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   Make essays easy: 17 basic study tips for university

{Found this great little article on the Independent’s website today and thought I’d share with you guys. I hope it provides some basic pointers ^_^}

Take good lecture notes

It may sound a bit obvious but if you take down good notes it will save you a lot of time come revision time. Make sure you start a new page for every lecture, keep any hand-outs in a folder and don’t bother taking down entire sentences – key words and concepts are all you need. When you get home, expand on the notes you’ve taken, this way you’ll revisit the lecture for a second time.

Gather all your notes in one space

A lot of timewasting occurs when you’re busy sourcing the material you need to study. Keep everything organised together in one space, so when you do quickly need to see that sheet from last term again, you don’t waste hours trying to find it.

Make it visual

Many students are visual learners which means just reading something over and over again isn’t going to cut it. Visual learners need sights, images and visual concepts to make things stick. Organising your material into charts, maps and diagrams.

Vary the way you study

Not everyone is a visual learner, there are plenty of other study methods out there that may be more suitable to you. You might be someone that learns by doing things; in that case record yourself reading out your notes and listen to it over again. If you’re someone who remembers song lyrics easily, check to see if there are relevant podcasts available of your course.

Get somebody to test you

Asking someone to test you is a productive break from the dreary monotonous studying routine. This will also allow you to see where you’re strengths lie and what sections you need to re-visit. Also, knowing that in an hour your housemate is coming down to test you may spur you on when you’re studying.

Group study

Forming a study group will make you feel less alone when you’re studying. Make sure everyone in the group is on the same page; braggers, slackers, and super-stressed people won’t make you feel any better.

Find old exam papers

Using a past paper, undertake a mock exam under exam conditions. This will help you practice writing under time constraints. Past papers will help you get an idea of the topics and questions that are likely to come up and reduce any nasty surprises on exam day.

Don’t study in bed

Your bed is for sleeping and watching repeats of Come Dine With Me – your brain won’t be switched to knowledge in-take gear if you study under your duvet.

Take breaks

Break up your revision schedule with short breaks. A good study break consists of an activity that allows you to take your studying. Don’t go on Facebook or watch the Hollyoaks Omnibus, or any other activity that will suck you in a procrastination warp though – keep it short.

Reward yourself

It can’t be all about study, study, study. If you have achieved a study goal, or mastered a particular tricky bit of material – do reward yourself with something you like doing.  Quick game of Fifa, a new coat of nail polish or a chat with a mate.

Change up what you’re studying

Don’t stick to one topic; instead study a bunch of different material in one sitting. This technique will make sure your brain doesn’t go into auto-pilot.

Learn the general concepts first

Don’t worry about learning the details until you have gotten the hang of the main ideas. If you don’t actually understand what you’re studying, it doesn’t stick.

Explain it to a five-year-old

Ask a friend to pretend they’re five years old (bear with us here…) and try to explain what you are studying to them. This means you are going to have to simplify what you are learning and break it down, which will ultimately help you out too.

Avoid cramming, but revisit your notes before an exam

We all know cramming is a no-go. You stress yourself out and the material quickly exits your brain. However, calmly revisiting key notes and flash cards will allow you to feel prepared. Everything will be fresh in your mind when you take the exam.

Feed your brain with water, sleep and healthy foods

Don’t let a diet of energy drinks, chocolate bars and sugary tea ruin all that hard work you’ve done. You want your brain to be in optimal condition for all that information to sink in. Stay hydrated and don’t let your body crash. Keep your blood sugar up with healthy snacks like nuts, raisins, bananas and slow releasing energy foods like oats and apples.

Find your perfect ‘study time’

Some people are ready to go from the movement they wake up, whilst others remember the most at around 3am in a silent library. Experiment with different times so you can figure out what suits you.

Lastly, stay positive

Be confident and don’t let your nerves get the better of you. If you feel stressed, make sure you relax, take some deep breaths or do some exercise.

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“We have the kind of history anyone would never want to think about again, and you’re here asking me on a date?” W/ Alex summers? because ANGST IS TERRIBLE & GREAT

Alex Summers + this prompt list

A/N: Mobster AU bc I love mob aus also this has been in my inbox for literal months lmao sorry guys a l s o if anyone is interested in an additional part to this one, I wouldn’t be opposed to writing one

“Please. I just-fuck, I’m sorry it’s like this. I know it’s fucked up. I just-I just want to see you again.”

It’s raining and Alex is standing in front of you with an almost desperate look in his eye and this entire situation would feel like a fucking cliché if your life weren’t so far removed from normal it almost made you want to laugh. You don’t notice you’re wrapping your arms protectively around yourself and you can’t tear your gaze away from him, even though the raw emotion scrawled across his face is nearly painful to look at.

“Alex, I can’t-we can’t-” your voice is soft and hesitant and you’re fighting to keep it from shaking as you continue. “Don’t you-fuck, don’t you remember when you-the last time-and now you’re-you’re here somehow and you want to-to what? Take me on a date? I don’t-jesus, I don’t understand how-” there’s a lump in your throat and you’re a little surprised that you’re not already in tears. “What do you want me to say, Alex? I don’t know what to tell you.”

