lets get a boat

bts in titanic
  • namjoon: the boat can't take 7 persons.
  • jimin: i will be on the water.
  • hoseok: what? no! we just have to get closer.
  • jin: yeah!
  • jungkook: no guys, the boat can't take us, let's get another.
  • yoongi: or we can throw someone in the water.
  • namjoon: no! we have to-
  • yoongi: let's throw v, he doesn't know how to rap.
  • v: WHAT
Strange Magic

Newt Scamander x Muggle!Reader

The reader helps Newt on his trip and when Jacob has to walk into the rain, so does she, but she remembers everything because she was adopted by muggles and is actually a wizard.

A/N: This follows loosely along the timeline of the movie for creative reasons!

Warnings: none

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“Newt, are we here?” you peeked you head around the door of the third class cabin of your traveling companion.

“Yes, I believe so Y/N. Now, when we get off of here, we need to move quickly so the muggles don`t suspect us, I mean, me” he directed and flushed with nerves.

That stuck in your throat, you were just a muggle- nothing special. Nothing like the gifted wizard, Newton Scamander.

“Of course, I will go fetch my case” you nodded at him and headed back to your cabin to gather your things. 

You found Newt 20 minutes later as you both moved up a few decks to disembark the boat. 

“Right, let`s move fast to get through passport control” Newt fiddled with his case and then took out his blue passport.

Scuttling quickly behind him, you tried to not get distracted by all the accents, you didn`t have much growing up so this experience was a once in a lifetime trip.

“Come along Y/N” Newt gently touched your shoulder, his eyes shifting nervously.

“Welcome to New York, do you have anything to declare?” the gruff officer looked you both over.

“N-no” you stuttered, holding your muggle case close to you.

Newt shifted on his feet and the officer narrowed his eyes at your wizard friend.

“Sir, please open the case” he grunted and you gaped at Newt- how the heck were you going to get out of this?

Your best friend lifted the case onto the table and you held your breath as the luggage was opened.

Nothing. No beasts running around Ellis Island and wreaking havoc- thank God.

Newt nodded and told the man “good day” then took your hand to lead you out onto the docks out to Manhattan.

A long walk later, you were on the way to your hotel to wash up but Newt just had to stand and watch a anti-witch hearing on the steps of a bank. 

You were busy staring at the building and when you turned back around, Newt was running up the steps.

“Newt!” you yelled after him, your dress swaying as you ran into the bank.

Swinging your head around, you spotted the niffler rifling through ladies` purses, “what a little blighter” you huffed.

Your ginger friend was rushing around the bank causing mania trying to catch the beast and you were rushing around trying to repair the damage.

“So very sorry, here you go” you picked up a purse to hand it back to the owner.

Eventually, Newt was distracted by the silver egg held by a muggle and disappeared from sight.

“Just great, Newton! Where on God`s green Earth are you?” you wondered to the recovering crowd.

You picked your case back up and walked outside to see if you could spot Newt.

No sign of him

“Bloody fantastic” you were all alone in a strange foreign city and the reason you were here has disappeared from sight. If you were a wizard, you could easily find him, but you were nothing but a muggle.

God, you hated that word. It reminded you how ordinary you were, especially in comparison to Newt- you had no idea why he was friends with you.

You walked down the busy Manhattan, wandering because Newt had the hotel address, as you remembered when you met your shy friend.

He was practically sprinting down the high street when he knocked into you, you were looking at a potential Christmas present in a shop window and felt the cold pavement below you. 

“Oh I am so sorry, so very sorry, please- I- I am sorry” he spat out, desperately trying to help you up.

“It`s fine” you looked up at your apologetic attacker and was stunned by his emerald eyes.

“Please, let me help you up. I am so sorry” he apologized again and you couldn`t speak, he was adorably handsome.

He offered to buy you a cup of tea to say sorry (again) and you accepted, ready to spend any amount of time with this man that he would allow.

