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so gang!phil interrogating rival!dan but phils usual techniques (slapping, hitting, etc.) are just turning dan on, so instead phil just edges him til he gives in 💙

Phil cracked his knuckles, sighing as he pushed open the door to the interrogation room. He was instantly hit with a rank stench, and he flinched, crinkling his eyes in disgust.

Dan Howell sat in the middle of the room, tied to a chair, a gag over his mouth. He didn’t seem to notice Phil entering.

He had a black eye, and a cut on one cheek, so it was clear the boys had had some fun with him when they had caught him. He was still pretty cute though. And despite all this, Dan’s eyes were dry.

“Dan,” he said loudly, and the boy looked up, glaring at him fiercely.

Phil stepped forward, yanking the gag down, and Dan immediately took this opportunity to spit at him.

Phil calmly wiped it away, and Dan laughed. Phil shook his head, fiddling with the straps of the gloves they used to make punches hurt the offender less and the victim more. It was an old intimidation technique, but Dan didn’t flinch.

“You’re a goddamn idiot, Howell.” His voice was low, and he leaned down so he was at Dan’s level, their faces inches away.

“Maybe,” Dan said slowly, staring him down. “Or maybe you just don’t know why I did what I did.”

Phil stepped back, putting his foot on Dan’s chair, his clunky black boot resting between Dan’s legs.

“Unfortunately for you, that’s why I’m here.”

Dan’s subtle smirk grew, and Phil couldn’t help but growl under his breath. He was infuriating.

“Why would that be unfortunate?” Dan’s voice was light; teasing. “You know I adore our little chats.”

Phil was reminded why Dan was used for things like this - he was the best spy imaginable, and when he got caught, he wasn’t easy to crack.

Phil didn’t hesitate to swing at him, slapping him in the face, hard. Dan’s head was thrown to the side, but he came back smiling. He yawned, a strand of messy brown hair falling between his eyes.

“Thanks,” he said, his eyes flashing. “I needed that. I was falling asleep.”

Phil grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him forward roughly and practically strangling him.

“Look Howell,” he hissed, and Dan’s eyes widened slightly. “We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. And either way, you’re gonna fucking tell me why you were spying on my base, and what you know.”

Dan searched his icy blue eyes, determined not to let his confidence waver.

“I think it’s gonna have to be the hard way,” he said slowly, his eyes narrowing. “Because I’m not telling you shit.”

Phil huffed through his nose, and grabbed a handful of Dan’s hair. He tugged back roughly, and Dan let out a soft whimper, of surprise or pain, Phil couldn’t tell.

Dan’s eyes rolled back in his head, and his exposed throat somehow made Phil want to bite him. Instead he fastened a hand around it, making Dan cry out.

“I could snap your fucking neck,” Phil growled at him. “I could slit your throat. Tell me everything, and it’s all over.”

Dan gagged softly, squirming in his tight grip. “No. Hit me again, fucker.”

Phil obliged, letting go of him just to backhand him. And it looked like it hurt like hell; the impact split Dan’s lip. But Dan fucking moaned.

His eyes glinted with red hot fire, a wild grin melting to his features. “Again,” he breathed, and Phil stared at him.

Dan was a mess; he was visibly shaking, he had a black eye and a lip that was bleeding down his chin. But he was asking for more…? What did it take to break this kid?

Phil glared at the boy, punching him twice in the stomach, and shoving him backwards. The chair toppled backwards, and Dan landed on his arms, his head hitting the ground as well.

He cried out in pain, but there was something else in his tone, a sort of whine, and oh my god, this was turning him on, wasn’t it?

Phil swallowed, moving to stand over Dan, hovering above him. Dan grinned at him cockily, until Phil grabbed his face with a firm grip, and he squeaked.

“You think this is hot, don’t you?” He asked quietly, getting as close to Dan as possible without being tempted to kiss his broken lips. Dan laughed.

“And you don’t?” He smirked. “Having me like this, completely helpless? Ruining my pretty face, fuck, like the worthless piece of shit I am.”

