lets be vegan

Okay but can we stop backing up meat eaters on those “vegans who won’t feed their pets meat are scum” posts? These people don’t give two fucks about animals; if they did they’d be making posts about the billions of farmed animals being fed antibiotics, growth hormones, members of their own species and literal shit rather than a few thousand dogs eating plant food. They’re using the actions of a tiny minority as an excuse to discredit our whole movement and they certainly don’t need our help to do it.

if you’re xvx and live in LA you should reblog this so we can start an xvx friendship club. i need more xvx nerds like myself who love movie nights and board games and vegan treats who want to have harry potter marathons while eating vegan pizza

i have hulu and netflix and roughly 800 dvds. and i make great cauliflower wings. *platonic wink*

Im basically fist fighting vegans right now. This shit seriously infuriates me! How can you call yourself compassionate but then completely shame someone who says they ate tuna bc they were severely depressed and how they felt HORRIBLE about it and was looking for advice so that wouldn’t happen again. No fucking wonder people think of us the way they do! Im so angry right now!

I know i said it before but i feel the need to say it again my blog is a JUDGMENT FREE ZONE.

For meat/dairy eaters, I will NEVER push my lifestyle choices on you and I will always show you true compassion, love, and respect. I completely understand that the vegan lifestyle is not for every person due to health reasons, living arrangements, financial reasons, etc.

For my fellow vegans, we are not perfect. You do not have to be perfect. Some of us will go off the diet, we’re fuckin human and its okay! Dont let any asshole elitist vegan bully you into thinking you’re a shitty person that doesn’t really care about animals. Those people just like to jack themselves off thinking how much better they are then everyone else. Fuck them. You’re wonderful, you’re doing great, just keep going taking it one day at a time!

For anyone who is interested in the vegan lifestyle or maybe is struggling with it, i am always here to answer questions, to listen, or just chat with. Like i said i will never judge you or push anything on you.

Sorry for my rant, I just needed it to calm down because I was ready to ask Persephone to throw down in a min. And believe me she was standing there just WAITING for me to tag her in! Lol! Love you guys! Hope you’re having a less infuriating day!


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PLEASE REBLOG 20 something’s!! I know there’s lots of us and I want to find all of you! ❤️💪🏽😘

Left taken: June 2010
Right taken: July 2016

This is the evolution of my weight loss journey through six y(going on seven) years. In between those years, my weight has yo-yo'ed as life gets hectic and working out or eating healthy isn’t a top priority. Over time, my love for working out has intensified more than ever - as of late, I’ve grown more comfortable with running outside and can now run up to 5 miles without stopping! I never would’ve thought I’d be able to do such a thing back in 2010!
Working out is only half of the journey though; clean eating habits have to match in order to see such change. My eating habits in 2010 consisted of chicken nuggets, soda, chips, and fries (a palette of a 7 year old). The past 5 months have been focused on clean eating - no fast food, no soda, eating breakfast (which I would always skip) and including more veggies in my diet. As of a week ago, I’ve transitioned from clean eating to a strict vegan diet. Being Mexican and a huge lover of chicken and cheese, I know this journey of being vegan will be a huge test of willpower, but I’m so determined to learn more about the plant based diet and to live a truly healthy lifestyle.
This year I plan to continue my vegan lifestyle, all the while training to run a half marathon! I’ve started to increase my daily running as well as getting my ass more into the weight room 3 days a week. I’m so excited for this year and to see the many changes my body will go through during this process! Pictures of my vegan food dishes, workouts, and more will be posted more now that I’m back from my Tumblr Hiatus! Happy to be back & ready to kick ass (:

9 Things You Can Do About Climate Change
The Powers That Be may not heed our protests, read our letters, listen to our environmental groups, but they can’t stop us from taking back the thousands of dollars we inadvertently contribute to their polluting economy every year.
By Jeff McMahon

This Forbes article is making the rounds and I’m happy to help spread the message of conservation that much further. The impact we make, for better or worse, is our own doing. Check out the article when you have a sec.  :)

i really find joy in embroidering things into another things but then i am never sure if the childish imperfection is something i could build my brand on or if it’s just a lack of feeling for aesthetics.