lets bring back

  • <p> <b>Kimberly:</b> *can't find Trini in a crowd*<p/><b>Kimberly:</b> [using her hands as a megaphone] KIMBERLY HART SUCKS!<p/><b>Trini:</b> [scales up the side of Zack] SQUARE UP, PUNK! THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND! I MIGHT BE LITTLE, BUT I'M FEISTY!<p/><b>Kimberly:</b> There she is<p/><b>Zack:</b> Can you come get her now?<p/></p>
Random DnD Worldbuilding
  • Male tieflings wearing skirts because having custom pants tailored to accommodate their tails is too much of a hassle
  • Firefighter clerics, wizards, and druids
  • (and the apologetic sorcerer that probably started the fire by mistake)
  • Young, forty-something dwarves joining druid circles and protesting the damage their clan mining does on the environment
  • Everyone gives up trying to categorize sexuality when a half-elf can bring their cute dragonborn boyfriend home to meet their family
  • Human kids having an awesome bearded dwarf vodka-aunt that adventured with a great-grandparent decades ago and gives the best presents
  • Ok but there are several disciplines of magic that let you bring people back from the dead wtf
  • Young punk elves barely in their 80s but yelling at humans “Check yourself knave I made out with your grandma before she even had your Da.”
  • Wizards for Familiar Rights
  • Spellcasters using ‘alter self’ and switch genders at will
  • A giant half-Orc mom adopting street kids and giving them shoulder rides
  • A normal human whose sibling was born a tiefling beating up village kids who mistreat them
  • Integrated cities made to accommodate smaller folk like halflings and gnomes
  • Would alchemists be the ones to concoct magic medications for psych disorders? Are divination clerics and wizards psychologists?
  • Convoluted age laws because a half-orc is an adult at 15 but an elf isn’t considered of-age until their first century.
  • Maybe democracies aren’t a thing in Faerûn because all you’d need is a few necromancers to literally have dead people voting
  • Bard rock bands

TBH as much as i want bismuth to be brought back im scared tht they’re gonna do a:

“oh steven i was wrong and you were right. murdering the diamonds would be wrong even though they’re classist slave owning tyrants. even though they murdered thousands of gems that simply wanted freedom and have the entire cut of rose quartz under lock down where any day can be their last. they’re still people and I see that now. i was and will always be wrong.”

and then crewniverse will pat each other on the back and go, yes good we finally gave the fans the bismuth closure they were asking for uwuwuwuuwuwu

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Why do you want boruto to summon cats??? he's most likely going to summon toads, like his papa...

is this not a picture of boruto??????????????????

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