lets disappear gif

There’s something about it
There’s something about this spiral
Something special
These waves
Continuous waves
Grabbing your attention
Catching it
Catching you
Making you want to look
To watch
To focus
To relax
And keep on watching
Feeling your tension fading
Your stress vanishing
Relaxing to the spiral
Relaxing to my words
Looking at it
Feeling it calming you down
Soothing you
Relaxing you
Feeling good
Feeling happy
To just look
And let yourself go
Pet your mind relax
let your thoughts disappear
Your cares fade
Your worries vanish
Leaving only my words
Only the spiral
So calm
So relaxed
Letting go
Dropping more
Almost there
So close
Drop down
Drop deep
All the way
So wonderful
So happy
So calm
So soft
As you drift
Drift deeper
Deeper and deeper
All the way down
So calm
So peaceful
Just the spiral
Just my words
Calming you down
Once all you feel is this relaxation
All you know is the spiral
And my words
You simply reblog
Type “calm and relaxed”
Letting others feel like you
Feel the relaxation
The calmness
The peacefulness
So good
So happy
So relaxed
Just the spiral
Just my words
And you keep relaxing
Keep looking at the spiral
Focusing on it
Once you feel happy
Feel relaxed
Once you feel you are ready
Ready to wake up
Feeling refresh
Feeling energized
Feeling confident
Once you feel that way will you wake up
Until then just look at the spiral
Look at it and


“Hi James,

I know you don’t like when I call you James but this time it doesn’t matter. So just, sit down and read it completely, before judging my reasons.

I was born in boringly normal family with high hopes that the only child would be anything but average. And I tried. I tried very hard every goddamn second of my life. I used to be a cheerleader, went to the ballet school, got high grades at school and was perfect at everything. Perfect daughter, perfect friend, and perfect student.

‘Does it matter? Why did you write it?’ you will ask. However, I had to give explanation about myself, because if you think about it we had never told about me. It was you every time…Whatever.

I was one of the capable students so my professors highly recommended me to Tony when he was looking for assistant in lab. I was hired and the most exciting part of my life started. In couple of weeks, I was the full membership of the team but you didn’t like me. At least I thought so. Every time when you came to Stark for checkup, you had always had that scornful smirk on your face. And every time I heard same witty remarks. God, I used to hate it but secretly I was intrigued. Until the day HYDRA, agents came to the tower and I got almost shot.

Almost because you saved me, and the same day confessed your love. I was confused but agreed because since I had met you I fell for you. We spent so long time together and it was something incredibly perfect. You were the everything I looked for in man. We were perfect couple that everyone was envy.  

Then it started. Your nightmares. I was never afraid of them. I knew your past, I knew what you had been trough and it had never scared me. Even that time when you turned into Winter Soldier. When you turned into him and thought that I was your target. You tighten your grip until Steve came and pulled me out. When you realized that you almost killed me, you were very devastated. God, your perfect bay blue eyes were hurt and it sting my heart. That day I decided to do everything to help you.

On other hand, you made completely different. You tried to distance yourself from me.  And the worst thing is you did something that I didn’t expect from you. Your persistent adultery just made everything worse. The first time I saw you with that girl from tech lab it was like knife in my heart. But I still got you. I still tried not letting us disappear.”

Bucky stopped at this part. His heart skipped a beat and he was staring at paper for good five minutes but he still couldn’t collect his thoughts. He just tried to protect you. He has always been a danger for everyone he loved. You wasn’t an exception. Bucky hates himself for everything he did to you a half year.

Flashbacks were so fresh and it hurt. He remembered how you used to come to him and hug from behind until he threw you over his shoulder and you always landed on his lap with sonorous laugh. Or you cooked your first meal and burnt it. It made him to smile sadly. Bucky bit his lower lip to keep himself from distracting. Sharp pain made him turned to reality and he thought with sorrow “Maybe if I didn’t open up she would be still here. At least she would be happy”

“You know it is really hard to write to person who you love from the bottom of your heart. I believe you love me too. But sometimes it is just…just didn’t happen the way we want. Maybe it is the best. Whatever happens Buck, I will always get you.

