that Charlotte killed Marion and blamed her for it: Charlotte was pushed off a building (bell-tower). 

Here is our clue from the writers that we should be looking at Bethany. In the (FAKE) flashback we saw of Bethany, she was wearing this red sweater.

Yet we saw someone in an awfully similar red sweater walk into the bell-tower the very night Charlotte was killed: Bethany? Again, even though it was a fake flashback and that red sweater doesn’t technically exist, it is the writers foreshadowing. 

And if it wasn’t already clear, Bethany killed Jessica, too… the affair that could’ve teared apart her family forever (Bethany might have become related to Charlotte, that thought scared Bethany!) and Jessica also helped Charlotte get away with pushing Marion. Jessica had to go. Season 5A made it extremely easy to guess that Melissa and/or Peter killed Jessica with Peter’s drugs, and hence they lied about where they were the night she was killed. Yet, here we are in 7A, and the writers still haven’t confirmed Melissa and Peter’s involvement. For that reason, I believe the answer is elsewhere. If it really was Melissa and Peter, that could’ve been confirmed years ago. If it really was Melissa and/or Peter, why is it being extended into season 7B? Because there’s more to the story. It was Bethany.

Bethany/AD chooses to frame Melissa for Charlotte’s murder. Out of all people in Rosewood, why did the killer chose Melissa? Because Melissa has a motive that would make sense in front of a jury: Charlotte sent Wren the video of Melissa confessing to burying Bethany the actual person in the grave, which lead to Wren breaking up with her. Melissa’s relationship crumbled, combined with the simple fact that Charlotte is in possession of a video that could destroy Melissa’s reputation forever, is why Bethany decided Melissa is the perfect candidate to frame: she would have a motive to want Charlotte dead. 

Bethany stole Melissa’s suitcase, broke the handle and bashed Charlotte’s head with it. She then put the suitcase back before Melissa notices it’s missing… or did she? Whilst unpacking her clothes, Melissa says in 613 “I know I had more clothes in here”. Evidently Melissa’s suitcase was tampered with. 

Melissa was the person sending unsigned, emoji texts throughout 6B. She was being harassed by Bethany, that if she doesn’t admit to killing Charlotte or find another killer before the end of the election night, her confession video will be shared with everyone. 

How did Bethany even get her hands on this video? From Wren. As we know, Charlotte sent the video to Wren so clearly Wren is in possession of this video. The reason he instantly ended his relationship with Melissa is because Bethany is his sister and he was mad that Melissa potentially killed his sister and didn’t say anything. Of course, she’s alive now, but what a big secret that is to keep.

As Emily stated in 617 after being attacked, “there’s definitely 2 people after us”. Bethany wanted Emily to touch the suitcase handle (why not have a second person to frame?) whilst Melissa was the one trying to get it back to save herself.

Marlene has said there is one question she can’t wait to answer, but she can’t tell us what this question is because the question itself is a spoiler. That question is precisely “who is actually in the grave?“ The answer is one that makes total sense: Alison’s twin. This also explains how the Jane Doe was identified as Alison in the first place: similar DNA.

They foreshadowed this in 513 by showing a dead Alison in a grave. This was the writers telling us that YES, despite all complications, there really is an Alison in the grave. We already have twins; Mary and Jessica. However, scientifically, twins CAN give birth to twins. So, it is possible to have another set of twins involved in the endgame. Also, Marlene has explicitly said that “we won’t see Courtney”. We may never actually find out the name of Ali’s twin. It doesn’t matter. They aren’t alive, they aren’t A like in the books. We will never see them. They are DEAD. 

It’s also possible that the person in the grave is a random girl we’ve never met before - probably one of the many new cast members joining the finale.

This is tricky to answer for 2 reasons:

- At the time of this Tweet, Marlene knew there will be a FAKE flashback involving Bethany in 610. Ignore that flashback COMPLETELY. It never happened. That was Charlotte retelling a story of lies.

- There is before the incident regarding her face,

- There is after the incident regarding her face.

What incident?

