lets cuddle and watch star wars

Of Studying & Star Wars (Peter Parker x Reader)

Prompt (via anon): “hi! can I have a peter parker imagine where you guys are studying and end up cuddling and watching movies or something like that? thanks :)”

Word Count: 1,036

Warnings: Swearing (per usual, but let me know if you see anything that could be triggering!)

Author’s Note: Be ready for disgusting amounts of fluff and Star Wars references because that’s all this is.

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We talked for a few days. He wanted to meet up but I was out of town. When I got back, I agreed to meet up with him. He seemed really nice. We were going to just watch Netflix, have a couple of beers, and eat pizza. He said that if I wanted to take it past “just chilling” I should let him know.

I was nervous before I left because he was really cute and we worked at the same hospital. Got there, it was super chill. We ended up watching Star Wars and Spaceballs. I laughed a lot and we cuddled.

Then while we were watching Spaceballs, somebody walked down his balcony stairs. She walked inside and put a box down. I was super confused. She asked if we had sex and where we had met. I told her the truth that we didn’t and we met on Tinder. They went outside to talk and I left.

He apologized later that night saying that was his very recent ex girlfriend and that they were still figuring out their breakup. I felt hurt because I had been in a situation like this before and I thought he might have been different.

When it rains : TW preferences

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Here you go Pam :) 

Scott -
When it rains outside you watch the rain fall outside, talking about how the sky looks sad, and how you are happy just being together. You make out and snuggle in bed, he holds you when the thunder makes you jump.

Stiles -

He takes rainy days to make you watch Star Wars… and when I say Star Wars I mean every single Star Wars movie! He makes you hot chocolate and dinner ( and probably burns dinner) and you spend the whole day wrapped up in each other on the couch watching Star Wars. When his Dad comes home all he can do is laugh because you two have fallen asleep on each other.

Lydia -
Two words. The Notebook.
You spend the day kissing, cuddling in bed and watching the notebook on Lydia’s laptop. She lets you play with her hair and you let her dress you up in cute girly clothing and do your make up, even if it’s only to see her smile.

Isacc -
You know Isacc doesn’t smile much, he has had it hard. You take rainy days to make him into a child again. An innocent. You drag him outside, slash him with water and laugh when he complains about being wet. He eventually starts to get the hang of being childish splashing around. You end up kissing in the rain, and laying on the wet grass talking about the world.

Allison -
You watch shitty horror movies, and laugh at how fake the are. She tries to teach you how to defend yourself but you just end up distracting her with kisses. You beg her to watch the rain with you, but it ends up with you moving the couch and slow dancing to cheesy music.

Derek -
Derek is the definition of a “wet dog” when it rains. He makes you stay in bed with him, snuggles into your neck and complains about how the rain is too loud, which just makes you laugh. You end up only getting out of the bed that day to get him coffee, eventually he wakes up enough to rub your back, and that quickly turns into super sexy sex.

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