okay but literally the entire universe knows, coke is ready, obama is ready, wave to that friendly alien in a solar system not yet discovered cause they are ready too, every one is READY

2015 goals:

  • be kinder to myself, hold my own hand when i need it.
  • when the words don’t come, don’t be mad at them. leave them to rest. they need their sleep, too.
  • say no when i need to. 
  • be more careful with my heart. 
  • take deep breaths on the bad days. give myself more second chances.
  • love love love love like there’s no end to it, because there is no end to it.
  • pour my best into the world. pour until it comes back to me in different ways.
  • look at the world like i’m underwater. like there are parts of this place i need to explore because there are. there are. and it’s okay if they leave me breathless. and it’s okay if i have to come back up to the surface every now and then.
  • leave toxic people and things behind, including the parts of myself that try to hold me back.
  • drink more water.
  • forgive. forgive myself. forgive others. but don’t let the same mistakes repeat themselves.
  • live life like i’m not waiting for something better, because this is it. this is it, and i’m going to do my best to make sure it’s enough.

Anon: this is the video to watch to cheer you up. It’s ridiculous. (freddieismyqueen–youtube)