He flinches a little at the break in your voice and it takes everything in him not to just reach for you; to hold you and tell you none of the bullshit that happened last year is your fault. He manages to restrain himself. Barely. “It’s-shit, I know this is a fucking messed up situation-” he starts and you cut him off with an incredulous laugh that sounds closer to tears than you want it to.

“Messed up? Alex, the last time I saw you, my parents were both in the middle of a goddamn gunfight. I nearly fucking shot you. It’s-fuck, ‘messed up’ doesn’t even begin to cover this shit.” Your voice is shaking and you can feel the tears start to spill down over your cheeks. “I got out. You got me out. It’s-I never-I don’t want to be dragged back into my old life. Please don’t make me.”

You’re crying and your voice is shaking and he feels so goddamn helpless as he takes a reflexive step towards you and says softly “I got out too. I’m not-I’m not in that anymore. This isn’t some kind of attempt to bring you back into the business, and I’m not-I’m not trying to hurt you. I got out and the only thing I could think of when I left the city was you. I just-you don’t owe me any promises or any of your time at all, I just want to see you again. That’s all.”

He’s so close to you and for a second, all you can think of is the night you left. The night he smuggled you out of the city and you kissed him before boarding the train and running away from your old life. From your parents and their mafia. His lips were soft and warm and his hands were gentle as he held you carefully, as if you might break, and as you look at him, standing in front of you now, you want him so fiercely it’s almost painful but you know you can’t have him. Not now.

“Even if you’re out,” you start, voice trembling and quiet, “it’s not that simple. You know it’s not. I can’t-I don’t-I’m barely holding myself together these days, Alex. Please don’t make me think about-about what I used to do more than I have to.” Your arms tighten defensively around your torso as you suck in a shaky gasp and say “I’m sorry. I can’t-we can’t-there’s too much history between us. I’m-I’m sorry.”

You want to know how he got out of the business, how he found you, how he feels about you, but you’re to goddamn afraid of what’ll happen if you remember more of your old life and the people you’re running away from to get close to him. So instead of flinging yourself at him, of clinging to him as if you’ll never let go, you give him a small, weak smile and repeat “I’m sorry” softly before turning around and walking away, not bothering to stop the tears from streaming down your cheeks. You can feel the weight of his gaze on you as you go, and even though it takes all your willpower to keep yourself from running to him, you walk away from him and from the only good memory you held onto from your old life.

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I’m iffy about this one. I like the plot and some of the ideas I had, but don’t feel so great about the execution… Ah well, that’s why I get to come back to these in the future and try and make them better.

Bucky got in to YouTube just to give him a place to vent about the 21st Century. He never counted on getting popular. Or having Darcy use her own YouTube channel to start messing with him. Being messed with he could deal with, but being shipped

Word Count: 1595

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(Hey everyone, just wanna let you all know that tomorrow, I probably won’t be on Tumblr much cause in the morning, I have to go to my college that I’ll be in and take a tour around the place so I can remember how to get to my classes. Once I get back home, I’m gonna try to do some drawings for myself and I may tag a few people in them depending on what it is, but right now, I’m not accepting any drawing requests at the moment cause I wanna get all my ideas out of the way first so I don’t lose them. I’ll try to be on here and there to reblog some memes and stuff, but all replies I owe will be saved into my drafts. Also, to let you all know since I’m talking about college and stuff… on May 9th, I’m gonna be starting my classes in college and I won’t be on here much on Tuesdays and Thursdays depending on how much work I get. I’m pretty nervous about it, so I need all of you to wish me best of luck with it. :3)

You know the routine by now.

Eat something. (Two meals a day is a good minimum, I’ve found.)
Stay hydrated. (Remember that you’re better off going with just water than coffee or soda or something.)
Take your meds. (I mean, if this doesn’t apply to you, take a vitamin or something.)
Let the people around you know they’re loved. (This is for them and you- there’s a lot of anger out there, remember to love, too.)

And something I should have mentioned earlier- make sure you’re getting rest. Sleep is vital, and anxiety and stress can fuck with it so much. So do some breathing, relax your body and mind as much as you can, and rest when you need it.

There’s a lot coming up in the next few years. We’re going to work to make sure we survive it, and that starts with making sure you’ve got your basics handled. One step at a time.

So Live Another Day

a/n: This was written in Justin’s low period. When he was depressed, and off edge. I felt like I needed to write one where Y/N would be the whole reason he got back on his feet.

“Justin, boul, wake up.” I heard, as Za smacked me with my own pillow.

I glanced at the clock to find it was 10 at night. Again. I had another sleepless night, which meant I’d sleep through my entire day. It’s fine though. It’s not like anybody cares if I were awake. I’d go outside, listen to their words, only to realize how much I’d want to go back to sleep.

“Za, go away. I’m not getting up today.”

