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So yea i really like the short film In A Heartbeat! I’ve been doodling these two all night! I went to sleep at 06:00 but woke up at 09:20 to feed my doggos and let them get fresh air, and then after that, my doggos and I fell asleep again and woke up at 15:00.

Well that’s not important! What’s important or these cute kids! (and cute heart!) I want to draw more of these two but I also want to watch a movie too because i’m so tired. So i choose movie! 

One last thing! Excuse my handwriting if you can’t see what it says!

Thank you Beth David and Esteban Bravo for making such a nice film!  @inaheartbeat-film


Hello everysquid! Though a bit delayed, its time to announce the Pearl-Off-The-Hook Nintendo New York Giveaway! 


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The Witch Switch

pairing: Yoongi x reader

genre: witch!AU, catshifter/catfamiliar!Yoongi, very low-key hogwarts!AU

word count: 8321 (help me)

A/N: started off as a halloween drabble but escalated. sorry for the slight delay! special thanks to my love @dailydoseofdia for helping me out when i got stuck!


Halloween prompts masterlist

Halloween prompts WIPs

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Me, a potato who cannot tell one end of a spaghetti from the other: 

*reaches that point in a fanfic where Hannibal is about to Cook A Thing* 

Oh no what’s the writer going to do!? they’re a writer not a cooker!! are they just gunna handwave it or-


The Fic: 

*has Hannibal reel off a dazzling four course menu of indecently graphic foodporn en Français, somehow linked to his backstory, utilising Chekhov’s Ingredients (already mentioned beforehand) demonstrating intricate knowledge of how to make it and the way the different components smell and look at different stages; the plating presentation and ingredients compliment the fic’s themes and match Janice Poon’s culinary aesthetic; Will tasting it triggers an evocative sense-memory flashback to his tough childhood in Louisiana like that fucking bit in Ratatouille*


Me, Bewildered and Angry: 

@ The Writers

anonymous asked:

47, 58 & 62 with Sirius x reader, please? 😍

Hi sorry this is so late!! Its also not incredibly long I’m so sorry :(


“You smell like weet dog!”

“ Babe I was only joking.”

“If you cant sleep we could have sex if you want?”

Okay so I didn’t go into writing smut bc I wasn’t sure if that’s what you wanted? But if you did want smut just drop another request!


Originally posted by bentbarnes

     I had been waiting for Sirius too come back home from an order mission that was primarily outdoors, in the downpour that was ongoing. All my time seemed to be consumed of was worrying what with Voldemort on the rise. It wasn’t that I  didn’t trust that Sirius was a brilliant wizard, he could just be reckless. And cocky. Which didn’t always work out to his benefit but I still loved him and wanted him home safely and soon. I waited another hour, the rain pouring down hard, lightning cracking every now and then. What seemed like years later I heard the door unlock, I help a tight grip on my wand just in case as I walked toward the front door.

Sirius was dripping wet when he walked over the threshold.

“I’m home.” he smiled sheepishly at me, my arms folded over my chest, I tried to maintain a look of annoyance but it was difficult to do so when he was home alive nonetheless.

“Where have to been?” I asked quietly as he slipped his boots off and shrugged his jacket off his broad shoulders.

“The mission didn’t go as planned love, I’m sorry. Mad-eye had us stop for a while, the weather go so bad we couldn’t fly in it.” Sirius’ hands found my waist and I uncrossed my arms as he kissed me softly. I never could stay mad at him long.

“You smell like wet dog.” my words came out almost silently.

He just furrowed his brow and let go of me, walking to the little kitchen in our flat.

“Sirius! I was only joking!” I giggled as I came up behind him and wraped my arms around his torso.

I whispered in his ear, “Cmon lets go get you some fresh clothes and into bed.”

Once we were in our bedroom I helped peel his soaking clothes off and pull on dry pajamas. He shivered.

“You okay?” I asked

“Yeah just cold from being so wet and I’m just not that tired.”

“Well if you cant sleep we could have sex to warm up if you want?”

