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Mend the Heart Spell

A spell to start healing emotionally after rejection.

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You Will Need:

💝 Rose Petals
💝 Warm Water
💝 A bowl
💝 2 White Candles
💝 Rose Quartz
💝 1 bag of Chamomile Tea
💝 Red Fabric
💝 Needle
💝 White Thread


From your fabric cut out a heart and cut it down the middle so you have two halves. Thread your needle before beginning spell (just makes it easier).


💝 Place your rose petals at the bottom of your bowl then add your rose quartz on top

💝 Carefully fill bowl with warm water then add your chamomile tea. Leave it near you to steep. 

💝 Light both candles one to your left and one to your right in front of you. Let them burn during the rest of the spell.

💝 “My heart was broken, but it will heal, it will mend, it will seal.” While saying this take your two pieces of heart in either hand and place them down in front of you pressed together

💝 Take needle and thread and begin sewing it up the middle, repairing it. “It will heal, I will heal” repeat this mentally or verbally as you sew up the heart. 

💝 Tie off the thread once done and cut it if needed so you have a mended heart. Move the bowl between the two candles before you. 

💝 “I will be okay” and place your mended heart into the water and let it soak there over night. Blow out your candles but still leave them to either side of bowl for the night.

💝 Come morning take out your heart and place it in a window to dry (you may place it on a plate or paper towel to prevent it from getting things wet). After removing your rose quartz from the bowl, pour it down the drain or toilet. Imagine this action is pouring out the pain you felt from the rejecting.

💝 Once your heart has dried place it beneath your pillow. Keep it there until you feel you have finally gotten over the rejection then burn it to release the last of your pain.

Spell to protect your loved one

Ingredients: sage, pen, paper, white or black candle

Light the candle
Write the loved ones name on the paper and draw a circle around the name
Say" with all my love and all my might, I will protect you this night

Light the sage then circle the smoke of the sage around the person’s name on the paper.
“This sage will always have you saved, and my will shall keep you from getting killed.”
Imagine whatever color you associate with protection surrounding your loved one in real life
“May my love and light protect you this night, from all that calls with the intent of harm. As I say, it shall be done”
After this blow out the candle and let the sage burn out
I came up with this spells and used it a couple times and it worked pretty good. Please tell me how it worked for you. I hope you guys liked this and blessed be 😊

“My home is protected” Spell

Hey all witches alike! I just made my very first spell and it worked WONDERS so I thought I would share it with you!

This spell acts like the spell that was put up around the castle in the Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows film. It has sort of a protective dome feeling to it, almost hidden from negative energy.

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What you need:

- a white or black candle (both would be ideal)

- protective incense, in this spell I used a mix of Amber, Cedar, Pine and Sandle

- loose sage and a fire-proof container

- Smokey Quartz or clear quartz (again, both would be ideal)

- Blue Kyanite crystal for an extra boost of energy

Arrange the incense in the middle, surrounded by the crystals (placement is up to you!) with the white candle on your left and the sage on your right. Do this near a window that will open close to the entry of your house/apartment. Breathe onto the window and in the fog draw your favourite protection sigil, charge it with your intent, then carry the energy in your hands as you turn towards the rest of the room and hand it to the flame of your candle. Then say:

My home is protected, 

nothing shall pass.

As I open this window,

let the smoke carry out the dark…

~open your window, take a deep breath in, then exhale, envisioning all the negative energies leaving your space~

And as I close this window, 

let it be a barrier.

Only light can enter now.

As I wish, so it shall be.

~close your window~

When you’re done, let your candle burn and blow out the sage and incense. If you try this, let me know how it works! (:

Voodoo Mama's Spellbook: Revenge Curse

*My spells are okay for any and everyone to use in their craft, not just those who practice Voodoo or Hoodoo*

Oh babies this sure is a NASTY spell. This is a revenge cross/curse. I originally got it years ago from a website and changed a lot of aspects of it. I cannot seem to find the original writer to give them the original credit but if you know please let me know. Again, I have changed a lot about the spell and have made it my own.


  • Spiderwebs, from a very dark place in your home preferably 
  • Black Square of Fabric
  • Dead Insect 
  • Plants or herbs for your intent. I will be using Spanish Moss and the flowers from a Persian Silk Tree 
  • Personal Item of the Person 
  • Black Candle 
  • Oil to anoint the candle with proper intent (Optional, I will be using Black Arts Oil)
  • Small slip of paper
  • Pen (If you can write in bats blood ink that would work amazing too.)


  1. Write what you want to happen to the person on the slip of paper. Do you want them to suffer? Lose their job? 
  2. Anoint the candle in your oil of choice and light it. Imagine everything that will happen with this curse. Really put your energy into it. If you are contacting any specific deity for this, now would be the time. If not, continue. 
  3. As the candle burns, place the cobwebs you obtained into the center of the square. This is to bind and hold. This will stick. 
  4. Take the dead insect and place it inside of the web. This insect represents your victim. They are now stuck in your web. Add the personal item at this point to bind it to them. Bonus points if it is their hair or nails as it will make the spell more likely to work and even stronger. 
  5. Sprinkle any herbs or plants that you gathered into the mixture, visualizing their intent. 
  6. Pour the candle wax into everything. Just onto all of the ingredients. You are sealing them in and there is no turning back at this point. 
  7. Tie everything together with the fabric. Thank your deity if you called them. Go somewhere dark and dank, using the candle as your only light. Like a corner of your basement, a crawlspace under your house, a hole in your closet wall, somewhere like that. Make sure it will get as little light as possible. Once you find a place, blow out the candle and let the smoke linger. Now you will leave it there for either 16 days or 16 weeks, which is 4 months. There is no in between. The number must be 16. So choose the smaller time or the longer time. Either way it will work but I would think of it like this: The longer it stays the more extreme the curse will be, as it builds up over time. Do not look at, touch, or mess with it until it has been either 16 days or 16 weeks. I would count it down to the minute just to be safe. The devil cannot even refuse you when you use the number 16. 
  8. As the time continues, you will notice things start to slowly happen to the person. Small inconveniences. This is when you know that the energy has found the person. It is watching them and waiting on your last command. 
  9. You are now to seal the deal. All of the built up energy in this charm is ready to be released. Take it and (quickly) go to a graveyard. Bury the charm under ground and as soon as it is completely covered, the energy will spark and sink into the ground. Pushed by the spirits, it will find the person you aimed it at and hit them like a ton of bricks.

Warnings: This is a very powerful spell. I would not recommend it if you just want to cause a little bad luck on someone. This is for serious revenge and someone who really deserves it. THIS CURSE CANNOT BE REVERSED. THE CURSE WILL CARRY ON UNTIL IT FEELS IT HAS DONE THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF REVENGE FOR YOU. The energy has to go somewhere and if you leave it alone for longer than 16 weeks the spell will hunt you down. If you throw it away it will hunt you down. You cannot back out after the wax is poured. If you choose to stop, before the wax is poured of course, simply take the bug out of the web and bury it and then dispose of the other items.