                                                  With love, Y/N

Someone knocked the door. Steve stuck his head in the doorway “How are you doing, pal?” Bucky ran a hand through his hair in desperation “I don’t know. Everything I touch fall apart. And she, she was perfect. I have never deserved her”

Steve frowned his eyebrows. “I am sure she would be really sad if she heard you. You have to come and” Bucky mumbled without looking at him “I can’t. I am not ready to see her like this. I want to remember her alive”

Steve nodded understandingly and left. Bucky was sitting there until the last gloomy sound of the funeral march died away.

/Somewhere in Europe/

“Hail HYDRA” general greeted you and you saluted “Hail Hydra, sir”

“Agent Y/N made a huge work. She infiltrated into Avengers and did the second part of ‘Leviathan,’” your supervisor was telling it with proud. General smirked “Congratulations, agent. Now it is time to final accords”

You left the room and your heart filled with horror. You just signed death sentence for Bucky.

Slow spinning
You just feel calm
Feel calm as you look at it
How it slowly spins
Spins round
Round and round
Slowly comforting
Slowly relaxing
You look at it and find yourself relaxing
Calming down
Feeling your worries fading
Your stress vanishing
Calming down
Just like the spiral
Round and round
Calm and peaceful
Relaxed and happy
Feeling good
Letting my words relax you
Along with the spiral
Letting your mind relax
Letting your thoughts vanish
Letting your worries fade
Letting your care disappear
As you let go
Let go and drop
Let go and drop
Drop deep
Drop down
All the way
All the way down
All the way
Thinking of the spinning spiral
As you read my words
As you let go for them
As you give in to them
And relax
Just drift
Drift down
Drift deep
All the way down
Calmed and relaxed
Finding all your worries
All your cares
Simply fading
As you look at the spiral
Read my words
Finding all your worries fading
Along with your cares
Your thoughts
Once you simply find all you think of is the spiral
And my words
You just reblog
“Relaxed and calm”
You feel great joy
So calm
So good
Once you do that
You feel so calm
So peaceful
So happy
As you do that
And as I count to 3
You’ll wake up slowly
Happy and relaxed
Enjoying the trance
Enjoying my words
Enjoying my posts
Starting to wake up
Happy and relaxed
Enjoying the trance
Enjoying my words
Enjoying my posts


Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Luna Lovegood
Based on this imagine by imaginesharrypotter.
FFN | Ao3

A/N: Fluff.

Her steps were always light, and swift as they carried her down into the hole and not promising that she’d return in one piece. But she was neutral territory. At least, that was what he explained. Half of them thought her too mad to really find her any real threat, even if she did brandish her wand in self-defense. The other half seemed to find her wanderings as harmless as a butterfly’s prance.

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Chapter 4 - The Bear

Later, James would scream at him to never do it again, even knowing that he would.

Later, James would stop talking to him; run away, because he’d never felt so goddamn scared in his life as he had been cradling Aleks in his arms as he bled out.

Later, James would lock himself in his apartment and refuse to speak to anyone except Ein until Aleks was able to stay away and eat and talk and joke around, even if he still couldn’t get out of bed. He wouldn’t speak to Aleks for two weeks, he wouldn’t even think about him as more than a distant associate for nearly a week after that and they wouldn’t kiss or fuck or even touch for nearly two months after that, until they both got drunk and had lost an amazing deal with another crew and needed to either blow off steam with each other or blow up the base.

