lets cuddle and watch star wars

2 make up 4 it’s HORRIBLE name i am providing y’all (mainly me) with some domestic shatt for the soul so blease,,,,,,, enjoy:

  • yo dude when they like move in together,,,,,,,,, Bro
    • matt will have approximately uh,,,, twelve??? posters of star trek???????????
    • shiro, a self proclaimed star wars stan: this,, this is true love,,, loving someone even though they have hORRIBLE TASTE
      • matt:
      • matt: point.
  • neither of them can cook
  • it becomes an issue
    • shiro has the patience for it (obvi obvi) but matt does Not
      • matt: why can’t we just order pizza
      • shiro, whomst is currently making stir fry: because *kisses the top of his head* i love you
        • matt: if you really loved me you would let me have pizza
      • (shiro gets him tiramisu tho,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and shiro likes the taste *coughs* gay)
  • there is true chaos in the shirogane-holt household however when they get their periods
    • cuz then they gotta fight over who has to go out and bUY SHIT
    • matt mainly does it because,,, even as much as he bitches,,,, he really wants his bf to rest with the heating pad for longer (cuz he deserves it)
      • matt: *on the phone wit the hubby* do you want some painkille
      • shiro: i want cheez its 
      • matt: 
      • matt: you want cheez its
      • shiro: yes
      • matt:
      • matt: i’ll get some advil,,,, and cheez its
      • shiro: thank you babe <333333
  • matt, stumbling out of bed at six am: i hate everything
  • shiro: *walks out of the bedroom with his glasses falling off his face, sweatpants falling off his hips, with his hair mussed up and eyes droopy*
  • these bitches can’t stop making OUT
    • one time when keith was visiting he found them sucking face in the laundry room 
      • keith:
      • keith: i can’t judge lance is letting his hair grow out long and i gave him about ten hickeys before he left this morning 
  • honestly i just,, let them rest let them cuddle let them watch star wars and argue about the crossword like an old married couple just let them be okay

Title: Another Love

Y/N is a popular cheerleader dating the successful jock who breaks up with her, making her win him back with a sexy performance. Although, it’s not her ex who gets flustered but Peter Parker.

Words: ~ 1400

A/N: I tried another style of writing and it gets a bit boring at the end… And @ceci1735 I hope you like it and that’s it’s not too different from what you had in mind! :)


I’m still able to feel it. The pain. The pure disbelief running trough my mind as he said those words.
You’re not sexy enough for me.

I spare you the tragic backstory of falling in love with this asshole of a boy. But still you have to know some details:
Me, the head of the cheerleaders, and Micheal, the rich jock, had been dating for 3 years until he decided to dumb me. Let’s just say that I was as dumb as him back then. I was dependent. Micheal seemed to be perfect and I didn’t even realise that he was treating me so badly.

Dating him was a mistake, I see that now.
But I needed another love to show me what true love was like. So, this is the story of me, finally finding Mr. Perfect who’s always been there without me noticing it.
Here we go:

I walked down the hallway, swaying my hips that were barely covered by my shortest, black skirt. Combined with my red top and a sheer cardigan, it made me look like a model. It gave me the needed confidence.
I wanted Micheal to realise his mistake. I wanted to be with him again. I needed his attention.
Obviously, with this outfit I got a lot of attention. But when he saw me he hesitated and then shrugged, turning away from me again.

The pain had never left my heart, which is why his action didn’t hurt me more in that moment. So, I held my head high, passing him with a sexy smile.
What I hadn’t noticed was the other boy I had passed who got more effected by my actions than anyone else. But he will be part of this story soon.

P.E. was the period where I wanted to do it. Micheal loved me cheerleading and a little extra wouldn’t hurt right?
Or so I had thought. Again, I’m sparing you the details since my little sexy *cough* embarrassing *caugh* performance is something I like to forget, even though it lead to my personal happy end…

“That was brilliant!”, my best friend Liz told me, “You look so sexy today! I bet Micheal is drooling by now.” One look at the jocks showed me that he wasn’t. There was just this look on his face which I knew so well but I could never point out what was going on in his head.
The bell rang before the jocks made their way towards us to go to their locker room. “Am I sexy enough now?”, I grabbed Micheal ’s arm and winked at him before slowly biting my lower lip.
(yeah, I really did that…)
“You’ve never really been sexy!”, he laughed loudly while shaking his head.

His words hurt like hell but there was this little angel that I had not expected at all:
Turning around, I bumped into Peter Parker.
“NED! WHY DID- oh hey, Y/N!”, he chuckled nervously, giving Ned a strange look before looking at me again.
“Hi, Peter.”, I forced a smile, blinking away upcoming tears.
“You- You know my… uh, I j-just wanted… to tell you… Micheal is an asshole. Don’t listen to him. And even if it doesn’t mean anything to you…”, he mumbled, paused, sighed and then spoke again, “I-I think you’re… ravishing.”
A genuine smile formed on my lips, his words fighting the mean words that Micheal had just planted in my head. “Thank you, Peter.”, I replied softly, my hand reaching out to brush his arm as I felt tingles in my hand.

I was thinking about Peter’s words the whole day, realising that Micheal, or anyone else, had never said anything like that to me.

“You have to make him jealous.”, Liz suggested for the hundredth time while we were sitting in the cafeteria the next day.
“Hmm.”, I only responded before taking another bite of my sandwich.
“Spent your day with…”, her eyes roamed the cafeteria before spotting my little angel that had been on my mind the whole time, “ah! Peter Parker. Flirt with him, you know, body contact… Micheal won’t like it and you’ll have him back by the end of the day.”

I hesitated. Using Peter to my own god wasn’t right. He was too kind. Out of all people he had said the sweetest words I had ever heard and they were directed to me.

That moment was the exact moment I had lost any interest in my ex boyfriend. I had spent a lot of time thinking about Peter’s words and then, in this moment, I realised that he was right. Micheal is an asshole.

“Maybe I don’t want to.”, I mumbled quietly, staring at Peter who was wildly gesticulating and making me smile. “But Y/N, the whole week you-”, Liz began but I interrupted her, “Liz, I just realised that Micheal is an asshole. Peter told me that yesterday and… I’m gonna explain later okay?”

Without waiting for an answer I stood up and went over to Peter and Ned, standing in front of them. “Hi, boys.”, I smiled at them, instantly getting their attention, “Peter, I… wanted to thank you again. You opened up my eyes. I think I just needed someone to tell me that Micheal is an asshole. Someone as cute as you.”
Peter’s lips parted slowly, his eyes widening before looking at Ned who had the exact look on his face.
“Yeah, n-no problem.”, Peter stuttered, a deep blush creeping over his cheeks.

“Can I talk to you in private?”, I asked him softly, before my hand touched his which had been resting on the table. Again, these tingles rushed through my arm.
“No, yeah- I mean, yes thats-”, Peter replied and I chuckled to myself. He was really cute.

Standing in the barely filled hallway, I smiled at him before leaning against a locker. “I think I like you.”, I began, watching his eyes full with joy, “And I know we don’t know a lot about each other…”
“I know- more… about you then you think.”, Peter admitted nervously, looking into my eyes with so much love.
“And I’m pretty sure I’m going to know everthing about you.”, I replied firmly.

And I was right. Weeks passed in which I let myself become closer and closer to Peter, talking to him on very occasion in school. I openly flirted with him, loving the way the corner of his lips moved up when his cheeks blushed and his head tilted to the side.
Soon there followed movie nights an then one day it happened.

Cuddling into Peter’s side, I let out a satisfied sigh while my eyes were glued to the TV. We were laying on the couch in Peter’s flat watching Star Wars, even though I didn’t understand it. I wasn’t complaining because I loved listening to Peter rambling about it.

“You know that I’m in love with you, don’t you?”, Peter suddenly said, turning his head towards me. There was curiosity in his eyes while I couldn’t come up with a suitable reply.
I knew that there was something between us. It had been there since the beginning and to me it was pretty clear that it wasn’t only friendship.
“You know that I’m in love with you too, don’t you?”, was the best response that was in my head.
And it was also the right response.

Watching Peter’s lips form into a huge smile, he leaned in and pressed his lips on mine briefly, the familiar tingles coming from my lips this time.
“You’re the most perfect thing that ever happened to me.”, I whispered softly before kissing him again. The smile on Peter’s lips kept interrupting our kiss until he only pressed his forehead against mine, our noses brushing and my heart beat stopping.

“You deserve the world.”, Peter breathed out and I couldn’t stop smiling about his words.
“And the world doesn’t deserve you.”, I whispered before leaning in to kiss him again.

This boy gave me the kind of love I needed. It was simply another love than Micheal’s love and it was perfect.