Sirius shivered again at my words and pulled me towards him, pressing his lips against mine passionately.

I keep seeing these posts in the roller derby tag like, ‘I want to do derby but I’m not hardcore like those scary roller girls.’

You are hardcore enough. And even if you aren’t, derby will ram an iron rod straight through the middle of you. It will make you hardcore. Some are born hardcore, others achieve hardcore. Derby thrusts hardcore upon you. If you want to do it, do it. Yeah it hurts sometimes and yeah falling on your arse for the seventh time in a row is mildly humiliating and a lot painful, but you just have to get up and keep going, just keep pushing through and yes, you too shall achieve hardcore.

Their Amy; His Liebling (pt. 6)

The glass of milk on the table millimeters from Dark’s hand shatters into an explosion of glass and dairy product. The liquid splatters on Dark’s suit, and the Ego’s shell cracks but only faintly. “Good shot,” he drones, eyes moving up to glare at Wilford.

“I missed,” the pink Ego spits, still aiming the gun at Dark. “Next time, I won’t.”

Host crosses his arms over his chest. “Well, don’t hold your breath Wilford. I won’t stop you.” The other Egos—Bim, Silver, and Ed—look from Host to Dark and back.

Wilford pulls back the hammer of the gun and waits. “What do you want, Dark?”

Host snarls. “Shoot him, Wilford.”

“Don’t try to use your suggestions on me, Hosty,” Wilford warns. “I don’t like being told what to do.”

Dark smiles sadistically. “Boys, please, there’s no need to fight.”

“Answer me now. You could’ve had us all wrapped around your little finger at this point, if you wanted. You’re back to full power. So, why haven’t you attacked yet?” Wilford takes a step closer to Dark across the table and leans over the dichromatic Ego.

Dark holds up his hands as if to show he means no harm and continues to smile. “I don’t know what you mean, Will. Don’t you know? I’ve decided to change my ways, turn over a new leaf, as it were.” Dark makes a turning over motion with one of his hands and shrugs. “I don’t want any trouble.”

“Bull,” Host growls. “Warfstache!”

“What good will it do?” Wilford screams. “What good will it do to keep tearing each other apart?”

Bim steps forward, reaching up to place a hand on Wilford’s arm. “It’s alright, Wilfy. I understand what you’re trying to say.” Bim looks over at the Host. “We can’t kill Dark. He’ll just keep coming back no matter what, so why not try to solve this issue civilly?”

“Because Dark doesn’t do things civilly,” Host seems to beg. “Have you already forgotten what he did to us? What he did to Mark and Amy? Do you know what he would have done had Amy not stopped him in time?” Host is shaking with anger. “We can’t let him do that again.”

Dark places a hand over his heart—if he even has one. “But, Hosty. I’ve seen the error of my ways. Wilford’s little outburst taught me something.” Dark stands, reaching towards the other Egos. “Everything that I did, all the pain that I caused, where did it get me? Where did it get us? I thought that making the tough decisions would help everyone. I didn’t realize that it would end the way it did.”

“You certainly didn’t,” Host says, his voice trembling. “You expected to kill Mark, control the rest of us, and Amy…” He swipes his hand across the table with a crash of plates and silverware. “This is all nonsense! He can’t be trusted!”

Dark glances at the table. “You two can come out from under there, now.” Dr. Iplier and Mark come out from under the table slowly, and when Mark sees his evil counterpart, he has to force himself not to run. “I want to apologize to you most of all, Mark,” Dark says with a pained sigh. “What I did was unforgivable.”

Wilford taps Mark on the shoulder. “Here,” Wilford whispers, handing Mark his gun. “It’s your choice. He’s your Ego. You’re the only one here who can kill him, so you make the choice.” Mark looks at the gun in his hand, bewildered, and then up at Dark whose eyes are wide with apparent terror.

“Go ahead, Mark. I won’t blame you,” Dark says simply. He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes.