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“Lost Love - Part 1”

Chibs Telford x Reader
(GIFs aren’t mine)

Prompt: You run away because you don’t want to go to jail, but the guys find you. (Given to me by the lovely @sons-of-anarchy-imagines-blr)

***I decided to make this two parts with an optional 3rd/4th part if it gets good feedback. Let me know what you think about this first part!!***

You stared at the photograph in your hand as you sat on the bathroom sink, crying. You never pictured yourself in this situation and you hated it. Tears were streaming down your face as you hopped from the sink, whirling around and screaming as you punched the mirror in front of you, shattering it.
“God DAMMIT!!” you bellowed, clutching your left hand in your right, studying the lacerations on your knuckles as the photograph fluttered to the floor. It was a picture of Chibs with Agent Stahl, she was handing him a case file, intentionally conspicuous.

Stahl threatened to hang Chibs out as a rat, pin him as the person that gave them intel on gun crimes the club had committed, and arrest you for obstruction of justice, if you didn’t help her get information on their gun trade. You knew she had pressed Filip for info about the Irish months ago, but he didn’t give her anything, and you knew that’s what the photo was about.
The problem was, his brothers didn’t know she had ever spoken to him because when he had considered cutting a deal with her for immunity, you convinced him it was a bad idea and he put an end to his dialogue with her, keeping the whole thing a secret. Only the two of you knew and you had a feeling once the club found out he had even entertained the idea and didn’t tell them, they wouldn’t be inclined to believe anything else he said.

She chose you to drill into because she thought you were weak. You didn’t have a Sons of Anarchy bloodline which she mistakenly pegged as chink in your loyalty. You were also the newest old lady of the bunch, only being with Filip for a year.
What she didn’t know is that you were probably the most savvy of the old ladies, you did the books for the club because you were good at it, and that meant you saw a lot of transactions and knew a lot of stuff you probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Now you wish you had never started working for the club.

You wrapped up your hand and scampered to the bedroom you shared with Filip, packing as many of your things as you could, you had to get out of Charming for a while… or permanently… you weren’t sure yet but you needed to get away from Stahl and protect Filip and the club. You scribbled a note on an old grocery list and left it on the bed, grabbing your suitcases and one of Chibs’ Berettas and walking out of the house.

You threw your things in the back of your car, and with one last look back at the house, you wiped the tears from your eyes and pulled out of the drive.

“(Y/N)! Where are ye my love?” Chibs hollered, walking in the front door and tossing his keys on the table beside the couch,  "Gemma is ‘avin a ge'together at her house tonight, I tol’ her we’d be there.“

Something felt off.

"Baby?” he walked down the hall, stopping when he got to the bathroom. He peered in the door, seeing the shattered glass everywhere and throwing the light switch on to take in the sight. He squatted to see everything closer and saw bits of blood on the glass and an ATF photograph of him and Stahl on the tile.
Panicked, he stood, “(Y/N)! You here!?”
He ran into the bedroom where he found empty hangers on the floor, drawers empty, the closet void of your things. He pulled his hands up to run through his hair, breathing heavily. Where did you go? Were you okay? His eyes scanned the room, landing upon a sheet of paper on the comforter. 

Stahl brought me in for questioning today. She said she was going to make you look like a rat and arrest me if I didn’t give up the club on the gun charges they’re pursuing. I’m so sorry love, I can’t go to jail, and I can’t let her make me a rat. I have to protect you and the club. I have to leave. Please don’t look for me. I love you, handsome…. so much.
I will miss you,

Chibs wheeled around and slammed his fist into the wall, breaking through the drywall and leaving a gaping hole in the structure.
“Shite!” he screamed, hitting the wall open palmed, before spinning back around and falling against the wall, sliding down it until he was sitting, his head resting in his hands. He got his breathing under control and pulled out his phone, dialing Clay.

If you wanted to get away from the other charters you’d have to drive for days. The Sons had sister clubs and charters all over the west coast and you knew they’d be looking for you. Even though you asked Chibs not to come for you, he was too stubborn and too much in love to let you just disappear even if it was to protect him.

