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please please please continue the ghostTom and sirenMarco fic!

Sure! Of course I can! I’m so happy you liked the story! I really liked writing that one! I had a fun time making it! I hope you like this next installment! Enjoy!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/163002161642/i-saw-youre-post-about-wanting-more-siren-marco

“How do you expect me to get you home?” Marco asked. He had tried to swim away, but the current the ghost was creating around the ship was too strong, and he kept getting swept back in the water.

“I don’t care.” The ghost seethed. “You’re a siren! Aren’t you monsters supposed to be strong? Can’t you just, push the ship?” He asked.

“No! It’s totally sunk into the ground! Not to mention in pieces.” Marco huffed. “And don’t call me a monster! You’re the ghost!”

“Because of you!”

“I didn’t do anything!” Marco yelled back. “Sirens feed, and you got in an accident… it wasn’t even me who was in the pact at the time. It was a hundred years ago.” Marco hissed at him. The ghost huffed and turned on his heel, facing away. “Can I ask you a question?” Marco asked.

“No.” The ghost retorted.

“How did you resist our song?” Marco asked anyway. “No human is able to. But they all say you resisted, and tried to run and was never eated. They left you to drown with the ship.” he continued. At hearing the story the ghost flinched and seemed to gasp a bit. He was silent for a long time.

“I wasn’t entrapped by the sirens.” He spoke. “I was too scared. My head wasn’t clear enough to focus on the song, and fall under their spell. I was scared and I couldn’t even listen to them sing.” He continued.

“Well like you said, sirens are monsters.” Marco huffed. He then sighed. “I guess I could see why you’d be scared though.” He admitted.

“I wasn’t scared of the sirens you moron!” The ghost seethed. Marco fell back and the ghost stopped. “Look, as long as I’m trapped here, you are too. So you better help me find a way to get out of this watery grave. I can’t take it anymore!” He ran his fingers through his hair that drifted and floated in the water.

“Can I at least know your name?” Marco asked. “I’m Marco.” The ghost sighed and kept looking off the edge of the ship.

“Tom.” He finally caved. “Now find a way to get me off of here or I’m making sushi!” Tom growled. Marco rolled his eyes and began searching the ship. Tom leaned against the wall of the boat and huffed. They would be here a while.


“Look, I spent all day here. There’s nothing I can do for you!” Marco told him. “My pact will be worried about me. Just let me go home.” He begged. Tom was carving something into the side of the ship with an old, rusted and mossy knife.

“Nope.” He stood by it. “Sirens trapped me, now a siren’s gonna set me free. It’s called paying what you owe.” Tom pointed to Marco with the knife and the siren growled. He slapped the knife out of Tom’s hands with his fin and raged.

“I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” He cried. “You can’t blame somebody now for something their relatives from a hundred years ago did!” Marco explained.

“I can and I will. Somebody’s gotta make it right.” Tom leaned back and Marco huffed.

“You’re a mean ghost.” He muttered. “I thought ghosts were supposed to be spooky, and ominous and be stuck in a daze once the maddening sense of eternity seeps in.” Marco spoke, wiggling his fingers and imitating a ghost you see in a movie, or in a scary story. To his surprise the ghost laughed a bit. It wasn’t a nice laugh, but it was still a laugh.

“A hundred years gives you some time to adjust.” Tom huffed. They then turned away from each other and Marco went back to trying to escape from the current Tom created. And Tom just continued playing with his knife.

“My family is going to be worried about me.” Marco told the ghost, trying to earn some pity so he would let him go. But Tom just leaned back.

“Min would have been too.” He responded. Marco groaned and fell back, floating down gently in the water to lay down on the deck of the ship. He looked up to see the moon shining through the ocean water. Marco closed his eyes and hoped nobody would worry too much, and hoped this crazy ghost would let him go soon.


A rattling woke Marco up from his sleep and he sat up. He looked around and saw the ghost wasn’t on the deck anymore, but the current keeping Marco trapped was still there. Marco looked around to try and figure out where the rattling was coming from. He swam over to the stairs and below deck on the ship. He saw Tom sitting on the ground, he was picking up a chain and dropping it, over and over.

“I know keeping you here won’t solve anything.” Tom knew Marco was there without even looking up. Marco swam closer and Tom put his head back against the wall. “No matter what happens… if I’m dead or alive… I’m still gonna be trapped here.” He sighed.

“I’m sorry for what happened to you… sirens took you away from your family and-”

“Sirens didn’t take me away from them!” Tom snapped. “All you guys did was sink the ship and eat the pirates.” He pulled one of his knees up and rested his head on it. Marco swam over and sat down next to the ghost.