One day whilst on temporary release, Bethany was with Jenna in Jenna’s garage. Alison and her friends threw fireworks inside and as a result, Jenna was blinded and Bethany was burnt. This is how the show is coming full circle as we are circling right back to the stories of season 1. Bethany hates Ali and the girls for the permanent damage she has suffered. 

Alison blamed Toby for ‘The Jenna/Bethany Thing’ which Bethany assumes means that Toby was involved, too. Hence, in a true moment of anger right after her name was announced to the public on television, Bethany blew up Toby’s house. 

Note that Bethany never shows her face in her pictures. This is not laziness by any means, she is actually a brilliant artist.

So whilst Bethany is framing Melissa for Charlotte’s murder, she is harassing the Liars over it too because they ruined her life.

Bethany/AD is walking around Rosewood in masks. Her face is deformed, on top of the fact that she’s supposed to be dead. She cannot show her face. Further, 6A revealed that Bethany Young shared a room in Radley with Leslie Stone. That same season we saw Leslie with boxes of glasses identical to those that AD has been wearing. Leslie knows Bethany is alive and she was trying to locate her long lost friend - she found her!

Bethany shot Spencer as not only revenge for burning her (The Jenna/Bethany Thing), but for being the one to bash her over the head that night. Of course, Spencer didn’t actually do it (Mona did) but since everyone in Rosewood thought it was Spencer, Bethany later latched on to this popular belief. (Note: if Alison survived a rock to the head, Bethany survived a bashing to the head, too. Heightened reality, unfortunately.) 

This message was from Bethany: 

Again, note the blacked face.

This Black Veil person from 401 was Bethany. CeCe’s story of who this person was, revolved around Sara Harvey pulling off a veil to reveal her face, but in reality, there is a (BURNT) Alison mask underneath that veil. CeCe’s version couldn’t be true as Sara never had a mask when she entered the limo. Sara never saw the girls as dolls - Sara was just Charlotte’s decoy, so it makes no sense for Sara to have been playing dolly earlier… This is Uber A.

Why would Sara Harvey care about Bethany Young? She doesn’t. Below is Bethany sending flowers to her family who she misses. She wants to tell them she’s alive and well! But first she wants to finish off this game and punish the people who hurt her.

Despite the above Tweet being from 2013, she is going to follow through with that in these final episodes because:

I know what you’re probably thinking… Bethany being Uber A is not satisfying. To me, it is! It goes right back to season 1 as it revolves around ‘that night’. The person that suffered that night in the pilot, is back for revenge! 

I could do a part 2 for this theory to explain who is Bethany. Who are her parents? Is she a DiLaurentis? Is the “aunt Jessie” thing supposed to be taken literally - is she a Drake? Is she someone’s twin? Is Melissa Bethany? Is Sara Harvey Bethany (I hope not, but very possible)? Is Bethany Charlotte’s twin who also transitioned, hence Jason thought he saw CeCe that night (but really it was Bethany, like Charlotte says)? I believe we are dealing with Bethany - but who is Bethany, is for another day. I do NOT believe for a split second they will make Uber A be a person we’ve never met before. That’s pathetic.

When the Bethany-ideas came flooding to me, I googled ‘Bethany is Uber A’ to see the fan consensus on this topic and the first result was an amazing post by @the-outlast. Whilst we have some largely contrasting opinions on some aspects, shoutout to this person for a couple pieces of evidence I used to explain our belief that Bethany is alive :)


I’ve always wanted to do something that the Warblers never ever let me do.
Wear another blazer?!


“All of those deaths!  The long parade to the graveyard! Father! Mother! Margaret, that dreadful way!  So big with it, it couldn’t be put in a coffin!  But had to be burned like rubbish!  You just came home in time for the funerals.  Funerals are quiet, but death–not always.  Sometimes their breathing is hoarse, and sometimes it rattles, and sometimes even they cry out to you, “Don’t let me go!” Even the old, sometimes, say, “Don’t let me go.”  As if you were able to stop them!  But funerals are quiet, with pretty flowers.  And, oh, what gorgeous boxes they pack them away in!  Unless you were there at the bed when they cried out, “Hold me!” you’d never suspect there was the struggle for breath and bleeding.  You didn’t dream, but I saw!  Saw! Saw! And now you sit there telling me with your eyes that I let the place go! How in hell do you think all that sickness and dying was paid for?  Death is expensive, Miss Stella!. Why, the Grim Reaper had put up his tent on our doorstep!”

