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fun facts from the ‘Beyond Stranger Things’ series on netflix (spoilers!!)

Classic Duffer Brothers moments:

  • The Snow Ball was always going to be the scene they were building to the whole season, and the scene between Nancy and Dustin there was always a part of that. That scene is based off of a real life conversation Matt Duffer had with his older female cousin while he was young, in which she basically told him the same things Nancy tells Dustin
  • They originally were going to have Will (or rather, the Mind Flayer acting as Will) kill Bob in episode four, after the speech he gives about the clown scaring him as a kid. However, Sean Astin lobbied hard for Bob to have a heroic death, and the Duffers ultimately felt like episode four was too soon for Will to become fully possessed
  • The Duffer brothers were held back in kindergarten because they only hung out with each other and didn’t socialize with the other children. By the same token, the pair would spend their lunches in high school sitting by themselves eating atop their car, which informed the scene with Nancy and Jonathan eating lunch together. Originally, the scene was supposed to be set in a field

Cute Kid Stuff:

  • The kiss between Max and Lucas at the Snow Ball was Caleb McLaughlin’s first kiss, which he was initially kind of pumped for; the novelty faded, though, when they couldn’t get the timing right and had to do take after take after take, and all the extras kept applauding
  • (this is my personal favorite) Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown were more prepared for their kiss; so that Millie could have the right reaction, Finn would whisper like a ventriloquist “I’m coming in” right before he kissed her. In the finished shot, you can see his lips just barely moving as he whispers to her
  • Noah Schnapp and Millie are two of the closest friends in the cast despite almost never appearing together onscreen, and they hope they get more scenes together in future episodes
  • The purring that Dustin does throughout the season was initially improvised by Gaten Matarazzo
  • Millie loved doing scenes with David Harbour but hated the scenes where she was alone in Hopper’s cabin, just watching soaps and putting on blindfolds, she says really she felt like Eleven felt, bored and cooped-up
  • For the scenes with the pollywog, the kids acted with little rubber models of it, one of which they affectionately nicknamed “the sushi”
  • Gaten was the first child actor cast, but didn’t know that he already had the role when he went in for chemistry reads. He met Finn outside the audition waiting to go in, who apparently “looked like he was going to be sick,” and the two were so nervous that they barely spoke a word to each other
  • Millie was very motion sick on the suspended platform during the scene in which Eleven closes the gate, so she says she “channeled her vomit” into her performance
  • Shawn Levy, who directed many of the show’s episodes, says that when working with kids, you have to give directions that you would otherwise never give to adult actors; the most prominent example was when he had to say “stop slapping each other because it’s turning your faces red” – apparently the kids were playing some slapping game between takes
  • Three Musketeers is actually in Gaten’s top three favorite candies 

Other Funny Tidbits:

  • Dacre Montgomery had to do costume tests in which he had to literally show off his butt to the camera so they could find the right fit of jeans
  • Joe Keery was initially jealous of the fact that Dacre’s mullet was a wig which he could take off at the end of the day whereas Joe’s was his real hair, but he says that it grew on him, though, and he was almost sad to cut it off after filming was complete
  • When asked if he thought Hopper thinks that Bob is good for Joyce, David Harbour said “absolutely not” and that he supports “Jopper,” citing that “the sex with Hopper would be much better” (Millie and Noah expressed excitement over the possibility of Joyce and Hopper getting together, which would mean that Will and Eleven would be like siblings and they’d probably get to have scenes together)
  • Randy Haven, who plays Mr. Clarke, apparently gets science questions from fans all the time, which he can never answer because he knows nothing about science
  • It was Dacre’s idea to be seductively eating a cookie during his scene with Mrs. Wheeler
  • When Nancy and Jonathan are eating breakfast with Murray and the bit of egg falls off his fork, prompting him to say “oops,” it was completely accidental & unscripted. In the scene, Nancy appears to be amused and smiling at the situation, but it’s really just Natalia Dyer breaking character and trying not to laugh

Cool Behind-the-Scenes Trivia:

  • When filming began, the season wasn’t completely written yet, so there was plenty of room for adjustment. The writers knew that the pairing of Dustin and Steve would be comedic gold, but didn’t realize the emotional element that Gaten and Joe would bring to it, leading to the writers adjusting some of the scenes between them to add more pathos 
  • One of the writers of the show was visiting the set on the day of Bob’s death scene, and she just happened to be the perfect size to portray one of the demodogs, so they asked her if she wanted to the one to kill him, and she apparently loved it
  • When Joyce and Mike are showing Bob Will’s drawings, Joyce draws an X over the spot they need to find and Bob remarks, “What’s there? Pirate treasure?” This is an overt nod to The Goonies, the classic 80s movie in which Sean Astin plays a kid who goes looking for pirate treasure (It was because of The Goonies that the Duffer brothers were initially reluctant to cast Sean, as they feared he would be too distracting)
  • After Dustin ‘dies’ playing Dragon’s Lair, Lucas taunts him by saying that “Princess Daphne is still mine.” This foreshadows that Lucas ultimately ends up with Max rather than Dustin
  • When Eleven blows out the windows of Hopper’s cabin, the windows were all shattered for real, and David refused to use a stunt double
  • Dacre had Thanksgiving with the Duffers, where they listened to 80s music and brainstormed for the soundtrack
  • For the moment where Nancy stabs Will with a fire poker, they used a real poker but reused the “fake Will” dummy from season 1 
A Raven Among Crows: Pt 4

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You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part Two  Part Three  Part Five 

(Y/M/N)= Your Male Name

(Y/N)= Your Name

You are tired of hearing the stupid fucking wind howling all the damn time. Your feet ach and you’re starving. Hearing Jon complain wasn’t the worst thing in the world, the enjoyment you did find was looking at the beautiful landscape beyond the Wall.

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Keep calm Jonsa fam, acting is a profession.

[note: this has pro-Jonsa bits I promise]

One thing I keep seeing, and I’m bringing this up now because it’s just appeared on our tag recently, is that a lot of people cannot seem to separate the actors and actresses from their characters. I’m not even going to bring up the whole K*milia situation because that is a mess. No, I’m only going to highlight and emphasise that acting is a profession. These are real people who are being paid to portray these characters. Yes, though that does mean they have to understand how their characters’ mind works, that doesn’t mean that what they answer in interviews represent what their characters would answer - because they are not their characters.

So when we’re being presented with a situation like Kit(the actor!) answering a “Fuck, Marry, Kill” question, you need to remember one of two things; (i) this is his opinion - the opinion of an actor that’s quite literally grown by his cast mates, and (ii) they are not going to give any spoilers away.

You need to remember that when an actor/actress is given their scripts a few months in advance, that’s all their given - the script for the season. There is no endgame outline, heck, even D&D didn’t know the endgame of the series when they first decided to produce it. However, when the cast does promotional interviews before the premier, trust that they(of course, by logic) already know what happens to their characters in that season(because… they’ve acted it out), but also that they have to keep things to themselves, otherwise they would be spoiling the entire viewing experience for the fans.

In the case of promotional interviews, they exist solely to promote the series before it airs. This means, creating hype and trying to push the viewers to adopt a certain idea of how things will go down, especially when it’s done with the intention of misguiding them. We saw this with Jon Snow’s resurrection, and again with Starkbowl. Kit knew he was coming back, but he had to lie. They all have to(remember Maisie Williams saying Sansa would die in S7?). That’s why there is a difference in how certain actors answer their interview questions depending on whether their work has premiered.

Also, figuratively speaking, if you were to set up the biggest red herring to ever occur - 20 years in the making, and something that most people are anticipating - you would expect the cast and crew to be under some sort of obligation to hype it up. Just as important is the fact that though the actor/actress may already know what’s to happen to their character since they’ve received their script, it doesn’t necessarily mean they know what happens to the rest of the characters - their own cast mates. Remember that little letter Sophie Turner wrote to Kit when she thought he was really not coming back to set? Exactly.