Truth is, I’m exhausted. I’m just tired of everything being said about me. People tearing me apart to make themselves seem better. And now Selena’s gone and probably a better person then I’ll ever be. But whatever. If she’s not here with me now, I guess she never really cared about how I was doing. Maybe that’s all I need. Over the last year I’ve been sleeping around, and partying with girls who’s names I can’t even remember. I just wanted to feel that spark again, until I realized I wasn’t gonna find it in bed. If God was truly loyal, he’d give me motivation to find someone. But maybe I’m so fucked up, that even God isn’t on my side. No, he has to be. I can’t be that lonely, can I?

This isn’t fair. Just let me die. There’s people out there and they’re gonna get what they want. The death of Justin Bieber.

Za left my house after realizing he wasn’t going to get anywhere farther than he’s ever been. After confirming my decision, I had come to my senses. This was my last day of life. If there’s a reason to keep moving forward, God, show me the way. I slipped on my hoodie and wandered outside in the dark, wanting to get one last look of the world before I left it. I walked along the sidewalk. A medium sized dog was on a leash tied to a bench in front of Walmart. I got down to its level and pet it. It rolled over, asking for a belly scratch.

“Hey, buddy.” I cooed. I looked for a nametag on the collar, but it didn’t have one.

“I sure wish I was your owner. They must be so lucky to have you.”

“Oh, I am.” I heard a female voice above mine.

As I looked up, I saw a smiling girl about my age. She was so angelic, I thought I was hallucinating. Her blonde hair was in two pigtailed braids, and her eyes sparkled. She was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. As I stood up, I noticed freckles along her pale nose, and how much her pink t-shirt brought out her childish smile. She was adorable, beautiful, and hot all at the same time.

“I’m Y/N.” She held out her hand.

“I’m Justin, but you probably already knew that.”

Our hands touched and both of our smiles faded. We had the same look in each other’s eyes, like nobody else in the world was meant for us. My whole life flashed before my eyes up until this very moment. This was it. This was God’s sign. I could almost hear the words; “Live Another Day” in my head as Y/N began to smile. Maybe getting out of that bed was the first part of it. Wandering off to this exact location was the second. Stopping in front of that adorable dog was the third. And now, meeting Y/N. This was the final one. I don’t know if I feel like I’m in love because I haven’t felt it in a while, or because I’ve never felt love before this very moment, and only thought that I did.

“Yeah, I know who you are. And I’m just wondering where you’ve been for the past year.” She giggled.

I let out an ashamed sigh and a half-chuckle.

“In bed.” I widened my eyes.

“W-Wait, don’t take that the wrong way I’ve been really exhausted.”

Y/N gave a loud, true laugh. One that I’ve never head before, but would love to hear again.

“I can tell you’re exhausted. Probably from all the time you spent in bed.”

Now it was my turn to laugh. I can’t remember a time that I laughed truly. All of those fake laughs seemed real, but now I know what a true laugh feels like. And it’s a wonderful feeling, all thanks to Y/N.

“So, what brings you to Walmart so late at night? And what is this little guy’s name?” I asked, wanting to know every little thing about her.

“Well, I was actually here to get his tag engraved. I just rescued him. His name is Seamus.” She pulled out the tag and gave it to me.

I got my phone out and took a picture of it, as Y/N looked at me weirdly.

“Why’d you do that?” She laughed.

“Two reasons. One, because now I have your phone number.” I smirked.

“And two, because I feel like this is a moment that’s about to change my life. I want to have this in case I forget it.”

Y/N smiled as her cheeks turned pink. I’d never liked the color pink so much, until I saw it on Y/N. Now it was my favorite. Now every time I’d see a shade of pink, I’d think of Y/N.

“Well, thank you, Justin. What brings you to the sidewalks so late at night?” She asked, as we sat down on a bench.

“I’m gonna tell you the truth, because I feel like I can tell you anything.”


“This was going to be my last day here.”

“In LA?”

“More like, last day on the planet.”

Y/N’s eyes widened as she came to realization. She’d looked as if she was about to cry, and it was so gratifying to see the face of somebody who cared for my well-being.

“Justin…oh my god.”

“I came here because I wanted to get one last look at this beautiful, but horrible place. Then I saw Seamus and began to pet him. That’s when you showed up, and for some reason I feel the need to be alive.” I smiled.

“Well, then I’m glad I could help. I’m glad I’m the reason you want to be alive. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever heard in my lifetime.” She chuckled, wiping a tear.

“It’s just…great to see somebody who cares about me.”

“I’m sure a lot of people do, and you just don’t see it. You have fans, and Scooter, and your family. Maybe you were so focused on the quantity of people that were upset with you, you didn’t realize the quality of people who loved you, and still do.”

Is that what everyone was trying to tell me? Until this moment I’d never listened. Why do I feel like only listening to Y/N when it comes to advice? As long as I’m listening, I should be okay, right?

“Hey, Justin. I have to go. It’s pretty late. I’m really glad I met you, and I’d love to see you again.” She hugged me.

I hadn’t felt an embrace since…well I can’t even remember.

“You have no idea how glad I am that I met you. And I’d love to see you again. And again, and again. Now that I have your number, I’ll call you.”

“Sounds good.” She picked up Seamus’ leash.