You decided instead to just try and keep a low profile. You would pay for everything with cash, making sure to stay off main roads and only stopping in small towns. Your entire life was behind in Charming, and you hated to leave it so suddenly and without the one man you loved more than anyone in the world.
Sitting in a shitty pay-by-the-hour motel, you folded your arms around yourself, tracing your ribs through your shirt where the crow tattoo was inked into your skin.

You had only been gone 24 hours and you were already a mess. You pulled out a burner phone you took from Chibs and clipped one of the sim cards you purchased into it, dialing the only number you truly knew by heart and listening to the rings…

Who The Fuck Is Negan? [Part Three]

Alison studied his face, taking in every detail, as she thought about how much of an age difference there was between them. She wasn’t sure how big the gap was, but she was willing to bet it was over fifteen years.

She didn’t speak to him again until The Sanctuary was coming to view, wanting to express her concern while she knew she still had a chance. Who knew where she would be taken once they arrived.

“Would you force me to do something I don’t want to?” Her voice was hushed and she wondered if she needed to ask a little louder, until he laughed.

In a cheeky tone Negan made a comment about how he had just kidnapped her, and in turn she laughed at him.

“Negan, if I really didn’t want to go with you, I wouldn’t be here.”

She saw the confusion on his face, and then pure amusement when he glanced over and notice she had taken her gun out at some point and was pointing it right at him.

“Shit sunshine. I might a little scared if your gun wasn’t fucking pink.”

She went to kick him, only grazing his jacket. Damn her short legs. And of course her failed attempt just made him smirk and laugh yet again.

“Do you even know how to use that?” He pointed to the gun still pointed at him. “Sure you’re even old enough for it?”

“Fuck you. I’m older than you would think.” She cocked the gun, finger on the trigger. “And so what if it’s pink?” A smirk crossed her face now. “It could kill you the same as any other pistol.”

“I don’t think you have the fucking guts to do it.” He was parking the truck, her window for questioning was about to end, possibly.

“I don’t want to Negan.” Alison ignored as he seemed to shiver when she said his name.

“Answer my original question. And I’ll put my gun away.”

He turned to face her, frowning just slightly. He put a hand over his heart.

“I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to, if you tell me your name sunshine.”

“It’s Alison you dick.” She slide her gun back into her pocket and opened the door, getting out before he could say anything else.

When someone tried to take her things away, she broke their nose, and instead of getting in trouble, Negan only smiled and told everyone to leave her alone.

Before she knew it, Alison was in Negan’s room and he was giving her a very deadly smirk.

She’d just been pushed against the wall, her hands were in his hair, his on her hips, trying to hold her as close as he could, their kisses quick and sloppy. Someone knocked on the door.

“Fucking fuck.” He groaned against her lips. He leaned his head back but didn’t let go of her, knowing she could run from him at any moment.

“What the fuck do you want?”

“I’m so sorry!” The man on the other side of the door rushed to apologize. “Your wives have been asking for you all night…”

As soon as she heard the word “wives” Alison was shoving Negan away, causing him to loose his balance and fall flat on his ass.

He looked at her and held up her hands. “Ali, please…” he legit looks scared.

“Wives! You have wives and you were trying to get with me? And don’t fucking call me Ali you dickhead. You don’t even know me.” She didn’t even notice she was crying, but Negan sure did and he was so confused.

“It’s just fucking sex Alison.” He went to touch her arm and she just jerked away and turned her back to him. “It’s not like it’s your first time. Chill the fuck out.”

She froze, saying nothing. He didn’t need to see the horrified look on her face to realize that it would have actually been her first time.

She waited for him to laugh and make fun of her, but the room was dead quite. When she felt his arms wrap around her waist, she wanted to fight but didn’t see a point it. Despite knowing better, she’d let herself be trapped behind enemy lines.

For awhile he just held her, and she leaned back into him.

“The room next door is empty, take it. Someone should be making rounds down the hall all night if you need anything.” He let her go and disappeared into a door, shutting it without even saying goodbye.

What the hell just happen?