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A new start, part 9

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 3425

Warning: Language and some fluff

Part 1 part 2  part 3  part 4 part 5  part 6  part 7 part 8

It was inevitable that your family would love Chris.  The rest of your time in Tennessee consisted of several more dinners with your parents. Jake and Chris had gone out one night for beers during the time as well.  Jake said it was to save Chris from the whole family but you knew it was for Jake to grill him about his intentions towards you.  While you thought the gesture was sweet, it was also somewhat annoying that your brother wanted to meddle in your relationship. They came home laughing, easing the dread you felt in your heart.  Chris said they had a great time and how much alike Jake and you really were.  You would never admit it to your brother but you loved it that he was getting along with Chris.  Jake’s approval meant a great deal to you.  It would hurt if he did not agree with your relationship. Now it did not matter, as he loved Chris almost as much as you did.

Oh, shit… Love Chris.  You leaned against the fence of the front paddock as you watched your dad work with Apple.  She was not rideable yet and needed a lot of work to get used to having a saddle on. Chris had taken a call from his agent, so here you stood coming to the realization that you were absolutely in love with him.  It should not have been a new thought.  You had been together now a month and a half and it should have been something you had been thinking about.  But no, your addled mind and heart had just been enjoying every moment with him.  Your heart started to beat quickly in your chest as you leaned your head against the board of the fence.  Was it too soon?  It had not been long since… No this was different, so much different. Chris is different.  He is a great guy who cares about you.  

Trying to calm the beating of your heart and your irregular breathing had distracted you enough that you did not hear your father put Apple back into her stall or walk up behind you. “You okay sugar?  You are lookin’ like you seen a ghost.”  His voice broke through the haze of your busy mind causing you to startle and your heart rate to speed further.

“Oh yeah Daddy, I’m fine. Just thinking.”  He gave you that “daddy” look.

“Anything you wanna share?” Shaking your head, you leaned your head back down onto the fence.

“You know it’s okay to love him baby girl.”  You did not look up at him.  Actually, you started to laugh.  It was not that full belly laughing from something funny.  The ironic laugh bordered on a whimper.  Of course, he knew what you were thinking.

“Dad how do you know me so well?”  He pulled you into his arms and wrapped them around you.

“I’m your Daddy.  I know the faces you make, I know when you worry. You are worrying about that boy. Which he is one thing in this world you don’t have to worry about.  He isn’t like the last one.  Jake and I already made sure of that.  So when you give yourself that chance you can love him with all your heart.”  He always had a way of easing your thoughts and fears.

“Dad you are the best, you know that?”

“Tell that to your Momma. Make sure she knows it too.”  Both of you laughed as he gave you one more good squeeze.  “Go spend some time with the boy.  Enjoy this time before y’all have to head back to work.”

You found Chris getting a couple drinks out of the fridge when you went back inside.  “Oh hey, you done out there?  I was about to see if you were thirsty.”  

Walking up to him you set the drinks on the counter before wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him lovingly.  It lingered few moments before he pulled back with a grin to look at you.  “Wow, what was that for?”

“Just wanted to show you how happy I am to have you in my life.”  He looked down at you, running his thumb lightly over your cheek.  

“I am so glad I met you, that you let me be a part of your life.  You all right?”  Chris was perceptive just like your father.  You nodded as you stole another light kiss.

“I’m fine.  Just wanted to make sure you knew it.”

The rest of your afternoon consisted of packing and cuddling on the couch with a pizza.  You refused one last family dinner before heading to Boston.  Spending time, just the two of you was the only thing you wanted right now.  Though it was difficult to not let those three little words slip out. You did not want to scare him so soon.  It was a relaxing night watching your favorite movies, the original Star Wars trilogy.  It made you smile that he enjoyed how much of a geek you truly were.  You fell asleep twenty minutes into Return of the Jedi. When you woke up in the morning, you were very warm as there was a male body wrapped around you, radiating a whole lot of heat.

It was probably some of the best sleep you had in a very long time being all warm curled up next to this beautiful man.  If you weren’t scared shitless at the moment you would probably would try to kiss him awake and drag him upstairs to your bed.  However, your bladder had a different idea and you found it rather difficult to extricate yourself from Chris’s arms.  As soon as you moved just a few inches, he stirred and pulled you closer. Damn man and that inhuman strength. You tried once again to no avail. Fine you would have to resort to drastic measures…

Using something he told you months ago against him, you started to tickle up his sides.  His body stirred and jerked slightly. As you waited to see if he moved, you tried pulling back again.  Nope… This time you tickled much longer than the first time causing him to wake and start to laugh.  Chris pushed your hands away giving you the time to jump off the couch.   “Oh thank God!”

“[Y/N] you suck!  I didn’t tell you how ticklish I am for you to actually tickle me!”  He yelled across the house laughing.  You could actually hear him from the bathroom.  He was all smiles by the time you returned.  

“Sorry but I had to pee! You would not let me go.  I was desperate.”  Chris pulled you down onto his lap when you had come within distance.

“Just remember babe, revenge is a bitch.” He leaned in nipping your neck causing you to squeal loudly and try to pull away.

“Noooo.  No no no.  We have to get ready to leave for the airport.  You can’t attack me now.”

He laughed with his face buried in your neck.  Rolling your underneath him on the couch he continued as did the laughs and squeals from you.  Someone knocked on the sliding glass door. Breaking the spell you were both under. Straightening your slept-in clothes, you went to find your brother standing there with both hands on his hips, shaking his head.

“I really did not need that sight stuck in my head.  I will have to stick hot pokers in my eyes now.”  Rolling your eyes you turned back into the house walking towards the kitchen. “Morning man.”  

Jake nodded towards Chris as he stood up from the couch following behind you.  “I was just checking if you needed anything before you leave.”

“Nope.  As soon as we pack up the truck we are headed out.”

“Okay good.  Just thought I’d ask before I head out to the back pasture.  I got to fix a few of the posts so I will be out most of the day.  Chris it was good to meet you, man.  Don’t let my bossy sister push you ‘round.”  Jake shook Chris’s hand as you rolled your eyes.

“Whatever Jake.  I will see you in a few months.”  Ignoring your foul expression, he moved over to hug you tight enough to make you gasp for breath.

“I will be watching you win from the comfort of my couch, Miss Fancy Pants.  Try not to fall on your face.  I won’t let you live it down for the rest of your life.”  Your brother always knew the way to make you smile even when you did not want to. Chris shook his head laughing.

“You two are me and my siblings to a ‘T’.”

With a quick goodbye to your parents, you headed to the airport.  There was a short delay for a storm before you were able to take off. Before you knew it, you were walking into Chris’s house with a dog jumping on you.  His enthusiasm knocked you back into Chris.  “Dodger, down.  You can attack and kiss her once we are actually in the door.”  

He was not listening; he was far too excited to meet the new person and then jump all over Chris who he missed.  Chris’s parents had been watching Dodger this time while he had been filming.  Most of the time he brought him with him on location. After you were both, able to unload the bags into the bedrooms Dodger got all the attention he wanted from you. He was now laying on your lap with his belly up as you rubbed it.  Chris shook his head looking down at you and the dog.  “Dodger you stole my girl.  That’s my spot.”  The dog turned his head to look at Chris before yawning wide then going back to having his belly rubbed.  That was how the first week went.  Dodger did not leave your side while you were there.  You were happy to have the dog’s approval.  Though it made sleeping a little difficult.  He wanted to be up on the bed with you for a little while then would jump off and go to Chris’s room for a little while then come back again.

Meeting Chris’s family the third day for Sunday dinner had been an event.  His parents, his sisters and brother were all there.  The family was all very happy to meet the girl Chris had been talking about for months.  It had been a wonderful meeting and you found that he joked and teased his siblings almost as much as Jake teased you.  Chris’s mom, Lisa, had sat down beside you moving Chris out of the way to talk to you.  She was so sweet asking about your family and your house in Tennessee.  Her excitement for the upcoming awards for you made you feel so welcome.  This was a family you could see yourself becoming a part of.  At that thought, you almost slapped yourself.  You could not get ahead of yourself and the relationship. He did not know how you felt about him and you had not made love yet.  Therefore, the marriage idea probably should wait just a bit longer.

The second week of the Boston visit consisted of some sight-seeing, and a whole lot of reading scripts for both of you.  The television show you were doing a story arc for, had four scripts you needed to memorize.  While Chris had to make sure, he knew his lines for Captain America: Winter’s Soldier backwards and forwards.  Both of you were laying across from each other on his couch while Dodger slept upside down on the floor just below you.  Many pages and lots of food sat around the coffee table.  It was almost as it was a typical day at home.  Honestly, it felt right and it felt like you had been together for years.  Spending everyday together for almost a month, neither one of you had become sick of the other.  There had not been any fighting and all the families were happy.  How often did that really ever happen?  Maybe it was a sign that you were getting your new start.