Everyone in the room takes a collective breath. Google, in the pantry, is so consumed with his Lucky Charms that he still has no idea what’s going on. Mark raises the gun, aiming for Dark’s chest. Dark tortured him, he manipulated the other Egos, he tore out Host’s eyes, and he tried to take Amy from him. There’s no reason in Mark’s mind that he shouldn’t shoot Dark and end this once and for all. But can Mark actually kill someone? Even this monster?

Dark visibly trembles. “I’m sorry. I guess I’m the reason you don’t believe in second chances anymore,” he whispers, and Mark crumbles. He fires the gun at the wall to Dark’s right. The Ego flinches, but his eyes spring open when he realizes he isn’t dead. “Mark, I…”

Mark drops the gun. “Don’t talk to me.” Dr. Iplier takes Mark’s arm, and this time he doesn’t fight back.

“Let’s go up to the roof, let you get some fresh air.” Mark lets the Doctor pull him from the room. Each Ego watches them go, but when Dark glances around at the others, they’re all staring at him. And the Host… the Host looks ready to kill.

(Hmm… this got angsty a lot faster than I thought it would… I promise the next part will calm things down a bit!)

Halloween WIP

Vampire!Jimin + masquerade

“You look ravishing tonight.” two cool arms curling around your cinched waist and a pair of puffy lips grazing the shell of your ear startled you out of your pondering thoughts. “Mmm, I could just eat you up.”

And your date had finally arrived as well, it seemed.

“I’m sure you could.” you rolled your eyes before turning around in his arms until your chests were firmly pressed together, your bosom threatening to burst out of your already way too tight corset when he added extra pressure by pulling you impossibly closer, making you gasp for air in the process.

“And be sure i would, my little strawberry.” he emphasized the husky words dripping with desire by dipping his head into the crook of your neck to graze his teeth along the skin, a shiver running down your spine and causing him to smirk in satisfaction.

Trying to gain back some composure by clearing your throat, although it may not have been the best idea drawing more attention to that particular part of your body, you made an attempt to appear unaffected when you were clearly, definitely, incredibly affected.

⟶ progress: 65%

Werewolf!Taehyung + “you smell like a wet dog.”

“You could’ve called to say you were going on a run tonight.” you countered through gritted teeth, so done with the stupid excuses when a ten second phone call could’ve prevented this conversation you were forced to have with him, yet again.

“My phone was still in the pocket of my jeans when i shifted…The pack-”

The word triggered something in you, your cool annoyance quickly escalated in sheer anger and surfacing pent up frustrations when you finally whipped around to sit up and look at him so he could see your face as you barked the words you’ve desperately been holding in until they burst.

“Ah yes, the pack! It’s always the pack isn’t it?! The pack this, the pack that, packpackpack! It’s all that fucking matters to you!”

He looked slightly taken aback by your sudden outburst, his mouth gaping open in surprise and eyes wide in shock, but not for long.

⟶ progress: 40%

Surprise Halloween post


It was the only thing his shaking voice could manage to get out before complete darkness filled his mind. There were no thoughts, no feelings, just pure, primitive instinct taking over his senses. The scent of blood. The sound of it pulsing through your veins. The memory of its taste on his tongue. Nothing else was left.

You witnessed the brief, horrifying moment and blinked through your lust drunk haze, gasping when the fear finally hit you like a hammer and sobered you up in one shot. Dropping a bucket of ice on your head would’ve been kinder.

You took his advice to heart, realising this just got serious and the time for teasing was long over. His fangs grew slightly when he picked up the smell of your cold sweat, your fear tasting sweet in the air as he licked his lips. Only moments ago, this action would’ve sparked excitement and want inside of you, but you didn’t recognize this growling creature with eyes like bottomless, black pools of ink.

⟶ progress: 10% (and will probably be rewritten all over again lol)

Wonho + “Well one of us has to change and it’s not going to be me.”

⟶ progress: 0%

Werewolf!Shownu + “Is that…Is that my bra?” + “I’m too sober for this.”

