lets cheer to this

video cr. @ yourday_exo

we should all understand that ji needs his rest ok? don’t be upset or sad, lets just continue to cheer him on and show our support

that said here’s kaisoo living up to their nickname as the behind the scenes couple as they leave the venue together (you can see ji crutches) and possibly going to the hospital together ;)

“Do you miss me?” she asked with tears threatening to spill.

“I miss your laugh, I miss how no matter what you’d always pay. I miss the way you hug me like you’re scared to let go. I miss your smell. I miss your constant cheering me on. I miss all our inside jokes. I miss how no matter how much I messed up, you always stayed.” he said with a sad smile.

With the tears running down her face she said, “ You know, I didn’t want to go. I wanted forever and longer with you. I love you so much, but there was no point in me staying for someone who didn’t really love me. You know this, right?”

“I know, darling.

—  (just because you miss me, doesnt mean you love me)
Ok, so real talk right here.

So last night at the Nashville concert while Michael came out on his own to do his solo thing for jet black heart, everyone began to cheer for him, and i mean really cheered for him. At first, he just stood there for a good minute or two and admired everyone cheering for him. After a while, he cleared his throat to get our attention so we would quite down and let him sing, but we just kept cheering and this most beautiful smile came a crossed his face. I’m not even lying when i say that whole arena just cheered for 6 minutes straight, and it was all for Michael. I could’ve swore I saw him tear up. Literally, moments like these make me so so happy to be a part of this family. Michael deserved that moment so much. I love him, and I love the 5sos fam.  

I know it sounds cliché but I love Sundays because of what it is and what Sundays represent…a new beginning. It’s something extremely beautiful about a brand new week. Last week is stained with tears and bruises but this week has promise. This week is better objectives written on white boards, refocusing and recommitting myself to goals, and striving to be better than who I was last week.
—  cheers to a new week. let’s make it worth something. // personal

[PIC/TRANS] [160724] FT_FANCLUB’s Twitter Update

#FTISLAND #Take_Me_Now 컴백 주 활동 종료!!👏👏 PRIMADONNA 여러분의 응원 덕분입니다💕 남은 주말 푹 쉬시고 다음주도 함께해요!!🤘🤘

[TRANS] #FTISLAND #Take_Me_Now comeback (first) week has been completed!!👏👏 Its all thanks to PRIMADONNAs’ cheers💕 Please rest well in the remaining weekend, lets be together again next week!!🤘🤘

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Don't you ever look at Lee Chan and feel so excited For him? Like he has so much potential, talent, enthusiasm, etc and puts so much effort he puts into every performance. Also thanks to his members who let him have the spotlight, cheer him on and applaud his MJ dance impressions for the 1000x time and let him teach choreo even if he's the youngest. And now he has his special stage and I'm so happy for him and excited because he's still growing and learning and.. This is only the beginning!!!

I’ve been dying for Chan to really have a solo activity since forever cause I knew he’d kill it and he did!!!! 

This is gonna sound so corny but Chan’s really inspiring cause he works so hard and he’s so talented and not only that but he’s so passionate about dancing too and it’s like….damn I really wanna find something that makes me feel like how Chan feels when he performs because he enjoys it so much.

I can’t imagine where he’ll be in like 5 years cause with every stage he performs now he gets better and better and he’s already fantastic now I can’t even think up where he’ll be then.