lets all take a moment to cry together

Shance in DotU

‘Kay, so, I’ve been watching 80′s Voltron and like? Has no one brought up the fact that Sven (AKA Shiro) basically dies for Lance in 80′s Voltron? Not even shitting you. (Yeah yeah the English dub claims he was “badly wounded” and out of commission and cut out his entire funeral scene, but hah no, he’s killed in this scene.)

Haggar, deciding she has to take out only one of the paladins to destroy Voltron, manages to lure away Lance. It was going to be Lance who was killed.

Until Sven (AKA Shiro!) shows up to save him.  And takes his place in Haggar’s trap.

Also, let’s not forget Lance and Keith BOTH holding Sven (AKA Shiro), crying together as he lies dying.

…so anyway, my point is it’s not like VLD writers have to grasp that hard for shance moments or anything. It’s all here in the original!

…and yes, I know 80′s Voltron has zero bearing on anything that comes to pass in VLD, but I’m just saying.


Imagine Dean comforting you after you let your emotions get the best of you.

“Idiot!” You yelled at yourself as you locked your phone and threw it beside you. Whoever created social anxiety and depression could go die in a hole for all you cared. Their nagging voices together made you go insane and all you wanted to do at the moment was take back everything you typed before you burst out into tears. The anxiety made you do something you didn’t want to do and the depression made you want to cry over it. It wasn’t even something worth crying over. “Why? Why am I such an idiot!” Your balled up hand was about to go flying down onto your forehead, but a creak at your door startled you.

“Who are you talking to?” A voice you recognized as Dean’s asked.

“Uh, no one.”

“Why are you up? It’s three in the morning. You need rest, and-” he spotted the tears on your face, “you’re hurting aren’t you?”

You shook your head and wiped them away. “No, what are you talking about?”

He walked in without asking and sat on your bed. That’s when he saw your phone light up with the message, ‘Why’d you leave?’ He looked at you with squinted eyes. “What’s wrong, huh?”

“Nothing, Dean. I’m fine.” You snapped in a shaky voice.

“What’s that kid talking about?”

You looked at him with an expression of confusion. “What? Oh- that kid. It’s nothing, really. I left a group message. No biggie.”

He knitted his brows. “Why?”

“Because- because I’m an idiot that’s why!” And then it all came out so fast Dean didn’t even know if he could take it all in. “It was so fun and I had to go and ruin something fun for me once again! I push everyone away and quit stuff because I feel worthless and useless and like they don’t even need me! I don’t see why I even bother! I don’t know why I’m crying either! They already said I could join again but I won’t, because I’m so damn awkward! I don’t want them thinking I’m doing it for attention! Why do I have to be so weird and awful? Why cant I just be happy with myself for once and think before I go and say or do something I’ll regret later on! Now, I’ll never be able to talk to that dude again!” You flipped over on your stomach and let out a sob mixed in with a scream. “Kill me, please!”

“Y/n! Y/n!” Dean said alarmed. “It’s okay! I promise! Just explain to them what’s going on and-”

“They already know what’s going on! They guessed why I left right off the bat! I was feeling left out and useless and I lied so they wouldn’t feel bad and-” Another screamed of frustration escaped your lips. “I hate this,”

A look of sadness crossed his face before he pulled you into a hug. “Why don’t me and you go watch a movie? Your favorite one and I swear I wont complain.”

You smiled weakly. “Really?”

“Hunter’s promise.” He said before raising his coffee cup to his lips.

“That’s not a thing..”

He scoffed. “It is now,”