⟶ finished & posted


“I look fucking ridiculous! And those stockings will make me want to murder someone by noon if they keep itching like crazy!”

Yoongi’s countless complaints had long turned to background noise while you were still marveling over his transformation. You never knew you could look so hot, not even with a glow-up potion! In fact…was it possible to turn gay for yourself?! Were you a narcissist if you couldn’t stop staring at yourself, but if it wasn’t really you?

One of the great things about cat familiars is that they are pretty powerful witches themselves, as they are able to perform a great deal of spells and being natural metamorphmagi. However, you’d never expected Yoongi to do so well in transforming into the spitting image of yourself, aside from the bright, emerald green eyes. Actually, he was much more beautiful than you were and you found it very difficult to keep your eyes off him, not knowing why exactly that was.

“I’m not sure if i put your bra on the right way, it’s so straining! It actually hurts! Why can’t you just let the girls breathe a little, huh? Let them get some fresh air-”

“No chance, you’re keeping the bra on. And stop looking down my- i mean your shirt! You’re violating my privacy enough as it is.” you scolded him as loud as your squeaky voice would let you, your cheeks blushing up a storm and you were glad they were so small, Yoongi would barely notice.

“You’re the one who made me do this in the first place, so don’t give me that crap. By the way, honey, these are definitely not yours.” he scoffed while buttoning your shirt back up and fair enough, for some reason Yoongi’s version of you went up a cup size.

“Anyway, the potion should wear off between 48 and 72 hours so i need you to act as normal as possible during that time and not draw any attention to yourself whatsoever, okay? Can you do that?”

“Is there anyone who knows you better than i do, ___?” Yoongi threw you a playful wink before hiking up your skirt way above the generally accepted three-fingers-above-the-knee. “Don’t worry about it.”

You’ve never been more worried in your entire life.

⟶ finished and posted

I’m going to try and finish as much as possible when it’s still October, but halloween themed requests and original stories will be posted during the rest of the year as well because fuck it, halloween is too cool to limit it to one month!! If you sent in a request and it’s not in this list yet, good chance i’ll write it after i’ve finished these! (only if they inspire me though, but thanks for sending one in regardless!) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

anonymous asked:

Um hi! May I ask for a scenario or headcanons (whichever you want to write) about Nishinoya (+ Oikawa and Kuroo if you want to write headcanons) where his s/o has had depression and anxiety in the past but they are starting to feel worse again and try to keep it a secret from everyone. How would he find out and react? I just need some comfort right now... If you're not comfortable with writing this, just ignore it :) This blog is awesome, thank you for writing this great stuff!

I’ll do headcanons to make this faster because I want you to feel better! I hope this helps!


  • Noya knows about your history with depression and he always does his best to try to make you feel better. Gives you comforting hugs and kisses and always tells you about the happy things in his day.
  • He always tells you he loves you no matter where he goes. If he’s going off to class, “Bye, (Name)! I love you!” If he’s going to practice, “Love you!” Going to the bathroom, “I love you!”
  • If he sees it becoming worse, he stays by your side as often as he can. Tries to talk to you about random things to get your mind off the bad stuff.
  • He’d get mad if you tried to hide it from him but knows that you have your reasons for hiding it. He always tries to get you to tell him whenever you’re depressed.


  • I’m sure he’s dealt with things like this before so he knows a thing or two and how to help you. He’s very kind and gentle when it comes to helping you through your depression.
  • It’s a little heartbreaking when he sees you going through tough times. He’d leave you small things like a note or even a picture of the two of you at your desk to give you little happy bumps throughout the day.
  • He likes to hold you on his chest and tell you stories about his life, especially if they’re about you because he likes telling you how much he likes you.
  • Tries to show you as much love as he can and supports you as much as he can so you can always remember that he’s there for you.