Forgiveness spell

You will need to light your candle in a dark room and say this spell 5 times:

Peaceful remedies
Gone and destroyed
How I wonder
If I could reverse the clock
Back to the start
Where thunders will knock
I ask for forgiveness
From a friend or a foe
I have proved myself worthy
So let them know!

After you’ve recited it 5 times, blow out the candle and exit the room. Within a week’s time, your person/people of choice should forgive you. They may not befriend you again, but they will respect you and wish you the best. If they have caused previous trouble to you or held a grudge to you, it will stop.

Healing Spell for a Friend

A dear friend of mine is dealing with painful chronic medical conditions. I have put together this spell to help combat the side effects of her conditions while she and her doctors experiment with management options.

No magic is able to completely heal you, but I think that magic is able to support the mundane healing processes that you are implementing. If you are seriously sick, please go to a doctor or a hospital if it is an immediate risk. 

What you need:

  • Clear quartz point
  • Candle (white, green [comfort], or blue [healing])
  • Something to represent that person
  • A pencil or another carving tool
  • Allspice and rosemary, incense (optional)

Get started:

1. Take your candle and carve what you wish to send out to your friend. In my white tea light, I carved “health”, “comfort” and a small heart. Remember to trim the wick if it’s a new candle! Practice fire safety!

2. Place the representation of your friend in front of you, and aim the quartz point at them (I used a stone and her name/symbols on a folded piece of paper). I had two quartz points on hand so I used multiple, but one is just as fine! It also might be useful to sit facing the direction that they are in (my friend lives in a city west of me, so I was facing west).

3. You can put down the herbs, or burn relevant healing incense if you want to include all of your senses. My candle is unscented so I used some herbs.

4. Light the candle when things are in place.

5. Recite: 

Illness return to earth to be digested

Illness will not surface until pure and undirected

May the autumn molds hold

And illness help bring the cold

Yet friends and love stay warm

(I only chose this wording because it’s autumn and it lays out a timeline. The illness seeps back into the ground, is processed and will come back to help the plants die with the coming winter, turning illness’ toxicity into something more useful.)

6. Let the candle burn until the carved words are melted and cast. You can also visualize your friend healing, being comfortable, being surrounded by white light, or whatever images you feel will help. You can then blow out the candle or let it burn out on its own.


  • Candle: write your intention on a piece of paper and place it under an electric candle.
  • Element: instead of fire, you can write your intention (or the word “illness”) on a piece of paper and bury it, literally returning it to the earth.

- A

EXO - Members confessing their “sins” to a priest

I’m back! And another weir ass post again, wouhouuuu! I guess it’s alright because 99,9% of this fandom is weird af just like meh so lol, deal with it! I hope you enjoy this post :)

PS: I don’t even know why I’m doing this kind of post as I’m not religious in any means. Don’t sue me if you are offended. Why would you be offended though? Nevermind.

ALSO! The gifs don’t really fit with the “confession” but who cares?

ALSO X2, trigger warning conserning consent… sorry I explain latere in the post.

(thank you @hobi-my-hubby for helping me out with this one, ily)



“At the confessional”

Priest: So Chanyeol-ssi… What can I help you with today?

Chanyeol: I hid all of D.O’s platform shoes to make sure the world knows how small he actually is compared to me.

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“at the confessional”

Priest: Let me wash away your sins…

D.O: While blowing the candles on my birthday cake last month, I secretly wished for Chanyeol’s death… Am I a bad person?

Priest: …Yes?

D.O: Good.

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#When I wake up and I’m still alive


“at the confessional”

Yixing: Forgive me Father for I have sinned…

Priest: What can I do for you today, young man?

Yixing: I touch my members butt in their sleep.

Priest: Without their consent?

Yixing: What they don’t know can’t hurt them.

(Don’t sue me I’m clearly fooling around with this joke, but consent isn’t something to joke about. Never.)

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“at the confessional”

Priest:Your sins look like they are a huge weight on your shoulders, deliver yourself from this suffering and confess.

Xiumin:The other night… I made hot chocolate for Baekhyun and me and… I gave him the one with less marshmallows…

priest: but… It’s… It’s not a sin?

Xiumin: “breaks into tears”

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the softest


“at the confessional”

Priest: Tell me your sins, I will guide you through the right path.

Baekhyun: I told fans that Chanbaek was real to piss off Chanyeol.

Priest: …What even is a Chanbaek?

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Baek confirmed satan.


Priest: What brings you to the confessional today?

Sehun: I removed all the “-hyung” of every of my members’ contact name on my phone after they pulled a prank on me.

Priest: That’s… rude? Still not a sin though.

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mad Sehun is mad. #it’s actually his natural bitch face lol.


“at the confessional”

Priest: Let the sins you burry inside you be liberated by my guidance.

Suho: I woke Sehun 15 minutes late for the sole reason that I enjoy watching him struggle.

priest: What a great Hyung you make…

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“at the confessional”

Priest: I’ll be the light guiding you through a sinless life. I’m listening.

Kai: I brushed my teeth with my member’s toothbrush for a week…

Priest: That’s all?

Kai: And when I noticed, I continued because it was softer than mine.

Priest: That’s weird, not a sin.

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“at the confessional”

Priest: You are my last case before I quit, I can’t keep with your friends’ shit anymore.

Chen: I once said that 19+ thoughts take 1% of my brain…

Priest: … Where is this going…

Chen: … It’s actually a looooot more than 1%. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Priest: “whispering to himself” Please God, deliver upon me the sweet release of death.

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Can you do a super daddy!kink namjoon fanfic pls! Like the reader (gf) didn't text him or some shit like that so he doesn't touch or anything to punish her But she ends up masturbating to porn and he catches her "punishes" her ( ^^ sorry)

This rude fucker here like just ugh. ugh. HERE YA GOOOO ANON


Namjoon pursued his lips looking at his phone for what seemed like the hundred time that day. You were suppose to call him, text him, any fucking thing to let him know when you had arrived to your friends house. You told him you were going for a girls night out. Which he understood he couldn’t expect you to always be under him in the house 24/7 but what he didn’t expect was you to completely ignore him and not tell him anything. What if you were hurt? Dead? He knew he was overreacting a little bit but he set rules for a reason and he knew that you had guy friends who were going to be there. He trusted you but not them, and he would kill anyone that put hands on what belonged to him.  With a frustrated huff Namjoon went to his room slamming the door shut laying to sleep. 


As soon as the door opened he was on the couch waiting for you to come into the front room. You stilled a bit dropping your bags on the floor smiling widely as if nothing was wrong. “Hi daddy!” 

“Shut up.” He growled eyes dark, bags under his eyes and you frowned wondering why he was being so harsh.

“What’s your problem?!” You asked him walking towards him slowly.

“My problem?!” He growled standing up towering over you. “You were supposed to fucking call me last night! And you didn’t you didn’t say shit nor inform me! I thought I could sleep but all I could do is think of my baby girl and what she was doing. So don’t come in here asking my damn problem when you disobeyed my rules. I do not ask for much, just a little but if it is too much for you then pack your shit and leave because I refuse to have someone who can’t even fucking follow directions.” Namjoon snarled, his veins popping out of his neck as he stormed to the room. His words hurt you, made your eyes water as tears feel down your cheeks. You didn’t mean to not follow orders, you were just having fun and you forgot and when you remembered you figured he was sleeping. Tired and groggy you grabbed your stuff going to your room, knowing he didn’t want to be bothered with you.