From that day on, you were the best of friends, meeting for tea, listening to the radio, and discussing the latest literature works.

The day he told you he was a wizard was 3 months after you had met. Your favourite necklace had gone missing and when you searched your bedroom for it, a small beast appeared holding it in it`s tiny paws.

“Bloody hell” you screamed out.

“Niffler!” Newt scrambled to capture the creature and when he had secured the beast into his always present case, he turned to you and returned your jewelry.

“Newton Scamander, explain now” you narrowed your eyes at him.

“Let`s get a cup of tea first” he wrapped an arm around yours and led you downstairs.

You entertained the delay and when you were both sat down with a steaming cuppa, you nodded at him.

He fidgeted in his seat and blurted out “I`m a wizard” 

“A what?” you gasped.

“A wizard” he repeated and anxiously awaited your response.

You laughed for about ten minutes and then he told you all about Hogwarts, the different houses, the spells, the families, everything wizard.

Walking past a bakery, you chuckled to yourself at the memory. That was probably the day you fell in love with him, the revelation of his past made you understand the way he behaved, his adorable nature, and the beasts he loved so dearly.

That same day, you told him about your adoption from the orphanage. It was a hard thing to talk about, being abandoned by your parents was a sore subject, but you thanked God everyday for your adopted parents. They loved you dearly and from the age of 2 gave you a proper childhood.

Lost in thought, you wandered around Central Park, admiring the vast greenery that thrived in the bustling city.

“Y/N, there you are!” cried Newt, obviously looking a little worse for wear.

“Newt! Where have you been?” you were furious, he had left you to fend for yourself…it`s not like you had magic.

“I am so sorry Y/N, the niffler escaped and then I was taken to the American Magical Congress and please forgive me” he breathed out.

“The American what?” you asked, you had heard of the Ministry but you didn`t know that there was a counterpart in the U.S.

“This your dame Mr Scamander?” a chubby, dark-haired American man appeared.

“No-no” Newt stammered, “this is Y/N, she is a muggle too” he explained and you deflated at the introduction.

“What have you gotten yourself into?” you sighed but smiled at the man, “nice to meet you-” you nodded.

“Jacob, ma`am. Pretty accent you got there” he complimented.

“Why thank you” you blushed.

“Y/N, I-” Newt didn`t get to finish his sentence before a woman appeared.

“Mr Scamander! You need to come to the Congress!” she seemed angry.

“Ma`am I need to locate all my beasts first” he told her and scrambled with his case.

“Sir, you must appear in front of the council. This type of behavior cannot be condoned, I`m not sure what type of system the Ministry has but here in America, we follow the rules” the lady was fuming.

“Okay, I will meet the council but please, help me get my beasts before they expose the wizard world to muggles” he begged, thinking more about the safety of his babies more than the exposure but he would say what he had to appease her.

“Very well Mr. Scamander. We shall search in the morning and bring you to the Congress in the afternoon…no exceptions” she gave him a heavy look.

“Yes” Newt agreed and picked up his case.

“I guess you will all need a place to stay” she sighed, “follow me”

You followed her to her small apartment building and had to sneak in as she wasn’t allowed visitors, especially men.

“Queenie?” she asked the empty flat.

“Over here Tina” a voice trailed through the place.

A beautiful blonde waltzed through into the living room and smiled gently, introducing herself as Queenie and asking what we wanted to eat.

“We don`t want to be any trouble” you told her and Newt nodded.

“Nonsense, now what do you want for dessert? Apple strudel?” she looked towards Jacob who was smitten.

During dinner you noticed Newt glancing at Tina and she at him- you were fifth wheeling in the worst way.

Newt would ask if you were okay but didn’t pay you much mind, he never would. Why would he? You were nothing but an ugly muggle.

“You`re wrong” Queenie said to you which made everything look in confusion.

“Oh I`m sorry, I am a Legilimens” Queenie explained, “I read minds but I promise I don`t dig, sometimes thoughts just come to me” she apologized and you were trying to absorb the announcement. 

