lets fly to neverland

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can we get the prompt remembrance or memory whichever u want with peter pan plz thnk u

Here is some angst that nobody asked for. :’))))) 1953 Disney version of Peter Pan.

Peter Pan + “Remembrance”

“Who was your first love?” 

It was an innocent question from an equally innocent child; it shouldn’t have affected you as much as it did.

You stopped folding clothes for a moment, momentarily stunned by your son’s sudden question; almost instantaneously, memories of a redhead boy wearing a green tunic, a confident, boyish smile on his face and warm brown eyes that lit brightly with childlike excitement began to flood your head all at once.

“Your name is [Name], right?”

“Come on, let me take you to Neverland!”

“You know, flying isn’t all that hard.”

“I promise, I’ll come back to you.”

“Hey…uh, can we do that thing we did last time? I think it’s called a ‘kiss’.”

“Have I ever told you about this girl named Wendy?”

“And then I snuck up to his ship, and he didn’t even see me coming! It wasn’t that hard getting on it, honestly…”

“I’ll stay here until you fall asleep.”

“You know, you’re really pretty.”

“Sorry, had some business to take care of with Hook and his crew. But I’m here now!”

“Let’s fly for a while. I promise, I’ll bring you home by midnight before anyone notices you’re missing.”

“[Name]…everyone in Neverland found out about us.”

“They forbid me from seeing you anymore…but I won’t let them stop me from being together! There’s just no way!”

“We only have four days left…but I want to make it all count.”

“Don’t forget me okay?”


“I love you.”


Upon realization that you had spaced out, you quickly wiped away the tears that had somehow made its way to the corners of your eye, and you forced a smile on your face…even after all those years…

Bending down to your son’s level, you answered softly, “No, your daddy wasn’t my first love…”, your son’s face fell for a moment before he let out a squeal of surprise when you suddenly enveloped him in a hug, a bittersweet smile making its way to your face…although you had suffered so much from losing the redhead, you would never forget the boy who had stolen your heart first; you would always remember him for as long as you lived…especially when he became your child’s namesake.

Looking down at your son, Peter, with adoration, you admitted before kissing your child’s forehead, “You were my first love, Peter. When I first laid my eyes on you, I finally knew what love meant.”


“I though I was alone. I had nowhere to go, I was lost. And then one night a shadow came up to me and promised me that i’ll never be lonely. He told me to believe in him. To believe in magic.  He looked in to my eyes and I realized I finally had a family. He took my hand and made me flew above the town that wasn’t meant for me. Soon enough we reached a wonderful place. He said I should call him Peter Pan, so I did.”

- Neverland is a place for lost boys, and for a lost girl like you.

“I was sure that was the place were I should stay. Boys playing in the woods, sand in my feet, sun shining, and people who cares about me. I wasn’t lost any more, not again. Neverland became my home, sweet home. My favourite story book. Lost boys like me are free. Peter Pan told me he cares about me, he looked at me in to my eyes and since that day, he never let me go.”

- I love you.

He told you that. Those 3 words were just said by Peter, all of them just for you.

- 3 years ago i made you a promise, remember? To never let you feel lonely. Now i know why i told you that. Since I first saw you, I felt different. You are unique, (Y/n). You taught me how to love, and because of that I want you to feel exactly what you made me felt. - He came closer.- I’ll never let you go. - He kissed you for the first time and forever.

Watching “Quite A Common Fairy” right now, and I can’t help but feel like the scene where Tink brings Regina to the tavern to meet her soul mate sounds an awful lot like moving on to a better place. In a rather permanent way.

They fly to get there, Regina’s in a white dress, and the lighting is other-worldly, and then Tink says:

“Inside here lies the beginning of your happiness. All the pain in your past will be just that—the past.”

Sounds like how many people perceive heaven to be. 

So, if Regina buys it at the end of the series, I would not be surprised if she ends up in this spot again with Robin Hood back in that heavenly tavern. Only at that point, she’ll make the right choice.  

Disclaimer: Nothing I ever predict happens on the show.