For a month it was complete hell, Namjoon had forgiven you but he was still pissed at you. He didn’t even let you kiss him for too long before he was walking away from you. You hated it, you were beyond sexually frustrated and you felt your pussy getting tighter with each passing day. Namjoon did shit on purpose too, just to piss you off. Walking around without a shirt. Letting his pants hang low on his waist as he sat beside you. And you heard him at night not even needing porn, but playing the tapes of you two fucking jerking himself off hard until he was ruining his sheets.

One day, while he was gone you sneaked into his room finding the sex tapes between the two of you, already being naked from taken a shower as you laid on the bed spreading your legs. You had gotten a rotating dildo to help you relieve yourself shoving it deep inside of your pussy to stretch you back out as the scenes on the screen in front of you showed Namjoon pounding into you against the wall. The way his hips lifted you up and down always did wonders, because he knew to spots to hit to get you wound up. Your mind wandered as you licked your lips thrusting the toy in and out of yourself faster, your release becoming much closer since it had been so long since you had anything. It was easier for you to cum. Almost, you were /almost/ there. 

“Having fun baby girl?” You damn near jumped out of your skin, with widen eyes looking towards the door. Namjoon wore a dark expression, shirt and pants already shed as he leaned against the door frame. He watched you eyes raking every where as he tsked to himself shaking his head. And you could slowly feel your orgasm dying down. 

“I suppose it’s been long enough, but you knew not to fucking play with yourself with me. Always breaking rules. I guess I can punish and fuck you.” Namjoon smirked to himself, watching as you laid still for him. He went and grabbed a pair of handcuffs lifting your hands above your head flipping you on your stomach. He leaned over you moaning in your ear as he grabbed the toy pushing it in and out of your pussy in a fast motion the wet sounds of the toy fucking you causing his erection to harden and precum to streak against his boxers. Fuck he missed you, and the way you moaned and shook under him made him want to tear you apart. As soon as your back arched he was yanking to toy from you sucking off your juices watching as you protested from not cumming. 

“Y/n I bet you’ll obey me next time.” He warned before going to his closet. He got out a few things before walking downstairs and coming back to place a bucket of ice on his night stand with a water bottle on top of it. He grabbed it pressing it against your pulse point to let your orgasm and arousal die down. After a few minutes he was taking it from you to place it back on ice before he grabbed a sleek purple vibrator to turn it on the lowest setting. He slipped it inside of your pussy as well as lubing up some weighted balls that were big slipping one inside of your ass letting the other hang. “You know how this goes, if you don’t squeeze around this and hold it in, it’ll fall out. Hold it in or I will not let you cum, for the next two months.” He threatened before getting off the bed grabbing his belt from his pants on the ground. 

You were in complete hell, your body trembled, your nipples were hard and to perky from how he was treating you. You felt so full with the weighted items inside of you, and you had to squeeze around both but it caused the vibrator to slip deeper inside of your pussy pressing against your spot, to make matters worse Namjoon came up behind you to spread your legs on the bed the only thing holding your upper body was the damn handcuffs and they dug into your skin from how hard you tugged to have them off. But it was all in vain, he was in control and he loved every bit of it. 

Namjoon gripped his belt, and started to give you hits to the ass and you didn’t need him to tell you what else to do. “One.. Two!” You started to count out as he spanked you with his belt, causing your ass to feel on fire as he created whelps on your ass from the belt. He watched your ass jiggle groaning as he leaned down to turn the settings on high one hand coming up to play with your breast as the other spanked your ass, he made each hit harder and made sure to angle his wrist different ways so that he didn’t mark just one spot. He looked down at your body trembling under him, your juices slipping onto the bed as your eyes brimmed with tears. 

“Aww baby.. Don’t cry..” He feigned concerned as he pulled away from you. Namjoon opened a bottle of alcohol and after go a silver bullet pressing it on your clit causing more stimulation to your already throbbing pussy as he poured the alcohol onto the whelps causing screams of pain to fill the room, he watched the lines from his hits outline your skin in a frenzy of designs and he smirked proud of his works. “Almost.” He called out before he took the bullet from your clit and he turned the vibrator off but left it inside of you. 

He went into the bathroom and grabbed a candle from under the counter before he grabbed a lighter letting it get hot walking back to you, Your body was going limp and he knew soon, your knees would give out. He sat the candle down before he slid the weighted ball from your ass only to replace it with a crystal clear butt plug that was way thicker than the balls. Another scream ripped from your throat and he spread your legs even wider going under to pull the small vibrator from your pussy using his tongue to flick and suck up the wetness from your sensitive pussy. He pulled back licking his lips before he got out another dildo with a butterfly on it. He pressed it into you, letting it turn on to fuck your insides while the butterfly bobbed up and down against your clit to tickle it. 

“FUCKING HELL PLEASE! I’M SORRY NAMJOON! IT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN!” You sobbed weakly. He kept building you up to tear you down and you couldn’t handle the tug of war with him. You were a mess crying and shaking only wanting a release and your pussy was so sensitive anything near it set you off. You looked at him watching that shit eating grin appear on his face as he grabbed the wax. 

“You’ll behave from now on. I’m sure.” He purred letting the wax fall on your back. Your cries fueled him, it brought the monster out of him, and made him want to own you. He first let it fall down both of your legs and traced wax on your arms, before he was spelling his first and last name down your back using almost all of the candles. He watched as you shook with pain and pleasure under him setting the candle down and blowing it out. He let the wax cool letting his finger press the butterfly hard against your pussy before he pulled away making sure it was cool before he grabbed a whip that he had under his bed. He brought it up against your legs first, breaking the wax there up causing more whimpers to fill his ears, he was too far gone now not even worrying if he was going overboard or not. 

He let all of the wax break and fall from your skin before he went to your arms to break the wax there. Lastly he was at your back whipping you painting your skin with more pretty marks and finally you gave in falling against the bed as your knees gave out. He hummed surprised with his work finishing cracking the wax. He next grabbed ice tracing it over your wounds to soothe them and hear more cries from you. 

You closed your eyes, trying to hold on a bit more, but the mixing of the pain and pleasure as well as the heat had you about to pass out. He was ruining you, your tears soaked the sheets, your orgasm was back at full blast wanting to release and as you expected he cut the dildo pulling it from you but still you hoped that he would let you cum. It was in vain. Always. He shoved the dildo in your mouth watching you choke as he face fucked you pulling the butt plug from your ass slowly. He lifted your hips before shoving his boxers down to his knees grinding his dick up and down your sore slit. You were done, your limbs were jelly, he had to hold you up because you were too weak. 

Namjoon slammed into you, filling you up in one go. He didn’t even let you adjust since you had, had so many toys inside of you he felt you were stretched enough. He started to relentlessly plow into your pussy pushing his hips hard against yours with brutal force as if he was seeing if he could break you. His name mixed with daddy fell from your lips and he loved it, hearing the weakness there how you gave into him. It made him pulse inside your pussy. He knew you were close but like a good girl you would hold out for him. So he gripped your hair tangling his fingers into the strands to yank your head back crashing his lips against yours in a sloppy and rough manner. 