It all clicked in Phil’s mind- why no one could seem to make Dan break. It was impossible to get information from him, simply because he liked the abuse. It made Phil even more pissed.

Phil stood back up, grabbing Dan by the hair and pulling him and the chair back up. Dan whimpered; fire shooting through his head.

“We’re gonna try something a little different,” Phil said calmly, his voice coming out sickly-sweet. Dan shivered.

“Do whatever you want,” he spit, trying to keep his voice from shaking. “I’m not saying anything.”

“Oh really? That’s too bad.” Without warning he leaned forward, his hands placed on either side of Dan’s hips, his breath brushing over the side of Dan’s neck. He ran his hand over Dan’s waistband, and then down to his (obvious at this point) bulge. “Guess you won’t be coming anytime soon, then.”

“Wha-” Dans breath caught and the words got stuck in his throat as Phil ran his fingertips over his hard on, certainly not making it better. “What d-do you mean?” He choked out.

Phil ignored him, pushing his hand into Dan’s pants, under his boxers, and ran his thumb over Dan’s tip.

Dan whined rather loudly, squirming on the chair, but the ropes made it so it was nearly impossible for him to move.

“Phil,” he breathed, trying to shift his hips away. “What are you d-doing…?”

Phil grinned maliciously. Finally, he had found something that would actually affect Dan. And he was going to have some fun with it.

“Mmh, just giving my whore what he wants,” he breathed in Dan’s ear, and Dan couldn’t help but moan.

Phil moved his hand, wrapping his fingers around Dan’s length. He watched Dan bite down on his bottom lip as Phil moved his hand, slowly teasing him, his thumb brushing over Dan’s slit occasionally.

Soon enough Dan was a whimpering mess, and he seemed to have given up any integrity he may have had left. His head fell back on the chair, his eyes closed, and he was attempting to rut against Phil’s hand while letting out an endless stream of high pitched moans. Phil had to be honest, it was sexy as hell.

Phil could tell Dan was getting close by the increase in pitch of his noises, and the way his hips stuttered. His cock was leaking precum, which made it easier for Phil to slide his hand up and down Dan’s shaft.

“Now,” he said softly, sweetly, even, slowing down his movements to a near halt. “Are you gonna tell me what you were doing outside the base, slut?”

Dan whined, his eyes opening, and he licked his lips.


“Answer the question.”

Phil stopped his movements all together, holding his hand at the base of Dan’s dick so he couldn’t cum even if he was able to.

Dan searched his face, chewing on the inside of his cheek before muttering, “no.”

At that Phil just smiled meanly, biting down on Dan’s throat and sucking hard, leaving a dark bruise in its place.

“That’s okay.” He laughed, and Dan looked almost scared. “We’ve got time.”

That began the next unbearable moments for Dan, with Phil scratching bright red marks down his thighs and occasionally leaving hickeys all over his neck and jaw.

And here’s the thing; Dan did not want to beg. He hated begging. Begging was admitting your defeat, and that was something Dan simply couldn’t do. But right then, Dan was probably closer to breaking down than he had been in his entire life.

He wanted to cum, he had been so close, and when Phil had stopped-

It was worse than any physical pain he could inflict.

When Phil started moving his hand again, Dan almost cried. He started slow again, gradually speeding up, stopping occasionally to flick his wrist around Dan’s head.

“Mmph, fuck,” Dan whined, his head falling back, beginning to lose his mind again. “Ph-Phil, please make me cum, please.”

“You wanna cum?” Phil growled softly, speeding up even more, and Dan practically screamed.

“Yes-! F-Fuck, n-need to…!”

Phil smirked, watching Dan’s face and admiring how he fell apart just from some pain and a hand around his cock. He was gorgeous, his face all roughed up and his hair falling in his eyes, sticking from sweat. Phil wanted to fuck his brains out, but then wasn’t really the time.

“Too bad,” he said finally, stopping again right when Dan was the closest possible.

Dan let out an incredulous noise, groaning, his hips bucking into nothing, desperate for friction.

“Fuck you,” he said breathlessly, his voice breaking. “Fuck you, Phil Lester. Let me cum.”

