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Meet Billy and Bobby. Both Billy and Bobby are friends, and both Billy and Bobby equally hate the Joseph/Robert ship.

Bobby hates it so much, in fact, that he sends hate to the artists and comments on their posts about how disgusting he finds the ship and why he believes it is bad.

Billy, instead, though he finds it equally terrible, simply ignores the content, blocking it if it really bothers him and continuing on down the Joseph and/or Robert tags in peace.

Bobby has hurt a lot of people’s feelings this way, while Billy has respected that his opinions may not be shared by others.

Don’t be like Bobby. Be like Billy.


I’ve actually had this rolling around in my head for weeks and it was funny when I first thought of it. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my dumb ideas.  

Tumblr Be Like

Jack and Ashi: Have been around each other for almost all of two episodes, have good chemistry, share a lot of similarities yet still have differences to balance each other out, have saved each other’s lives, worry about each other, both have hallucinations/PTSD, have had several instances of foreshadowing and romantic implications together, and have probably gotten to know each other better than anyone else yet in the series.

Tumblr: LmAO JAck aNd asHi TotaLLY haVe a FAtheR/daUGHteR reLATionShiP bECAusE iT’d bE PEDOPHILIA AnD INCESTUAL iF thEY wErE iN a ROmanTiC reLATionShiP EveN thOUGh tHEy’Re BOth conSENtinG AdULts AnD tHERe’s nO EVIdenCE tHAt JAck iS asHi’s bIOLoGIcaL FAtheR LoL!!1!!

Jack and Aku: Hate each other and their ultimate goals are to destroy one another.

Tumblr: OmG thEY cOMpleTE eaCH oTHeR thEY mAKe sucH a GReaT cOUPle!!1!!

Ashi and Flora: Literally have never interacted or even know of each other’s existence.

Tumblr: thEY aRe sO GAY fOR eaCH oTHeR thEY GEt aLong sO wEll I caN’t WAiT fOR TheM tO faLL iN LOve!!1!!


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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?

I love and adore voltron, we have been blessed with such a fantastic and welcoming cast, and we have all these fantastic characters we get to explore.

So why is the fandom fucking disgusting.

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for the love of all that is good and holy in this world, please stop calling clone ships "crack ships" if you want us to give a single crap about the fandom positivity you're trying to spread. and anyways, no one is saying "don't stan Delphine/Ebro", people are just annoyed that her making an appearance derails entire episodes and the tags are full of nonstop gifs and caps of her. we want to be able to enjoy the show, you want to be able to enjoy one character. that's the difference.

Pro tip: when asking for a favor, maybe don’t insult the person while doing it. I dunno. Maybe that’s just me. Telling me that I only want to enjoy the show for one character is rude, reductive, and condescending. We are allowed to have faves. If my fave is different than yours, that does not detract from your fave. It also doesn’t mean that my fave is the only reason I watch the show. I’m sorry that “people” find the tags unbearable when they contain Cophine/Delphine. The solution is simple: just block accounts (like mine) who’s fave is Delphine (Evelyne lbr). You have to understand though.. Delphine fans went an entire season without her. Can you see why maybe there is a lot of excitement and joy about her return? If Cosima is your fave, imagine an entire season without her and then (for the final season ever!) she’s back! You’d probably be sharing/making more Cosima gifs/posts than usual too. Just…something to think about before rushing to judgement. Evelyne is my fave but I was hooked on the show before she ever showed up on my TV screen. However, because she is talented beyond words, I became a devoted fan once I saw the rest of her work. She is icing on the delicious OB cake. Now, if Tatiana AND Evelyne weren’t on the show, you may be right. I might not tune in. They are rare talents that can not be replaced. I can’t speak for everyone but no I don’t just “want to enjoy one character”. 
Now, regarding the term crack ship…

If you have spent ANY time on my blog, you’d know I LOVE crack ships. I also use the term “crack ship” frequently. I don’t use this only for one non-canon ship. I use it for ALL. I also don’t judge anyone for their crack ship. You like Soccercop? Go for it! It’s not my fave but I’ve read some GREAT Soccercop fics. You like Prophine? Cool! More power to you. Not my jam but I support you in your crack endeavors. It does not detract from my own crack faves (French!Leather, Shayphine, V!B, and whatever the name for Mrs. S and Marion is…tbd). I don’t know why anyone got the impression that “crack” was a bad word or that it is used only for clone ships. It’s not, and never has been in this fandom. Embrace your love of crack ships, anon. I know I have. Even when it means driving my friends crazy with my incessant crack fic requests, I crack on! If you TRULY find the term “crack” offensive, I suggest just blocking me and anyone else who uses the term “crack” in OB fandom. You may want to clear your schedule, it will take a while. 

I’ll say it again: Live and let live. Fave and let fave. It’s The Final Trip, let it be love. 

Jashi and the Antis

Okay, so since this is apparently still a problem within part of the Samurai Jack fandom, I feel the need to speak out about this again. First of all, for the love of God, PLEASE stop arguing over the damn ship! It’s just a small part of a much bigger story that is amazing and all of you need to stop fighting and harassing each other over it!