The trip to Los Angeles was a breeze.  Though it was also bittersweet.  You only had three more days left with Chris before you both had to part for your new projects.  He had barely let go of your hand the whole trip but you agreed that once you departed the plane that you would ride separately to the house.  Due to the vast amount of celebrities that were coming into town for the awards, the paparazzi was everywhere.  The flashes from the cameras were nearly blinding as you retrieved your luggage.  Some were asking if you were bringing anyone to the awards, others were telling you to turn to look at them.

You tried to be as nice as you could, smiling and deflecting the questions as you could.  Chris was somewhere in the airport.  There was no way you would try to text him right now to find out where.  Getting out of the airport unscathed was your primary target now.  Chris met you at his house not too long after you arrived.  He had given you his key and so you waited for him.  When he arrived, he looked exhausted.  “Those people at the airport are a bunch of vultures.  I didn’t think I was going to make it out alive.”

Laughing you hugged him close.  “Well we are here now.  We can sleep before the whirlwind of tomorrow.”

“Hey it’s all about you tomorrow.  I don’t have a worry in the world other than to make sure it’s a great day for you. Just tell me what I can do for you.”

“Show me where I can sleep and then I will worry about the rest tomorrow.”  Throwing his arm over your shoulder, he showed you to the guest room. You shook your head at him.  “No I want to sleep in your bed tonight.  I want to curl up with you tonight.”

Chris looked down at you in surprise.  “You sure? You don’t have to…”

“We aren’t doing anything more than sleeping tonight.  Got it?” He laughed as he led you towards his room.  Both of you fell asleep quickly from the sheer exhaustion of the day and slept better than you had in a while.  It was late morning by the time you were awoken with the smell of fresh coffee. He had gotten up to make you a cup and was waving it under your nose to see if you would actually respond.  It did not take long.  

“You seriously are the best, you know that?”

“I know.”  Chris kissed your forehead as you sat up, taking the cup from his hand.  “You ready for tonight?”

“No.  I am petrified of falling in front of millions of people.” The coffee was of course perfect. The warmth of it seeping through you and calming your nerves.

“Number one, I would never let you fall, ever.  Two, you have nothing to be scared of.  You are going to win and everyone is going to be cheering for you.  We will have a great time.  Okay?”  You nodded like a good little child but those fears were still there in the forefront of your mind.

Your designer friend, Mijael, showed up an hour after you got a shower with his entourage of makeup, hair and his assistant.  All prepared to ensure no one would ever forget your name.  The living room was turned into your personal area as you were prepped for the night.  Chris took pictures of you with your hair in curlers and one of the girls painting your toenails, sending it to your brother for him to show your parents.  Chris and Jake had been texting back and forth since you left Tennessee.  They had been joking about you and were fast becoming friends.  That could be a dangerous thing.

You were sure that Chris had to be bored to tears but he sat watching you the entire time as you were brushed, buffed and polished.  Thank God, he did because he kept you sane while Mijael worked his magic.  Mijael sent Chris up to get dressed in his tuxedo as the girls brought you to the spare bedroom to get you into your dress. That was adventure in and of itself. After you slipped on the special new lingerie you bought to wear underneath they helped you slip into the mess of blue and black material.  Once it was settled in place and zipped up, it was hard to believe you were looking at yourself.  

Mijael wanted “dramatic” and boy did he deliver.  Your lips were a blood red with a light tinge of color on your cheeks.  The dramatic dark smoky color around your [Y/E/C] eyes, made them pop brightly.  The style of your hair was pulled back in a twist on the back of your head with part left loose to wave on the right side.  The dress made your jaw drop.  It was midnight blue and black with one strap that wrapped around your right shoulder. The colors swirled around together and were almost iridescent.  The skirt billowed out slightly and had a modest train behind you, with a sweetheart neckline and a low back.  It was gorgeous and that wonderful man made it comfortable.  You would be able to walk and sit in it without an issue.  Everyone wanted to get the effect of you walking down the stairs to meet Chris at the bottom.  Mijael was taking a video of it as you descended the stairs.  Chris’s eyes went wide as you smiled down at him.  The whole effect of the hair, makeup and dress stunned him into silence.

Once you met him at the bottom of the stairs, you slipped your hand into his.  He looked sexy as hell in his tuxedo, but you knew he would. “You ready for this handsome?”

“[Y/N]… I don’t even know… just holy shit… I… fuck you look gorgeous.”  Everyone laughed as he stumbled over the words. He was afraid to touch you and ruin something but you grabbed him and kissed him hard.  The lipstick you wore was not coming off so you did not have to worry about it smearing all over him or wearing off throughout the night.  Chris seemed to like that idea very much as he stole another kiss as he pulled you close.  Mijael took several more pictures for you on both of your phones so you could send them to all the parents and siblings.  Then he ushered you towards the awaiting limo.  With your purse full of snacks and tickets, you were off to one of the biggest nights of your life.

There were hundreds of people line up along the roads and the red carpet into the building.  The screams of all the fans could probably be heard blocks away.  As the limo pulled up to the front of the theater and the red carpet, you had to take a few deep breaths to ease the butterflies.  Your heart was racing with excitement and anxiety together.  Chris squeezed your hand as he whispered in your ear. “You got this baby.  Everyone is here to see you.  Show them how you shine.”

With a gentle kiss, you nodded letting him know you were ready.  The driver opened the door allowing Chris to step out first.  The crowd screamed louder as the saw him.  He held his hand out to you giving you a chance to take it so you could stand.  As you stood and took a step into view the screams reached a new height.  You were not sure if it was because of you or if it was that everyone saw you had come with Chris.  If not both a little of both.  So many flashes going off from the crowd and the media close by.  People shouting your name to come talk to them. You felt another squeeze of your hand as Chris helped you step further onto the carpet.  Everyone noticing you were holding hands only made it worse. Waving to the crowd with a grin, in your mind wondering how you were going to make it to the end of the night.

“Just breathe, just breathe.” You whispered to yourself. With that, you step towards the first reporter in the long gauntlet of the red carpet.

“[Y/N]! [Y/N]!  You look amazing.  Who is your designer?”

Part 10 

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Beside You Anytime - Peter Parker (English)

Originally posted by over-et

Word Count: 1.2k words

Synopsis: you worry when Peter shows up in your room all beaten up.

I was bored. After founding that my best friend was Spiderman things started to get complicated. The Pizza Wednesday in my house were cancelled – and my mom thought it quite suspecting – and the movies marathons on Saturday in his house was almost gone the same way. Peter didn’t want to worry his aunt so these marathons days always ended earlier and I covered for him when some emergency come up.

I was still resisting all of this, but I knew people need him more than I do and I couldn’t allow me to be selfish like that.

“Honey, are you okay?” my mom asked pulling me away from my thoughts and I realized that I barely touched my food.

“Y-yeah… I’m okay…” I answered, letting go of my fork and taking a deep breath. “I’m going head up to my room, mom, I need to rest.”

She shared a look with my younger sister and I knew they suspected my distancing, but didn’t care anymore. As I knew Peter would be in Manhattan fighting I don’t know who, I hide in my room. I took one of my books even if I knew that, with all that was going in my mind, the chances of me really studying were improbable. I thought about Peter all the time and not knowing what happened let me nervous.

After hours of useless reading, I heard a noise outside my window. I was scared at first, but then I saw Peter on the other side, in the fire ladder, calling my name. I ran to the window, opening it and sealing our lips softly since we was already without the mask.

“Urgh…” he groaned against my lips and I was quickly to pull away to look him up and down.

“Peter!” I exclaimed once I saw his state.

There was a cut in his eyebrow and his cheek was starting to get a purple colour. What worried me most was, however, the huge cut in his chest that he was trying to cover with his arm.

“C’mon in, Peter, we need to take care of this.”

I helped him in my room, taking care not to hurt him even more. I guided him to my bed and asked him to take off his suit while looking for the first aid kit where I always left it. When I was back, I felt a blush heating up my cheeks for seeing in only his underwear and trying my hardest not to let it distract me while I treated his wounds. I hated seeing him always risking himself while I stayed behind not knowing what could’ve happened to him.

“Y/N, hey.” He tried to talk to me, but I turned my gaze away. “Why are you like that?”

I stopped the cleaning a cut in his neck and threw the cotton in the bed, sighing in frustration.

“It’s getting harder, Pete! That was what you wanted to hear? You go MIA for days almost killing me with worry and when you finally show up again you’re all beaten up!”