“Tell me what I need to know, sweetheart.” He dipped two fingers under Dan’s chin, bringing his face up. “Or, trust me, I could do this all day.”

Dan shook his head.

Twenty minutes later, and Dan was visibly shaking again. Tears streamed down his face, and he didn’t even remember when they had started. His hips constantly twitched, and he had to gasp for breath.

“Please.” His voice was soft and broken and desperate and sleepy; goddamn beautiful. “Please, Phil, I need it, I-”

“Aw.” Phil stuck out his lower lip, mocking him. “Poor baby. Poor desperate little whore, do you need to cum, my love?”

Dan shuddered, nodding frantically, not even above falling for Phil’s teasing.

Phil slapped him, the noice echoing through the room, and Dan moaned.

“Then tell me what I fucking need to know, Dan. It’s that simple,” he hissed through his teeth.

Dan whimpered, sleepily shaking his head. But then Phil’s mouth was on his dick, his jeans shoved down, and god, he had been close for an hour now. He just needed it so bad.

His eyes rolled back in his head, and he squeezed them shut.

Phil had been edging him for so goddamn long, he was going crazy. He was so weak, and every second that Phil touched him, he got closer. The very edge, and Phil’s hot, wet mouth was closed around him, humming, and fuck he was going to cum. It was right there, and then…

Phil pulled off with a pop, glaring at him. Dan could scream. And then he lost it.

“Phil, f-fuck, your mouth is so good, please-” he choked on the words, the emotion and need getting caught in his throat, and there were tears on his cheeks again. “Please, need to cum, please let me, p-please-” he hiccuped, shaking his head desperately. “Please, no more. N-No more, I’ll tell you!”

Phil smiled, drawing his thumb down Dan’s cheek.

“Mmh, good boy,” he hummed, and Dan soaked up the praise, nuzzling against Phil’s hand like a kitten. He didn’t care anymore. “That’s all I wanted. Tell me everything, and then you can cum.”

Dan nodded frantically, sniffing, the words spilling from his mouth like a waterfall. How he had been sent to scope out the new recruits, how his gang had been planning to kidnap one of the new kids, hold him hostage. Even how they had anticipated that Dan would get caught, and how he would try and get information on the inside as well.

At the end Dan broke down, a sob catching in his throat, still so fucking hard, his dick still leaking and straining to reach his stomach.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Phil said sweetly, fastening his hand around Dan’s cock for the thousandth time.

Dan sucked in a sharp breath, his head lolling backwards, whimpering softly.

Phil got him off in a matter of moments, and Dan moaned loudly and high pitched as he spilled over Phil’s hand and his stomach.

Phil untied him, seeing as he was practically passed out, and Dan slumped to the ground.

He stood over him, looking over the exhausted, broken boy laying on the ground beneath him, breathing heavily. What a gorgeous mess.

He leaned over, kneeling next to him and lifting his head up by his hair. Dan didn’t even react, except for glancing at him sleepily.

“Needless to say, you can’t go back to your gang,” Phil said calmly.

“You gonna kill me?” Dan asked, more like a statement, as if he didn’t even care what the answer was.

“No…” Phil hummed, letting Dan lay back down and running his fingers through his tangled hair. “I was thinking you’d stay here. With me.”

Dan made a noise of acknowledgment, licking his ripped up lips.

“If it means we can do that again, then I’m down.”

Sing Me To Sleep

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Lyric Prompt: (requested by anonymous) “I want to sleep next to you, but that’s all I want to do right now.” (Talk Me Down – Troye Sivan)  

Author’s Note: Hey fellas !!! This is a short n sweet, fluffy ass imagine to get you in that cozy/Christmas vibe!! When I read shit like this, it makes my heart go all fuzzy so hopefully you feel that too !! ALSO YES @ ANON I LOVE TROYE SO SO MUCH (Aussie represent !!!) 

Word Count: 1061

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BVB preference- Your baby won't stop crying.