“Wow” Jacob stared at her in awe and she giggled at him.

That night you were sleeping on the settee of the Goldstein sisters while Newt and Jacob had the spare room. Your thoughts swirling at the prospect of Newt finding someone to share his passion with, someone who could actually help him and not hinder him.

The next morning, Queenie woke you up with a cup of tea.

“Thank you” you smiled at his sleepily but she was frowning.

“Newt, Jacob, and Tina are at the Congress, I think they are in trouble” she looked at her hands.

“What? Why? How?” if they were in trouble, surely you should help.

Two hours later and Queenie was rushing towards you with Jacob tailing her as they exit the plain looking building that was anything but boring.

“Where are Newt and Tina?” you frantically looked for them.

Queenie pointed to Newt`s case and you breathed a sigh of relief.

When you were back in the sisters` flat, Newt and Jacob got out and you grabbed Newt.

“I`m so happy you`re okay” you held him tighter and felt his blushing cheeks on your neck.

“I`m fine Y/N” he looked at Tina and asked what the situation was.

The situation turned out to be dangerous and needed to be dealt with…by wizards.

You all headed to a notorious speak easy in the city and Queenie waved her hand for more appropriate outfits.

“Oh wow” you spun around, admiring the tassels of your dress.

“You look beautiful ladies” Jacob complimented, glancing at Queenie with a blush on his cheeks.

“You look lovely Y/N” Newt swallowed and you blushed at his comment.

“Thanks Newt” you replied and you all headed inside.

Things did not go to plan and Newt had to go deal with an Obscurus, something you only discovered a few minutes before.

“Please let me help” you begged Newt, hating to sit out while he risked his life.

“I know how to deal with this Y/N” his green eyes determined.

“I want to be there and do something” you moved to touch his shoulder.

“I need you to be safe” he admitted and with a final glance at your teary eyes, he disappeared.

“Don`t worry Y/N, he`ll be back” Jacob comforted you.

You had no idea how much time had passed but you were suddenly in the New York subway.

“What?” your head was spinning.

“Miss Y/L/N, Mr Kowalski, you are not wizards so we must remove your memories of our world to protect our secret” the President of the MACUSA waved her hand.

“No please! She won`t tell anyone. She`s my friend and how is she supposed to get back to England?” Newt kept questioning and begging the President.

“It must be done Mr Scamander and she will board the ship of her own will” her decision was final

You walked up the steps to the entrance of the subway station with tears in your eyes.

Queenie was crying and kissing Jacob before he went out into the rain, his blank look haunting you as he wandered around.

Your best friend looked distraught and you could see him calculating a plan.

“Newt, there is no other way. I can`t have you get into trouble because of me. I have loved knowing you and your beasts, especially the niffler- little bugger. Let me go and remember me?” you were crying now at the prospect of forgetting the love of your life.

He nodded and hugged you tightly before you pulled away to follow Jacob.

Just as you were about to walk into the rain, you turned around to see Newt with unshed tears swimming in his green eyes.

“I love you” you finally admitted before walking into the rain.

“Y/N!” Newt reached out to you and ran out into the rain.

You faced him and he felt his heart sink- you had forgotten.

“Newt?” you were confused.

“Y/N?” Newt replied- what was happening? He dragged you out of the rain, both of you soaked.

Tina made her way forward from the back with a piece of paper.

“Actually, the council discovered that Y/N is of wizard descent, she was adopted by no-majs but her parents were both wizards” she announced.

“What? How?” you were confused and shivering

“Why wouldn`t you tell us sooner Tina?” you had never seen him so angry.

“You made us say goodbye to each other knowing full well she would remember me and she is magical” he held your hand.

“I wanted you to finally admit what you felt for each other” she smiled.

“I`m a wizard?” you were still reeling from the news.

“Yes Y/N” Queenie grinned.

“But-” you were cut off by Newt`s lips upon your own, a short but sweet kiss.

You were frozen in shock.