Take notice of how they’ve been hyping up this idea of J0nerys, having Jon and D*ny be the centre of attention in promotional pictures for the longest time, both these actors saying they would go for each other in interviews, etc. Yet right after S7E07(b0atbang!) they both mocked the idea: cue the actors fake gagging. Once it was out there, they were relieved of this responsibility to keep up the hype to an extent. Were they allowed to say whether or not this tryst would end up crashing and burning? Of course not - even they don’t know that yet(unless D&D trusted them enough to keep the endgame points hush hush).

Surprisingly though, one theory that none of the cast/crew has seemed to answer(or entertain) is Jonsa. Why not? This ship has garnered way more attention than even Gendrya and that’s somewhat been discussed at an angle with Joe Dempsie(the actor who portrays Gendry). Even the ‘Varys is a Merman’ speculation has been brought up once before and that’s a total reach. So why, my friends, have they not addressed one of the bigger theories about endgame? One of the actual ongoing theories that have plenty of meta and quotes to back it up? My guess is that if Jonsa was really endgame, they would not want that idea to have ever occurred to the casual viewer. Why? Shock value, to keep up the hype for a certain possible red herring, to keep their audience in the shadow so that whatever they give us ends up being taken as a huge plot twist… etc. Cheap tactics, yes, but was R+L=J ever brought up in interviews with the cast before it was made canon on the show?

So, no antis, I’m not on the verge of a breakdown just because Sophie Turner - the actress who portrays Sansa - let out that she thinks Jon and D*enerys will end up birthing a beautiful T*rgaryen baby back in season 6. Whoop de doo, she predicted that the most anticipated and cliche pairing would hook up - who would’ve thought! Oh wait, we all assumed that would happen from day 1. No surprises there. [Not to discredit Sophie for her acting skills or her ability to understand her character because she does those things perfectly well, but she made an assumption about two separate characters based on what she’s seen as a viewer - she has not read the source material and for that I cannot expect her, as an actor portraying a different character, to be able to come to a plausible conclusion to the story. In fact, only one remaining cast member has read ASOIAF - Gwendoline Christie(Brienne of Tarth). The rest have no idea up until this point, what would happen to their characters. And honestly, it’s not their fault? You can’t always expect the actors to fully know the source material especially if they were cast at a very young age - Sophie was 13. I’ve been in productions before where the entire cast had no idea what the narrative was about, so it’s not a shock.]

Lastly, please don’t for a second think that the opinions of the cast will affect the outcome of the story. The ink is(somewhat) dry. GRRM isn’t going to change the progression of the story or the endpoints that required years and years of him carefully placing easter eggs and foreshadowings and extensive fictional history, just because an actor wants his character to end up marrying a different character. Heck, even D&D don’t care about what the actors want for their characters - Ian McElhinney(Barristan Selmy) begged them to not kill off his character who is still very much alive in the books. However now, we are presented with a situation where D&D are obligated to have the same endgame as GRRM. This is why we see so many changes being made, and so many characters doing things that seem out of character to us as viewers; because they have to reach the same destination, but they’ve already taken a different route. This is why Sansa took over Jeyne Poole’s arc with the whole Ramsay plot, so she could get to Jon sooner and they could lay the groundwork for what I can only assume to be Jonsa in the making. At this point in production - and this is the main criticism Season 7 got, you have to understand that D&D have sacrificed good writing because they’re scrambling to get to the end points - it apparently no longer matters how they get there, as prominently evident with the whole Beyond The Wall sequence(in which they really really just wanted to showcase a wight bear and abused/relied too much on suspension of disbelief, throwing logic out the window).

So rest easy babes, production team and cast is always going to tease us and troll us. Don’t let the anti’s ruin your experience. And remember above all, canon or not, we’re a pretty f*king tight community and it’s always gonna be a joy to stick around for all the creative content and meta we get out of the fandom.

