lets chat beauty

evan: the stars are so beautiful

jared: they’re just giant balls of gas

evan: don’t ruin the momen-

jared: and yet none of them are as huge as my love for you

evan, choking up: oh,,

“He swears that he can almost hear the gentle pings of the raindrops hitting the champagne glass clutched in Harry’s left hand.” Young & Beautiful by Velvetoscar ( @mizzwilde ) - for @shadiestblog

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Liner is 100% essential and everyone has a preference of brand, types, and color. I feel like we should all have a sticker or something when we first meet people with liner information. It really says a lot! 

here is mine :) Hi! I’m Delaney and I like

  • dark brown, grey, and black
  • I work best with pencil or pot and angled brush
  • bobbi brown gel pot, maybelline soft liner, kat von d liquid, and nyx kohl are some of my favorites 
  • I use the edges of a make up sponge to sharpen my wings 
  • white liner saved my life
  • it took me over 3 months to really get a consistent wing 

anyway, here is some info about liner I hope it helps :) message me anytime! 



pretty much everyone will have some at one point or another. From Mild “every once in a while” to severe we can all agree it is annoying and embarrassing. 

first instinct is to apply make up and try to make yourself and everyone forget about it but applying make up can do more harm than good. I know it is embarrassing and you want to cover up but understand that it will only make things harder.  

read through the information and tips to help with your skin 


  • there is no guarantee that these will help but they are worth a try
  • if your acne gets severe and uncontrollable get advice from a dermatologist for treatment 
  • cystic acne is acne under the skin. Oil ducts on the skin gets infected, deep in the skin which makes it much harder to treat on your own. A dermatologist really can help you with treatment. 

look out for a much shorter post on body acne 

who gave him permission to do this

update: since y'all keep asking where this is from, i did some “searching” so far i found out this was an audition tape in which he didnt get casted UPDATE: i found the vidssss imma share it w y'all & y'all can get ur panties wet ily There are two: https://youtu.be/9bvRuW_zRJ8https://youtu.be/HRMt4YCgYFw while y'all are reading this imma self promote pls follow me on ig: @rusassyenough & lets chat about this beautiful human being we call sebastian stan 💗💗💗

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Summer or winter it really doesn’t matter if you have oily skin, it is constantly oily! Make up can help you out but the key is to not pack on the make up hoping the layers will hide the oil. You don’t need to hide, oily skin is natural! They key is to keep the make up where you need it and try to pick products that specifically help with oil control. 


There are some looks that never get old. The beauties of the past show us that looks always re-appear and NEVER let you down. 

Bangs or Fringe: Anna Karina and Audrey Hepburn rocked the bangs both chunky and baby. It always gives off a retro- sophistication. Plus, up do’s always looks so much more put together. 

Black Liner: Sophia Loren with her extreme cat-eye to Brigitte Bardot’s smudged around the rim liner, black liner is classic (no matter the shape.) Even just a touch on the lower lash line adds fullness and shape. 

Strong Feature: Dorothy Dandridge’s strong angled brow and Marilyn Monroe’s signature red lips can carry a look on their own. Having a focus feature allows you simplify a look by having one strong point to notice. Good brows aren’t a new trend, learn from Dorothy’s arch. Study it. Live it.