“Promise me one thing.” She scolded, looking at me.

I glanced in her eyes, notifying her I was listening.

“Don’t leave. Not today, not tomorrow, not any day. If you ever feel like this again, remember this day. How happy you were to be alive. Life is worth living, Justin. So live another day.”

I smiled, as a tear rolled down my cheek

“Thank you, Y/N. This meant a lot to me. I’ll see you later.” I said, walking towards my house.

I opened the door, and walked straight to the piano. Sheet music was scattered around. I picked up a piece of paper and realized the last song I’d written on here was Be Alright. Sign number five.

I sat down, clearing my space. I placed my fingers on the keys, as a melody came instantly. I remembered what Y/N told me. That life was worth living, so live another day. I scribbled the words down on a piece of paper, remembering every single detail of this night.

“Ended up on a crossroad…trying to figure out which way to go.”

I whispered, remembering the street I had to cross. I debated whether to go towards Walmart or Best Buy, for some reason I chose Walmart. Thank God I did.

“It’s like you’re stuck on a treadmill running in the same place.”

That one was simple. I passed by a Planet Fitness. Give me a break, it’s like midnight.

“You got your hazard lights on now, wishing that somebody would slow down.”

Remembering the cars zooming by, I wanted to feel as free as them. I wanted to drive with no place to go.

“Praying for a miracle…show your grace.”

I just kept looking for that sign, I didn’t even care what it was I just needed to find one.

“Had a couple dollars, and a quarter tank of gas for the long journey ahead.”

I planned on traveling far that night. I literally had about four dollars in my pocket, and the gas represented my fuel to keep walking.

“Seen a truck pull over, God sent an angel to help you out.”

I was the truck, stopping at that bench. Y/N was the angel. My perfect, sweet angel.

“He gave you direction, showed you how to read a map for the long journey ahead…”

Y/N was my map towards life. Life was the journey, and Y/N was going to help me through it. This was all coming so easily to me, I wondered how.

“Said it ain’t never over…even in the midst of doubt.”

“Life is worth living…life is worth living so live another day.”

I repeated her words in my head.

“The meaning of forgiveness, people make mistakes, doesn’t mean you have to give in…”

I almost left the world today.

“Life is worth living again.”

And again. And again.

I almost died today. I almost left everything behind. I almost left my family, and my god damn fans. I forgot about them. How could I ever forget them? They needed me as much as I needed them.

Thank you, God. Thank you, Y/N. Life is good, I just forgot about it.

For anyone attempting suicide, or feels like nobody cares, remember, God has a plan for you. God has an angel for you. Go out and find that sign, because there always is one. Suicide is not a joke. Don’t threaten yourself, don’t threaten other people, and look for that angel. You have a life for a reason. God wouldn’t put you on this planet to torture you.

i will follow where this takes me

author: chloe @curiosityandrain

artist: the wonderful talented jave @blueacrylic ​who’s art is my favourite thing i’ve ever seen! you can check it out here. or check out his speedpaint here.

beta: the lovely aida @amazingaida ​thank you so much for all your help and hard work on this. i couldn’t have done this without you!

word count: 27k

genre: nyc photographer/filmmaker au, fluff with a little angst and sadness

rating: PG-13

warnings: people getting drunk/drinking alcohol, swearing

summary: Dan has a great life, he has an amazing job as a photographer and he lives in New York.. Phil is an independent filmmaker who hires Dan to be his cinematographer for his upcoming feature film after his usual cinematographer was involved in an accident. The two hit it and become instant friends. Weeks of working together everyday helps develop their friendship and slowly but surely, Dan realises his feelings for Phil run deeper than just friendship. The only problem is, Phil’s taken.

author note: i can’t believe i’m finally finished with this fic! it’s been such a long time coming and i’m so happy to finally be done with it and to have it published! this is the longest thing i’ve ever written and it’s been tiring and stressful but i’m so glad i pulled through because i think it was worth it! special thanks to my amazing beta and artist, love u guys! that’s enough rambling, hope y’all enjoy!!!

(read on ao3 instead)

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About MTT's flaws...

I feel like MTT wouldn’t be as interesting without his flaws. Like if he was just some saint who wanted to be famous he’d be lacking a lot of the reasons we love him.

He’s vain, because he used to be something he hated. Once he becomes a robot he loves himself for the first time. I’d imagine ghost monsters don’t get a lot of love. (Even precious Papyrus calls them spooky in the game). Once he gets a slight amount of fame it goes straight to his head because it’s so new. People love him and for once, he loves himself too.

He left Blooky behind. Yeah, that was kinda mean but he would have been miserable staying as a ghost forever just to stay with his cousin. He made a sacrifice to go for his dream. And plus, he later regrets it and goes back to him so I consider this part redeemed.

The relationship with Alphys is a difficult one because, while you can view it as MTT using Alphys to get his new body, you can also blame Alphys for putting off making his body to keep him around. They are both to blame for the problems here. Mettaton knows what she’s doing and he’s salty about it. I remember I’m mentioning it somewhere in the game- though I can’t remember the actual quote. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the reason he was distancing himself from her in the first place.