The atl one was adorable can you do a bvb version of it please

Andy: “everything okay?” You asked, rubbing the sleep from your eyes as you entered the nursery, a sleep deprived Andy held your screaming newborn in his arms. “He’s so blank…” Andy murmured, looking at his tattoos then back at your son. “Here” you said, motioning for Andy to hand over the baby. And did so, tiredly running a hand through his hair as he remained seated. “I don’t know what’s wrong” Andy’s tired voice was deep, your sons wails became whiter as Andy spoke. “Hey” you whispered “keep talking”. Andy gave you a confused look, but did as you said “I was looking at him, right? And I realized, I have so many tattoos and he’s just… Blank. He’s blank babe”. You looked at Andy as your son was quiet now, staring up at you, his eyelids slowly closing. “Maybe he’ll get tattoos like his daddy when he’s older, but he’s too young”‘you joked. “Hmm” Andy said, standing up and waking over to you “I think I like him blank, though” Andy spoke softly, kissing your baby boys head.

Ashley: “shhh, everything’s okay, baby girl” Ashley whispered, desperately trying to calm your newborn down so you could sleep. You’d been deprived of your sleep ever since she was born, Ashley felt the need to take over, trying the best he could. You woke up to the sound of your daughters cries, a part of you knowing you needed to get up. So you did, your tired legs carried you over to the nursery. “Ash” you whispered, entering the room. Ashley turned towards you, giving you a small smile “why are you up?”. You walked over to him, hugging him from behind and resting your chin on his shoulder “I couldn’t sleep”. Ashley sighed, looking down at your daughter who’s cries started to die down as she looked up at the both of you. “She’s so beautiful” Ashley mumbled, making you smile. “She is” you whispered, hugging him tighter “and she’s ours”. “Yeah” Ashley chuckled, playing with his baby girls tiny hands “yeah she is”.

CC: “hey little man” CC sighed, picking up your newborn son. His cries rang through the house, of course waking you up. Your brain however, was half asleep still, telling you not to get up. CC didn’t want you to get up anyway, convinced he would be able to quiet your son down. However, he failed to do so, causing you to fully wake up and get out of bed. “Babe” you said, walking into the nursery, CC turned to you, sighing because he woke you up. “I’m sorry, I can’t get him back to sleep” CC mumbled as you took your son from his daddy’s arms. “It’s okay, don’t be sorry” you said, attempting to quiet your son yourself. Within minutes, your son was quiet, staring up at you. “Hi buddy” you smiled as he reached his small arms up at try and grab your face. “That’s attached” you giggled, CC let out a small laugh, “it’s too gorgeous not to try and grab hmm?”. You shook your head “he will not be that corny, Christian”. CC smiled a bit and kissed your cheek before continuing to admire the beautiful thing you’d created.

Jake: “I hate seeing her like this” Jake said, watching as you held your sick newborn in your arms. She’s just caught a cold after you brought her home. It wasn’t too bad, but she didn’t like it at all. “I know” you sighed, your tired eyes locked with Jake’s. “I feel bad for her” Jake sighed, going over to you and placing a kiss on his daughters head. Her screams then became louder, causing Jake to step back. “Don’t worry, she’s just sensitive”’ you said, knowing Jake immediately thought it was his fault. You then resumed trying to get your baby girl to sleep, being there really wasn’t much to do at this point but let her sleep it off. Which was exactly what happened, she’d fallen asleep due to crying so much, nothing else could be heard throughout the house now. “I hope she gets better” Jake sighed as you set your daughter down in her crib. “She will, babe. Don’t worry” you smiled at Jake, and he returned it.