In this moment, I was already in feet and walked around my room. I would’ve carried on with my complaint, but when I realized what was going on, he had already put his hands in my shoulders and kissed my lips. I wasn’t able to resist his soft lips I missed so much and wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him as closer to me as possible. His gloved hands wrapped themselves in my locks and inclined my head a little to deep the kiss as he pushed him tongue inside my mouth. We broke away due lack of breath and I had to hold myself not to fall after my knees going weak because of the kiss. Peter kissed my forehead softly with a hand still in my neck while his other arm embraced tightly from the waist.

“I’m so sorry for worrying you.” He whispered with his lips still on my skin. “It’s not on purpose.”

“I know it’s not.” I muttered and took a deep breath, smelling his perfume even if it was coming with dirty and a little bit of blood. I wanted to cry to the thought that any moment would be the last smelling that and it brought tears to my eyes. “But I can’t help but worry. You’re always thinking about taking care of everybody and saving everybody, but first you have to take care of yourself.”

Peter pulled away a little to look in my eyes with an intensity that I could only recognize as pure love.

“That’s why I have you, Y/N. You always look after me.”

I couldn’t stay mad at him. Not couldn’t when we were just best friend and I can’t now that he was my superhero boyfriend. I didn’t resist and leaned in again until my lips were against his and we were wrapped in a kiss once more. I didn’t know how much we would go on with this, but I really didn’t care. I would go until the end if it wasn’t for Peter getting away from me suddenly seconds before my mother open the door.

“Honey, is everything okay?”

I turned to her, trying my best to fix my clumsy appearance due my and Peter’s making out. I widened my eyes when I saw that he was indeed hanging from my ceiling right behind the door, but I soon turned my gaze away to my mom not suspect that was something wrong.

“Y-yes, mom, I was just… I wasn’t feeling well. I think I’m in my period.” I answered her, but tried hard to hold my laugh when Peter seemed flustered due my words. “I’ll just stay here in my bedroom and watch some chick-flick movie until fall asleep.”

My mom’s tense face seemed to relax and her eyes showed love and relief.

“Alright, dear, anything you need you know you can call me.”

“Don’t worry, mom, I will.”

Seconds after she closed the door, Peter got down from my ceiling and came to me, holding by the waist.

“That’s was close.”

He tried to kiss me, but I turned my face and his lips touched my cheeks instead.

“Really close. Besides she almost finding you in my room, you’re still in Spider Man suit.” I said, pointing to his chest. “How about you switch your suit for sweatpants you always leave here, I finish cleaning your wounds and we just cuddle while watching Star Wars?”

Peter’s eyes sparkled.

“Have I said that I love you?” he asked, kissing my lips one last time before I could even react.

“Not today, pretty boy.” I joked, running from his arms to put the movie on in my notebook while he changed.

After just a few seconds of silence, I decided to say.

“Peter.” I tried to catch his attention. When I looked in his direction, he was putting the sweatpants. “Please, don’t go missing like that again and get back beaten.” He tried to argue, but I didn’t let him. “If it not for you, do it for me and for Aunt May. You know how we would be broken if anything serious happen to you.”

This time he didn’t argue. He simply approached and embraced me as tight as possible against his body.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’m not going to disappoint my girl.”

Make me

a/n: hey, is sarah. this is pretty bad and short but whatever . I’m still just starting out so any comments would be great. Hope you all have a wonderful day <3

Word count: 330  Warnings: spelling and grammar errors?

Bold: Peter  Regular: you

Originally posted by sexy-stan

The Avengers Tower had been your home since Steve and Tony had their little hissy fit. Today was a particularly chilly day in the tower seeing as it is now nearing October. Your boyfriend Peter was coming over today and you were going to do the usual, watch movies (most likely Star Wars), binge eat junk food and cuddle. Tony was supportive of your relationship but every time Peter comes over he says “Door open, clothes on” to which you reply “Am I a straw, no? So stop sucking me” and quickly ran away knowing he would beat your ass.

At around 3, Peter came over and knocked on your bedroom door, you let him in and he flopped down on the bed.

“I’ve got the movies and the snacks ready for action.” you said with a goofy grin on your face.

“If it’s Star Wars I’ll love you forever.” he replied

“It is and you were already going to love me forever so you kinda lost there.” you said giving him a quick kiss.

“I have to go to the bathroom but when I get back we are eating all of that junk food.”

“Deal” Once he left you felt cold due to the loss of heat that always seems to be radiating off of Peter. You look over and see his discarded hoodie on the back of your chair. You quietly sneak over and grab it, feeling like a child doing something they shouldn’t. You slip it on and it warms you instantly, not like the heat warm but the kind of warm feeling you get when you love someone.

He exits the bathroom and immediately sees you wearing his hoodie. His heart is filled with love and it’s reflected in his beautiful, brown eyes

“Is that my sweatshirt?”

“Maybeeee” you say drawing it out in a teasing manner. How early is too early for when you can steal your boyfriends stuff?

“Well give it back, I’m cold” he joked getting closer to you.

You stepped forwards so that your noses were almost touching. You had a glint in your eyes and a smirk on your lips when you said,

“Make me”

Spider-Man Boyfriend Headcanons

-”Sneak out with me!”  “Peter, you can’t just swing away with me, I have a math test tomorrow that I have to study for.”

-He always stops by when he’s patrolling the streets for crime.

-”Don’t you have a city to be guarding?”  “The city can wait for 5 minutes. Not like the criminals will be able get away from Spider-Man.”  “Over-confident, much?” 

-He loves to cuddle you, a lot. If you try and get up before he’s ready to let go, he’ll pull you back with his webs (if he can). 

-He’s actually very clingy at times

-Aunt May LOVES having you over 

-”Peter, you need to invite Y/N over for dinner!”  “Aunt May, she’s already been over 3 times this week.”

-Having “nerd” movie marathons 

-Arguing over whether to have a Star Wars or Harry Potter marathon

-”We always watch Star Wars. I wanna watch Harry Potter this time!”  “No, Y/N, we watched Harry Potter last time… I think…? Anyways, Star Wars is better.”  “Peter… I should break up with you for saying such an offensive phrase.”  “But Y/N-” 

-Late night talks on the rooftops

-Stargazing together

-Teasingly calling him things that embarrass him:
“Spider-Boy” “Bug Boy” “Bugsy” “Itsy Bitsy Spider” or, your personal favorite (Courtesy of Mr. Stark) “Underoos” 

-Stark randomly dropping by and saying embarrassing things 

-”So, no rings yet? Underoos, you know what Beyonce says…”

-”You guys use safety, right?” *cue red faced Peter* “M-Mr Stark w-we’re.. w-we-” 

-Being not-so-subtly wary of Liz 

-”Y/N, I don’t like Liz, so you can stop glaring holes in the back of her head now.” 

-He always reassures you that you’re his one and only, whether through sweet kisses or intense make-out sessions

Hey, please request some stuff! I’ll be writing a lot this week. Go to @puretrashwriting for my prompt/character lists. Oh, and you can request multiple prompts for one imagine! 

Hey, Hotshot (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

@folignsky​ requested Alexander x Reader with “just cute shit and maybe how him and reader meet and him telling them that he likes em and their first kiss? Idk”

@lonelybisexalloser​ requested “OMF “pipe the fuck down, asshole” WITH ALEX PLZ ILY”

A/N: Omg it’s my first A.Ham one so I really hope you all like it! Sorry for being so MIA but now I’m back in the game more regularly (at least until school starts again)

Word Count: 1,831


You sighed deeply to yourself as you heard the noise of your upstairs neighbour talking very loudly.

At two in the morning.


It was the third time this week, although similar incidents had happened twice the week before.

Frankly, you had had enough.

You put on slippers as you made your way out of your bed, wearing your favourite pair of sweatpants and t-shirt, as was the norm when you had a big test the next morning. You always did your best to get a good night’s rest before a big exam, but your upstairs neighbour who had moved in a month ago was making that difficult as of late. This made you absolutely furious. How dare they constantly be taking away your precious sleeping time? You barely slept as it is with university and your job constantly kicking your ass. Some jerk-face who clearly couldn’t shut up did not have the right to take away the little amount of sleep you could get.

You knocked on the door rather loudly due to your rage, so you took a deep breath to calm yourself down. Yes you were angry, but you were also going to be civil about this. However, as the door was opened you came face to face with the most gorgeous eyes you had ever seen, and your breath got caught in your throat. Maybe it was the sleep deprivation, maybe it was the fact that this man was unfairly handsome, but your mind went blank.

“Um… Can I help you?” The man inquired.