He leaves people behind because he lets too much get to his head. He even plans on leaving his monster fans behind so he can go to the surface and replace them with human fans. But remember, all he needed was a reminder. He was all set to leave the underground forever all until he let his fans call in. And then his mind was changed because he realised he was happy with the people he already had around him. He realises that without him ‘the underground would lose its spark’ and that’s one of the first times he realises that he’s important already. He matters to the fans he already has, and at that point, he doesn’t need anything else.

He’s flawed, narcissistic and self-absorbed but that’s what makes him endearing. He makes mistakes like all of us and if he was just some guy who liked to perform and had absolutely no issues to do with him, i personally, wouldn’t be interested.

Tips for Empaths!

Are you a highly sensitive person?  Do you tend to take on the energies of those around you?  Do other people’s moods affect you so much, that at times, it’s hard to differentiate between their feelings and your own?  Sensitive people, or empaths, make up a large portion of those with psychic gifts.  For the untrained empathy, this trait can feel like more of a curse than a gift, because it’s one of the most common, but difficult psychic gifts to understand. 

The best way to defend yourself against the detrimental feelings that come with high sensitivity is to be aware of your environment, and the people who inhabit your life.  We can choose our friends, but we can’t always decide whom we work with or the family we come from.  Remember, when other people with negative attitudes come into your personal space, it is likely to affect you and your senses.  The first step in taking control of your sensitivity is to be aware of these energy-suckers in the first place.  If are constantly surrounded by negative energy – whether directed at you or not – you must learn ways to cope with your sensitivity!  Try some of these tips to harness your psychic gift: 

  • Be aware of your own sensitivity.
    • Just being aware that you are an empath is the first step in taking back control of your energy field!  Growing up, I never understood why I seemed to feel sick, drained, emotional, or depressed for no apparent reason.  Now, after learning about my own sensitivity, I have a better grasp on how I am feeling, and why.
  • Make a list of energy-suckers you encounter.
    • Take out a notebook and write down all the names of people you encounter on a daily or weekly basis.  After writing down their names, go through the list and read each name aloud.  Close your eyes and allow yourself to feel any physical or emotional sensations as you say each name.  As an empath, you’ll have a gut feeling when thinking about each person; make notes as you go down the list, and highlight those who give you a sense of anxiety, fear, or negativity.  Next time you’re around one of those people, and you feel out of balance, you’ll have a better chance of deciphering whether it’s their energy or your energy that you’re feeling.
  • Shield yourself around negative people.
    • Imagine a white bubble of light surrounding you when in the presence of negative people.  Use your mind to visualize the bubble expanding as far as it can go.  This will help protect your energy field from lower vibrational energies that are in your vicinity.   You can also shield particular negative people around you in their own bubble – ensuring that their low vibrational energy stays within their bubble.
  • Remember that you are not responsible for other people’s feelings.
    • Many empaths take on the weight of the world by feeling a sense of responsibility for other’s feelings.  Don’t get sucked into this trap – negative people love to feed off of other people’s energy, so don’t let them use your energy for their benefit and your detriment.
  • Use affirmations to boost your energy daily.
    • Remind yourself through affirmations how wonderful you are and how great your life is!  You are responsible for your own actions and feelings, so make the best of them by telling yourself every day how great you are.  There’s no shame in boosting your own energy!
  • Take care of your environment.
    • Get rid of excess clutter to boost the energy in your workplace and home.  Use candles, incense, Himalayan salt lamps, or smudge sticks to get rid of stale energy and make room for positive vibrations.  Keep a live plant or two to bring in more good energy, while providing your space with fresh oxygen and something pretty to look at. 
  •  Use crystals and gemstones.
    • Many crystals and gemstones protect empaths from negativity.  Keep a few tumbled gemstones in your pocket, around your desk, and near your bed while you sleep.  Try Hematite, Black Touraline, Obsidian, Bloodstone, Labadorite, Jasper or Onyx for psychic protection and grounding; use Amber for releasing negative energy; try Citrine, Quartz, or Tiger’s Eye for an increase in positive energy.  Be sure to cleanse your gemstones daily after use!
  • Discuss your sensitivity with others.
    • If you notice someone’s energy is affecting you, try discussing your feelings with him or her.   Sometimes being upfront and honest about your sensitivity can do wonders.  You may find that by talking and explaining your feelings to others, even those who bother you, can help the situation. 
I don't understand

Breeders who promise people puppies before 7-8 weeks old ?

First off you can’t really get a good idea of structure before then. Certainly not at 1-3 weeks old . And I’ve heard of people getting promised a specific pup the day the litter is whelped.

To me , that is not a responsible breeder. Matching up the perfect temperament is so important to both the puppy and the human.

And puppy buyers, don’t go around asking for a specific color/marking combination. Let the breeder choose your puppy based on structure and temperament, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Remember the right dog can be the wrong color, but the wrong dog will never be right.


I’ve decided to make a new network cause im bored and in need of friends lol. This is only for 5sos fans obviously.