“I love you too” Newt declared and blushed deeply.

“Really?” you touched your lips still feeling the tingle.

“I thought I had lost you before I could tell you but I have loved you for years” he held your hand.

“Gosh, I have loved you too Newton Scamander” you were smitten.

“All these years and finally! Thank goodness! I had to listen to both your thoughts” Queenie sighed but was still grinning.

“Let`s go home my love” Newt picked up his case and led you out.

It was the beginning of a new adventure.


so i saw the shells in kumiko's room and thought of this
  • Reina: *walks into Kumiko's room* *sees decor of shells hanging on ropes on the wall*
  • Reina: "Do you like the ocean, Kumiko?"
  • Kumiko: "Yeah... why?"
  • Reina: *running her hand over the shells*
  • Reina: "Someday, we should just give everything up and throw our lives away. Let's get a boat, and go to the ocean, and sail all the way to the end of the horizon together."
  • Kumiko: "We'd just end up drowning"
  • Reina: "but you know what they say, you can't drown a fish"
  • Kumiko: "but you're not a fish, you're a people"
  • Reina: "why do you gotta ruin everything ice cream head"

It’s funny how in the Stan and ford sea-venture fan art I see it’s mostly Stan charging in, so ready to fight the creatures while ford is just in the back like ‘Stanley NO’ and while I don’t doubt that happening, I mostly think about a giant ass sea creature appearing out of the water, towering over them and stan’s stepping back a bit because 'um ford…? What the HELL IS THAT?!?’ And meanwhile fords just pushing up his glasses, and he may or may not have stepped closer to the surely man-eating, 12 tentacled creature with stars in his eyes and the widest smile on his face as he breathes out 'fascinating’

Dead in the Water - Part 3

Word Count: 2704

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Triggers: drowning, mentions of panic attacks, language

A/N: As promised! It’s late-ish. 1:37am eastern time. But it’s here! I kinda overslept earlier. My post-work hour nap turned into like 4 hours. My bad. 

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Series Rewrite Masterlist

After the police came and you had given your statements, you went back to the police station with Jake. The boys and Jake entered first and you heard Andrea’s voice from another room. 

“Sam, Dean. I didn’t expect to see you here.” You slammed the door shut as you entered last. “Y/N I didn’t expect you either.” Andrea said. You nodded to her. 

“So now you’re on a first name basis with these 3?” Jake asked. “What are you doing here?” Andrea looked taken aback by her father’s attitude toward you 3. 

“I brought you dinner.” She said. 

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I don’t really have the time.” He told her. 

“I heard about Bill Carlton. Is it true? Is something going on with the lake?” She demanded. 

“Right now we don’t know. But I think it may be better if you and Lucas went home.” Jake said. With that Lucas started whining and jumped up, grabbing on to Dean’s arm with one hand and yours with the other.

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Two of a Kind

“Bam” …… “BAAAAAMM”

“C'mon man, we’re almost ready to dock!!”

Faintly you both start to recognize Gabe’s voice in the distance calling out. You’re downstairs in the sleeping quarters pressed up against the wall with your hands tangled in Bam’s hair and frankly docking the Integrity is the furthest thing from either of your minds.

“Ugh!” Bam pulls away, “dang, I really have to go help them-hold that thought,” he smirks. You frown and lean up to give him another quick kiss. He gives you that look and you roll your eyes. “I know, I know, you have to go, but I couldn’t help myself!” You laugh.

Bear’s head pops in upside down at the top of the ladder. “Hey! Not trying to bum you out but the winds pushing us hard-so all hands on deck.”

“Ok, man we’re coming!” Bam waves his hand to dismiss Bear. He turns to you and shrugs as he leads you to the ladder and you both head up.

You see Bird and Rain standing off to the side and you skip over to join them. You’ve taken their lead and learned that when it comes to docking the Integrity it’s best to just stay out of the way. Even with Billy and all the boys on board you still get nervous when docking. It’s a big boat and she doesn’t always go easily-especially in a fall storm.

