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Okay so I got a message the other day from a really lovely girl wondering if I knew of some quality make-up brands for her tight budget. She is trying to save for her transition and while make up helped her feel more like herself, she needed to be able to get a lot for a little. Obviously I am all about quality products for a good cost so I focused on some brands that I personally use and have really good ratings online.


Liner is 100% essential and everyone has a preference of brand, types, and color. I feel like we should all have a sticker or something when we first meet people with liner information. It really says a lot! 

here is mine :) Hi! I’m Delaney and I like

  • dark brown, grey, and black
  • I work best with pencil or pot and angled brush
  • bobbi brown gel pot, maybelline soft liner, kat von d liquid, and nyx kohl are some of my favorites 
  • I use the edges of a make up sponge to sharpen my wings 
  • white liner saved my life
  • it took me over 3 months to really get a consistent wing 

anyway, here is some info about liner I hope it helps :) message me anytime! 



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Oh America. What a place. No Direction’s dyes, hardly any Fudge, and no Bleach London whatsoever. What’s that? A light at the end of the tunnel? Why yes, it’s Manic Panic! Lasts about as long as Super Cool Colours and, when done right, can be mixed to make some vv similar dyes to Bleach :)

The manic panic dyes look much darker in container then when on so make sure you look at pictures online to see what color they come out too. Also, adding white conditioner to them all will give a pastel look. When mixing, put conditioner in the bowl first and then add the colors. 

*** obviously they wont look dead on the exact same and you will have to do a little experimentation when mixing but you can get pretty darn close with these combo’s. Maybe soon Bleach will ship and this won’t be necessary***

bleach-worldwide.myshopify.com – she does ship to America if you are keen on waiting and shipping fees :) I might get some rose stuff soon 

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Contouring. It is scary. It is intimidating. It is actually not that bad! Here are some step by step guide to basic contouring. Also play with the tones you are given int he palette. See how light you like your highlighting and how dark you like your contouring. Highlighting = add attention to are Contouring = recess or hide 

*Now remember where you add the highlight and contouring depends on your face shape so go with your own face and bone structure as well as your gut!*

If you are done contouring and you want a bit more definition on your cheek bones and what not get a foundation stick that is 2 shades darker than your skin and blend it out well ( the one below would work for me) 

External image


found an article on making your serums a few years ago and saved it to use. since then I have tried a few combo’s and found them really nice. since I get a lot of questions about serums I thought I would sort of condense the article and post it up here for you guys to try. 

keeping it natural in skincare is always good and being able to make your own serum combo is nice to. being able to tailor the ingredients to your specific skin needs is nice too especially since you can control how much or how little anti-aging you add. starting anti aging in your early 20′s is a good thing to do but you don’t need to over do it, too much too young can actually cause your younger skin to breakout (especially since anti-age usually boosts moisture production blah blah.)  


Summer or winter it really doesn’t matter if you have oily skin, it is constantly oily! Make up can help you out but the key is to not pack on the make up hoping the layers will hide the oil. You don’t need to hide, oily skin is natural! They key is to keep the make up where you need it and try to pick products that specifically help with oil control. 


Hair Masks or “Hasks” are pretty much essential to having amazing hair (especially dry/damaged hair) but it is a often forgotten step in our hair regimen. You can buy great hair masks or make them in your own kitchen! Use once or twice a week for AMAZING hair!

Message me with any questions about the products shown or DIY recipes (recipes found on pinterest and 4 tried by me) 

Hask Beauty website: X