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Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*

let’s all take a moment to appreciate how well “that’s what she said” and “phrasing” have aged compared to “giggity.” many of us would probably still laugh at a well-placed “that’s what she said” even after all these years, but if you met someone who responded to a sexual innuendo by saying “giggity” you would almost certainly feel such deep shame and embarrassment on their behalf that both of you would lose the ability to speak for the rest of your lives

it’s weird how bland the weasleys’ names are compared other ones in the hp universe. wilhelmina grubby-plank, anyone? look at the whole damn black clan – regulus, phineas nigellus, narcissa. it is a parade of anomalous names. gellert, fenrir, merope.

and then the weasleys go with… bill, charlie, fred, george. and i am convinced that this is because arthur thought common muggle names were chic and possibly more convenient when he takes his sprogs shopping at tescos for spark plugs

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Since you probably have enough headcanons to create whole Altea and galaxy around it, do you have any ideas/desings about young Haggar?

gimme dat pastel hair

So I hc her being once a Royal scientist. A member of an extended Royal family, like not to high, but up there. So she be like a distant great Aunt to Allura.

She’s was around the same time as Coran’s grandfather. She is slightly younger than him

When I got this Ask in the middle of the night, I quickly wrote this out. Enjoy-

  • Once there was a royal scientist
  • One of the greatest of her time
  • Gifted with power of the universe life itself. Discovered such wonders. Created such good.
  • But soon she wanted more. To make her home the beacon of all. To tower over all else.
  • But her methods grew cold and wrong.
  • She told her plans to everyone.
  • They gave her looks of concerns and horror and told her to go further no with her goals.
  • She ignored their worries and carried on.
  • She discovered such new things so powerful that can change everything.
  • But she hurt more to gain these results. More pain was caused.
  • Her work didn’t stay hidden for long.
  • She was caught and put in front of court of all.
  • They listened to her reasons. She stayed true to her goals. To bring them to the top.
  • Her goals originally pure but her methods nowhere close. It was not right. They couldn’t let her go any longer.
  • She was angry. Claimed their cautious and worry would end them all. Afraid to take a little more. 
  • They need to rise to survive. To take over all. They refused. Their downfall she would be a part of.
  • Her punishment. Her work destroyed. Her gift locked away. And she was sent away to the darkest depths banishment for causing harm.
  • She thought perished, never known if on the way or far away.
  • But no.
  • She shifted. She changed. To pass impossible limits. She still thrives strong.
  • Building slowly. Gathering followers that honour her goals. Returning her power to the top and over. 
  • Altea will regret denying her. She’ll achieve her goals to show them all. She grows stronger and waits
  • A doubting Guardian of the Air comes to her. Seeking her knowledge and power.
  • She grabs the chance and starts slowly poisoning the Air.
  • She was never truly forgotten, her life stayed as a caution to others. That how going on the path for growing of power for no concerns for others. 
  • Dead and rotten they become. Not recognisable as their before.

Kinda makes me think of a bedtime story for Altean and others children.

People hating on Daryl because he’s gone, so called, cold?

Did you all forget he was humiliated by being stripped naked and kept prisoner in a dark and cold room, beaten, forced to listen to one song on repeat for hours on end, and was fed nothing but dog food?…… You’re lying if you say you would handle the Saviors differently if you were in Daryl’s shoes, having experienced the torture he has✋


I’m five years late but this absolutely destroyed me. The whole season Betty was so careful expressing her love for Kate, one small daring step at a time. Kate kept responding positively, which made Betty only fall deeper and believe her feelings were mutual. 

Except, Kate had been sheltered her entire life and obliviously thinks this is how friendship between women is expressed. Not picking up on the underlying implications and signals she’s giving to Betty and Betty gives her in return.

Even before it all comes crashing down, Betty makes absolutely sure there’s no other reading. Kate rubs her shoulders and Betty takes her hand, kisses it and confesses her love verbally. Only when Kate tells her “she really likes her too” Betty goes in for a kiss. 

And that’s the moment everything Betty thought was possible - getting the girl - was all in her head. But it’s not just a rejection of her affections, it’s a rejection of who she is.




Don’t worry. No one’s going under the ship today. Though, the thought had crossed my mind. No, I’m quite certain I can do better than that.


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The Finale is tonight! What better way but to share a Beth poster. Happy Walking Dead Day and here’s to us Beth fans.

“She’ll get here, when she get’s here.”


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Sept 19, 2017
  1. 7th Anniversary of Harry’s X-factor Audition
  2. First Show of Harry Styles Solo World Tour
  3. Liam drops the ADORABLE video for ‘Get Low’ from the sky
  4. Niall Flicker World Tour Verified Fan Presale Begins
  5. IDEK it’s not even 9am where I live yet ANYTHING could happen I guess but all eyes on you Louis