Ami joins you girls and gives you a reassuring squeeze around your shoulders. “It’ll be fine dear.” You give her a half hearted smile and nod.

The boys have already sprung into motion with Matt and Gabe taking off on the skiff to head to the dock to catch the lines their brothers will toss them off the Integrity. Bear and Bam stand ready to throw the ropes on the side of the boat both sporting their life jackets (Ami always insisted they wear them, and frankly, you agreed) “respect the danger,” as Bam would say, you think and you nervously chuckle to yourself.

Billy stands at the wheel guiding the boat towards the dock. “Bear! Bam! Toss the lines!” He shouts. Bear lets his fly to Gabe who catches it and plants his feet ready to guide the boat in. Bam’s rope sails towards Matt and as he’s fumbling to get a grip on it slides right through his hands and out into the water.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! Every single time! If you would just do things right the first time we wouldn’t be in this mess!” Bam spouts off as he reaches down over the side of the boat to start pulling the rope back in.

“Have you ever thought that maybe it’s your throw that was off!? You know it’s not always me, man!” Matt spits right back.

You grab Bird’s hand. Matt and Bam don’t exactly get along the best and the last thing you all needed was one of their fights right now. She gives it a little squeeze, she understands your nerves.

“I mean really-how hard is it to toss a rope. This is just ridiculous Bam!!–BAM!!!!” Matt screams as the Integrity bumps the dock and it knocks Bam over the railing and into the water.

“BAAAMMM!!!” You and Bear take off running towards the spot where he fell. “Where is he!? Where did he go!? Is he okay?!?!” Your practically clawing your way off the side of the boat and Bear has to hold you back. “Right there!” Bear shouts “Matt! Get him up on the dock!!!”

Matt moves to help Bam onto the dock while Billy throws a second line to Gabe to secure the boat. “Let me go! I need to get to him!” You fight out of Bears arms.

“I’m fine” Bam shouts as his brothers try to help him back on to the boat. He shoves his brothers away and Ami comes rushing over with some towels and a big blanket. “Honey, are you okay? You need to get dry before you freeze!”

“I’m fine” he barks “it’s still fall, waters not that cold.” Bam grabs a towel from his mother and stalks off towards the back deck of the boat.

You start to head after him. “That’s not a good idea.” Noah says. “He’s super mad at himself and probably Matt too and he’s probably embarrassed-he needs some time to cool off!”

You ignore him and continue back to where Bam is. You two haven’t been dating all that long but if there’s one thing you know it’s that your personalities are so similar that you know what Bam needs in these situations.

He sees you step onto the back deck. “Don’t” he snaps “I’m fine, but you need to understand I don’t want to hear it right now-any of it-just leave me alone!”

You slowly walk over to him and grab the towel from him. You place your hands on his shoulders and gently push him so he’s sitting down. “I know,” you softly say, “I get it. I want to help you. I need you to trust me.” He gives you a confused look, but doesn’t push the issue.

You take the towel and help ring out the dampness in his hair and run the towel up and down his arms just enough to dry him a little. He’s ignoring you-staring at the horizon still looking mad as ever. You sit down beside him and gently put your arm on his back and lay your head on his shoulder. You both sit in silence for about five minutes when you hear him sigh and say “I promise I’m okay. The whole thing was just so stupid. And my anger just gets out of hand a lot. I’m sorry. How’d you know that would help?”

“My temper gets the best of me a lot too and most of the time when I’m mad I don’t want anyone talking to me, and I definitely don’t need people chewing me out. Sometimes I just need someone to sit with me, be patient, and to let me work through it on my own terms. You said you didn’t want to hear it so I thought I’d try this. I’m here for you babe-whatever you need. I want you to know I understand and its okay.” You squeeze him tighter and he loops his arms around you.

“Thank you” he whispers and kisses you on your temple. “I’m so lucky to have you. We might be two of a kind, but I know we are a perfect match. I love you.” “I love you too, Bam.”


