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Enjolras in #57? ;v; (i love ur art 💕)

Omg thanks for the compliments!! Sorry if I made you wait so long ;;

Here he is!!! Fierce revolutionary with a smoke bomb
thanks for requesting and thanks even more for waiting so patiently <3

I’ve been asleep for a while now
You tuck me in just like a child now
‘Cause every time you hold me in your arms
I’m comfortable enough to feel your warmth 


things i want in yoi season 2


- more salty victor tbh



-another otayuri date

-it’s cold outside & yuri forgot his jacket so he cuddles victor for warmth

-victor & yuri drink hot coco and talk about their life problems with each other while sitting by a warm fire

-yurio accidentally says something stupid in front of ota & gets embarrassed

- fuck it, give us more hugs


-yurio, yuri, & victor all go hang out as a family and shit 


-more mila and sala moments


-*cough* marriage *cough*

-*cough* yuri wins gold *cough cough*

-makkachin doesn’t eat anymore buns


-victuuri “i love yous” bc why not

Maybe we all just need someone that will come over when we’re sad and sit with us. Cuddle us. Pull us close. Let us cry in their arms. All while they tell us they love us and that we need to just let it out.
—  Maybe we just need someone who really loves us enough to not run on our bad days. Even if there’s a lot of them.

Moar little red au  (*ノ º □ º )ノ ♥

Ten Things I Want to See in Toy Story 4

Now that we have a clearer idea of what Toy Story 4 is gonna be about, here’s what I want to see more than anything…

  1. The movie opens with Woody angsting over Bo, because seeing Buzz and Jessie cuddle and hold hands and just be an unbelievably adorable couple, he can’t help but be motivated to track down his own lost love.
  2. Buzz and Jessie kiss.* 
  3. Buzz and Jessie enlist Trixie with her internet skills, and Barbie and Ken with their networking abilities at Sunnyside, to try and help Woody locate Bo.
  4. Buzz and Jessie kiss.*
  5. Buzz and Jessie have an emotionally-charged argument about whether she will come along - because Buzz is always concerned with her safety - but she ultimately does join the guys on their quest.
  6. Buzz and Jessie kiss.*
  7. When they finally find her, Bo Peep gives Jessie a glompy bestie hug and tells her how happy she is to see her and Buzz together.
  8. Buzz and Jessie kiss.*
  9. The movie ends much like Toy Story 2 - with Buzz and Jessie, and Woody and Bo, all together - two perfect couples and a perfect, inseparable family unit, to infinity and beyond.

*This is not a typo.  I just want either multiple kisses, or one mega epic fangirl-slaying kiss that will make us deafen moviegoers everywhere with our squees.  

None of these are actual speculations or predictions based on fact, just the heartfelt wishes of a hopeless/hopeful fangirl who’s desperate to know more, and see more of her favorite characters.

Pixar, are you listening?  Please?


So a drunk bi prince, a stone faced gay thief and an asexual wizard princess walk into a bar…


For past few days I’ve been obsessing about Tanya Huff’s novel “The Fire’s Stone”. YOU SHOULD TOO. It’s available on Kindle! It’s available as an audiobook (which I listened to! It’s good!)! It has queer and POC characters!

The story itself is nothing new, but I don’t give a shit, it’s funny, warm, characters are lovable and gorgeous. Please give this book a shot. I don’t want to scream about it alone.


I KNEW I’d jinx it after writing my routines post.

Baby girl usually does a big sleep stretch after her dream feed. Generally minimum of 3.5 hours to maximum of 5 hours (average is 4. She’s done 5 hours once.) She slept from 6:45pm to 9:45pm when I got her up for a feed. She went back down around 10:45pm. I thought she’d wake at around 2:30-3am, being consistent with what she normally does. Well not tonight. Tonight she decided to do a 2 hour sleep from around 11-1am. And I stupidly stayed awake until 11:30am on here so I’ve only had just over an hour sleep lol. And now she’ll probably wake again around 4:30-5am.

So tired 😴😴😴

Cuddling With GOT7

i love this i love cuddling let me cuddle w yugyeom please like @God 
all i want in life is to love and be loved by kim yugyeom i want him for christmas please and thank u ~Admin Hedgehog

Mark: Cuddling with Mark would be a very warm, relaxing experience. He would make you feel very loved and protected, and his favorite cuddling position is for you to lay next to him and lay your head on his chest, drawing little pattens on his skin or on the fabric of his shirt with one hand, and he would have his arm around you, laying his head on top of yours, occasionally kissing the top of your hair, breathing in the scent of your shampoo.

JB/Jaebum: daddy pl e as e fuck me up jB okay so it would be v v close, almost like you’re trying to mush both of your bodies into one space. He would like to face you, with one arm draped across your waist as his other hand played with a strand of your hair, or maybe gently caressing your lips and cheeks as the two of you talked softly about your day, his breath fanning across your face as he talked, little huffs of laughter coming out as he lovingly talked about something Bambam and Jackson did that day. Or, sometimes you wouldn’t say anything, and just laid there enjoying each other’s warmth.

Jackson: he’s an ass man so Jackson’s very cliche so he would enjoy spooning you-being the big spoon, to be exact. gotta have easy access to that booty lmao am i right but i mean cliche not in the bad way, he just wants you to feel very warm and safe and protected in his arms, like his favorite place to be is with you in his arms bc not only does he feel like he’s protecting his sunshine from the world but just being in your very presence is healing to him, even if he’s had a good day, just laying there gazing upon the slope of your neck and gently rubbing the contours of your body with his hands is enough to make any bad day good.

Jinyoung: cuddles with jin young are relaxing and simple.  he likes to see your beautiful face when you cuddle, and it gives him easy access to kiss you when he pleases, simple as that. He likes to just lay next to you, his arm occasionally moving over to move a strand of hair away from your mouth, and he would like to play with your hands, marveling at how small and delicate they were compared to his, and how perfectly they fit into his hands, being swallowed by his larger hand, almost as if his is protecting yours.

Bambam: Bammie’s cute side would come out with you, despite how much he tries to prove that he’s a sexy man now, his Soft side comes out with you. He likes to hold you next to him, almost partially laying on top of him, one arm across your shoulders, his hand playing with the little baby hairs at the back of your neck, and the other arm at your waist drawing in you as close as physically possible, so he can place lots of little teasing butterfly kisses across your face, making you giggle.

Youngjae: Sunshine’s cuddles would be very cozy and protective, he would like to have you laying in between his legs, your chest pressed to his and his arms wrapped around you. When he’s feeling a little playful he likes to just encase you in a Youngjae Burrito and wrap all his limbs around you, trapping you in so you can’t leave, and then rubbing his nose against yours as you laugh and press a smiling kiss onto his own grinning lips.

Yugyeom: this gigantic baby would be the reverse of Youngjae’s position, liking to lay in between your legs as he laid his head on your chest and listened to your heartbeat, grinning and teasing you when your heart is racing a little faster then normal. You would hit his back and try to push him off, unsuccessfully. His cuddles would be comforting, it would be nice to just lay down and feel his weight on top of you would make you feel warm and loved, with his head resting in the crook of your neck. Unfortunately, that position gave him lots of room to tickle your sides, and tickle your neck with little kisses when he was in a playful mood (almost always rip in peace u)