lets go shopping now

  • <p> <b>Yurio:</b> Beka, wazzup with you?<p/><b>Otabek:</b> me? You're the one with the attitude.<p/><b>Yurio:</b> attitude? You want me to show you attitude? Do you want to take this outside?<p/><b>Otabek:</b> you know what, yeah. I do want to take you outside.<p/><b>Chris [whispers to Victor]:</b> should we stop them. They look like they're going to fight.<p/><b>Victor:</b> wait for it...<p/><b>Yurio:</b> You. Me. Tea shop. Now.<p/><b>Otabek:</b> let's go then, my treat.<p/><b>Chris:</b> wow.<p/></p>

the calendar // panic! at the disco

  • donald trump: barack obama wasn't born in america
  • republicans: show us the birth certificate!
  • fake news: hillary clinton is running a sex shop from a pizzeria in DC
  • republicans: lets go investigate now!
  • james comey: we may or may not have new emails from hillary clinton
  • republicans: put her in jail!
  • CIA: we have definitive proof that russia interfered with the election
  • republicans: what? y'all wild. you can't believe everything you hear.

Your face…looks like…some sort of trap… 


Breaking News: Youth buys new pants. Wears them.

  • Shakespearean Questionaire: What on earth is a Christmas pudding?
  • I don't know, can I eat it: Hamlet, Hal, Benedick,
  • I don't know, can I get drunk on it: Falstaff, Christopher Sly, Macbeth's Porter, Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew Aguecheek
  • I don't know, can I hit someone with it: Hotspur, Kate Minola, Ophelia, Coriolanus
  • I dont' know, can I kill someone with it: Tamora, Brutus, Lady Macbeth
  • I don't know, can I marry it: Petruchio, Orsino, Egeus
  • I don't know, is it any use for duelling: Aumerle, Laertes, Aufidius
  • I don't know, can I hide poison in it: Claudio, Iago, Aaron
  • I don't know, and frankly, I have worse problems: King Lear, Any Antonios and Sebastians
  • I don't know, can I look it up somewhere: Horatio, Benvolio, Viola, Malvolio
  • I know, and I'm not telling: Beatrice, Feste, King Lear's Fool, Maria
“Persona 4 - Kiri no Amnesia” by Kenichi Fujiwara (The first 4 pages, translated)

The following is not a Fanfiction, but a translated excerpt from a novel that was sold in Japan shortly after the release of Persona 4. This light novel is a side-story, set shortly after Yukiko’s dungeon and expands on Yosuke’s relationship with Saki Konishi, while also attempting to explain what happened to the Shadows of the two victims of the serial murders.The story features Yosuke as the protagonist, with Yukiko, Chie and Teddie in supporting roles. Yu is absent for plot-reasons. While the story’s canon-status is debatable, it at very least *is* official merchandise, which was never released outside Japan.

What can be found in this post are only the first four pages of the book, HOWEVER, if there is enough interest, I will try and translate the entire book, chapter by chapter. That said, let’s go:

I: The Shopping District in the Fog

<Now I Face Out, I Hold Out, I Reach Out To The Truth-!>

The sound of the English vocals drummed in his head as he let himself get carried by the fast-paced flow of the melody. Even trough the droning music from his headphones with the volume pumped up all the way to max level ,Yosuke Hanamura could still hear the voice of a girl, his teammate.

“C’mon, Yosuke!!”

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