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you realize you ship clarke who you say you love with a person who is and always has been abusive to her? the whole first season, the 3rd the 4th...your fucked up

Oh sweetheart… go outside, get some fresh air, enjoy life, pay no attention to what i do and who i ship.
I’m not even gonna try and explain the pure bullshit you just wrote here because if you thought about it for a second you wouldn’t think it let alone write it…
PS : you know you can just say you don’t like a ship without having to make up a woke excuse as to why you don’t ship it


Well no game 6 for me in person, since it’s in LA. But I do have the whole media room to myself and all of my Astros gear on. Including my socks I’ve worn (and not washed) to every post season. I’m beyond ready for this!!


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key to my heart (don’t you dare lose it) // l.h.

WC: 764
// mountains crumble, he gets dragged into the sea, and all because of you.

His favorite thing about the ocean was how the water met with edge of the world. The colors of the sunset blended with the clear water, and somehow he knew everything would be okay eventually. The light would dim, the edges morphed into one—like you and him—and the world sighed. The waves would quietly crash onto the sand, they would wrap their hands around his ankles while whispering that they were going to mend his heart. He felt at peace. Then you would come into his view, your hair would dance into the wind, the shine in your eyes would reflect off the sun, and the waves were no longer peaceful. They grabbed him with great force, dragging him to the unfaithful seas. No longer whispering sweetly, they would taunt him. Times up, they would sneer. It’s time to wake up.

He should have known that it wouldn’t last. Everything comes to an end; a piece of cake, a tv program, a fiery love that turns to ice cold bitterness. The worst thing about it, about the whole summer, was your endless disagreement that you would survive the year. You didn’t believe—you didn’t have faith—that the three month relationship would last beyond that. It was great what you had; you didn’t think that you felt any happier than when you were with him. But seasons change, the leaves fall off the trees, and love always drowns. He was falling in love with you, so he would fight off the choking hold the waves had on him. He would punch and kick and scream—all for you. He wasn’t going to let your love die.

But you were.

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Luna thought if she read through the scene a few times she would stop hating it as much as she did but it seemed that it just got worse the more she read. Grabbing the script she walked out of her dressing room and down to where the writers were. Why they had to let Brian leave was beyond her. He knew how to write and now they had a new head writer and this was supposed to be the opener for the new season. She made her way into his little room before dropping the script on his desk. “This is a joke right? You go through a whole season showing that Evie is not going to be a bad guys arm candy and that’s literally what you’re doing. I mean.. did you even read the books? She’s not the Harley Quinn of this series.”

The 100 Season 3 Request: Slow Down Just A Little

QUOTE BELOW VIA http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/11/the-100-season-finale_n_6850268.html - 

If I have one overall idea about what “The 100” could do in its third season, it’s this: More “Colonial Day.” That’s an episode of “Battlestar Galactica” in which we got to see the characters socializing and relaxing, at least for a little while. We saw different sides of them as they celebrated a holiday, and that episode and others like it helped cement my affection for them and my interest in their lives. I truly appreciate the energetic pace of “The 100”, its moral gravity and its ability to come up with believable but shocking twists, but having some lighter moments can help the darker aspects of any show stand out. Also, purely character-driven moments can also just be fun to watch. I liked watching Raven and Wick bicker about engineering dilemmas; I like seeing Jasper and Monty hang out; I like seeing what happens when characters are not on the run or being beaten up. When a show pays attention to its forward momentum but gives the people in the story a chance to reaffirm their bonds with each other within non-traumatizing situations, it can really pay off in the long term. I’m not saying “The 100” needs an influx of kittens and rainbows — this is not that kind of show — but adding a little more tonal and emotional variety might be a welcome thing when the show returns. It’s just a thought.

I have to say I agree with this sentiment. I’ve been re-watching Battlestar Galactica, and it’s surprisingly a quite relaxing show compared with The 100. The pace of that show, while they do face similarly bleak situations and dangerous encounters, is nowhere near of that of The 100 in Season 2. 

Regardless of which characters you care about the most in CW’s show, there’s always this sense that you’re being whipped around at a frantic pace and you never get to spend enough time with any group before it’s on to the next batch. 