Gillian Anderson as Blanche Dubois in “A Streetcar named desire" 

You’re Mine

Expansion of Trying to leave him


B.A.P: Part I, Part II, Part III ; BTS: Part I, Part II, Part III; EXO: Part I, Part II, Part III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part I, Part II, Part III ; Dean: {Coming soon}

Genre: Little angst

Characters: Chanyeol x Original Character

Summary: You failed to run away from him and he kept you beside him until you forgave him and acted normal with him. However, your normal life with him takes a drastic turn when you’re kidnapped. And your family of two is becoming a family of three?

Word Count: 1499

Credit to gif owner


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The Good In Him (Tomb Raider One-shot 1), a tomb raider fanfic | FanFiction
After surviving the terrible accident in Egypt, Lara Croft returns to Surrey. But what's left of the woman she used to be? Oneshot pre-TRAOD.

Just beta-readed. Thank you, @clairesail :)))

Fic: Once Bitten, Twice Shy (ao3 link)
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends (characterization)
Pairing: gen; some background hints of Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Leonard Snart doesn’t trust easy, but his aunt Noga - who some people call Nora - assures him that the man she married, Henry Allen, is a good one.

So when Len sees in the newspaper that Henry Allen has been arrested for killing his wife, he has only one thought.

“I’m going to kill him.”

A/N: For @oneiriad, who requested this to be cheered up from the season finale. I…tried?


When Len was very small, he liked to play tag with his aunt Noga. She was his mother’s half-sister – much, much younger than his mom, more of an elder sister than an aunt, a product of an affair which a rich white man who’d adopted Noga for his own when he found out.

He called her Nora, not Noga, because he said it was more “American”, but Len’s mother and grandmother cheerfully ignored him and continued to call her the name of her birth, though they permitted him to take her away so she could have what they called a better life.

Len figured it was because she was rich now. Respectable. But she was still his aunt.

When Len got a little older, and his dad went to prison and came back different, things changed. The rich man didn’t like his baby girl associating with criminals, so Noga couldn’t come around anymore.

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anonymous asked:

Yay managers scenario.I work at Lig Bots I had surgery on Saturday and was forced to take three days off and they were understanding. But then my grandma died and they gave me what was left of my shift off to let me go to her funeral which was several hour drive then avoided scheduling me Sunday despite me telling them that's as soon as I'd be available to start working again and kept asking me if I was ok. Surgery plus major event combo for spring break suck!

Falling [Phillip x Reader]

Length: 1973+ words

Genre: ANGST

TW: Character Death

A/N: So I heard that George Eacker was 27 when he had his duel with Phillip- a 19 year old?? Anyways, this one took a lot out of me because Phillip’s death was already so painful, and now I have to describe his emotions as well /cries. I really tried to capture Phillip’s depression in this short fic. If you need me I’m going to be locked up in my room for a few days. 

“Why?” Phillip demanded. He was at the doorstep of Aaron Burr’s estate, his fists clenched by his side, and tears lining his eyes. “You’ve already denied me the right to see Y/N in her last moments, and now you won’t let me come to her funeral?!“ 

“Go home, son,” Aaron replied coldly. 


“There’s no reason I should see you again.” He closed the door, and Phillip fell to his knees, tears freely falling from his face. Picking himself up, he walked sluggishly slow back home.   

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Googliplier , Wilford, TheHost, Anti and Dark Convo 42

Google: (Looks at Wilford) “Dark won’t tell me what we are going to steal!”

Wilford: “Google if you ask me one more time I swear Im going to shoot you!”