What to do: 

  • Follow me (pls). 
  • Send me a message where you talk a little about yourself; Name, age, and so on. 
  • Im planning on having the groupchat over kik, so it’s best to have that.
  • Reblog this post to spread the word. 

What you will get: 

  • New awesome friends. 
  • Advice, a place to rant and escape to. 
  • People to reblog your edits, writing and selfies. 

 I will choose around 8-10 people for the network on thursday the 11th of August.

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This request is so old but hey look who is finally getting around to writing em. Michael feels are killing me, this is your warning. Here we go.

“Ha! I win! In. Your. Face!” Michael gloats not-so-humbly as the screen announces his win. “Whatever, I let you win,” you hum stubbornly, tossing the controller onto the bed and getting to your feet. “Really?” He raises his brows challengingly. “Should we play again?” “We’ve been playing for 2 hours, you do remember your party full of people downstairs, yes?”

"So,” he shrugs. “What’s one more game?” “One more game with you leads to 10 more games which leads to 2 hours as you can see.” “It’s fine, I get it, you’re scared you’re going to lose again,” he taunts. “Calm down cocky, I’ve still got you beat 4 to 3,” you stretch with a yawn.

“Well then one more game. Come on, please,” he pouts and puts on his best puppy dog eyes. “Mmm, what’s in it for me? I’m already winning,” you shrug, reclaiming your spot next to him. “You can stay over and cuddle,” he sends you a child-like grin. You gasp dramatically, letting out a sarcastic, “Really?! Do you mean it?!” “Shut up,” his cheeks tint pink with a light shove to your shoulder before burrowing in the safety of your neck.

“Fine,” you groan when he wraps his arms around your middle and lets out a half whiny, half demanding please. “You’re so annoying, just let me take a bathroom break.” He irrupts in a triumphant cheer and hurries you on your way.

It’s in the hall on your way back to his room that you hear it. You can make out a couple voices of guys you’ve seen Michael hang around but that you’ve never personally hung out with yourself. You stay quiet in the hall trying to listen best you can with the loud music coming from downstairs.

It’s all snarky remarks and the usual boy banter until your name comes up, one of the voices saying something suggestive about seeing you and Michael go upstairs together hours ago.

You’re ready for Michael to set them straight and inform the lot that you two have merely been playing video games this whole time but of course he doesn’t. Instead, when another voice asks if Mikey finally ‘got that’ you hear your best friend reply with confirmation that he in fact has finally gotten himself some of that.

It sends your head spinning with the cheers from the other two guys and Michael starting to all but brag about how you’d more than willing followed him upstairs. You’re absolutely fuming as you watch the boys walk out of the room snickering as they pass you.

“Ready to get your ass beat?” Michael grins playfully as you walk in, clearly oblivious to the fact that you’d just heard his whole conversation. “You sure you don’t wanna fuck one more time?” You spit out spitefully. “What?” Michael’s eyes going wide. “I mean, since that’s what we’ve been doing up here this whole time right? I practically begged you for it apparently.”

“Fuck, you weren’t- it’s not- how much did you hear?” You roll your eyes and grab for your jacket, “Enough to know you’re a complete asshole.” “No wait, fuck, that guy likes you!” He’s up on his feet and grabbing at your hand before you can even make it to the door. “What?” Your brows knitting together. “He likes you and has been trying to get me to wingman for him,” Michael explains quickly. You narrow your eyes at him, trying to read him for any possible lies.

“That still doesn’t make any sense Mikey, if your friend wanted you to wingman for him why did you tell him we had sex?” “Because,” he sighs. “Because why?” “Because I did,” he shrugs. “But why did you?” You groan. “Because I don’t want you guys together…it’s weird,” he replies coolly. “I’m not buying it, Clifford,” you hum, crossing your arms.

"Buying what? The truth?” “No,” you drawl out. “I mean yeah that’s probably half of it but you’re not giving me all of it, I’ve known you how long? You can at least give me some credit here.” “There’s nothing else, I swear,” he shakes his head and lifts his hands in surrender. “Either tell me the truth - all of it - or you’re still an ass and I’m leaving,” you press.

There’s a moment, a quiet one where you and Michael are locked eyes dead on and almost a little challengingly with nothing but the distant music and drunk shouting from downstairs to fill in the quiet. Then, Michael’s letting out a breath and muttering a fuck it, each one of his hands landing on either side of your face and his lips launching forward to crash down to your own.

It all settles in around the time your eyes shut and your lips are involuntarily moving against his.

"Can we continue our fucking video games now?” Michael pulls back with a lopsided smile. It takes you a minute to come down from the shock of it all before you’re nodding and picking up the controller as you crawl back onto his bed.

It’s safe to say playing video games this time around involves far less playing and taunting and way more kissing and distracting.



Short is cute - Requested (Luke)

Anon asked: Omg please write something where you’re Snookisized (I am it sucks I can never see myself in the mirrors) and you’re datinglike and he thinks it’s really cute

You didn’t say what guy, so I just picked Luke. Hope that’s okay with you.

“I hate hotels”, you growl. You get on your tip toes, but you still can’t see enough in the bathroom mirror.

