lets defeat the buns

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To say that Rin was annoyed as hell was a fucking understatement. She grumbled as she looked herself over in the compact mirror and tried to straighten out the damn bun od unruly hair she managed to wrangle that morning. She let out a long suffering sigh and just undid the bun in defeat. She let her butt-length hair fall in an endless river of dark blue curls. "Ugh, why." ((Hell yeah lets rock bby~ rptrashqueen))

Ammy watched Rin from a distant, raising an eyebrow at the other girls struggle. She flicked her own short hair out of her eyes, glad she never had to bother with complicated buns or whatever other hair styles. 
Eventually she decided to approach the half demon from behind, grabbing her by the shoulders. 
“Having trouble, are we?" 

((Hell yeah!!))