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psa | formatting + fancy bloggo things.

——— I’ve noticed a TREND ascending slowly into ‘I see this more often than not’ category, and I’d like to make a PSA on it before it goes any further.

Guys – if someone is asking you a question about CODING or GRAPHICS, please answer it. Please don’t encourage the trope that only ‘QUALITY’ people should be able to know about these things. Link people to posts if you don’t know how to explain things. Help people out where we know how to help. If the people asking aren’t being rude or trying to steal and are genuinely curious about how to do the things others know how to do, HELP THEM.

The whole point of a roleplay community is that it is a community – we are supposed to help each other and guide each other through this wonderful experience of creativity and creating small families that have special places in all of our hearts. We are supposed to promote this in the community, not ‘save’ it for only those who deem themselves as holier than thou.

let’s help to create a fun n creative experience for everyone!

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I cant stop thinking about Edd in legal trouble. (I'm sorry :( ) While Paul and Pat are watching the kids Edd goes to the woods to get some supplies. Its risky but he goes to his old spots, hoping to find a very specific mushroom that only grows there. He's stopped by a couple of officers asking what he was doing trespassing. Edd plays nice until one of the officers realizes who Edd is and draws a gun. They manage to get edd into custody, interrogateing him about where the kids are. -witch anon

Sleep paralysis is so fucking horrible, I thought I got out of it 3 or 4 times and nope was still in it… it’s scary when you think you’ve escaped but then realise that you’re actually still stuck not being able to move but feel like you are and just hallucinating. Like no thanks I do not wish to feel weird arms around me and hear children laughing or all the other shit I felt in the last half an hour thank you very fucking much 😭

I’m going back to sleep… wish me luck 🙃🙃


So, they call you Georgie or something? Gheorghe. Whatever, get in.

God’s Own Country (2017) dir. Francis Lee

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why you act like it’s vip’s fault that seungri doesn’t have a solo album? maybe you should ask him to think about his life choices. because lately he choose to boil ramen noodles than working on a song in the studio.

are u a gd stan you’re probably a gd stan

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consider: amanda kicking priest’s ass and stealing Martin’s clothes back for him. The glasses are in the dash of the van. Everyone is happy.

I will absolutely consider this, thank you anon! I am literally holding out for someone to gutterstomp Priest and get the Rowdy Van back so fingers crossed all our dreams come true 💖💖💖