You remembered your original intention of coming up there and you cleared your throat.

“Yeah, you can pipe the fuck down, asshole.”

Smooth, Y/N. Very smooth.

“Excuse me?” The man looked affronted, which, granted, he had a right to be, but you also had reason for your anger.

“It is two in the morning and I have an exam first thing and I can’t sleep because literally all I hear is you talking about who knows what to who knows who and it is not the first time this week  or even this month and I am sick of it!”

You let out a breath and chanced a glance at the man. He looked very shocked at your outburst, but then his expression grew apologetic.

“Oh god I am so sorry I didn’t realize how well sound travels through here.”

“Yeah well now you know. And I would greatly appreciate it if you kept it down.”

The man ran a hand through his long hair.

“Yeah yeah, of course. Sorry again. I- shit have I seriously been keeping you awake all this time?”

You sighed, feeling very resigned, suddenly regretting your decision to come up here since now both you and your upstairs neighbour seemed to feel like shit.

“Uh huh.”

“Shit, I really didn’t mean to I-… is there any way I can make it up to you?”

You smiled softly at his sincerity.

“Unless you can somehow help me magically pass this psychology exam, then I think I’ll just have to remain helpless.”

The man’s eyes lit up and his smile grew. You furrowed your brows in response.

“Introductory psychology?”


“Well it just so happens that I am currently acing that class right now, and would love to help you out for your exam tomorrow.”

Your smile grew to match his.

“Wait, seriously?”

“Yeah I mean if you don’t mind-”

“This exam is at 8am and I need all the help I can get,” you quickly cut him off, causing him to chuckle.

“My name is Alexander Hamilton.”

“Y/N L/N,” you replied.

“I can’t promise you snacks while we study though,” he admitted. You smiled at his consideration and let out a small laugh.

“I have leftover pasta and some cookies at my place,” you offered.

Alex grinned at you.

“Well then let’s get started.”

Months later, you were sitting in your room, wishing that the incessant typing noise was coming from your laptop, but unfortunately, you haven’t gotten an idea about what to write in over five minutes. You looked up from your screen to see your now best friend, Alexander Hamilton, writing his essay like a madman.

“You know, I think we should take a break now.”

“Can’t. I’m on a roll. I have to get this essay done.”

He didn’t even look up from his laptop, and you raised an eyebrow at him.

“How close to the word count are you?”

“Um… about three hundred…”

He trailed off and you sighed.

“Over or under?”

“Is that really even a question, Y/N?”

He grinned at you and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“Jesus Christ Alex! You’re making the rest of us look bad!”

“Nah, you never look bad, babe.”

You couldn’t help but giggle and blush, though you rolled your eyes at him. About twenty minutes after you first met he had begun calling you babe as a term of endearment, and had also taken to flirting with you a lot. Not that you minded of course, considering that you were harbouring feelings for him. You were first drawn to those incredible eyes of his, but once you began studying with him, his intelligence and ability to phrase things so eloquently had captured your heart.

You spent copious amounts of time together now. Your study sessions had turned into coffee runs, had turned into grabbing lunch when you were both on campus, had turned into spending time at each other’s apartments whenever you were both home. He had quickly become your confidant, your shoulder to cry on, your main support. He was your best friend.

But oh, how you wished you could be more.

“Pfff you haven’t seen my bedhead,” you replied to him.

“Ooo is this your not-so-subtle way of inviting me to spend the night? That’s very forward of you, babe. At least buy me dinner first,” he said as he waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

You snorted and rolled your eyes.

“You wish, hotshot. If anything, you’re buying me dinner since you’ve been eating all my food today.”

“Deal. How about we order in pizza, my treat? We can watch a movie while we eat.”

Your smile slowly grew and you willed your heartbeat to slow down.

“Don’t forget the breadsticks.”

You had settled on watching Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back with Alex, both of you sitting side by side as it played on your laptop while you ate your pizza and breadsticks. Once you had finished eating you let yourself cuddle up to Alexander more as he put his arm around you. You smiled to yourself. It had not taken the two of you much time to become very comfortable with each other. Alexander was a lot more affectionate than you had expected when you first met, and it thrilled you when he would put his arm around you, hug you, or sometimes kiss your head. You knew that having feelings for your friend was a bad thing, since you knew he couldn’t possibly feel the same, but the feelings just wouldn’t go away. You sighed softly.

“Penny for your thoughts, babe?”

You looked at him.

“It’s not important,” you said quietly.

“Hey none of that. Everything you say is important,” he assured you.

His eyes locked with yours as he spoke, his voice firm but gentle. You bit your lip.

“Alex… I… what would you do if there was someone you liked, but you couldn’t tell them?”

He hesitated before responding. There was a strange look in his eyes that you couldn’t quite place.

“Is this about that Aaron Burr guy you were talking to when I came to pick you up from your sociology class today?”

“No, but I’m worried about ruining the relationship I already have with this person if I tell them I have feelings for them-”

“Oh god, it’s Angelica, isn’t it?”

You rolled your eyes and sighed impatiently. Part of you wanted to scream at him, the other part was sort of entertained by him trying to guess.

“It doesn’t matter who it’s about! Please, Alex… I just really need some advice. I like this person— a lot— and since they probably don’t like me back anyway I…. is it worth it to risk my friendship with them to tell them how I feel?”

You couldn’t look into his eyes anymore and stared at your lap. He took a few moments to respond.

“Y/N… you are the most incredible woman I have ever met. You’re gorgeous and intelligent and you can make me laugh like no one else can. Anyone would be so incredibly lucky to have you, and they would be an absolute idiot not to like you back. I would tell them. If they’re really your friend, they’ll stick with you no matter what.”

You swallowed hard.

“I- even if that’s true, I wouldn’t know how to tell them! Alex, you’re the one that’s so good with words. You always know what to say and I’m already going to make a fool out of myself if I admit my feelings to them, but it’s gonna be even worse because I’ll trip and stumble over my words-”

“Shhhh. It’s okay.”

He tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear and smiled encouragingly at you, although there was something else behind it that you couldn’t quite read.

“Y/N, it’s alright. I know you’re afraid that they won’t like you back, that you’ll make a fool of yourself… but you have to take that chance. It could end in something great. And hey, no matter what happens, I’ll always be here for you.”

Your stomach felt as though it was in knots.

“Alex-” you whispered.

“I’m serious. You’re not going to lose me no matter what. And hey, if you’re scared of stuttering or not saying the right thing, actions speak louder than words, you know.”

He was right.

So you kissed him.

When he remained still for a few seconds your heart sank and you began to pull away, but you were stopped by Alexander cupping your face and responding with his lips gently. You felt your heart grow lighter as you placed your hands on his chest, kissing him back with more passion, which he reciprocated eagerly.

Eventually you both pulled away so you could catch your breath. Alex was grinning and looked positively dazed.

“I-it- me? You were talking about me? You were asking me for advice about me?”

You couldn’t help but laugh and peck his lips. He responded by pulling you closer, which made you grin.

“Yeah. I think the advice worked.”

“Of course it did. I’m a genius,” he replied cheekily.

“Whatever you say, hotshot,” you replied while rolling your eyes.

“Your hotshot,” he grinned.

“And don’t you forget it.”

You smiled and he kissed you gently, mumbling against your lips.

“How could I forget the best day of my life?”

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Ashlyn does something before leaving for practice that makes ali mad and when ali gets home she finds out and later she calls ash and asks is she could bring back some milk and AND decides to also buy her some flowers to tear her but when she gets home ali ignores them and ash is a little bit hurt and then she asks ali what's wrong and she just goes off about whatever she did but it ends cutely

Ali and some of the other girls were already changing her clothes in the locker room when Ashlyn came in, followed by Alex, Toni, and Kristen. They were all laughing over something Ashlyn had said. Ali smiled at the sound of Ashlyn’s laugh. There was nothing that made her happier than seeing a smile on Ashlyn’s face. It only took a few minutes for Ashlyn to change. She met Ali by her locker and informed her that she had plans with some of the girls to go see a movie and maybe get some dinner afterwards.

“Ash, I thought we were going to start out Star Wars movie marathon tonight?”

Ashlyn completely forgot about her and Ali’s plans to get through all of the Star Wars movies on their weekend off. “Well, how about we start when I get back. We have all weekend to get through them.” Ashlyn thought that she was coming up with a reasonable compromise but all she really succeeded in doing was hurting Ali’s feelings.

“No, it’s fine.” Ali huffed and threw her cleats in her locker before she stormed out.

“Ali…” Ashlyn tried to call after her but she was already long gone, getting a ride home with Alex.