“What’s wrong babe?” Luke comes and stands behind you.

“I can’t see anything”

“Do you want me to get you something? A stool maybe?”

“I hate this! I’m fucking full grown and I need a stool to look into a mirror”

“It’s cute”

“It’s annoying”, he kisses the top of your head and you calm down a bit.

“We need to leave in a bit” You take your make-up and walk into the room. You sit down on the floor in front of the full length mirror. “Babe”, you look at Luke, who’s smiling sweet at you.

“It’s better lighting in here anyway”

“Can you talk and paint your face at the same time?”, he sits down on the bed and watches you.

“I’m not painting my face! I know you like me better without make-up”

“Just don’t put too much on, you’re beautiful anyway”

“What do you want to talk about”, you look at him via the mirror.

“You know when we get to the venue, there are going to be a lot of people”

“I know”, you try to focus on your eyeliner.

“So baby, please hold my hand when we get out of the car”

“I know the drill Luke”

“Do you? Remember last time?”, he says in his dad voice.

“I do, shit, you made me mess up”, you look at your eyes, which have two different flicks now.

“Do you? Tell me, what happened?”

“I let go and you lost me”

“Yes, I couldn’t find you anymore in the crowd”

“Can we let it go now. You make me feel like a little girl”, you turn around and look up at him.

“You’re my little girl”

“Don’t day that, it’s like you’re a dad talking about his daughter”

“You can call me daddy”, he smirks.

“Oh Luke, ieuw!” he starts laughing at your reaction. “Let me fix this”, you point to your eyeliner, “and we can go”


“Turn the frown upside down”, you immediately start smiling. “What’s wrong? I didn’t lost you out there”

“That’s true, but I hate taking pictures with you guys”


“I look like a hobbit when I’m standing between you guys”

Luke laughs. “That’s not true”

“Have you seen pictures? Seriously look them up. And when you’re at it, look up some pictures of us. They are just ridicules”

“Why are they ridicules?”

“The size difference, it’s just foolish”

“It’s not”

“For all the guys I could fall for, I fall for the tallest guy ever”

“So? I fall for the shortest girl I know”

“You’re not helping Luke”

“You’re just acting crazy (Y/N)”  

“I’m not! I can just walk under your arm without any problem. Even with heels on!”, you whine. “Or when we want to hug or kiss, I need to stretch out and you need to bend over. When we hug and you stand normal, you’re hugging my head”, he nods, agreeing with you. “Our bodies aren’t made for each other”

“Don’t say something like that”, Luke says stern.

“But it’s true”

“It’s not. (Y/N), listen to me, I don’t care about your height”

“I do and I’m so short”, you pout.

“You’re not short, your height is cute. I like that you’re so little. You’re beautiful just the way you are. I wouldn’t change anything about you, not a single thing. You’re the cutest girl I know, okay!”


“You’re not short, you’re fun size”

You laugh. “I love you Luke”

“I love you and you are so damn cute”, he wraps his arms around your waist. He lifts you up until you’re lips are at the same level so he can kiss you.


Fic: We're Different and the Same (Kurt/Elliott, NC-17)

Rating: NC-17 (hand jobs, oral, anal)
Word Count: ~7400
Summary: After ten years of friendship, Kurt and Elliott reconnect in New York–Elliott getting his home back, and Kurt feeling like he is getting his friend back. Maybe they were always heading to this.

Notes: Written for Kelliott Appreciation Weekend. Thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged this fic. <3

Also at AO3.

It’s at the Hester Street Fair on a cool September Saturday when they run into each other again. The sky is gray-cloudy, and Kurt is wearing his favorite navy coat with velvet at the collar and lined with a light blue paisley-patterned silk that only he knows about.

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#Two - When He's Drunk

| Harry |

You looked at Harry with a look of disgust. How could someone get drunk and keep doing it? Not that he does this regularly, maybe even once every three months, not even that. He sat on the couch, definitely one of the weirdest drunk people you’ve ever seen.

Harry does this thing where he just stares and doesn’t talk, just sits there for awhile. You’d gotten some water, with ice and made him take some medicine.

“I’m going to take a shower, I have an early meeting tomorrow.” You rubbed his shoulder, pressing the tips of your fingers into his shoulder blades.

“Can you help me upstairs?” he delicately put his hand on your arm. When he’s just getting started, just getting drunk he’s such a teenage boy. He’ll tell jokes and act cute, sometimes loud - though once he gets home he’s out.

“Yeah c’mon bud.” He stood up, his hands on your hips. You helped him up the double 90 degree flat turn that you asked for when your sister designed you and Harry’s house.

“Thank you kitty.” he cooed. “Kitten.” he corrected himself a few seconds later. You sat him on the bed and unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way. You made your way to the chest of drawers you and Harry had underwear, socks, undershirts, little clothing pieces in. You’d set out the clothes you wanted to change into, grabbing a shirt for him.

“Are we in our bedroom?” he sighed, lying back on the bed after kicking his shoes off.

“Yes baby.” You set the shirt on the side of the bed if he decided to change into it, making him take off his jeans.