TheHost: “As Wilford and Googliplier argue, the storyline then shifts over to TheHost who says nothing but thinks their all idiots

Anti: (On a Sugar High) “LETS GO STEAL! a PANDA! or a FUNEREAL!”( Starts nibbling on the cotton candy)

Dark: (Rubs forehead in irritation) “ I told you guys not to let Anti go to that Fair Festival unsupervised!”

some things from the play spring awakening

The year is 1892

Anna’s lines about letting children be free were said by Wendla, anna doesn’t exist at all

Wendla tells Thea and Martha she’d kill herself if she were a boy, so she’d be reincarnated as a girl.

When Moritz has come back from the teacher’s room to find out if he passed, Hanschen asks him if Ernst passed too

Moritz’ suicide contemplations are so much more than a ‘veiled threat’, he flat out says ‘if I hadn’t passed- I’d have shot myself’

The Headmaster wouldn’t let Hanschen go to the funeral of his classmate (not Moritz) because he still had detention

Melchior knows he raped Wendla, and thinks that he killed her, until the Masked Man tells him the abortion killed her

Ilse heard Moritz shoot himself and went back and took his gun

The vineyard scene is a pretty serious scene, nothing like the musical. Ernst is the one to initiate the kiss

Moritz’ ghost tries to convince Melchior to join him in death, but the Masked Man overrules him. This has been replaced by Those You’ve Known

TVD 8x16-Play Crack The Sky

This is the end. The show that literally took over my life for the better part of five years…is over. The ship whom I have been trying so desperately to say goodbye to for the past two years, finally got the closure they deserved. And yet I’m still not ready to say goodbye. But for the sake on my insanity and my emotional well-being, I sure as hell am going to try. So, for me what this finale episode boils down to, are two things. Damon and Stefan, and Damon and Elena. So, let’s start with the latter, shall we?

“Hold on, I still want you.” - Delena

Look, I’m not going to sit here and try to write all this meta on Delena for the finale episode because there really isn’t much to go on. The Katherine fake out, I should have seen coming. I mean, it didn’t make sense to me that they would spoil it in the promos. But I guess I was just hoping that they wouldn’t go there. And I have to say that yes, the episode wasn’t exactly what I wanted. But, it was what I expected. And you guys know me, I’m not one to dwell on everything that we didn’t get, or could have been done better. So, you should know the next thing that I’m going to say. And that’s for the little Delena we got, it was beautiful. And I accept it. The reunion scene simply being a kiss without words exchanged, I think was perfect. The song really saying anything and everything that needed to be said for them. Because if you really think about, the essential journey for Delena ended back in 6x22. The rest was just subsidiary. I mean, I’m not saying that Elena waking and Damon reuniting with her wasn’t important… it was. But I think that what we got was enough. Elena woke up. She got to see Bonnie, Caroline, Alaric. She got to meet Josie and Lizzy. She got to see her brother, Jer, again. She got to marry Damon and live the human life she always wanted with the man that she fell so deeply in love with. Maybe they didn’t show it. Maybe some of you are even disappointed that they didn’t. But think about it this way… we saw everything else. We saw Elena meet Damon….twice. We saw Damon fall in love with her. We saw Elena struggle with her feelings for him. We saw Damon giving her the space she needed to figure out what it all means. We saw her choose him. We saw her lose him. We saw her forget him. We saw her fall in love with him all over again. We saw her remember him again. We saw him chose a human life with her.  We saw them promise themselves to each other. We saw the most significant moments of their relationship. Elena’s vampirism being are essential part of that. Because even though their human lives hold the same amount of significance. Their lives as vampires is the foundation of their relationship. If it wasn’t for vampirism Damon would have never met her. And Elena? She may have never found the strength in herself to let Stefan go and admit her true feeling for Damon. This is “The Vampire Diaries” after all. So it makes sense to me that the writers didn’t dwell on Damon and Elena’s life as humans. Rather, they give us just a gist of it. Showing us that their long happy life together would eventually lead to them finding peace in the afterlife. Which, lets face it, deep down in our heart of hearts, that’s all any of us ever wanted for these characters.