And If you get seasick

I’ll drop anchor and hold you close

And if you get sunstroke

I’ll let you sit in the hull of my boat (x)

Captains Vulpes (Nori) and Dwalin from the amazing Sea and Sky Pirate AU. Cuddles aboard the Bloody Gannet during a meeting of their two ships, in which their crews of pirates and privateers party together ‘til dawn.

On the Water.

It felt good to be in a relaxing environment for a bit, away from any stress or work. The view of the clear blue water in Miami was a serene image and the rock of the waves while the boat moved nearly lulled you into a nap if not for the bright sun beaming down on you.

You laid comfortably on the chair which was covered by a towel and shielded yourself from the bright rays, careful not to smash the sunglasses on your face and cause them to break. “Marco!” You screamed out trying to catch his attention wherever he was.

There were quite a few people on the lofty boat, all friends of yours and Marco. Everyone was doing there own thing somewhat either stuffing their face with the vast selection of food on the deck, enjoying the sun as you were or joking off.

Your eyes were closed but you could feel the presence of someone approaching you. “Yes?” Marco questioned as he stood over you. You finally squinted your eyes open, peering up at him and pointing to the sunblock laying next to you. “Can you put that on my back please?”

Marco playfully chuckled and sat down on the edge of the outstretched chair. “Am I your servant?” He joked.

“Why yes, yes you are.” You grabbed the lotion and placed it into his palm with a wink hidden by your Tiffany & Co. glasses. “Thank you.”

“You’ll regret asking me to do this.” He opened the bottle and poured some of it onto your back, grinning mischievously unbeknownst to you. Marco began to rub the sunblock into your skin, taking his time as his hands massaged you. It didn’t matter to you. It felt great. Until you felt the tug of the string of your strapless bikini being pulled from your back and broken free. You immediately scowled, opened your eyes and looked over your shoulder to a guilty Marco.

“I didn’t tell you to undo my bikini tie.” He held up his hands in defense. “I needed to get around it. You wouldn’t want me to ruin it, would you?” You knew his actions had secret intent but you brushed it off for now and returned to your position with eyes closed while Marco went back to what he had been doing.

He massaged your back for a moment longer until you felt his hands lower to your backside, rubbing each cheek slowly. You silently smirked to yourself, knowing he wasn’t even bothering to rub the sunblock on any more but instead getting his feels. You’d allow him to for now.

Marco’s hands quickly glided under the bikini bottoms and were headed to the front of you where your love remained covered, hoping you would simply ignore the feeling. In your mind, you dared him to go further just to see if he would. Your friends were all around and it wasn’t like they wouldn’t be able to tell what he was doing if they paid attention.

But Marco wasn’t thinking of that as his first finger found the path to your love and rubbed your folds. “Marco!” You looked over your shoulder again and twisted your body, causing him to remove his hand while he chuckled at your reaction. “Stop!” You sneered. The last thing you wanted was someone coming over to find you two mid-act.

“I’m just putting the sunblock on like you asked,” he stated innocently. “No sunblock goes there. Try again.” You closed your eyes once more until you heard the sound of someone yelling.

“Y/N! Marco! Are you two ready to dive off yet?” Everyone had promised to jump off into the cool water just once this afternoon and you were only waiting until the moment everyone was ready.

“Yeah. We’re ready,” you responded by yelling back. “Marco, tie my top.” He reached down to the tie and began to twist it back into place while bending down closer to your ear.

“Please let me inside of you before we get off of this boat. You know you want to,” he uttered lowly, sending chills down your spine just at the thought alone.

“Fine. In 30 minutes. Meet me in the bathroom.” You hopped up as soon as your top was secure and bounded across the deck, leaving behind Marco who had a sly grin on his face, counting down those 30 minutes.

The Night of your life ~ Hayes Grier imagine

clarissagrier22 said to mmagcon101:Hey can you make a imagine of hayes giving you the “night of your life”?😏  

Here you go Sorry it’s late I had other request to do first and I was busy But better late then never right. I hope this is what you meant and that you like it anyways .

