lets be honest it was a ugly hat

so my parents came home from holiday to my new hair and the first thing my mother said (after wow and that ‘it used to do that when you were a kid’) was that I look the spitting image of Harpo Marx


my god

I took off my glasses and eyeliner and my god

she’s right I CAN’T BELIEVE




whotfisdorothy-blog  asked:

Hiiii (: I heard you're new! Can I get a request on them dressing your daughter? (:

Oh my gosh this is so precious ~~

Minseok would be the cutest little thing. He would spend 20 minutes picking out the perfect out fit for her to wear and making sure everything was clean and free of wrinkles. He would be the one to make her pull off the entire dress and wait around in her pajamas for 10 minutes so he can iron it again because he just insists on making sure his princess looks picture perfect.

Joonmyeon would be the typical Daddy. When his baby whines that she wants to wear something other than what he picked out he’d pick her up and let her go through her own closet until she finds what she wants, which of course ends up being some god awful combination of a pink kitty teeshirt and rainbow socks – I mean this is Suho’s daughter we’re talking about. In the end she would look a mess, but his daughter wold be happy so he wouldn’t have the heart to tell her no.

Yixing would be the type to let his daughter walk out the door with her shirt on inside-out and backwards. I mean the man can’t even remember where his own wardrobe is. But of course, he would always make sure she’s safe. You should see him in the winter layering her in layer after layer of coats, hats, scarves, gloves, the whole 9 yards, just to make sure his baby girl won’t get sick.

So Jongdae has no chill at all. You know that one teeshirt that Baekhyun bought her for her birthday a few months ago? That really ugly one that you hate, but Jongdae wouldn’t let you get rid of it? Well if you leave it up to this jerk to dress your daughter guess what she’ll end up wearing today. Yea.

Chanyeol wouldn’t care what she was wearing to be completely honest, but he would have the cutest morning getting ready with your daughter. The two on them would be propped up on the sink brushing their teeth together, and then Yeolie would brush out his daughter’s hair and put it in a simply ponytail before sitting on the floor and letting her ‘do’ his own hair. Her style would be simple, a teeshirt and some leggings or something, but the precious morning full of tickles and giggles would completely make it worth.

Fashion show ~~~ Word of advice, don’t let Baekhyun dress your daughter if you plan on taking her into public that day. Baek would make game of it by dressing her up in the frilliest, pinkest outfit he can find and seeing just how many glittery clips he can fit on her head. The end result would be horrid, but in a cute kind of way that will make for good memories and embarrassing photos to show her first boyfriend.

Kyungsoo would be a lot like Xiumin. He would be mostly quiet just focusing on his task, taking care in making sure everything was freshly washed and that he was choosing something that she would be comfortable in throughout the day. If she was fussy he would be gentle with her, humming soft songs while slowly brushing out her hair until she was calm enough for him to dress. 

Only the best for Tao’s princess. I’m talking baby Marc Jacobs level here. Tao’s daughter would HATE the days you left him to dress her. Tao would go through just about every outfit in the wardrobe making her try on every last one (of course taking pictures for weibo along the way so he an brag about how cute she is) before finally settling on one. But it’s not over yet, he hasn’t even gotten to accessories and hair. Poor girl! This is literally and hourlong ordeal.

Jongin would be a lot like Yeol. The morning would be more about spending time with her and making her laugh rather than getting her into clothes, but his own personal style would come off in what he puts her in. I see Jongin as being the type to love couple clothes with his daughter, and seeing them in matching hoodies and caps would be the cutest thing in the world. I mean have you seen him with his niece? Precious!

I honestly don’t even think Sehun would take the time to dress her properly. These kids would spend so much time rolling around in the bed playing he would end up making them late and rushing her into whatever he could possibly get his hands on. Either that or he would let her choose, it would nothing awful, but Tao would still give him shit about “how he could possibly let his niece out of the house wearing that”.

I really hope this is something like what you were looking for! Thank you so much for the request!

~ Admin Rae