“Hey, Kristen. I can’t go to the movie with you guys-”
Kristen cut Ashlyn off by sticking her hand up to keep Ashlyn from saying anything else. “Ash, give Ali time to cool off. If you go home now, all that’s going to happen is more fighting.”

Ashlyn knew that Kristen was right. She decided to go out like she originally planned to do.

There was a group of six girls from the team that went out together after the game. Ashlyn had made sure to text Ali everywhere that she went and gave her a rough estimation of when she would be home. Ali never responded, but she read every single message the second that it came through. They were all sitting at dinner, laughing and debriefing about the practice that they had earlier that day. Everyone except Ashlyn, that is. Ashlyn glanced at her phone every few minutes to see if there was a message from Ali and every time she looked down, she was disappointed with a blank screen. Almost six minutes had passed before Ashlyn checked her phone again, but he smile quickly dropped when she saw that the text from Ali was just asking her to pick up some milk on the way home.

Toni got Ashlyn’s attention by resting her hand on her shoulder. “Go home, Ash.”

“No, I’m fin-”

“Don’t even think about telling us that you are fine.” Toni said with a stern glare. “Go home to Ali and make things right. She is sure to be calmed down by now.”

Ashlyn was out of her chair before Toni had finished talking. “Thanks guys, I’ll see you later.”

Ashlyn raced home at well above the speed limit. After she made a trip to the grocery store to pick up the milk that Ali requested, Ashlyn stopped at a small flower shop and ran inside. The young man at the counter took one look at her and knew exactly why she was there.

“I’m in trouble.” Ashlyn said as she browsed the tables of flowers.

“What’s her favorite flower?” The young man asked.

“Roses. Roses are her favorite. She thinks they are romantic.”

The man walked over to a table on the far side of the room and picked up a bouquet of roses that had just started to bloom.

“I can’t guarantee that these will fix all of your problems.” The man said while holding the flowers out to Ashlyn, “But it’s a good start.”

Ashlyn accepted the flowers with a smile and reached in her pocket to pull out her wallet. The man waved her off and said, “Don’t worry about it. I know what it’s like to be in trouble. Go be with your girl.” Ashlyn practically sprinted out of the store while shouting a ‘thank you’ over her shoulder.

Ashlyn pulled up to the house and grabbed the flowers out of her passenger seat. When she walked in the front door, she could hear Ali washing dishes in the kitchen. Ashlyn set the milk on the counter and walked up behind Ali, slipping one arm around her waist, keeping the hand with the flowers tucked behind her back. Much to her surprise, Ali didn’t react when Ashlyn embraced her. Ashlyn reached by Ali to turn off the water and gave a gentle push to her waist to turn her around. Ashlyn could see the hurt in Ali’s eyes when she finally looked up at her.

“I got these for you.” Ashlyn revealed the flowers that were behind her back. Ali looked at the flowers briefly and shrugged passed Ashlyn without taking the flowers.

“Thanks.” Ali said coldly.

Ashlyn’s hands dropped to her sides and her heart sank. “Al, I’m really sorry.”

“It’s fine, Ashlyn.”

“No, It’s not. We had plans to start a movie marathon and I left you to go do something else, knowing that I was cancelling our plans. I feel terrible, Ali. I spent all night waiting to hear from you and every time I looked at my phone, I was disappointed. I don’t even know why I went out when the only place that I really want to be is with you.” Ashlyn held the flowers up one last time. “Please forgive me, Ali.”

Ali couldn’t help but smile. Of course it hurt her when Ashlyn left to go be with her friends, but it made her feel better knowing that all Ashlyn really wanted to do was be with her. Ali never wanted to be one of those girls that dictated where Ashlyn could go ad who she could hang out with, but she still wanted to be the top person on her list of priorities, even if it was selfish.

“Of course I forgive you, baby.”

Ashlyn automatically felt better. Hearing Ali go from calling her ‘Ashlyn’ to ‘baby’ was a good sign. Ali reached for the flowers and sniffed them once they were in her hand.

“The flowers are beautiful, thank you.” This time when Ali thanked Ashlyn for the flowers, it was a lot more genuine and heartfelt than the first time Ashlyn had tried to hand them to her.

Ali went back into the kitchen to put the flowers in a vase and when she came back out, Ashlyn had blankets and pillows strewn all over the floor.

“What are you doing, Ashy?”

“Hello! Movie marathon.” Ashlyn responded like this was the most obvious thing in the world. “If you thought that I was going to let my stupid mistake get in the way of our weekend long Star Wars party, then you were wrong!”

Ali shook her head and laughed at Ashlyn’s childlike personality. She sat herself down in the middle of the comforter that Ashlyn had spread out and grabbed the remote to load the first movie while Ashlyn made popcorn. They spent the rest of the weekend cuddled up together in their makeshift pillow fort, watching Star Wars and eating an unhealthy amount of popcorn and birthday cake Oreos, but there was nowhere else that either of the would rather be.

A Day in the Life // Rey x Reader

Anon requested: Could I please request a Rey x female reader one shot? Set in canon verse, and honestly I don’t have any particular ideas in mind, just sUPER GAY REY SDVJVDSJ

Okay, so I had complete writer’s block writing this so I came up with something a little different, and I hope you enjoy it!


A Day In The Life

7:00 AM- You and Rey woke up. You would wake up an hour early, so you had time to cuddle, kiss, and chat.

8:00 AM- You and Rey actually got up. You would make the bed, get ready, and then you’d run off to the dining hall to eat breakfast.

8:45 AM- You were pilot and Rey would be sparring and training, so you took different paths. “Have a good day and don’t get yourself into too much trouble,” you kiss her lips. She giggles, “I won’t. I’ll see you at lunch.” She rubs her nose up against yours, you both giggling.

10:15 AM- You’d be working at your station, repairing some fuel valves or motors and Rey would take her break. She’d pop over to your station and watch you do your thing. Every once in a while she’d hand you a water and remind you, “Stay hydrated. It’s important.”

12:00 PM- It was lunch and at your table was you, Rey, Finn, and two other pilots, Jackie and Micah. You’d chat and talk and just chill for the hour and a half you guys had off. Then, you and Rey would part from the group and go to take a walk. You’d talk about what you would do later that night and just enjoy each other’s company because you wouldn’t see each other until three.

3:00 PM- You had your break now and you would go watch Rey train. She was simply captivating to watch. Her movements were fluid and graceful, but packed a punch to her opponent. She’d always try to impress you, you giggling in the process. As she took her water break, she’d run over to you and steal a kiss before returning.

5:30 PM- It was dinner time and again. Same thing as lunch. You sat with the same people, except your friend Poe would pop by here and there. You would share stories with each other about funny incidents that happened throughout the day.

6:30 PM- You and Rey would walk back to your room and perform your usual nigh routine. You’d hop in the shower, while she brushed her teeth and wash her face and then you’d switch roles. You’d then change into your pajamas and crawl in bed.

8:00 PM- You’d cuddle for a little while and then sometimes if you felt motivated, you’d go outside and watch the stars. It was a nice way to end the night.

10:00 PM- Bed time. She would usually play the role of the big spoon as she latched onto you. You kiss her and boop her nose before saying the usual. “Good night,” she’d start. “Sleep tight,” you’d reply. “Don’t let the midichlorians bite,” you’d say in unison. With another kiss goodnight, you’d slowly fall asleep and prepare to start the next day.


pairing:  peter parker / reader
word count:  488
A/N: small 3am fics

It felt like your brain would burst any moment now.  You’ve been studying for hours, and your hand hurts from the amount of homework you’ve had to write out.  You feel awful.

But that’s when you remember him.  

Not that Peter reminds you of everything dreadful happening to you at the moment, but the fact that he was the one who had the secrets to your stress release.

from you:

Are you busy??

from peter ♥ :

not for you, why?

from you:

good because i need help asap! my teachers are evil and the only thing that can save me is you and your heroic cuddles!!

from peter ♥ :

calm down, drama queen. i’ll be right over.

He takes a few minutes to get to your house, so in that time you prepare for an intense movie marathon for the remainder of the night.  Just as you finish setting up the Netflix, there’s a knock on the door and you rush towards your “savior”.

“Hey.”  You smile as you let him in.

He walks in before setting his bag down beside the couch, “What movie are we watching?”

“Anything but Empire Strikes Back.  I can practically recite the damn movie, forwards and backwards.”

“So… Star Wars it is then.”  He laughs, seating himself on the couch.

You sigh, plopping yourself beside him, “You’re impossible.”

It’s been a few hours, and in that time, you’ve managed to watch two movies and fit a makeout session in the third. 

But, you know that’s not enough to get you out of your vile, school-induced rut.  What you need is excitement, to get out of your head, something exhilarating and a little bit daunting.  That’s all somebody ever really needs, at least, once in their life.