  • Kenma has probably dealt with something similar so Kuroo understands how to help. He takes baby steps though because he doesn’t want to cause you any trouble.
  • Suggests that you and Kenma have a talk because he thinks Kenma can give you some tips to help you. If you don’t want to, Kuroo doesn’t mind and he gives you lots of soft kisses.
  • Likes to hold your hand and slide his thumb over the back of your hand because it’s a calming process and he thinks it can help. Small kisses on the hand and forehead are a thing for him to help you.
  • Takes you out for walks or to relaxing areas to let you get fresh air and relax. Maybe a walk on the beach? A walk around the park? He’d never let you deal with this alone and would always ask about your day.

Despite how shitty the apartment has been in actually really liking OB! The hours kind of suck. I’m in the hospital at 6 AM and don’t leave clinic until 6 PM. I am also on call all day every day. But at least I’m getting to do a lot of hands on stuff. I got to work the bowel retractor in my first intraabdominal surgery which was really fun. I’ve done like 20 pelvic exams and it’s only my third day.

The only thing I don’t like is the fact that I’m really REALLY sick of looking at vaginas. It doesn’t help that I’ve been working with some pretty stanky BV today.

robertisbisexual  asked:

Hi i'm at work and melting and I have the worst headache and tbh I feel like I'm dying and I'm pretty sure it's overheating but can I pls get cute sexcapade fluff ficlet from you to make my life suck less. Ty ily. If not its ok don't worry but also hi ily again

Aaron isn’t really sure how it happened, in the end. One minute they were putting their ensuite shower to use, Robert sneaking in behind him as Aaron soaped up his hair, and the next thing he knew, Robert had gone flying, cracking his head against the thick glass of their shower door.

“Jesus - fuck, Robert, are you okay?” Aaron shut off the shower, sliding a bit on the tiled floor himself as he crouched down to check if his husband was okay, Robert sitting on the shower floor, looking a little more than dazed.

“‘M… not sure,” Robert’s words slurred a little as he spoke, pressing a hand to the back of his head.

Aaron hooked his arms around Robert, his husband like dead weight as he hoisted him out of the shower, depositing him unceremoniously on their bed, knowing Robert would give him nothing but grief later for letting their fresh bedsheets get soaked through.

“Let me see,” he murmured, tilting Robert’s head slightly so he could assess the damage. Robert’s head wasn’t bleeding, or anything, so he took that as a good sign, but that shower door was seriously thick glass, and Aaron couldn’t help but be concerned.

Especially when Robert was still so dazed.

“Come on, get dressed,” Aaron said, pulling on his own boxers, wincing at the way his clothes stuck to his damp skin.


“Because I’m taking you to the hospital Robert,” Aaron said, as if it were obvious. “You just nearly cracked your skull open on the shower door, you could have a concussion.”

“I’ll be fine, just a bit woozy,” Robert shrugged, fumbling for the trousers Aaron was handing him.

“Robert, don’t argue with me,” Aaron shook his head, fully dressed now. He would have run down to grab something to eat, but he didn’t quite trust Robert to get down the stairs (god, why had they gone for a spiral staircase again) without tumbling head first down it, the state he was in.

Robert seemed too disorientated to argue, squinting at the button of his trousers as he tried to do it up.

“I can’t believe I’m dressing ya,” Aaron teased, covering his worry with a joke as he buttoned Robert’s trousers. “I didn’t think we’d be doing this until you were at least forty.”

“Ha-ha,” Robert attempted to roll his eyes, tugging on a discarded t-shirt of Aaron’s. “You try getting your pants on after you nearly brained yourself in the shower.”

Aaron gave him a sympathetic look, squeezing his hip. “It’s probably just a concussion, if anything,” he said, guiding a still disorientated Robert toward the stairs, practically sighing with relief as his husband held tightly to the bannister, taking the steps one at a time (usually Robert was worse than Liv, thundering down the stairs like a small herd of elephants.)

“I’m going to have a banging headache either way,” Robert sighed, picking up a hoodie of Aaron’s, Aaron having had left it thrown over the back of the couch the previous evening. “And I didn’t even get an orgasm out of it.”