Jinxx: “Everything alright?” Jinxx asked as he walked into the nursery, while you held your daughter in your arms. “Yeah” you sighed, completely exhausted from the past few hours. “Has she slept at all?” Jinxx asked, leaning against the doorframe. “Yeah, but she’s been in and out. Crying every time she wakes up. I fed her and everything. But I think she just wants to be held” you said, looking up at your husband. “Do you need anything?” He cocked his head. “Tea? That’d be nice” you nodded, jinxx nodded back and left to get what you needed. “You’re a handful, aren’t you? Just like daddy” you joked, smiling at your daughter. “I heard that” jinxx chuckled, coming back into the room minutes later, your tea in hand. “Thank you” you breathed as he handed it to you, taking your daughter from you as well. “I’m a little worried for when she grows up” jinxx said, looking down at his daughter. “Why?” You asked, setting your tea down. “What if I’m not… Good?” He asked. “Jinxx” you chuckled, getting up and walking over to him “you’ll be an amazing father” you whispered, you both smiled at each other before looking back at your pride and Joy he held in his arms.

#22 The morning after Christmas


Hope you all had a great Christmas x 


Fiddling with the plectrum in his hands, Luke obleyed for a moment before taking his guitar, and placing it in his lap. Letting the plectrum flow with the strings, a smile crept on his face. He was so happy. Everything around him went so good. Things were just perfect at the moment. Fluttering your eyes open, you pulled your finger up to your eyes, admiring the jewelry shining bright on your ring finger. Listening to your boyfriend’s small breaths and guitar playing, you finally turned around to see his smiling face. “Hey gorgeous.” He cooed quietly, taking your hand, lacing your fingers together, his thumb gazing over the ring. “I’m really happy for it.“ You smiled, letting him nuzzle your hand, letting your head fall back against the pillow, drifting in and out of sleep.


“This is a mess.” You laughed collecting your clothes into piles, next to Calum’s. “I can’t believe we’re going to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Paris.” You continued, taking you clothes, pressing it down into the suitcase, desperate to get it in one only. “Well, I didn’t want you to wait, and since we’re already going on tour in the start of January, I wanted it to be now, when I had time.” Taking both yours toothbrushes he placed it on the top of the suitcase, a satisfied smile on his face. Closing he suitcase, he tried to zip it, but since the space was needy, he couldn’t close it. “Babe!” He yelled towards the bathroom where you were fixing the last laundry just so you hadn’t to do it when you got home. What?” You asked coming into the room. “Help me.” He pouted pointing towards the filled suitcase. Letting out a sigh, you went over to the suitcase and placed your bum on it, so he could zip it. “Thanks I luuuufe you.”


A small noise from the door made you wake up from your slumber, Michael coming into the bedroom with a plate in his hand. Feeling the bed dip from his side of the bed, Michael started to scrap the food into his mouth, making him smile in satisfaction. Turning around in your sleep, you let out a disgusted expression, and Michael laughed. “Your grandmother makes the best potatoes with brown sauce ever.” He stated scooping something on his fork positioning it towards your mouth. Letting out a squeal you backed away from the food, making him pout. “Not in the mood for dinner right now.” You moaned into your pillow. “You defiantly ate a lot last night. “ Michael chuckled, placing the plate on his nightstand. ”Hell yeah I did. I sat next to granny. She fills me up like shit.” You muttered making Michael smile. “I liked her.” “That’s because she let you eat as much as you could you.” You said lacing your fingers together.


“Look at this mess.” You laughed, collecting some of the cops into a pile. “Yeah, I can’t believe our family almost crashed our tree.” He said, letting out his famous giggle, and tried to stabilize the tree. Making sure the tree were straight now, you went over to the tree to pull decorations down, while he went over to the dinner table to clean it up. ”Your family is really nice.” He commented, taking 2 bottles of red vine into the pile of trash. “And hell, they now how to drink.” He laughed, making you laugh as well. “Especially your uncle.” He added, and made a knot on the bag, placing it outside of your house. “I guess my family just love wine.” You laughed remembering when you and Ashton once went to a bar and you drank so much vine, Ash had to carry you home. “Yeah, I see where you get it from.” He laughed pinching your side, making you slap his arm.

Young and in love •• Luke Hemmings

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Warm air surrounded your small frame as you watched your fellow students laugh and shout as the school year drew to a close. Year 11 was no longer for you and you were finally free from the hellish dump they called school and transfer to a better one to hopefully achieve the grades you were after. Still, it wasn’t all bad, you met your boyfriend there and you were very thankful for that. He was such a beautiful human being inside and out and went by the name of Luke Hemmings.