But, you’re not crazy.  However, you do know something that can get you there, just a little bit.

Sitting up from your lying position against his chest, you turn around to look at Peter.  

“Did you bring your web-shooters?”

Peter hesitates, “Yeah, why?”

“I want you to take me swinging through the city.”  He looks at you questioningly, the two of you have never done this before.  He wonders what sparked this sudden desire.  But when he looks in your eyes, and at the smile on your face, he can’t say no.

With a lot of struggle as to how the two of you position yourselves, you find yourself on Peter’s back, getting ready to jump.  And when you do, you feel all your past anxiety leave you.  The two of you swing through New York, and finally everything is bliss.

There’s a moment you truly won’t forget.   The moment that gives you a high so good, that you want to chase after every chance you get. 

 The moment where you swing upwards and let go.  It’s as if everything is in slow motion, just the two of you up there, floating.

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How do you think the S & M brothers deal with there lovers time of the month aka the blood cycle?

Shu- He lets her do what she needs, but he will go and buy sweets, pads or tampons and pain killers for her.

Reiji- He would make sure she’s still up and about and that she isn’t in much pain.

Ayato- Ayato would switch to ‘I’m on my period too’ mode and he’d lazy around  with her. He’d eat her sweets with her and complain more than her.

Laito- He would treat her like a princess, so then as soon as it’s done his lover would repay his kindnesses~

Kanato- Kanato would maybe share his sweets if she was in bad pain, but otherwise would act much like Ayato.

Subaru- Subaru would be her little errand boy the whole week and he’d do nearly what ever she asked, but in return he was very protective and forced her to be with him at all times and not see any of his brothers for the week.

Kino- He would lay down with her the whole week to watch Star Wars all over again or Netflix. 

Ruki- He’d act how Reiji did, except he would also keep her away from sweets and would only let her eat healthy. 

Kou- Kou would smother her with love and kisses and stuffed animals whenever he could. 

Yuma- He would let her lazy about, but wouldn’t be much help with it because he’d get all flustered and awkward whenever she started talking about it.

Azusa- He’d give you massages and kisses and would cuddle you and love you~ Azusa would also get everything you asked him too, but he rather be next to you the whole time.

When it rains : TW preferences

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Here you go Pam :) 

Scott -
When it rains outside you watch the rain fall outside, talking about how the sky looks sad, and how you are happy just being together. You make out and snuggle in bed, he holds you when the thunder makes you jump.

Stiles -

He takes rainy days to make you watch Star Wars… and when I say Star Wars I mean every single Star Wars movie! He makes you hot chocolate and dinner ( and probably burns dinner) and you spend the whole day wrapped up in each other on the couch watching Star Wars. When his Dad comes home all he can do is laugh because you two have fallen asleep on each other.

Lydia -
Two words. The Notebook.
You spend the day kissing, cuddling in bed and watching the notebook on Lydia’s laptop. She lets you play with her hair and you let her dress you up in cute girly clothing and do your make up, even if it’s only to see her smile.

Isacc -
You know Isacc doesn’t smile much, he has had it hard. You take rainy days to make him into a child again. An innocent. You drag him outside, slash him with water and laugh when he complains about being wet. He eventually starts to get the hang of being childish splashing around. You end up kissing in the rain, and laying on the wet grass talking about the world.

Allison -
You watch shitty horror movies, and laugh at how fake the are. She tries to teach you how to defend yourself but you just end up distracting her with kisses. You beg her to watch the rain with you, but it ends up with you moving the couch and slow dancing to cheesy music.

Derek -
Derek is the definition of a “wet dog” when it rains. He makes you stay in bed with him, snuggles into your neck and complains about how the rain is too loud, which just makes you laugh. You end up only getting out of the bed that day to get him coffee, eventually he wakes up enough to rub your back, and that quickly turns into super sexy sex.

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Request − Stiles Stilinski “Don’t worry.”

This could not be happening. This was a nightmare. You could not believe what you just saw in the boys’ locker room, it made your heart break into a million pieces.

You never knew Isaac would do such a thing. Also Allison. She was your friend, but now you weren’t so sure. The two were practically eating each other’s faces off in the locker rooms, and the sight of your boyfriend- well now your ex, made tears fall down your face.

You were about to run, run out the school doors, but before you could, you were immediatley pulled into someone’s arms. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

As you heard their voice, you knew it was your best friend Stiles Stilinski. You hugged him back tightly suddenly more tears came. “Hey. Hey, Y/N? Please don’t cry. Especially over that jerk. I never liked him, and his scarves.” Stiles said as he let you go to brush away some of your tears.

A little chuckle escaped your lips as he spoke about Isaac and his scarves. “Well it’s true, and I would obviously be a way better boyfriend than he is.”

You nodded, “I agree.”

“I’d first of all treat the girl right, then we’d go on road trips using my jeep of course, and we’d both be dorks and watch Star Wars all day, and we’d cuddle-”

“Sounds like a very lucky girl whoever that may be.” You interrupted. “I already know who that girl will be, Y/N.” Stiles spoke, scratchin the back of his neck in the process.

“Oh my God, what kind of a best friend are you not telling who you like?” You smiled, punching him on the arm softly. “Well, you know I was just getting to that part.” Stiles sighed.

“Okay, anyways tell me!”

“I think I’d rather show you Y/N.” Stiles said softly, making you kinda confused. But before you could ask what was going on, you felt a pair of lips on yours. You didn’t know how to react at first, but you got the hang of it.

After a couple more seconds, you broke the kiss. “Stiles. What the hell just happened?”

“Well I kissed you. And know I’m going to say something.”

You laughed a little at your bestfriend and nodded for him to go on. “I’m going to say this, I love you so much Y/N.”

“Well, you know what? I love you too Stiles.”


“Since you’re sick, you have no energy to complain. And since you have no energy to complain, guess what we’re watching?!” Stiles had to be the first human being in existence to be happy someone’s sick. You groaned, a cough following as you wiped your stuffy nose. You had nothing against Star Wars - you’ve actually seen all the movies a million times, but right now you just want cuddles, some chicken noodle soup, and some Doctor Who.

“One movie and then we put in Doctor Who. And you have to get me some tea. And some soup and we have to cuddle.” Stiles nodded frantically, jumping up from the couch and scrambling towards the kitchen. You let out a sigh, blowing your nose and staring at the cough medicine and narrowing your eyes. Well, at least you could enjoy one thing about being sick.

“Shit! (Y/N), there’s a spider in your microwave! I’m calling the exterminator!” You threw your head back in laughter, knowing your little brother had planted a fake one in the microwave sometime last night. If this is what you’d get each time a cold came around, you’d definitely get sick a bit more often…

u get it…. OK here i go!! THIS IS REALLY LONG I APOLOGIZE !!
send me a ship n i’ll tell you

  • Who’s more dominant: yoongi.. let’s b real, BUT taehyung doesn’t always let him get away with it :) (:
  • Who’s the cuddler: taehYUNG OH MY GOOOOOOOD !!!!!! i can just imagine taehyung cuddling up right behind yoongi n just setting his chin on yoongi’s shoulder oh god ima stop.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: big spoon: tae / little spoon: yoongi.. yoongi has tried it once and… never again.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: shopping? yeah. def.
  • Who uses all the hot water: both………. at the same time lmao
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: “no i’m not watching star wars again.” “BUT YOOONGIIII” “WE’VE WATCHED IT 5 TIMES THIS WEEK OKAY”
  • Who does most of the cleaning: taehyung!!! but he will make yoongi feel bad about not helping so yoongi does a /little/ cleaning.
  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: yoongi yoongs cause taehyung wants to watch the same movies over n over again.
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: eh, either of them!
  • Who leaves their stuff around: YOONGI….
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: neither of them dkskkldsl
  • Who remembers anniversaries: BOTH.. omg
  • Who cooks normally: both of ‘em, cause they like to cook together ;u;
  • How often do they fight: not often cause they don’t have anything to fight over.
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: taehyung texts yoongi for a while, sends him pics of what he’s doing. yoongi surprises tae with something when he comes back homeeee.
  • Nicknames for each other: taehyung’s nickname(s) for yoongi: anything super fluffy like “honey” “sweetie pie” “satan”… u kno the usual. yoongi’s nicknames for tae: “tae”, “babe”…
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner: yoongi! :’)
  • Who steals the covers at night: taehyung ?!!?!!? 
  • What would they get each other for gifts: taehyung would buy anything tht matches.. like caps, sweaters, shoes… all that good stuff. yoongi would buy plushies for tae… but also… he would print out pics of himself and hand them to taehyung and be like “the best gift u could ever get.”
  • Who kissed who first: yoongi!!!! omg!!! like…. they’re both chillin’ at home, eating some food, working on whatever and yoongi just stops for a second and stares at taehyung as he reads over things and taehyung notices (cliche i kno) and he’s like “what’s up?” and yoongi just shakes his head and waits a few minutes before pulling taehyung closer AND OH GOD MY HEART.
  • Who made the first move: yoongi.
  • Who remembers things: taehyung.. although sometimes, yoongi.
  • Who started the relationship: taehyung.. he takes yoongi out to a nice dinner….. buys him expensive food….. goes to grab his wallet… forgot it in the car, yoongi pays… taehyung repays him by asking him out because “his love is better than all the money in the world”.
  • Who cusses more: YOONGIIIIIIII AYYY
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: taehyung would be cautious, but yoongi would be like “it’s okay, i’m okay, i’ll be fine.” and taehyung would see right thru him and be more caring, bringing him food more often, staying up w him.. u kno… yoongi would be BY TAEHYUNG’S SIDE ALLLLL THE TIME.. oh gosh
  • Who is the dirty talker: lmao.. tae.
  • A head canon: WEREWOLF TAE N VAMPIRE YOONGI !!!!! like could u imagine… yoongi in all fancy clothes and attending high class parties and werewolf tae following yoongi around and protecting yoongi even tho HE IS MORE THAN CAPABLE OF PROTECTING HIMSELF.. oh jeeeeez i could go on.

