lets get dead

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*


tired Keith is just 10 times the Angst™

it’s weird how bland the weasleys’ names are compared other ones in the hp universe. wilhelmina grubby-plank, anyone? look at the whole damn black clan – regulus, phineas nigellus, narcissa. it is a parade of anomalous names. gellert, fenrir, merope.

and then the weasleys go with… bill, charlie, fred, george. and i am convinced that this is because arthur thought common muggle names were chic and possibly more convenient when he takes his sprogs shopping at tescos for spark plugs

main characters when sick

clary: will not leave her bed, pouts at people while asking them to get her food and drinks, complains a lot but it’s okay because her voice is hoarse and she never exaggerates what she’s feeling, she gets izzy to take baths with her and izzy will gently wash her hair for her, also, she loves to cuddle with izzy without the pressure of making conversation aka she naps on her girlfriend 

jace: hates being pitied, will take all the medicine he can and then insists he’s fine before the drowsiness kicks in and alec has to catch him before he hits the ground and makes his sickness worse,  secretly loves to be read to while he’s stuck in bed so everyone takes turns (izzy is his favourite bc she does the voices and everything)

alec: keeps doing his job, tries not to sniffle or cough every five seconds, has to be literally forced to stay in bed, jace usually picks him up and gently places him down while magnus keeps watch, to make sure he stays there until he’s better of course, they definitely do not use that time to hold each other’s hands and talk until alec falls asleep, head on magnus’ lap

luke: uses puppy dog eyes to get jocelyn and clary to have movie marathons with him, using his sickness as a bargaining tool, they all curl up and watch star wars, making sarcastic comments to each other and occasionally one of the girls will get up to get more food or drinks, and in the end they both get sick and it’s his turn to take care of them

izzy: rarely gets sick but when she does it’s full blown throwing up, fever, the whole nine yards, and everyone rallies together to help her get better, clary is the one who’s around the most and she gives izzy her stuffed horse to give her comfort and she 100% goes into worried girlfriend mode, fluffing her pillows, spoon feeding her soup, growling at anyone who makes a sound louder than a whisper when izzy’s asleep etc..

magnus: his magic grows weaker and he loses a lot of his energy when using it so alec and izzy come over to help him do his work because they know he would do it by himself if they didn’t, but alec makes sure magnus doesn’t do anything more than he has to and he pulls his shivering boyfriend close to his side, covering both of them with tons of blankets even when alec starts to sweat from the heat 

simon: hates being sick with a passion and will deny he even has a sneeze, but when his body aches and he just wants to sleep there’s one person who, using snark and light insults (and maybe some head massaging), gets him to admit he needs to get better, and so raphael spoons him as he falls asleep, showing clary where the blood that will help simon is by pointing silently, the hand that’s covered by a blanket carefully stroking simon’s feverish skin, feeling the sharp bone of his hip


“He [Daryl] is kinda like a wet animal you find in an ally, you approach him and he’ll snarl at you, but if you could feed him and take him in somewhere warm, he’ll follow you forever.” — Norman Reedus

You’ll let him leave because you think he’ll come back. you don’t try to stop him because you think that’s what he wants. but it’s been a week and he hasn’t shown up at your door yet and you are beginning to question whether or not he will. you can’t remember how long it usually takes for him to return to you and your hands shake every time you think about it.

this hurts and I’m sorry to be the one to tell you but he won’t drive to your house at 2 a.m and knock on your window and kiss you like he always should have. he won’t sneak out of his bedroom to meet you under streetlights and you won’t get to hold him again.

he’s gone.
you think that this is just like the other times but it isn’t. he won’t come back.

he won’t come back.

—  I want things to get better and they can’t if I’m still waiting for you– Lily Rain

2017 mood board™ (pt 3 of ??)
And now the torturous hiatus begins😫😭😢
What am I going to do?? I’m going to have to post all my random thoughts & rambles because I got so used to ctm flooding my dash every day 😭

What I think of when listening to the Heathers soundtrack
  • Beautiful: School sucks...nope never mind!!!
  • Candy Store: Bow down or get out Bitch!!!
  • Fight for me: Damn boy!!! You single???
  • Freeze Your Brain: Don't kill yourself, have a slushie instead!!
  • Big Fun: Parents are gone let's get wasted!! Wooo!!!
  • Dead Girl Walking: I'm pissed, horny, hot and you're cute! Let's do this!!!
  • The Me inside of Me: Ok, Bitch is dead... let's make her into a martyr!!(Aka Miss Fleming gets too self involved and helps them get away with murder.)
  • Blue: I'm soooo horny!! NO!!!
  • Our Love is God: I am God! We are god! We will kill them all!!! *V freaking out*
  • My Dead Gay Son: My son is dead, gay (shush), and so am I!!!
  • Seventeen: Please can't we just be normal, no more killing. Just you and me.
  • Shine a Light: Kids are dying, this is great for my career!!!
  • Life Boat: I'm a jerk, but there is more to me than that.
  • Shine a Light Reprise: Heather vs. Heather
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: I had hope once, now it's gone.
  • Yo Girl: Run Veronica Run.
  • Meant to be Yours: Come on Veronica, we are meant to be! I just want to blow up the school!!! It's no big deal.
  • Dead Girl Walking Reprise: Ok, that's it!! I'm done with your BS.
  • I am Damaged: I'm too messed up! Wait no you're not!!! *boom*
  • Seventeen Reprise: I know everything has gone to hell, but let's try and be normal.

I’m not much of a one for theories, predictions, or speculations, and I have no idea if this will happen or not, but I for one would REALLY like to see Sherlock find out that John was messing around on Mary.

I am just so curious about how he would react.

Would he be furious?  Understanding?  Amazed at himself for missing the signs?  Would he reveal that he knew all along?  

This series is supposed to be all about consequences, so I would really like to see John deal with some consequences for his actions – not just his own private guilt, but ACTUAL consequences.  It’s not so much that I want to see him punished or redeemed, but I want it to matter.