His free hand moving to rub your clit as he let you fall back against the mattress his hips fucking yours into the bed. He pinned you under him with his hips, grinding his at a fast pace to keep the drill going wanting you to release. His tongue shoved down your throat while he let you taste the faint remains of yourself on his tongue. Namjoon growled feeling you squeeze around him, your clit was throbbing, he felt your orgasm clenching into your stomach. 

You writhed under him against the sheets trying to keep up with his kisses. Your mind was blank and the only think you chanted was yes and more. You spread your weak legs wider as they started to tingle, your orgasm starting a slow fire inside of you. 

“Cum baby. Soak my dick.” Namjoon grunted as he pulled away from your lips to moan against your ear. He licked the shell of your ear biting and nipping on it before he went to your neck sucking on his mark on your skin as you nodded giving into him. 

“DADDY!” Was all you had the strength to scream out as your orgasm took over your limbs. You cummed on his dick not even arching your back but dropping your head forward in tiredness. Namjoon continued fucking you like a rag doll grunting and growling until he was cumming inside of your pussy stilling his hips. He shuddered as he released long thick ropes inside of you making sure it was all out before he slowly pulled out. Namjoon uncuffed you after awhile seeing that you couldn’t even keep your eyes open. 

In a blur you watched things as Namjoon cleaned up the space around you, you heard the running of water, the smelling of lavender and then you felt the water on your skin as you were getting cleaned. You could barely keep your eyes open and everything screamed, every limb burned but you let Namjoon take care of you. Once you were clean he dried you off and laid you naked on the bed. You felt his strong rough calloused hands putting cream onto your body and it was to soothe all the markings he had made. The monster was gone and your sweet loving boyfriend was back. Once he was finished he was scooping you up in his arms and you heard the words uttered to your ears only falling asleep after tiredly saying it back. 

“I love you too Joon.”


I need to take my ass to bed, what the fuck did I just write.

the air was warm and almost crackling with a kind of hazy electricity as alec sat with magnus on the balcony, his arm around the warlock’s shoulders and his chest slightly pressed against his back. his fingers grasped the cool wine glass lazily and the taste of wine on his tongue was a kind of comfort in and of itself, a relaxing and almost quiet detail. alec looked up at the stars winking almost mischievously above him, twinkling unusually bright tonight in contrast to the city below them. his father had once told him when he was a child of four, a chubby thing with rosy cheeks and contagious laughter that was so rare nowadays, to wish on a star. alec could almost feel robert’s arms around him now, holding him up as a tinier version of himself held onto one of his lapels, gazing up at the night sky. “look! a shooting star!” robert had commented in that bright, cheery tone parents use with their children. “make a wish!” and alec had looked up at the sky, brows furrowed and lips puckered as if he had just eaten something extremely sour. “what did you wish for, my boy?” robert asked and alec shook his head. “a secret, daddy.” alec replied and put his finger to his lips and shushed him and robert and laughed and tickled alec, causing the boy to squeal and giggle just as jovially as his father.

 robert had been and has always been the more affectionate of the two parents. that’s not saying much, but alec smiled a little fondly at the memory. he wasn’t one to wish or believe in miracles. wishing on stars or on birthday candles seemed tedious; alec now let max and jace and izzy blow out his birthday candles because he found the act so pointless. 

he could not deny, however, the the man curled up at his side, swirling the wine glass in his hand around and watching the red liquid spin, his head against his shoulder and his hair tickling alec’s skin, is a miracle, possibly the miracle of miracles.

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Headcannons on how Remus would be when dating/in love with you? How the rest of the gang teases y'all and such? Please and thanks xoxo :)

My bad it took me 83918172818 years to do this but! Here goes!