Let Me know what you think it would mean a lot to me !!

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I was laying in bed relaxing Getting ready to put on netflix when I got a text from my boyfriend Hayes.

Hayes ~ Hey cutie whacha doing tomorrow night ?

Y/N ~ Oh you know the usual photoshoot,I’ve gotta finish filming my move and than I have to save the world from an alien invasion But nothing after that .  

Hayes ~ You are always so busy lol. But seriously ?

Y/N ~ I’m not doing anything …….

Hayes ~ Ok great pick you up @ 8 and dress fancy and bring a bathing suit !!  

Y/N ~ see you than !!

“where is this boy taking me “ I thought to myself. i was going to get up to pick out my outfit but I have more than enough time tomorrow .

~ The next day ~ 

I decided to start getting ready at 4, I took a bath, did my makeup and got dressed I was ready around 1:10 and Hayes had just gotten there I put on this dress. 

I mean he did say dress fancy, So i went to make sure i had everything I needed He said bring a bathing suit so I brought a bathing suit and a towel I have no Idea what for but hey .  I was looking in the mirror making sure I looked presentable which i did I love this dress, I got a text from Hayes .

Hayes ~ I’m outside 

Y/N~ Coming !!  

A I was waling outside I saw a huge white limo, I was beyond shocked i have no idea what all this is for “Oh my gosh Hayes, you didn’t need to get A limo “ i said covering my moth from gasping . “yeah well I wanted to come on hurry up” he said tapping on the side of the limo. I sat in the car  and asked “Hayes what in the world is all this for “ “No reason, I just wanted to do something  special“ placing his hand on my thigh . I went and Gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead . 

~ at first destination ~ 

:where are we ?” we were in the middle of nowhere there was just a lake I could see a few light’s on the lake but that’s it . “We are eating dinner “ Hayes said opening the limo door for me . “in the middle of nowhere “”yes,we are “ We started walking towards the lake and there was a boat and from a distant’s I could see a dock with a table and chairs and some candles. We can not be eating dinner on the lake I thought to myself, We got on the boat and made our way the the dock it was beautiful  .

“Hayes this is amazing “ i said taking a seat “I know I’m amazing “ He said in a obnoxious way . Me and Hayes ate dinner and it was amazing we had lobster, shrimp, Salad and all kinds of food . We were done eating dinner I thought  we were done with the evening But I guess not . “Hayes this was amazing “ i said walking up to give him a hug . “lets get on the boat and head to place 2 “ Hayes Said “Place 2?””Yes there is 1 more place “  .

~2nd destination ~ 

“here we are : Hayes said letting go of my and and taking off my blindfold. I opened my eyes to a beautiful sight It was in the forest it was a tent and there were so many candles it was just stunning . “Hayes did you make this ? “ Walking closer to the tent to get a better look “yeah I had a little help though “ Hayes aid following me .   

“What are we going to do here Mr.Grier “ As I was sitting down “Well this is where we are going to eat desert “ Hayes said joining me . All of a sudden I see a cart appear with amazing desserts on it . 

After we finished the desserts we were making our way the 3rd destination Which I assume was the swimming part . “are we going in the limo ?” I asked Hayes “No we can walk “ as we were walking, I began to become more familiar with my surrounding we are in his backyard “I had no idea I thought we were in the forest or something “ I said laughing at myself “No we are right at my house “ He said opening his house gate.We were walking to the backyard and I thought i have seen all the beautiful things in the world, Well I clearly was wrong his pool was amazing there were flowers everywhere .

we got changed in our bathing suit I was wearing this one .

“Hayes what is all this really for ?” i asked swimming around the pool to adjust to the water . “ok well I’m going on tour and really  want you to come so Y/N will you pleas come on tour with me ? “ Hayes asked “ Yes you didn’t have to do all this “ i said going up to give him a hug . “well I wanted to “ He said giving me a kiss “I love you “ I love you too “ ….

