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guys guys lets vote hard until the end!!! gogogo

“Now You’re Cookin’ With Gas”

i’m srry i,, i had to draw him. the new episode was so good and every single one of his lines were fucking dripping with cheese and i just, couldn’t not draw fanart, i couldn’t do it.


Wow, it’s June.

(credits to @ripplestarfairy for this fashionable egg)

If Andrew was caught at the convenience store with only a handful of change in his pockets, enough to buy either cat food or his fave ice cream but not both, I wholeheartedly believe Andrew would buy that cat food and if that doesn’t speak volumes about how much he ‘likes’ the cats then nothing does.

An AU where the new Pitch Perfect trailer is straight-baiting everyone and it will  actually turn out to be hella gay

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Concept: Royai foster parents au. Ed lives with them first until they find out that he was separated from Al when they were little, so Mustang pulls some strings and they manage to get Al as well.

Concept: Me, laying in a puddle of my own tears as quiet sobs wrack my body, clutching this ask to my chest because of its beauty and perfection.

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I stan byeler but tbh mileven is so incredibly pure and I don't ship them but they're so cute

i hear you anon!!! i have always gotten the appeal of mileven because they’re both adorable and obviously sweet together and clearly it’s the standout ship in the fandom for a reason!

but ya my heart has been byeler from day one. last summer after i finished s1 i literally created my stranger things blog (i was @ mygaysonwill sldkjflsd) and made a post saying “raise ya hand if will byers is your sensitive gay son too” or smth like that, and i tagged it “and he has a big old crush on mike, don’t fight me on this” sdjfskj

northern downpour // panic! at the disco

btw admin céline sorely apologizes if she posts wrong stuff to the wrong blog ??

nightsilver + secret dating and here’s why

  • them way far from being comfortable with themselves, especially dating, this is the 80s, and there’s no way they’re letting anyone else know
  • them scared of what other people would think
  • them loving the thrill of hiding something like that
  • kurt bamfing across the room whenever pietro touches him in public, even if it’s on accident
  • them winking at each other behind the other team members’ backs
  • sneaking into each other’s rooms let me live
  • for real tho it would get so bad, like. kurt had a bad dream? he bamfs into pietro’s room and stays the night
  • pietro’s not feeling his own bedroom tonight? no problemo, he stays with kurt
  • they joke around all night in those ^^ cases, play card games, kiss, talk, probably even slow dance to some shitty old tune
  • i love this trope u guys