  • I imagine Remus to be the kind of guy who is hit by significant realisations quite slowly. 
  • Don’t get me wrong, he knows when his homework is due and what he feels for his friends when it’s 4am and he’s trying not to smile at the fact that they’re playing exploding snap and ignoring James singing about Lily for the billionth time. 
  • And he knows what he feels for himself when it’s the morning after a full-moon and his throat is dry and cracked and everything hurts.
  • But love is a realisation he isn’t quite sure he’s actually having. So it’s slow. It’s him, standing in line at the library for a book he’s had on hold since forever, chewing his lip, wishing that the Ravenclaw in front of him didn’t have so many questions about Bathilda bloody Bagshot, of all up-and-coming authors - seriously? Seriously? Talk about tired writing, the most cliched of structural suppositions, but then, as the line moves on, he remembers the accent you put on to read from Bagshot’s latest book last week.
  • You were meant to be revising for your exams and Lily had nudged you to do more than just glare at the schedule you’d drawn for yourself. 
  • James, Remus and Peter shared your table at Lily’s discretion: if anyone spoke at any moment that wasn’t the 10 minute break-slots she’d allocated, she’d personally hex them into the hospital wing. You’d grabbed the nearest book off the stack of your revision texts and off-setted her seriousness without even realising, pursing your lips and elongating your vowels as you whisper-read, sounding like a breathy, old bag of a lady. Bagshot.
  • Everyone had laughed, and laughed again at the blank look on your face. You’d only just realised they’d heard you. And Lily had shoved you in the arm, a light smile on her face. And Lupin had laughed into his jumper, meeting your eyes and looking like you’d just let him blow out the candles on his birthday cake. 
  • He hugged his arms to his chest, now, smiling at the memory. The librarian handed over his book and for a second, he was frozen. Thinking of your face. How before, he’d only ever fantasied about kissing you. 
  • During the crush phase, you weren’t always around, didn’t force yourself onto him/except for the times you did and he was more than happy about that. You dipped between friendship groups, but had, for long a time, always, always been a familiar face. A pretty face. The girl at breakfast. The girl with Lily. The girl who caught his eye when someone said something stupid and the privacy of the that feeling, the annoyance that tethered you two together, made him blush. The girl who, without any questions, ran into him and his friends on her way back from a late-night stroll and healed the sticky cut on his arm, no questions asked. Had placed a hand on his shoulder and, with those honest eyes, had asked him to please feel better. The girl who he hid behind bookshelves for if he saw her in the library: she made him nervous, she had James and Sirius calling after her so sweetly, nudging Remus, grinning at the fact that he could barely string a sentence around her anymore.
  • The girl who could not hide the displeasure she felt for her Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher. And that was the moment he realised: 
  • ‘Shit.’ His hands were in his hair. He’d turned to his friends, the worn knit of his jumper rising a little on his stomach as he did so. ‘I should probably do something about this, right?’
  • Sirius’s voice came from the top bunk, met James’s, as he sat at the desk, ink from an unfinished essay all over his fingers, and Peter’s. He lay upside down on his bed, wand in his hand casting smoke rings that went in on themselves. Boredom in his pale blue eyes.
  • It was a droning, draining, tired, elongated, resounding ‘YES’
  • The person behind him in the line coughed. Remus grabbed the book, stumbled just a little and apologised to the librarian. Shy eyed, he steered himself to the study area, pulling the sleeves back on his white school shirt to get to work. He tapped his quill. Placed his ink-pot to the side. Smiled in spite of himself.
  • He thought of his girlfriend., before she was his girlfriend.
  • You’d called Professor Bleakley a bigot. A ‘prejudicial git who clearly had things to unlearn before he should’ve gotten a job teaching kids.’ And you’d gotten detention for it. But you hadn’t cared. 
  • Remus had been tired that day. The full moon had drained him completely and so he’d had his head on the desk. You, however, sitting next to him, were bolt-upright. The lesson was on werewolves.
  • You’d huffed a few times under your breath, completely unaware of the low layer of anxiety accosting the boy sat next to you. Hearing about werewolves this way was hard.
  • It was scary. It was demonisation and dehumanisation and it made him wonder about himself, and all his monstrosity. Remus’ mouth was a thin line, his knuckles white against the oak wood of the desk and ready to punch a wall. Later. If he felt up to it. 
  • 'Personally,’ The professor had began, and Remus hadn’t really noticed the way the legs on the stool you’d sat on had screeched as you’d fidgeted. You were wary. Ready to spring into action if need be. 'I’m not 100% with the fraternisation of killers in public spaces. I daresay it robs us of our chances.’ The man’s tight smile was as greasy as his slicked-back hair. 'We can’t be sympathetic in an epidemic of such disease. Not when it offers an opportunity to harm us all. Not when it endangers us whole.’
  • Remus had sat up, mouth open to issue a slew of profanities but the girl sitting next to him had stood up before he had the time to.
  • 'Tell me professor,’ She’d started, a fire burning in her eyes. Remus had noticed the way her hands were shaking, though her voice wasn’t. 'Do you actually believe the bullshit coming out of your mouth right now or do you get paid to say this stuff by whatever fascist paper you’ve taken a subscription out from? What gives you the right…’ She’d continued on, only to have half of what she’d said stolen by cheers from what sounded like James Potter and Sirius Black, Lily Evans, Peter Pettigrew, and 80% of her classmates. ’… Make the dangerous assumption that every werewolf is a 'threat’ to society when the details of the condition are, at best, sketchy and often fabricated by organisations that embezzle donations to them and prey on vulnerable-“
  • ‘Miss Y/L/N, that is enough!” 
  • No, but sir I’m asking a question! I’m asking about this 'disease’ you’re talking about!”
  • ‘Miss Y/L/N, if you do not cease and desist at this very moment, you’re looking at a MONTH’S WORTH OF DETENTION-’
  • ‘But sir!’ You’d carried on, your heart hammering in your throat. ‘You still haven’t answered my question!’
  • Remus hadn’t seen you this angry before. The set of your jaw, your unwavering gaze, the shake of your fingers. Usually, you were all smiles. At least, when you caught his eye. Sure, he’d seen you pissed off at something sexist James and Sirius had been laughing at, had seen you humiliated by some ignorant Slytherins and a hex that had torn your schoolbag to shreds in the middle of a fast-pacing corridor, had seen you worried, snatching at the pages in The Daily Prophet after hearing about a tragedy in Diagon Alley, had seen you happy, catching Lily in your arms and hugging her to you after she’d received the highest mark in the class at Potions, had seen you confused, your cheek in your palm in Transfiguration. And he’d seen you tired, leaning onto him in the common room after a particularly snowy trip to Hogsmeade. But he didn’t like to dwell on that much. It made him shy. 
  • He saw you angry, that day. You’d packed your things, looked Remus in his stunned eyes and he’d felt something stir in him to see them soften at his. You hadn’t even known he was a werewolf then. You were just that type of person.
  • You’d exited the room to cheers, to hands banging on desks to give you a grateful farewell.
  • And sometimes, the boys still brought it up. So did Lily. Remus had turned the memory over so many times he was surprised he wasn’t tired of it either. But you’d always cover your face, ask everyone to stop talking, and not see the way James would be mouthing at Remus to put his arm around you. 
  • Remus would glare, mouth a 'no!’ and James would roll his eyes, imitate the action with Lily and have her punch him in the gut for it.
  • Remus finally got around to it after that little scene, though. You’d been leaving the library together at the same time on a Sunday, unaware of the other working at the table opposite until the lamps were dimming and it was time to call it a night. 
  • He’d spotted you, wrestling the strap on your satchel and laughed at the frown on your face. You’d glanced up, seen him smiling and found you couldn’t do anything but smile back.
  • Taking the same route back to the common room together, you’d complained about things and people and ungodly weather and exams and friends. And you’d asked him what was up with Sirius and James lately.
  • And he’d ran a hand down his face, covering the sound of his voice with a muffled, 'they’re idiots. Please don’t pay attention to them.’
  • 'I mean, I don’t.’ You’d laughed, trying not to bump into the long-limbed boy next to you. He’d lifted his head to catch your eye, smiling.
  • 'Good. You’d be surprised how many people don’t follow your impeccable,’ He’d grinned at the word, and you’d made an impressed sound at his vocabulary. 'Example.’
  • 'Oh please,’ You’d feigned embarrassment dramatically, secretly loving the rise and fall of his laughing shoulders at the way you’d batted your eyelashes. 'I bet you say that to all the girls.’
  • 'Hm?’ Remus had scrunched up his nose. Smiled teasingly. 'No.’ He’d shook his head. 'No, no not really.’
  • 'Oh?’ You’d said, falling into step with him at the top of the moving stairs. You’d taken another step, though. Stood and perched on your tip-toes to look him in the eye. Neither of you had said anything after that. If the stairs moved, you hadn’t felt them. Remus’s brown eyes didn’t leave yours. Until they trailed down to your lips. And then he laughed, a short burst of something self-conscious. And he’d said, in a voice that he was hoping sounded brave and you only heard as his, completely his, 'On Saturday, do you want to come to Hogsmeade with me?’
  • And Lily had said how ridiculous that was later on because you went!!! to Hogsmeade!! with him!! every weekend!!! 
  • And you’d thrown a pillow at her and said it was different, he’d never asked you on your own, and would she stop cheering and singing stupid songs about people in trees and kissing, she sounded like James
  • Remus didn’t know about any of that stuff, though. He only knew about the way Sirius threw an arm around him every time he threw an arm around his girlfriend, or the choruses of 'awww!’ that occurred when she did something as simple as slide a slice of toast onto his plate, no comment needed, or how he’d cower into her hair every time his friends told the story of how he used to hide from her, he loved her so much. 
  • In the library, far from his memories, Remus’s slowest of realisations happens as he stares at the few lines he’s written of his essay. He’s spent all morning thinking of her and now, he smiles.
  • For the cynic, falling in love is standing somewhere and realising it’s a little warmer than before. He’s sitting down. He realises he’s never felt so warm in his life.

Sidenote: Here’s a poem that reminds of Remus and inspired this a little. :’) 

Long Distance Friendship/Relationship Spell

A spell to help maintain a long distance friendship or relationship between consenting people.

