lets go my babies

Okay. Okay but what if.

What if next season, Shiro gets separated from the group again (It’s like a once-a-season thing at this point so you know it’s bound to happen seriously someone put a leash on this guy already) and the team splits up to go find him. And throughout the episode, it seems like each of the rest of the team has managed to find him, but the scene always cuts out before you’re sure, so it’s ambiguous. Until towards the end of the episode when Keith actually manages to find him, and saves him (again) and guides him back towards the meeting place with the others, and you’re like, finally

Only when he gets there, everyone else has a Shiro with them too. And that’s when we find out that the Galra didn’t make one Shiro clone. They made several


“I want my electric lasso. I would slice people in half. I would let my psychopathy out once and for all, and people couldn’t do anything about it ‘cause I would have a laser lasso and if you come at me, I’d slice you in half with it!”

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Taichi is himself, optimistic and courageous again

•I’m sitting eyes wide open and I got one thing stuck in my mind,
Wondering if I dodged a bullet or just lost the love of my life•