You met in one of the weirdest situations possible; you walked in on him having a piss. Literally, it was your first day and you just waltzed into the boys toilets unaware and that’s when you saw Luke finishing up when he caught your eye, a light blush rising on his cheeks before he redirected you to the girls toilets. From then on you’d be constantly bumping into him until he finally got the courage to ask you on a date.

Your relationship with Luke was like no other. You were best friends and you both really liked each other, maybe so much that others would go as far to say you were infatuated with each other. You couldn’t deny that you had fallen really hard for him but you were always weary that he didn’t feel the same, but he soon reassured you by the way he cared and loved you.

A loud chorus of cheers snapped you out of your daydream, your eyes immediately darting to where the sound originated from. A group of three boys you knew and loved that were dressed in blue were surrounded by crowds of students fussing over them (girls mostly throwing themselves at them). You realised then that they must have won the football tournament they told you about earlier in the morning. Watching from afar, you admired how happy Luke looked when his eyes connected with yours and they instantly lit up, him smiling wider than before.

“Y/N!” He called out, pushing past everyone to run towards you and embrace you in a hug. Despite smelling a little fusty, he smelled of Luke; he smelled of home, the smell you’d been craving all day.

“I see you won the football game,” you said, looking up at him, a grin erupting on his face. “I’m proud of you.”

His bright blue eyes shined in all their glory as he leaned in to sweetly kiss you, his plump lips slotting into yours as if they were made just for you. Hands getting tangled in his hair and arms wrapping around your waist, you were making up for lost time during the day in which you couldn’t see each other, be with each other, touch each other.

“Ugh get a fucking room!” Michael, a shared friend of yours and Luke’s shouted as the others laughed at his remark. A smirk played on your lips as you simply rolled your eyes and rested your head on his chest. It wasn’t like Michael didn’t like watching you be together, Michael was in fact one of the biggest supporters of you and Luke, another friend Calum coming in close second.

“Maybe we will. Come on, Y/N, let’s go.”


After taking the long way home, you finally reached his house, neither of you hesitating to enter the house. You were both just thankful to get out of the heat.

You’d been over his house so many times so you knew where everything was and wasn’t afraid to make yourself feel at home. His mum had said you were practically family and you were always welcome which was one thing you loved about Luke’s family; they were always so kind and caring. He passed you a cool drink and slouched on his sofa, pulling you by the waist to join him on his lap, kissing you behind your ear as you pressed the cold soda can to your forehead.

“It’s okay, I feel the same, babe.” He chuckled, watching you sigh in content at the cool feeling spreading throughout your body.

“We should be used to the heat,” You spoke, shifting on his lap so you were facing him, gazing into his deep blue eyes. “It’s hot pretty much 24/7.” At that moment all you could do was stare at this gorgeous human being. His features were so sharp and his face was so pretty. You’d never seen anything so beautiful in all your life. Your fingers worked their way up and down the length of his prominent jaw line, admiring how soft his skin was.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered, his eyes locked with yours, giggling when you blushed. You never took compliments well and he knew that but he always felt that he needed to let you know just how special you were.

Slowly leaning in, his lips lightly brushed against yours as your eyes fluttered shut, feeling electric pulses from just from touching him. You intertwined your fingers with his before you kissed his lips again, his free hand reaching to rest it on the small of your back.

“No one wants to see that bro, get a room!” A voice sounded, causing you to pull away instantly and look at Luke’s older brothers.

“Be quite, Jack. I think it’s sweet.” Luke’s mum yelled from the kitchen, causing you and Luke to briefly look at each other before quietly laughing. Taking your hand in his, he swiftly stood up and weaved past Jack and Ben to get to his bedroom, him closing the door once you were in.

“Sorry about that,” he mumbled, making you shake your head to dismiss his apology. “They can get really annoying sometimes.”