Originally posted by 50shadesofdistance

You Will Need:

💕 Aventurine (friendship, bonds)
💕 Aquamarine (ease communication)
💕 Chrysocolla (communication, connections)
💕  Ametrine (improve communication)
💕 Clear Quartz (power up spell)
💕 Salt (protection, purifying, honesty)
💕 Basil (friendships)
💕 Rose Buds (or petals) (close friendships, love, relationships)
💕 2 Blue Candles or tealights (communication, trust)
💕 Your Cellphone


💕 On your cellphone open the contact to the person or the chat you communicate with them through, place it on the floor or a table. To the right and left of it place your candles and light them.

💕 In a small bowl or container place your herbs and place it above your phone

💕 In a circle around your phone and the bowl of herbs place your crystals. If they are point crystals have them pointing at your phone.

💕 Using your salt make a small circle around your phone.

💕 Hover your hands over your phone and close your eyes, feel the energies of your candles, herbs and crystals radiating from them, how they pass through your body and your phone. Focus your own energy in your hands and imagine it emit in gentle waves down into your phone as well.

💕 “No distance can keep us apart, I connect to you and you connect to me, over mountains and seas we will still be in touch, we shall remain together for communication is key.Repeat the last line (bold) as many times as you feel is necessary.

💕 Finish spell by blowing out your candles and letting the smoke trail off imagining it traveling far off to where the other is. 

Notes: If both you and the other person do this spell it will be more powerful but it is not necessary. Also, this is to help you keep communication, you still have to put effort into keeping the communication going for a successful LDR. If you are missing one or two of the crystals that is fine, just try to have as many of each as you can. 

Draconic Witchcraft: Circle Casting

  1. Stand in the middle of where you will draw your circle.
  2. Visualise your crown chakra opening to receive divine light.
  3. Open your arms, facing out; visualise the light growing stronger and forming into a shield of protection.
  4. Now raise one hand to either mentally mark the edges of your circle on the floor, or use chalk/protective powder to mark the circle. Spin around clockwise while drawing.
  5. Place white candles at each compass point on the circle..
  6. Stand facing East, in the centre of the circle. Relax and breathe until you feel calm, centred, and present. Light the candle and then chant: “To the East, I call upon the Guardians of the elements of Air and the Great Yellow Dragon to join me now and bless this circle. Hail and Welcome!
  7. Stand facing South. Light the candle and then chant: “To the South, I call upon the Guardians of the elements of Fire and the Great Red Dragon to join me now and bless this circle. Hail and Welcome!
  8. Stand facing West. Light the candle and then chant: “To the West, I call upon the Guardians of the elements of Water and the Great Blue Dragon to join me now and bless this circle. Hail and Welcome!
  9. Stand facing North. Light the candle and then chant: “To the North, I call upon the Guardians of the elements of Earth and the Great Green Dragon to join me now and bless this circle. Hail and Welcome!
  10. Raise your hands and palms upwards, and look up while chanting: “God and Goddess, Spirit Guides, please be present with me during this ritual. Bless this circle and keep me protected. No unwanted entities are welcome here. Only pure, divine beings are invited into this space. The circle is cast. So mote it be.
  11. Now you can sit or stand within your circle, and perform your spell.
  12. To close your circle, prepare to spin anticlockwise.
  13. Stand facing North. With your palms outstretched, chant: “To the North, I thank the Guardians of the element of Earth and the Great Green Dragon. Hail thee and farewell!
  14. Stand facing West. With your palms outstretched, chant: “To the West, I thank the Guardians of the element of Water and the Great Blue Dragon. Hail thee and farewell!
  15. Stand facing South. With your palms outstretched, chant: “To the South, I thank the Guardians of the element of Fire and the Great Red Dragon. Hail thee and farewell!
  16. Stand facing East. With your palms outstretched, chant: “To the East, I thank the Guardians of the element of Air and the Great Yellow Dragon. Hail thee and farewell!
  17. Stand in the middle with palms facing the sky and look upwards, chanting: “The circle is open, but never broken. I thank thee all for being present and blessing this ritual. May we meet again. Farewell, blessed be, and so it is.”
  18. Either let the candles burn down, or blow them out. Release your shield.

Spell Jar for Positivity, Protection, and Happiness In The Home

What you’ll need:

  • Jar (salt cleansed and charged in sunlight to remove any negative energies)
  • White candle (for peace and balance)
  • Sunflower petals (energy and protection)
  • Rose petals (domestic peace and happiness)
  • Sea salt (protection)
  • Coffee grounds (peace)
  • Cinnamon (protection)
  • Ginger (positivity and prosperity)
  • Cloves (protection)
  • Vanilla scent, vanilla beans, vanilla extract, etc. (positivity and energy)
  • Personal preference: I used a blue cloth to work on to promote domestic harmony

Make sure your area is prepared and ready.

Layer all ingredients in your jar, focusing on the property of each that you wish to impart, leaving the vanilla for the very top. There is no specific way you need to layer this, really, just whatever works best for you.

Seal the jar (lid on, wax seal, however you want) and place your hands on the lid.

Repeat 3x:

Bless this jar with positivity, protection, energy, and happiness.

Meditate over the jar, letting your energy flow into it. Blow out or snuff your candle to finish spell.

Place in a window sill where you will see it often and where it will be able to charge in the sunlight.

Some notes:

I used fresh petals because their color is much more vibrant and gives off a positive energy. Fresh petals are not necessary, and they do not have to be yellow.

I didn’t give measurements because each jar is different. For my jar, I used a shot glass to measure out the coffee (a Gingerbread blend with the cinnamon, cloves, and ginger already blended in) and sea salt. I did 2 shot glasses full per layer.

I placed my jar in the window sill above my kitchen sink. The kitchen is the heart and hearth of the home, and is where we spend most of our time as a family. Put your jar wherever you feel it is needed most.

Inspired by this spell.

The Joker x Reader *Happy Birthday”

Mister J never wants to tell you how old he is but you don’t give up. Nobody is supposed to know nothing personal about the Joker. But damn it, you are not a nobody!!

You’ve been trying to get it out of him since like…forever.

You always try to guess and he would just mislead you:

“Puddin, are you… 37?”

”Close enough, doll,” he grins at you, satisfied to see you so worked up about it.


“Almost got it, Pumpkin.”


“It’s possible.”

“42?!” At this point your voice is high pitch and it amuses him to death. Why does he have to be such a jerk?

“Ahhhh, Kitten, you’re so close,” and he just leaves the bedroom, snickering. Your mouth is open, attempting to breathe in some air; you are so annoyed right now. No matter what number you tell him, J would never admit to it. You feel childish, but you really want to know, what’s the big deal?!

So you came up with a different strategy.

Every day you give him a birthday card, a cute cupcake with a lit up candle (that he refuses to blow) and no matter what he does, you just start singing Happy Birthday.

*Aha, there he is watching TV.*

“Happy Birthday to you…”

He cuts you off (like he usually does):

“NO!!!” he doesn’t look happy but you don’t care.

“If you want this to stop, Puddin, you just have to tell me how old you are,” you fake smile in a way that he would notice.

