lets be honest here


I’m gonna raise hell

@menaceanon Pirate AU… I loved it so much I could not help but draw it hahaha

The outfit of Maria is from https://menaceanon.tumblr.com/post/158334916577

And the words are from this song which u can find here https://youtu.be/PDXvzhnG3V4

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Let's be honest here if Tomalgam fought against you know who, he could lose but if he panics/gets full of rage he can just beat his arms quickly enough and pummel Him™ or just throw himself on top of that abomination and try to maybe choke him to death? It's a pretty even match tho I guess???

i can’t stop imagining tomygam pummelling half shifted monster tom star platinum style with his many teeny tiny fists and im absoloutly losing my shit

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Supercorp for OTP ask meme :3

Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

Both of them. Lets be honest here. Kara is a sap who cries at Disney movies and Lena finds the ‘Family’ moments very heartwarming and sobs like a baby.

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

Kara. She may have been on earth many years, but often forgets little rules like that. Especially when Lena walks around without clothes on.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?

Kara. It makes Lena grin like an idiot and always list a bunch of other names before she guesses Kara, because she finds it hilarious when Kara huffs and gets playfully annoyed.

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

Lena. Kara runs very very hot, Lena has cold feet. And Kara doesn’t complain, even better!

Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?

Lena. Kara thinks they’re stupid but Lena thinks they’re hilarious. She especially likes anything with Gordon Ramsay. Thinks he’s charming when he’s not swearing.

Who laughs more during sex?

Both of them. Kara believes sex should be fun and really, she just loves making Lena laugh, no matter the situation.


Lena. She’s the smallest and the youngest and she really needs to be held more than she is!

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You should have been swallowed so people wouldn't have to read the tantrums you throw online to get women's attention somehow given the fact that we're not interested in your microdick

Lmao my girlfriend of a year lives with me, first off. She moved here from literally the other side of the country. I appreciate your concern but my dick is well taken care of.

Lets just be honest here, I’ve never in my life had a problem finding a girl who’s attracted to me. I have had plenty of issues finding a girl who isn’t either a vapid, entitled brat who can’t take care of themselves or a self-absorbed narcissist with esteem issues.

That’s not an expressly female problem, but the point is that I’ve never once had to compromise or be less choosy for fear of being alone, lol. That’s not me bragging - that’s me laughing at you when you act as if opposing your idiotic vagina cult makes me a pariah in the eyes of most women. It doesn’t.

Secondly - and this is related to my first point - why would I ever, in my life, give a fuck about appealing to a bunch of weak, ignorant self-labeled “misandrists” who have shaped their entire personality around being aggressively cunty and otherwise unlikeable, like its something to be proud of and aspire to? You have zero personality of your own so you adopt the “angry man hating feminist” model and run with it, because there’s a minority of women who will accept and even uplift you for being as boring and predictable as they are.

And what’s with the feminist obsession with penises? Not only does it seem to be the only insult they seem able to fling, but directly after hurling it at someone they’ll go off on a rant on another post about “body shaming” them for their flat tits and bony ass, usually over a poster or advertisement that reminds them that they’re ugly and uninteresting.

Come up with some new material, you’re boring.


“Little do I resemble the figures of Elendil and Isildur as they stand carven in their majesty in the halls of Denethor. I am but the heir of Isildur, not Isildur himself. I have had a hard life and a long; and the leagues that lie between here and Gondor are a small part in the count of my journeys. I have crossed many mountains and many rivers, and trodden many plains, even into the far countries of Rhûn and Harad where the stars are strange. But my home, such as I have, is in the North. For here the heirs of Valandil have ever dwelt in long line unbroken from father unto son for many generations. Our days have darkened, and we have dwindled; but ever the Sword has passed to a new keeper.”

Look, I know it’s hard not to be disappointed and I think just let people be disappointed, it’s their own money they spent. But being disappointed is not the same as being mad at bangtan themselves for it. So I hope no one is actually mad at bangtan, coz that’s just unreasonable. Also for some fans, especially those who haven’t had a chance to buy WINGS, then buying this new album is a great opportunity to finally own all the songs plus the new ones. I just hope we don’t regret buying the physical copy since it really does help bangtan a lot. Not just for this comeback but for award shows as well~

BUT IN THE END I hope all these doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s still a comeback and we have 4 new songs to look forward to. And that Bangtan worked hard for this and has been working non-stop all these years. And what with a World Tour coming up too ;_; Also, they really literally can’t stop talking about the new songs so I really hope we still try our best to help them succeed with this album. ^_^ 

As always, thank you all so much for doing your best to support Bangtan in everything they do. ♥

A mix of things I love: summer, beaches and Lance ☆

Baseball AU: Trost Districts baseball club; Titans.
He's enjoying it (*´・∀・)b