“Earlier you said that during the attack it wasn’t the sirens you were afraid of… and now you’re saying it wasn’t them who took you away.” Marco recalled. “What’s your story?” He asked. Tom sighed and leaned back. Marco heard the current outside slow down, he could probably swim away now if he wished, but he stayed.

“Yeah… sirens sunk the ship and ate my crew… but they’re not the reason I’m here.” Tom explained. “I was from a place called the pacific islands. And pirates stormed through and decided they wanted to take me away. I don’t know if I was a new crew member, a prisoner, or a slave, or they just never wanted to drop me off on shore. But I couldn’t escape, they kept me here.” Tom lifted up his arm, he was holding the chain. Marco saw a dark scarred bruise on Tom’s wrist, and a broken cuff on the chain.

“You weren’t scared of the sirens… you were scared of what the pirates were going to do to you…” Marco realized. Tom nodded.

“You see your fair share of sirens where I’m from… we knew how to avoid them.” Tom explained.

“And you were chained to the ship when sirens sunk it… that’s why you drowned.” Marco realized. Tom nodded again.

“Do you know what drowning feels like?” Tom asked. “Of course you don’t… but it’s been a hundred years and I still remember it perfectly… people say it’s a peaceful way to die but… it wasn’t peaceful. I was screaming and struggling, but no matter what I did the water kept me down and muffled. It was dark… By the time I broke the cuff it was too late.” Tom ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head. “I’m going to be here forever… there’s nothing you can do to change that.” He sighed.

“Ghosts repeat the last thing they hear forever…” Marco recalled to himself. Tom looked up confused and Marco shot up. “Ghosts repeat the last thing they hear forever!” Marco cried. “Tom! That’s why you’re a prisoner on this boat!” He exclaimed. “You were a prisoner for the last days of your life! It was the last thing you remember; not being able to leave this boat. So In death, you can’t leave this boat!” Marco shook the ghost by the shoulders and Tom looked confused.

“Wait… does this mean I can leave?” Tom asked. “Did we like… solve the riddle?” Marco fell back.

“N-no… it just means I know why you can’t leave… I don’t think that’s a solution.” He admitted. Tom sighed and fell back down to the floor of the ship.

“I was stupid to think this would work.” Tom rubbed his head. “Just leave. There’s no reason two of us should be here.” He spoke. Marco swam up and then looked down at the ghost.

“I’ll come back for you.” He promised. Tom gave a confused look.


“Because it was my pact that sunk your ship. It’s called paying what you owe, somebody’s gotta make it right.”

~ airport adventures ~ preference ~


Whenever you and Dan go on trips, whether it’s for YouTube events, conventions, or just for a vacation, he always helps you in anyway he can to make your airport experience relaxing. We all know that staying at an airport during a 6 hour layover can get boring and exhausting.

Dan would offer to carry your luggage, even though he’d be holding quite a few of his own. You’d refuse his help, but he’d keep pushing you until you say yes. It made you laugh, thinking how Dan would never voluntarily exercise, yet he’s inviting himself to lift additional weights.

When looking for a place to eat, Dan is willing to go wherever you would want to go. McDonalds? Sure. Panini’s? No problem. Sushi? Whatever you want sweetheart. Not only does he let you eat wherever, he pays for it too.

After a few hours, the exhaustion sets in. Sitting down at the terminal waiting for people to start boarding, you could feel your eyelids getting heavier and you start to yawn. Dan would pull you closer to him and you rest your head on his shoulders. His steady breathing lifts his shoulders up and down, lulling you to sleep.



Phil would be the greatest company you could ever have at the airport. His fun nature keeps you alive and excited, never a dull moment. Anytime the two of you get stuck with a hefty layover, the first thing on both of your minds is to wander around the airport. You would go into every store, one by one, checking out all of the goods the airport has to sell.

Whenever you come across small souvenirs, Phil immediately spots for the ones with your name on it. He has been buying you all sorts of goods with your name, leaving you with a box full of goodies back at home.

Few hours will pass and your arms would start to hurt from dragging a suitcase behind you. He’d offer to take the bag every few seconds, each time with a response of “no, I’m fine”. Eventually, he would convince you.

When arriving at the terminal, you notice how packed it is. Unfortunately, there aren’t any seats that are adjacent to each other, only single seats between people. You consider standing, but Phil motions you to sit down. You ask him where he plans to sit and he just answers “I’m not going to”. You ask him if he’s sure and he responds “absolutely”.