For the first time in a year, Alison had troubling sleeping. She didn’t know Jacob watching over her every night had been such a comfort. Hopefully Alexandria was being good to him…

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Imagine: The Ritual

Imagine: Peter found out about a ritual, making him invincible and stronger than ever before. (Y/N) and her mom Regina stop him, catch him in Pandora’s box but he escapes and takes another chance.

„Mom! Get over here.“ I picked an old parchment up from the ground of the abandoned Lost Boy’s camp. I unfolded and scanned it. My mom stood right behind me, observing it as well. It showed an old map of the solar system, centuries ago. I frowned. What did it mean? I looked at it for a very long time, observing every corner, every sign of the map, and then suddenly it clicked. My expressions changed from confusion to fear when I finally realized what possibilities this map would open up to Pan. “What is it?” She asked when she saw the terrified look on my face. “What’s wrong?” She continued when I didn’t answer. I took the map and opened it out on a tree stump to my left, my mom followed me but gave me a confused look. “You see that?” I pointed to the one side of the map where a sign of the sun appeared. “It’s the sun, isn’t it?” She asked. “Right. And that over there’s the moon.” I pointed to the opposite side of the map where a sign of the moon could be seen. “On one special day, the powers of darkness and light will be combined in a solar eclipse. It’s a very rare occurrence that can no way be stopped. When those two powers unite, the magic from all over the world will be set free for one single hour that night, during that time almost everything will be possible. When this power falls upon the wrong ones, like Peter Pan, they might do very bad things to the world we know.” My mom’s jaw dropped when she listened to the things I told her. “When is that day?” I hesitated. “It’s today, mom. Tonight Peter will get his possibility to change the world, and himself. He could do whatever he wants and not only to us. We have to stop him!” I said touching her shoulder. “I think I know where he is.” She said with kind of a smirk on her face. Peter Pan was dangerous, even without the ritual he would go through that night he was nearly unbeatable. “Why are you smiling?” I asked her confused. She turned towards me, then pulled something out of her jacket and showed a tiny box to me. It turned out to be Pandora’s box, the only possibility to capture and stop Pan, for now and forever. “Where did you get it?” I asked looking at her reproachfully. “Let’s just say I took it from someone who didn’t need it anymore. Whatever, everything that matters now is to stop Pan. We don’t have much time, let’s go.” She grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the empty camp. “Mom, wait! Where are we going?” I asked her refusing to go another step without an answer. She turned towards me and handed over a knife to me. “And what do I need this for?” I raised my eyebrow at her. “Okay first, the knife is to protect you, I know that you have your magic to fight back and protect yourself, but just in case it doesn’t work, I don’t want you to be defenseless.” She said a look of pain and concernment in her eyes, then she continued. “Now, you wanted to know where we’re going. I know a special place, where Pan might perform the ritual. The place where his destiny shows itself to him. Skull Rock. It’s not on the island so we have to hurry.” I looked at her bug eyed. “Not on the island? Then where is it?” She touched my shoulder. “On the other side of the sea. Now come on!” She said pulling out her sword, beginning to fight her way through the undergrowth.