“Go away, Pumpkin!” he growls at you and you just lift your shoulders, plant the card on his knees, turn around, blow the candle and head towards the kitchen to eat the sweet present.

*Aha, he’s going over paperwork in his office.*

“Happy Birthday to you…”

“Seriously, Y/N ?!!! Shut up and put it to rest. I have 3 boxes full of birthday cards! You need to stop this nonsense,” the Joker points his finger at you, threatening.

You sigh and put the card on his desk but you don’t leave.

“I guess I’m going to eat this cupcake too and get fat,” you complain, taking a bite. You go sit on his lap. You expect him to push you away but he doesn’t.  You turn J’s chin towards you and then use your index finger to trace his cheekbone, staring at his face. His blue eyes avoid looking at yours.

“Hmmm, hardly any wrinkles, you can’t be that old. But you’re not in your 20’s, I know that… Are you pushing 50?” you giggle and immediately get up and run, knowing he’s going to try and slap your butt or something.

“Princess, go away!” You barely avoid the groping and the slapping.

*Aha, he’s taking a bath.*

“Happy birthday to…”

“Shut it down!!”

“OK,” you agree to comply, but you just get in the bathtub with your clothes on, the cupcake with the candle in one hand and the birthday card in the other. ”For you, Mister J,” you sweetly smile, letting go of the card right in front of him. “Here, blow this candle at least!”

“NO!! Stop pestering me, what’s wrong with you?!”

“BLOW…the…flipping…CANDLE!” you scream, splashing him.

“You asked for it!” the Joker is heading towards your side of the bathtub. Oh, shit, time to run.

*Aha, he’s on his laptop.*

“Happy birthday to you…”

“You must be kidding me; I’m seriously getting pissed! I mean it!”

“Well, me too, what the hell?! Tell me how old you are, you know I would die before telling someone else.”

“You don’t get to treat me like this, doll!” Mister J gets off the couch, scoffing. You wish you would have known he’s in a foul mood.

You think he’s joking but the insane look in his eyes lets you know that you probably pushed it too much. You’re instinctively starting to back out, suddenly worried while you watch him stump towards you.

There is so much rage in him when he grabs your wrists that you drop your card and the cupcake and you already know you’ll have bruises.

“What is wrong with you, hmm? Are you really trying to see how much you can push me? You want me to kill you ?”

“Let go, you’re hurting me…” you whimper in pain, feeling your bones will snap soon.

His eyes have darkened.

“Don’t play games with me, OK?” he hisses at you. ”I’m not the playful type, I told you to stop this so many times!”

You start crying, scared and defeated.

“Fine, fine, I’ll stop, just let me go, I can’t feel my hands anymore…please…”

Your sobbing makes him soften his hold and he finally lets you go.


It’s been a week since you’ve been avoiding him at all costs. You get out of the penthouse early and come back late. Sometimes he’s not even there.


It sounds crazy (and he knows crazy), but he misses you bugging him every day with your stupid birthday song, the card and the cupcake.


You’ve been sleeping in the spare bedroom with your door locked, afraid he might hurt you again.

He can’t fall sleep in the big bed all by himself, tossing and turning on pins and needles every single night. You looked so frightened and hurt when he almost broke your wrists. Shit, he can be such a dick sometimes, but he can’t help it. J finally gets up and decides to go to your door, trying to open it. It’s locked, but he has the spare key. You forgot you guys keep it in the office.

He opens the door slowly and snicks in. It’s not too dark in the room because you always have a night light on. The Joker sees you curled up in a ball, eyes closed, holding to your pillow really tight and ohhhh… his chest aches, strangely enough when he sees your wrists all bruised up, marked by his rage.

He takes a deep breath,using his hands to get his green hair out of his face and cuddles in bed by you, watching you sleep until he decides to pull you in his arms. You feel the movement and wake up with your head resting on his tattoos. You’re not sure what to do, is he in one of his moods again?

You lift your eyes to meet his and it surprises you there’s no anger in them. You gulp and hesitantly reach your left hand to caress his face, not knowing what to expect. J starts purring, shoving himself into you even more.

“39,” he mutters, kissing your forehead.

Your face lights up with the brightest smile he saw in a while.

“Happy birthday to you…”

“I wouldn’t push it, Princess,” he grins, but this time there is no animosity in his voice.

“So…January?” you ask as innocently as possible, hoping you’re on steady ground.

“Almost got it,” J softly laughs, kind of surprised you still have the balls.


“So close, Kitten.”


“It’s possible, Pumpkin.”

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Pet Release Ritual & Jar Spell

A couple weeks ago I had to say goodbye to my beloved cat of 17 years, and it was one of the worst days of my life. She was a part of me as much as my own limbs, and I knew that I would need to pay my respects to her in some kind of formal way. I wasn’t satisfied with pet release rituals I’d found online, so I created my own. I sincerely hope that no one will ever have to use this, but if you do, I hope it brings you some peace, or at least puts you on the path to getting through your grief. This ritual is in three parts, but not everyone will be able to do the first part. That’s okay. Do what you can, take parts of this and make them your own, etc. The more personal to you, the more powerful. 

Part One: Keepsakes & Intent

This part of the ritual is meant to be done in the time leading up to your pets passing.

For yourself: If you have a beloved pet and you feel that their time may be coming soon, you might consider creating a salt dough mold of their paw print to keep. I’ve found that these are much more meaningful if you create it yourself while your pet is still alive (if you have the chance), rather than letting the vet make you one. If you make it yourself, you can add your intent into the dough. Kneading it can be therapeutic as well.  

Recipe for Salt Dough:

  • 1 cup flour
  • ½ cup salt
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 tbs herb(s) of choice [some herbs/flowers that are good for comfort could be cinnamon, roses, or chamomile]
    • Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
    • Mix all dry ingredients first (flour, salt, herbs)
    • Gradually stir in water until the dough begins to form.
    • On a floured surface, knead dough until it is firmed up and workable. Using a rolling pin or cylindrical object, roll out your dough. Use a round cookie cutter or rounded bowl (consider the size of your pets paw when choosing a shape) , cut out as many circles of the dough as you think you’ll need.
    • Gently, press your pet’s paw into the dough. This may take a couple attempts until you’re satisfied with the way it looks. As you do this, think about the love your pet has given you over time, and imagine some of that love being pressed into the dough. 
    • Bake for 2 hours, or until dough is hardened. After it cools down, you can paint it or write your pets name in Sharpie.

Keep it with you, or make it into an ornament or decoration. When you need to feel a little part of your pet’s love, hold your palm to it and remember their paw pressing into the dough, how their love is sealed into it.

For your pet: Think about your pet’s favorite things: places, toys, blankets, etc. Take some time to enchant those areas or items with some loving intent - that your pet will feel at peace and comfortable during their last days whenever they lay in their bed or sit with their toys. 

Personally, I enchanted my cat’s favorite blanket, and on her last day with us, she spent the entire day resting on it, and she was still on it when she passed. I know she was comfortable and felt safe in her last few hours. Of course, the blanket was in my lap all day, which helped too. It’s important to spend as much time with your pet at the end as you possibly can - they deserve that for loving us. Even though it’s hard, it’s an important part of the entire process. 