“Tonight I saw a side of Damon that I hadn’t seen in a while. The older brother I looked up to.” - Stefan

Redemption. That’s why Stefan did what he did. Ever since he turned human again, he dedicated his time trying to make up for all the wrong that he had done has a vampire, even willing to let Caroline go to do it. Redemption is what he wanted more than anything. So, he goes against his brother’s wishes and gives up his life. It wasn’t because he loved his brother. It wasn’t because he wanted Elena to have the life with Damon that they have been patiently waiting for. Yes, those things may have inspired him to and even gave him the courage to sacrifice his life to save his brother. But the main reason he did it was for redemption. And if the situation were reversed, Damon would have done the same thing. And he was ready to do it. Despite the hope of ever seeing Elena again. Despite the fact that he thought he would never find peace. He was ready to sacrifice everything. For his little brother. And that’s what, above all else, made Stefan truly see the man that Damon has become. The man that was worth sacrificing everything for. The man that was worthy of getting everything he always wanted. So he made a decision. A decision that like so many years ago was so very, very selfish of him, forcing him to choose vampirism because he couldn’t bare the thought of living an eternity without his big brother. But this time, his decision is probably the most selfless thing is has ever done. Forcing the cure to vampirism on him and sacrificing his life with Caroline. So that Damon can live out his human life with Elena. And that decision was influenced by Damon himself. Watching him over the years make the tough decisions that goes against other people’s wishes. Realizing that he has been the better man and the big brother that he needed every step of the way. And that was his journey. Finding that human part of his brother that has always been there. Which Damon an shown him time and time again but just couldn’t let himself see. Because he would let all the bad and all the guilt overshadow it. But in the end it was his desire for redemption that finally let him see it. So, Stefan dies and finds Elena in the hallways where they first met before he finds peace. Not only to say goodbye but because he needed to tell Elena that he finally sees what she sees. The human part of Damon that Elena has always seen but has yet to met. And of course, he needed for her to pass along a message to Caroline. That in which he is finally able to let go and find peace.

“I know this is what you want
A funeral keeps both of us apart
You know that you are not alone
Need you like water in my lungs
This is the end.”

the best season

Summary: Kenny wasn’t exactly sure if he wanted to let his little girl go just yet.

Prompt: Beginnings - I really want you to run wild with this one. Anything can be the beginning of something new, and Spring is a season all about new life and new things. Is it a new relationship that they’re feeling awkward about? Did their favorite show come back for another season finally? Did they start a new project, even though they have a million unfinished ones tucked away somewhere? Is your muse excited about or afraid of the changes that come with a new beginning?

Words: 4434

Link is in the title if you wish to read it on AO3!

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anonymous asked:

I need some angst, Hanzo, McCree and 76 react if they witness their s/o getting shot in by Talon agents and were being pinned down to the ground threatening to kill them???


-He would see if from his perch that he was shooting from. He thought that his s/o could handle it and continued to fight off whatever Talon agents he had left.

-When he looked back over to see his s/o getting pinned down, he nearly had a heart attack. They never had this much trouble before.

-Even though he was a great archer, his panic was causing him to have trouble with his aim, he could not kill his s/o’s attacker.

-He tried to run to where they were to help instead, but it was too late. Half way through jumping down, he heard a gun shot ring through the air. He sure hoped that his s/o managed to shoot her attacker.

-Looking up he saw his s/o lying on the floor by themselves. The color red was starting to seep throughout their clothes.

-By the time Hanzo reached them, they were dead. Their eyes didn’t shine the way they used to when they would see him. All he saw was emptiness.

-He held onto his s/o sobbing. If he had been more competent this wouldn’t have happened. Hanzo is a silent man, but every sob that came out of his body was loud and full of pain. 


-McCree and his s/o had gotten into a fight before their mission together. They were arguing over something that McCree knew he was right in, so they were pretty huffy when they went on the mission.

-Part way through the mission, they had gotten separated. Which was good, he did not know if he could listen to his s/o nag for another minute. He had run into some trouble, but had taken care of it quickly.

-He went looking for his s/o so that they could finish this mission already, when he found them, they looked like they were still being huffy. That had distracted them from seeing the Talon agent coming their way.

-They were pinned to the floor and struggling, they couldn’t break out of the Talon member’s grip. McCree started to run towards his s/o to save him, but he wasn’t in time.