When we arrived on the island directly on the back of the giant rock, shaped like a skull, we could already see the lost boys waiting for us. “They came to protect Pan.” My mom whispered looking through the bushes. “Why would Pan need any protection? I thought he was stronger than anyone else.” She smirked. “Not anymore. You have to know, his magic is fading. He knew that this day would come and was searching for something to help him eversince, and now that he found it the whole world might be in danger. We have to hurry, there’s not much time left.” She said pointing at the sky where sun and moon moved closer and closer to each other. She clenched her fist. “So how do we get past the guards? You noticed that they have arrows and swords didn’t you?” I asked her confused, she looked at me soothing. “Of course I did.” She smirked and unfolded her hand blowing a purple dust out of her hands. It formed a enormous cloud around the Lost Boys, and suddenly they all lay on the ground. “Are they…?” I asked, hesitating to end the thought. “They’re only sleeping.” She said getting up, reaching her hand out for me. “Now come on! Sun and moon aren’t far from each other anymore.” She said running towards the entry of the rock. I followed her. When we reached stairs, leading to the next story we were stopped by a invisible forcefield right in front of us. “A protection spell, how clever.” I mumbled then quickly resolved it. “I don’t think that’s gonna stop us.” I smirked, and ran up the couple of stairs quickly, anxious not to get noticed by Pan. When I arrived on top, I saw him standing in front of a huge window watching sun and moon, moving closer and closer towards each other. “It’s a pleasure to see you too, (Y/N).” He turned around to face me. “The Evil Queen.” He greeted my mother, looking at her mockingly. “Pan.” I said angrily. “So you two came to stop me, after you broke into MY camp…” He approached us. “Stealing MY belongings. That’s a little unfair, don’t you think?” He came even closer but my mom stopped him with her magic. “One step closer and you’ll regret it.” She said gritting her teeth. “Well I just wanted to welcome my guests to my place.” He smiled an ironical smile. “But now that you were so rude to me…” His expressions suddenly changed, a furious look now appeared in his eyes. “I think I’ve changed my mind.” He quickly pushed his hand forward, letting my mom fly backwards against the wall with his magic. I turned around falling onto my knees besides her. “You think you’re so smart…” I whispered darkly. “But I know, you’re not the same anymore.” I stood up and both of my hands clenched into a first, capturing a spell in it. “You should’ve thought about giving up.” I said as I opened up my hands, letting green flames appear. “You think this intimidates me?” He said snorting. I threw the flames at him, that built a burning cage around him. As he tried to touch, and go through it he was thrown back by the power of the magic. “What did you do?” He shouted in disbelief, teeth gritted, a furious look on his face as he looked at his hand. He tried to fly over the high flames, but he was too weak already. “I probably just saved the world from someone like you.” I said turning back to my mother, who still lay on the ground, unconscious. I knelt down besides her putting my hand on her forehead, letting my healing powers go. When she woke up, she sucked in heavy breathes before catching herself again. “I’m okay.” She said out of breath as she stood up. “Now let’s stop him, finally and forever.” She said as she pulled out the little box of the pocket in her jacket. Peter, surrounded by the fire, smirked. “You really think you can stop me with that?” He asked sneeringly. “I don’t think so, I know it.” My mom said, as she summoned the box to open itself. It released a red smoke, which quickly started to let Peter disappear and finally caught him in the inside. It fell to the ground and made a clicking sound. “We did it!” I screamed out and hugged my mom tightly. “I would have never made it without you.” She said as she went through my hair, but suddenly the box started to move and shake again. The clicking sound and soon enough the red smoke appeared again. Our jaws dropped as we watched Peter escaping from the box, positioning himself in front of us. “How did you…?” I began but he cut me off. “Escape? Wasn’t a big deal. You remember? I made this box. Doesn’t work on me. But on you!” He said as he started to summon the box himself.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t update for a whole damn week, I’ve missed you so much guys and I’m glad to be back again! Of course Ive worked on your requests and they’re coming soon! Aaand by the way we have something to celebrate! There are over 500 of you guys now! I can’t believe it! Thank you so much for all the support I hope you enjoy reading this, it was my own idea (dream actually) and I thought it would be a nice surprise for you guys!

(Part II will follow tonight!) Much love Felia

“Thank you so much for this year. Thank you for letting me disappear for a while and bring to life a project that I’ve been thinking about since I was 16. The Adam Young project has been a dream of mine since before I even knew how to make music and this year this dream has come true because of you so thank you. 

I’m proud to report that Owl City is alive and back in the saddle back in the studio every day coming up with new ideas left and right. I’m so thrilled with the way everything seems to be working right now. The amazing thing about the Adam Young project is that it’s given me so much creative freedom. With that now, I feel like I’ve got more inspiration than I’ve had in years to be working on new Owl City music and I can’t wait to see where it goes.”