Aaron snorted, leaning in to press a quick kiss to Robert’s lips. “I’ll make it up to ya, old man.”

It had been a concussion. A fairly mild one at that, the nurse barely holding in laughter as Robert explained how he’d slipped in the shower, his cheeks turning a bright pink as he did so.

They’d spend the day on the couch, Robert nursing a banging headache and Aaron more than making up for the orgasm that wasn’t by the end of the day.

Robert had all but gotten over it when he’d gotten to work the next morning, a shower mat on his desk, right red bow attached and Adam doubled over in the corner, laughing his head off. “You told him?” he asked, incredulous.

Aaron couldn’t do much to hold back his laughter now either. “I had to tell him why we weren’t coming in to work!” he defended himself, remembering how Adam had just broken down on the phone when Aaron had told him they were in A&E because Robert had fell in the shower, Adam quickly putting two and two together.

Robert glared at the two of them. “Don’t either of you dare tell Vic.”

A week later, a brochure for shower chairs arrived in their front door, Victoria’s neat hand writing stating she’d picked out a few nice ones for him, and that was the moment Robert decided he hated his entire family.

New Active Passive Scale?

I feel like this is pretty late game to be making some tweaks to my theories and whatnot lol buuut I’ve been thinking about the Active to Passive scale of the homestuck classes again, and Ive come up with something better than what I had before, which was basically this

and in thinking about it again and now that Homestuck is over, some things seem more obvious in retrospect, like Thief being the best candidate for Most Active, as well as Page being best candidate for Most passive, something I’ve even debated against in the past! lol

and that had me beginning from scratch with this

Lord - Thief ——– Page - Muse

and then THAT had me thinking that what if it was simply scaled along the inversions?

just like how Lord and Muse invert to eachother, and Thief and Page do, what if the next in lines also all match up inversion wise too?

and that got me THIS scale:

Lord - Thief - Prince - Witch - Knight - Maid - Mage -/- Heir - Bard - Rogue - Seer - Sylph - Page - Muse

which, when I looked at the actual active passive pairs as well got me this:

Lord is Opposite to Muse

Thief is 8 Higher than Rogue

Prince is 6 Higher than Bard

Witch is 4 Higher than Heir

Knight is 8 Higher than Page

Maid is 6 Higher than Sylph

Mage is 4 Higher than Seer

this seems to form another pattern as well that suggests that in the separate inversion quadrants, disparities in active/passive level are equally greater or lesser than other closer or further quadrants

for instance Relocation Inversion Application, aka Thief/Rogue/Knight/Page

There is a larger activity disparity in this quadrant between the active classes and their passive counterparts, which makes sense, the more active a class the more passive its inversion would be in comparison. Both Thief and Knight are much more active to Page and Rogue their actual counterparts

suggesting that the quadrant of Thief/Rogue/Knight/Page is one with harsher lines between passivity and activity

then the opposite example is the Witch/Heir/Mage/Seer quadrant, where the active are only 4 higher than their passive counterparts, and the classes themselves are much more “middle of the scale” without making each class itself middle of the scale, witch is still very active and seer is still very passive, but the quadrant itself is much more closely knit in its balance

then of course Prince/Bard/Maid/Sylph is very evenly in the middle of the distribution boths ways, again without sacrificing each individuals classes active or passive nature

So I Think I am actually going to start seeing the Active/Passive scale in this way

Its, pretty different than the one I had before, I’m not sure about some placements personally, like the very active of the passives Heir (ive always seen Heir as strongly Passive)

but you know what whether or not Heir acted actively or passively was a discussion back in the day where different people saw it differently, so maybe thats because it was on the active end of passive afterall, and it just wasn’t on my radar because of my own views and honestly the line of Rogue - Seer - Sylph - Page just feels so Right to me, even Bard being right after Heir I can accept grudingly

its weird how coming back to something you havent thought of in a long while lets you get a fresh perspective on things

so yeah, I might be going back and updating some posts that reference an active passive scale lol