“You’re the best.”

“Anytime Harry.” a smiled creeped across your face.

| Liam |

He laughed and laughed at the fact that you were beyond pissed. Liam doesn’t curse when he’s drunk but when he is, you do. You were unbelievably rude to him once he got home. Tomorrow is your anniversary dinner and he’ll be hungover, asking for medicine to get rid of his headache. You were having so many mood swings, the week you knew so well - the week before you got your period. No matter how mad you were at Liam, you couldn’t help but want to kiss him.

You were good this time and didn’t. He stood in the kitchen making some hot water for some tea you found that supposedly gets rid of the drunkness. You kept staring at him, your arms crossed, standing a good bit away from him.

“Stop looking at me like that.” he whispered, rubbing his fingers over his stubble on his chin.

“Looking at you like what? Like I’m mad because, I’m real mad Liam.” you squinted. This made him laugh and turn.

“You’re beautiful, if I never mentioned. It’s hard to not be so attracted to this beautiful woman before me when she looks sexier than ever.” he blinked, he looked tired and worn out.

“Do you know what tomorr-”

“Our third anniversary, three years of being married. If I forgot - which I wouldn’t - I would be so mad at myself.”

“Good.” You walked past him, going to the back of the house to your bedroom. You had laid down in bed, watching some show on your tablet. You glanced up a few times to see Liam going in and out of the bedroom. He came over to you once he was done, kissing your neck and lingering for a bit. “I’m your husband,” he kissed your neck again, “I know when you want sex and I’m sorry I got drunk when I could be-”

“It’s alright, but you’re getting nothing tonight. So sit your pretty butt in bed and go to sleep.” you shot him a glance that made him look stunned.

| Zayn |

“Zayn! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this drunk!” Harry laughed, at the table in some club as your boyfriend, Gemma and Harry sat around you. You’d been helping Gemma with some things around her house when Harry and Zayn said to meet them here.

“Don’t worry {Y/N}, it wears off him quickly.” Gemma whispered but it sounded like yelling for the obnoxious, horrid, “did someone really write these lyrics?,” music.

“{Y/N}, babe, wanna dance?” Zayn said into your ear.

“I think I like this chair better Zayn.” you laughed, looking at him.

“My girlfriend is getting off work soon, I’m gonna go. Night guys!” Harry yelled, slapping some money down on the table and leaving as Gemma followed him after saying bye.

“Lets just go.” You yelled to Zayn, “I’m getting a headache!”

“You sure?” Zayn set some cash on the table as you pulled him out of the club. He pulled a cigarette out and began smoking it before you two left.

“Really? Can we just go home.”

“I don’t like smoking at home, babe.” he hummed, holding your hand with his free one. You two talked as people walked around the streets, drunk and high. You whispered ‘I love you’s’ to each other every so often.

When Zayn is drunk, he’s not bothersome. He just never remembers what he said or did. You had been trying to get him off cigarettes by telling him that when he gets drunk that he smoked them already even though he didn’t. It’s evil, but a girl’s gotta do what she can. You smiled as you drove, driving your drunk man back home.

| Louis |

“I think you’re being unfair!” he laughed, clearly drunker than he’s ever been. You wanted to laugh but tried to keep the best straight face.

“Go to bed.” You kicked him away with your feet.

“Well then lets go.”

“No, I said you need to go to bed.” He picked you up, over his shoulder, sliding his hand up your leg in the process.

“Louis William Tomlinson when you put me down, you’re sleeping on the couch.” you slapped his back, complete seriousness running through you. He set you down in your bedroom, looking at you with his handsome self.

“The couch eh?” he slid his hand behind your ear and ran his fingers through your hair and took his lips to your ear, “You sure love?”

“Not tonight.” you ran your hands down his chest, slightly pushing him away, “You won’t remember it tomorrow.”

“Oh I know I’ll remember tonight, especially if it’s with you.” he kissed your lips slowly, humming against your lips, “Don’t you think?” his tone was musky and rough.

“I guess we’ll just have to figure that out.”


| Niall |

You moaned loudly, trying to fight the fact that Niall was drunk and doing a couple naughty things. You pushed him away, but he came closer thinking you didn’t mean it. Just because you can’t pry him off of you doesn’t mean you want him. When he’s drunk, for you, the slightest inappropriate remark or move even what you wear will make him horny and it take awhile to get him to not be so.

“Niall-” you moaned once more, sighing in frustration, “If you keep on,” you tried to pull his hand away, “I will never forgive you.”

He stopped, looking up into your eyes. “But I love you.” He’s still drunk, of course. You can’t be drunk one second and not the other.

“I don’t doubt that you love me, I just think maybe we should do this when you’re not so intoxicated. Your sex drive is so whacked.” you muttered with a laugh.

“Well I’m only in my twenties, my sex drive should be.” he kissed your neck, leaving a purple mark you were sure. “Lets go to bed, and tomorrow - maybe.” You slid out of his reach and climbed on the bed and under the covers.

“All-right.” he said each part of the word slowly. He was out the second he hit the pillow, thankfully - a snore seeping from his lips.