-By the time McCree got close enough to shoot the Talon member, they had already shot his s/o. He shot down the Talon member and pushed them off of his s/o.

-They were barely alive. They looked up at McCree, smiled and said, “You were right.” Their eyes then dulled into a lifeless gray.

-McCree blamed himself. If he didn’t argue with them that day, they would have never been distracted. He locked himself in his room whenever he wasn’t needed for a mission, drinking away his pain.

Soldier: 76:

-76 had not gone on the mission with his s/o that day. It was something nearby and it was pretty routine, so he wasn’t concerned.

-Until over the comms, he heard that his s/o has not been responding to the other team members. He was really worried, so he volunteered to go see what was up.

-He went to their last known area, and started to search from there. He found some signs of a struggle and started to follow it to an open area. In the open area, he saw his s/o pinned by a Talon member who had a gun held to them.

-His first instinct was to run to them and shoot the Talon member so that they couldn’t hurt his s/o. He saw that their finger was not indexed, it was on the trigger. Ready to shoot. If he shot them, they would squeeze out of instinct and kill his s/o.

-He didn’t know what to do. If he stood there, they die. If he shot the Talon member, they die. If he got near, they die. It seemed like every situation led to his s/o’s death.

-Apparently he took too long trying to decide, because he heard a gun shot ring through the air. “No!” The second the Talon member heard 76, they booked it into the forest.

-76 went to check on his s/o. When they saw him, they smiled. “Sorry. I wasn’t strong enough to fight them off.” 76 shook his head, “No don’t apologize. Look you’re going to be fine.”

-He set off a biotic field around them as he held them. The wound was too much even for the biotic field, so it didn’t help any. Other members found 76 in the clearing, holding his s/o and trying to help them, but it was too late. They were dead.

-He held onto them for days before Mercy made him let go and rest. He didn’t even attend the funeral. He couldn’t see his s/o being put in the ground. He’s seen enough of is comrads being put in the ground, but he didn’t know if he could handle this one.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm not sure if you're into doing angst but how would the RFA + V and Saeran react when they're in their eighties and their MC passes away from old age?

omg I’ve never done any before but I could try xD. pls don’t hate me if this sucks. also sorry it took so long, I’m kinda slow at writing ><;;


  • it was too sudden for him to digest
  • he wouldn’t eat or sleep, he wouldn’t be able to face the rest of the RFA or even his children
  • for him, it was impossible to believe that the world had once again taken away someone he cherished
  • why does this always happen to me? it’s just not fair.
  • he’d cry day and night wondering if it was his fault, was he the unlucky star that caused pain to anyone and everyone around him?
  • he just didn’t know how to live without MC; MC was his everything
  • and although he never said it out loud, he always secretly hoped he’d die with MC - maybe even be the first of them to die
  • he didn’t want to feel lonely again, he didn’t want to let history repeat itself
  • there was nothing that could take away the pain this time, he was too old to play games, it was so unbearable that he wanted to leave the world too; maybe that way, he’d be able to see MC once again


  • he watched as MC passed away on the hospital bed, yet he still couldn’t believe it
  • how could have MC died before he did? MC was the one who didn’t smoke or drink
  • for a while he’d be angry at himself and blame himself for MC’s passing
  • why didn’t I take better care of MC? what did I do wrong? MC didn’t deserve to die
  • he’d lock himself inside for months, the letters of consolation from his fans did nothing but make him question why he hadn’t spent more time with MC when he took roles for Korean dramas
  • he didn’t even log onto the messenger because he didn’t want to hear their pitiful words
  • and as much as he wanted to exercise his emotions away, he was just too old to move
  • soon, his bad habits started again, smoking and drinking non-stop; he wasted the rest of his life away
  • he just didn’t want to feel anymore


  • she was very rational
  • months prior, she had noticed MC’s health getting worse and worse by the day
  • she researched the best way to take care of MC
  • as much as it broke her heart, she didn’t falter in front of MC; not even until the last moment
  • even after MC really had gone away, she didn’t let go of her calm and collected self
  • she organized a proper funeral, attended to the guests who came to pay their respects, she even told the RFA that she was fine and that she could handle everything when Jumin offered to send help
  • but she was actually so, so hurt
  • why did it have to be MC? why couldn’t it have been me?
  • after the funeral ceremony, she took one last look at MC and closed the coffin
  • that night, she cried herself to sleep, unable to return to her usual self