“I’m used to it, don’t worry.” You assured him, patting the space beside you on the bed so he’d join you. You watched as he walked over and sat next to you, pulling you down with him as he laid on the bed, resting his hand on your cheek. You began talking about your days, both seeming genuinely interested in what the other had to say. That was until you caught Luke drifting as he stared at you, biting his lip. “What?” You asked, quirking an eyebrow. “What do I look weird or something?”

“Not at all, you’re gorgeous.” He smiled. “I’ve just— I’ve never felt like this about anyone before. I know we’re only 16 but I really think I’m in love with you.” You were astonished after his confession, unable to say anything. He suddenly took your hand in his, lifting your hand to rest it on his chest, placing it directly over his heart which was beating wildly. “Please say something.”

“I’m in love with you too.”

Everything was a blur after that, probably the adrenaline pumping through your veins. He hovered above you pressing sweet wet kisses on your face and trailing down your neck. Things got a little heated after that, his hands working his way up your school shirt while your fingernails traced his back. His shirt was soon removed, along with yours and that’s when you knew things were on a new level. It wasn’t like you hadn’t seen each other in your underwear before but you could sense that the atmosphere had changed, that your relationship had changed. And so it should, you’d both just told each other that you were in love.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” He asked, his hot breath making your skin tingle. It was no secret between the two of you that you were both virgins as you’d been with each other since you were 14 and you knew from the start that Luke was the one. You nodded eagerly, biting your lip as you rubbed circles onto his shoulders. “Are you?”

“More than anything.” He smiled in reply, trailing his hands down your stomach. You continued to undress each other until you were both fully exposed and you had never been more nervous. But there was really no need because Luke worshiped your body like a temple. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Okay, tell me to stop when it hurts. I’ll try to be gentle.” He told you, pecking your nose as you smiled at the way he cared. You winced as he entered you slowly, a pain filled inhale coming from his lips too. It was majorly uncomfortable for him as well as it was for you but you both eventually adjusted as he continued at a steady, slow pace. Your hot bodies were pressed against each other, wanting to be as close as possible as you both moaned each other’s names, feeling a warmth in the pit of your stomach. When you both came, you tried to make it as quiet as possible so his family wouldn’t hear and he collapsed on top of you, both your bodies trembling from the pleasure and trauma they had just experienced.

You both walked out of his room fully clothed when his mum called for dinner. It was all smiles and laughs around the dinner table until Jack spoke up. “Did you guys get it on in there?” He joked, making you hide your face in your hand while you blushed deeply, the whole room silencing. “Oh my god they did as well.”

“Leave them alone, Jack. If they’re ready, then they’re ready.” His father, Andrew scolded, prompting Liz to speak her mind.

“Yeah, besides, they’re young and in love. I know they’re gonna last.”

A/N: i wrote this while i was bored at the train station oops. Plus this is the first time I’ve wrote smut in a long time so it’s not the best. Am i sorry? No. Would Liz approve? No. Do I care? No.

Harry Imagine: Stay


“Come on babe,” he patted a spot on the duvet, lying sprawled out on his back.

“Mm no. No. No,” I shook my head, arms crossed and pouting, pretending to be upset with him.

“Pleaseeeeeeeee,” he propped himself up on one elbow, returning my faux pout. “Don’t give me that look.”

“No,” I said, turning my face into the collar of his button down shirt I was wearing with the sleeves pushed up, trying to hide a smile. Harry managed to catch my eye and he couldn’t manage to suppress the smile that spread across his face.

“Love,” he said, slowly sitting completely upright on the bed. I watched him, my chest feeling like it was expanding and swelling with happiness and warmth as I took in the sunlight falling through the window and on to the bed, bathing the whole room, the cat, and him, dust motes floating in the air. The scene in front of me feels like a dream, too soft and fragile to be real. “Love, love, love,” he called me. I tip toed away, raising an eyebrow at him with a questioning look.

I bit my bottom lip, holding eye contact with him. My tongues flashed out and flicked across my lips, tempting Harry into reaching out to grab me, laughing. I made a lunge for the bathroom; his button down I was wearing flipping up while I giggled. Following and still laughing he reached out again and this time caught me.

