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When you’re trying to do something for Cherry Blossom for @bokuakaweek and that Beyoncé insp hits you…

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Happy Valentines day everyone! I’m proud to announce that my scifi romance novella Rocket Romance is available for pre-order today on Amazon

I have a goal that I’m trying to achieve with my novella. I want to break into the top 100 ranking of the romance science fiction sub category on Amazon.

My book only cost $1.00 even if you cant buy it sharing this post will be a big help! Thank you!

Langst p2

You’ll find part one pretty fast but If not, this au has the tag #calm!Lance

There is this small thing, i am pro polydins, shaladin and shit like that because I myself am poly, but that is beside the point. What I want to say is please, please tell me what pairing i should do (i can try writing almost anything.) Because I am curious and undecided!!!

Anyway, here goes nothing:

Lance knew that he shouldn’t have said that, but the look in Pidge’s eyes stopped him from lying.

He sighted and got out of the shower to dry himself. The discussion they were going to have was going to be a lang and straining one. Thankfully, he knew how to handle it, looks like scolding his siblings paid out after all. True, his siblings made up on their own, but they weren’t stuck living with six other (somewhat) strangers on a castle ship in fucking space in the middle of a war.

He put on some strange pjs made of Altean Silk. He liked how they felt on his skin and that they had long sleeves. He knew that If he wanted to get his point across he needed to wear something serious and the Altean pjs were perfect for being slightly intimidating.

Lance made his way to the common room and stopped in front of the door. He didn’t want to this but no one else seemed to be able. He took a deep breath.

“Let’s get this over with.”

The door opened.


It seemed like the temperature drppend a few degrees as Lance entered the room. Everyone was in there, all nice and clean. He walked slowly to middle of the room.

He cleared his throat and looked pointedly at Keith. The boy looked at the ground embarassed, but got up to walk in front of Lance.

“Pidge?” The small girl got up and stood next to Keith. Lance sighted mentally, he knew he made a mistake by dismissing Pidge’s mistake so quickly and he couldn’t let that go to her head. “I know I said nobody blames you but you still made a grave mistake. I want you to know that and think before doing something so careless again, okay?” Hm, good enough.

“Yes, Lance” She said and turned to face the others. “I appologise for not consulting with the team and charging recklessly in the enemy base.” Huh, would you look at that … Lance was surprised in a good way, he didn’t expect her to appologise. That little girl was making him prouder and prouder everyday.

Pidge turned back to him. Lance was smiling. Pidge loves that smile, it wasn’t a grin or a smirk or forced… No, it was a real smile, Lance looked wonderful like that. And if she could ne the reason he smiled like that then damn she’d do anything.

“I am very proud of you right now, Pidge. I understand it is hard to appologise (i am sure i write this word wrong pls correct me).” Lance turned to Keith.

Pidge felt bad for him, she knew he had good reasons to yell at her. And she understood that the stress of the missions​and being stuck in space was taking a toll on all af them.

Keith turned to her and looked right into her eyes. He seemed sad and regretful, but the main emotion in his eyes was concern.

“I am sorry for yelling at you. It was really hypocritic of me to yell, since probably I would’ve done the same thing. I was just really worried about you and the others.” Keith scratched the back of his neck. Then he turned back to Lance and took a deep breath. “But i am more sorry for yelling at you Lance, and saying those hurtful words…” Lance opened his mouth to stop him, but Keith didn’t let him. “ And i hope you can forgive me. And even if you don’t… Please tell me the truth. Promise?” He held his pinky out and Lance flinched at the sudden movement. But he smiled sadly (he does that a lot, Pidge wished he didn’t).

“I’m not mad at you, Keith, but sure,” he linked his pinky with Keith’s. “Promise.”

“When you repeated what I said, that you’re useless, do you really believe that?“

Everyone tensed. They talked about this before. Well, Pidge asked him and he said he will talk to them about that later, but this was Keith who was asking, and Keith is the one who started this mess.

Lance sighted, he didn’t really want to talk about this. “Yes, Keith, I think I’m useless…” Keith intrerrupted him nu grabbing his shoulders and screaming in his face.

“YOU’RE NOT USELESS! I WAS ANGRY AND FRUSTRATED AND I WANTED TO HURT YOU! I DON’T MEAN IT. I-” Lance stopped him by taking his hands and walking him to couch.

“ Look, I said I think I’m useless. Not that I am. I know that even if I am not a leader like Shiro, a great mechanic and cook like Hunk, a hacker like Pidge or an amazing fighter-slash-pilot like you, I can still be something. Maybe I don’t know what I do yet, but I will find out.”

Pidge tugged on Lance’s robe. “ But what makes you think you’re less than any of us?” Her eyes were staring holes in the ground.

Lance looked around at the others and sighted for what seemed to be the thirteenth time that day. “Sit down everyone, this is going to be a long story.”

The Paladins and the two Alteans sat down around him, on couch, or on the ground in front of him, even in his lap, in Pidge’s case.

“It all started…”


Calling all Captain Swan Fans!!!!!            

I know today has been a wonderful day and a hard day all at the same time. We are all still thriving off the hype of last nights episode, but were devastated by Jen’s departure.

Fret not! As a Big Bang from the CS fandom as a whole, I’m going to make a CS fan video to the song A Happy Beginning. To do that however; I need your help.

The goal is to make a video of fans, like myself, who are completely in love with this ship, holding handwritten or typed lyrics that will go along with a certain part of the song. Many, many, music videos have been made this way. It would be cool for everyone to come up with a unique and self-expressive way to do this.

Also, if you have videos or pictures of interactions with other Captain Swan fans and you want them included that would be great! This is basically just going to be a a CS fandom love fest. Something we can give back as a thank you to Colin and JMO for stealing our hearts onscreen for 5 seasons.

If you are interested and want to be apart of this please drop a message or send an email to AHappyBeginningVideo@gmail.com

Once I have confirmation you want to be apart of this I will send you a line from the song to do your video to. Then in whatever from is easiest for you, Private youtube video, dropbox, email, etc…..send your video and get this party started.

You can also find me on my main blog @eala-captian

Tagging a few people: @eala-captian @walkerfairytales @laurnorder @captainswanismyendgame @seastarved @killianemmajones @ilovemesomekillianjones @cat-sophia @xhookswenchx @laschatzi @mindyourhelm @tlynnwords @singingisfun @mrs-emma-swan-jones @captainswanbookclub @teamhook

I’m starting over. But, I’m not just dyeing my hair or changing my style this time. It’s all on the inside. I’m fixing things. I’ll be doing a whole lot of forgiving, and even more forgetting.
—  Wish me luck