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Realest Fucking Panic! Lyrics Ever
  • i need a little sympathy to sore my insecurities
  • our consciences are always so much heavier than our egos, i set my expectations high so nothing ever comes out right
  • should’ve known right from the start you can’t predict the end
  • and being blue is better than being over it
  • you could tell me secrets that i’ll probably repeat; i’m not trying to hurt you, i just love to speak
  • fought resistance nearly my entire life
  • it’s better to burn than to fade away, it’s better to leave than be replaced
  • girls love girls and boys and love is not a choice
  • i want to complicate you, don’t let me do this to myself
  • in the sickness of you, i’m just a white blood cell fighting like hell for you
  • all of trade mistakes
  • you are taking me apart like bad glue on a get well card
  • all of the calendar lmao that whole song’s a masterpiece
  • how does a heart love if no one has noticed its presence and where does it go
  • wake up to despise a world i once loved
  • if i wake in the morning i only need two more miracles to be a saint, everything i promised everyone i’d be well i just ain’t
  • can’t take the kid from the fight, take the fight from the kid; sit back, relax, sit back, relapse again
  • talk to the mirror, oh choke back tears
  • im cutting my mind off, feels like my heart is going to burst
  • things have changed for me and that’s ok

Whenever someone plays Panic! At The Disco I have this urge to assert my fan dominance and I start rapid firing facts about them until I know they know that I’m obsessed

MBTI Playlist Series - INFP

Playlists hand-crafted by yours truly based based on the 16 mbti types!

Vol. 1 - INFP

(listen here on spotify)

Rocket Man - Elton John

Prey - The Neighbourhood

Snow - The Red Hot Chili Peppers

When The Day Met The Night - Panic! At The Disco

Lovely - Twenty Øne Piløts

Always - Panic! At The Disco

Despair In The Departure Lounge - Arctic Monkeys

Daft Pretty Boys - Bad Suns

Mad As Rabbits - Panic! At the Disco

The Run and Go - Twenty Øne Piløts

Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez 

Sing - My Chemical Romance

Life Lesson - Dodie Clark

Paris - The 1975

Light the Sky - Grace Vanderwaal

The Ballad of Me and My Brain - The 1975

No. 1 Party Anthem - Arctic Monkeys

Wild Things - Alessia Cara

I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys

Tiny Dancer - Elton John

My Propeller - Arctic Monkeys

Underdog - Imagine Dragons

Blue - Troye Sivan