Lately I’ve been seeing a few posts talking about how anti-Jashi shippers are getting sick of seeing Jashi everywhere, as in like they’re going to have a mental breakdown if they see it again and saying that they’re being tormented by Jashi shippers. And at that all I can do is give a blank look at my screen and go… “Really?” You’re really going to let a fictional pairing that has nothing to do with you at all in real life affect you THAT much? You people do realize that the show is Genndy’s vision and whatever happens in it doesn’t pertain to real life situations? It just completely boggles my mind that some people on this site can’t distinguish reality from fiction. I mean really just block the Jashi tag if you feel that strongly about it, no one’s forcing you to look at the Jashi content (though it feels like some of you are just to spew hate at us).

Also on the “JaSHi SHipPErs aRe bEiNg BULLIES aND TheY NeVEr sHUt uP!!1!” things I’ve been seeing around… Okay first of all, if this is about the Phil Lamarr thing, he even said that he wasn’t confirming anything, just correcting people on the internet (that Ashi wasn’t a minor and that Jack isn’t an old man, FYI, so please, antis, stop using those BS excuses), but shippers are still allowed to get excited about it and share that if they want, you would definitely do the same if it was your OTP. And for the next thing, literally the only time I’ve seen Jashi shippers argue against antis was when the antis insulted them on a post the shippers made, or on their own post insulting the shippers, which in my opinion gives them the right to stand up for themselves.

Just, please, PLEASE enough with the fighting. We all enjoy the show, and I truly believe that most Jashi shippers are okay if it doesn’t become canon, it’s just another bonus for us in a show we all love. If it does become canon, though, that’s Genndy’s decision and he felt it was what was best for both Jack and Ashi (who are both clearly their own, well-developed characters who would do just fine on their own,  but have shown to positively affect each other and benefit their own lives by being around each other, which is how a good relationship should be). So again, please no more fighting. If you don’t like Jashi then fine, but please don’t go around saying that the people who do are terrible human beings just because they happen to like a fictional pairing that you don’t, because they have their own, completely valid reasons for shipping it and you have your own, completely valid reasons for not shipping it, and what they ship isn’t a reflection of them as a person, but how you react to others who disagree with you is. You wouldn’t want someone attacking you for liking a pairing that they don’t, so please, enough with the ship wars, let’s just enjoy the show and ship and let ship like rational human beings. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

And to all of the antis who still insist on bullying others for a ship they try to say is morally wrong, please direct your attention to this.

Stucky is cute, staron is cute, clintasha is cute, romanogers is cute, samsteve is cute, sambucky is cute, scarletwidow is cute, Sam x Nat is cute, natsharon is cute, steggy is cute, scarletamerica is cute, winterwitch is cute, brucenat is cute, pepperony is cute, scarletvision is cute, Tony x Rhodey is cute, t'chucky is cute, they’re all cute!

What’s not cute is leaving hate in the tags or spreading negativity about a particular ship for no valid reason, so let’s all just please try to not bring others down, and spread some more positivity and love in the fandom (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

To my fellow Jashi shippers

Congratulations guys, our ship became canon!
To all the non-shippers out there, I’m sorry a pairing you didn’t want to get together ended up being canon, I hope you’ll still be able to enjoy the show.
Now that we’ve had our time to shine, let’s all be civil towards each other. We’re all still fans of the same show, there’s no reason to go bullying one another.
That means to the Jashi shippers, no rubbing it in other people’s faces and saying anything homophobic, that’s not going to get the antis to be okay with the ship.
And to the antis, there’s literally no moral reason as to why Jashi is bad, it’s okay to be disappointed but not to go around telling Jashi shippers their ship is bad and that they’re homophobic for not sharing your headcanon.
Everyone please just take a few deep breaths and calm down a little. Jack wouldn’t want this and I don’t either. We’re allowed to disagree but please no more bashing on either sides. It benefits nobody.

in the same vein as that post i made a while back on bisexuality (& more recently fueled by a tweet i came across): if ur gonna headcanon a character as bi, stop attacking people for shipping that character with someone of the other binary gender & maybe even allow those ships to be popularised (unless they’re harmful in some other way obviously)

Bruh I ship jackson with everyone because jackson loves and supports every single one of his members the way that THEY are most comfortable with. Markson, jackbum, jinson, jackjae, jackbam, and jackgyeom are all equally real and alive. He treats them all very different but loves them with the same intensity.

there are legitimate things about fandom culture which should be criticized but people enthusiastically reading ship moments into every interaction between two characters is totally harmless. like yeah, it might might be annoying to you, but it’s just people having fun and being excited and generally just bothering no one. and yeah, other stuff is happening, and the incidental eye contact that happened for .3 seconds pretty certainly meant nothing, but can we just let people make headcanons and giggle and have fun without a bunch of grumps nagging them for it? we dont need to be curmudgeons about everything


Reblog if you are a Bughead ship blog that DOESNT ship/post Colehart. Because for godsakes there must be some of y'all out there. I am so annoyed at all the gross shipping of real live people that seems to be inclusive of any bughead.

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