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giorno “glamour” giovanna 

I recently hit 600 followers, and I hadn’t really made any milestone post,, so I’m going to be doing blog compliments as a thank you!


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Bad Intentions Teaser

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Deception on my lips and there’s blood on your hands 

“A pretty little thing like ya deserves th’ world. Ye don’ have ta make a decision right now. Jus’ come see what ’m talkin’ about and then make up ye mind.”

But after everything I still believe in true love

“I had no other choice Finn! Was I supposed to turn my back on people that you made like family to me? To be alone again? Would you have spoken to me then? ”

His bark of laughter was condescending and for a moment, just a moment, I thought it was the man I fell in love with in front of me.

“Family? Do ye fuck the new head of the family to welcome them? Did ya call AJ daddy? How long did it take for ya to hop inta Omega’s bed? Or maybe Cole’s more yer taste, ya do like them pret-”

The crack of the slap echoed through the hallway, Finn’s head snapping to the side from the force of my palm striking his cheek.

I’ve got some damn bad intentions
I got some secrets I forgot to mention
Haven’t learned my lesson oh oh oh oh oh


characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Apostasia
pairing: ^ (rating: finger to mouth action, but pretty pg otherwise)
words: 526
summary: Apos is tired. being with Arme always fixes that.

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I was tagged by @langsty-mc-langstface. Thanks for that I never get tagged for anything.so, umnm yeah here we go… 1. Fav ship: Shance And down the Shanti hole we go…. I was sexually assaulted by my 18 year old cousin when I was 9… That being said, I know pedophilia, shipping Shiro with Lance is not pedophilic, it’s cathartic for me, because it is a consensual relationship where the age Gap is not viewed as wrong in context. Ok I’m done defending myself, shoot me in the comments and reblogs 2. Fav show: Voltron legendary defender / RWBY/ Avatar/ Legend of Korra I like shows where disability, including mental illness are dealt with more subtly than just hey yeah I’m feeling kinda depressed cuz I can’t -blank- I’m going to sit here and feel sorry for myself, I especially like it when people admit that they have problems and get help! That shows a whole new level of strength. I looked up to Sokka because he was a lot like me, and I am autistic so it made me happy that no one assumed there was something wrong with him because he was kinda awkward and off the wall, he was also really emotional and I got that, boys can have feelings too. 3. Pizza or Burgers: neither I have IBS and can’t eat either of those, which sucks cuz I used to love pizza and anything​else with cheese, I had a Russian ballet teacher as a kid who called me mouse, ha ha. 4. Rain or Snow: snow I’m about to sound really depressing but I love hanging out in the snow for hours and just get buried in snow, it’s just so gentle… 5. Dream job: Death Now hear me out, Death takes you where you are meant to go after your fate has run it’s course… Isn’t that nice, you could be left roaming the astral plane forever, or worse, you live forever, could you imagine…. 6. Favorite school subject: history I want to learn from the past to better the future, which is why I’m so concerned about the chechnya situation right now. My questions 1. Favorite song? 2. Star sign? 3. Favorite oral story? (please share!) 4. Proudest moment? 5. Sneks. Yessssss or no? 6. Who inspires you as a person? I tag @joshkeaton @crochetfairyfangirl @willowstarr @who-doesnt-like-pandas @readabookkids @chimcharstar Have fun roasting me later!

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