lets go nemo

My Thoughts On This Year's Oscar's Summed Up in One Text Post

1. Hooraaaaay, Ellen!

2. “The most important thing is love and family and friendship. And the people who don’t have that usually go into showbusiness”-Ellen

3. They played “I Dreamed a Dream” when Anne came out yaaaaaay!

4. OF COURSE Ellen mentions Finding Nemo

5. Ooooh, yeah Meryl, give us that shimmy!

6.Frozen won yaaaaaay!

7. Great dress, Sally Fields!

8. Joseph Gordon Levitt bowing to Emma Watson…..can’t even

9.Woohoo you GO Angela Lansbury….and she called her honorary Oscar a “golden chap” how precious is that?

10. So apparently, Will Smith recognized one of the red carpet camera men from “Fresh Prince of Belair” and ackowledged him….this is why I love this guy.

11. Liza plus Ellen equals fabulous!

12. Benedict Cumberbatch is the master photobomber! (And apparently my sister does not know who he is…I’m crying)

13. I was rooting for Sally Hawkins to win Best Featured Actress but Lupita deserved it as well, her speech was so cute!

14. Well done, Ellen. You broke Twitter.

15. Whoa, Ellen just bought everybody pizza!

16. Loved the orchestral version of Cups they played for Anna Kendrick!

17. The Wizard of Oz tribute made me cry. Wish they would have featured more of Judy Garland’s kids though, but their prescense there brought tears to my eyes. Pink did okay, but she breathed in random places which drove me nuts. But I loved Ellen in the Glinda dress!

18. Benedict will be the death of me.

19. In memorium….right in the feels.

20. Idina, sweetie, you are my home girl forever and ever but what happened? It’s okay you’re still the queen and I still love you.

21. I was rooting for Saving Mr. Banks to get best score dangit.

22. HOORAY LET IT GO WON! and Bobby and Kristen’s speech was the best of the night! And now Bobby is an EGOT winner. (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) 

23. Everyone has been behaving at these Oscars….which means I am loosing at Oscar bingo…..

24. YES CATE BLANCHETT WON!! Very class speech. All those ladies were desrving, but Cate was my personal favorite, Blue Jasmine was SO GOOD.

25. Poor Leo just can’t catch a break….

Well, thus concludes my Oscars commentary. Whee.


TIL that Kristen and Bobby Anderson-Lopez not only wrote the songs for Winnie the Pooh (2011) and Frozen (2013), they also wrote the songs for Finding Nemo - The Musical (2007) at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

What’s more, they provided the voices of Dory and Marlin for the show’s soundtrack!