  • he understood why it happened
  • in fact, there was a very logical, systematic reason as to why MC had left him
  • he constantly repeated to himself that MC had become old just like him, and that it was very reasonable for MC to pass away
  • the doctors had let him know that MC would be gone in about a weeks time
  • but no matter how much he assessed the situation he just couldn’t comprehend the pain in his heart
  • his heart ached, a heavy brick sat on his chest day and night and no matter what he did he couldn’t get rid of the feeling
  • constantly reminiscing about the times MC and him had together made it worse, but he couldn’t help it
  • he wanted to hold MC in his arms again, fall asleep next to MC’s small fragile body and wake up to see MC’s soft eyes gazing into his
  • he still ate properly and went to C&R International occasionally to check on his employees and how his children were handling the company, but deep inside, he missed MC every second of the day and couldn’t bear to look his children in their eyes that reminded him so much of MC


  • he knew what was happening as MC was starting to get less and less lively 
  • he wanted to take MC to the hospital, but MC insisted that they stayed at home 
  • as MC’s eyes slowly drifted to a close, he bit back his tears and held MC in his arms
  • the person who had changed his life, who gave him love, gave him back his brother and a family had finally left him
  • he knew it was selfish to want to keep MC forever, but he couldn’t help it
  • he just felt so guilty 
  • maybe if I hadn’t let MC into my life, MC would have lived longer. if only I’d pushed MC away harder, then MC wouldn’t have had to suffer
  • he didn’t speak to the RFA, he didn’t even see his brother; it was almost as if he disappeared off the face of the earth
  • he knew would never be the same again, not without MC


  • he was so, so angry
  • he couldn’t contain himself; he lashed out at everything that came in his way
  • even his brother couldn’t help him
  • he blamed the doctors, he blamed the RFA, he blamed everyone
  • but he blamed himself the most
  • he knew that he was horrible to begin with, constantly fighting with MC, creating conflict whenever he had the chance
  • in fact, before the last few moments of her passing, they’d had another argument about the most trivial thing ever
  • maybe if I hadn’t pissed her off so much MC wouldn’t have died from heart failure. why am I like this?!
  • he left the house that he felt like he hadn’t deserved to have shared with MC and disappeared into the mountains he used to live in so many years ago


  • it was real this time
  • it wasn’t like the false death of Rika he had told the RFA many years prior
  • was it karma for leaving Rika? maybe if I hadn’t left her for MC…
  • these thoughts kept repeating as he prepared for MC’s funeral
  • at the funeral, he placed pictures of MC he’d taken a few months before MC passed away
  • MC was still just as beautiful
  • a tear slipped out of his eye, but he quickly brushed it away knowing that MC would hate to see him like this
  • he wasn’t bitter about MC’s death… in fact, he was very open minded
  • he knew that everyone had a due date, he could feel his approaching too
  • with his remaining days, he took photos of the places MC had always liked to go, the little trinkets MC liked to buy and play with
  • anything that reminded him of her, he photographed and soon enough, he had an album full of MC and his memories
  • he kept it by his side as he was admitted into the hospital
  • ready to be taken away, he thought only of MC and felt that their souls would meet once again

gahh I hope you liked it! thanks for reading~ <3

-Cherry L.

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can we just talk about how ….. good™ nick Armstrong is

How great :) is it when you have a breakdown at work but you have to keep working if not you get sacked.

Can I also add that if you ask to go to a funeral and they refuse to let you, you can also get sacked if you skive off to go to said funeral :)

Overwatch Fan Fic Rec List #1

these are my personal favs!! i’m a multishipper so i hope this helps y’all.

notes: i don’t really read aus and theres a few ships i dislike so you won’t find stuff for them on there. ;;/ pls recommend fics to me too. <3 most of these tend to be multi-chapter too. (i didn’t mark everything.)

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