Those quiet moments in between battles and disasters, however, are what help us identify with and understand the characters better. Some of my favorite scenes from this show have been these lower-key moments - like Clarke talking to her dad while hallucinating; Kane coming to Abby post-shocklashing filled with regret and making her chancellor while he effectively left on a suicide mission; Raven and Wick or Octavia and Lincoln’s moments of, errr, bonding; plus backstories like Octavia’s first foray out of her hole on the Ark for that party or the whole Spacewalker thing, which finally made me like Finn. 

I know there’s a big plot to move forward, but how about telling a few stories about the struggles of everyday survival in Season 3, now that the wars with Mt. Weather and the Grounders are over, and that with the AI has yet to begin (um, again, I guess)? 

For starters, Abby needs to come to terms with letting Clarke go. She will find out next season that Clarke has left camp, and she needs to find an identity beyond being a protective mother. That ship has sailed.

I’d love to see Abby becoming a good Chancellor in the wake of Clarke’s departure, for example, organizing jobs and hunting expeditions and making sure her people have food, shelter, water, and supplies (and new clothes! Go raid Mt. Weather, by the way!) She should form a new council with Bellamy on board, and give him a ton of responsibility. 

I’d love to see Abby and Kane as well as Raven and Wick developing their own relationships outside the threat of imminent war or certain death. 

I’d love to see the characters fight their way through recovery from their physical pain, too - Raven and Abby will have serious healing to do from the marrow extraction, and will probably have a hard time being laid up in bed or unable to walk. Likely the show will just jump forward to the point where they’re healed, but it doesn’t have to. Remember when Starbuck’s leg was injured, and she wouldn’t immediately get out of bed until confronted about it? Or how Laura Roslin overdid her drugs, and then faced the consequences of trying to beat cancer by taking 3x the meds?

Those situations helped define those characters, but all we see is stuff like this: beam falls on Kane’s leg, nearly killing him. Next scene, he’s just walking around with a slight limp. Surely we missed something in between? 

I’d also love to see Clarke’s “walkabout” not turning into an immediate disaster where she’s running from a rabid bear or whatever, but one where she gets a chance reflect on her emotional pain and come to terms with it - yes, with only her - not “Clexa” - on the screen. (More like when Jaha came to Earth…or like most of the movie “Castaway” Ha!). 

Let’s see Murphy just hanging around his new fancy house, and slowly discovering whose house it was and what that guy did and the horror of that. Let’s see Jasper’s friends try to help him get over Maya’s loss, and new bonds form. 

Let’s meet some of the other kids and grown-ups, and sort of expand that world of Camp Jaha. I’m actually curious about how that whole thing runs - are parts of the Ark still livable? Are they trying to grow food yet? Can’t they build a shower already? Are they trying to take the Ark apart and re-use it to build housing? What do people do all day there?

I’m just saying: let’s give these Sky People a moment to live, not just survive, and see what that even looks like. (Clarke hinted at this being necessary, when she said something of the sort to Lexa.) 

I’m not saying don’t keep us on the edge of our seats, or tell the big story. But give us all a moment to breathe every now and then in the next season. 

Is it October yet?

I have a very small account and I doubt this will hardly get through to anyone but I might as well try.

I see all the points to where TFP was poorly done episode. I think quite differently though. Just like Euros says, you are missing the emotional context here. This episode whole episode, well actually this whole season was about Sherlock. The future character developements and the new ones could have been done better.

But what we see in this season is Sherlock. But not the emotionless detective supressing all feelings. We see a Sherlock becoming more and more vulnerable, letting his guard down. Choosing emotions over logics. If anythingx Sherlock never lost his complexity of a character. And I have never seen a character that I have adored in the books so well excuted but even more going beyond then what lies in the books.

Their is still a hunch that their will be a fourth episode because it seem they always stop at three.

I know that queer baiting sucks and it’s unfair but this ship was meant for fun anyways. It brings any fandom more to life. They aren’t meant to taken seriously. The fun stops when people become over dramatic that the otp was not cannon.

In no means that I mean disrespect on the LGBTQ and you have every right to be angry over the queer baiting. I’m just reminding that this whole thing started out has child’s play.

I will always love Sherlock. Even if the fandom “dies” I am proud to be apart of it.