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Pietro Maxmoff #1

Imagine Pietro saving you during the battle against Ultron.

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Everything seemed to be going to hell, the city was flying and you weren’t sure why this was happening. You didn’t live in Solkovia, you were visiting the city because you loved to travel. Like most civilians you were trying to find your way to safety but it wasn’t really working out for you; robots kept blocking every path that you wanted to take until you were surrounded by them. You thought you were toast, you fell to your knees, the hard gravel hurting your knees. You waited believing your death was near, that was until you heard loud crush and bang. You looked up and saw someone with serious speed beating up the robots. You were in shock and you felt your heart skip a beat when he was right in front of you, 

“Are you alright prinţesă?” he asked you; you nodded slowly, 

“Ye-Yeah I’m fine.” you say and look at the attractive man. 

“Lets get you to the boat. It will take you to safety.” he said and scooped you into his strong arms. You wrapped your arms around his neck and put your head to his chest instinctively causing him to chuckle before he sped away. 

“Here we are.” he said as he set you down. 

“Thank you.” you say and he smiled, 

“You’re welcome prinţesă,” he said before he sped off….

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What would the boys do if they were on the Titanic (the actual ship, not watching the movie) would they get on a life boat or let others get on cause they probably won't die from the water being vampires and all???

Matt- Well, to the time line I’ve created, you could say- they’d be all relatively young. Using that, even though they weren’t on the Titanic for sure, this is how they’d act at that age if they were on the titanic.

Shu- He would get on a life boat and would make sure his younger brothers made it on too. He would, if possible, get a life boat for just the family so he didn’t have to worry about humans complaining and annoying everyone.

Reiji- Reiji would get on a life boat as well and would make sure everyone got on.

Ayato- He wouldn’t hesitate to take a lifeboat. He’d be too scared of drowning or never surfacing to take the risk.

Laito- He’d follow Ayato’s lead and would take Kanato along, tugging him to go faster to the boats.

Kanato- Kanato wouldn’t have much of a choice, but he’d take the boats either way. Can’t risk getting Teddy wet, right?

Subaru- Subaru wouldn’t get on a boat unless his brothers forced him onto one. He’d get too overwhelmed by the crowds of pushing people and since he was so small he’d try to stay out of it as much as possible.

  • Dark Hook to Rumple: "That is why Belle's left you, because she knows the kind of man you really are. The kind who loves his power more than anything. More than her, more than your dead son. Oh, and I'm a hotter Dark One than you ever were. And one more thing, don't forget Excalibur can kill me. Okay, bye."
  • Dark Hook to Snowing: "No wonder Emma didn't trust you with her plan. You, Charming, you've been too busy bro'ing it up with Arthur for you and your lovely wife, who really lost hope pretty easily in her own daughter by the way, to even attempt to reach out to her these past 6 weeks. Did you forget she was the Savior? I obviously don't love her anymore, but apologies are in order, don't you think."
  • Dark Hook to Henry: "Operation Light Swan's still on, by the way. Uh, I mean, well, if you want to keep it going, without me, or whatever. Later."
  • Dark Hook to Regina: "I like Captain Dark One. Clever...for once. Yeah, that's all I've got for you."
  • Dark Hook to Nimue: "Welcome to Storybrooke. Let's get all of these other Dark One's out of that boat. It'll be easier to get to them, I mean, greet them that way.
  • Dark Hook to Dark Hook: "Good job, mate. Rumple wants to kill you with Excalibur, Snow, Charming and Henry will be back by Emma's side in time for your sacrifice, Nimue has no idea what you're up to and Emma, well, she's smarter than you and will probably figure this whole thing out, but at least you tried. And Regina, she'll be there to provide unneeded bitchy comments, no matter what happens. Good plan."

I would like to Officially Propose: Percival doesn’t remember much of his time at sea or the months surrounding it. That doesn’t mean people don’t remember him.