“Yes! Victory is mine! She is mine!” Harry yelled after scooping me up, making me throw my head back and laughing loudly. “I win!” he said, so I nipped playfully at his arm, making him yelp. “I don’t think so!” He lightly dropped me on to the bed, burying me in a pile of white sheets and a white duvet, disrupting the cat’s nap.

“Meanie!” I said, sticking my tongue out at him and then turning to hiding within the nest of blankets.

“Me? Mean!? I think you mean you’re a meanie,” he said before jumping and landing on top of me, curling around the mass of sheets I was tucked in. I wriggled in protest, his weight making it a little hard to breathe, half due to being crush by Harry who was considerably bigger than me and half due to weight that was a concrete promise he was real.

“Get off!” I said, trying to push him off me.

“What was that?” he wiggled his butt down. “Did you hear something?” he asked the cat, still curled on the bed, who just gave him a disinterested look and went back to grooming herself. “Of you didn’t!”

“You’re a bloody idiot Harry!” I giggled.

“You know, I think I do hear something you good for nothing cat!” the cat flicked her tail and stretched before she jumped off the bed and left the room. “A sassy, rude something! That’s what I hear!” he flipped me over without warning and then started to tickle me.

“No! No!” I laughed so loud it was nearly a scream, followed by a softer quieter sigh. He thought she might be glowing with happiness, knowing he would be if he could. I squirmed wildly, my limbs breaking out from under his button down and the sheets.

“No? No? No? Yes! Yes!” he slipped his fingers into my hair, covering my face in kisses until I was grinning so broadly that he couldn’t help but to smile too.

“Come here,” I said, wrapping both arms around his neck and both legs around his waist. He stood up and she kept clinging to him, burying her face in the crook of his neck, kissing his collarbones. Carefully placing soft kisses up his neck, I stopped and put her forehead against his.

“Hi,” he whispered, eyes taking in her whole face, noticing the smattering of freckles around her nose and that her thin upper lip was red and chewed at. I cracked into an open mouth smile when he kissed my forehead lightly. I slowly blinked, eyes wide and my lashes fluttering against my cheeks, clinging to him tightly before he stood up.

“Hi,” I breathed out, “hi, hello, good morning,” I giggled. Sliding my fingers into his hair and tugging at it lightly. My eyes dashed around Harry’s face as I arched my back, grinding against him just enough for him to moan. Grinning, he smacked at my ass, playfully spinning us in circles and making her hair land in their faces. “Stop!” I said, “I was admiring.”

“Here, let me help you,” he sat down in the armchair by the window, lacing his fingers together behind my back.

“Thank you,” I put my hands on either side of his face, pushing his hair out of the way. He was gorgeous. He didn’t seem like he could be real at all, let alone here, with me tucked to his chest. I buried my face against his neck. He smelled like rain on hot asphalt and grass and laundry detergent.

Feeling the smooth and constant rise and fall of her lungs, he squeezed her, liking how he could feel how warm she was, hear her heartbeat and simple sense her very existence as she lived quietly in his arms. 

Foolishly Harry wondered if he held her close enough for long enough, they would simply begin to exist within the same space, and he smiled knowing that he would be content for the rest of his life if they stayed like this forever.

“Back to bed?” Harry suggested, breaking the comfortable silence within the apartment, in which time seemed to pass without any concern for the city noise outside the windowpanes.

“Mm,” was all I mumbled, feeling warm and sleepy.

“Bed it is then,” Carefully he tucked me in, duvet pulled up to my chin, watching me blink sleepily. He slid into bed beside me, wrapping himself around me.

“I love you,” I whispered, barely audible above the sounds of London outside the flat.

“I love you,” he offered back, knowing that this time he meant it, that everything that had occurred between the two of them beyond the limits of London, when they had been younger and dumber. They had forgiven each other, but was forgiven but not forgotten. He didn’t think she’d ever forget and he knew he’d never forgive himself.

“Haz, are you going to stay this time?” I asked.

“I will, my love. I promise I’ll stay,” he answered. The cat meowed loudly before curling back up on her corner of the bed.