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How do you think Kylo would take care of his significant other when she's on her period??

okay idk how i did not see this earlier? i’m sorry!

  • There is no doubt Kylo would be flat out confused about it, he’s never really seen someone have their period, let alone, have it as bad as you so when one day the cramps are extremely severe, Kylo only thinks someone somehow is using the Force or magic to hurt you and he literally freaks out; of course, to prevent any future actions from Kylo, you somehow inform him that it’s mother nature at work and that you are punished for not having your child–you’ve got your period and the pain is that bad.
  • Kylo’s confused at first cause he isn’t sure as to what a period is, sure he’s heard of it, but he’s never understood it. So, without even realizing that the conversation was the distraction you needed, you found yourself explaining it to him and completely forgetting about your cramps–well, here and there you feel it–but by the way Kylo  is so engulfed on the topic, you can’t help but put all your attention on him rather than the pain.
  • Let’s just say Kylo literally pampers you: giving you whatever you need, lets you hold onto him when you need to, he even coos you to sleep if you’ve become to emotional and you decide you really don’t wanna deal with any of your hormonal problems. Sometimes he’ll district you with stories about his past, other times he pushes all his work to a side just to do whatever you want–most of the time just cuddling in bed or watching some movies (lets say movies exist in star wars, okay?)
  • To your surprise, Kylo acts like a complete angel around you–he won’t admit it, but seeing you with your period is quite scary only because your anger is far more worse than his and your death grip is literally that deadly, so he rather not take any chances and tick you off…even if he’s had a shitty day, he doesnt let it out on you, rather, he clears his mind by putting all his focus on you and only you
  • He’ll never say it, but he actually loves cuddling with you when you’re on your period, mainly because you’re so needy and close and you’re literally like an ewok and latch onto him and he just loves feeling your worth and your smaller body engulfed in his arms–it makes him happy…although you’re paining.
  • It’s safe to say that Kylo is a pretty damn good caregiver, he isn’t selfish nor does he complain because all that matters is that you’re okay and that he will do anything to take the pain away (he even offers the use of the Force but you refuse)


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Ship meme: sciles

I didn’t actually reblog any ship memes (but I did reblog a response to a ship meme because the answers were hella cute) BUT I WILL DO THE THING ANYWAYS. 

makes the bed in the mornings

Scott, because he’s grown up doing it and he likes having things neat. Sometimes he shakes the blankets because Stiles is still in them and he pretends to make the bed, rolling up Stiles in the blanket and putting the pillows on top, until Stiles starts laughing and pulls Scott back into the bed 

has sole possession of the T.V. remote

Scott and Stiles have practically the same taste in TV, except one time there’s a Star Wars marathon happening and Stiles hides the remote but they actually don’t end up watching it because like twenty minutes in there’s a cuddle fest turned into makeout fest turned into…

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Cute date idea: Let's order pizza, cuddle, watch the notebook, and kiss a lot.

movies better than the notebook

  • star trek
  • star wars
  • avengers
  • almost anything really
  • i want to have fun on my date
  • not watch a super serious romantic movie
  • ok
  • k
Star Wars Themed - 4/4


“{y/n}” Luke said softly, rustling around as he slept. Setting down your magazine, you hopped off the bar stool in the kitchen and padded over the cold tile to where your boyfriend was sleeping on the couch. “My princess,” he mumbled, making your heart melt. “She’s in danger.” “In danger?” You said softly, deciding to play along. A smirk forming on your lips when he nodded. “Commander! I must save my princess!” Luke sprung up, sleep walking you presumed, as he began wielding the weapon of the Jedi in your living room. “Last time we stay up til 3 am watching Star Wars,” you laughed to yourself, watching the unfolding of Luke saving his princess. Or in this case, a pillow.


“{y/n}! Look! It’s a storm trooper!” Your boyfriend gasped, tugging your wrist in the direction of the soldier. “I know Ash,” you giggled, waving to the man in the costume. “There’s more in th—” “OH MY GOD ITS CHEWBACCA!” Today, you decided it would be fun to take your boyfriend to the Star Wars movie set, where you were starring in your first big movie. You knew Ashton liked Star Wars, but you were surprised to know he absolutely LOVED it. From the costumes to the sets, he wanted to see it all. Watching Ashton was literally like watching a kid. He was running around in heaven and talking to all your co workers. He nearly died when you asked if he wanted to stay for some recording. His day was a billion times better when he found out the director said he could cameo in the movie in a scene with you.


“We’re really doing this, aren’t we?” Calum laughed, attaching his lightsaber hilt to his belt then looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. “Yes, yes we are,” you giggled in response, seeing him in his Luke Skywalker costume. You put the last Bobby pin in your Princess Leia buns, flattening your dress. You and Cal were cosplaying together for the premiere of Star Wars. As an actor in the movie, you got seats for you and your boyfriend to go see the premiere with all the actors and their dates as well. Calum was super excited, only the catch was that it was Cosplay night. He actually didn’t think you were serious until you gave him his costume the day before. “You look great don’t worry,” you assured him, kissing his cheek. He smirked, watching you fix your hair. “Nice buns princess,” he whispered in your ear, grabbing your bum in his hands. “How about when we get home we get in bed and discover what a true Jedi can do with his light-saber?”


“No! Oh my god!” You screeched, clinging onto the box of numerous tapes and DVDs. “How could you want to throw these away?” “I don’t know,” Mikey shrugged. “It looked like trash to me.” “Clearly you haven’t seen Star Wars, and when we finish cleaning out the bedroom, we are watching them all,” you sassed, earning a mumbled groan from your boyfriend. When you finished cleaning, like promised, it was time for the movie marathon. You popped in the DVD, meeting Mikey on the couch where he had the popcorn, and was snuggled under a blanket. You cuddled into him when you got under the blanket. He was silent through the most of the movies. Secretly he liked the movies and was really interested in them, he just was too stubborn to let you know. Halfway through one of the movies, Mikey leaned in to tell you something. “Hey, that looks like Ashton,” he whispered, pointing to Princess Leia, making you burst out laughing.

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Destiel works too. I ship them :3

21. “You can’t break my heart like this!” 

“Dean, it’s just a movie-”

“It’s Star Wars!”

Cas sighs and looks at his boyfriend, “I’m older than the movie and its creators, Dean, I’m sorry that it upsets you that I haven’t seen it.”

“Cas, we are watching it right now,” Dean says, sliding out of bed, with only his boxers on, and walking over to the TV stand, “I am not letting you get out of this one.”

“Dean,” Cas whines, admiring the way Dean’s ass looks as he bends over to push the DVD in, “I thought we were just going to cuddle?”

Dean rolls his eyes and jumps back onto the bed, wiggling under the covers and pressing his feet against Cas’s warm legs, “We can cuddle and watch the movie, now shut up and read the opening scene.”



Cas glares back at the hunter until his resolve breaks, “If I still had my grace I would leave this room right now.”

“No you wouldn’t.” Dean mumbles, burying his face in Cas’s neck and pecking him softly. 

Cas hums and intertwines his fingers with Dean’s, resting on his stomach as the movie starts up, “If this movie’s bad, then I would.”

Dean chuckles and Cas can’t help the small smile that ends up on his face. 

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