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Honestly sick of people coming at vegans on this platform over mental illness and poverty. There are mentally ill and poor vegans and I am living proof of it, and so are many of my vegan friends who I am so proud of every single day.
I stg people do this more on this platform because tumblr is a community that gives a space for these individuals- but oh no, not when you are vegan, no. It’s like people use this, use groups they sometimes don’t even belong to because they know they can make the vegans look like the antagonists.
MI/poor vegans, I am so sorry people want to pretend you don’t exist and that you don’t do what you can despite so much backlash (and I don’t emphasise, it’s a daily issue sometimes) and MI/poor non-vegans I am so sorry that there are a group of vegans who insist that you can cure yourself by eating bananas and that you aren’t trying hard enough, and make you feel bad about not doing something that might not be possible for you.
Please, just stop pretending people don’t exist. Every thread I see where people want to use this against vegans there’s a MI/poor vegan letting them know their experience and sometimes they want to pretend they didn’t even see it and carry on. Doesn’t sound very supportive to me

Left taken: June 2010
Right taken: July 2016

This is the evolution of my weight loss journey through six y(going on seven) years. In between those years, my weight has yo-yo'ed as life gets hectic and working out or eating healthy isn’t a top priority. Over time, my love for working out has intensified more than ever - as of late, I’ve grown more comfortable with running outside and can now run up to 5 miles without stopping! I never would’ve thought I’d be able to do such a thing back in 2010!
Working out is only half of the journey though; clean eating habits have to match in order to see such change. My eating habits in 2010 consisted of chicken nuggets, soda, chips, and fries (a palette of a 7 year old). The past 5 months have been focused on clean eating - no fast food, no soda, eating breakfast (which I would always skip) and including more veggies in my diet. As of a week ago, I’ve transitioned from clean eating to a strict vegan diet. Being Mexican and a huge lover of chicken and cheese, I know this journey of being vegan will be a huge test of willpower, but I’m so determined to learn more about the plant based diet and to live a truly healthy lifestyle.
This year I plan to continue my vegan lifestyle, all the while training to run a half marathon! I’ve started to increase my daily running as well as getting my ass more into the weight room 3 days a week. I’m so excited for this year and to see the many changes my body will go through during this process! Pictures of my vegan food dishes, workouts, and more will be posted more now that I’m back from my Tumblr Hiatus! Happy to be back & ready to kick ass (:

My sister went vegan about two months ago, and is helping her son transition as well (he’s a very picky eater). She has a severe nut allergy, and he has a severe dairy allergy. She is also on WIC (for non-Americans, it’s government assistance for mothers and their children). 

She actually told me that she initially decided to go vegan because it was cheaper, and then learned more about the animal agriculture industry, which strengthened her resolve to stay vegan. 

Let me repeat that: She went vegan because she is poor.