Part Two: Ritual of Release

This part of the ritual is meant to be done after your pet has passed. 

Around sunset, when the light is soft, make yourself a little altar for your pet, and conduct this passing ritual. Make sure that you can be alone for a good chunk of time and you’ll be undisturbed. This is basically a small funeral for your pet, and it is meant to be extremely personal so that you can begin to grieve.  

My ritual was extremely simple. You can follow what I did or create your own using what you have. To follow mine, you will need:

    • one tealight candle (to represent your pet’s life)
    • a picture of your pet (to invoke memories)
    • amethyst pieces (to aid in meditation & balance emotions)
    • one piece of tumbled rose quartz (for comfort - not required but it helps to have something to hold)
    • vanilla incense (attracting love, aids in memory) - or any scented incense or candle that brings you comfort
    • calming music
    • tissues (you’re gonna need them, trust me)

Place the photo of your pet in the middle of the space. On top of that, set your tealight candle. Surround the photo and candle with the amethyst pieces, like a sort of crystal grid. Play your calming music. Once you’re all set up, light your incense and then take a few deep breaths. Next, light your candle and hold your rose quartz for extra comfort if you need it. 

Now you’ll take time to meditate on your pet - fond memories, what you loved about them, etc. Let yourself cry if you need to. There is no limit to this - take as long as you need to. Crying is cathartic - letting yourself feel these strong emotions will aid the grieving process. When you’re ready, you can move on to the next part.

After meditating on your pet, take some time to talk to them, as though they were still right there with you. It helps to look at their picture during this time. Tell them how much you love them, how you will never forget them, that you are sorry for what happened to them, and that you are releasing their spirit from this world - that you are letting them go. It may be helpful to recite something like this: 

Dear ____________, as dust returns to dust, so now does your spirit return to the earth. May you be at peace forevermore. 

Recite that as much as you need to, or keep talking to your pet, until you feel that shift of energy around you that lets you know the ritual is over. I also took a moment to thank God for putting her in my life in the first place, and for letting me keep her as long as I did.

Either let your candle burn down on its own, or blow it out yourself. 

Part Three: Spell Jar for Grief 

This final part is a spell jar, to aid in the process of grieving your pet. Even if you’ve done the ritual and released them, there is still a process of grief you have to go through. This spell jar is meant to make that process a little smoother, a little more bearable. 

  • Components:
    • sea salt (purification, protection)
    • herb to represent your pet (ex: catnip for cats, cumin [represents loyalty] for dogs, etc)
    • lavender (peace)
    • rose petals (love)
    • something to represent death - I used black glitter
    • one of the amethyst chips used in the release ritual

As you place each component in the jar, think about your pet and use the following incantation: 

Dear one, 
I must let you go, as hard as it may be.
But though your spirit may be gone,
I know you are always with me.

Repeat this spell as many times as you need to. Seal your jar with the wax from your ritual candle or another if you don’t have it anymore. Place by your bedside until you feel ready to move past your grieving phase (it may take a long time, but you will know when you’re ready). When you’re ready, bury the jar either near your pet’s grave if applicable or somewhere in your backyard to seal your decision to let go.

Grace & peace,


Secrets Under The New Moon

The darker night is perfect for a bit of confession. Do you have thoughts weighing you down? Feelings that keep pulling you back under? How about we try a spell.

What you will need:
Black candle
A quiet place outside (can be a balcony or even an open window)

Now say these words as you strike the match and light the candle.

With this there is light in the dark
With love I open my heart
With this just a simple spark
With love right at the start.

After that let out all those things that are bothering you. Let them out into the candle. Let it burn away your words.

When you are done blow out the candle so that the smoke trail goes into the sky(out the window) let it take your secrets into the dark.

“Sapphire’s Future Vision” Scrying Method

Inspired by Sapphire’s Power of future vision.

Originally posted by giffing-su

What You’ll Need

  • A sapphire, polished or raw
  • A blue candle
  • A bowl of semi-frozen ice, make sure it’s clear enough to see your reflection
  • Home grown sage
  • Mugwort


What To Do

  • Freeze your mugwort and safe into the ice before even starting.
  • Take your sapphire and stand it against your candle.
  • Take your frozen contents and place them under the candle.
  • Gaze into the flame’s reflection, for scrying you need to relax your eyes so you can see visions.
  • Once you see something focus on it.
  • After you’re done scrying blow out the candle and let the ice melt, get the contents out of the bowl, pour that water down the drain, and save those herbs for something else. Don’t waste them.
Tattoos: Remastered

If asked, Jinki would tell you he’d been cursed with his tattoo at the age of 16 and his life seemed to have gone downhill from there. Ever since that fateful day, he couldn’t make heads or tales of the marking. Jinki sat in front of his birthday cake—his 16th, the “coming of age,”—and he knew that as soon as the clock struck midnight, the first words spoken to him by his soulmate would appear somewhere on his body, as it had for everyone else.

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Spell For A Friend In Need

I have a friend that is in a difficult situation which is affecting her physical health, and her emotional, spiritual and mental health all at once. I came up with this spell on the spot, and realised it might be nice to share. Instead of a simple healing spell, happiness spell, banishing spell individually, this is a simple little charm with all round well wishes, positive healing, banishing and protective energy; and all it takes is your love and care for someone in need.

What You’ll Need:

  • Twigs/sticks roughly the same size (NOT broken off a plant but found on the ground)
  • Twine or string
  • Candle
  • Incense of your choosing
  • Crystals
  • Salt water/rain water/moon charged water


  1. Light the candle, cleanse your space and focus on your person in need, what position they’re in and how you want to help them.
  2. While focusing on this, take the twigs and carefully and slowly tie them together with the string in the shape of a star. Put all your positive spiritual energy into the creation of the pentagram. Think about the earth the twigs came from and how you can give the strength of nature to your friend.
  3. When done, light the incense and hold the pentagram in the smoke. Ask the element of air for communication and reason for your friend. To help them maintain rational thought and mental stability in a difficult time. ( I sat there for the entire incense stick to burn down, holding the each point of the pentagram over the smoke, but if you’re in a rush you don’t have to wait that long).
  4. Next, hold the pentagram over the flame of the candle and continue to focus on your friend. Fire will bring them willpower, courage and strength. It will help them persevere and built resilience. (Be careful not to burn the pentagram)
  5. Sprinkle the pentagram with water, or you can dip it completely into the water while wishing for your friend balance, emotional and mental clarity and stability.
  6. Lastly, place your pentagram somewhere it can rest for a while, and surround it with your crystals. Mine were chosen for general spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and protection as well as happiness and energy, but you may want to put all of your crystals around it or very specifically chose them. This is for the Earth element, which will bring physical health and wellbeing and extra strength and stability. Alternatively, if you do not have any crystals or not many, you can put the pentagram outside in the grass or on the dirt under a tree and let it rest there to absorb the Earth’s energy.
  7. Finally, blow out your candle, and when you’re ready, give the pentagram to your friend and tell them to carry it with them or put it under their pillow. If you can’t give it to them, keep it with you to remind you to constantly send them your positive energy.

Love & Light x